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Maryland ^f ^ap^. ^ook room 



N lei cificuL/^ 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 



19 50 - 19S 1 

University of Maryland 
College Park, Md. 









DIAL 355 



-7 ^C 


Volume III November, 1950 Number 9 


is published three times in January, February, March and April; twice in May, once 
in August, September, October, November and December. 

Re-entered at the Post Office in College Park, Maryland, as second class mail matter 
under the Act of Congress of August 24, 1912. 

Edited by Harvey L. Miller, Director of Publications, University of Maryland. 


Numbers without exchange are branch numbers of V/arfield 38OO, 

Accounting 303,307 

Admissions 396,32$ 

Aeronautical Engr. 301,283 

Agricultural Economics 236 

Agricultural Engineering 239 
Agriculture, College of 25? 

Agronomy 222 

Alpha Alpha WA 95Ul 

Alpha Chi Omega UN 9893 

Alpha Delta Pi WA 986U 

Alpha Epsilon Phi WA 9701 

Alpha Epsilon Pi UN 9785 

Alpha Ganana Delta UN 9806 

Alpha Gamma Rho WA 98 31 

Alpha Omicron Pi *A 9871 

Alpha Tau Omega WA 981^9 

Ailpha Xi Delta WA 9720 

Alumni Office 366 

Amer, Sociological Society hh3 
Animal Husbandry 3I48 

Animal Husbandry Bams 238 

Armory 351 

Art 367 

Art (H.E.) 216 

Ai-ts & Sciences, Col. of 287 
Athletic Office-Tickets 372 

Bacteriology 231 

Balto. University of Mi. PL 1100 
Balto. University Hosp, LE 0320 
Band Room hh9 

Botany 221 

Bureau of Markets 282 

Bur. of Mines (E.Exp.Sta.) 235 
Bus.St Pub. Adm., Col. of 3ii6 
Business Manager 230 

Byrd Stadium i;06 

Cashier 3iiO 

Chemical Engineering 302 

Chemistry 210 

Child Study hlh 

Civil Engineering 3hh 

Coliseum 2U2 

Comptroller 22[|,225 

Counseling Btireau 28ii,308 

Dairy Bams 3l43 

Dairy Building 213,313 

Dairj' Inspection Service 306 
Dairy Salesroom V/A 9772 

Dean of Faculty 327 

Dean of "Men 338 

Dean of Women 263 

Delta Delta Delta ViA 9795 

Delta Epsilon Kappa WA 9520 

Delta Gamma WA 98U1 

Delta Phi 

Delta Sigma Phi WA 9770 

Delta :au Delta UN 9780 

Diamondback 258 

Dining Hall 202 

Dormitories - Men 

Calvert Hall 352,353 

Silvester Hall 328 

Dormitory C 319 

Dormitory E WA 9S9h 

Dormitory F WA 9877 

Dormitory G WA 9882 

Dormitory L WA 9833 

Dormitory H, I, J, K, 

M, N and 328 

Dormitories - Women 

Anne Arundel Hall 286 

Margaret Brent Hall 253 

Dormitory 2 U37 

Dormitory 3 l38 

Economics 251 

Education, College of 23lj 

Electrical Engineering 279 

En?)loyment - Student 375 

Engineering, College of 3U2 

English 289 

Entomology 200 

Experiment Station 320 

Extension Service 321 

Ext, Service Information 35U 
Farm Superintendent 213 

Field House - Yeomen's 267 

Fire Emergency UN 1122 
Fire Service Extension 266 

Fish & Wild Life-U.S. WA 5800 
Foods *; Nutrition 218 

Gamma Phi Beta WA 9773 
Geography 331; 

Geological Survey-U.S. WA 63U8 
Government ^ Politics 280 

Graduate School 232 

Greenhouse (Old) 208 

Greenhouse (New) 226 

Gymnasium 252 

Health Service 326 

Hillel House WA 6921 
History 201 

Home Economics, Col. of 203 

Home Mt^mt. House 369, WA 9878 

Hopkins Farm TO 5930 
Horticulture 272 

Industrial Education 356 

Insect Control 317,262 
Inst. Fluid Dynamics U16 

Janitor 2 id 

Journalism iiOU 

Kappa Alpha UN 9833 

Kappa Alpha Theta tlN 9829 

Kappa Delta WA 9759 

Kappa Kapoa Gamma '.VA 9886 

Lambda Chi Alpha UN 986U 
Lanjua^es-Foreign 292 

Librarian 3Ul 

Library Loan Desk 260 

Library Reference Desk 259 

Live Stock San. Lab. 323,321| 
Lost and Found 315 

Md. Crop Rep.Ser.-U.S. UN 2356 
Mathematics 293 

Ivfechanical Engineering 301,283 

Mental hygiene Clinic UN 7713 
Military - Commandant 26l 

Headquarters Adjutant 351 

Jfcsic 207 

Nash Farm TO 5921 
Nursery School Ii33 

Old Line 36l 

Payroll 30i| 

Personnel 270 

Phi Alpha V/A 9513 

Phi Delta Theta WA 9QSh 

Phi Kappa Sigma UN 9828 
Phi Kappa Tau 

Phi Sigma Kappa UN 9851 


Phi Sigma Sigma WA 9828 

Philosophy U39 

Photo Lab. - Student 377 

Photographer-Univ. Of Md . Iil5 
Physical Fxiucation, Col. of 252 
Physical Education (Men) 370 
Physical Education (Women) 267 
Physics 29h 

Pi Beta Phi UN 9885 

Placement Service Ull 

Plant Maintenance 298 

Plant Pathology 316 

Plant Physiology Ui8 

Police 315, HY 0120 

Post 0:f ice-Campus 386 

Poultry Husbandry 331 

Practical Art 2l6 

Practice House 369, VA 9878 
President's Office 337 

Pr. George County Mental 

Health Clinic UN 7713 

Print Shop 300 

Procurement Director 268,269 
Prod. & Mkt, Adm. -U.S. WA 78OO 
Psychology 295 

Publications & Publicity 2U9 
Public Relations I4OI4 

Quonset Hut (Supply) 37U 

Radio Studio UOl 

Receiving ^ Shipping 2hh 

Recreation Building I4O5 

Registrar's Office 330,339 

Religious Council 2U8 

Scholarship Committee 327 

Secretarial Training 316 

Seed Laboratory 2I43 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon WA 9707 
Sigma Alpha Mu WA 981;5 

Sigma Chi UN 9807 

Sigma Kappa WA 986I 

Sigma Nu WA 9527 

Sigma Phi Epsilon UN 9770 

Sigma Pi 

Sociology 26i4 

Soil Conservation Service 309 
Soil Con.Serv.Res.Lab. WA 08ij8 
Soils 231 

Spec .&Cont. Stud., Col. of U25,ij59 
Speech 291 

State Chemist 285 

State Inspection Lab. 285 

Student Govt, - Pres, 363 

Student Life Committee 3ii6 

Student's Supply Store 385 

Summer School 23h 

Tau Epsilon Phi WA 9766 

Tau Kappa Epsilon UN 97 6U 

Terrapin (Year Book) 36I 

Textiles & Clothing 215 

Theta Chi WA 9733 

Tobacco Farm Marlboro 2273 

Veterans Adm. (Training) 36O 
Veterans Barracks 1,2,3,1 

5,6,7,8 h09 

Vetei-ans Family Units 1,2,3 

1^,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 h09 

Vets .Family Units 12,13 UN988U 
Wind Tunnel 392 

Zeta Beta Tau 
Zoology 256 



September 19-22 
September 25 
October 19 
November 22 
Noverriber 27 
December 20 


January 3 
January 20 
January 2ii-31 

February 6-9 
February 12 
February 22 
Uarch 22 
March 25 
March 27 
May 17 
May 30 
June 1-8 
June 3 
June 9 

June 23-25 
June 26 
August 3 

June 18-23 
July 10-13 
August 6-11 
September U-7 

First Semester 




Wednesday after last class 

Monday, 8 a.m. 

Wednesday after last class 

Wednesday, 8 a.m. 
Wednesday-Wednesday, inc. 

Second Semester 




Thursday after last class 


Tuesday, 8 a.m. 



Friday-Friday, inc. 



Registration, first semester 
Instruction begins 
Convocation, faculty and students 
Thanksgiving recess begins 
Thanksgiving recess ends 
Xmas recess begins 

Xmas recess ends 

Charter Day, Alurani Banquet 

First semester examinations 

Registration, second semester 
Instruction begins 
Washington's Birthday, holiday 
Easter recess begins 
Maryland Day 
Easter recess ends 
Military Day 
Memorial Day, holiday 
Second semester examinations 
Baccalaureate exercises 
Commencement exercises 

Summer Session, 1951 

Saturday a.ra, 




Short Courses 


Registration, summer session 
Session begins 
Session ends 

Rural Women's Short Course 

Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers 

h-a Club Week 

Firemen's Short Course 



Business Address 

William P. Cole, Jr., 

Chairman • 100 VY. University Parlcway, U.S. Customs Court, 201 Varrick 

Baltimore St., New York, New York 

Stanford 2. Rothschild, 

Secretary 2215 Ken Oak Road, Baltimore 109 E. Redwood St., Baltimore 

J. Milton Patterson, 

Treasurer 1015 Argonne Dr., Baltimore 120 W. Redwood St., Baltimore 

Peter W, Chichester , .Frederick Dietrich <4 Gambrill Ire., Fl'ederick 

Edward F . Holter Middlet own Middletown 

E. Paul Knotts, M.D Denton Denton 

Charles P. McCormick 119 St. Dunstans Rd., McCormicK & Co., Light & Barre 

Baltimore Sts«, Baltimore 

Harry H. Nuttle Denton Denton 

Philip C. Turner Parkton Equitable Bldg., 10 N. Calvert 

St., Baltimore 

Millard E. T;/dings Havre de Grace U.S. Senate Office Building, 

Washington, D.C. 

i!rs. John L. I('i/hitehurst.,«»«lil01 Greenway, Baltimore 


H. C. Byrd, LL.D., D.Sc, President of the University 

Paul E. Nystrom, M.S., Assistant to the President 

H. F. Cotteroan, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty 

Ronald Bamford, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate School 

Gordon M. Cairns, Ph.D., Dean of College of Agriculture 

Leon P. Smith, Ph.D., Dean of College of Arts and Sciences 

J. Freeman Pyle. Ph.D., Dean of College of Business and Public Administration 

J. Ben Robinson, D.D.5., F.A.C.D., Dean of School of Dentistry 

Harold Benjamin, Ph.D., Dean of College of Fducat^on, Director of Summer School 

S. S. Steinberg, B.E., C.S., Dean of Glenn L. Martin College of Engineering and Aeronautical Sciences 

M. Liarie Mount, M.A., Dean of College of Home Economics 

Roger Howell, LL.E., Ph.D., Dean of School of law 

H. Boyd VVylie, M.D., Dean of School of Medicine 

John C, Pitchford, Col,, U.S.A. F,, Dean of College of Military Science and Tactics 

Florence M. Gipe, M.S., R.N., Superintendent of Nurses, Director of School of Nursing 

Noel E. Foss, Ph.D., Dean of School of Pharmacy 

Lester M. Fraley, Ph.D., Dean of College of Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

Joseph M. Ray, Ph.D., Dean of College of Special and Continuation Studies 

i'/illiam B. Keep, Ph.D., Director of Agricultural Experiment Station, Director of Instruction, 

College of Agriculture 
James M. Gwin, Ph.D., Director of Agricultural Extension Service 
rt.J. Huff, Ph.D., D.Sci., Director of Engineering Experiment Station 
Geary F. Eppley, M.S., Dean of Men 
Adele H. Stamp, M.A,, Dean of Women 
Alma H. Preinkert, M.A,, Registrar 
Edgar F. Long, Ph.D., Director of Admissions 

Charles L. Benton, M.S., G.P.A,, Director of Business and Finance 
Howard Rovelstad, M.A., B.S.L.S., Director of Libraries 
George H. Buck, Ph,B., Director of University Hospital 
Harry A. Bishop, M.D., Director of Student Health 
George rt, Fogg, M.A., Personnel Director 
George 0. »<eber, B.S,, Business Manager 
Arthur L. Brueckner, V.M.D., Director of Live Stock Sanitary SeiTrice 


The Lcwer Division 

The Division of Biological Sciences 

The Division of Humanities 

The Division of Physical Sciences 

The Division of Social Sciences 

Charles E. IVhite 
John E. Faber 
Adolf E. Zucker 
Wilbert J. Huff 
Harold C. Hoffs 


Aeronautical Engineering 

Agricultural Economics and Marketing 

Agricultural Education and Conservation 

Agricultural Engineering 


Animal Husbandry 




Business Organization & Administration 

Chemical Engineering 


Civil Engineering 




Electrical Engineering 



Foods and Nutrition 



Government and Politics 


Home and Institution Management 

Home Economics Education 


Industrial Education 

Institute of Child Studies 

Institute of Fluid Dynamics ft Applied Mathematics 

Journalism and Public Relations 

Languajes, Foreign 

Library Science 


ifechanical Engineering 

Military Science 


Nursery School and Kindergarten Education 

Office Technique and Management 


Physical Education (Men) 

Physical Education (Women) 



Practical Art 




Textiles and Clothing 

Veterinary Science 


A. Wiley Sherwood, Acting 
Samuel H. DeVault 
Arthur M. Ahalt 

Ray W. Carpenter 

Alb in 0. Kuhn 

J. E. Foster 

James P. Aharton 

John E. Faber 

Ronald M. Bamford 

Lionel W. Thatcher 

Wilbert J. Huff 

Nathan L. Drake 

S. S. Steinberg 

Gordon M, Cairns 

Carl J. Ratzlaff 

Harold Benjamin 

George F. Corcoran 

Charles D. Murphy, In Charge 

Ernest N. Cory 

Ada F. Peers, In Charge 

J, A. Morrison 

Franklin L. Burdette 

•/esley M, Gewehr, In Charge 

Jane CroVir, In Charge 

Mabel Spencer 

Irvin C. Haut 

Glen D. Braffn 

Daniel A. Prescott 

R. J. Seeger, Acting Director 

Alfred A. Crowe 11 

Augustus J. Prahl, Acting 

Howard Rove Is tad 

Monroe H. Martin 

John E. Younger 

John C. Pitchford 

B. Harlan Randall, In Charge 
Edna B. McNaughton 

Arthur S. Patrick, In Charge 

Charles A. Baylis 

Lester M. Fraley 

Dorothy H. Deach 

Raymond Morgan 

Morley A, Jull 

Vienna Curt is s 

Thomas G, Andrews 

Harold C. Hoffsommer 

Ray Ehrensberger 

T. Faye Mitchell 

Arthiir L. Brueckner 

Norman E. Phillips 


Agricultural Information .^ Publications, 

Agricultural Extension Service 

Bureau of Busii ^ss & Economic Research 
Dairy Manufactui'ing Laboratory 
Fire Service Exttnsion 
Foods Service 
Intercollegiate Athletics 
Men's Dormitories 
State Inspection Service 
Statistical Services 
Students ' Supply Store 
University Press 
University Publications 
Veterans' Housing 
Women's Dormitories 

Arthur Durfee, Extension Editor 
David L. Brigham, Alvimni Secretary 
John Cover, Director 
W. S. Arbuckle, In Charge 
James W, Just, Director 
Robinson Lappin, Manager 
James M. Tatum, Director (Charge 
Robert James, Asst. Dean of Men, In 
Leslie Bopst, State Chemist, Head 
Robert Morris, Chief 
Robert E. Blair, Manager 
Theodore E. Hibbert, Supervisor 
Harvey L. Miller, Editor 
William Huff, Acting 
Marian Johnson, Asst, Dean of Women, 
In Charge 



Fred Stone 

Vice President 

Willard Stevenson 


Nancy Wulfert 



Sam Trivas 



Herb Vitt 

Pres ident 


Helene CcAien 

Senior Class 

Elmer Wingate 

Junior Class 

Frank Wright 

Sophomore Class 

Charles Kehne 

Freshman Class 


To be elected 


Lou Cedrone 

"M" Book 

Fritz Durkee 

Old Line 

Lou Foye 



Laws on Junp 

Interfraternity Council 

Al Chadwin 

Panhellenic Council 

Jean As kin 

Alpha Alpha 

U506 Amherst Rd., C.P. 

John Leonard 

Alpha Chi Ctoiega 

U603 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

Leslie MacKintosh 

Alpha Delta Pi 

ii603 College Avenue, C.P. 

Bonnie June May 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Buckley Rd., C.P. 

Jean Askin 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

7303 Yale Avenue, C.P. 

Louis V. Ehrlich 

Alpha Gamna Delta 


Anglea Ganster 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

7511 Princeton Avenue, C.P. 

Paul F. Summers, Jr. 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

1517 College Avenue, C.P. 

Nina Hecker 

Alpha Tau Omega 

U6ll College Avenue, C.P. 

Harold J. Broderick 

Alpha Xi Delta 

14517 Knox Rd., C.P. 

Helen Spurrier 

Delta Delta Delta 

Dickenson -^ College Avenue, C.P. 

Mary Alice Kellogg 

Delta Epsilon Kappa 

7505 Yale Avenue, C.P. 

William I. Jackson 

Delta jaraaa 

U502 College Avenue, C.P. 

Joan Moore 

Delta Sigma Phi 

U300 Knox Rd., C.P. 

John E. Schaefle 

Delta Phi (Local) 

c/o Gilda Brodsky , MBH 

Etta Nezin 

Delta Tau Delta 

I48I2 Knox Rd., C.P. 

Earl C. Williams 

Gamma Phi Beta 


Joan Humphrey 

Kappa Alpha 

UI4OO Knox Rd., C.P. 

Gordon Kessler 

Kappa Alpha Theta 


Jean Bream 

Kappa Delta 

U6IO College Avenue, C.P. 

Joan Robey 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

7li07 Princeton Avenue, C.P. 

Elizabeth Ann Riggins 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

7506 Dickenson Avenue, C.P. 

Harry G. Kurz 

Phi Alpha 

I4509 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

Marv. Winer 

Phi Delta Theta 

Ij605 College Avenue, C.P. 

William Klee 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

1^302 Knox Rd., C.P. 

Harlan Williams 

Phi Kappa Tau 

h502 College Avenue, C.P. 

Frank Longa 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

61i09 College Avenue, C.P, 

Donald Clagett 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

I48I2 College Avenue, C.P. 

Janet Gorfine 

Pi Beta Phi 

75IJ4 Rhode Island Avenue, C.P. 

Dottie Drake 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

131U Knox Rd., C.P. 

Francis H. Small 

Sigma Alpha Mu 

U310 Knox Rd., C.P. 

Caiman A. Levin 

Sigma Chi 

U60O Norwich Rd., C.P. 

Bob Hunt 

Sigma Kappa 


Irma Stallings 

Sigma Nu 

UUOO Lehigh Rd., C.P. 

J. McHenry 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

917 Good Luck Rd., C.P. 

Fred Schramm 

Sigma Pi 

7U06 Dickenson Avenue, C.P. 

James L. Hills 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

L607 Knox Rd., C.P. 

Edward Libov 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

I4705 Guiliord Rd., C.P. 

Alfred Boldtmann 

Theta Chi 

Princeton Ave. k Knox Rd., C.P. 

Al Chadwin 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Box 131, c/o Albert Aaron, Campus 

Howard Krause 


Student Religious Council 
Albright-Otterbein Club 
Baptist Student Union 
Canterbury Club 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 
Christian Science Organization 
Disciples of Christ 
Lutheran Students Association 
Maryland Christian Fellcwstiip 
Newman Club 
Wesley Foundation 
Westminister Foundation 

Joan Moore 
Eugene Wood 
Dot tie Cain 
Lathrop Utley 
Inge Fleischmann 
Robert Hurlbrink 

Walter Hart j in 
Elinor J, ItocDonald 
Toffi Bonime 
Diane D. Vam 
Thoinas Eutcheson 


Accounting Club 
Agricultural Economics Clab 
Alpha Chi Sigma 
Alpha Kappa Delta 
Alpha Laabda Delta 
Alpha Fhi Omega 
Alpha Zeta 
American Institute 
American Institute 

Chemical Engineers 
Electrical Engineers and 
Institute of Radio Engineers 

American Society of Civil Engineers 

American Society cf Mschanical Engineers 

Ballroom Dance Clab 

Beta Alpha Psi 

Beta Ganma Sigma 

Block and Bridle 

Business Educatioa Club 

Camera Club 

Campus ConJ\ir©rs 

Chess Club 

Childhood Education Club 

Chinese Student's Club 

Clef and Key 

College Unit of American Red Cross 

Collegiate Ii-H 

Cosmopolitan Club 

Creative Dance Group 

Daydodgers Club 

Economics Seminar Club 

Engineering Student Council 

Farm Economics Club 

Finance Club 

French Club 

Future Farmers of America 

Future Teachers of America, Harold Benjamin Chapter 

Gate and Key 

German Club 

Graduate History Club 

Qymkana Troupe 

Home Economics Club 

Independent Students' Association 

Industrial Education Club 

International Club 

International Relations Club 

Iota lAmbda Sigma 

Islamic Association 

Judo Club 

Latch Key 

Marketing Club 

Men's Glee Club 

Mortar Board 

National Collegiate Players 

Ctoicron Delta Kappa 

Omicron Nu 

Pershing Rifles 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Phi Delta Kappa 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Physical Education Majors' Club 

Pi Alpha Xi 

Pi Delta Epsilon 

Pi Sigma Alpha 


Folger M. Ridout 
Benjamin H&lleck 
H. Coleman Rosenthal 
Diane Vaam 
William J* Praus 
George Fry 
Herbert Flack 

Charles May 
Kenneth £. Felt cm 
William Volk 
Roy Kazmierski 
Arthur E. Biggs 
Dr, Allan G, Gruchy 
John M. Stull 
Lecnilla Baginski 
Don Addor 
Marvin Scheir 
Robert Ilderton 
Sarah Jane Askin 
Joseph Hwang 
John Vfilliam Hobson 
Ann Boswell 
James Moxley 

Irwin Dermer 
James Cojme 

Elected in fall 

Paul Rippley 
Ted MacDonald 
Max Buckel 
William Trout 
Chuck Lee 

Charles Fulton 
Mary Dansberger 
lATvy Wiser 
Robert Poffenberger 
Fakhir Razzak 

Vemcxi H. Byus 

Alex. E. Singleton 
William Brockraeyer 
Walter Bram 
Earl Spvirrier 
Jeanne Mathews 
Glen Miller 
Arthvu* Biggs 
Marilyn Langford 
Don W. Fulcher 
Ted Shackley 
Stanley J. Drazek 
Donald R. Jackson 
Guy W, Gienger 
Gordon Brcwne 
Calvert F. Wright 
E. A. Coblentz 
Richard Davidoff 


Plant Industry Club 

Professional Business Club 

Psychology Club 

Radio Club - Maryland 

Riding Club 

Aossborough Club 

Russian Club 

Sailing Club 

Scabbard and Blade 

Sigma Alpha ODicron 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

Sigma Tau Epsilon 

Sigma Xi 

Ski Club 

Society for the Advancement of Ifeinagemsnt 

Sociology Club 

Spanish Club 

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society 

Student Band 

Student Grange 

Student Port of Propeller Club 

SfTinming Club 

Tau Beta Pi 

Terrapin Trail Club 

University Orchestra 

University Theater 

Varsity "M" Club 

Women's Chorus 

Wc^Dsn's Recreation Association 

Women's Rifle Club 

Edward Koch 

Howard L. Parks 
Thomas Kindness 
Nicholas C. Nicholas 
Mrs. Boborykine 
Robert P. Clagett 
Arthur Spec tor 
Charles Goriffin 
Murrey D, Goldberg 
To be elected 
Prof. Leland Scott 
Robert Sherfy 
Benjamin Anderson 
Virginia Lee Hellman 
Joseph James 
Newell S, Bcwman 
Hofwland Fisk 
Lerpy Wheat ly 
To be elected in fall 
Tberon Ton^kins 
John C, Ryon 
Jim Kellan 
Paul Thompson 
Bernhard Works 

Ruth E. Gatchell 
Miss Flinchbaugh 


1 Freshman 

2 .Sophomore 

3 Junior 

U Senior 


Or Graduate 

Blank before college indicates unclassified status, 



Arts and Sciences 






Chemistry Annex 















Business and Public 


Chemistry Annex 







Home Economics 


Class room Bldg, 


Calvert Hall 




Engr, Lab. Bldg. 


Chemistry Annex 


Agric. Engr. and 





Industrial Education 


Chemical Engineering 




Engr. Classroom Bldg. 


Wind Tunnel 






Women's Field House 


Dean of Wwnen 




Animal Husbandry 


Agronoiny, Botany, 


Morrill Hall 




Silvester Hall 


Private House 

Raone Phone 

m 36^^ Mrs. Gertrude Reed Alpha Chi Omega UN 9893 

WA 2li95 Miss Anne L. Flanders Alpha Delta Pi WA 986U 

UN 0031; Mrs. Berdye Ruark Alpha Epsilon Phi WA 9701 

AP 3085 Mrs, Mabel Fulton Alpha Gamma Delta UN 9806 

m 3663 Mrs. Cleo Hardy Alpha Omicron Pi WA 9871 

WA 9397 Mrs. ilargaret Smith Alpha Tau Omega WA 9819 

m. 9U83 Mrs. Mary Anderson Alpha Xi Delta WA 9720 

UN 2801; Mrs. Henrietta DeHaas Delta Delta Delta WA 9795 

UN 1596 Mrs. Minnie M. Wolf Delta Gamma WA 9Sl4i 

UN 1772 Mrs. Dorothy Quinn Delta Sigma Phi W4 9770 

UN OU98 Mrs. Charlotte G. Backus Gamma Phi Beta WA 9773 

UN 1781 Mrs. L. H. Allen . , » Kappa Alpha UN 9833 

WA 1186 Mrs. Elizabeth W. Quay Kappa Alpha Theta UN 9829 

UN 1831 Mrs. Eva Folant Kappa Delta Yik 9759 

UN 9899 Mrs. John Hill Kappa Kappa Gamma M. 9886 

UN 7715 (no housemother) Phi Delta Theta WA 988I; 

WA 0913 Mrs. Olive Stevens Phi Sigma Sigma WA 9828 

UN 9298 Mrs. Helen W. Alexander Pi Beta Phi UN 9885 

UN 2763 Mrs. Louise Buttram Sigma Chi UN 9807 

UN 1522 Mrs. Gertrude Patterson Sigma Kappa WA 986I 

WA 893U Mrs. Katherine DePue Theta Chi Wft. 9733 


266 Miss Lenna Gross Anne Arundel Hall 

286 Mrs. Alta White Anne Arundel Hall 

352 Mrs . Jennie Lee Cross Calvert Hall ( Section A ) 

ii37 Mrs. Rosalie Earle Dormitory 2 

1438 Mrs. Dorothy N\ill Dormitory 3 

319 Mrs. Caroline Lang Dormitory C 

328 Miss Margaret Leckie Donnitory 

369 Miss Elizabeth Love. • Home Management House 

253 Mrs. Harriet Oakman Margaret Brent Hall 

253 Mrs. Agnes S. Mayes Margaret Brent Hall 

328 Mrs. Bert A. Mason Silvester Hall (North) 


328 Wilson W. Kimbrough Room 111, Calvert Hall (Section E) 


1;05 William Hoff, 59-A Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Md., Qreenbelt 5176 


Phone Name and Address Religious Group 

QE 3525 Rev. George E. Schnabel, Hh & Rittenhouse Sts., N.V/., D.C,. . . Alhright-Otterbelji 

ME Ii053 Mr. Howard Rees, 2100 I Street, N.W., D.C Baptist 

MI 6632 Rev. Stephen Hartegan, O.F.M., Uith & Shepherd Sts.,N.E«, D.C» , Catholic 

MI 6632 Rev. Alban A. Maguire, O.F.M., Uith & Shepherd Sts.,N,E., D.C, . Catholic 

NO 9253 Rev. IfyTon W, Chrisman, I181I; Delaware St., Bemyn Disciples of Christ 

MB 2260 Mr. James Watt, Hay Adams House, D.C. •• • Christian Science 

WA 7225 Rev. Nathaniel Acton, St. Andrews Rectory, College Park . • • .. Episcopal 

378 Dr. Elizabeth Haviland, Entomology Department, U. of Mi Friends 

WA 6921 (Office) Rabbi Meyer Greenberg, U505 Knox Rd,, College Park, , ,, Jewish 

UN 2537 (Home) 

DE 6lli5 Rev. C. Wm. Sprenkel, 2005 Otis St., N.E., D.C Lutheran 

V/A 8306 Jfr. Ben Rogers, I4602 Drexel Rd., CoUege Park Maryland Christian 


UN 3120 Rev. James Bard, lj50li Fordham Lane, College Park Ifethodist 

EX k999 Rev, LLoyd Brown, 1906 H Street, W.W., D.C , Presbyterian 

UN lil;7ii Marian Johnson, 5711 Jamestown Rd., W. Hyattsvills. , • • • , ,, Student Group of 

Religious Philosophy 

2ij8 Religious Counselors' Office, Administration Building, Camp\is 

All addresses are in Maryland unless otherwise stated. 

Telephone numbers without exchange are branch numbers of WA 38OO 


Local Phone Name Title Department Room Number Residence F!ione 

357 *Aamlid, Kaare,Res.A33t.,Hort.,F2,c/o Ziepolt, Sell man Rd.,Beltsville,TO 6IO8 

280 *Abbuhl, Forest E.,Gr.Fellow,a&P,Q239,3U06 Tulane Dr., Apt. 21, West Hyattsville 

1;56 ^Abrahams, Allen E.,Fellovr,Ch.E.,U,2620 Kirkvrood PI., Hyattsville 

317 ♦Atrams, George J.,As3t.Prof .,Ent.,M305,3606 Ruatan St.,Bemyn,TO 5l5U 

296 *Adans, Francis R.,Jr.,Instr.,Eng. ,A12U,2702 Kirkwood PI. , Hyattsville 

393 »Adams, John F.,Asst.Maint.Engr. ,PM&0,Serv.Bldg. ,2209 Guilford Rd., Hyattsville 
330,339 ♦Adams, Lillian R.(Mr3. J. F. ) ,Sr.Typ., Reg. Off . ,13123,2209 Guilford Rd. , Hyattsville 

297 Adams, Ruth R.,Gr.Asst.,Eng.,A103A,Ia2 Athol Ave. , Baltimore 29,WI 8650 
311 ♦Ahalt, Arthur M.,Prof.&:^8ad,A.Ed. ,0137,7007 R.I.Ave. , C. P. ,HY 0637 

219 Akin, Emily W.(Mrs.),A3soc. Prof., HE,H305,9103 Autoville Dr.,Berwyn,TO 6012 

300 Aldrich, LaFayette, Lino type 0per.,Pres3,Gen.Serv.,l6U2 Jonquil St.,Wash.l2,D.C., 
289 *Aldridge, Alfred 0.(Dr.),Prof .,Eng.,Al02C,U301 Rowalt Dr., C. P., UN 8099(GE U593 
212 *Aldridge, Maiy H.(Mrs.A.O.),Asst.Prof .,Chera.,K301,U301 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,UN 8099 
351 ^Alexander, Painter C.,T/Sgt.,Instr.,MS,Ba3e.Ar.,ll G Southway,Greenbelt 

202 Allen, Florence F., Cafeteria Superv.,Din. Hall, U. of Md. Dining Hall, Campus, 202 

li32 Allen, J. Frances, Instr.,Zool.,HH106,i;206 53d Ave.,Hyattsville,UN 7128 

283 Allen, Redfield W.,Asst.Prof .,ME,J327,7li2 Thayer Ave., Silver Spring, SL 2667 

336, 3Ui; *Allen, Russell B.,Prof .,CE,J235,U6lO Hartarick Rd.,C.P.,WA 0919 (AP 5070 

351, UiO «Altberg, Axel E.(Lt.Col.),Asst.Prof .,MS,Ar.l02,3Ul7 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville, 

296 ^Anderson, George L.,In3tr.,Eng.,Al2U,U620 Knox Rd.,C.P. 

33U ^Anderson, James R.(rir.),Asst.Prof .,Geog.,N209,U303 Rowalt Dr.#201,C.P.,UN 9U50 

280 *Anderson, Thornton H. (Dr. ),Asst. Prof .,G&P,Q239,U6l6 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 80l5 
210 *Andreatch, Anthony J.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,BB8,6l08 Ul Ave.,Hyattsville(Va.,CH 5311 

296 *Andre/fS, Mary L.(Mrs.J.N. jDr.),Asst.Prof .,Eng.,A127,36l2 N.Albemarle St. , Arlington, 
UOO Andrews, Richard D.,Res.Asst.,Bur.P.A.,Q239,ll212 Sheridan St., Univ. Park, UN 3717 
295 ^Andrews, Thomas G. (Dr.), Prof .&Head, Psych., DD5, 7200 Forest Rd. ,Landover,AP 28U2 

291 *Ansberry, Merle(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof ., Speech, Rl05,8Ul6 Elmhirst Dr.,Bethesda lli,WI 1291 

UI3 -JfAnslinger, Clementine R.(Mrs.J.L.),Instr.,Mkts.,0-350,56oU Queens Chapel Rd. ,W.Hyatts- 

289 *ApRoberts, Robert P.(Dr.),Instr.,Eng.,A10U,U709 Fordham Ave.,C.P.(ville,AP 1981 

313 *Arbuckle, Wendell S.(Dr.),Prof .,DH,D205,U602 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,UN 3530 

29U *Arbuckle, William W., Ins tr.,Phys.,E123,36l8 Albemarle St.,N.W.,D.C.,WO UU98 

la6 *Arf, Cahit(Dr.),Felloff,Inst.Fl.Dyn.,J3l6,U500 Beechwood Rd.,C.P. 

326 Amett, Doris, Grad. Nurse, Heal th,Inf.,Ro3sborough Inn, Campus, 3U9 

36U *Ash, Willard 0. , Ass t.Prof. ,BPA,QlUl, 6519 Ulst Ave., Univ. Park, WA U970 

208 *Atteberry, Edgar R. ,Asst.,CSCS,T203,l625 Franklin St., N.E.,Apt.l09,D.C. 

325,396 Attridge, Joanne P.,Sr.Typ.,Adm.,lB203,c/o Gen.Del.,Odenton,Odenton 5191 

307 #Atwood, Donald R.,Pr.Acct.Clk.,Acct.,lB20U,3711 Nortonia Rd. , Baltimore l6,F0 3157 

li56 *Auber, E. John,Fellovr,Ch.E.,Ulii,V.F. 11-F,C.P. (SL 72li5 

281 ♦Axley, John H. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Agron.,E6, 3901 Old Bladensburg Rd., Silver Spring, 
210 Axt, Betty L.,Sr.iyp.,Chem.,Kl07,Mowatt Lane, C. P., UN hh%. 

376 *Ayers, Arthur W. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof ., Psych., DDI6, Box lU7 A., Brock Bridge Rd., Laurel, 
291 Aylward, Thomas J., Instr., Speech, Rl;,U509 Beechwood Dr.,C.P.,UN 3339(Laurel 599R 
339,330 *Azlein, Norma J. (Mrs .A. A. ),Asst. Reg. , Reg. ,13125,5717 Chillum Hts. Dr. , Hyattsville, 
260 Baehr, Betty B.,Instr.,Libr.,SE202,5302 Baltimore Ave., Chevy Chase 15, OL 7938(AP 557U 
212 Baer, Byron, Asst.,Chem.,K311,l6l7 Buchanan St.,N.W.,ll,D.C.,TA 3077 
285 Baggs, Frederick G. ,Sr.Clk.,Insp.Serv.,Chem.,K2l5,lla9 N St.,N.W.,5,D.C. 

26it *Bailey, William L.,Prof .,Soc.,Rlll,U202 Clagett Rd., Univ. Park, AP 1292 

301 *Baker, David W.,In3tr.,ME,J329,738 Ingraham St. ,N.W.,D.C.,TU 3318 

326 Baldwin, Estella C, R.N., Admin. Nurse, Health, Inf.,Rossboroiigh Inn,Caii?)us,3U9 
U26 Ball, Cecil R. , Assoc. Prof . ,Eng. ,AlOi4A,3lil2 Tulane Dr. .West Hyattsville 

230 i-SaH, Edna(ltrs.H.),Pr'Acct.Clk.,Bus.L!gmt.,lBU,5721 U3d Ave.,Hyattsville,UlI 311i3 
232,221 ;;-Bainford, Ronald( Dr.), Dean, Grad. Sch., Head & Prof .,Bot.,T2m,E2U5,Uii03 Holly Hill Rd., 

College Heigh ts,vrA 7976 
3lxU *Barber, Edward S.,Assoc.Prof . ,CE,J217,2309 N 2d Rd. , Arlington l,Va.,GL 5761 

297 *Bames, Jack C.,Instr.,Eng.,Al03A,U925 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,UN U6OO 

liiO -M-Bames, Paul D., Ins tr., MS, Ar. -Range, 7306 Forest Rd. ,Kent Village, Hyattsville 

300 *Barr, Delraas W., Mult. Op. M'latemaker, Univ. Pre33,Gen.Serv.,77U0 Gsirrison Rd. ,W.Lanham, 

291 Barraclough, Elmer D., Ins tr.. Speech, RlOii,l8lO Calvert St.,N.W.,D.C.,N0 7562(UN li788 

332 Barrett, Pa^ol C, Gr. Ass t.,Poul try, P210, 7309 Dickinson Ave. ,C. P., UN 83U9 

256 *3artlett, Roscoe G.,Jr.,In3tr.,Zool.,Ml05,Rt.2,Rockville 

Local phone in faculty section is branch number of Warfield 38OO, unless otherwise shown. 
♦Before name denotes married. 

201 »Bates, James L.,In3tr.,Hist.,A2(X)A,5301 Hamilton St., Rogers Hts.,UN 1590 

291 *Batka, George F., Ass t. Prof ., Speech, R107,U5o6 Albion Rd.,C.P.,AP la68(Va.,GL $l9x 
U20 *Batter3by, Margaret R.(Mrs.K.A.)*Res.Assoc.,Geog.,N207,U3l6 N. Fourth St., Arlington 3, 
296 Bauer, Josephine, Instr. ,Eng. ,A126,370U N. Charles St. , Baltimore l8,BE 206U 

330 *Bauer, Mary G.(Mrs.P.E.),Pr.Clk.,Reg.Off .,1B123,7000 Vale St., Chevy Chase l5,WI 211*9 

201 *Bauer, Richard H.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof ., Hist. ,A201,3la8 OUver St.,N.W.,l5,D.C.,^Jro OOOii 

285 Baumgardner, Robert E.,Cheni.II,St.In3p.&Reg.Serv.,K2l6,20l6 Newton St.,N.E.,D.C., DU 

U39 *Baylis, Charles A.(Dr.),Prof .&Head,Phil.,T213,305 Dogwood Ave.,Takoma Park,JU 7-765U( 

326 Baynard, Doris L.,Gr.Nurse,Health,Inf .,Ro3sborough Inn,Caii5)U3,3U9 (789U 

292 »Bays, Robert A., Instr., For. Lang., A222,l5U8 Douglas St.,N.E.,D.C.,NO 6807 

236 *Beal, George M.(Dr.),Prof .,A.E.&Mkt.,0-252,li6l5 Drexel Rd.,C.P.,WA U699 (35lU 
312 *Beall, Betty J.(Mrs.Ed.D.),Sr.Sten.,Poultry,P10U,U300 Jefferson St.,Hyattsville,WA 
289 *Beall, Otho T.,Instr.,Eng.,AlOli,Box 95,R.F.D.2,Upper Marlboro, Marl. 3li9 8 

U55 Beam, Walter H., Instr., EE,J112, 8500 U8th Ave.,C.P.,TO 5523 

203 Beard, Edythe,Sr.Sten.,HE,H115,Kushner Apts.,C.P.,^A 3567 

lOh *Beatty, Walcott H.,As3t.Prof .,Ed.,T106,3370 Chillum Rd. ,Mt. Rainier, AP hh23 

282 Beaven, '.Valter C . , Prof . ,Mkts . -Ext. ,0-2U9,UU01 Holly Hill Rd. , College Hts . ,Hyattsville 

318 *Bechtold, Robert K., Assoc. Prof .,Ul,0-U48,3liOU Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville,AP 138!i 

292 *Becker, Alfred W., Instr., For. Lang. ,A210,95l5 U9th Pl.,BranchviUe,TO 6I66 

U55 Becker, William D.,Asst.Prof .,EE,Jll8,3li09 Pennsylvania St., West Hyattsville,WA 185U 

31a Bell, Myrta(Mrs.C.B.),Sr.'iyp.,Libr.,U22,6805 Riggs Manor Dr.,Hyattsville,AP 335U 

29U Belt, Lillian L.,Sr.Sten., Physics, E123,U805 Queensbury Rd.,Riverdale,UN 0909 

275 *Bender, Edward K.,Asst.Prof .,Hort. ,Fll6,U03 Claybome Ave.,Takoma Park l6,SH 37hh 

23U *Benjamin, Harold(Dr.),Dean,Dir.S.3.,Ed.,Tll6,39l5 Calverton Dr. , College Hts. Estates, 

316 *Bennett, Jacqueline G.(Mr3.J.D.),Jr.Sten.,Bot.,E227,U6l3i Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 3970( 
225 Benton, Charles L.,Con?)troller, Fin. Admin., lBl21,Linthicum 258R(Hyattsville,WA 7038 
281 Bentz, Frank L.,Jr.,Asst.,Agron.,E35,Delta Sigma Phi,C.P.,WA 9770 

ia6 Bershader, Daniel(Dr.), Res. Assoc, Inst. Fluid Dyn.,J3lU,96o6 li8th Ave.,Berwyn,T0 56U5 

26Ii *Bestul, Marie M.(Mr3,A.B.),Gr.As3t.,Soc.,R20li,1909 19th St.,N.W.,9,D.G.,HU 8723 

Ul6 ♦Betchov, Robert(Dr.), Res. Assoc. ,Inst.Fluid Dyn.,J3m,22-B Crescent Rd. ,Greenbelt 

262 Bewley, Helen G.,Sr.Sten.,Ent.,M20l4,89m Baltimore Ave.,C.P.,T0 U927 (WA 8689 

260 ♦Bezanson, Frances M.(Mrs.W.B.)»Sr.Asst.Libr.,Libr.,Loan Desk,U62U Knox Rd.,C.P., 

296 *Bezanson, IVarren B., Instr., Eng.,A123,U62U Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 8689 (WA 5296 

378 *Bickley, vrilliam E. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Ent.,M205,65l6 UOth Ave., Univ. Park, Hyattsvi lie, 

i;56 Bilbrey, Joseph H., Jr., Instr. ,Ch.E.,U113,3UlO Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville,UN 9133 

292 *Bingham, Alfred J.(Dr.),Assoc.Prof .,For.Lang.,A223,l820 Clydesdale P1.,N.W.,9,D.C., 

271 Binns, Dorothy W.,Asst.Dean of Women,DW,3la3 Tulane Dr.,W.Hyattsville,AP 0888(DE 7176 

326 *Bishop, Hariy A.(Dr.),Dir.Stud.Health,Inf .,8210 Ellingson Dr., Chevy Chase l5,SL 8135 

312 Bishop, Robert W.,Gr.Asst.,Poultry,P201,Ull5 Hamilton St.,Hyattsville,UN 1270(AP U723 

317 *Bi3sell, Tlieodore L. , Assoc. Prof .,Ent.,M305,6711 Colesville Rd.,Univ.Park,Hyattsville, 

*Bitter, Harold L.,Asst.,AH,0-351,V.F.l,Apt.G,C. P. ( Spring, SL 5036 
HE 5600,2li79 *Black, Lloyd D.(nr.),Lect.,Geog.,Dept.of State, Annex 6,9111 Wire Ave., Silver 

U22 *Blair, Robert E.,Mgr.Stud.S.S.,lB21,li501 Sheridan St., River dale, UN 950U 

203 *Blake, Beulah B.(Mrs.W.S.),Jr.Sten.,HE,Hlll,U635 Woodberiy Rd., River dale, AP 3U85 

237 Blake, Christine, Asst. Prof ., Home Dem.Dept.,0-l50,5705 Baltimore Ave.,Hyattsville 
U59 *Blake, V/alter S.,Jr.,As3t.,CSCS,T,l;635 Vfoodberry Rd., River dale, AP 3U85(WA 3190 
323 *Blum, vailiam, Ass t.,LSSS, 6110 Green Tree Rd.,Bethe3da lii,WI l8l7 

292 Boborykine, Marie(Mrs.M.), Instr., For. Lang., A220,3685 38th St.,N.W.,l6,D.C.,7ro 9823 
289 -tt-Bode, Carl(Dr.),Prof.,Eng.,A103b,U608 Guilford Rd.,C.P.,UN 1679 

U02 *Bohanan, Luther B.,Asst.Prof .,A.E., 0-259, U50U Guilford Rd.,C.P.,WA 1352 

2U2 *Bohler, George M.,Asst.Prof .,Ath.,Col. ,li917 Blackfoot Rd.,Branchville,TO 5821 

210 Bolgiano, Nicholas C.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,U806 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,UN 2258 

302 «Bonney, Donald T.(Dr.),Prof .,Ch.E.,Ul21,129 W^Lanvale St., Baltimore 18,MA 2705 

285 *Bopst, Leslie E. ,Prof .&St.Chem.,St.In3p.&Jteg.Serv. ,K2l5,7U06 DartmoutJi Ave.,C.P., 

291 Bowers, J. Allen, Instr., Speech, Rli,6001 Baltimore Ave., River dale, HY 0072(WA 3382 

293 Boyer, Jean M., Instr., Math., FFU,U01 Beech Ave.,Takoma Park, 12, SL 6331* 

UI8 Boynton, Lucy V. (Mrs. ),Jr.Acct.Clk., Ext., 0-132, 5102 Ulst Ave.,Hyattsville,WA 1099 

U59 Bradley, Louise A.,A33t.,CSCS,T208,5312 Hamilton St.,Rogers Hts., UN 8919(J0 8-6677 

358 *Brantley, Margaret R.(Mrs.W.F.),Sr.Sten., Ext. ,0-ll;7, 3319 Naylor Rd.,S.E.,20,D.C., 

219 Braucher, Pela F.,As3t.Prof .,HE,H212,110-E Ames Rd., Silver Spring, JU 7-9276 

23U »Brechbill, Henry(Dr.),Prof .&Asst.Dean,Ed.,Tll5,U605 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,WA 8135 

308 *Breese, Fay H. (Mrs. S. S. ),Gr. Asst. , Psych., EE6,U307 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 3036 

313 Bresnahan, Rubye M.,Sten.Secty.,DH,D20U,U310 Jefferson St.,Hyatt3ville,WA 0973 
293 *Brewster, George P. ,Jr. ,Instr.,Math.,FFl,370U Sequoia Ave., Baltimore 15,LI 6376 
271,359 *Brey, Marie L.(Mrs.R.U.),Sr.Sten.,DW,IIW107,lU-K Parkway, Greenbelt(D.C.,M 7552 

OR UOUOjUlO ^Brickwedde, Ferdinand G.(Dr.),Frof. ,Physic3,Nat. Bur. Stand. ,U980 Quebec St.,N.W., 

356 *Brigg3, Harry L., Asst., Ed., I, 10 Powder Mill Rd. ,Berwyn,TO 5395 (Ashton 2086 

366 »Brigham, David L.,Al\imni Secty. , Alumni Off . ,Rossbo rough Inn,R.F.D.3,Rockville, 
293 Brigham, Nelson A.(Dr. ), Asst. Prof ., Math., FF3, 1001 Merrimac Dr., Silver Spring,SL 0395 

2UI i^Broadbelt, John T.,Superv.of Cleaners, Bus .Mgmt., Gen. Serv.,U801 CJueensbury Rd., River- 
dale, WA 7900 

3la Brown, Agatha,As3oc.Libr.,Libr.,U22,33 Chllluni Rd. ,Chlllum,AP 3035(CO 818O 

203 ♦Brown, Allison T.(Mrs.D.E.,Jr.)>In3tr.,Pr.Art,H225,2800 Ontario Rd. ,N.W.,9,D.C., 

263 »Brown, Florence H.(Mrs.E.T.)»Sten.Acct.,I]W,DW200,3307 Chillum Rd.,Mt. Rainier, AP II89 

212 Brown, George M.(Dr.),A3St.Prof .,Chem.,K307,U8oU College Ave.,C.P.,WA 7135 
Uhh *Brown, Glen D.,Prof .&Head,I.Ed.,RllO,U608 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,WA 0257 

TO 61|00,356 »Brown, Irvin C.(Dr.),Lect.,Geol.,J10U,U70U Fordham Rd.,C.P.,WA 7U76 

2U3 ♦Brown, Katiireen McC.(Mrs.W.L.)»Jr.'I5rp.,Seed Lab.,ElUO,U6l3 College Ave.,C.P.,AP 5761* 

323 ♦Brown, Paul C.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS, Lab., 6507 Queens Chapel Rd., Univ. Park, UN 3997 

213 ♦Brown, Richard E.,Gr.A33t. , Dairy, D300,9602 li9th Ave.,Berw7n 

221 ♦Brown, Russell G. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Bot.,E2U2,Ii219 Sheridan St.,Univ.Park,WA I71I4 

293 Brown, Russell M.,Gr.Asst.,Math.,FFl6,65l7 Maple Ave., Chevy Chase 15, WI 5702 

280 ♦Brubaker, Edwin A.,Gr.Asst.,G&P,Q239,8oU Maple Ave.,Takoma Park,SL 3U39 (UN U366 
323, 32U ♦Brueckner, Arthur L.(Dr.),Prof .&Dir.,LSSS,Lab.,Ulll Colesville Rd.,Hyattsville, 
256 Brunner, Norman G.,Gr.A3St. ,Zool.,HH210,7306 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,WA 3577 
UU5 Bryan, Marie D.,Asst.Prof .,Ed.,Tlll,690U Oakridge Rd.,Hyattsville,WA 7536 

Buchanan, Tate C.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,BB8,7U05 Dickinson Ave.,C.P.,WA 3907 

309 ♦Bull, Fred L., Prof ., Soil Conserv.,0-227,lWhite Hall, Jarre ttsville 2532 

280 ♦Burdette, Franklin L.(Dr.),Prof »&Head,G&P,Q239,2803 Laurel Ave.,Cheverly,WA 1295 

U57 ♦Burger, Ambrose W. (Dr. ),Asst. Prof .,Agron.,E109A, 2209 Guilford Rd.,Hya ttsville 

256 ♦Burhoe, Sumner 0. (Dr.), Prof .,Zool.,M201, 59th & Greenbelt Rd.,Branchvllle,TO 6069 

3U8 Buric, John,In3tr.,A.H., 0-239, U706 Cherokee St.,Berwyn,T0 5307 (SL 0916 
251 Burkhard, John W.,Gr.Asst., Econ.,Q26l, 6705 Rhode Island Ave. ,C. P., UN 7692(Spring, 

373 ♦Burkhardt, George J.,Assoc.Prof .,A.Engr.,I-.113,li5l5 Oliver St. ,Riverdale,WA 6l60( 

Uh9 ♦Burnette, Tffalter N.,Jr.(Capt.),A3St.Prof .,Air Sci.,Ar. 20,1106 Meurilee Lane, Silver 

3iiO ♦Burslem, William A., Pr.Acct.Clk.,Cash.Off.,Admin.Bldg., 5710 38th Ave.,Hyattsville, 

356 ♦Buso, Donald G.,Gr.Asst.,I.Ed.,I-120,U608 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,WA 0257(WA 6213 
337,3lU 5yrd, H. C.(Dr.),President,Admin.Bldg.,U600 Beechwood Rd.,C.P.,WA 2281 

362 ♦^d, Nancy L.(Mrs.W.C.),Sr.'I^.,Fin.&Bus. ,18209, U762 Woodberiy Rd.,Riverdale,WA 
273 Cahill, Joseph E.,Gr.As8t., Physics, Q301,l43l5 Tuckerman St.,Univ.Park,WA li90li(3025 
321j313 ♦Cairns, Gordon M.(Dr.),Dean,Agr.,Prof .,Dairy,D206,6506 Ulst Ave . ,Hyattsville ,WA 3617 

lOM ♦Caldwell, Charles G., Assoc. Prof ., Ed., T107,2505 Allison St.,Mt. Rainier, UN 7011* 
270 Caldwell, Horace K.,Sr.Clk.,Personnel,Admin.,U911 HollTwood Rd. ,Berwyn,T0 5833 

276 ♦Caldwell, Joseph S, (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Hort.,F117,U309 Queensbury Rd.,Riverdale, 

U07 ♦Calhoun, Charles E., Prof .,BPA,Q2U7, 5316 Uth St. ,N.W.,11,D.C.,GE 5l05(HT O67O 
33U Calhoun, William P.,Gr.Asst.,Geog.,N6,6207 With Ave.,Riverdale,WA 6368(UN 89IO 

291 ♦Calkin, Hazel L. (Mrs. C.B.),Sr.Sten., Speech, R106,l|309 Underwood St., Univ. Park, 
UI6 Canipanella, S. Joseph, A sst., Fluid Dyn.&Appl. Math,, Sill, 7101* 9th St.,N.W.,12,D.C.,RA 

♦Canqpbell, William J.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,K208,55l3 Parkland Crt.,S.E.,D.C.,HI 278U(1029 

3U5 ♦Capen, Ellery J.,Prof .,Acct.,Qlla,U028 Hamilton St.,Hyattsville,WA U258 

3Ul ♦Capps, Eleanor S.(Mrs.J.L.),Sr.Asst.,Libr.,U807 U8th Ave.,Edmon3ton,WA 6957 

2UO ♦Capps, Gloria L.(Mrs.F.C.),Sr.Sten.,Agr., 0-21*7,1*319 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 3091 

1*01* Carhart, Herbert G.,Jr.,Dir.Pub.Hel.;As3t.Prof .,Jo\im.,GG5,3l*05 Tulane Dr.,W.Hjratts., 

239 ♦Carpenter, Ray W. , Prof .&Head,A.Engr.,I-101,l*30l* College Ave.,C.P.,WA 7135(AP 1389 

Ull* Carr, Bessie C. (Mrs. ),Sr.'I5T?., Inst. Child Study, T10l*,5609 Nicholson St.,E.Riverdale 

280 «Carr, Dabney J.,III,Gr.Asst.,G&P,Q239,i*502 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

liN 1*076 ♦Carroll, George L., Asst. Prof .,Ath., Col. ,1*321 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 3057 

210 ♦Carruthers, John T.,Asst.Prof .,Chem.,K113,l5 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase l5,0L 1369 

♦Carton, Edwin B.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,27l6 Kirkwood Pl.,Hyattsville,AP 3508 
ia6 Gary, Boyd B., Asst., Fluid I5yn.,Jl8, 1*801* Berwyn Rd.,C.P.,T0 6369 

la2 ♦Cassell, Guy R.,Asst.,A.E.,0-255,26-A Crescent Rd. , Greenbelt, GR 2501 

293 Casteel, Eleanor M.,Sr.Sten.,Math.,FFll*,6506 Queens Chapel Rd. ,Univ.Park,WA 7783 

3Si ♦Casten, Iheodore D.(WOJG),Asst.Prof ., Mil., Ar.l07, 7123 Vamum St. ,Landover Hills, 

291 Causey, George D.,Gr.Fellow,Speech,Rii,Apt.5,Tippett Bldg.,C.P.,WA 6ll6(WA 6253 

309 ♦Cecil, Mary C.(Mrs.W.T.,Jr.),Sr.Sten.,Soil Cons. Serv., 0-232, 9078 Bal to. Blvd., Berwyn 

210 *Chambers, D. Harry,Gr .Asst. ,Chem.,BB8, 31*32 Frederick Ave., Bal to. 29, GI 0828-J 

1*21 Champeau, Harold C.,Gr.Fellow,Geog.,N203, 1*215 Sheridan St.,Um.v.Park,WA 7830 

1*59 ♦Chandler, Earl N., As st.,CSCS,T208, 1*81*2 Chevy Chase Dr., Chevy Chase,OL 0339(GR 81*36 

285 ♦Chapman, Nelson S.,Chem.II,St.In3p.&Reg.Serv.,K2l6,l*-F Southway Rd., Greenbelt, 

31*1 ♦Charlesworth, Velma S.(Mrs,G.H.),Asst.Libr.,Libr.,U22,8908 60th St.,Branchville,TO 

365 Chauncey, Shirley F.,Jr.Sten.,Bur.Bus.&Econ.Res.,Q253,6311 l*7th Ave., Riverdale, (580l* 

(UN 321*2 

210 ♦Christensen, Douglas N.,Res.Fellow,Chem.,Kl09,V.F. 9-B, C.P. 

210 ♦Christian, Jack G.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,BB8,l*302 Clagett Rd., Univ. Park, UN 3781* 
1*16 Chu, Hu-Nan,Gr. Asst., Inst. Fluid Dyn.,J311*,9096 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn, TO 651*6 
213 Chung, Anthony C, Res. Asst., Dairy,D300,l*3l8 Clagett & Pineway, College Hts.,WA 391? 

1*5U ♦Cicarelli, James R.,Asst.Prof .,Air Force,Ar. 20, 51*08 56th PI., E. Riverdale, AP 3l*67 
391 Cissel, Betty L.,Sr.Sten.,Ext.,0-136,R.F.D.j5-'l,3ox 130,Hyattsville,WA 9U12 

303 ♦Cissel, C. Wilbtir, Prof., Con?) troller's Off .,lB20l*,l*606 Drexel Rd.,C.P.,WA 61*88 

368 ♦Cissell, Kermit J.,As3t.,Ath.,Col.,ll*7-A Contee Rd.,Laurel,Rt.#2 
1*33 Clapp, Nancy R.,Instr.,Nurseiy Sch.Ed.,HH,6905 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,AP 0312 

36U ^(Cla^k, Dorothy A.(Mr3.D.P.),Sr.Sten.,Bu3.0rg.^tAdm.,Qlla,V.F.U. 7-A,C.P.,UN 9752 


210,211 *Clark, Howard G., Res. Fellow, Cheni.,Kl05, 7209 Flower Ave.,Takoma Park,SL 0101 

351 *Clark, Ovie D.(Maj.)»Asst.Prof .,Mil.,Ar.31,690i4 21st Ave. ,Hyattsville,WA 3U66 

268 Clark, Thelma R.iSr.T^.jPurch., Admin. Bldg.,R.F.D.#l, Bowie 

339,330 *Clay, Doris L. (Mrs. Bill E.),Sr.Typ.,Reg.0ff .,1B123,11-B Parkway,areenbelt,GR 8l53 

298 »Cleary, Daniel J. ,Storekeeper,PM40,Serv.Bldg.,5323 Nevada Ave.,l5,D.C.,TO 6879 

36U nciemens, Eli W.(Dr.),Prof .,Bus.0rg.&Adm.,Qlia,U622 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,UN 7398 

m 2307,372 «Cobey, William W.,Gr.Mgr.of Ath.,Col.,6910 Pineway, Univ. Park, AP l666(WA 5670 

323 *CocHrane, Dorothy D. (Mrs. T.C), Lab. Tech. II,LS3S, Lab., 270I4 Kirkwood Pl.,Hyattsville, 

263 Coddington, Robbia H.(Mrs.),Secty.Sten.,DW,DV?200,85l3 U8th Ave.,C.P.,TO 5850 (5l6U 

376 *Cofer, Charles N. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof ., Psych. ,DD17,U708 Rosedale Ave.,Bethesda lli,?n: 

307 -"-Coffey, Charles E.,Pr.Acct.Clk.I,Aeet.,lB20li,6709 Clarendon Rd.,Bethesda,0L 5132 
323 *Coffin, John M. (Dr. ), Assoc. Prof . ,y.S., LSLab., 16 Fawcett St. , Kensington, LO 5-1133 
283 Coffman, William B., Ins tr., ME, J319, 1^307 Sheridan St.,Hyattsville,UN h2k2 

378 Cohill, Mary Ann,Sr.iyp.,Ent.,M205,U713 Fordham Rd.,C.P.,WA 5955 

251 -KCole, David M.,As3t.Prof .,Econ.,Q258,i;05 10th St.,N.E.,2, D.C.,TR i;2l8 

326 Collins, William(Dr.),Dentist,Health, Inf., 7700 Georgia Ave. ,N."'.T.,D.C.,GE 77lU 
312 ^iCombs, Gerald F. (Dr. ), Prof .,Poultry,F117, 9810 Cottrell Ter., Silver Spring(TA 2297 
300 ^Corner, Joseph H.,Foreman,Pressroom,Gen.Serv.,3731 New Hangjshire Ave,,10,D.G., 

U22 *-Conley, Virginia W.(Mrs.J.2.),Sr.Acct.Clk.,S.S.S.,lB21,Uii06 Colesville Rd., Univ. Park, 
256 Conner, Mark H.,Gr.As3t., Physiol., Ml05,U8l2 Davenport St.,N.W.,l6,D.C.,M 8727(WA 


36U ^tCook, J. Allan(Dr.),Prof.,BPA,QlUl,7011 Fordham Crt.,C.P.,WA 2U23 

289 *Cooley, Franklin D. (Dr. ), Assoc. Prof., Eng.,Al01-B,3U08 Alto Rd. , Baltimore l6,F0 5276 

308 Coonan, Thomas J.,Gr.Asst.,Psych.,EE,3U22 Tulane Dr.,Hyattsville,AP 6322 
29U *Cooper, Charles B.,Gr.Asst. , Physics, El8,67lli Queens Chapel Rd. ,Hyattsville 

261i *Cooper, Hope F.(Mrs.C.B.),Sr.Sten.,Soc.,R201,67ll* Queens Chapel Rd.,Hyattsville 

287 ^<-Copperthite, Evelyn E.(Mrs.W.L.),Sr.I5rp.,A&S,A112,20-E Crescent Rd. ,3reenbelt 

291 *Coppinger, John M.,Instr. , Speech, RlOi|,U5lO Albion Rd.,C.P.,UN 32U3 

213 *Corbin, Edgau* A.,Jr.,Gr.As3t.,Dairy,D209,2205 Guilford Rd.,Univ.Park,Hyattsville 
279 Corcoran, George F.,Prof .,EE,J2l8,7506 Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,WA 7385 

231 ♦Corey, Roland R., Jr., Gr.Asst. ,Bact.,T310, 7327 Forest Rd.,Hyattsville 

217 Cornell, E. Mae,A3st.Prof .,HE,H210,3307 Porter St. ,N.W.,8,D.C.,W0 9122 

277 *Comell, Pardon W., Assoc. Prof. ,Hort.,F203,U608 Hartwick Rd.,C. P. 

Ii52 ♦Coming, Gerald,Assoc. Prof ., Aero. Engr.,J221, 2800 7l;th Ave.,Hyattsville,UN 9758 

200 *Cory, Ernest N.(Dr.),Prof .&Head,Asst.Dir.,Ent.,M102,U710 College Ave.,C.P. 

200 Cosner, Alma L. , Jr.Sten.,Ent.,M102,7U06 Columbia Ave.,C.P.,WA 2931 (AP U079 

201 *Cotcher, Cynthia S.(Mrs.A.L.),Instr.,Hist.,A202,6809 Riggs Manor Dr.,Hyattsville, 

327 ♦Cotterman, Harold F(Dr.),Dean of Faculty, lBlll,U5ll Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 1105 

323 Cotton, Cornelia M. (Dr. ),Cooperat. Agent, LSSS,Brockwood, Wilson Lane,Bethesda,^VI IU83 

3liO *Coughlin, Naomi V. (Mrs. P. S.),Acct.Mach.Oper., Cash. Off ., Admin., Ilil6 Staples St.,N.E., 

296 ♦Coulter, John L.,Jr.,Asst.Prof .,Eng.,Alll,1760 Hobart St.,N.W.,9,D.G.,N0 7896(2, D.C., 

(AT 5230 
3Uli Coumyn, John 3.,Asst.Prof .,CE,J230,6 Com.Barney Circle,3,D.C.,LI 3-6011i 

2I16 Courtney, Vivian C. (Mrs.),Sr.3ten.,i;xt.,0-mt,U70U Calvert Rd.,C.?.,WA 0779 

365 ♦Cover, John H.(Dr.),Dir.&Prof .,Bur.of Bus. &EcQn. Res., Q253, 3731 39th St.,N.W.,l6,D.C., 

316 ♦Cox, Carroll E.(Dr.),Prof . ,Bot.,E229,7U09 Dickinson Ave.,C.P.,WA Ul7ii (OR 3855 

hh9 ♦Cox, Omer L.(Capt.)A3st.Prof .,Mil.,Ar.20,3Ul9 Tulane Dr., West I^attsville,AP U333 

323 ♦Craige, Arthur H.,Jr.(Dr.),Prof .,LSSS,Lab. ,5Ul6 Riverdale Rd., River dale,Ul^ 36li7 
UN U38U,2U2 ♦Crawford, Denver J.,As3t.Prof .,Ath.,Col.,7307 Riggs Rd. ,Hj'-attsville 

33U ♦Crist, Raymond E.(Dr.),Prof .,Geog.,N211,7607 Hammond St.,Takoma Park,SH 55l5 

3U5 ♦Cronin, Charles F., Asst. Prof .,BPA,Qlla, 5302 First St.,N.W.,ll,D.C.,RA 5U70 

370 ♦Cronin, Frank H. , Assoc. Prof .,PE,Ar.,U606 Fordham Rd.,C.P.,AP 079li 

(SH 753U 

201 ♦Crosman, Herbert A.(Dr. ),As3t.Prof .,Hist.,A201S,106 Schuyler Rd., Silver Spring, 

319 ♦Cross, Jennie L.,Superv. Res. Halls, Men's Dorms ., Calvert Hall-A,311 Causey Ave., 
239 Crouse, Earl A., Instr. , A. Engr. ,1-105,7201 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,WA 10^56 (Suff oik, Va. 

220 Crow, Jane H. , Asst. Prof . ,H.&In3t.Mgmt. ,H208, 7309 Tale Ave.,C.P.,WA l;6o6 

UOli ♦Crowell, Alfred A.,Prof .&Head,Journ.&Public Rel.,GG5,U333 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,WA O819 
UN U38Uj2U2,370 ♦Cvidmore,John H., Asst. Prof .,Hea.&PE, Col. ,Ar. ,3i402 Tulane Dr.,W.Hyattsville, 

20U ♦Cuneo, George H., Asst. Prof .,Pr. Art, H225,Highland,Clarksville 785-J-5(UN 9U69 

292 Cunz, Dieter(Dr.), Prof., For. Lang., J\.219, 7501 Rhode Island Ave., C. P., UN 276U 

2hh tt/^urran, Spencer W. , Warehouse Supt.,PM&0,Serv.Bldg.,P.O.Box li52,Beltsville,TO 639U 
216 Curtiss, Vienna,Prof.&Head,Pr.Art,H103,1727 Mass. Ave., N.W.,6,D.C.,DE 6IOO 

26U Cussler, Margaret T. (Dr.), Asst. Prof . ,Soc. ,R202,U70U Harvard Rd.,C.P.,WA U2la 

231 Cutchins, Ernest C.,Gr. Asst., Bact., Ed., 9208 Bradford Rd., Silver Spring 

3U5 Daiker, John A. ,In3tr.,BPA,Qlla,li40 Tenn.Ave.,N.E.,2,D.C.,LI 3-ia06 

295 ♦Daly, Eva G.(Mr3.J.P.),Sr.Sten.,Psych.,DD5,U303 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,UN 8993 

UOU Danegger, Alfred,Instr. ,Journ.&P.R. ,GG5,3Uo5 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville,AP 1389 

297 daPonte, Durant H.,Gr.A33t. ,Eng.,AlOU,5U03 Hamilton St.,Hyattsville,AP OU72 
323 ♦Davis, Charles R.(nr.),A33oc.Prof.,LSSS, Lab. ,7306 Princeton Ave.,C.P.,WA 699U 

292 Davis, E>rLn P. ,0r.As3t. ,For.Lang. ,A210,lU26 2l3t St.,N.W.,D.C.,MI 9896 or CO 2300 
NO 2255,23 ♦Davis, Fremont, Ins tr.,Pr. Art. ,H307, 900 11th St. ,S.E.,3,D.C.,LI >U917 

293 Davis, Ruth M., Gr.Asst., Ma th. ,FFl6, 1390 Tewkesbury P1.,N.W.,12,D.C. ,TU 19U0 


231 *Day, Doris M.(Mrs.W.C.),Sr.Sten.,Bact.,T303,U307 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 0138 

231 *Day, William C.,Re3.F8llow,Bact.,T3l5,U307 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 0138 

267 Deach, Dorothy F. (Dr.), Head & Prof .,P.E.-W. ,W1-11,5709 Jameatcrvm Rd.,We3t Hyatts- 

222, U57 ^Decker, A. Morris, Jr. ,Gr.A33t. ,Agron.,Eli03,U8lO Harvard Rd.,C.P.(ville,AP 1979 

338 ^Decker, Rita L. (Mrs. CE. ),Sten.Secty., Dean of Men, Admin., U33 5 Rowalt Dr.,C.P., 

261; DeGive, Mary L(Dr.),A33t.Prof .,Soc.,R202,U70U Harvard Rd.,C.P.,WA U2Ul(AP Ul5U 

288 *DeGourse, Arabelle L.(Mr3.I.F. ),Acct.Mach.Oper.,Acct.Off .,1B20U,8718 62d Ave . , Berwyn 
26U iKieHart, William A.(Dr. ),Asst.Prof . ,Soc.,R201,3U21 Tulane Dr.,W.Hyattsville,AP 3735( 
367 ^DeJanosi, Carlette E. (Mrs. F.F.),Instr.,Art,A302, 2036 Allen P1.,N.W.,9,D.C. ,DE 05U5( 
229 -x-DeLoach, Mary 0'a.(Mr3.L.R.),As3t., Ext. ,0-39, Univ. Tobacco Farm,Upper Marlboro, ( H ts. , 

(Marlboro 2273 (TO 5227 

296 -s-Demaree, Constance H.(Mrs.K.D.),Instr.,Eng.,A125,6lli Vale St., Chevy Chase 15,^71 3587 

292 -frdelslarne, Henri,In3tr., For. Lang., A219,U626 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 7573 

Ui$ Denecke, Marie, Ins tr., Ed., T120,711i Bonifant St. , Silver Spring, SH U206 

309 *Dengler, Harry W.,As3oc.Prof., Ext., 0-231;, 3108 Lancer Dr.,Hyattsville,UN 81;7i; 

i;22 *Denniston, Joseph F.III,Asst.Mgr.,S.S.S.,lBUl,6l-C Ridge Rd.,Greenbelt,GR lilJil 

lOli Dent, Janet U.,Sr.Sten.,In3t.Child St.,T10i;,5709 39th Ave.,Hyatt3ville,WA 1323 

236 *DeVa\at, Samuel H.(Dr.),Head &Prof .,A.E.MJQct.,0-256,Paint Br. Farms, R.#l, Silver 

228 *Devlin, Ethel N. (Mrs. J.M.),, Ext., 0-132, 1;326 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 3092( 
323 «DeVolt, Harold M. (Dr.), Prof., ISSS, Lab., 7103 Rhode Island Ave. ,C. P., UN 20l;0(Spring, 

210 Dewey, Charles S.(Dr.),Asst.Prof .,Chem.,K22,l;l;05 Holly Hill Rd.,Hyatt3ville,(SH 20i;7 

(WA 2059 

i;39 *Dewey, Robert E. (Dr. ),Asst.Prof., Phil. ,T212, 9609 i|8th Pl.,Rt.#2,Box 227-B, Berwyn 

Ul6 *Diaz, Joaquin B.( Dr.), Res. Assoc, Ins t.Flviid Dyn.,J311;,3Ul2 Tulane Dr.,W.Hyattsville, 

292 *Dickerson, Anneliese V. (Mrs. J.G.),Gr.As3t., Spanish, A, 9502 U9th Pl.,Berwyn(AP 63U5 
Ul;9 *Dickerson, Joseph A. ,Jr.(Lt. ),Asst.Prof .,Mil.Sci. ,Ar.20,23lO Drexel St.,Hyattsville, 
UlU *Dildine, Glenn C.(Dr.),Prof. , Inst. Child Study, T106,l;17 Penwood Rd., Silver Spring, (WA 
251 -x-Dillard, Dudley (Dr.), Prof .,Econ.,Q2 56, [;6l9 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 3007(SH li;97 (3039 
1;26 *Dinwiddie, Shirley W. (Mrs. F'.W.),Instr.,Eng.,AlOl;A,l;702 Fordham Rd.,C.P.,WA 6951 

392 -K-Disrauke, James E. ,Asst. ,Wind Tunnel, 3709 Stewart Driveway, Chevy Chase 15,WI 2896 

200 *Ditraan, Lewis P.(Dr.),Assoc.Prof .,Ent. ,L103,U809 Indian Lane Rd.,Berwyn,TO 5950 

280 *Dixon, Robert G.,Jr.,(Dr.),Asst.Prof .,G&P,Q239,6917 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,UN 9286 

231 *Doetach, Raymond N.(Dr.),Asst.Prof .,Bact.,T303A,l;5o6 Guilford Rd.,C.P.,UN 2153(296 

256 ^«Dolle, Frank A.,Gr.Asst.,Zool,,L6,Newhall Rd. ,Rt.7f3,Bethesda,Rockville 3217(Laiirel 

285 -^Donaldson, Edmund C.,A.Prod.Insp.,St.Insp.£Jleg.Serv.,K2l6,l;09 Montgomery St., Laurel, 

37U *Dorsey, Joseph E., Warehouse Supt., Surplus Prop.,Quonset Hut, 5711 Landover Rd.,Chever- 

256 Douvres, Frank W.,Gr.Asst.,Zool.,M302,U531 College Ave.,C.P.(ly,UN 3096 

318 *Downey, l£ylo S., Prof .&St. Boys' Club Leader, Ext. ,0-li;5,U609 Beechwood Rd. ,C.P.,HI 5553 

Dozier, Craig L., Fellow, Geog., 2917 Ordvray 3t.,M.W.,D.C.,0R i;573 
210,211 ^«■D^ake, Nathan L.(Dr. ), Prof .&Head,Chera. ,iai8, 6820 Pinev^ay, College Hts.,HY 0112 

211 *Drake, Robert L.,Asst.,Chem.,K113,m-J Hillside Rd.,Greenbelt,GR 7U21 
313 ^^Drawbridge, Robert F.,Gr.Asst.,Dairy,D209,ii-M Laurel Hill,Greenbelt 

(AP lliOS 

1;25 *Drazek, Stanley J.(Dr.),Assoc.Prof .Msst.Dean,CSCS,Ed.,7211; Forest Rd. , Landover, 

1;J;8 *Diagger, Willie M. , Jr. , (Dr. ),Asst. Prof . ,Bot.,E313, 31+02 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville, 

217 Duke, Nell D., Ins tr.,HE,H210, 7501 Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,WA 3289 (AP 1300 

210 ^^Dulin, Charles W.,Asst.,Chem.,K306,2730 7l;th Ave., Kent Village,Hyattsville 

UiO *Dunn, Ray A.,Jr.(Capt. ),Asst.Prof .,Mil.,Ar.,U306 Oliver St. , Hyattsville, WA 0232 

35li *DTirfee, Arthur E. , Prof .&Ext. Editor, Inf. &Pub.,0-13U,li3l5 ruekerman St., Univ. Park, 

307 Duvall, Harold T. ,Pr.Acct.Clk.II,Acct. ,lB20i;,R.F.D.#l,Box 35U-D,Laurel(Hyattsville 

323 Dysinger, Mabel A.,Sr.Sten.,LSSS,Lab.,Brockwood,Wilson Lane,Bethesda lU,'Tr ll;83( 

293 «Eakens, John C.,In3tr.,Math.,FFl6,l8 Franklin St., Annapolis, Ann. 3266(WA i;90U 
l;37,Ul4l Earle, Rosalie H.(Mrs.),Superv.of Res. Halls, Dorm. 2 

231 *Eastment, George W. ,Asst.,Bact. ,T301,9319 Old Bladensb\jrg Rd., Silver Spring, SH 5199 

261; ^Ebersole, Luke(Dr.),Instr.,Soc.,Rlll,l;6l3 Guilford Rd.,C.P.,UN Ul78 

231 Eckardt, H. Lucille,Gr.Asst.,Bact.,T3l5,U6ll Guilford Rd.,C.P.,UN 7609(ville,AP 2087 

36U *Edelson, Charles B. ,Instr. ,Acct. , Bus. Org. SMgmt. jQliil, 2706-201 Ktrkwood Pl.,F73tts- 

291 -s-Ehrensberger, Ray(Dr.),Head Sc Prof., Speech & Dram.Art,R106,i;6o8 Harvard Rd.,C.P., 

293 Eisenman, Richard L., Ins tr., Math. ,FF,l;3l6 Colesville Rd., Univ. Park {'.:a 2365 

289 *Elderdice, Robert A.,Gr.Asst. ,Eng.,A101,U508 Fordham Lane, G. P., UN 3388 
223 ^Ellington, Charles P.,C-r.Asst. ,Agron.,6205 Nevr lork PI. , River dale, L^ Ol;37 

l;22 ^Ellington, Margaret M.(Mrs.C.P.),Cash.II,S.S.S.,6205 New York Pl.,PJ.verdale,UN Ol;37 

229 *Elliott, Edith T.(Mrs.G.C.),Dup.Mach.Oper., Ext. ,0-33,9031+ l;9th Ave. ,C. P., TO 5o58 

228 ^Elliott, Elliott M.,Acct.,3>ct. ,0-127,705 Forston Dr.,Takoma Park 12, SL 8279 

213 *Enmore, M. Franklin, Instr. ,Dai£y,D301, Farm Cottage #7, P.O. Box 19i;,C.P.(WA 0778 
2li3 Emack, Ellen P.,As3t.Seed Anal., Seed Lab.,ElliO,U.OO Jefferson St., Hyattsville, 
358 Emerson, Dorothy,Prof ..?£irls' Club Agent, Ext., 0-ll;9,U5lO Kennedy St., Hyattsville, UN 
29I; Enck, Frank D.,Gr.Asst., Physics, Q301,l;3l5 Tuckerman St. , Univ. Paric, Hyattsville, (OOlO 
3U2 Engle, liargaret G.,Sten.Secty.,Engr.,J133,9020 l;9th Ave., C. P., TO 5038(V/-A l;90l; 

338 *Eppley, Geary,Dir.Stud. .VelfarejDean of Men,lB105,U603 Beechwood Rd.,C.P.,v:A 6733 

210 *Erickson, Porter W., Res. Fellow,Chem.,K311, 1309 Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring, SH 7330 
33U Ervin, Roger E.,Gr.Asst.,Geog.,N102,14;23 Underwood St.,Univ.Park,WA 1;355 
Etchison, Wade M.,Gr.Asst.,Math.,36lO Clifton Ave., Baltimore l6,M0 U900 


UlO *Evans, Jean C. , Assoc. Prof ., Inf. &Pub., 0-23 8, 5U02 Hamilton St. , Rogers Hts. 

351 *Evans, Maivln F.(Capt.),As3t.Prof .,A.F.R.0.T.C.,Ar.26,213 Buffalo Ave.,Takoina Park 

227 *Eversfield, Catharine M.(lirs.O.C.),Pr.Acct.Glk.II,Agr.,0-133.C.P.,WA 0926(SL OU68 

323 *Everson, Clyde L. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS,6602 lUith Ave.,H7attsville,A? 56U6(AP $5i;6 

252 *Everson, Emma D.(Mr3.C.L.),Sr.Sten. ,P.E.Rec.&Health,G101,6602 Uiitti Ave., Univ. Park, 

283 *IS7ler, A. Bernard,As3t. Prof .,Engr.,J328, 527 S.Hair?)ton Dr. ,Apt.F,Silver Spring 

231 *Faber, John E.(Dr.),Prof .&Head,Bact.,T30l4,6900 Wake Forest Dr.,C.P.,WA 736U 

293 *Facey, John A.,Jr.,Instr.,Math. ,FFl6,270U Kirkwood Pl.,Hyattsville,AP U435 (3312 

292 *Fagg, Sijnone H. (Mrs. L.W.),In3tr., For .Lang. ,A210,1;503 Dunland Rd., Baltimore 29,WI 
268 »Fahmer, Helen M.(Mrs.C. J.), Buyer's Clk.,Purch., Admin,, 6529 Wells Prkwy. , River dale 

1;56 Fazzalari, Frank A.,Gr.Fellow,Ch.E.,U8,li333 Rowalt Dr.,Apt.302,C.P.,AP l52li 

323 Fazzalari, Mary A.,Bact.III,LSSS,U333 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP l52li 

336, 3U4 *Fegan, Doris C.(Mrs.R.J.),Sr.Sten.,CE,J235,6211 Pontiac St.,Berwyn Hts.,TO 60UU 

2l;2jUN U38U *Fegan, Eva L.(Mrs.H.F.),Sr.Sten.,Ath., Col. ,7319 Baltimore Ave.,C.P.,WA 7Ul9 

323 Fell, Patricia, Bact. Ill, LSSS,Lab., 3612 39th Ave., Colmar Manor (Park,WA 7196 

2U3 -sf-Ferguson, Anna H. (Mrs. R.S.),Asst. Seed Anal., Seed Lab.,ElUO,ii323 Woodberry St., Univ. 

201 ^Ferguson, E. James, Instr., Hist., A201,21-D Parkway ,Greenbelt (AP 2725 
Ii56 Fey, Richard S.,Fellow,Ch.E.,U,01d Colesville Rd. ,c/oRev.R.Altman,Hyattsville, 
U58 *Field, David A.,Asst.Prof .,PE,Gl01,it603 Fordham Rd.,C.P.,mi 7869 ' 

295 :^Field, William F.,Gr.Asst. , Psych., DD8,ii303 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 3065 

308 *Figler, Homer R.,Gr.Asst., Psych., EE6,Ii550 Wells Parkway, River dale 
29U Finer, Saul, Gr.Asst., Physics, Q301, 6705 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 

Ii21 *Firman, David, Instr., Geog.,N, 6003 Ulst Ave.,Hyattsville,WA 206l 

296 Fischer, John G., Instr., Eng.,A12 8, 1218 Bolton St. , Baltimore, MA 6017(D.C.,RA 5U87 
U16 Fisher, Elise R., Res. Asst., Inst. Fluid Dyn.&Appl.Math.,J3l5,825 Emerson St.,N.W.,ll, 

288 -*Fisher, Harry D. ,Acct,, Fin. Adm.,lB20U,20U Cedar Ave.,Takoma Park,SL 7069 

280 ^fFisher, Helen H.(Mrs.H.D.),Sr.Sten.,G&P,Q239,20)4 Cedar Ave.,Takoraa Park 12, SL 706? 
272 Fisher, Mary C.,Sr.Sten.,Hort.,FllO,li520 Buchanan St.,Hyatt.sville,WA U8IO 

293 *Fisk, Robert H., Gr.Asst., Math., l5-H Laurel Hill Rd. ,Greenbelt (WA 2676 
330,339, U08 *Fitch, Helen S.(Mrs.E.L.),Sr.l5rp.,Reg.0ff .,1B123,U10U Queensbury Rd.,Hyattsville. 

Ii33 Flannery, Rosemary P., Instr., Child Ed.,FF22,6905 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,AP 0312 

231 ^FlannerjTj 7/illiam L., Gr.Asst., Bact., TU00,V.F. 10-E,C.P. 

210 Fleischhacker, Herman,Gr.Asst.,Chein.,BB8,li605 Cherry Hill Rd.,Berwyn,TO 5763 

289 ^Fleming, Rudd(Dr.),Asst.Prof .,Eng.,A102A,211 Elm St.,Che^;y Chase 15,WI 7871 
361^ ^Fleming, '.7. Randolph,Asst. Prof .,BPA,Q32, 2626 Kirbrood Pl.,W.liyattsville,AP iili99 
397 ^Fletcher, Clyde I.,Cash.II,Dairy,3i4l3 Rhode Island Ave., Mt. Rainier, 7/A li68l 

267 Flinchbaugh, Elizabeth I.,Asst.Prof .,FE-W,W,1212 Seminary Rd., Silver Spring,SH 2811 

270 Fogg, George W.,Dir.of Personnel, lBl32,li327 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 3052 (m 1309 

285 *Footen, William J. ,A.Prod.Insp.,Insp.&Reg.Serv. ,K2l5,U326 Claggett Rd.,Hyattsville, 

307 ^Forrester, Hattie S.(Mrs.D.R.),Sr.Acct.Clk.,Acct.,1320U,5626 Ruatan St.,Bemyn, 

(TO $kSh 

323 -ifrForsyth, Lola M.(Mrs.W.T.),Sr.Sten.,LSSS,3la9 Purdue St.,Hyatt3ville,AP l6ia 
317 Foster, James R. , Asst. Prof .,Ent.,M30U,6311 Taylor Rd. ,Riverdale,WA 0337 

3U8 ^Foster, John E.(Dr.),Prof .&Head,AH,0-2U5,68l0 Plneway, College Hts.,WA 6550 
293 Fowler, William E., Gr.Asst., Ma th. ,FFl6,1012 Roswell Dr. , Silver Spring, SL 09Sh 

li02 Fox, W. Le3ter,Gr. Asst., A. E.&Mkt. ,0-362,9811 Princeton Ave.,C.P.,WA 9831(SH 8702 

252 *Fraley, Lester M. (Dr.), Dean, PE,Rec.&Health, 0102,9000 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, 

202 Frank, Claudia(Mrs.), Sen. Sten., Dining Hall, 327 Prince George's St., Laurel, Laurel 110 
^fFrazza, Everett J., Gr.Asst., Chem.,K306, 6532 Wells Parkway, Riverdale,WA 698I 

361; ^Frederick, John K.(Dr.),Prof . ,BPA,Qll;l,9707 Bexhill Dr.,Kensington,01yn?)ic 9507 
OR liOUO,63U -a-Freeman, Jacob J.(Dr.),Lect.,EE,J219,10001 Kinress Ave., Silver Spring, SL 889U 

219 Friemel, Harriet L., Instr., HE,H302, 7700 Colesville Rd. ,Hyattsville,AP 6033 

3Ul *Friend, Nellie H.(Mrs.R.),Jr.3ten.,Libr.,L10U,U500 Sheridan St.,Riverdale,WA 8535 

•JfrFrost, Russell E. , Jr. , Gr.Asst. , Math., 1308 Longwood St., Baltimore 16,7?I O667 
23li Frothingham, Alma I, ,Secty.Sten.,Ed.,Tllb,327 Prince George's St. , Laurel, Laurel 110 

22U Frothinghar Edith M.,Adm.Asst.I,Fin.Adm.,lB120,327 Prince Georges St. , Laurel, Laurel 

285 *Fuerst, Robert G.,Chem. II, St. Insp.,K2l6, 5512 Taylor Rd. ,Riverdale,WA 7520 (110 

351 ^Fuller, McKinley L., Storekeeper I,Mil.,Ar.,U322 Ror^-alt Dr. , Apt. 201, C. P. 
391 Gahan, V/inifred E., Jr. Typ., Ext. ,0-136, U816 Berwyn Rd.,C.P.,T0 6177 

267 Garfield, Roslyn,Asst. Prof . ,PE--,T,W5, 7302 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 

312 ^Kjarren, Henry W., Gr. Asst. , Poultry, P200, 8211 Sligo Creek Parkway, Takoma Park 

280 i«:as3, Edmund C.,Instr. ,G&?,Q239,l8l9 G St. ,N.W.,6,D.C.,ME 5630 

Gasser, William,Gr.As3t. ,Chem.,BB,6907 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,AP 33U2 
28U,308 ^»Gates, Edgar D., Gr. Asst. , Psych. ,1|5U0 Wells Parkway, Riverdale,UN II86 
Uli8,221 ^tQauch, Hugh G. (Dr. ), Prof . ,Bot.,E313A, Springfield Rd., Bowie, Bowie 369I 

351 ^sGazda, Francis S. , Instr. , Mil. ,Ar. 33, Apt. #203,5Ull 56th PI., East Riverdale 
386 Geis, Merrill S.,Jr.Clk.,Post Off ice,Admin.,R.F.D., Laurel 

295 <»Gelfand, Sidney,Gr. Asst., Psych. ,DD8,3Uo5 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville,AP 2U2U 
307 Gelinas, Dora S.(Mrs. ),Jr.Acct.Clk.,Acct.,lB20ii,6l08 li3d St.,Hyattsville,WA 7861; 

212 Geller, Jerry H., Res. Fellow, Chem. ,K21, 2136 Presstman St. , Baltimore 17, LA 5087 

U31 Gerke, Mildred E., Dietitian I, Dining Hall,Dining Hall, Campus, 202 


(',70 6702 

201 <K5ewehr, Wesley M.(Dr.),Pr*of .&Act.Head,nist.,A202,372U University Ave. ,15,D.C. , 

U22 ^^Gibbs, Bernice H.(Mr3.L.G. ),C;a3h. ,3.S.S.,Admin.Bldg.,3906 53d PI., Blade naburg 

239 <<Gienger, O-oy 7^, Assoc. Prof ., A. Engr. ,I-10U,U6l5 27th St. ,Mt.Rainier,WA l;780 

2l;2jUN U33I4 Giesv-, Warren K.,Assoc.Prof . ,Ath. ,Col. ,Box 295, CP. 

357 <;iggard. Sari n.,Gr.A5St.,Hort. ,f5,R.F.D.#1, Cherry Hill Rd. ,Benfyn,TO 5263(nN 0599 

262 «<}ilb-rt, Engel L. (Dr. ),Asst. Prof . ,Ent.,M30li,Apt.H2, 3900 Kajnilton St. ,Hyatt3ville, 

213 ^Gilbert, Janet 7^.(Mr3.C.G.), Res. A33t.,Dairy,D305,Box 195,Rt.l, Laurel, Laurel lOlW 

392 ^JGilbert, Roland A. ,Instr. ,Aero.Engr. ,;7ind Tunnel, 329 Gorman Ave. , Laurel, Laurel 657W 

lil9 ^K}iliiiore, Marion(Idrs.F.S. ), Sen. Sten. ,AH-Ext. ,0-233,6703 Baltimore Blvd., C. P. 

Wi9 ^«jinther, Fred G.(Capt.),As3t.Prof .,Mil.,Ar.20,719 Auburn Ave.,Takoraa Park,SH 3617 

1;33 Glass, Christine, Ins tr. , Nursery Sch.3d.,HHl21,2710 Quebec St.,N.T7.,8,D.C.,OR 09U8 

256 *:-off. Loyal G. ,Re3.A33t.,Zool. ,m6,U810 Rugby Ave.,3ethe3da l]i,T7I 1632 

U5C ^«Gohr, Carl '.V.,A3Soc.?rof . ,CE, J129,5712 Ruatan St.,Berwyn Ht3.,UN U07li 

256 Gold, Armand J. ,Gr.Asst. ,Zool.,l£L06,3336 Dolfield Ave., Baltimore l5,F0 65ll 

29U Goldberg, Murrey D.,Gr.Asst., Physics, E2ii,6917 Oakridge Rd.,HyattsYille,UN 3957 

291 ^Golden, Janes L.,Instr., Speech, Rli,56l5 Hamilton Manor Dr.,T7e3t Ityattsville,AP 0339 
256 Goldman, liarvin,Gr.Asdt.,Zool.,Tm210,7306 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,V7A 3577 

231 Gonshery, Leon,Gr.Asst.,Bact.,T3l5,7206 Flower Ave.,Takoma Park 12 

293 ^JGood, Richard A.(Dr.),As3t.Prof .,Math.,FF3,U605 Guilford Pl.,C.P.,m^ 0055 

3la Goodman, Brenda,Asst.Libr.,Libr.,L122,33 Chillum Rd.,Chillum,AP 3035 

292 -iKjOodnyn, Frank(Dr.),Prof ,,For.Lang. .A2l8,9709 Lorrain Ave., Silver Spring 

211 Goo-on, Harie K.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,K105,U313 Knox Rd.,G.?.,UN 7211i 

Gorciu, Vasile G.,Instr.,Math., J3l5,U5l3 College Ave.,C.P. (WA 6338 

201 -xGordon, Donald C. (Dr. ),Asst, Prof .,Kist., A201A, 2000 Roanoke St.,;7est Hyattsville, 
U02 Goris, Jean,Jr.Sten.,A.E.,0-258,i7ashington Blvd.,R.F.D.,Jessup,vraterloo U83-J2 

212 i«Gottlieb, Sidne7(Dr.), Res. Assoc. ,Chem.,K21, Box 57, Rt.#l,Vienna,Va. , Vienna 15-WU 
2h7 Graham, Margaret D.,Sen.3ten.,Ch.S.,U108,li705 Erie St.,Berwyn,T0 6517 

29U Grant, Frank A.(Dr.),A3st.Prof ., Physics, E123,U005 Jefferson St. ,Hyattsville,WA 61i03 

289 -^Gravely, William H.,Jr.,Asst.Prof .,Eng.,AlOlB,U5l2 Hartirick Rd.,C.P.,UN 21^62(7263 
3I4I ~~ 'es, Frances S. (Mrs.), Sen. Tvp.,Libr.,L122, 6715 Queens Chapel Rd., Univ. Park ,WA 

395 -itGray, Carmella L.(Mrs.L.E.),Sen.Typ.,Vouchering Unit,lB213,8706 li9th Ave.,C.P., 

3lt8 «Green, Willard W.(Dr.),Prof .,AH,0-2l42,U6ll Fordham Rd.,c.P.,WA 3969 (TO 6529 

256 <Kjreenbaum, Leon J.,Gr.A33t.,Zool.,:ffl206,2205 Guilford Rd., Hyattsville 

211 *Greenbaum, Sheldon B.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,K105,710 Oneida P1.,N.W.,11,D.C.,RA I89? 

WA 6921 ^<Greenberg, Ueyer, Ins tr., For. Lang. ,U505 Knox Rd.,C,P.,U602 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,UN 2537 

hXk «Greene, John D.,Gr.Asst., Inst. Child Study, TlOU, 7018 Wake Forest Dr.,C.P.,AP 3317 

Greenspan, Donald, In3tr.,Matti.,FF19,U507 Beeahwood Rd.,C.?.,HI 0021 
211 Grenell, Shirley M.,Gr.A3St. ,Chem., 3902 Madison St., Hyattsville ,WA li682 

36U,3li5 Griffin, Harold E. , Jr. ,Instr.,Acct. ,032,8313 Pot-omac Ave. ,C. P., TO 5062 

326 ^tC-riffith, William A.(Dr. ),Physician,Health,Inf .,1;900 Ruatan St.,G.P.,TO 5368 

261 ^«Gri3wold, Harland C. (Col. ),Asst.Dean,Mil.Sci.,Ar. ,6910 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,WA U5U6 

256 Grollman, Sidney, Ins tr.,Zool.,M205,li503 Knox Rd. ,C. P. 

392 ^<Gros3, Donald S. , Ins tr. , Wind Tunnel, 7602 l6th Ave.,Takoma Park,SH 0867 

236 Gross, Lenna L.,Superv. Res. Halls, D'.7,AAH,Anne Arundel Hall,C.P.,286 

367 Grubar, Francis S.,Instr.,Art,A301,U903 Lackawanna St.,Ber»»yn,TO 5l83 

251 e«Gruchy, Allan G. ( Dr. ), Prof .,Econ.,Q256, 7011 Y^ake Forest Dr.,C.P.,WA 7Ul3 

301 «Guard, Joseph A. ,A3st.Frof .,ME,J332,7213 Exeter Rd.,Bethesda lli,M 6U88 

282 ^^Guenther, Lillian(Mrs.W.O. ),Sen.Sten.,Mkts. ,0-2li9,601 Uth St., Laurel 2, Laurel 526w 

1;52 ^K}ues3, Arthur L.,Instr., Aero. Engr.,J222, 8218 ll;th Ave.,I^ttsville 

«Gurney, Ronald W.(Dr. ), Res. Prof ., Fluid Dyn.,J117,U608 Beechwood Rd.,C.P.,AP 2272 

357 ^^Guyer, Richard B.,Asst.,Hort.,2206 Apache St.,R.F.D.#l,Hyattsville,SL 0Q91a(UN IO6U 

•«<jwin, James M.(Dr.),Dir.Agr.Ext.3erv.,U309 fiickerman St.,Univ.Park,Kyattsville, 

U27 »Hackman, P,ay C. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof ., Psych. ,DDl8,665U Hillandale Rd., Chevy Chase, 15, 
U32 Hadder, John C.,Gr.Asst.,Zool.,HHl05,672l; Baltimore Ave., Univ. Park, UN 98U5(WI 7^78 

36U,U07 *Hale, John I., Assoc. Prof .,BPA,Q2U2,lao5 Oliver St.,Che^/y Chase 15,WI 9^17 

293 »Hall, Dick W.(Dr.),Prof . ,Math.,FF6,8 Homedale, Powder Mill Rd.,Belt3ville,T0 6377 
270 ^fflall, Elaine L. (Mrs .M.M.), Sen. S ten., Personnel, Admin. Bldg.,6-U Plateau Pl.,Greenbelt, 

213 «Hall, J. Oakley, Jr., A3st.,Dairy,10506 Huntley PI., Silver Spring(Greanbelt 276l 
312 ^tHall, Peggy L.(Mr3.J.W.), Jr.Sten.,Poultry,0-ll5,ii8l7 U8th Ave.,Edmon3ton,WA U62U 
273 «Hall, Robert W. ,Gr.A3st. , Physics, BPA,906 N.Wayne St., Arlington l,Va., Jackson U-I86I 

JO 2-UOOO Hall, Roscoe(Dr.),Lect., Psych., St. Eliz.Hosp.,D.C. 

291 ♦Hall, William L., Ins tr. , Speech, R108,U2l6 Colesvilie Rd. , University Park,UN 8350 
251 *Hamill, Charles A.,Instr. ,Econ. ,Q26l,5U21 56th Fl.,Apt.202,Sast Riverdale,AP O8IO 
U02 ^Hamilton, Arthur B., Assoc. Prof ., A. E., 0-259, 6515 UOth Ave., University Park,WA 9276 
350 Hamilton, Laura M. ,Tel.0per.,PIi§c0,Tl6,l6l5 Franklin St.,N.E.,D.C.,NO 389U 

292 «Hammerschlag, Ludwig( Dr. ),Asst. Prof ., For .Lang., A225,3U05 Tulane Dr., West Hyatts- 
201 «Hanks, R. Justus, Instr., Hist. ,A202,R.F.D.#3,Rockville,Ashton ia58(ville,AP 5851 
231,323 *Hansen, P. Ame(Dr.),Prof .,Bact.&LSSS,T305 &LSSS,7011 Fordham Crt.,C.P.,WA 3581 
UU9 *Hanson, Richard F., Instr., Mil., Rifle Range-Ar.,6l09 U3d Ave.,Riverdale,va 2576 
U50 *Harden, Herbert W., Instr. ,CE,J126a, 7222 Flower Ave.,Takoma Park 12, SH 8708 


(27,Elkridge UU5J 
281 -wHarman, Joyce F.(Mr3.H.B.)>Jr.Sten.,Agron.,E35,Box 6l,R. #4, Montgomery Rd.,Elkridge 

296 Harman, Susan E.(Dr. ), Prof .,Eng.,Al29, 6901; Oakridge Rd., College Ht3.,Hyattsville, 

297 *Hamon, James 0.,Gr.Asst.,Eng. ,A103,U739 Wells Parkway, Riverdale,AP 0757(WA 7536 
362 »Harmon, Jean T.(Mrs.J.0.)*Sen.Typ.,Acct.,lB208,U739 Wells Parkway,Riverdale,AP 075? 
hh9 *Harpham, Dee S.,Asst.,Band Mil., Ar., 5111 Harper St., Dillon Park,19,D.C.,HI 77U8 
289 Harris, Marie P.,Gr.Asst.,Eng.,A101,7007 Rhode Island Ave. ,C. P., HI 0637 (SL I819 
323 Harrison, Arthur P.,Jr.,Gr.Asst.,Bact.,T,LSSS,8001 Piney Br. Rd., Silver Spring, 

326 *Hart, Jeanne(Mrs.D.M.),R.N.,Hea.,Inf.,ii90li Ruatan St. ,C.P.,TO 5371 

li58 Harvey, Ellen E.(Dr.),As3t.Prof .,PE,Rec.&Hea.,G201,U6o5 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,WA 5l7U 

210,211 *Harvill, Willis F.,Asst.,Chem.,Kll?,U5ll Randolph Rd., Silver Spring, Lockwood 5-2779 

207 Haslup, Charles A.,Instr.,Music,Bl,306 W. Hawthorne Rd.,Linthicum Hts.,LI 3U2 

269 ^Hasaard, Frank K.,Superv.of Procure., Purch.,lB210,6908 Wake Forest Dr.,C.P.,WA I689 

213 ■«-Hatziolos, Basil C.(Dr.),Res.Asst.,Dairy,3957 Fessenden St.,N.Vf.,D.C.,TA 8230 

I4I4.8 ^«flaun, Joseph R.,Gr.Asst.,Bot.,E313, Springfield Rd., Bowie, Bowie 3691 (Bowie 369I 

260 *Haun, Ruth S. (Mrs. J. R. ), Libr. Asst. ,Libr., Loan Desk, Twin Acres, Springfield Rd., Bowie. 

272 *Haut, Irvin C.(Dr.),Prof .&Head,Hort.,Fll3,801 Garland Ave.,Takoma Park,12,SL 8320 

29li Hauver, George E.,Gr .Asst., Physics, El8,U6l8 College AV9.,C.P.,WA 5732 

267 Haverstick, Martha J.,Instr.,PE-W,Wl-5,Ull0 Gallatin St., Hyatt sville,WA 73ii6 

378 Haviland, Elizabeth E.(Dr. ), Asst. Prof .,Ent., M206, near Brinklow,Ashton 523U 

272 *Hawes, James E. , Res. Asst. ,Hort.,F20U,Glenndale, Bowie 3617 

(A? 3766 
260,259 *Hayes, Isabella M. (Mrs .W.H.),Instr., Libr. ,1130,1900 Van Buren St.,Apt.201,Hyattsville, 

283 *Hayleck, Charles R., Jr., Assoc. Prof ., ME, J2l+Ii,H302j3900 Hamilton St.,Hyattsville,I3N 

285 *Heagy, Albert B.,Assoc.Prof .,In3p.Serv.,K2l6,li307 Clagett Rd., Univ. Park, WA U735(2li06 

Heanue, James E.,Gr. Fellow, Phil., 6917 Oakridge Rd.,Hyattsville,UN 8957 

225 ^«ebb, Edith F.(Mrs.R.F.),Sen.Acct.Clk.,Comptr.Off .,1B120,1;902 Cherokee St.,C.P. 

376 *Heintz, Roy K. (Dr.), Asst. Prof ., Psych., DD15, 2012 Drexel St.,Hyattsville 

295 *Hembree, Howard W. ,Gr. Ass t. , Psych., DD8,li;75 Euclid St.,N.W.,6,D.C.,H0 3302 

3Ul Henderson, Nina B.(Mrs.),Instr. ,Libr.,L10U,56l5 39th St.,N.W.,D.C.,OR 2031 

280 ^Henderson, Richard B., Ins tr.,G&P,Q239,V. F. 7-C,C.P.,UN 9752 

UN li38U,2l;2 ^f-Hennemier, John M. , Assoc. Prof .,Ath., Col., Ii508 Fordham Lane,Apt.6,C.P.,AP 2883 

U29 Hennick, Donald C.,Asst.Prof .,ME,S33,37,li805 College Ave., C. P., UN 36U2 

329 Hess, Louise C., Sen. Sten., Ext., 0-157, U606 Hartwick Rd.,C.P.,UN 099U 

*Hetterly, Ruth E.(Mrs.H.),Superv.of Multi.Switchboard,PM&0,Tl6,li909 Riverdale Rd., 
U2I *Hewins, John S., Ins tr.,Geog.,N203, 5307 Indian Lane, Branchville, TO 58l6( Riverdale, 

210 Hexner, Peter E.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,K21,2732 Woodley Pl.,N.W.,8,D.C.,DE Ul28(UN 1558 

Heying, Iheodore L.,Gr.Asst.,Chem. ,BBU,I;505 Amherst Rd.,C.P.,UN U786 
323 Hibberd, Charlene R., Lab. Asst., LSSS,6im 62d PI., Riverdale,, YA 6876 (WA 6876 

300 ^Hibberd, Theodore E.,Superv. Print Shop, U. Press, Gen. Serv. ,6111; 62d Fl.,Pd.verdale, 
U18 *Higgins, Joseph J.,Gr.Asst.,Bot.,EU01,7U0ii Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 

251 Hilton, George W. ,Instr.,Econ.,Q252,6905 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,AP lii92 

312 ^«inds, Rvissell H., Jr. , Assoc. Prof .,Poultry,Pll8,Middletown,Middletown 59J5 

279 *Hodgins, Lawrence J., Assoc. Prof .,EE,J220,7308 Yale Ave.,C.P.,WA 8ii33 

302 ^flodnett, H. Aylor,Asst.,Ch.E.,U21,8l6 Gorsuch Ave., Baltimore, HO 7U29 

Ul2 «Hoecker, Harold H., Asst. Prof ., A. E.&ilkt., 0-257, 9030 Autoville Dr.,Bemyn,T0 63li6 

292 Hofer, Andrew,Gr. Asst., French, A210,1;70U Guilford Rd.,C.P.,WA l51i6 (00U9 

ii05 *Hoff, William, Superv.Rec. Center, Rec. Center, 59-A Ridge Rd.,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 5l76( 

210 Hoffman, Sandor A.(Dr.),Res.Assoc.,Chem.,Kl05,770li Colesville Rd. ,Hyattsville,(AP 
26U *Hoffsonmer, Harold C.(Dr. ),Prof .&Head,Soc.,R200,6900 Dartmouth Ave.,C.P.,WA 2761 
373 *Hofmeister, Harry J., Jr., Asst. Prof ., A. Engr. ,1-112,2802 Urbana Dr., Silver Spring 
223 *Hogue, Lester E.,Instr.,Agron.,E201,U505 Guilford Rd. ,C.P.,WA 0252 

297 ^tHolberg, Stanley M.,Gr.Asst.,Eng.,Al03,U311 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 011a6 

3Ul Holladay, Lois, Instr., Libr., L122, 7013 Fordham Crt.,C.P.,UN 2559 

267 Holloway, Martha E., Asst. Prof .,PE-W,5U09 56th PI., East Riverdale, AP 0956 

2U3 *Holmes, Forrest S., Chief Seed Insp.,Seed Lab., E3 11,6917 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,WA U331 

323 *Hol3t, Anita P. (Mrs.E.G.),Lab.Tech.I,LSSSL,ll,12,Box ll;8-B}R.//2,La\irel 

306 Holter, John A.,Instr.,Dairy,D201,75ll Princeton Ave.,C.P.,WA 9831 

315 *Holzner, John A. , Police, North Gate, Campus, 3d & Chestnut St. , Riverdale, WA 6229 

285 Hook, Martha K. ,Sen.Sten. ,St.Insp.5Jleg.Serv.,K2l5,U6l2 College Ave., C. P., UN 3358 

211 Hopley, Grace J,L(Mrs.),Sen.Acct.Clk.,Chem.,K117, 7333 Hawthorne St., Kent Village, 
ia6 *Horn, Samuel L., Asst., Fluid Dyn.,J313,5720 Chillum Hts.Dr.,Hyatt3ville,V/'A 9Ul5( 

(Landover,AP 5730 
1M,356 *Hornbake, R. Lee(Dr. ), Prof ., I.Ed., T110,I121,1|005 College Hts.Dr.,Univ.Park,AP 6321 

301 Hoshall, Harry B. , Assoc. Prof . ,ME,S330,7308 Yale Ave.,C.F.,WA 8U33 

UOU -;<-Hottel, 'Jilliam H.,Lect., Journ.,Rec.Bldg.2,7U03 Dartmouth Ave.,C.P.,WA l8ii9 
U25,U3U ^^Houghland, Marie A.(Mrs.G.),Sen.Sten. ,CSCS,T203,U338 Clagett Rd.,Univ.Park,WA 8316 

205 ^Houston, Helen E. (Mrs. C.E.), Instr. ,Tex.&Cloth. ,H21,880U Bradford Rd., Silver Spring 

267 Howarth, Louise S.,Instr. ,PE-V/,G201,5U09 56th PI., East Riverdale, AP 0956 

la3 ^Howell, Mabel G.(Mrs.C.A.),Instr.,3t.Dept.of Mlcts. ,0-359, 1;802 Hollywood Rd.,Berwyn 

351 *Howell, Sylvanus T. , Jr. (Capt. ), Asst. Prof . ,AFR0TC,G3, 1520 Erskine S t., Carrol Hts., 

281 Hoyert, John H.,Gr.A3st.,Agron.,E35,Beltsville,T0 5llii (Takoraa Park,SH 1621 
312 Hsu, (Betty) Peng-Tung,Gr.Asat.,Poultry,P113,U6l5 Knox Rd. ,C.P.,UN 373U 


33U Hsu, Chi-Kang,Gr.Aast.,Geog.,N210,U8l2 Erskine Rd.,C.P.,WA 8928 

33U »Hu, Charles Y.(Dr. ),Prof .,Geog.,N210,6900 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,WA 2521 

351 *Hubbard, Lois J.(Mrs.R.W.),Sr.Sten.,Mil.,Ar.l07,Belt3vllle Gardens #6,Belt3ville 

251 Huebl, Sara A.,Gr.Asst.,Econ.,Q26l,75ll4 Rhode Island Ave.,G.P.,UN 9885 

2U7 *Htiff, \Yilbert J.(Dr.),Dir.Engr.Exp.Sta.,Chnn.&Prof .,Ch.E.,U108,l5 Hilltop Rd., 

(Sligo Park Hills, Silver Spring, SL 172U 
loll Hufstedler, Virginia L.(Dr.),Asst.Prof .,Ed. ,U601 25th St.,Apt.2,LIt.Rainier,WA 6510 
293 Hughes, Daniel R.,Gr.Asst.,Math. ,FF19,5508 h3d PI. ,Hyattsville,AP 0507 

la3 *Hulse, Frfed E.,Gr.Asst.,AE,0-362,1356 Fairmont St.,N.W.,9,D.C.,H0 l5ll(WA 5073 

372 *Hunt, Dorothy B.(lirs.R.R.),Secty.Sten.,Intercol.Ath.,Col.,U50U Albion Rd.,C.P., 

201 ^«unter, Thomas M. ,Gr.Asst.,Hist.,A202,U32U Clagett Rd.,Hyattsville,WA 6350 

326 Hurst, Sue,R.N.,Hea.,Inf .,Rossborough Inn,Can?)us,3li9 

370 *Husinan, Burris F., Asst. Prof .,PE-M,Ar. 15, 7303 Dickinson Ave.,C.P.,AP 5621 

26U ^Hutchinson, Charles E.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof ., AS, Rill, 7305 Princeton Ave.,C.P.,UN 2692 

281i Hutton, Daniel C., Counselor, Psych. ,EE 5,6903 Dartmouth Ave, ,C. P., UN 1066 

li52 ^fflutton, Jvmius 0.,In3tr.,Aero.E.,J222,lii W.Blackthom St., Chevy chase 15,WI O838 

256 *Hwang, Joseph C.,Gr. Asst., Zool.,HH20U, 301 Lincoln Ave.,Takoma Park,SL 899I 

332 Iglehart, Bemice C. ,Sten.Secty. ,Poultry,P103,ii706 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,WA 8527 

268 Imbriaco, Julia, Sr.'iyp.,Purch., Admin. Bldg., 7333 Hawthorne St., Kent Vil.,Landover, 

26U *Imse, Thomas P.,Instr.,Soc.,P^02,U70li Norwich Rd.,C.P.,UN 0633 (AP 5730 

29U *Iskraut, Richard W-COr.), Assoc. Prof ., Physics, E123, 3206 Shepherd St. ,Mt. Rainier, 

283 *Jackson, John W., Prof ., ME, J2Ul, 5002 U2d Ave.,Hyattsville,7/A 3572(WA 6958 

293 *Jackson, Stanley B.(Dr. ), Prof ., Math., FF12,205 Spring Ave.,Takoma Park 12, SL 9288 

33U Jackson, vfilliam A.D.,Gr.Asst.,Geog.,N,li703 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,WA l;56l( Spring, SL 3527 

386 *James, Howard V.,Mail Serv.,Post Off ice, Admin., U705 Amherst Rd.,C.P.,UN 3506( 

319 *James, Robert C.,Asst.Dean of Men,Men's Dorms., Dorm C,81UtO Piney Br. Crt. , Silver 

293 Jamagin, Milton P.(Dr.),Instr.,Math. ,FF19,ii6ll Drexel Rd.,G.P. ,T?JA 3250 

201 *Jashemski, Wilhelmina F. (Mrs. S. , 'Dr.), Asst. Prof ., Hist., A202,30U Long Branch Pkny., 

316 *Jeffers, Walter F.(Dr.),Prof .,Bot.,E230,682U Pineway,I^attsville,WA 83U9(Takoma 

323 ^Jeffrey, Hammond TT., Asst., LSSS, Hanover, Elkridge 669W-l(Park 12, SH 819I 

316 *Jehle, Robert A.(Dr.),Prof .&St.Plt.Path.,Bot.,E227,llU Carroll Ave.,Takoma Park, 

391 #Jenkins, Eben C.,Asst.Prof ., Ext. ,0-136, 56l6 30th Ave.,Hyattsville,UN la75(SL 1516 

201 *Jenkins, Innis L., Gr. Asst., Hist. ,A211,7UlO Columbia Ave.,C.P.,TA hXlh 

3U8 Jessup, Gordon L.,Jr.,Gr.Asst.,AH,0-2i;2,5727 Potomac Ave.,N.\7.,l6,D.C.,W0 311|2 

307 *Jewell, Nancy S.(Mrs.R.A.),Sr.Acct.Clk.,Acct.,lB20U,U626 Knox Rd.,Apt.2,C.P., 

210 *Jewell, Richard A.,Gr.Asst. ,Chem.,Apt.#2,I;626 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 22la(UN 22Ul 

292 -K-Jiminez, Juan R., Adjunct Prof ., Mod. Lang., A220,U310 Queensbury Rd.,Riverdale,WA 8785 

292 *Jim4nez, Zenobia C.(Mrs.J.R.),Instr.,Mod.Lang.,A220,ii310 Queensbury Rd.,Riverdale,WA 

36U *Johnson, A. Rex(Dr. ), Prof ., Bus. Adm.,Qlia, 1707 N.Greenbrier St., Arlington, Va.,( 8785 

230 Johnson, Bina W.,AdBiin.A3st.II,Bus.Mgmt.,lBll,75o6 Hopkins Ave.,C.P. (CH 9385 

201 ^Johnson, Charles A.(Dr.),Instr.,Hist.,A201,3212 Chillum Rd.,Mt. Rainier, AP 0050 
207 *Johnson, Elizabeth 0.(Mrs.D.H. ), Ins tr. , Music, U60ii Calvert Rd.,C.P.,UN 2171 

359 Johnson, Marian,Asst.Dean of vromen,DW103,5711 Jamestown Rd.,Hyattsville,UN lU;7U(Va. 
JO 3-6600,806 *Johnson, Montgomery H. (Dr. ), Prof ., Physics, N.R.L., 1001 Potomac Ave., Alexandria, 
lt09,278 ^tJohnson, Nina A. (Mrs .M. A. ),Sr.Acct.Clk., Vets. Housing, ID#l,Box lliO M Rt. 2, Laurel 

323 ^Johnson, Robert B., Assoc. Prof .,LSSS, Lab., Ul05 5lst St.,Apt.302,Bladensburg,UN 7326 

202 *Johnson, Thetis 0.(Mrs.F.T. J.), Cafe, Supt., Dining Hall,5U08 21st Pl.,Hyattsville, 
U58 *Johnson, Warren R.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,PE,G101,U331 Rowalt Dr. , Apt. 301, C. P., (UN 8950 
U29 *Jones, Carl L., Lab. Asst., ME,S3U,U9oIt Erie St.,Benr.yn,T0 5670(AP 08ll(SH UO76 

22U *Jones, Elizabeth K. (Mrs. J. L.),Secty,Sten., Fin. Adm.,lB120,205 Eastwood Ave., S.S., 

(Hyattsville,WA 296U 

229 *Jones, Helen S.(Mrs.M.Z.),Sr.Clk., Ext. Pub., 0-33, 11-F Hillside Rd.,Greenbelt ( 

312 *Jones, Henry L.,Gr.Asst.,Poultry,Pll3,U002 Hamilton St.,Hyattsville,WA 2562 ( 

312 *J\ihn, Mary(Mrs.R.M.FrapsjDr. ), Prof .,Poultry,P206, Cedar Lane,Beltsville,TO 6196 ( 

332 *Jull, Morley A. (Dr.), Head & Prof .,Po\il try, P105, 0-105, 6906 Pineway, College Ht3.,( 

266 *Ju3t, James W.,Dir.,Fire Serv. Ext., Fire Serv.Bldg. ,5600 Queen's Chapel Rd.,Hyatts., 

Wi9 -"Kagy, Kenneth W.(Lt.),Asst.Prof.,Mil.,Ar.,ll8oU Gait Ave., Silver Spring, (WA 9136 

UOU *Kahl, Norman A.,In3tr. , Joum. ,GG5,3930 N.Uth St., Arlington 3,Va.,GL 59Ul(LO 5-27U2 

296 *Kahn, Helen R.(Mrs.E. ),Instr. ,Eng.,A126,903 N.Wayne St., Arlington IjVa.jCTff 6966 

351 *Kamar, Walter,Instr., Mil., Ar. Base., 32-A Crescent Rd.,Greenbelt(St. ,N.W.,D.C.,DE 2585 
ljl6 Kampe de F^riet, Joseph-Marie (Dr.), Vis it. Res. Prof., Inst. Fluid Dyn.,J22U,l833 Irving 

312 *Kao, Kung I. T. fWrs.C.T.)>0r.As3t.,Poultry,P200,l;6l5 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 373U 

U20 *Karinen, Arthur E., Asst. Prof .,Geog.,N206,U307 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP l832(Greenbelt 6256 

268 *Kazlauskas, Vasiliki G.(Mrs.V.F.), Buyer's Clk.,Purch.,lB211,3-C Parkway, Greeribelt, 

330,339 Keck, Margaret S.(Mrs. ),Pr.Clk. , Reg. Off .,7009 Fordham Crt. ,C. P., UN 698O 

213 Keeney, Mark(Dr.),Asst.Prof .,Dairy,D209,U607 Fordham Rd.,C.P.,WA 6l82 

370 -^Kehoe, James H. , Assoc. Prof .,Ath.,PE-M,Ar.l20,01d Colesville Rd. ,Hyattsville,WA 65U6 

272 Keim, Patricia B., Jr.Sten. ,Hort. ,F110,U00li Oglethorpe St.,nyattsville,WA 5736 

38U,2U3 Kelk, Olive M.,Seed Anal., Seed Lab., Ell^O, 7309 Princeton Ave.,C.P.,WA 8027(3-3360 

237 Kellar, Venia M., Prof .&Asst.Dir., Ext. ,0-158,236 Massachusetts Ave.,N.W.,D.C.,LI 

3UU Keller, Duane R. , Asst. Prof .,CE,J228,iil;05 Hollyhill Rd.,Hyattsville,WA 2059 


U20 Kelley, Edna S.,Res.A3St.,Geog.,N206,2300 California St.,N.W.,8,D.C.,N0 1+328 

33U *Kelley, Irving B.,ar.Asst. ,Geog.,Nll,U627 Woodberry Rd.,Riverdale,UK 8733 

U25 ^«elley, Lillian F.(Mrs.G.Tf.)>Sten.Secty.,CSCS,T203,m-'3 Ridge Rd. ,Greenbelt,Green- 

20? »Kemble, Mary A. (Mrs. E.G.)>Instr., Music, 7501 Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,AP 30l6(belt 7067 

320,2^7 *Kemp, William B.(Dr.) ,Dir.of Exp. Sta.&Instr.,Agr., 0-131, U32li Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,WA $Sh9 

*Kennard, Earl H.(Dr. ), Prof .,Physic3,D. Taylor Model Basin, 7, D.G., 5502 Charlcote Rd., 
U50 *Kennedy, George R.,Instr.,CE,J129A, 201-2612 Kirkwood Pl,,Hyatt3ville(Bethesda ll;, 

272 Kerns, Esta M.,Jr.Sten.,Hort.,F110,70l8 Wake Forest Dr.,C.P., UN Ol6l (WI 1766 

3Ji8 »Kerr, Malcolm H., Assoc. Prof., AH, 0-237, li306 Tuckerman St.,Univ.Park,UN U732 

295 Kershner, Alan M., Res. Asst., Psych., HH201,17l6 H St.,N.W.,6,D.G.,DI 31i47 

315 *Kiatta, George E., Police, M&0,North Gatehouse, 301 Ridge Rd. ,S.E.,19,D.C.,VI 8212 
319 Kimbroiigh, Wilson W., Jr., Asst. , Dean of Men, Dorm C,lll-E Calvert Hall, 328 

381 *Klier, Eugene P.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,Ch.E.,U121,U309 Rowalt Dr. , Apt. 102, C. P., UN U2U6 

Ull KNKB5L, Le^s M.,As3t.D€an of L£en in charge of Placement, Stud.Welfare,lBl03,li6l6 

2l;0 *Knox, Frances i'.CMrs.W.H. ),Sr.Sten. ,Mkts. ,0-2U7,V.F.U. 3-H,C. P. (College Ave.,C.P., 

312 Knox, Layman A.,Asst.,Poultry,U803 Ruatan St., C. P., TO U9U5 (WA 80l5 

hh9 ■»*Konp, John R. (Lt.), Asst. Prof ., Mil. Sci.,Ar., 1001 Easi>-We3t Highway,Hyattsville 

231 *Konetzka, Walter A.,Gr.Asst.,Bact. ,T3l5,U531 Wells Parkway, Riverdale(Greenbelt 1+986 

3li2 *Kosisky, Audrey S.(Mr3.J.S^,Sr.Sten.,Engr.,J133,U-A Laurel Hill Rd. ,Greenbelt, 

357 ^«ramer, Amihud(Dr.),Prof .,Hort.,F5,33-G Ridge Rd. ,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 6232 

292 Kramer, Charles F., Assoc. Prof ., For. Lang., A219, University Apts.,C.P.,V:A 781+2 
UhS *Kraus3, Robert W. , Or. Asst., Hot. ,Q313, 5702 36th Ave.,Hyattsville,UN 8881 

210 -wKray, Raymond J.,Res.Fellow,Chem.,K112,Apt.202,2008 Oglethorpe St.. West Hyattsville 
256,1+32 Kreider, Marlin B.,Gr. Asst. ,Zool.,HH, 711 Erie St.,Takoma Park,SL 3l+6l( Longwood 7820 
251 Kretzschmar, Charles P.,Gr.Asst.,Econ.,Q26l,273l+ Ellioott Driveway, Baltimore l6, 
239 *Krewatch, Albert V.,Assoc.Prof ., A. Engr. ,1-103,1+1+02 Holly Hill Rd.,Univ.Park,WA 3727 

Kroitor, Hairy P. ,Gr. Fellow, Eng.,U608 Clemson Rd.,C.P.,V/A 1+71+5 (Sligo 1562 

370 i«rouse, William E.,Jr.,Asst.Prof.,PE,Hea.,Ar., 81+01 Piney Branch Crt., Silver Spring, 

291+ Krumbein, Aaron D., Asst. Prof ., Physics, E22, 5309 7th St.,N.W.,D.G.,GE U321 

305 *Kubler, Rose B. (Mrs. D. G. ), Sr. Sten. , Ext., 0-11+3,5620 Hamilton Manor Dr.jWest Hyatts- 

(ville,AP 0696 
223 *Kuhn, Albin 0.(Dr.),Prof .&Head,Agron.,E20l+,68ll+ Dartmouth Ave.,C.P.,WA 9165 

300 *Kuhn, Henry Q., Foreman Coiiposing Room,U. Press, Gen. Serv. ,2300 Metzerott Rd.,Hyatts- 

213 Kumar, Soma,Res.Asst.,Dalry,D30l+,U702 Guilford Rd.,C.P.,UN 1+713 (ville, UN 061I+ 

/+11+ *Kurtz, John J. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof., Child Study,T10i+,l+19 St. Lawrence Dr., Silver Spring, 

231 *Laffer, Norman C (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Bact.,T3l6,l+603 Guilford P1.,C.P.,UN 3533(SH lUlO 

362 -^Laird, Evelyn A.(Mrs.E.A.),Sr.'iyp.,Acct.,lB200,l+-G Gardenway,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 

213 Lakshmanan, Sitarama,Res. Asst., Dairy,D30i+, 7305 Tale Ave.,C.P. (1+221 

31+3 *Lambert, Cecil, Asst., Dairy,D.Farm,Cottage No. 5, Univ. Campus (Riverdale,UN 7802 

1+22 ^Lambert, Madel.-ne M.(Mrs.J.E. ),Sr.Acct.Clk.,S.S.S.,lBla,I+538 Wells Parkway, (065l 

3I+6 *Lancellotti, Anne R.(Mrs.D.A.),Sr.Sten.,BPA,Qllil+,5602 35th PI., West Hyattsville, UN 

(P.O. Hyattsville, AP 1+279 
1+56 *Landgren, C. Robert(Dr. ), Asst. Prof .,Ch.E.,Ull3, 7323 Hawthorne St. , Kent Village, 

319 Lang, Caroljm S.(Mrs.),Superv.Res.Halls,Men's Dorms,, Dorm C,Bowdoinham,Jfcdne 

231 Langford, George C, Gr. Asst. ,Bact.,T313, 6212 1+1+th Ave., River dale, UN 281+5 

262 *Langford, George S.(Dr.),Prof .,Ent.,M20l+,l+6o6 Hartwick Rd.,C.P.,WA 3675 

339,330 Lansdown, Margaret B.,Sten,-Secty.,Reg.Off .,1B123,3212 Upshur St.,Mt.Rainier,UN 29U2 
202,2(D6 *Lappin, Robin3on,Mgr.Food Serv., Dining Hall,1732 Girard St.,N.E.,l8,D.C.,N0 6935 
266 *Larrimore, Curtis C.,Sr.Instr.,Fire Serv. Ext. , Fire Serv.Bldg.,302 S.Hanson St., 

1+00 *Larsen, Christian L.(Dr. ),Prof .&Dir.Bur.Pub.Adm.,a&P,Q239A,l+211 Sheridan St.,(Easton, 

1+12 *Lar3en, Marion R.,Instr.,Agr., 0-257, 5303 Annapolis Rd.,Bladensburg( Univ. Park, WA 1067( 

370 *LaRue, Jim E.,Instr.,PE-M,Ar., 1+620 Knox Rd.,Apt.9,C.P.(Easton 83IJ Sc Union 8U32 

30I+ *Lawrence, Wallace D.,Pr.Acct.Clk.I,Payroll,Admin.,807 N.Augusta Ave., Baltimore 29 

330,339 *Laws, Viola A.Pirs.J.V.),Sr.l^.,Reg.Off .,1B123,V.F. 12,Apt.E,C.P.,UN 988I+ 
205 *Law3on, Gord'^n C.,Asst.Prof .,Pr.Art,H21,2la9 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville 

Lazicki, Florence M., Gr. Asst., Chem., 6208 Ulst Ave.,Hyattsville,WA 1+839(17, FO 1795 
328 Leckie, Margaret,Superv.Re3.Halls,Men'3 Dorms., Dorm. 0,Caii?)us, 2 5l6 Talbot Rd.,Balto. 

211 Lederle, Henry F.,Res.Fellow,Chem.,K105,6709 1+1+th Ave., Hyattsville, WA 2752 

361+ *Lee, LeRoy L.,Instr.,Bus.0rg.&Admin.,Qliil,26ll Finley St., Silver Spring,!/) 5-3laO 

213 Leffel, Emory C.,In3tr.,Dairy,D30O,7201 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,WA 1+1+56 

261+ *LeJins, Peter P.(Dr.),Prof .,Soc.,R203,7009 Wake Forest Dr.,C.P.,UN OI+86 (WA 2751+ 

239,373 ^Lemmon, Dorothy M.(Mrs.H.F.), Sr.Sten.,A.Engr., 1-101,5622 3L3t Ave., Hyattsville, 

)M. ♦Lemer, Joseph S., Fellow, Ed., T112, 9103 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring,SH 5197 

293 *Leutert, Werner W.(Dr. ), Asst. Prof ., Math., FFlO, 5710 l6th Ave.,Hyattsville,AP 521i+ 
1+05 *Lewis, Bertie E. ( Mr s.F.W.), Cash., Rec. Center, 1+676 Woodberry Rd.,Riverdale,WA 1+273 

316 *Lewi3, Charles E.,Gr.Asst.,Bot.,E226,128 Carroll Ave.,Apt.#l+,Takoma Park 
213 Lewis, Margaret E.(Mrs.),Sr.Sten.,Dairy,D20l+,62l5 6lst Pl.,Riverdale,WA 5763 
260 «Leyh, E. Lo\xi3e(Mrs.L.D.,Jr. ),Libr.Asst.,Libr.,L205,5U-F Crescent Rd.,Greenbelt 
1+57 *Liden, Conrad H.,A3st.Prof. ,Agron.,E105,2209 Apache St.,Hyattsville,SH 2919 

JO 3-6600,293 *Lieb3on, Sidney H. (Dr. ), Visit. Prof ., Physics, E,ll+l+0 Chapin St.,N.W.,9,D.C. 
260 Lindamood, Joseph G., Jr.,Libr.As3t.,Libr.,Loan Desk,Rt.l,Box 79A,Laurel,Laurel l5b 

330 »Lindeman, Eve M.(Mr3.R.C.),Sr.Typ.,Reg.0ff .,lB12l+,7-A Laurel Hill Rd.,Greenbelt 

(Greenbelt 6626 


208 Lindenberg, Ecbrard A.,Gr.Asst.,Hort.,F20U,Ul06 TennQrson Rd. , Univ. Park, WA 2058 

277 «Link, Conrad B.(Dr.),Prof .,Hort.,F206,3U01 Purdue St. ,Univ.Hill3,Hyatt3ville,UN 9179 

321 i*Linkous, Elsie G.(Mr3.A.M.) ,Sten.Secty.,Ext.,0-130,lili02 Underwood St., Univ. Park, 

U32 *Littleford, Robert A.(Dr.),Assoc.Prof . ,Zool.,HHl06,6 Austin CoTirt,Bervryn(Hyatt3ville, 

373 Lloyd, George W.,In3tr.,Ent.,M20$,6903 Dartmouth Ave., C. P., UN 1066 (7/A 89U3 

269 *Uoyd, Mary G.(Mrs.J.M.),Sr.Sten.,Purch.,lB210,U622 Knox Rd.,C.P. (0779 

329 Loar, Margaret T.,Assoc.Prof .&Dist.Agt.,Ext. ,0-l59,U605 13th St.,N.'i7.,ll,D.C.,GE 

UI6 -s-Lobb, R. Kenne-Wi(Dr. ), Res. Assoc, Inst. Fluid Dyn.&Appl.Math.,J31ii, 8011 Eastern Ave., 

UUO ^Locher, James R.,Jr.(Maj.),Asst.Prof .,Mil.,Ar.l03,B0Q Salter Reed aen.Ho3pital,D.C.( 
325,396 »Long, Edgar F.(Dr.),Dir.of Adni.,2B103,UU01 Holly Hill Rd., College Hts.,Hyattsville,( 
(HI 0291 (Silver Spring, SL 8083 

292 *Long, Nicole D.(Mr3.J.V.),Instr.,For.Lang.,A220,Apt.M102,3900 Hamilton Blvd. ,Hyatt8- 
283 *Long, Ralph H. , Jr. , Assoc. Prof ., ME, J2U3,U305 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,(AP l8U0(ville,AP 11^59 
210 Loo, T. L.(Dr.),Res.Fellow,Chem.,K109,U311 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,UN 0785 

219,369 Love, Elizabeth P.,Instr.,H.Mgmt. ,H303,Home Mgmt.House,C.P.,369 

201 Lowitt, Richard(Dr.),Instr.,Hist.,A201,1759 Harvard St.,N.W.,D.C. 

26U Lucas, Benjamin, Ins tr.,Soc.,R202, 6917 Oakridge Rd. .College Hts.,UN 895? 

3hh *Luce, Robert F.,Instr.,Engr.,J128A,3130 Wisconsin Ave.,N.W.,l6,D.C.,W0 1285(T0 6295 

251 *Luckenbaugh, Mildred E. (Mrs. R.W.),Sr.Sten.,Econ.,Q26l, 5013 Apache St,,Branchville, 

289 *Lutvrack, Leonard I.(Dr. ),Instr.,Eng.,A10li,56ll Kennedy St., East Riverdale,AP 0253 

295 I^brand, 'iTilliam A., Gr.Asst. , Psych. ,DD8,570U Dickinson Ave., C. P. 

232 Lynham, Lucy A.,Sten.-Secty.,Gr.Sch.,T211|,lao6 Gallatin St.,Hyattsville,UN U386 

U58 Lynn, Molly H. (Mrs.), Ins tr.,PE-W,G201, 1819 H St.,N.W. ,6,D.C.,EX 0605(l6,D.C.,EM 7728 

U33 ^iMacCarteney, Laura P.(Mrs.R.S.),Instr.,Nurs.-Kndgtn.Ed. ,HH121,3601 Idaho Ave.,N.W., 

3Ul *Macdouall, Carolyn D.(Mrs.R.F.),Sr.Sten.,Libr.,L105,U921 First St.,N.W.,D.C.,TA 2876 

201 <(MacKellar, Gerald W.,Gr.Asst., Hist. ,A211, 8233 lUth Ave.,Apt.301,Hyattsville 

hhO mackey, Gordon L.(S/Sgt.),Instr.,Mil.,Ar.,56-E Ridge Rd.,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 7237 

31+0 MacLean, A. Lee, Sr. Typ. , Cash. Off ., Admin., U6IO Beechwood Rd. ,C.P.,UN 1923(AP 151J. 

30U ^tMacraillan, Lottie L.(Mrs.A.H.),Acct.Mach.0per.,Payroll,Admin.,U317 Rowalt Dr.,C.P., 

261 ^«Maffay, Grace M.(Mrs.R.L.),Secty.-Sten.,Mil.Sci.,Ar.,28-E Crescent Rd. ,Greenbelt 

305 ^agruder, John W., Prof .&Co.Agt. Leader, Ext. ,0-lii3, 6905 Dartmouth Ave.,C.P.,WA 1987 

(SL 9661i 

20li -s^iahoney, Alice H.(Mrs.'!7.J.),Instr.,Pr.Art,H225,302 Patterson Crt.,Takoma Park, 12, 

hl3 mahoney, John E.,Asst.Prof .,Mkts., 0-350, 380U Park Hts. Ave., Baltimore 15,M0 8872 

20i; *Mahoney, William J.,Instr.,Pr.Art,H225,302 Patterson Crt.,Takoma Park 12, SL 966U 

li22 -aMaiersperger, Harriet C.(Mrs. J.J. ),Sr.Acct.Clrk.,S.S.S.,lB21,56lii 36th Ave.,Hyatts- 

Ul8 >Main, Anna L. (Mrs. J. F., Jr. ),Sr.Acct.Clk., Ext. ,0-132,31+26 Tulane Dr.,W.Hyattsville,( 

U18 Maisack, Helen I.,Sr.Acct.Clk.,Ext.,0-132,U70U Calvert Rd.,C.P.,AP 15U2(AP U309 ( 

288 ^aisel, Lee J.,Auditor,Fin.Adm.,lB20li,U010 Longfellow St.,Hyattsville,YrA 211+5 ( 

"^56 Maley, Donald(Dr. ),Asst.Prof . ,I.Ed. ,I,7U05 Dickinson Ave.,C.P.,WA 3907(ville,UN 058l 

^01 *Malin, Morton V.,Fellow,Hi3t.,A201,2633 Nicholson St. ,Hyattsville,AP la70 

210 «Mangan, James M. ,Gr.Asst. ,Chem.,BBl,U705 Amherst Rd.,C. P., TIN 3506 

(Hts.,UN 8919 

296 ^Mangold, Charlotte W.(Mrs.A.) jInstr.,Eng.,Al27,5312 Hamilton St.,Elmar Gard., Rogers 
iil7 -^Manning, Char les(Dr.),A3st.Dean}Assoc. Prof .,A&SjEng.,A119,Colesville Pike, Burnt Mills, 
U32 -banning, Joseph H. ,Gr.As3t.,Zool.,HH113,ll+-X Hillside Rd.,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 5806( 
367 *Maril, Herman, Asst.Prof., Fine Arts,A310,5705 Oiilham Rd., Baltimore 9,F0 8221( Silver 

306 ^fMarshall, Barbara H.(Mrs.B.A.),Sr.Sten.,Dairy,D200,6800 Pineway, College Hts., (Spring, 
316 Marshall, Norton L.,Gr.Asst. ,Bot.,E226,6U01 2d P1.,N.W.,12,D.C.,GE 7979( (SH 06o5 

297 Martin, Charles P.,Instr.,Eng.,Al03B,139 C St.,S.E.,3,D.C. ,FR 8025(Hyattsville,UN 
373 <<ilartin, Ellis ^ff.,Asst.,A.Engr.,Base.,l;6o6 Oliver St.,Riverdale,UN U759 (2399 
257 Martin, Florence J. (Mrs. ),Sr.Sten.,Agr., 0-139, 10202 Southmoor Dr., Silver Spring, 
U28,283 Martin, Harold R., Assoc. Prof., ME, 1773 Lanier Pl.,Apt.31,9,D.C.,C0 10U3 (SH IIO8 

316 «Martin, James P., Jr., Gr.Asst. ,Bot., £226,7301 Dickinson Ave., C. P. (HU 6OOO, 7l5 

296 Martin, Minerva L.(Dr.),Instr.,Eng.,Al26,l500 New Hampshire Ave.,N.W.,D.C., 

293 ifMartin, Monroe H.(Dr.),Prof .&Head,Math.,FFl3,C.P.,HT 058l (6605 
231 Martin, iValter H. ,Res.Asst. ,Bact. ,T3l5,723 W.Braddock Rd.,Alexandria,Va, , Overlook 
396,325 ^Martinez, Cornelia X.(Mrs.P.),Sr.I^.,Adm.,Admin.,7U05 Dickinson Ave.,C.P. 

328 :iason, Cora D.(Mrs.),Superv.Res.Halls,Men«s Dorms., Silvester Hall,Rt. 5, Cumberland 

U58 -JMassey, Benjamin H. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,PE-M,G101,U3l5 Rowalt Dr.,C.P. (6730 

3U0 -stuatthews, Harry B.,Jr.,Cash.I,Cash.Off .,Admin.,3U0U Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville, 

213 Mattick, , Dseph F. (Dr. ), Asst.Prof ., Dairy ,D209,U607 Fordham Rd.,C.P.,WA 6l82(UN 3328 

301 -Kilattingly, Robert D., Ins tr.,l£E,J325, 5322 Riverdale Rd. , River dale, AP 0822 

( lands, Takoma Park,SL 7537 
351, UUO ^tMaull, Ha^ol^ V.(Lt. Col.), Commandant of Cade ts, Mil. ,Ar.,l5l9 Delmont Lane, Carol High- 
253,335 Mayes, Ag.xes S. (Mrs. ),Superv. Res. Halls, DVT,Margaret Brent Hall, 253 

U53 ^«McAlister, Ci .ro E., Asst., Aero. Engr. ,S13, 2822 Myrtle Ave.,N.E.,l8,D.C .,H0 11+85 

392 ^^cAllister, ..award,As3t.,;Vind Tunnel,V,3U22 Tulane Dr.,Apt.l2,W.Hyattsville,AP 6332 

200 *McConnell, Harold S., Assoc. Prof .,Snt.,H103, 6812 Pineway, College Hts., Hyattsville, 

228 McDonald, Eva L. ,Pr.Acct.Clk.II,Ext. ,0-132,6201 New York PI. , Apt. 6, River dale, UN 7U9f 

219 McDuffee, Martha J.,Instr.,HE,H212,6217 U3d Ave. ,Hyattsville,V.'-A 7317 (UN U3l5 

UiO «McFarland, Robert J.(M/Sgt.),In3tr.,Mil. ,Ar.,6-H Ridge Rd.,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 1;326 

U27 McGratii, Joseph E.,Gr. Asst., Psych., DD8,f32 3U22 Tulane Dr.,^est Hyatt 3Ville,AP 6322 

361+ ^«McHugh, Thomas F.,As3t.Prof . ,BPA,QlUl,,7iaO Allison St. , Hyattsville, UI'I 861+5 


273 <*McKinstry, Vernon L.,Asst., Physics, Q300,U515 Burlington Rd.,Hyattsville,7fA 6lOU 

209 ^iMcKnight, John, Chief Sta.Engr.,Pt5&0, Heat. Plant, 6207 Uith Ave.,Riverdale,;TA 6368 
385 McLane, Mabel S. , Jr. Acct.Clk.,S.S.S., Admin. ,22-C Crescent Rd. ,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 

McLaren, Helen, Tel. Oper.,FM&D,Tl6,U6l3 Amherst Rd.,C.P.,UN 2756 (3311 
li07,36U ^tMcLamey, William J.,As30c.Prof .,BPA,Q2U2,8705 50th PI., C. P., TO 6212 
ia7 ^«McLean, Diane(Mrs.^ff.J.),Sr.']VP«>Dean's Off .A&S,A112,U323 Rowalt Dr.,C.P. 
293 -aMcLean, Hugh B.,Instr.,Math.,FFli+,311 Monterey Ave., Annapolis, Annapolis 3910 
U22 *McMahon, Wayne J., Asst.Mgr.,S.S.S., Admin., 5800 Queens Chapel Rd. ,Hyattsville,UN 3292 
AT li800,23 -w-McManavray, James G.(Dr.),Lect.,Eng.,Folger Shakespearean Libr.,5505 Center St., 

^tMriMi 1 len, J. Howard( Dr.), Prof ., Physics, N.O.L., 300 Elm St., Chevy Chase 15,^71 70U8( 

(Chevy Chase l5,0L 2031 (6979 
289 ^iMcMurphy, Kathleen B.(Mr3.E.J.),Gr.Fellow,Eng.,Al0l|,li02 Carroll Ave.,Takoma Park,SL 
327 «McNamee, Phyllis G.(Mrs.D.A.),Sten.-Secty.,Dean of Faculty, 1B112,18-F Parkway Rd., 
U33 McNaughton, Edna B., Prof ., Ed., HH, 2853 Ontario Rd. ,9,D.C.,C0 0800(Greenbelt,Gr.5577 
291 McQuade, Esther K.,Instr., Speech, R105, 3336 Lancer Dr. ,Apt.7,W.Hyattsville,AP 617I 
330,339 Meade, M. Kathryn(Mrs.),Sr.Typ.,Reg.Off .,1B123,U Connors Rd.,Box 68,Dorsey,Elkridge 
326 ^*Meagher, John I.(Dr.),Asst.Dir.of Heal th,Inf .,317 Southampton Dr., Silver Spring, ( 
293 ^<Meals, L. Kenton, Ins tr. , Math., FFU,U307 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 0122 (SL O966 (38U -W2 
251 ^Measday, Walter S.,Instr.,Econ. ,Q257,U329 Rowalt nr.,C.P.,AP 39UO 

^{Mednick, Sol A.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,8-M Plateau Pl.,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 35l8 
UN U38Uj2U2 meek, William M., Assoc. Prof .,Ath., Col., U-OU Tennyson Rd. , Univ. Park, UN U066 

291 Meeker, Earl F.,Instr., Speech, RU, 5017 5Uth Pl.,I^attsville 

312 ^iMenge, Henry, Gr. ASS t., Poultry, P118,U705 Harvard Rd.,C. P. (Annapolis 61|12 

293 ^<Menneken, Jessie W.(Mrs.C.E.),Instr.,A&S,FFll,Bywater Rd., P.O.Box 662, Annapolis, 

201 it^vlerrill, Horace S. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof ., Hist., A202C, 3205 Shepherd St.,Mt.Rainier,WA 7178 
Ulli Mershon, Madelaine(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof ., Ed. ,T122, 7721 Eastern Ave.,N.W.,Takoma Park 12, 

280 ^«Mester, Edmund C.,Instr.,G&P,Q2i;0,5us Research Rd. ,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 728l(SH 2813 

2i|0 *Meyer, Amos R. , Assoc. Prof .,Agr.,0-2U7,5Uo6 56th PI., East Riverdale (WA 7Ul6 

326 ^Michel, Helene D.(Mrs.R.M. jDr. ) ,Physician,Health,Inf . ,65l8 UOth Ave., Univ. Park, 
219 Middleton, Carolyn B. ,Asst.Frof .,HE,H302,7309 Yale Ave.,C.P.,WA U606 

-ttMijal, Chester F.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,BB3,12-A Parkway,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 3U26 

325,396 ^ijal, Joanne E.(l>irs.C.F.),Sr.'iyp.,Adm., Admin. ,12-A Parkway, Greenbelt,Greenbelt 3U26 

296 Miller, Frances H.,Instr.,Eng.,A127,2120 Dexter Ave., Silver Spring, SL 0885 
Zh9t39k -MMiller, Harvey L.(Col.),Dir.of Publications, Head Boxing Coach,Prof .-Journ.,Publ., 

(lBm,1330 Lee Gate Rd. ,N.W.,D.C.,GE li790 
U25 Miller, Helen L.,Sr.Sten.,CSCS,T203,l;802 Berwyn Rd.,C.P.,TO Ii802(Rd.,C.P.,WA 5873 
UN U655 ^fMiller, J. Albert, Admin. Coord. Pract. Teach. , Ed. ,Hyatts.H.S.,Hyattsville,li607 Clemson 
U20 -nililler, Margaret(Mrs.H.), Res. Assoc, Geog.,N201, 1009 Parker St., Falls Church,Va., 
201 Miller, Nathan,Fellow,Hist.,U305 Knox Rd.,C.P. (Falls Church U5l9 

UN l;38Uj2U2 ^sMillikan, H. A. , Assoc. Prof ,&Head Basketball Coach, Ath,, Col., 2109 Guilford Rd., 

297 ^«Mish, Charles C.,Instr.,Eng.,Al0l;,51i29 55th PI., Riverdale, AP l695 (Hyattsville 

267 Mitchell, A. Viola,Asst.Prof .,PE-W,W,Apt.30li,20lJi Drexel St., Hyattsville 

U53 ^Mitchell, David G.,Asst.,Aero.Engr.,Sl5,l6-L Ridge Rd. ,Greenbelt,GR 6398 

215 Mitchell, T. Fay,Prof .&Head,Text.&Cloth.,H123,7011A Fordham Crt.,C.P.,WA 3880 

221 ^tMoats, Lillian M.(Mr3.C.W.),Sr.Sten.,Bot.,E2U5,U310 Kaywood Dr., Mt. Rainier, AP 5581 

210 Moats, William A.,Gr.As3t.,Chem.,BBl,7Ull Columbia Ave.,C.P.,WA 7392 (AP 1979 
267 Mohr, Dorothy R. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,PZ-W,V/7, 5709 Jamestovm Rd.,West Hyattsville, 
323 *Monlux, Jean H. (Mrs. A.W.),Bact. Ill, LSSS, Lab. ,6923 Carleton Ter.,C.?.,V^A 8U9U(U096 
U56 ^lilonson, V/illiam L., Teach. Fellow, Ch.Engr.,U8,12-G Plateau Pl.,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 
OR U0U0,533 -ttMontgomery, June 0. (Mrs . G. F. ),Gr.Asst., Physics, li557 S.Chelsea Lane,Bethesda Ih, 
U16 iJilontroll, Elliott W. (Dr. ), Res. Prof ., Inst. Fluid Dyn.,J31Ii,6520 V/isconsin Ave.,(OL 

(Chevy Chase (8527 

289 ^tMooney, Emory A.(Dr.),Assoc.Prof .,Eng. ,Al01B,8Ul3 Potomac Ave., C. P., TO 6371 

316 -sMoore, John E.,Instr.,Bot.,E225,Apt.#101,Parkland Vil.,19,D.C. 

350 ^fMoore, Margaret E. (Mrs. B.M.), Tel. 0per.,Tl6, 5001 Apache St.,3ranchville,T0 5lll7(9286 

221 ^Morgan, Delbert T.,Jr.(Dr.),Asst.Prof .,Bot.,E2U5,Apt.9,li62ii Knox Rd. ,C.P.(D.C.,CO 

)|1)| ^^Morgan, Hugh G. (Dr. ), Prof ., Inst. Child Study, T106,Apt.20!4, 2300 Devonshire P1.,N.W.,8, 

270 ^-Morgan, James D.jAsst.Dir.of Personnel, Admin., 1B130, 53-D Ridge Rd.,Gre8nbelt, 

316 *Morgan, Omar D.,Jr.(Dr .),A3st.Prof .,Bot. ,E223,U320 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.(Greenbelt 7288 

29U ^«Morgan, Raymond( Dr.), Prof ., Physics, E,Ashton,A3hton 5556 

210 Morrison, George S., Res .Fellow,Chem.,K, 8523 Garland Ave.,Tal<oma Park 12, JU 7-7339 

230 -KLlorrison, George W. , Act. Bus .Mgr., Admin. Base. ,U508 Fordham Lane,C.P.,WA 9563 

(OL 2139 ^ 
33U i»Morrison, John A.(Dr. ),Prof .&Head,Geog. ,N208,U6l2 Drumnond Ave., Chevy Chase 15, 
280 Moss, Edith, Gr.Asst., Ma th.,FFl, 2615 Kirkwood Pi., West Hyattsville, WA 6359 
293 *Mothershead, ilargaret A.(LIrs.A.O.),Sr.iyp.,Reg.Off .,1B123,U800 Laguna Rd.,HoUywood 
330 «Mothershead, Margaret A. ,Sr.Typ. ,Reg.0ff . ,1B123,U80G Laguna Rd. , Hollywood 
U07 ^^Mounce, Earl W.,Prof . ,3PA,Q237,6207 Utth PI. .Riverdale ,V/A 6U70 
21U Mount, Marie, U&anj Prof., HE, HII8, Univ. of Md., Campus 

282 Mowitt, Ruby(Mr3.),Jr.Sten.,Mkts.,Ext.,0-2U8-2U9,Ii206 53d Pl.,Bladensburg,UN 7126 
WA 3883 Mullen, W. Grigg,Fellow,CE, Natl. Sand & Gravel Lab.,S,U603 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 8789 
295 ^«Muller, Paul F. , Gr.Asst. ,, Psych., Quonset Hut, Res. Lab., Apt. 12-M, Parkway, Greenbelt 
NA 5200,169 i^Munson, Samuel C ,Lect.,Ent. ,7761 Emerson Rd. , Hyattsville, WA 3688 


289 ^^Mu^phy, Charles D.(Dr. ),Prof .&Act.Head,Eng.,Al02,U800 Guilford Rd.,C.P.,UN 729U 

311 ^Murray, Ray A. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof ., A. Ed. ,0-53, 570U l6th Ave.,Hyatt3ville,AP 6o63 

*Myers, Herbert, Res. Fellow, Chera.,K21, 2012 Oglethorpe St., West Hyattsville,AP 52U6 
351 ^«Myers, Myron S. (Lt.),A3st. Prof ., Air R.O.T.C.,Ar.33,5U28 55th Pl.,E.Riverdale,UN 

29U ^Myers, Ralph D. (Dr. ), Prof ., Physics, E123, 9703 U7th Pl.,Berwyn,TO 5378 0375 

U32 Myers, William H.,Gr.A3St.,Zool. ,HH108,8710 Gilbert Pl.,Takoma Park,JU 7 7126 

lah Myksvoll, Birger,Gr.Asst.,In3t.CJhild Study,T10U,U212 Sheridan St. ,Hyattsville, 

307 Nakshian, Ro3emary,Sr.Typ.,Acctr, Admin., iJiOl 28th PI., Mt. Rainier, UN U09U(UN 3717 

285 *Neal, Rex W., Jr.,A.Prod.Insp.,St.In3p.&Reg.Serv. ,K2l5,Apt.l02 3123 Queens Chapel Rd., 

395 *Neali3, Sue W.(Mrs. C. A. )»Sr.I^.,Purch., 18200,2622 Kirkwood Pl.,Hyatt3vllle,AP 3852( 

(Mt.Rainier,AP 3563 
362 Neher, Carl E.,Sr.Typ.,Acct.,lB208,7309 Dickinson Ave. ,C. P., UN 83U9 (TO 6o57 

330,U08 *Neilund, Gail D.(Mrs.W.H.),Sr.l^. , Reg. Off . ,1B123, 5022 Branchville Rd.,Branchville, 
Uii7 Nelson, Elizabeth J.,Asst.Dean of Women, DlV,Apt. 12, 3i|13 Tulane Dr.,W.Hyatt3ville,AP 

292 *Nemes, Graciela P.(Mr3. J.L.),In3tr.,For.Lang.,A22U,6926 Pineway Dr.,Hyatt3ville(0888 

OL 2500,318 >Nemes, John L. (Dr. ), Res .Assoc, Bact., Naval Med. Res. Ins t.Rm.23U, 6926 Pinevray, 
281 *Neutzel, Carl W.,Gr.A3St. ,Agron.,E35,5l33 Harford Rd. , Baltimore lii,HA 0363(Hyattsville 

297 *Nevrcomb, Robert H.,Gr.Asst.,Eng.,A103,7UOO Rhode Island Ave., C. P., UN 8859 

222 *Newcomer, Joseph L.,Instr. ,Agron.,E106,5536 Volta Ave.,nyattsville,UN 2U95 

Uhh -*Newell, Clarence A.(Dr.),Prof .,Ed. ,T112,8 Valley View Ave.,Takoma Park 12, SL 6509 

267 Neyendorf, Doris M.,Instr.,PE-W,WF,U32U Underwood St. ,Univ.Park,Hyattsville,WA Ii5l6 

291 Niemeyer, Grover C. (Dr. ),As3t. Prof .,Speech&Drama,Rl08, 1765 Church St.,N.W.,D.C., 
TO 6UOO,260 -^-Nikiforoff, Constantine C.(Dr.),Lect. .Agron.,E25 (NO 8213 

397 *Nisonger, Joseph W.,In3tr.,Dairy,D10O,333ii Lancer Dr. ,Hyattsville,AP 1957 
289 Nolan, Robert F.,Gr.Asst.,Eng.,A101,l4312 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 9780 

292 Norton, Ann S.,Instr., For. Lang., A210,U6o5 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,'.7A 1292 
251 *Norton, Hugh S.,Instr.,Econ.,Q257,3lUiO 38th St.,N.W.,l6,D.C.,SM 21ii2 

U25,1;3U ^Norton, Lena F. (Mrs .K.E.),Pr.Clk.,CSCS,T203, Cherry Hill Trailer Park,Berwyn,TO 5760 
381 *Nulk, Donald E.,Res.Asst.,Ch.E. ,U105,3U21 Tulane Dr.,Apt.l]A,W.Hyattsville,AP 5090 

U38 NvOl, Dorothy S.(Mrs.),Superv.Res.Hall,D";7,Dorm.III,858ii Locust Hill Rd.,Bethe3da 

29li *Nydegger, Carl A., Asst., Physics, E21,U806 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,UN 2258 (WI 9O86 

2U6 *Ny3trom, Paul E., President, lUiOO Holly Hill Rd.,Hyatts villa ,WA 3656 

253 Oakmam, Harriet B. (Mrs. G.S.),Superv. Res. Halls, DW,Margaret Brent Hall,l8 Stuyvesant 

263 O'Brien, Mildred E.,Sten.Acctg.,DW,28l8 Cathedral Ave.,8,D.C.,DU 9U37(Oval,New York 

la7,287 ^'Brien, Victoria W.(Mrs.W.E.),Sr.iyp.,AS,All2,3U2li Tulane Dr.,W.Hyattsville,AP 626l( 

3U6 -sOgle, Margarette G. (Mrs .W.L.),Sten.-Sec-ty.,BPA,Qim4., 2000 Fordham St.,Apt.l03,Hyatts.( 

357 i*Ogle, Wayne L.,Gr.As3t.,Hort.,F20U,2000 Fordham Rd. ,Hyattsville (Tr. 9-1738 

301 *0jalvo, Morris S.,Asst.Prof .,UE,J326,Rt.#l,Berwyn 

273 Olanoff, Samuel,Gr. Asst., Physics, 0301, 6501 Queens Chapel Rd., Univ. Park, WA 310U 

250 ^'Neill, Jane H.(Mr3. J.T.),Instr.,BPA,Q2U7,U323 Reno Rd.,N.W.,8,D.C.,0R 7U55 

36U O'Neill, Raymond G.,Gr.Asst.,BPA,i+300 Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 9770 

( Spring, SL 70U2 
392 Ostmann, William A. , Jr., Aero, Engr. Aide, Wind Tunnel, V,6ll Greenbrier Dr. , Silver 
3!4i,336 i*Otts, Louis E., Jr., Assoc. Prof .,CE,J235,5901 Taylor Rd. ,Riverdale ,'.Y1 5132 
3U8 ^Outhouse, James B., Assoc. Prof ., AH, 02Ul,56lO 35th Ave.,Hyattsville,H7 0316 
221 Khrens, Anna Belle(Mrs.H.B.),Instr.,Bot.,E239,7-B Hillside Rd. ,Greenbelt,GR 3hll 

308 Ozur, Herbert, Psychometrist, Psych., EE8, 6802 Baltimore Ave.,Hyattsville,WA 3220 
U16 *Pai, Shih I.(Dr.),Res.As3oc.,Inst.Fluid Dyn.&Appl.Math.,J3ll4,7200 Forest Rd.,Kent 

291 *Paljner, Charles E., Ins tr., Speech, RIO8, Lord Calvert Apts.,U307 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.( 
201 ^Parkinson, Ralph T.,Gr.Fellow,Hist.,A202, Apt. Ia6, 2853 Ontario Rd.,N.W.,9,D.C.,* 
211 Parks, Joe M.,Gr. Asst., Chem.,K207, Apt. 33, 3325 Tulane Dr.,W.Hyattsville,AP l;56l; 
256 »Parrish, Alma V.(Mrs.W.P.),Sr.Sten.,Zool.,M106,U317 39th St.,Brentwood(Village, 

*DE 6395 (Landover,AP 3711i 

292 *Parsons, Arthur C.,Asst.Prof ., For. Lang., A221,2706 Cathedral Ave.,N.W.,8,D.C.,C0 8333 
250 ^Patrick, Arthur S. , Assoc. Prof .,BPA,Q2U5,3907 Longfellow St.,Hyattsville,WA 8253 

201 *Pedevillano, Gloria M.(Mrs.J.R.),Sr.Sten. ,Hist.,A202,21-E Parkway Rd.,Greenbelt 
218 *Peers, Ada F. (Mrs. J.H.-M.D.), Asst. Prof ., HE, U5l5 Amherst Lane,Bethesda 1U,0L 363U 
231 -sfPelczar, Michael J.,Jr.,(Dr.),Assoc.Prof .,Bact.,T30U,U6o8 Fordham Rd.,C.P.,WA 8766 
lah ^Perkins, Hugh V. (Dr.), Asst. Prof ., Inst. Child Study,T122,31ii9 Queens Chapel Rd.,Mt. 

272 Phillips, Anna G. ,Jr.Sten.,Hort.,F110,70l8 Wake Forest Dr., C. P., UN Ol6l( Rainier, AP 
30ii Phillips, Carroll S.,Pr.Acct.Glk., Payroll, Admin. ,9-E Church Rd.,Randallstown,(3591 
256 ^Phillips, Norman E.(Dr.),Prof .<S(Head,Zool.,Ml06,U326 VanBuren,Hyattsville,WA 8939( 
26U Phillips, Paula B.,Gr. Fellow, So c.,R20U,Ull7 Woodberry St.,Hyattsville,WA 9252(Roslyn 

260,259 Phillips, Virginia, Asst. Libr.,Libr.,L202, 7017 Fordham Court,C.P.,WA 3529 
210 *Pickard, Hugh B.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,Chem.,K20ii,250U Allison St., Mt. Rainier, UN 3U06 
210,211 Pinckney, William H., Stock Clerk,Chem.,K117,2002 Rittenho\ise St., Green Meadows, 
3Uh »Piper, Harry W. , Asst. Prof .,CE,J229,5906 3Uth Ave.,W.Hyattsville,UN 05U5(UN 2703 

272 *Piringer, Albert A.,Res.Asst. ,Hort.,F27,U672 Woodberry Rd.,Riverdale,WA 5067 
351 *Piszkin, 5tanley(M/Sgt),Instr. ,AFR0TC,Ar.26,Rt.2,Box 185, Laurel, Laurel Uli5R 
26l,35l,lUiO «Pitchford, John C. (Col. ),Dean&P.A.S.&T., Mil. Sci.,Ar., 7317 Wildwood Dr.,Takoma 
33U *Pitts, Philip W.,Jr.,Gr.As3t.,Geog.,N102,l652 Irving St.,N.W.,D.C.(Park 12, SL 0256 

*Plant, Howard L.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,EB8,5806 Reed St. ,No.Engle?rood 
210 *Pluramer, Charles W. , Res. Asst., Chem.,K105,907 Roanoke Ave.,Takoraa Park 


U5l *Plusch, Almerin A. ,As3t.,CE,S29>U2l6 Nicholson St.,Hyattsville,WA 61|10 

323 *Poelma, Leo J.(Dr. ), Prof .,LSSS, Lab., 6907 Oakridge Rd.,nyattsville,V7A 736? 

231 ♦Poelma, Paul L.,Gr.Asst.,Bact.,T310,6907 Oakridge Rd. ,Hyattsville,i7A 7367 

ii02 *Poffenberger, Paxa R. , Assoc. Prof ., A. E.&Mktg., 0-260, 6711; Queens Chapel Rd., Univ. Park, 

315 ^Poling, Jimior A, Police, P5i2cO,North Gate,U5ll Wells Parkway, River dale,V/A 8il5U(Hyatts- 

315 ^^Pollak, Joseph A., Police, FW&0,Gate House, 3908 53d Pl.,Bladensburg,UN 7339(ville,AP 

*Pope, Fletcher,Asst.,A.E.,0-362,19-C Parkway Rd.,Greeribelt (0333 

357 Popenoe, John,Gr.Asst.,Kort.,F2bli,U70U Norwich Rd.,C.P.,UN 0633 

UN 2856 »Porter, Charles vV. ,Asst. Prof .,Mkts., 0-329, ii319 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 386U (WA 7783 
222 Porter, Susanna, Sr. Sten. ,Agron.,E105,6506 Queens Chapel Rd. , Univ. Park, Hyattsville, 

297 Portz, John,In3tr.,Eng.,Al03a,5U03 Harailton St., Rogers Hts.,Hyattsville,AP 0U72 

222 *Posey, Walter B., Prof .,Agron.,E, Upper Marlboro, Marlboro 3U28 

306 *Pou, John W., Assoc. Prof., Dairy,D202,U622 Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 2772 (OL 7U21 

U33 *Powell, Alice M.(Mrs,lV.),Instr.,Nurs.Ed.,Kindergarten,HH,l6 Blackistone Rd.,l6,D.C., 

325,396 Powell, Dorothy L.,Asst.Dir.of Ad]n.,lB203,3900 Hamilton St. , Hyattsville, UN 0625 
351 *Power, Joseph M.,Instr., Music, Ar.,'.Tashington-Balto. Blvd., Beltsville, TO 6l2U(3365 

292 *Prahl, Augustus J. (Dr.), Act. Head &Prof., For. Lang., A2l3,li50U Guilford Rd.,C.P.,WA 

256 Pratt, Alfred J.,Gr.Asst.,Zool.,HH208,U501 Beechwood Rd.,C.P.,UN 9020 (UN 2U07 

210 *Pratt, Ernest ?. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Chem. ,K312, 2707 Queens Chapel Rd. ,Ut. Rainier, 

3I18 Pratt, Ralph V.,Qr.Asst.,AH,R239,A.H.Bams,C.P.,238 

(UN 2U07 

210 -x-Pratt, Yolanda T. (Mrs. E.F.jDr.), Fellow, Chem.,K312, 2707 Queens Chapel Rd.,Mt. Rainier, 
330,339 Preinkert, Alma H., Registrar, lB123,m36 Chapin St. ,N.W.,9,D.C.,G0 3525 

lOU Prescott, Daniel A.(Dr.),Dir.&Prof .,Inst.Child St\idy,T10U,172 Carroll ton Rd., Manor 

li55 Price, Henry Vf.,Asst. Prof., 2E,J120,Box 153, C.P. ( Club, Rockville,L0 51325 

323 *Price, Kenneth E.,Gr.Asst.,LSSS,Lab.,6-J Research Rd. ,Greenbelt 

U32 Price, Thomas J.,Gr.Asst.,Zool.,HH113,750U Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,WA 9807 

36k Prigal, Amold,Gr.Fellow,BPA,QlIa,U505 Calvert Rd.,C.P. 

211 *Propts, William W.,Asst.,Chem.,K10,66li; Wells Parkway, River dale (RA 0885 
291 *Provensen, Hester B.(Mrs.H.),Asst,Prof .,Speech,R10U,3831 13th St.,N.W.,ll,D.C., 

291 *Pugliese, Rudolph E.,Instr.,Speech,R10li, 14323 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP lii56 

*?usey, Ellen P.(Mrs.W.W.),Gr.Fellow,HS,V.F.12,C.P.,UN 988U 

3k6 ♦Pyle, John F.(nr.),Dean&Prof .,EPA,Qmi;,6912 Oakridge Rd., Univ. Park, UN 3953 
370 Qxiattrocchi, Andrew,Gr.Asst.,PE,AR., Calvert Hall DlU, Campus 

331 «QTiigley, George D. , Assoc. Prof .,Poultry,P112,R.l, Laurel, Laurel I7IM 

iUi9 *Ramsay, Richard H.,In3tr.,Mil.,Ar.20,3iai Tilden St., Brentwood (MI 9197 

292 *Rand, Marguerite C.,Asst.Prof .,For.Lang.,A22U,2737 Devonshire Pl.,N."iV.,8,D.C., 
207 *Randall, B. Harlan,Prof., Music, B,R.F.D.,Clarksville,Laurel 795W11 

2li5 »RaiJc, Jerome L.,Asst., Poultry,P.Farm,Campus, C.P. 

221 *Rappleye, Robert D. (Dr. ),Asst. Prof .,Bot., E239, 7201 Princeton Ave.,Apt.U,C.P. 

251 *Ratzlaff, Carl J.(Dr.),Prof .ScHead,Econ.,Q259,22U0 N. Pollard St.,Arlinffton.Va.,GL 

330 *Ray, Betty M.(Mrs.W.S.),Sr. TJrp., Reg. Off., lB123,Uii09 Beechwood Rd.,Univ.Park,Hyatts- 
U25,U3ii »Ray, Joseph M.(Dr.),Dean,CSCS,T203,ii708 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,7/A 7388 (ville,WA 20li6 
295 *Ray, William S., Gr. Ass t. , Psych., DD6, 10^09 Beechwood Rd. , Hyattsville ,WA 20li6 (3950 
U28 *Read, Walton R. ,Asst. Prof .,Engr.,J2ii.5, 210 S.Cherry Grove Ave. , Annapolis, Annapolis 
323 *Reagan, Reginald L.(Maj.), Assoc. Prof., LSSS, 1003 Merrimac Dr., Silver Spring, SL 9518 
3l4li,336 Redd, William M.,Jr.,Instr.,CE,J128A,3U05 Tulane Dr.,Hyattsville,AP 1389 
U80,202 Reed, Ann R., Cafeteria Sui)er v., Dining Hall,Cafeteria,U.of Md.Din.Hall,Campus,202 
i;5U #Reed, Henry R.(Dr. ),Prof .,EE,J2l6,U305 Underwood St.,Univ.Park,UN 88l9(ville,WA 1300 
395 »Rees, Virginia S.(iir3.M.D.),Sr.Acct.Clk., Vouch. Unit,lB2l3, 3908 Madison St.,Hyatts- 
256 Reese, William,Gr.Asst.,Zool.,M300,U506 Amherst Rd.,C.P.,WA 95Ul 

210 *Reeve, Wilkins, (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Chem.,Kll5,U708 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,HT OO6I 

li23 *Reid, James H.,Prof .,Mkt.-Econ.,BPA,Qliiii,2706 Colston Dr., Chevy Chase 15,SH 878U 

210,211 *Rem±ngton, Elizabeth H.(Mrs.J.A.),Sr.Sten.,Chem.,K117,320 Laurel Ave., Laurel, Laurel 

325,396 »Renner, Rebecca H.(Mrs.W.G. , Jr.), Sr.Sten.,Adm.Off.,lB203,V.F.U.ll-A,C, P. (U95J 

272 Reynolds, Charles W.,Gr.A3St.,Hort.,F20li,852U Potomac Rd. ,Berwyn,T0 6l59 

326 »Reynolds, Royal ( Dr. ),Physician,Hea 1th, Inf .,2800 Woodley Rd. ,N.W.,8,D.C.,AD II9U 

312 *Rice, V/ade H., Assoc. Prof.,Poultry,P119,U320 Underwood St.,Hyattsville,v;A U653 

36U Richard, Donald L. ,Instr. ,BPA,QU,2i;27 Monroe St.,N.E.,l8,D.C.,MI 2562 

318 »Richards, Lucile G.(Mrs.W.L.),Sr.Sten.,Ext.,O-lli7,U508 31st St.,Mt. Rainier ,WA 319U 

292 Rioheimer, James W.,Instr., For. Lang., A225, 7501 Rhode Island Ave. , C.P. 

UlO Rider, Edward McG.(As3oc.Prof., Ext. ,0-238,5511 UOth Ave.,Hyatt3ville,V^A 035U 
202 Riley, Hazel, Cafeteria Superv.,1717 E.Capitol St.,D.C.,LI 6-0032 

392 *RiLBy, John B., Ins tr.,Aero.Engr., Wind Tunnel, 7301 l6th Ave.,Takoma Park,SH 7131 

333 *Rinker, Victor G.,A3st.,EE,s8,2310 N.Capitol St.,2,D.C.,MI 6803 

U52 *Ritchie, Marguerite(Mrs.C.L.),Asst.Libr.,Libr. , J206,95l9 h9th Pl.,Berwyn,T0 U922 

li52 *Rivello, Robert M.,A33t. Prof., Aero. Engr.,J226, Apt. 23, 50li2 38th St., Hyattsville, 
iaO Rizzo, Joan A., Jr. Sten., Publications, 0-238, 9021 U9th PI. ,Branchville,TO 6021(WA 
326 Roach, Mary Jane,Superv.of Nurses, Health, Inf .,Ro3Sborough Inn, Campus, 3U9 (Ii530 

U16 ^Roberts, Richard C.(Dr. ),Fellow,In3t.Fluid Dyn. ,T3lU,7201 Princeton Ave., C.P. 

251 *Robinson, Edward A.,Instr.,Econ.,Q257,Apt.2,10U7 Maiden Choice Rd. , Baltimore 29, 

(Arbutus 2U32J 



U39 *Robinson, John M. (Dr.), Instr., Phil., T217,Eldrid Dr. , Hollywood Park, R.F.D. #2, Silver 
231 Robinson, Rosljm Q.,Gr.As8t. ,Bact.,T310,U211i Sheridan St. , Univ. Park, Hyattsville, 
289 Robison, Margxierite E.,Instr. ,Eng. ,A129,U605 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,UN 8U6I (',7A U657 

I4I6 *Rodriguez, '.Yilliam T.,Asst.,Flviid Dyn. , J, Howard Ave., Beltaville 
289 Roers, James P.,Gr.As3t.,Eng.,Al01,U5ll Beechwood Rd.,C.P.,AP li5ll 
330,339 ^Rogers, Mary F.(Mrs.Paia C. ),Sr.Typ., Reg. Off .,1B123, 2708 Kirkwood PI., Hyattsville 

♦Rogers, Paul C , Or. Asst., Math. ,2708 Kirkwood Pl.,c/o Everhart, Hyattsville 

211 *Rollinson, Carl L.(Dr.),A33oc.Prof . ,Cheni. ,K10,9027 U9th Ave., C. P., TO 6Ii89 

210 Rolston, Charles H.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,K21,U210 7th St.,N.^;7. ,11,D.C.,TA 5779 

207 *Romaine, 'Jestervelt B., Asst. Prof ., Music, B,U021 Beecher St. ,N.vY.,7,D.C.,;'ro 7370 

312 Romoser, G. Lynn,Gr.Asst,,Poviltry,P201-202,U312 Clagett Dr., College Hts.,',7A 7571 

U57 *Ronniiigen, Ihomas S.(Dr. ), Asst. Prof .,Agron., E109A, 1902 Amherst Rd.,'^est Hyattsville 

251 Root, Franklin R.,Instr.,Econ.,Q257,U500 Sheridan St. ,Riverdale,;7A 8535 

292 *Root, John G.,Gr.Fellow,For.Lang.,A2l5,R.F.D.#2,Gaithersburg 

35U *Rose, Concetta(Lirs.H. J. ),Sr.Sten., Ext. ,0-135,1320 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,UN I6I8 

210,211 ^Rose, Harry J.,Jr. ,Gr.As3t.,CheiTi.,li320 Rcmalt Dr., C. P., UN I618 

291 Rosenberg, Philip E.,Fellow,Speech,R5,I;503 Knox Rd.,C.P.(l6,D.C.,0R 522U 

292 *Rosenfield, Leonora C. (iirs. H. N.;Dr.), Asst. Prof ., For .Lang., A222,3600 38th St.,N.;Y., 

Rosenstock, Marjorie A.,Gr.Asst. ,Chem.,3B8,c/o I7agner,7201 Princeton Ave. ,C.P. ,i.7A 

267 *Ros3, Adelaide R.(Mrs.H.A.Gro3man),Asst.Prof .,PE-W,'ff,106 Schuyler Rd., Apt. 208 (6865 

Silver Spring 
3U8 Ross, Nan S.(Mrs.),Sr.Sten.,AH,0-2U3,U6l2 College Ave.,C.?.,V7A 398U 

U27 *Ro3s, 3herman(Dr. ),As3oc. Prof ., Psych., DD2,2U Wessex Rd., Silver Spring, SH 9179 

i^Roth, Bernard,Gr. Asst., Physics, 0301,2223 H St.,N.W.,7,D.C.,RE 6226,502 

26U *Roth, Norman R.,Instr.,Soc.,R202,3Ul2 Tulane Dr.,Apt.23,V;est Hyattsville, AP 229U 

223 *Rothgeb, Russell G.(Dr.),Prof .,Agron.E,311 Cedar Ave.,Takonia Park 12, SL l6m 

3Ul *Rovel3tad, HavTard,Dir.ScProf . ,Libr. ,LllU,9706 U8th Pl.,Berwyn,T0 622U 

362 *Rowden, Patti L.(Mrs.J.R.),Sr.:iyp.,Vet3.Acct.,lB211,VF 2,Apt.H,C.P.,U09 

211 Rov7e, Sdvrard H.,Gr.Asst. ,Chem.,U5l3 College Ave.,C.?.,WA 6533 

375 Royal, Doyle P.,As3t.Dean of Men, Admin., 13111i,5Ul5 Kansas Ave.,N.T7. ,D.C. ,RA 2779 

kh9 ^f-Rupp, Edward H.(M/3gt. ) ,In3tr.,Lai. ,Ar.20,U8o5 Erie St.,Berwyn,T0 53U5 

358 Russell, Natalie E. (Mrs. ),Asst.Prof., Ext., 0-153, 3ia7 Tulane Dr.,Apt.3,We3t Hyatts- 

323 *Sacchi, Edoardo M. ( Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS,U502 G\iilford Rd.,C.?.(ville,AP 2103 

210 Sale, Edsrin E.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,7U08 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 

23U ^Sandsrlin, Shlrlee S.(iir3.C.H.),Sr.Typ.,Ed.,TlUi,2003 Fordham St., Apt. 303, Hyattsville 
U32 Sanderson, Albert E. , Jr. ,Gr. Asst. ,Zoo1.,IIH6, Herald Harbor, Crowns ville 
36U Sarle, Rodney G., Instr., Bus. Org. ScContr. ,Qlla, 6721; Baltimore Blvd., Univ. Park, Ul^ 98U5 
218 Saunders, Maxine J.,Gr.A33t.,HE,H206,U09 Elm Ave.,Takoma Park,SH hh99 (9U68 

U27 ^*Schaefer, ".Yillis C.(Dr. ), A ssoc.Frof., Psych. ,DD3, 1001 Navahoe Dr., Silver Spring, SL 

U16 -JfScharff, Leon, Gr. Asst., Inst.Fluid DyTi.,Jl8,26 D Crescent Rd.,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 

296 Schaumann, Herbert(Dr. ), Asst. Prof .,Eng.,Al28,U3l8 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 3076 (2001 

323 Schenck, Dorothy la., Instr., V.S.,LSSSLab., 7209 Dartmouth Ave.,C.P. 

hhh *Schindler, Alvin ^7.(Dr.),Prof .,Ed.,T117,730U Hopkins Ave., C. P., UN 3797 

U03 Schmidt, Marian V.,Asst.,Chem.,CC,Ia9 Oneida P1.,N.W.,11,D.C.,TU 53la 

kh3 *Schmiedl, Joseph F.,Gr.Asst. ,3oc.,R20U,66U8 Rhode Island Ave.,Riverdale,AP 3752 

285 Schneider, Katharine E.,Sr.Sten.,St.Insp.a:Reg.Serv.,K2l5,1112 Dale Dr., Silver Spring 

U56 Schreiner, Max, Jr., Teach. Fellow,Ch.E.,U,5806 Cleveland Ave.,Apt.3,Riverdale(SL 5U59 

285 Schueler, John i;.,Jr.,Chem.I,St.Insp.&Reg.Serv.,K2l6,5001 Hazel Ave., Relay 27, Elk 

211 *Schutte, Nancy L.(Mrs.T.H.),Sr.Acct.Clk.,Chem.,K117,V.F.13,Apt.D,C.P.,UN 988U(Ridge 

211 *Schwartzanan, Louis H. (Dr.), Fellow, Chem.,K105, 8503 Old Bladensburg Rd. , Silver (5J 

292 itSchweizer, Mark(Dr.),Asst.Prof .,Mod.Lang.,A222,6207 ii3d St.,Riverdale,WA 7057( 

(Spring, SL 8237 (0779 
357,27li *Scott, Leland E.(Dr.),Prof .,Hort.,Fl23,l;326 Underwood St.,Univ.?aiic,Kyattsville,UN 

UI6 -a-Seeger, Raymond J.(Dr.) , Act. Dir., Inst. Fluid Dyn.2cAppl.Math. ,J313,11 Wetherill Rd., 

362 *Seibert, Jeannine S.(Mr3.C.A.) ,Sr.Typ.,Acct.,lB209,52-A Crescent Rd. ,Greenbelt(l6, 

297 Seligmann, .Villiam B,,Instr.,Eng.,Al0U,139 C St.,S.E.,3,D.C.,FR 8025(D.G. ,'7I O8OO 

212 »Seli3, Sidney M.,Gr. Asst., Ch9m.,K307, 5708 11th St. North, Ar lington, 5,Va. ,GL 0125 
201 -itSellers, Charles G., Jr. (Dr.), Instr. , Hist., A200,5030 38th Ave., Apt.A2, Hyattsville 
306 *Senger, Marvin E., Instr., Dairy, D203,U313 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 7211i 

230 *Settino, Doris 3.(Mr3.A.J.),Jr.Sten.,Bu3.Mgmt. ,1B11,U626 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 
256 Seversmlth, Herbert F.,Lect.,Zool.,M202,ll5 2d St.,N.E.,Apt.5,D.C.,LI 3-5566 
312 Shaffner, Clyne S. (Dr. ),Prof .,Poultry,Pll6,68l7 Riggs Manor, Hyattsville, AP 256U 

Shames, Irving H., Instr., ME, J328, 8313 Potoma,c Ave. ,C. P., TO 5062 
365 Shaner, Alex T., Res. Asst., Bur. Bus.&Econ. Res. ,Q253,30U N.Centre St., Cumberland 
320 Shank, Elizabeth R.,Sr.Sten., 0-130, 7508 Princeton Ave.,C.P.,vrA 6988(Marlboro 3U91 

360 *Shanklin, Barbara D. (Mrs.D.H.),Sr.Typ., Vet. Accts., Admin., Upper Marlboro, Upper 

277 -ttShanks, James B. (Dr. ),As3oc. Prof .,Hort. ,F203, 2211 Tecumseh St.,Rt.l,Hyatts ville, SH 

26U *Shankweiler, Paul W.(Dr.),Assoc. Prof .,Soc., R100,Rt.l, Univ. Lane, Hyattsville,WA 587U( 

293 Sharp, Vfilliam T. , Asst. Prof ., Math., FF5,6905 Carleton Ter., College Parfc,APlI;92 (6U3o 

213 Shaw, Joseph C. ( Dr. ), Prof ., Dairy, D3 02, University Club,D.C.,DI 8ll3 
289 *Shaw, Robert F., Instr., Eng. ,Al03A,8ll8 llith Ave ., Hyattsville 

29h -M-Shearer, Robert B- ,Cr. Asst., Physics ,Fl8,l;5l5 Longfellow St.,J!yattsviUe,AP U879 


U59 *Sheer, Norman,As3t.,SCS,T208A,3711 Towanda Ave., Baltimore l5,F0 3376 

329 Shelby, Helen,Assoc. Prof ., Ext., 0-155 A95U Columbia Rd.,N.W. ,D.C.,DU 8686 

268 Sheldon, Annah B., Buyer, Purch.,lB211, 6902 Oakridge Rd., College Hts.,T7A 2536 

392 Shen, Shan-Fu( Dr.), Ass t. Prof ., Aero. Engr. ,J225 (Arlington 2,Va.,0tis 7050 

RE Ulli2,3370 ifShepard, Harold H.(Dr.),Lect.,Ent.,U.S.D.A. ,Rooni 3930 So.Bldg.,2701 S.June St., 

293 ^Shepherd, Julius C.,Instr.,Math.FFll,10-D N.Manor Circle, Takoma Park,JU 7-7290 

366 -s-Sheppard, Margaret M. (Mrs. ?.C.),Sr.Typ., Alumni, Rossborough Inn,2800 Lancer Dr. ,77. 
392 -s-ShervTood, A. vaiey. Res. Prof ., Aero .Engr. V/ind Tunnel, 3Ull Chatham Rd.,Hyattsville, ( 
295 *Shevitz, Reuben N.,Gr.Asst., Psych., DD8,U77U '^oodberrv Rd.,Riverdale,AP 56l8(UN 1198( 
370, 2U2 *Shipley, Howard B., Assoc. Prof .,PE,Ar.&Col., G. P., '.7A 7U3U (Hyattsville,UN 9331 

255 ^tShoemaker, Mark M., Assoc. Prof .,Hort.,F200, 311 Willard Ave., Chevy Chase l5,WI 3203 

336 •JJ-Shoemaker, l^tlin E.,Sr.Clk., P.O., Admin., 52U Main St., Laurel 

312 *Shorb, Mary S.(Mrs.D.A. jDr.),Prof .,Poultry,P201,Main & Rose Sts., Belts villa, TO 5980 
339,330 Short, Martha V.,Statistician,Reg.Off .,1B125,5028 Branchville Rd. ,Branchville,TO 
36U ^fShotwell, John TT.,Gr.As3t.,BPA,Qlia,55-C Ridge Rd.jGreenbelt (5U39 

283, U28 -*Shreeve, Charles A.,Jr.,Prof .,ME,J237,U6l2 Drexel Rd.,C.P.,HY 5383 
362 Shuke, John F.,Pr.Acct.Glk.,Fin.&Bus. ,1B209,U718 Ruatan St., C. P., TO 6022 
330,339 ^^hull, Hope S.(Mrs.S.C.),Sr.Typ.,Reg.Off .,lB123,lil06 53d Pl.,Bladensburg,UN 81|U5 
la2 *Sh;ill, S. Cabell, Assoc. Prof., A.E.,0-25l,UlO6 53d Pl.,Bladen3burg,UN QhhS (7-6936 
U33 -JtShulman, Corrine L.(Mrs.A.),Instr.,Ed.,HH127,2202 Vfashington Ave., Silver Spring, JU 

397 *Siedel, Gerald F.,Asst.,Dairy,D100,U205 Oglethorpe St., Hyatt sville,AP 2U77 

367 *Siegler, Maurice R. , Assoc. Prof ., Art, A308-9,355l Lee Highway, Arlington, Va.,07rens U883 
U02 *Sigafoose, Tilliam T.,Instr.,A.E.,0-257,32-K Ridge Rd. ,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 5812 

395 ^SiJTinons, Ralph A.,Pr.Acct.Clk.,Purch.ScAcct3.Pay. ,1B213,U703 Harvard Rd.,C.P.,m l;56l 

kSS -w-Simons, David E., Asst. Prof .,EE,J119, 1520 Chilliim Rd. ,^yattsville,AP 5667 

272 itSimons, Henry M. , Jr., Gr.Fellow,Hort.,F27,UOO Garland Ave., Takoma Park (LA 6-5780 
3U5 ^Sinclair, Norman S.,Instjr.,Bu3.0rg.&Admin.,Qll|l,5ll2 S.Dakota Ave.,N.E.,17,D.C., 

*Sjoborg, vailiam F., Jr., Res. Asst., Physics, E23,7UOO Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 
210 -KSkelton, George 17.,Gr.Asst.,Chera.,BB8,65l5 VTells Parkway, Riverdale 
231 Slepecky, Ralph A.,Gr.A3st.,Bact.,T313,U505 Calvert Rd.,C.P. 

231 *Smadel, Joseph E.(Dr. ), Visit. Prof .,Bact.,T303, 9711 Lawndale Dr., Silver Spring, SL 
U5U *Small, Eric H., Assoc. Prof .,EE,J213, 7008 Wake Forest Dr.,C.P.,AP 0871(Hyatt3.,AP 2725 
381 Smatko, Joseph S. (Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,Ch. Engr., U123, Old Colesville Rd.,c/oRev.Altraan, 
323 *Smith, Carl W.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS,50lU; 38th Ave.,Hyattsville,UN 8IIU 
308, 23U ^mith, Denzel D.(Dr. ), Dir. Counsel. CenterjProf., Psych., El, 3809 58th Ave.,I^atts- 
30U Wraith, Evelyn E.(Mrs.K.M.),Sr.iyp.,Payroll,Admin.,V.F.6-B,C.P.(ville,WA 6908 
U12 ^i-Smith, Harold D.,A3st.Prof .,A.E.aN!kt. ,0-25l,U311 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 1892 (SL 69U2 
329 Smith, Helen I. , Assoc. Prof .&H.Mgmt. Spec, Ext. ,Ol59A,l Montgomery Ave., Takoma Park, 
287 ^^Smith, Leon P. (Dr.), Dean & Prof ., AS; For. Lang. ,All9,ll301 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 15U3 
213 ^Smith, Mary E.(Mrs.'j7.j. ,Jr.) jSr.Sten.,Dairy,D20U,38-C Crescent Rd.,Greenbelt 

292 Smith, Virginia S., Instr., For. Lang. ,A22U, 110 Taylor St., Chevy Chase l5,WI 5531 

256 Smith, vailard N. ,Gr.As3t.,Zool.,HH,672U Baltimore Ave., Univ. Park, UN 98U5 
316 ^tSraoot, John J. ,Gr.Asst.,Bot.,E226.7lt08 Rhode Island Ave. ,C. P., UN 3071 

Sochor, Eugene, Gr. Asst., Journ.,GG5,U509 Calvert Rd. ,C.P.,V/A 9513 
306 Souder, Doris V., Jr. S ten. , Dairy Ext.,D200,Star Rt.,Box 565,Laurel 

273 Spachner, Sheldon A., Gr. Asst., Physics, Q,U320 Lawrence St. , Brentwood 
201 <(Sparks, David S.,Instr.,Hist.,A202,68ll Riggs Manor Dr.,Hyattsville 

UU6 -JtSpeake, Cecil A.,Constr.Supt.,Bus.Mgmt.,Hyman Job, 7017 Fordhaan Court,C.P.,WA 9260 
283,U28 ^fSpector, Irene(Mrs.S.A. ),Sr.Sten.,ME,J238,l8-P Ridge Rd.,GrGenbelt,Greenbelt 7157 
U15 Spencer, Mabel S.(l^s.),Asst.Prof .,HEEd.,Tlll,68ll Dartmouth Ave.,C.P.,WA 6Ua 

381 ^»Spitzer, Charles J.,As3t.,Ch.E.,U25-22,U906 Iroquois St.,Berwyn,TO 552U 

*Sprovfls, Jesse \Y. ( Dr. ), Prof ., Psych. ,DD19, Riggs Rd.,Hyatt3ville,SH 2588 
280 ifSpurgeon, Charles E.,Instr.,G&P,Q2UO,520 Beacon Rd., Silver Spring, SL 9U92 
210 4(5purr, Robert A.(Dr. ),Assoc.Prof . ,Chem.,K22A,U303 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 130U 
378 *Squires, Delbert W.,Instr.,Ent. ,M30U,55-G Ridge Rd.,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 5021 
222 ^Stabler, Stanley P.,Asst.Prof . ,Agron. ,E106,Spencerville,Ashton 5662 
263 Stamp, Adele H.,Dean of '.'fomen,DW200,7013 Fordham Court, C. P. 

272 Stangarone, Rosetta A.,Sr.Sten. ,Hort.,F110,U520 Buchanan St.,Hyattsvllle,:7A U8IO 
325,396 ^Stanley, Sarah A.(Mrs. J.VIf.),Sr.Typ. ,Adm.,lB203,5713 Seminole St.,Bemyn Hts. 
U33 -x-Stant, Mai^aret A. (Mrs. A. E.), Ins tr. , Nursery Sch.,FF,121 Franklin Ave., Silver Spring, 

(SH 2786 

337 -JtStanton, Ruth G. (Mrs. E. L. , Jr.), Sr.Typ., President's Off ., Admin., 3U08 Tulane Dr., West 
291 itStarcher, E. Thomas, Ins tr.. Speech, rao5,l620 Monroe St.,K.E. ,l8,D.C.,N0 6032(Hyatts. 
25U,272 -itStark, Francis C. , Jr. (Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,nort.,Flli;,U607 Guilford P1.,C.P.,UN 7312 
280 *Starr, Joseph R. (Dr.), Prof .,G&P,Q239, 5021 38th Ave., West Hyattsville 

3U6 Steely, Joann,Sr.Typ.,BPA,Qllil,li213 Woodberry St., Univ. Park, WA 5751 

3U2 i*Steinberg, S. S. , Dean, Engr., J133,U6oU Fordham Rd.,C.P.,UN 3U56 

280 i«Steinmeyer, Reuben G. (Dr. ), Prof .,G&P,Q239, 5903 UOth Ave. , Hyattsville, UN 2786 

250 *Sterkx, Albert D. ,Instr., Off .Tech. &I\Igmt. ,Q2ij7,Beltsville Garden Apts.,TO ii886 

U12 "Stevens, George A.,Instr.,A.E. ,0-255,13-B Ridge Rd. ,Greenbelt,Greenbelt U897 

UN U381i,2l|2 -^Stewart, A. L. "Flucie", Assoc. Prof .,Ath., Col., U506 Fordham Lane,C.P.WA 2133 


UU5 ^Stewart, Charles T. , Ins br. , Ed. , Till, 5617 Ruatan St. ,Berviyn,TO 5750(Park 12, SL 8873 

281 ^fStewart, Franklin B. ,Asst.,Agron. ,£35,5^321 Colorado Ave. ,!I.W. ,11,D.C. ,RA 2U8U ( 

329 *Stief, Olive V. (Mrs. C.S.),Sr.Sten., Ext. ,0-158,14721 Wells Parkway, Rlverdale,7/A 88lO( 

2l;0 *Stier, Howard L.(Dr.),Prof .&IIead,St.Dept.likt3. ,Kkts.,0-2U7,101 Barron St.,Takoma 

367 ostites, M. Elizabeth( Mrs. R.S.),In3tr., Art, R301, 5616 Hamilton Manor Dr. ,Hyatt3ville, 

296 rcStone, Mai-tha C. (Mrs. R. F. ),Instr.,Eng.,Al25, 5011 Eastpine Dr. ,rdverdale,UN 29lli(AP 

211 *Story, Enoch F.,Jr.(Dr.),Asst.Prof . ,CheM.,K21,65o5 Colesville Rd. , Univ. Park, (1736 

291 *Strausbaugh, Ylarren L., Assoc. Prof ., Speech, R107,U211 Colesville Rd., Univ. Park, UH 8350( 

222 Street, Orman E.(Dr.),A3soc.Prof-.,Agron.,E109B,Vi^comico Ave.,Belt3ville(Hyattsville, 

281 ifStrickling, Edward(Dr.),As3t.Prof .,Agron.,E35,3ii27 Tulane Dr.,¥.Hyattsville,AP 6375( 

(UN 2199 

256 i^Stringer, Kenneth T., Ins tr.,Zool.,M300A, 9555 Rhode Island Ave.,Berwyn,TO 55o8 

370 *Strom, Arthur D.,Gr.Asst.,PE,Ar.l5,U5U7 ITells Parkway,Riverdale 

201 *Stromberg, Roland N. ,Instr. ,Hist. ,A211,25lli Q St.,K.17.,7,D.C.,DE 7569 

211 Stunts, Calvin F.(Dr.),Asst.Prof ..Chem.,K23l,6506 UOth Ave. ,Hyattsville,WA U925 

279 *Stuntz, John W.,Lect.,EE,J219,56lU 37th Ave., Hyatt sville, UN 9023 

351 *Sublett, James W.,Instr., Mil., Ar. 107,2720 Wisconsin Ave.,N.W.,7,D.C.,EM 6897 (2959 

U16 Sugar, George R.,Gr.Asst.,Inst.Fl\xid Dyn.&Appl.Math.,Jl8,1909 2d St. ,N.E.,2,D.C.,DE 

323 *Suit, Catherine H.(Mrs.C.A.) ,Sr.Clk. ,LSSS,Box 7U,C.P.,UN 2168 

323 -;fSuit, Charles A.,Supt.Bldgs.&Grounds,LSSS,Box 7U,C.P.,UN 2168 

225 ^^Sullivan, Marian R.(Mrs.S.W.),Sr.']^.,Comptr.Off .,lB120,Box liac,Rt. #2, P.O. Laurel 

i;56 *Sullivan, Paul M.,Fellow,Ch.Engr.,U106,V.F.U.llJ3,C.P. (UN 8957 

393 Summer, '/Salter C.,EE,Serv.3uperv,,Bus.Mgmt.,Serv.31dg.,6917 Oakridge Rd. ,Hyattsville, 

li50 ^tSunier, Emile H.,Instr.,CE,J126A,lU37 Spring Rd.,N.W.,D.C.,TA 3679 (Laurel 881-J3 

285 ^^Supplee, V/illiara C.(Dr.) ,A3St.Prof .,Insp.&Reg.3erv. ,K2l5,Box 291,R.R.#l,Latirel,(U660 

*Svirbely, Dorothy M.(Mrs.VLJ.),Gr.Asst.,Chem.,Ul07 Queensbury Rd.,Hyattsville,WA 

210 *Svirbely, V.^illiam J.(Dr.),Prof .,Chem.,K20U,ia07 Queensbury Rd.,Hyattsville,;7A U66O 

296 *Swarthout, Glendon,Instr.,Eng.,A12l4,5726 Chillum Hts.Dr.,IIyattsville 

3U5 *Sweeney, Charles T., Prof., Bus. Org. ScAdm.,Qllil,ll8 35th St. ,S.E.,19,D.C.,AX 8300,619 

323 -JtSwope, Robert E. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS, Lab. ,l5 Fawcett St., Kensington, LO 5-8538 

iiii9 *Sykora, Frank V., Asst. Prof ., Music-Mil., Band Room Ar.,1301 l5th St.,N.^.,5,D.C.,MI 

U07 ^-Sylvester, Harold F. ( Dr. ), Prof . ,BPA,Q237A, Grove Rd., Washington Grove, Gaithersburg 

278 *Szillat, Vaibur 7/.,Supt.Bldgs.&Grounds,Vet.Hous.,Shop Off .,Beltsville,TO 6037(138M 
36U *Taff, Charles A.,Asst.Prof .,Bus.Org.&l.!gmt.,Qlia,il905 Blackfoot Rd.,C.P.,TO U833 
2U2jUN U38U *Tatum, James M. , Prof ., Head Football Coach, Dir. of Ath.,Ath.,Col. ,U6lO Clemson Rd., 
392 *Tauber, Evelyn M. (Mrs. R.W.),Statis. II, Sngr., Wind Tunnel, Uip.2 Sigsbee Rd.,Sil.Spr.(G.P., 
hih ^Taylor, Elsie I.(Mrs.H.H.),Sr.Typ.,I.C.S.Ed. ,T10U,50lU Roanoke P1.,C.P.,T0 5728(UN 7l8l 
U17 Taylor, Nancy G.(Mrs. ),Sr.Sten.,A&S,A119,335U Chillum Rd.,Mt. Rainier 

26I1 *Tejler, Andres, Gr. Asst., Soc.,R201,l;778 Woodberry Rd.,Riverdale 

U3U *Terrell, Maiy L.(Mrs.A.L.),Sr.Sten.,S&CS,T203,U022 Parkwood, Cottage City 

361i ^Thatcher, Lionel W.(Dr.)^Prof .&Head,BPA,QlUl,U8l2 Drummond Ave,, Chevy Chase,WI 9562 

297 Thearle, Beatrice J.,Gr.Asst.,Eng.,Al03,U703 Ravenswood Rd.,Riverdale,UN 0535 

1+16 Thickstun, William R., Jr., Gr. Asst., Inst. Fluid Dyn. , J31ii,1101 Euclid St.,N.W.,9,D.C., 

MI 3200,360 ^Thom, Herbert C.S.,Prof .,Geog.,U5l8 Albion Rd.,C.P.,AP O868 (CO 6678 

250 ^Thomas, Benjamin F.,Instr. ,BPA,Q2U7,U310 Sheridan St. ,Univ.Park,WA 785U 
23U ^Thomas, Dorothy M.(Mrs.C.A.)»Sr.Typ.,Ed.,Tllli,it809 Bervfyn Rd.,C.P. 

392 ^fThomas, Elmer W.,Aero.Engr.Aid,Wind Tunnel, 5811 ijith Ave.,Hyattsville,UN U329 

283 ^Thomas , William W. , Ins tr . ,ffi, J332 , 500U U2d Ave . ,Hyattsville 

279 Ihompson, David G.,Instr.,EE,J212,3600 22d St.,N.E.,l8,D.C.,DE IO38 

I4I2 Thompson, Dorothy A.,Sr.Sten.,A.E.,0-253,ii6o6 Clemson Rd.,C.P.,WA 9055(UN 7121 

311 ^Thompson, Florence S.(Mrs.M.),Sr.Sten.,A.Ed.,0-139,6319 Kilmer St.,Cheverly Manor, 

330,339 *Thorapson, Lisette(Mrs.L.B. ),Pr.Clk., Reg. Off .,1B123, 2309 First St.,N.W.,D.C.,DE 1531 
29U Thomsen, John S. , Asst. Prof ., Physics, E22,U6l6 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 80l5 (UN 9112 

293 -x-Thorpe, Alice C.(Iir3.H.A.),Instr.,Math. ,FF1,6609 Powhatan St.,Eastpines,Riverdale, 

356 *Tierney, William F.,Gr. Asst. , I.Ed., I-120,3ia6 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville,AP 621ii 

227 Titus, Rita M. (Mrs. ),Sr.Acct.Clk.,Exp.Sta., 0-133, 3336 Lancer Dr.,Apt.3,Hyattsville, 

370 ^Tompkins, Iheron A., Assoc. Prof .,PE,Ar.l5,ii-C Hillside Rd. ,Greenbelt (AP 1938 

231 Tonhazy, Nicholas E.,Gr.Fellow,Bact.,T313,U902 Cherokee St.,C.P. 

251 Trebing, Harry M.,Gr. Fellow,Econ.,Q26l, 6912 Bellona Ave. , Baltimore 12, TO 8369 
308, 28U Triggs, Frances 0. (Dr.), Asst. Dir. ,U. Counsel. Center, & Assoc. Prof ., Psych. ,EEl,ii319 
211,U03 Tritsch, George L.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,Kl05,U6ll Beechwood Rd. ,C.P.,V7A 68l7(Rowalt Dr., 

(C.P.,AP 3U92 
256 *Troraba, Francis G.,Gr.Asst.,Zool.,M302,U305 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,AP 3682 

Uh$ ^Troop, Anne B.(Mrs.G.S., Jr. ),Sr.Typ.,Ed.,Tllii,U8ll Riverdale Rd. , River dale, AP 2200 

U13 ^-Trower, John F.,Res.Fello;v,A.E.,0-362B,Apt.l,3Ul7 T\aane Dr.,7fest Hyattsville 

2U2jUN U076 ^^Tucker, Joseph T. ,Instr. ,Ath. , Col. ,2003 Fordham St. , Hyattsville 

^rTuemmler, William B.,Gr.As3t. ,Chem. ,CC,U206 53d Ave.,Bladensburg,UN 0032 
210,211 Tuono, Joseph G.,Gr.Asst.,Chem.,K117,U311 Rowalt Dr.,C.P.,UN 0785 
k$9 Turner, Elizabeth A.,Sr.Sten.,CSCS,T222,32-C Crescent Rd. ,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 7316 

265 Turner, H. David,Assoc.Libr.,Libr.,L108,307 Greenwood Ave.,Takoma Park 12, SH 2768 

ia6 Turner, Reba A.,Sten.Secty.,Inst.Fluid Dyn.&Appl.Math. , J313,7501 Hopkins Ave.,C.P., 

307 *iyre, Frances V.(Mrs.T.E.),Sr.TVP« >Acct.,lB20li,3711 Hamilton St., Hyattsville (WA 


228 «Uber, Laura L.CMrs.E.F.)»Jr.Sten., Ext. ,0-132, 5Ul3 l5th Ave.,Hyatt3ville,WA 5777 
260,259 Urban, A. Mary, In3tr.,Libr.,L205, 7017 Fordham Court,C.P.,WA 3529 

298 «Utz, louie L.,Maint.Superv.,PM3cO,Gen.Serv.,R.F.D. (5*2, Fair land, Silver Spring 

li39 Valente, Frances J.,Gr.Asst.,Phil.,T217,Apt.B,7201 Princeton Ave.,C.P.,^A 6865 

lah VanCourt, K. Fern,Gr.Asst.,Hum.Dev.,T210,2332 2Uth St.,S.E.,D.C.,7I 7700, I60I 

293 Wanderslice, Betty R.(Mrs.J.L.)>In3tr.,Math.,FFl,6923 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,UN 0652 

293 *Vanderslice, John L. (Dr. )>Assoc. Prof ., Math., FF12, 6923 Carleton Ter.,C.P.,UN 0652 

U20 *VanRoyen, ffilliam(Dr.),Prof .,Geog.,N207,226 Overlook ir. ,Hillandale, Silver Spring, 

Wx WanZwoll, James A.(Dr.),Prof .,Ed.,Tll2,99UO Baltimore Blvd.,Berwyn(SH 1285 

211 *Veitch, Fletcher P.(Dr. ),As3oc.Prof .,Chem.,K105,U398 Hartwrlck Rd.,C.P.,WA 6726 

292 »Vent, Myron H.(Dr.),Instr.,ror.Lang.,A225,5901 U3d Ave.,Hyattsville,UN lOhO 

UI9 *Vial, Joseph M.,Prof .,A.H.Ext. ,0-229,l30U VanBuren St.,Hyatt3ville,?rA 7236 

275 *Vierheller, Albert F., Assoc. Prof .,Hort. ,F120,U5oU Amherst Rd.,G.P.,irY 5683 

lOU Wisceglia, John A., Gr . Asst. , Inst. Child Study, TIO6, 1^810 Harvard Rd.,C.P.(AP 6lii3 

Ulii *?7aetjen, Walter B., Asst. Prof ., Inst. Child Study, TIO6, 5713 Chillum Hts.Dr.,Hyattsville, 

288 ^»^yagner, Kathleen S.(Mrs.I.F.),Acct.Mach.Op.,Bus.Off .,1B22U,U622 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN U360 
250 Wagner, Ruby C.(Mr3.E.F.),Instr.,0ff .Tech.&Mgmt.,Q2U7,800 S.Wa3h.St.,Alexandria,Va. , 
hl7 ^J-Wagner, Thomas C. G. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,EE,J21]i,li995 Newport Ave.,Brookdale,WI 2797(TE 
26U Walker, Helen E.,Instr.,3oc.,R202,R.F.D.#l,Box 380,Springfield,Va., FA 0U23 (Ii927 
WA 3383jNA IIU3 *Walker, Stanton,Lect., Nat. Sand St. Gravel Assn.,S19,8 Parkside Dr., Silver 

(Spring,SL 838U 
307 Walker, Virginia E. (Mrs .W.H.),Pr.Acct.Clk.,Acct.,lB204, 8511 Cunningham Dr.,Berwyn, 

U02 Walker, WUliam P.,Prof .,A.E.&Mkt.,0-260,U602 Clemson Rd.,C.P.,HI O61I1 (TO 52U5 

323 Wallenstein, Walter L.(Maj. ), Assoc. Prof .,V.S.,LSSS,)aoU College Hts. Dr., Univ. Park, 

276,27^ Walls, Edgar P.(Dr. ),Prof .,Hort.,Fll5,Uv05 Holly Hill Rd.,Hyatt3ville,WA 2059( 

285 Walls, Henry R.,Chera.I,St.Insp.,K2l6,3U25 Tulane Dr. ,Hyattsville (UN 9$^$ 
U07 Walters, Elvin W.,Gr. Asst., BPA,Q237, 6312 Queens Chapel Rd. ,Hyattsville,UN 7793 
389 Wangler, John G., Asst. ,Chem.,AA8,213U 30th St.,N.E.,l8,D.C.,LI 3-6310 

29U Wangsness, Roald K. (Dr. ), Asst. Prof .,Physics,E19,5Ul7 55th Pl.,E.Riverdale,AP l58l 

29U Ward, Alford L., Res. Asst., Physics, E13,750U Hopkins Ave.,C.P.,WA 9807 

351 Ward, Peter J., Storekeeper II,Mil.,Ar.3l,Tecumseh St.,C.p.,T0 55U8 

301 Warner, Robert K., Asst. Prof ., ME, J329,10211i Big Rock Rd., Silver Spring, SH lOOU 

231 Warren, Joel(Dr.),Visit.Pi'of .,Bact. ,T303,7Ul5 I^nhurst St., Chevy Chase,WI 5265 
33U V/atson, Dorothy M., Ins tr.,Geog.,N212, 7319 Baltimore Blvd.,C.P. 

36U,U07 Watson, James D.(Dr.),Prof . ,Bus.Adm.,Q2iil,2U02 59th Pi. ,Cheverly,UN m29(SL 0833 

306 Weatherby, Edwln(Dr. )jAssoc.Prof .,Dairy,D306,8501 Greenwood Ave.,Takoma Park 12, 

316 Weaver, Leslie 0. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Bot.,E22U,2U05 59th Pl.,Cheverly,UN 2ii89 

U5U Weber, Jo3eph,Prof .,EE, J2l5,3871 Rodman St. ,N.W. ,l6,D.C.,0R 5537 
lah Weber, Julia,Asst.Prof .,Ed. ,T106,U6o6 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,UN 3852 

289 Weber, Kurt( Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,Eng.,A102A, 1629 Neirton St. ,N.W.,10,D.C.,AD lli02 
303 Weckesser, Alphia L.(Mr3.L.B.),Sr.Sten.,Acct. ,1B20U,V.F.1-E,C.P. 

(Beltsville,T0 I1886 

3liU Wedding, Presley A.,As3t.Prof .,CE, J231,li500 N.Chelsea Lane,B8thesda lli,0L IhhB 

3U5 Wedeberg, S. M., Prof ., Bus. Org. &Adm.,Qlia,U303 Tuckerman St. , Univ. Park, '.7A 6250 

265 Wedemeyer, Josephine A.,Instr.,Libr.,L10U,7U00 Rhode Island Ave,, Apt. 5, C. P., WA 
U59 Weigand, George R.J.,Instr.,CSCS,T222,207 Cedarcroft Rd., Baltimore 12, TU 5388(8637( 
365 Weinberg, Norman,Res. Assoc, Bur. Bus.&Econ.Res.,Q2U9,90U8 R.I.Ave. ,G. P., TO 5088 
la6 V/einberger, Hans F. ( Dr. ), Fellow, Inst. Fluid Dyn.Mppl. Math., J31iiB, Belts ville Gardens, 
Ul6 Weinstein, Alexander(Dr. ), Res. Prof ., Inst. Fluid Dyn.,j227,10-B N.Llanor Circle, Takoma 
256 Weir,Robert J.,Jr.,Gr.As3t. ,Zool.,Ml05,17 "iVhittier St. ,N.W.,12,D.C.,GE 3568(Park 12, 

266 Weitzell, Mabel 3.(Mrs.H.R. ),Sr.Sten. .Fire Serv.Ext.,6l01 U3d St. ,Riverdale,WA 6856( 
201 Wellborn, Fred W. (Dr.), Prof ., Hist., A202, 313 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase l5,WI 0926 ( 

(SL 1633 
Welton, Pearl A.,Gr.Asst. ,Chem.,li3l5 Lehi^ Rd. ,C.P.,v;a 1988 
323 Werner, Helen 0.,3act.III,VS,LSSSLab.,808 Cox Ave.,Hyattsville,SH 7U39 

367 *Wharton, James P.(Col.),Prof .&Head,Art,A301,106 W.Univ. Parkway, Baltimore 10,TU li537 

370 Whipp, Clarence L.,Gr.As3t.,PE,Ar.l5,Ul3 Boyd Ave., Takoma Park,SL 2127 

286 White, Alta(Mrs.),Sup.nes.Hall3,DW,Anne Arundel Hall, Campus, 2 86 

210 MVhite, Charles E.(Dr.),Prof .,Chem. ,K121,Ui05 Beechwood Rd.,Hyatt3 villa, HT 02Uli 

260 i/Yhite, Kate,Jr.As3t.Libr.,Libr.,L202,Univ.&Mowatt Lane,C.P.,WA 5835 

325,396 *Whitefield, Mary L.(Mrs.M.L.),Sr.iyp.,Adia.,lB203,V.F.U.9-A,C.P. 

Whitehead, Lee J., Police, North Gate House, U607 Woodberry Rd. ,Riverdale 
UhS *^.Yhitfield, Ralph, Ins tr., Ed., Till, 510 North Lincoln St. , Arlington, JA 8-6U83 

210 Whitney, James E.,Gr.A3St.,Chem. ,K10,Ul5 Butternut St.,N.W.,12,D.G.,RA 550U 

la? Whittle, Boyd T., Assoc. Prof ., A. H. Ext., 0-231, U321 Woodberry St. ,Hyattsville,WA 5253 

351 ^-t^/mitwam, Arthur T.(S/Sgt),Instr. , Mil. ,Ar., Canary Cottages,Ben»yn (Greenbelt I4I73 

325,396 *mitworth, Virginia J.(Mr3.L.B.),Sr.Sten.,Adm. ,1B203,2-G Eastway Rd., Greenbelt, 
331 Wiatt, Addie V.,Jr.Sten.,Poultry,Plll,)4705 Harvard Rd.,C.P. 

212 Wiebush, Joseph R.,Re3.Fellow,Chera.,K21,U72U Woodberry Rd. ,Riverdale 

hhS Wiggin, Gladys A.(Dr.),Prof . ,Ed.,Tlll,12-L Parkway Rd. ,Greenbelt,Greenbelt 3576 

205 Wilbur, June C.(IArs.G.A.),A3st.Prof . ,HE,H21,6801 UOth St. ,Univ.Park 

371 Wiley, Raymond C. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof . ,Chem. ,CC1,U507 Beechwood Rd.,C.P.,Hr 0021(712U 
U56 Wilkinson, Gerald E.G.,FeUow,Ch.Sngr. ,U101,2620 Lee Highway,Arlington l,Va.,CH 


330,339 »Will, Helsn O.B.(Mr3.R.F.),Sr.Typ.,Reg.Off .,1B123,U316 Clagett Rd. ,Univ.Park,TrA 76U3 
Ui5 <»ffill, Robert F.jGr.Asst. ,Ed. ,T112,Ii3l6 Clagett Rd., Univ. Park, TTA 76U3 

3l5 Williamson, James A., Police, PM&O, Gate House, 3li02 Tulane Dr., West Ryatt3ville(SL 9235 

223,li57 ♦Wilson, Lxicy S.(Mr3.ff.S.),Sr.Sten.,Agron.,E201,10U21 Loraine Ave., Silver Spring, 
319 *WUson, Patricia L.(Mr3.W.M.),Sr.Sten.,Dorm.0ff .-M.,Donn C,U622 Knox Rd.,C.P.,i;N 

318 *\YU3on, W. Sherard,A33t.St.Boys' Club Lead. .Assoc. Prof ., Ext., 0-lii3,10U21 Lorain(78m 

281 *Winant, Howard B. ,A33t.Prof .,Agron.,E7,I;309 3Uth PI. ,Br8ntirood,WA 2 863 (Ave., Silver 

373 *Winn, Paul N.,Jr.,A33t.Prof.,A.Engr.,I-112,U00 Garland Ave.,Takoma Park,SL 1996( 

315 ^Wiseman, Daniel B., Chief Police, PM&0,North Gate, 8703 U9th Ave.,C.P.,TO 6097(Spring, 

U58 *Wisher, Pet^r R.,Asst.Prof. ,PE,G,U5l6 Albion Rd.,C. P. , UN 0075 (SL 9235 

1;3U,U25 -affolf, Marian E.(Mrs.S.),Sr.Sten.,SCS,T203,5U8-C Beacon Rd.,N.W.,Park Apta., Silver 
UOli «¥ood, vralter H.,Lect.,Joum.,GG5,U2U Pei-shing Dr., Silver Spring, SL l809(Spring, 

208 *lTood, William H.,Asst.,Hort.,01d Greenhouses, Farm Cottage #2,Can?)U8(jU 7-9365 

252,U58 *^ood3, Albert W., Assoc. Prof .,PE,ai01,8li09 Wood Clift Court, Silver Spring, SH 3310 
3hl *Wood3, Anita F.(Mrs.G.F.),Libr.As3t.,Libr.,Ll08,Tanlay Rd., Silver Spring, SH 6676 

230 ^ftVood3, Frances G. (^3.E.W0,Sten.Acct., Bus. Mgmt. ,1B11,6626 Wells Parkway, Riverdale, 

211 »Woods, G. Forre3t( Dr.), Assoc. Prof., Chem.,K107,Tanl^ Rd., Silver Spring, SH 6676(WA 

372 ^ff^e, Alfred J. ,Assoc.Prof .,A+ii.,Col.,U5o6 Fordham Lane,C.P,,UN U5l2 (3298 

283,1*28 ^Younger, John E.(Dr.),Prof ,&Head,ME,J239,Ul2ii Woodberry St.,Univ.Park,R7att3ville, 
U22 *Tounkin, Magdalene E. (Mrs. C.H.),Sr.S ten., SSS, 1321,1*010 Oglethorpe St. ,I^attsville,( 

(A? 0376 (WA 85U2 

UOU ♦Zagoria, Samuel D.,Lect. ,Joum.,GG5,37U+ Gunston Rd.,Alexandria,Va.,TE 21*32 

lil6 *Zarantonello , Sduardo H.( Dr.), Fellow, Inst., Fluid Dyn.,0-m, 1*620 Knox Rd.,Apt.l*,C.P. 

256 »Zechman, Fred W.,Jr.,Gr.Asst. ,Zool.,HH206,U606 Hartwick Rd.,C.P.,WA 3675 

330,339 *Zechman, Nancy B.(Mrs.F,W.),Sr.'iyp.,Reg.Off .,1E123,1*606 Hartwick Rd.,C.P. 
296,289 *Zeeveld, W. Gordon( Dr.), Assoc. Prof . ,Eng.,Alll,Woodbine,SykB3ville 216-W2 (WA 8513 
285 ♦Zentz, E. Monroe,A. Prod. Insp., St. Insp.&Reg. Serv., K2l5,Ul+07 VanBuren St. , Univ. Park, 

293 Zimmerman, Benjamin G., Gr.Asst., Math. ,FF19, 7103 Rhode Island Ave,,C.?.,UN 20l*0 


Tow.3000,19 Akehurst, E. Elaine,As3t.H.D.A.,Ext.,P.O.Bldg.,Towson,Yeoho Rd., Sparks, Manor 
Cum. 1062 Allin, Thelma J., Asst.H.D. A., Ext., Cum.Crt.Ho\ise, 1*75 Williams St. , Cumberland 

Rock. 3737 ^^Anderson, Otto W.,Co.Agt.,Sxt.,Rockville,Gaittiersbvtrg,Gaith.8i*J 
Sal.63Ul *Baker, Mae J.(LIr3.J.V^ ),Jr.Sten.,Mkt3. ,Crt.House,Pittsville,Willards 3293 
Sal. 1*721 Barker, Evelyn C, Asst.H.D. A., Ext., Sal. Crt. House, Spring Hill, Salisbury, Sal. 321*2 

Cum.1062 Bean, Maude A., H.D. A., Ext., Cum. Crt. House, 101 7/ashington St., Cumberland, Cum. 227 J 

Cam.1590 *Begg3, Hany W.,Co.Agt.,Bxt.,Cam.P.O.Bldg.,Rambrooks Blvd. , Cambridge, Cam. 1800 
Bel Air 595R Boyd, Jane C. , Asst.H.D. A. , Ext., Bond & Courtland Sts.,Bel Air,c/o H.D. A., Bel Air, 
Sal. 1*223 ^Bradley, i7illiam S.,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext.,Crt.House,Rt.2,Box 129,Salisbury(B.A.595R 
^*Brandenburg, Rowland C.,Asst.ETit.,Ent. , Md.Chem.Lab.,101 Summit Ave.,Hagers- 
( town, 905 Dewey Ave., Hagers town, Hagers. 11*5 
Cent^291 Brant, Ruby A. ,R.D.A.,Ext.,Centreville 

Han. 59 Bridgman, Maurice A. ,Asst.Prof.,Kkts. , Hancock Hotel,Main St., Hancock, Hancock 313 

Cam.l62 Brooks, Hattie E.,H.D.A.,Ext.,P.0.Bldg.,117 Belvedere Ave., Cambridge, Cam. 603W 

Sal. 1*223 *Brown, James P., Co. Agt. , Ext., Wicomico Co. Crt. House, Salis., Ocean City Rd.,Salis- 
LaPlata 35ll*Brown, Paul D.,Co.Agt.,Ext.,Libr.Bldg.,LaPlata,LaPlata 6581 (buiy 

Easton 503 ♦Brown, Rudolph S.,Co.Agt.,Ext.,Co.Bldg.,300 S.Washington St. ,Easton,Easton 7li9W 
Pr. Fred. 1*0 Buchar^an, Florence E. (Mrs.), H.D. A., Ext. , Crt, House, Prince Frederick, Pr.Fr.25M 
West. 256 ♦Bums, Landon C, Co. Agt., Ext., City Hall,Westminster,We8tminster 1*02W 
SA 01*1*6 ♦Butler, Thomas L.,Asst.Prof . ,Ext.,8l5 Fidelity Bldg.,Bal to. 1, Dance Mill Rd., 

Cent. 166 Cain, Robert L.,As3t. Co. Agt., Ext., Commerce St.,Gentre\llle(Phoenix,Fork 3136 

( Surgery, Baltlinore,i*6l7D Manordene Rd. ,Baltc.,WI 
PL 1100,78 ♦Cangjbell, John L.(Maj.}Dr.),Asst.Prof .,Dental,Dent.Mu3.,Balto.Col.of Dental(2U*8 
PL 1100,1*8, 77Carl, Mary K.,Instr.&Ed.Adv.,CSCS,U.of Md.,Balto.,U508 Maple Ave., Hale thorpe 27 
Bel Air 51*J ♦Carroll, Henry M. , Co .Agt., Ext., Crt. House Ann., Willi am St., Bel Air, Bel Air 733J 
Oak. 132 ♦Carter, John H., Co. Agt., Sxt., P.O. Bldg.,Mt. Lake Park, Box 112, Oakland, Oak. 327W 

Marl. 331*1, ll»Clark, Percy E., Co. Agt., Ext., Upper Marl. Crt. House, 7208 Halleck St., District Hts., 
Ell. City 201* Cleveland, Catherine E.,H.D.A.,Ext.,E.C.P.0.,9 Bladensburg Rd., Kensington, ( 

PL 2la6 Conlon, Katharine, Admin. Asst. II, LSS5,8l6 Fidelity Bldg.,Balto.,(Lockwood 5-0209( 

2733 N.Charies St., Baltimore 18, Belmont ll*01( Hillside 1*333 
PL 1100,1*8, 77^Cooper, Edward F.,In3tr. ,CSCS,U.of Md.,Balto.,New Cut Road,Ellicott City(623M 
Cam.1590 ♦Crawford, Charles V7. ,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext.,F.O.Bldg.,l West End Ave., Cambridge, Cam. 

Cen.22ljR Crowl, James TT. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof., LSSS,Centreville,Centreville 22l*R 

Oak. 366 ♦Custer, Franklin D.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .&Vet.In3p.,LSSS, 2d & Omar, Oakland, Oak. 366 

Ann.31itl ♦Day, Stanley E.,Co.Agt., Ext. ,Ud. Hotel Bldg. , Annapolis, Davidsonville, Ann. 7093 
Oak. 132 Dearborn, Eleanor K.,n.D.A.,Sxt.,P.0.Bldg.,125 2d St., Oakland, Oakland 293W 

Tow.3000,18 ♦Derrick, Horace B., Co. Agt., Sxt., P.O. Bldg., 818 E.Joppa Rd.,Towson l*,Tow.3786 
Han. 218 ♦Dunbar, Charles 0., Assoc. Prof .,Hort., Fruit Lab., Fairview, Hancock, Han. 2 23-F2 

♦Dvmcan, Andrew A., Res. Asst., Hort. ,Veg. Res. Farm., Salisbury(Hebron,Sal. 2-1097 
Sal. 1*223 ♦Duncan, James A., Asst. Co. Agt. , Ext. , Crt. House Bldg., Salisbury, Main St., Ext., 
SA OiU;6 Durham, Shirley E.,Jr.Sten.,2xt.,8l5 Fidelity Bldg., 5303 St.Georges Ave.,Balto. 

Cen.166 ♦Eby, James W., Co. Agt. , Ext., Centreville, Chesterfield Ave.,Centreville,Cen.l29( 

(12,TU 3811* 

(St. ,Frederick,Fred.liliW 
Fred. 881 Fehr, Beatrice,H.D.A.,Ext.,ll5 E. Church St., Frederick, Tower Crt.Apt. ,E. Church 
PL 2U16 ^Forrester, Rudolph S.,A3st.Prof .,Mkts.,8lS; Fidelity Bldg.,Balto.,$OOU Ready Ave., 
Cam.162 »Fox, Dorothy R.(Mrs.R.),Asst.H.D.A.,Ext.,P.O.Bldg.,Rt.3,Cajnbridge(Balto.l2,HO 

•KGibbs, Clarence J. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS,Crt. House, Upper Marlboro, 326 E (683U 
•JfGibbs, Robert E. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS, 13313 Ardennes Ave. ,Twinbrook,Rockville,( 
Rock-ville 35^7 (St.,N.E.,D.C.,FR 5999 
Ann.3lUl Giddings, Joan L.,Asst.H.D.A.,Ext. ,Md.Hotel Bldg., Annapolis, Nutwell, West River 
Han. 218 ^Graham, Cas tillo( Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,Ent., Blue Hill,Hancock, Hancock 237 (52Ul 
Snow Hill 32^«Grant, Robert T.,Co.Agt.,Ext.,Crt.House,Martin St., Snow Hill, Snow Hill 2 
Fred. 2236 -JfGreen, George W., Jr. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS,Einniitsburg,Emraitsburg 68 

Den. 37 -wGreenwood, Richard A.,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext.,Court House, 3d St. , Den ton 
Sal.U721 Grim, Nell G.,Co.H.D.A.,Ext.,209 Crt. House, Salisbury, Ma in St.,Fruitland,Sal.5U57 
Pr.Fred.UO *Hall, Robert M., Co. Agt., Ext., Crt. House,Prince Fred. ,Barstow,Pr. Fred. 350-W2 
Snow Hill 32 Harter, Laura B. , H. D. A., Ext., Crt. House, S. Church St., Snow Hill,Snow Hill 128vr(700 
Cam. 700 ^Hastings, J. Walter,Sr.(Dr. ), Prof .&Asst.Dir. ,LSSS, 117 Talbot Ave., Cambridge, Cam. 
SA 0UU6 *Hawes, Russell C, Prof ., Ext., 8l5 Fidelity Bldg.,Bal to. 1,1202 Pine Hts.Ave.,Balto., 
PL 1100,78 ^*Hirsch,Leo(M/Sgt),In3tr.,Mil.,U2 S.Greene St., Bal to. 1,2510 W.Coldspring Lane, (29 
Sal.U223 ^Holland, Loxiis C. ,Asst. Prof .,Mkt3., Ext. , Crt. House,Box 623, Salisbury(Balto.l5 
VE 0837 Holloway, Margaret E.,H.D.A.,Ext.,229 E. North Ave.,Balto.2,2707 Strathmore Ave., 
PL 1100,78 *Hostbjor, Vern M.(Sgt.),Instr.,Dental,U2 S.Greene St.,Balto.l,l801 Barckley( 
St., Baltimore (Baltimore lU, Hamilton l56l 

Tow.3000,60 Howes, Merle L.,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext.,P.0.Bldg.200,Tow3on U,c/o Joshua Whee ler, Luther- 
Fred. 88I Hutson, Evelyn P.,Asst.H.D.A.,ll5 E. Church St., Frederick, 202 College Ave.,(ville, 
Kitz.U26l Hutson, Louis C.,Instr.,CSCS,Kitzmiller,Main St.,Kitzmiller,Kit5.U26l( (TO 36o5 

(Frederick, Fred. 859 J 
Oak.132 *Hutton, Paul M.,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext.,P.O.Bldg. ,99-2d St.,0akland,0ak.789W (FlU 
Leonard. 108 *Johnson, Joseph J.,Co.Agt.,Bx:t.,Leonardtown,Bushwood,St.Mary's Co. .Leonard. I96- 
Fred.99U *Jones, Hugh B.,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext. ,ll5 E. Church St. ,Frederick,Rt.U, Fred., Fred. 369- 
Marl.33Ul,ll Jones, Robert L., Asst. Co. ^t. , Ext., Crt. House, Box 19U,Rectory Lane, Upper Marl.(Wll 
Leonard. 108 Joy, Mary E.,C.H.D. A., Lawrence Ave., Leonardtown, Leonard. 207R (Marl.362U 
Pr.Anne 269 ^Keller, Clarence Z., Co. Agt., Ext., Crt. House, Princess Anne, 311 Beckford Ave., 

(Princess Anne, Pr.Anne 82 (7830 
Sal. 3701 «Kelley, Earl B.,Asst. ,LSSS, Crt .House, Salisbury,602 Liberty St., Salisbury, Sal. 
Bel Air 5U5 *Kelly, B. 'yVayne,Asst.C.A.,Ext,,Courtland & Bond Sts.,636 Rockspring Ave., Bel Air, 
Rock. 2121,23 LaFontaine, Evelyn,Asst.H.D.A.,Ext. ,01d Crt. House, Rockville,3l5ii Bladensburg Rd.,( 

(N.E.,18,D.C.,AT 315U (Bel Air 373M 

PL 2la6 *Lockwood, Charles R. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS,8l6 Fidelity HLdg.,Bal to., 221 vailow Ave., 
Hagers.6 Martin, Ardath E.,H.D.A.,Ext.,Co.Annex Bldg.,50 W.Hillcrest Rd. ,Hagerstown(Towson 

(Hagers. 1995*7 (U,Towson 2258 (D.l,Lutherville, Pikes. 50J 
PL 2UI6 -»-Martin, Arthur F., Asst. Prof ., Ext., 8l5 Fidelity Bldg.,Balto.l,Greenspring Ave.,R.F. 
E.C.20U -aUartin, Robert D., Asst. Co.Agt., Ext., P. O.Bldg., Edmonson Ave., Ext., EUicott City,E. 
Sal.9??l Mason, l^orence H., Prof .S-Distr. Agt., Ext., P. O.Bldg., 708 Camden Ave. .Salisbiury^C.628 

(Sal. 9306 
^tMatthews, William A.,Assoc.Prof .,Hort. ,U.of Md.Yeg. Res. Farm, Salisbxiry. 

(Rt. 3, Ocean City Rd.,Salisbiuy, Salisbury 21^17 
Leonard. 108 jLaPlata 35ll^«Mattingly, J. Maguire,Jr.,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext. ,Co.Off .Bldg.,Leonard- 
( town;library Bldg.,LaPlata, Leonardtown, Leonard. ll8j(Baltimore 29,GI 5l5U 
SA 0U;6 mcCai:n, Charles E.,Asst.Prof . ,Mkts.,8l5 Fidelity Bldg. ,Balto.l,309 Oaklee Vil., 
TO 3000,60 ^tMcFarland, Frank R., Jr., Assoc. Co.Agt., Ext., P.O. Bldg. ,1708 Aberdeen Rd.,Towson h, 
Cum.1062 ^-McHenry, Ralph F., Co. Agt., Ext., Crt. House, Cresaptown,Cum.6237M (Tow. 7353 
Sal.63Ul ^^cKnight, ;7illiam R. , Assoc. Prof .;Reg. Co. Agt., Ext., Crt. House, Salisbuiy, Hebron, 
Bel Air 5UJ McLuckie, Virginia L.,H.D.A.,Ext.,Bond & Courtland Sts.,210 Broadway,Bel Air( 
Chester. 202 ^J^^IcVean, James D. , Co. Agt., Ext., P. O.Bldg., Philosophers Ter. ,Chestertown, Chester. ( 

(369 (Salis.6962 

Dent. 63 ^»Merrick, Charles P.,Jr.,Asst.Prof ., Ext., Law Bldg., Denton,Denton 91J 
Hagers.6 ^tMiller, Mark K., Co. Agt., Ext. ,101 Summit Ave.,R.D.#3,Hager3town,Hagers.28U8M(J3 
Rock. 2121,31 Montgomery, Roxie L.,Asst.H.D.A.,Ext.,Crt.House,Rockville,IJamsville,Fred.l577- 
Rock.3737 ^^.torris, Joseph B., Asst. Co.Agt., Ext., Rockville,U312 S.Dakota Ave. ,N.E. ,17,D.C., 
Sal. 3701 ^<Moulthrop, Irwin M. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,L5SS, Crt. House, 3l6 New York Ave., Salisbury, ( 
Hager3.6 Mueller, Raymond G., Asst. Co.Agt., Ext., Old P.O. Bldg., lU Randolph Ave.,Hager3town,( 

(Hagers. 5355m (Salisbury 7522 (HO 2786 

E.C.20U ^'\yer3, barren G., Co. Agt., Ext., P. O.Bldg. , Columbia Pike, EUicott City,E.C.582 
Ann.3lUl Parmenter, Miriam F.,H.D. A., Ext., Maryland Hotel, 1009 Poplar St., Annapolis, Ann. 
Marl. 2273 Preston, Robert T., Asst. ,Agron. ,Md. Tobacco Exp. Farm, Upper Marlboro (3797 

(Rd., Baltimore 29 
SA Ohh6 *Rebert, Bumell K. ,Instr.,Mkts. ,8l5 Fidelity Bldg., Balto. 1,102 5 Maiden Choice 

HI 0531 Regan, Ethel M. ,C.H.D.A. ,Bxt. , Co. Serv. Bldg., Hyattsville, 2711 Crest Rd.,Chever3y, 
Dent. 37 ^tRogers, Francis M., Co. Agt., Ext. , Crt. House, 301 Gay St. ,Denton,Dent.335(WA 6197 
We3tra.256 «Schabinger, John R., Asst. Co.Agt., Ext., City Hall, 19 Park Ave.,lTestminster,/festra. 
Westai.607 Scott, Evelyn D.,H.D.A.,Sxt.,P.0.Bldg.,255 E.Main St., Westminster ,;7estra.l2li6j( 
SA 0Ui6 Sherburne, Virginia C, Asst. Prof ., Ext., 8l5 Fidelity Bldg., Bal to. 1, 3706 N.(1223R 

(Charles St., Baltimore 13, CH 9375 
Sails. 3701 Shillinger, Robert B. (Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS, Crt. House, Salisbury (Fred.l335W 
Fred.99U ^Shoemaker, Henry R., Co.Agt. , Ext., Il5 E.Churdi St., 21 E. Church St. , Frederick, 
East.U03 Smith, Margaret,Co.H.D.A.,Ext.,Co.Bldg.,Box 5l9,Ea3 ton, East. liOM 


Dent.lU2 Spafford, Bessie M.,H.D.A. , Ext., Carter Bldg.,30^ S.2d St.,Denton,Dent.l6^J 

Bel Air 233 ^^perling, F. George(Dr.), Assoc. Prof. Path., LSSS, Branch Lab., 130 N.Bond St., Bel 
Gtuii.l062 *Steger, Joseph M.,Asst. Co. Agt., Ext. ,Crt. House, R.F.D.U,CTjraberland( Air, U25 Barnes 
Tow.3000,19 *Stout, Laila L.(Mrs.R.D.),Asst.H.D.A.,Ext.,P.O.Bldg.,Towson U,68l3 Blenheln Rd.,( 

(Baltimore 12 (St., Bel Air, Bel Air 66lil 

Elk.325 -xSutton, Richard S.,Co.Agt.,Ext.,P.O.Bldg. ,North East, Rising Sun 23K 

Chester. 202 -JtSutton, Stanley B.,Asst.Co.Agt.,T5ct.,P.0.Bldg.,Che3tertown,Chester.585-W12 
Hagers. 1^697 ^Teeter, '-Tilliam R. (Dr.), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS, 101 Summit Ave. ,205^0 Greenfield Rd., 

(Hagerstown,Hagers . 2821R 
TO 5921 *Todd, Herman S.,Asst.,Hort. , Pit. Res. Farm,R.D. 2, Silver Spring, TO 5921 

( Salisbury, Salisbxuy 9076 
Pr.Anne U6 Topfer, Hilda, H.D. A., Sxt., Health Dept.Bldg.,Pr.William St., Princess Anne, R. F.D.I, 
Tow.3000,19 Trentham, Anna,H.D.A.,Ext.,P.0.Bldg.,106 Alleghany Ave.,Tawson U,Tow.61i9U(9lilli 
Sal. 3701 ^fTrout, Mahlon H.(Dr. ), Assoc. Prof .,LSSS,Crt. House, 303 Marshall St.,Salisb\uy,Sal. 
Rock. 2121,31 Turner, Edythe M., H.D. A., Sxt., Old Crt. House, Washington Grove, Gaithersburg 2J4li 
Sal.U223 M-Twining, Perry F., Assoc. Prof .,Poultry,Mcomico Co. Crt. House, 209 Carrolton Ave., 

(Salisbury,Sal.771^ (West River 55U2 

Pr. Fred. UOj Ann. 3lUl*Vanderford, W.B.,Asst. Co. Agt., Ext., Pr.Fred.Crt. House, Annapolis,Galesville, 
Hagers.1786 Watson, Margaret J.,As8t.H.D.A.,Ext.,101 Summit Ave. ,833 View St.,Hagerstown, 
Elk.325 Welling, M.Gist,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext.,P.O.,lla E.Main St.,Elkton,Elk.652W(Hagers.5237J 

Rock. 3737 -sTOiipp, Roscoe N.,Asst.Co.Agt.,Ext.,R.F.D.U,Rockville,Gaither3burg 781-1V12 

LaPlata 3511 Wills, Anna S., H.D. A., Ext., Library Bldg., Faulkner, LaPlata Ul75 (D.C.,DE 838O 
HY 0531 Willson, Betty N.,As3t.H.D.A.,Ext.,Co.Serv.Bldg.,Hyattsville,1702 Summit P1.,N.W., 

Chester. 202 Winston, Vivian A.,H.D.A.,Ext.,P.O.Bldg.,Chestertovm,Chestertown 
Westm.607 Young, Barbara A., Asst.H.D. A., Ext., P.O. Bldg., Washington Rd. , Westminster 




Bureau of Mines , 235 

♦Aaron, Albert A. 

Acherman, Vfalter L, 
*Acord, Earnest 
<tAmbrose, Paul M. 
*Ander3csi, Louise M, 

Archibald, John H. 
♦Armantrout, Clo E. 
♦Arthur, Rebecca V/, 
*Ashby, George E, 

Atchison, ThOToas C, Jr. 
♦Bailey, Patricia 

Barr, Lois Joan 
♦Barry, Anthony J. 
*fiemis. Hazel W, 
♦Berk, A. A. 
-fCerrent, John T, 
•>«iser, George E, 
•Jeiair, Byron E. 

Blankenship, Sue 

Bleinberger, Warren E, 
♦Blevins, Esther M. 
■••Blue, Delwin D. 

Bottcher, John B. 

Bradford, Robert E, 
■sBrinkley, Marguerite 

Brotemarkle, David C, 
•MBrotzen, Franz R. 
•J«ullock, R. Foster 

Burch, Dorothy M. 
♦Brown, Helen C. 
♦Brown, ^ylton R. 

Brown, Margaret M. 
♦Cadwallader, Fay© 

Caldwell, Herbert S.,Jr. 

Campbell, lone 
«Carl, Howard F. 
*Cash, Frank E. 
<«Cavanaugh, John F. 
♦Chance, Kaynard R, 
■ftChaney, Agnes 
•«Chaney, Gertrude Q, 
•MCohen, Melvin 
♦Colbert, Patricia M. 
*Canley, John E., Sr, 
•JfCraver, Lewis B. 
^Oashiell, Louis L. 
♦Davis, Cecil M. 
•KDennis, Cleveland 
♦Dinnin, Joseph I. 
♦Dixon, Elizabeth 
♦Docley, Frances L. 
♦Duvall, V/ilbur I. 
••tEarl, Kenneth M, 
♦Estep, Eunice P. 
♦Eilertsen, Nils A, 
♦Elliott, Robert N. 
♦Epstein, Edward, Jr. 
■wFitzgerald, Milton J. 
«Folkenroth, Ralph M. 
♦Fonseca, John 
•tff'ox, Doris 

Fraas, Foster 
♦Presh, Donald L. 
•J^Funkhouser, Margaret Lee 
•KGaren, David E. 
•MGcrken, John C» 
«Glass, Clark L. 
iKlUdden, ZeMa S. 

Going, Richard 
♦Goldberg, Paul 



., D.C. 

3619 Eastern Ave, 

Ij305 Hamilton St. 

Churchville, Va, 

I4305 Van Buren St., University Park 

7101 New Han5>shire Ave,, Takoma Park 

201U Drexel St., Hyattsville 

I4703 Greenbelt Rd., Berwyn, College Park 

6312 Baltimore Ave., University Park 


1727 Irving St., N.W., D.C. 

U6II Woodberry Rd., Riverdale 

hS37 Vfoodberry Rd., Riverdale 

h30h Tuckerman St., University Park 

Ii6l3 Amherst Rd., College Park 

lai3 Kennedy St., Hyattsville 

c/o J. L. Corbin, Cherry Hill Rd., Berwyn 

2019 Roanoke St., Hyattsville 

2802 Elnora St., Afheaton Hills 

1615 Kenyon St., N.W., D.C. 

601 Orkney Rd., Baltimore 

1321 K. St., N. W., D.C. 

903 Hudson Ave., Takoma Park 

c/o Bureau of Mines, College Park 

7709 Takoma Ave., Takoma Park 

3li26 Tulane Drive, W. hyattsville 

c/o Bureau of Mines, College Park 

2651 - 16th St., N.W., D.C. 

1113 So. Scott St., Arlington, Va, 

U339 Clagett Rd., University Park 

58-F Crescent Pxl., Greenbelt 

914.0 Second Ave., Silver Spring 

58-F Crescent Rd,, Greenbelt 

hBl3 Somerset Rd., Riverdale 

7005 Wake Forest Ave,, College Park 

736 - 22nd. St., N.We Apt. 702, D.Co 


1333 Rowalt Dr., College Park 

15-S laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

6522 Rhode Island Ave., Riverdale 

iil8 11th St., N.E., D.C. 

U3I7 Clagett-Pineway, Iftiiversity Park 

3ii09 Tulane Drive, Apt. 21, Hyattsville 

3710 Chesapeake St., N.W., D.C. 

Uh06 Colesville Rd., Hyattsville 


1^916 iiOth Place, Hyattsville 

5900 63rd. Ave., Riverdale 

123 6th St., N.E., D.C. 

5I4I Oglethorpe St., N.E., D.C. 

621 Ray Drive, Silver Spring 

1^310 Jefferson St., Apt. IO8, Hyattsville 

10116 Dallas Ave., Silver Spring 

c/o Bureau of Mines, College Park 

1511 Longfellow St., Apt. 201, Hyattsville 

5606 Hamilton Drive, Hyattsville 

U-C Southway, Greenbelt 

12507 Epping Ct., Glenmont Hills, Silver Spring 

U906 Berwyn Rd., Apt. 3, College Park 

119li3 Bluhill Rd., Silver Spring 

1706 Price St., Alexandria, Va. 

6905 Wake Forrest Drive, College Park 

ii50U Oliver St., Riverdale 

U500 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

U6li2 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale 

53-N Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

I45UI Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

Audubon, Pa. 

3005 Otis St., N.E., D.C. 

561I1 Hamilton Manor Drive, Hyattsville 

U510 Kennedy St., Hyattsville 

Residence Phone 

WA 8989 

UN 2928 

WA 1,592 

SH 6383 

TO 5016 

WA 8819 

Annapolis 81092 

CO 855- 

WA 1723 

UN 7U20 

UN 3835 

UN 2756 

TO 5127 

UN 08U2 

Lockwood 5-18)4! 

CO 5299 

Hopkins 9581; 

RE 0687,ext.30 

SL 9U95 

UN 3100 

SL 2630 

WA 77U1 

UN 3100 

AD 0129 

CH 2908 

WA I81a 

OR 5383 

SL 21483 

C2l 5383 



RE 0692 

Ashton 5836 

AP 1827 

UN U565 

m 7325 

WA 2352 

CR 7335 

WA 7011 

Ashton 6255 

UN 1819 

UN 1288 

LI 1-3602 

TA 5850 

SL 0702 

HA 69L3 

SL 67U2 

UN 3100 

AP 6058 

UN 6955 

OR 2588 

TO U828 

AL 3508 

WA 3? 18 

WA 2hh8 

WA 8960 

UN h3k2 

GR 7971 

UN U117 

DE 0051* 

UN 7973 


•MGolddn, Harold 

*Golden, Lex B. 
'MGoldman, Louis 
■JfGough, Eugene A. 
•MGraham, Helen Elizabeth 

Gray, Jaioes E. 
■•iGray, Lavsrrence E, 
«Green, Thomas E, 
<KJrice, Ruth S. 
•JfHardy, Joseph, Jr. 
♦Hardy, Joseph F, 

Haxrington, Robert A. 
«Haszard, Susan D. 
«eindl, R. A. 
*Hein3y, Aljua R. 
♦Heise, Richard E,, Jr» 

Hodgson, Shirley 

Hood, Charles A* 

Hopps, G. L. 
♦Howell, Olive 

Howley, Michael R. 
«Huber, Ralph W, 

Jaffe, Howard W, 
«Jaines, William W. 
♦Jenkins, Arthur S, 
♦Johnson, Clonnie V. 
♦Jones, Elizabeth L» 

Jones, Emory 
♦Kantner, Frank R, 
<»Kelly, Albert L. 
■>«el3y, Anne C. 
♦Kelly, Henry E, 

Kirby, Ralph C. 
♦Kitts, Ralph W, 
♦KLahold, Bertha 
■MKLein, Andrew F. 
♦Krebs, Charles R, 

Kudlich, Richard VonEltz 
•JfKudlich, Rudolf 

Kuhn, Charlotte 
♦Lamb, Frank D. 

Lane, Ide R,, Jr. 
♦Leitch, R. D, 

Lewis, Basis C, Jr. 
♦Lewis, Helen 
♦Lloyd, John 
♦Long, James R* 

Love, Raymond N. 
♦MacMillan, Allan H. 
♦MacMillan, R.T, 

McAdams, Franklin P. 
♦ifartin, Marian S. 
♦Mathers, Amos L, 

liatzko, John J, 

McCormick, John A. 

McDermid, Aliswi 
♦Mcl&hon, Lois S. 
♦McNeill, Norma Cole 
♦Messina, Frances 

Millar, Wilton i, 
♦Miller, Violet 
■J64cnscn, Carol L, 

Moore, Horace £♦ 

Morrill, Alfred R. 

Morris, Paul E. 
♦Morris, Robert C, 
♦Mosier, Mc Henry 
*Neagle, Earl H, 
♦Neijmann, Gustave L» 

Newcomb, E, Hollis 
♦Nicholson, Hugh P, 
♦Norton, Laura M. 

lilOe 53rd. Place, Bladensburg 

8705 U8th Ave., College Park 

9520 Biltmore Drive, Silver Spring 
2315 Chester St., S.E., D.C. 
615 Main St., Laurel 
5017 Indian Lane, Berwyn 

8706 ii9th Ave., College Park 
ii620 Knox Rd., College Park 
8705 ii8th Place, College Park 
U102 53rd Place, Bladensburg 
a806 U8th Ave., Edmonston 

c/o Bureau of Mines, College Park 

6908 Wake Forrest Drive, College Park 

10100 Greenacres Drive, Silver Spring 

Apt. 1, 580i; Queens Chapel Rd,, W, ifyattsville 

69-G Ridge Rd., Qreenbelt 

h6l5 Knooc Rd., College Park 

7506 Dickenson Ave., College Park 

5610 Rviatan St., Berwyn Heights 

3709 Alabama Ave., S.E,, D.C. 

107 W. Clifton Terrace Apts., N.W., D.C, 

5521 55th Place, Apt. 102, E. Riverdale 

103 Missouri Ave., N.W,, D.C. 

1102 Linden Ave., Apt. 102, Takoma Park 

Apt. 301, 1310 Merrimach Ave., Hyattsville 

7101 Rhode Island Ave., College Park 

L3IO Jefferson St., hyattsville 

6Ulii Land over Rd., Landover 

71^11 Columbia Ave,, College Park 

6811 Prince George Ave,, Takoma Park 

I1OI3 Nicholson St., Hyattsville 

5711 30th Ave., Queens Chapel Manor 

h63h Livingston Rd., S.E., ^t. 20U, D.C. 

no Rowley St., Gouvemeur, N.I. 

ii602 Drexel Rd., College Park 

3U01 li3rd Ave., CoLmar Manor 

Box 176, Gouverneur, N.Y, 

U06 Turner St., Chevy Chase 

U06 Turner St., Chevy Chase 

U7ij8 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville 

5206 Tilden Rd., Hyattsville 

9103 148th Place, College Park 

9313 Walden Rd., Silver Spring 

Apt, 1, 5732 Chillum Hgts. Dr., Chillum 

723 Roxoboro Place, N.W., D.C. 

6II8 last. Ave., W. Hyattsville 

2006 Dayton St., Silver Spring 

316 Gallatin St., N.W,, D.C. 

1317 Rowalt Drive, College Park 

6013 U3rd St., Hyattsville 

c/o Bureau of Mines, College Park 

3902 Jefferson St., Hyattsville 

3120 Douglas St., N.E., D.C. 

U208 Sheridan St., Hyattsville 

U805 College Ave., College Park 

Box 182, Branchville 

Apt. 2, 5800 Queens Chapel Rd., W. Hyattsville 

53UO Baltimore Ave,, Hyattsville 

U609 Calvert Rd., College Park 

8U11 U8th Ave., Berwyn 

11-J Parkway, Greenbelt 

12 -G Plateau Place, Greenbelt 

U508 Rittenhouse St., Riverdale 

1819 G St,, N,W,, D.C. 

5622 Landover Rd., Villa Ifeights, Bladensburg 

U102 Queensbury Rd., Hyatt sville 

6lli E. Leland St,, Chevy Chase 

I420O 5Uth Place, Bladensburg 

c/o Bureau of Mines, College Park 

712 Hamlin St., N.E., D.C. 

c/o Bureau of Mines, College Park 

3123 Queens Chapel Rd., Apt. 303, Mt. Rainier 

TO 5095 

SL hoik 


TO U981 

TO 6529 

UN 2570 

TO 61i70 

WA 6616 

DN 3100 

WA 1689 

WA 5722 

OR 6008 

UN 373U 

UN 9861 

TO U862 

AX U876 

CO 1158 

AP 1852 

TU 1989 


UN ii327 

WA 7392 

SL 6159 

WA 3052 

UN 7066 

JO 2-812I4 

WA 8306 

WA 8631 

wi 3219 

wi 3219 

WA 2193 

UN 0891 

TO U851 

SH 82U7 

GE 3853 

SL 8229 

RA 0239 

AP 151a 

m 0792 

UN 3100 

jju 7U03 

LI 30209 

WA 8129 

UN 36U2 

TO 52U7 

UN 3292 

UN 7256 

UN l6Mi 

TO 5755 

GR 8301 

GR U096 

ME 5630 

UN 2061 

WI 6267 

AP 0639 

UN 3100 

AD 1739 

UN 3100 

UN lii33 


••tObert, Leonard 

Opp>ennan, Frank 
*Orings, Clarence Watson 

Palmer, Khem W., Jr. 
*Panek, Louis A. 

Parks, Joe M. 
♦Parker, Lida H. 
♦Peed, Richard A. 
♦Petersen, Vincent C. 
♦Peterson, Maurice J, 
♦Pioso, Virginia W. 
♦Potter, R.H, 
♦Potter, Ruth D. 
♦Power, James R. 
♦Prickett, Hilda 

Prokopovitsh, Andrew S, 
♦Reid, Eleanor C. 
<<Rhoderick, Enima V, 

Rian, Mortimer E,, Jr. 

Robins, Nathcm 
■«Root, Don C. 
*Rulloda, Policarpo 
♦Ruppert, John A. 

Schlain, David 
•sSchmid, Byron C. 

Seal, Eleanor C, 
♦Shade, Alaon L. 
♦Shelton, Maurice 

Shepard, Hugh B, 
♦Sheridan, Willa B. 
<*Shibler, Bertram K. 
♦Skow, Milford L. 

Slaughter, Anna R. 
«Smith, Harry C. 
♦Smith, Kenneth M. 
♦Snyder, George J. 
♦Solet, Ira S, 
♦Sorrentino, Vincent J» 

Souder, Jean L. 
♦Spendlove, Max J. 
^♦Spille, Ruth C. 

Steinour, E, Janet 

Summerfield, Powell 
♦Thomas, Florence G, 
♦Thonipson, Marie S, 

Thoiopson, Matthew C* 
♦Tice, Helen E, 
♦Vanover, JLawrence F, 
♦Walker, Alfred E. 
♦iValker, Janet G. 
♦Walsh, Leona 
♦Wamke, V/ilbert E. 
♦Werner, Irving 
♦White, Charles E. 
^^Wieland, Louis A, 

Wilson, Donald A. 
itWindes, Steve L. 
•NV/oodard, Dedrick A. 

81iOl| Manchester Rd., Silver Spring 

1220 Jackson St., N.E., D.C. 

7013 Wake Forest Drive, College Park 

2802 South 9th St., Arlington, Va. 

U109 Tennyson Rd,, University Park 

6806 Baltimore Blvd., Hyatt sville 

36-A Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

Rt. 2, Box 155, Laurel 

33h 19th St., N.E., D.C. 

6106 U3rd Ave., Hyattsville 

5800 66th Ave,, Eastpines, Riverdale 

316 South Irving St., Arlington, Va. 

UOO7 53rd St., Bladensburg 

hS Chinquapin Village, Alexandria, Va. 

1^903 Cherokee St., College Park 

3507 Lancer Drive, Hyattsville 

112 Webster St., N.E., D.C. 

ii503 Guilford Rd., College Park 

3U20 last Ave,, ColracU- Manor 

1930 2nd St., N.E., D.C. 

$ii31 55th Place, Apt. 302, E. Riverdale 

272I4 73rd Place, Apt. 201;, Hyattsville 

6li;li 31st. St., N.W., D.C. 

8203 ll;th Ave., hyattsville 

iill2 Ingomar St., N.W., D.C. 

6618 lith St., N.W., D.C. 

lii-M Hillside Rd., Greenbelt 

5903 63rd Ave., Riverdale 

U132 West View Rd., Baltimore 

509 Lanark Way, Silver Spring 

7201 Princeton Ave., Apt. 10, College i^ark 

i;303 Oglethorpe St., Apt. 301, Hyattsville 

112 Webster St., N.E., D.C, 

Box 305A, Rt, 1, Laurel 


10-J Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

17 -G Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

2602 Arvin St., Wheaton, Silver Spring 

U216 Sheridan St., University Park 

367 S. Hanpton Dr., Silver Spring 

7007 ^»ake Forest Drive, College Park 

ii2lU Sheridan St., University Park 

10-A Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

I1605 Beechwood Rd., College Park 

U325 Rowalt Drive, College Park 

2002 G. St., N.W,, D.C. 

709 Avon Place, Alexandria, Va. 

9115 Flower Ave., Silver Spring 

30ij Selden Rd., Iron River, Mich. 

39-D Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

3605 Hith St., N.t«., D.C. 

5308 Annapolis Rd., Hyattsville 

912 D. St., S.W., D.C, 

Ui405 Beechwood Rd., Hyattsville 

2812 Munson St., Silver Spring 

5303 38th Ave., Apt. h, Hyattsville 

9302 I'lower Ave., Silver Spring 

5th & Telegraph Rd., Lanham 

SL 8963 

DE U090 

UN 158U 

Jackson 8-1315 

UN 910*5 

UN 2528 

GR 2636 

laurel 770-J-l 

LI 6-.lii56 

WA 7097 

UN 6932 

CH 6093 

WA 3013 

TE 2835 

TO 61U2 


TA 9U11 

UN 2553 
NO 3118 
WA 8ii03 

CR 7290 

WO 1380 

GE 1398 

UN 7li33 
Belmont 2195 
SH 85U6 
UN U1O6 
AP 2390 
TA ii507 
Laurel 206-W 
Brandywine 2171 

GR 7837 
LO 5-I57I1 
UN 0358 
SL 7853 
Y/A 2778 
WA ii657 
GR ii557 
WA 3598 

EX 957li 
TE 11471 
JU 7-7528 

GR U911 
TU 3305 
UN 2027 
ME 0222 
HY 02Ut 

SH 7551 
UN 305U 

Fish and VJildlife Service, V^A 5800 

♦fierrent, Esther U. 

Burt is, Jean 
••♦Carlson, Carl B. 
*Crump, James 
♦Evers, Clifford F. 
♦Fowler, Emmet t G, 

Harrison, Joseph 
♦Jarvis, Norman D. 
♦Kerr, Rose G» 
♦Lee, Charles F. 
♦Longanecker, Virginia 

McCormack, Grace 

Nilson, Hugo W. 
♦Pottinger, Samuel H, 
••©obey, Dorothy M, 

Shirley, Nancy L. 
•Wagner, Mary F. 

c/o J. L. Corbin, Berwyn 

6530 5th St., N.W., D.C. 

UOll Beechwood Rd., University Park 

Odell Rd., Beltsville 

7702 Colesville Rd., University Hills, 

P. 0. Box 123, College Park 

1115 8th St., N.i/., D.C. 

5606 Queens Chapel Rd., W. Hyattsville 

1702 Kilboume St., N.W., D.C. 

806 Garland Ave., Takoma Park 

5612 31st Ave., Queens Chapel tenor, W, 

7501 Rhode Island Ave., College Park 

1107 Flower Ave., Takoma Park 

U307 Van Buren St., University Park 

9 Midhurst Rd., Silver Spring 


7201 Princeton Ave., College Park 

RA 3268 

-svillB WA 5839 

WA 5800 

HO 558I1 

AP 0612 

SH 8055 

.tsville WA 7879 

UN 3359 

SL 8836 

WA 6I420 

SL U706 

Elkridge 1U9-M 

WA 6865 


Maryland Crop Reporting Service , 

*Culp, Mamie D. 

Foltz, Ruby S. 
•«K}eiser, Grace A. 

Herzog, Warren F, 
♦Knight, Josephine K. 
■wMierley, Cleonce E, 
♦Miller, Alan Hi 
♦Peters, Julius H, 
♦Povmall, Paul C, 
^Stephens, Oloria F. 
♦Wilson, Donald B. 

hhOO 28th PlAce, Mt. Rainier 

Division 8, Green Streets, Salisbury 

7201 Princeton Ave., College Park 

I4609 College Ave., College Park 

26-F Crescent Hd,, Greenbelt 

6-L Research Hd., Greenbelt 

3318 Lancer Drive, Ifyattsville 

7208 Wells Parkway, Hyattsville 

311 Garland St., Takana Park 

Vet. Family Unit 11, Apt. E,Univ. of Md. 

1833 Otis St., N.E., D.C. 

National Sand and Gravel Association Research Foundation 
National Ready Uixed Concrete Association 

(Laboratories in Room 19, Lab. Building S, College of Engineering) 

♦Bloom, D. L. 
♦Shook, J. F, 
♦IrValker, Stanton 
♦Zeigler, E. J. 

Box, 185, Beltsville 
5006 Cree Lane, Branchville 
8 Parkside Rd., Silver Spring 
5303 38th Ave., Hyattsville 

Prince George's County Mental Health Clinic, UN 7713 

♦Garrity, M. Virginia 
♦Henderson, Adels L. 
♦Meister, Leonara G, 

Rooney, Herbert L. 
-Jfiiosenkrans, Luella M. 

Ross, Mabel, Dr. 


Ifental Health Nurse 

Psychiatric Social Worker 

Chief Psychiatric Social Worker 


Psychiatrist and Director of Clinic 

UN 0553 
Sails. 6622 
UN Ui26 
UN 9851 
GR 73 U3 
UN 8379 
Wfc 6362 
SL 6575 

HO 2063 

TO 5505 

SL 838U 
UN 0128 

Ullmann, Charles A., Dr. Psychologist 
Production and Marketing Administration. U.S.D.A., WA 7800 (New Agriculture Bldg.) 

♦Abell, John Lee 
♦Aist, Dudley C, 
♦filandford, Joseph H. 

Brcora, Katherine 
♦Bums, Leonard C. 

Burroughs, Amelia W, 
♦Carson, Richard M. 
♦Ginden, Arline D, 
♦Harris, William T., Jr. 
♦Heeley, Lillian E. 
♦Leatherwood, Sara H. 

Matthews, F. Brooke, Jr, 
♦Miller, Peggy B. 

Roache, Anita H. 

Shelton, Clayton J, 
^«Sylveste^, Fred B. 
*Tumey, William H. 
•JWelflh, Charles E, 

Williamson, Helen G, 

R.F.D, Leonardtown 



5209 Tilden Rd., Decatur Hts., 


222 Cedar Ave., Tak<Mna Park 


221 Cedar Ave,, Takoma Park 
R, F, D» Centerville 

U805 Drexel Dr., College Park 

k-F Parkway, Greenbelt 

Ifi Plata 

Collage Park 

Hill St., Ellicott City 

Box 32, Alexandria, Va. 

Queen Anne 

h^ Avondale St., Laurel 

2-F Parkway, Greenbelt 

222 Cedar Ave., Takoma Park 


Leonardtown 37-F-ll 
Brandywine 26ii2 
Brandywine 3276 
WA 2909 
Ashton 5U2U 
SH 2ii5l 

Keedysville 2lM 
JU 7-7873 

Centreville I38-JI 
WA 3U18 
Greenbelt 59i47 
laPlata U871 
WA 7800 
Ellicott City 208 

ov 2719 

Hillsboro 3651 
Laurel 556-W 
Greenbelt 55 16 
SK 2i45l 

Soil Conservation Service. AP li890 and WA 38OO, Ext. 309 (Room 228, Agriculture Bldg.) 

♦Davis, Denver C, 
♦Davis, Edward M. 
♦Hancock, Hugh 
♦Hershberger, Merl F. 
♦Hsifflble, Made Ion M. 
♦Keams, Madeline R. 
*Stewart, John S,, Jr, 
<<Wright, Kathleen D. 

7l;0li Hopkins Ave., College Park 

7018 Wake Forest Dr., Calvert Hills 

8303 PotoDBic Avenue, Berwyn 

7503 Rhode Island Ave., College Park 

5I1J4O Spring Rd., Sionnybrook, Hyattsville 

Shlh 39th Ave., Hyattsville 

ii6l7 College Ave., College Park 

372h. Kennedy St., HyattsvUle 

HI 5510 
WA 2U01 
TO h8l7 
WA 5785 
M 5195 
WA 021^7 
AP OOhl 
UN 72U8 

Soil Conservation Service, Office of Research , VA O8I18 (Rooms GH 100 & GH 103, New Greenhouse) 

♦Dawson, Roy C, 
♦Hobbs, Harold W. 

U019 Beechwood Rd., University Park 
302 Birch Ave., Takoma Park 

AP 13h3 
SH 0221 

U. S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, College Park District, WA 63hQ 

*Darling, John M. 
♦Davis, Lather C, Jr. 
♦Dougherty, Donald F, 

69 Strathmore Ave., Garrett Park 
5618 New Hampshire Ave., N.E., 11, D.C 
Ii8l8 69th Place, hyattsville 

Lockwood 5-3978 
GE 7179 
UN U5lii 


♦Kennedy^ John F* 9606 Rhode Island Ave., Bemyn 

♦Lee, Clara V, Suimyside, Springfield Rd., Rt. 1, Boirie Bowie 3861 

LeFever, Floyd F, li712 Lackawanna Street, Berwyn TO U826 

♦Lenfeat, Leslie W. 7006 22nd Place, Ifyattsville 

♦Martin, Robert 0. R, 333 Laurel Ave., Laurel Laiorel U63-W 

Steffen, Mary R, l6-C Parkway Rd., Greenbelt Greenbelt 8U02 

■fWagner, Joseph F. 10-W Southway Rd., Greenbelt Greenbelt 5901 

Veterans Administration Training Office, 360, Ro<mi IBll 

♦Baxter, Marshall D. 5226 First St., N.W., D.G. RA 2762 



Year-College Name Home Address Local Address Phone 

Gr Aamlid, Kaare, Skarpnes, Arendal, Norway, Sellraan Rd., Beltsville, TO 6IO8 

2SCS Aarons, Richard M., 360I4 Clarinth Rd., Baltimore 15, U802 Calvert Rd., C.P., UN 9186 

Gr Abbahl, Forest E., 1138 Shadyside Ave., S.W., Canton 10, Ohio, Apt. 21, 3li06 Tulane Dr. 

ISCS Abdol, Ali-Mohammad,58 Now, Tehran, Iran, 3005 Mass. Ave., D.G. (W. Hyattsville 

3Ag Abe, Dennis F., Oldtown, Dorm N (SL 8983 

OSes Abele, Amelia L., U8 Union Ave., Peekskill, N.Y., 2209 Washington Ave., Silver Spring 

3Ag Abell, J. Dent, Leonardtown, h605 College Ave., C.P., WA 988I4 

IAS Abelson, Sonia H., 8OOI Eastern Drive, Silver Spring, SL 5817 

liBPA Abernathy, Carl M., 15 Forman Ave., Point Pleasant, N.J., Beltsville Garden Apts,, Belts- 

3En Abert, Charles, 25 »Villiams St., Rockville, Rockville 3780 (ville 

Gr Abrahams, Allen E., 2620 Kirkwood Place, Hyattsville 

OSCS Abrahamson, Raymond E., 2691 H. St., Fort Meade, Ft, Meade 2015 

3En Abrams, Robert H., 1300 Holbrook St., N.E., 2, D.C., LI 3-2618 

2BPA Acevedo, Fernando, Betances No. 38, Bayamon, Puerto Rico, 6806 Baltimore Blvd., Kyatts- 

hAS Acherman, Walter L., Li305 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, UN 2928 (ville, UN 2S22 

2En Ackerman, Charles E,, 311 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, SH 7558 

ISCS Acree, George W., 1^009 Fourth St., Baltimore 25, T.D. 3 

2En Adams, Charles B., Jr., Trappe, Calvert D 

lAg Adams, E. Earl, Jr., Gambrills, South Shore iHhh 

ISCS Adams, Edward G., 8906 Ewing Drive, Bethesda Ih, WI 8383 


OSCS Adams, Frank I., 131 Ivanhoe St., D.C., JO 2-8225, Ext. 73015 (25, D,C.,?ent 

OSCS Adams, George M. (Capt.), II8 N. State St., Springfield, 111., Hqs,USAF,Coinm,Dir,, Pentagon 

2Ed Adams, Helen 0., li70ii Morgan Drive, Chevy Chase 15, '»VI I;868 

liEd Adams, Jotrn Q., 3 D Plateau Place, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5532 (TO 5272 

IBPA Adams, Lawrence W., Jr., lijO Drake Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y., 8ij30 Potomac Ave., Berwyn 

Gr Adams, Martha E., 102 Vue de L'Eau St., Cambridge, ijl03 53rd Ave., Hyattsville, UN 7885 

Gr Adams, Nicholas A., 2028 N.W. 5th St., Miami 35, Fla., U721 /foodberry Rd., Riverdale 

Gr Adams, Ruth R., U12 Athold Ave., Baltimore 29 

3AS Adams, Sylvester R., 1^961 Branch Ave., S.E., 20, D.C., 305 Livingston Terrace, S.E., 20, D,C. 

3AS Adams, Thomas, 630I1 Dahlonega Rd., Glen Echo Hgts., I6, D.C,, OL 6561i 

IkS Adams, Thomas S., Jr., Ij70l4 Morgan Drive, Chevy Chase 15, WI U868 (Va., FA 9590 

OSCS Adans, William A., Jr., 5l8 S. 2nd. St., Viarrington, Fla., 607 Meridian Lane, Falls Church, 

OSCS Adcock, James K,, (Maj.), 832 Schiele St., San Jose, Calif., Hotel DuPont Plaza, 6 D.C, 

OSCS Addis, Milton, 820 Arlington Mill Drive, Arlington, Va., LI 56700 Ext. 72570 

l^PA Addor, Donald J., Ib23 Geranium St., N.'.V., 12, D.C, GE 2926 

2AS Aderkas, Edward I., 26| Spruce St., Worcester 3, Mass., TD 5 

UEn Adkins, Jacob M., Parsonsburg, 7ii01 Princeton Ave., C.P. 

IiBPA Adlam, Edward M., 220I4 Lincoln Ave., Baltimore 19, l;8ll Guilford Rd., C.P., HY 0095 

2BPA Adleberg, Joel J., hhll Liberty Hgts. Ave., Baltimore 7, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

2EE Adler, Frederick J., 8301 Riverview Rd., 20, D.C, LO 3-7009 

Ukg Adler, Rudolph F., 83OI Riverview Rd., 20, D.C, Calvert B 

OSCS Adler, Sherman, 208l Morris Ave., New York 53, N.Y., 13ii Chesapeake St., S.W., D.C 

OSCS Adolphsen, John W., 5325 13th St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 1198 

Gr Adrian, Marie W. (Mrs,), 21 Montrose Ave., Garrett Park, LO 5-8636 

IAS Aftandilian, Emil E., 3710 Military Rd., N.W., 15 D.C, Dorm E 

OSCS Ahalt, Catharine H. (Mrs.), Box 28, Ifyersville 

lEn Ahalt, Eugene E., 1(910 Edmonston Rd., Hyattsville, AP I1863 

OEPA Ahalt, Mary Jane (Mrs.), 7007 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., HY 0637 

Gr Ahearn, John L., Jr., IhSh V. St., S.E., 20, D.C, LU U-I083 

liAS Ahlquist, Janis k. (Mrs.), Tracy City, Tenn., 206 Symington Ave., Baltimore 28 

2En Ahmadi, Nasratullah, Shar-i-nan, Kabul, Afghi*nistan, 6II6 i43rd Ave., Hyattsville 

DSCS Aicardi, Janes F., 19 Knollwood Rd., Quincy, Mass., 1102 Maint&Supply Sq., Boiling AFB, 

?Ed Aiello, Jacqueline M., 5219 )42nd. Place, Hyattsville, WA Ii309 ' (20, D.C 

LAS Aiholzer, John R., Jr., 2325 S. 5th Place, Milwaukee 7, Wis., TD 3 (UN 9885 

!HE Aiken, Nancy B., I66 N. Galveston St., Arlington 3, Va., 7$lh Rhode Island Ave., C.P., 

?BPA Aiken, William A., II6 N. Galveston St., Arlington 3, Va., TD 1 

}r Aines, Andrew A., (Maj.), Ii313 Rowalt Drive, C.P., AP 3088 

Jr Ainsworth, John S., Jr., 3351 Denver St., S.E., 20, D.C, VI 2998 

jT Alton, Edward W., R.F.D.#1, Box 135, Hyattsville, V/A 3392 

IHE Akerblom, Suzanne C, 3712 Manor Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Gamma Phi Beta, ViA 9773 

Gr Akers, Sheldon B., 7010 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, '.VI 921? 

3AS Albert, F^iward J., 1905 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore 1? 

3HE Alberts, Shirley A., 5111 Greenspring Ave., Baltimore 9, 1502 College Ave., C.P., WA 9Bhh 

Ug Albin, Harold C, Jr., 26o8 2Uth St., N. Arlington, Va., TD 5 

lAg Albrecht, George H., 3308 Garfield Ave., Terrace, Pa,, Dorm C 

3Ag Albright, George M., Jr., 827 W. 36th St., Baltimore 11, BE 6968 

Gr Albright, John D., 2331 Ashmead Place, N.V/., 9, D.C, IE 8198 

3En Alden, Lome B., 621i4 uUth Place, Riverdale 

Or Alderson, William S., 125 Ivanhoe St., S.rt., 20, D.C, JO 3-h366 

hAS Alderton, James B., Jr., 2335 iiOth St., N.w., 7, D.C, Woodley 2335 


2PE Alderton, John R., Williams Road 2, Ciimberland, Dorm F 

2AS Aldridge, James R. , 38 W. College Ave., Frostburg, Dorm I (JO 3 5890 

OSCS Alers, Perry B., 2522 Savannah St., El Paso, Tex., 3922 1st St., S. W., 20, D, C, 

3En Alexander, Charles E., 3309 Ailsa Ave., Baltimore lu, TD U 

2Ag Alexander, James B., h Gibbes St., Charleston, S. C, TD 3 

2BPA Alexander, Jane C, ii03 Prince George St., Laurel, Laiirel 553 

iiEd Alexander, Jennie L., 5303 U2nd Ave., Hyattsville, ;Sk jSkh (D.C., DU lUhh 

3BPA Alexander, Joseph, h South Abington Ave., Baltimore 29, 1300-A Gonneticut Ave.,N.W., 

OSCS Alexander, Lavfrence E.,Jr., 361I; Fort Waco, McLennan, Tex., 2781 73rd Fl.j Hyattsville 

LEn Alexander, Robert G., 3910 Queensbury Road, Hyattsville, W'A SU22 

IPPA Alexander, Thomas J., Ili5 llcCorkell Ave., Paulsboro, N. J., TT ? 

Gr Alexiou, Nicholas G., 528 Chestnut St., Manchester, N. H. 

2AS Alfaro, Carlos E., Avenida Roosevelt 25> El Salvador, C. A., Dorm H (Hyattsville 

IAS Alfaro, Francisco E,, Avenida Roosevelt 25, San Salvador, C.A., 6806 Baltimore Blvd., 

3AS Alkire, Robert M., 928 South Buchanan St., Ai^lington, Vs., OW 2178 

2BPA Allan, Robert B., 123 7th Avenue, Haddon Heights, N. J., Theta Chi, IITA 9733 

OAS Allen, Pyron E., 7ij01 Dartmouth Ave., College Park, M 175a 

IPPA Allen, Carroll J., III6 F St., N. E., D. C. 

2HE Allen, Daisy F., 6905 Carleton Terrace, College Park, AP lii92 

UEn Allen, Donald W., 1957 '.V. I/ulberry St., Baltimore 23, GI 9708 

OSCS Allen, Edward f/., Hq. & Hq. Sq.llOO, M&S GP, Boiling AFB, 25, B.C., JO 2900O,Fat.282 

ISCS Allen, Gilbert i¥., 2W4O l6th St., N. .V"., 9, D. C, CO 381a, Ext. 212 

Gr Allen, J. Frances, U206 53rd Ave., Hyattsville, \m 7128 

lEd Allen, Marianne H., 5721 8th Road, N. Arlington, Va., MBH 

IBPA Allen, Richard C, U203 Tuscany Ct., Baltimore 10, TU h9hS 

OSCS Allen, Robert H., Jr., 211 N Street, Glen Burnie, Glen Burnie 2191 J 

2En Allen, Stanley P., 1536 Live Oak Drive, Silver Spring, SL 6220 

Gr AJ-len, T. Keith, li319 River Rd., N.'A'., D.C., 6608 Hillandale Rd., Ghe^/y Chase, Wl 3757 

2En Allen, Walter K., VFl, Apt.E., College Park 

OSCS Allen, Walter 0., Jr., 9918 Rogart Rd. , Silver Spring, SH 7523 

Gr Allen, William L., 6905 Carleton Terrace, College Park, AP lii92 

3En Allen, iVinston N., 23l Barr Ave., Teaneck, N. J., Dorm F 

OSCS Alley, Lofton H., Marydel Rd., Linthicum Heights, Linthicum Heights 522W 

liHE Allinger, James E., 3U26 Tulane Drive, West Hyattsville, SH 3272 

liAg Allinger, Warren L., 90U Gist Ave., Silver Spring, SH 3272 

Gr Allmand, Donald E., l507 Hannon St., Carole Highlands, 12, D. C. 

ISCS Allnutt, Reginald C, 8IIU Lockney Ave., Takoma Park, JU 7-9025 

Gr Allred, C. McKay, Box 3U8, Rt. 2, Provo, Utah, 2530 2Uth St. N., Arlington, Va., CH 9785 

2AS Allsopp, Liiriam, 728 Underwood St., N. W. , 12, D. C, GE 609I 

2EPA Alluisi, Bernard S., 2798^ Alameda Blvd., Baltimore 18, TD 3 

hAS Allwein, Joseph L., Ii26 N. 6th St., Lebanon, Pa., UiilO Van Puren St., University Pk., 

2Ed Almgren, Ruth E., U002 31st Street, Mt. Rainier, WA 1566 (UM 9732 

IAS Aloi, Joseph F., 25U St. John St., New Haven, Conn., Dorm F 

2PPA Aloupis, Christopher C, 13 Brovm Sq., Ipswich, Mass., u209 Kennedy St., Hyattsville 

2 AS Alpert, Dolores L., 300 Payfield St., Takoma Park 12, JU 7-3053 

2Fn Alpert, Israel S., 3350 W. Pelvedere Ave., Baltimore l5 

IHE Alster, Corinne H., 29l6 Northampton St., N. W., l5, B. C, EM 6378 

Gr Alta'i, Mohajnmad, H., Bab El-jadid, Mosul, Iraq, 7305 Yale Ave., C. P., WA 8331 

IjAg Altaie, Flayeh H., Baghdad, Iraq, Dorm K 

3PPA AJtenbaugh, Philip G., Jr., 5307 Roosevelt St., Bethesda lU, OL 5ll4li 

ISCS Altieri, Michael A., U529 Pimlico Rd., Baltimore 15, 1^526 Albion Rd., C.P., itfA 2u29 

B'S Altman, Daniel L., Ctrs. >79, Andrews AFB, HI 3100, Ext. 2172 

OSCS Alto, Joseph M., 1030 Barnaby Terrace, S.E., D. C, RE 67OO, Ext. 56075 

IAS Aluise, Dolores R., 230 Maple Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 3851 (Ft. Meade, ODT 5U82 

OSCS Alzmann, Henry F., 10 E. Martin St., East Rockaway, N.Y., 1809 Patton Dr., Meade Heights, 

OSCS Aman, M. Frances (llajor), U0li5 East Ave., Rochester 10, N.Y., 805 Tennessee Ave., 

OSCS Amato, Alphonse J., 30Ut East Oak Street, Alexandria, Va.( Alexandria, Va., TE 3825(GE Ii666 

liEd Ambrose, John E.,319 3rd Ave., S. W. , Glen Burnie, U9IO Illinois Ave., N.W., 11, D.C., 

OSCS Amen, Henry J., Otrs, 62, Boiling Air Force Base, 25, D. C, JO 29000, Ext.[|225 

2Ed Ament, Nancy L., Ii607 Connecticut Ave., 8, D.C., Ii502 College Ave., C.P., WA 98U; 

2SCS Amick, John R., U20 Windsor St., Silver Spring, SL 2102 

OSCS An^merman, Howard E., Jr. (Capt.), I46U1 S. 30th Rd., Arlington, Va., OV 6173 

Gr Amoss, Virginia E., 6ICO h2nd Place, Hyattsville, WA ll50 

UaS Amtower, Warren C, 5603 Kennedy St., Apt. 201, Riverdale 

IMS Anadale, George A., North Peach, TD 2 

3PPA Ander, Calvin S., 3UlO Holmes Ave., Baltimore 17, h310 Knox Rd., C, P., WA 98U5 

2Ag Andersen, Harold J., 3301 Chillum Rd., Mt. Rainier, AP 1123 (AFB, 25, D.C. 

OSCS Andersen, Theodore W., 225 East 82nd St., New York 28, N.Y., 1100th Med. Group., Boiling 

IPE Anderson, Arthur W., Jr., 699 Elm St., Kearny, New Jersey, TD 8 

UPPA Anderson, Benjamin '1/., Jr., U926 St. Elmo Ave., Bethesda II4, TD 1 


OSCS Anderson, Bryant Y. (Maj.), Trivoli, 111., 1607 30th St.,S.E.,20, D.C.,LU 10Uii9 

OSes Anderson, DeLane E., 6909 Little Falls Road, Falls Church, Va., JE 397U3 

UEn Anderson, Donald E., 276 Maple Ave., Hahv/ay, N.J., Dorm F 

Gr Anderson, Donald N., 6212 UUth St., Riverdale, UN 20U5 

2BPA Anderson, Donald W., Seabrook, Bowie U338 

UKn Anderson, Edwin A., Jr., U219 Elderon Ave,, Baltimore 1$, Dorm C 

UBPA Anderson, Gordon H., 211 Mvirdock Rd. , Baltimore 12, Calvert B 

3BPA Anderson, Gosta E., 7812 Elmhurst Ave., Baltimore li;, TD U 

3BPA Anderson, James D., 3713 37th Ave., Brentwood, WA U069 

ISCS Anderson, Jim L., 23 Galveston St., S.'A'., 20, D.C., JO 3h9S6 

3Ag Anderson, John H., R.F.D. 2, Box l65, Eaaton, 3-F Parkway, Greenbelt,Greenbelt 5869 

lEn Anderson, John J., 3930 6th St., Baltimore 25, TD 5 

3AS Anderson, John \V., UU Southgate Ave., Annapolis, Calvert D 

2Ag Anderson, J. Wilton, 712 Gittings Ave., Baltimore 12, SZ 

OSCS Anderson, Kenneth K,, 2327 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington 1, Va., JA 85898 

Gr Anderson, Lloyd D., Route 3, Red Lion, Pa., 5035 N. Capitol St., 11, D.C., RA 832U 

OSCS Anderson, Millicent, 2500 Que St., N.W.,D.C., CO 5570 

IAS Anderson, Nancy P., 95lU Ocala St., Silver Spring, SL 9688 

OSCS Anderson, Nels A., Quarters 79, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C., JO 29000, Ext.U27U (Arlington, Va. 

OSCS Anderson, Oscar S., Jr., 21 14. Main St., vailianiston,N.C., 2316 N.John Marshall Dr., 

iiAg Anderson, Paul A., 37 N. Conococheague St.,Williamsport,7508 Princeton Ave.,C.P. 

3BPA Anderson, Paul E., Buhl, Minn,, U5l3 College Ave., C.?., WA 6533 

Gr Anderson, Philip B., Jr., 5921 10th Road, North, Arlington, Va., Falls Church 5636 

OSCS Anderson, Raymond I., 3U6 East 8lst St., New York 28, N.Y., 3113 Parkway Terrace Dr., 20, 

l|En Anderson, Robert, 503 Annabel Ave,, Baltliiore 25, Calvert E (D.C.,JO 99172 

OSCS Anderson, Robert E. (Pfc), 712 Bennett St., Wilmington, Del., Alabama Hall, Arlington 

UbPA Anderson, Robert H., 521 N.Bouldin St,, Baltimore 5, EA 8121; ( Farms, Va, 

3En Anderson, Robert H., Doncaster, Easton, Calvert B 

IAS Anderson, Robert L,, 3025 Echodale St., Baltimore lli, CL 1637 

2Ed Anderson, IVilbert L., U711 DeRussey Parkway, Chevy Chase 15, OL U711 

OSCS Anderson, William A., 178 E. Parkway, Rochester 5,N.Y., 1008 South Edison St., Arlington, 

lAg Anderson, William P., Gaithersburg, ID 5 (Va., Glebe 8509 

Gr Anderson, Wood P., 905 Houston Ave., Takoma Paiic, SH 7060 

Gr Andreatch, Anthony J., 6IO8 l^lst Ave., Hyattsvllle 

ISCS Andreotti, Charles V., 105 East 88th St., New York 28, N.Y., TD 6 

3AS Andrews, Dorothy C, U022 Ridgecroft Rd., Baltimore 6, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

OSCS Andrews, Elaer R. (S/Sgt.), 320 37th Place, S.E., 19, D.C., AX 05l9 

OEd Andrews, Flora E. (Mrs.), Shady Side, West River 57U1 

2BPA Andrev/s, John C, JJaryland Ave., Crisfield, Dorm M 

3AS AndreYfs, Richard E., 7hh Reservoir St., Baltimore 17, LA 7305 

.2BPA Andrews, William F., U311 Heisterstovm Rd., Baltimore 15, U6OO Norwich Rd., C.P., UN 9307 

liHE Andrus, Mary Ellen, 11 Lincoln Avenue, Takoiaa Park 12, SH 6888 

UPE Andrus, Robert G., 37 Cochran St., Duquesne, Pa., Dora L 

3En Angel, John S., Ul2 Bloomsbury Ave., Baltimore 23 

13PA Angel, Leonard, 3201 Curamings Lane, Chevy Chase 15, OL 3395 

Gr Angel, Ralph L., Apt. C-203, 3900 Hamilton St., Hyabtsville, m 2572 

Gr Angelaras, James G,, Qnory Grove, Gaithersburg 

2PE Anger, Charles R., liiOl South Kent St., Arlington, Va. 

OSCS Angevine, Frank W., 171 Gtindry Drive, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-3739 

UEn Angulo, Earl D. , 5229 Beaufort Ave., Baltimore 15, 750U Dickenson Ave., C.P., UN 2655 

IPE Annenberg, Robert B., 1710 Otis St., N.E., I8, D.C., DU 6996(Reed Hospital, D.C.,SH Ul3U,Ext.Ul 

OSCS Ansley, Daniel R. , Box 315, Apopka, Florida, Quarters 101, Forest Glen Section, Walter 

Gr Anslinger, Clementine 3. (Mrs.), 560U Queens Chapel Rd., Hyattsville, AP 1981 

OSCS Anspach, Archie A., 3906 Columbia St., DesMoines, Iowa, 3179 l8th St.,N.W.,10,D.C.,C0 9863 

Gr Anstey, Robert L., 7U0U Tilden St., Landover Hills, AP 2650 

Gr Antel, Jerome S., Jr., 3629 Jenifer 3t.,l5,D.C., OR 2123 

liAS Antetoraaso, M. Pa\il., U03I Greenaount Ave., BaltLmore 18, Calvert B 

2Ed Anthony, Betty L., Centreville, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

UAg Anthony, Charles E., Box 91, Centreville, Phi Delta Theta, WA 988U 

IBPA Anthony, Victor B., 220U Eutaw Place, Baltimore 17, TD 2 

2AS Antoramarchi, Angel L., 2170 33rd St., Astoria 5, N.Y., 672U Baltimore Blvd., Hyattsville, 

lEd Antrim, Julia, 8611 Woodbrook Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Dorm 2 (UN 98U5 

IAS An7,elmo, Robert J., 712 Buchanan ^.,, N.E.,17,D.C., LA 6-U8II 

2Ed Apfelbaum, Eva M., 293U 12th St,, N.E.,17, D.C., LA d^9562 

lAg Apgar, M, Jane, River View Terrace, Mahwah, N.J., AAH 

UEd Appleby, Hardin, 3515 Lyndale Avenue, Baltimore 13 

3AS Appleby, Joan H., 19lii Glen Ross Rd., Silver Spring, Dorm 2 (Frederick, Fred. 1191, Ext. 533 

OSCS Appleby, Leonard C, Grant Place, Frederick, Property Div. , Procurement Br., Camp Detrick, 

OSCS Aprea, Luird, 1305 N. Quinn St., Arlington, Va., Pent. Ext.73U38 

IBPA April, Martin R., I60U Roxanna Rd., N.W., 12, D.C., RA 75lli 


4AS April, Reuben, 109 Rittenhouse St., N.W., 11, D.C., 9050 Balto. Blvd., Berwyn, TO 5362 

lAg Arango, Carlos I., Calle 67 6-32, Bogota, Colombia, Dorm B 

lAg Arango, Snrlque 0., Calle 70A, 6-00, Bogota, Colombia, TD 1 

OSCS Aranow, Philip I., 307 Martense St., Brooklyn 26, N.Y., 1922 Calvert St., N.W., D.C. 

2BPA Arant, Dorothy E., 913 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, SL 044X 

2BPA Arbes, Andrew P., 4400 Keswick Rd., Balto. 10, Dorm 

2SCS Arbes, Spero J., 212 Myrtle Ave., Westfield, N. J., TD 8 

2HE Archer, Marilyn J., 9507 Monroe St., Silver Spring, Dorm 3 (D.C, GE 1000 Ext. 728 

OSCS Archer, R.ubye W. (Mrs,), R.F.D. 4, Bedford, Va., Delano Hall, Walter Reed Army Ho8p.,12, 

4En Archer, William D., 703 McCabe Ave., Balto. 12, CH 0932 

3AS Archer, William H., Jr., 309 Carroll Ave., Takoraa Park 12, SL 5589 

OAS Archibald, John H., 2014 Drexel St., HEyattsville (UN 9864 

3Ag Arella, Saverio F., 820 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark 4, N.J., 7506 Dickinson Ave., C.P., 

OSCS Arents, Bertrand J,, Center Rd., Woodbridge, New Haven, Conn., 5481 Lorraine Dr., 

2En Armacost, Joshua P., 6419 Windsor Mill Rd., Balto. 7, TD 8 (Camp Springs, CY 9115 

2HE Armour, Claire G., 216 Whitmoor Terrace, Silver Spring 

4BPA Armstrong, Jasper H., Jr., 9410 Columbia Blvd., Silver Spring, Phi Sigma Kappa, UN 9851 

3SCS Armstrong, Jean B., 55 Shore Lane, Bay Shore, N. Y., MBH 

Gr Armstrong, John F., 85 E. Main St., Frostburg 

4PE Armsworthy, Frank J., 1159 W. Hamburg St., Baltimore 30, Dorm L 


Gr Arneth, A. Philip, Jr., 156 Buffalo Ave., Brooklyn 13, 206A W. Glendale Ave., Alexandria, 

lAS Amey, Russell E., Jr., 51U 12th St., S.E., 3, D. C, LI 45396 

Gr Arnn, Edward L. , 303 67th Place, 19, D.C, HI 4176 

lEn Arnold, Donald M., 3445 Benning Rd., N.E., 19, D.C, LI 44308 

Gr Arnold, George W., Jr., 4121 South Capitol Terrace, S.W., 20, D. C. 

lAg Arnold, James B., Monrovia, TD 3 

lEn Arnold, Myles G., 6215 43rd Ave., Ityattsville, UN 0605 

OSCS Arnold, Ray E., Rt. 1, Lufkin, Texas, 1206 Westlawn Pl., Falls Church, Va., Pent, 52627 

OSCS Arnoldi, Louis B., (Lt. Col.), 806 S. Arlington Mill Rd., Arlington, Va., JA 4-0332 

2AS Aronson, Fremces B., 5458 30th St., N.W., 15, D.C, Phi Sigma Sigma 

OSCS Arrigo, Joseph, (Capt,), 2410 Dennis Ave., Silver Spring 

2Ed Arrington, Reginald N., Jr., West Friendship, Calvert A 

IBPA Arris, Dstniel J., 220A Carroll Parkway St., Frederick, Calvert B 

Gr Arthur, Robert H., 3326 Buchanain St., Mt. Rainier 

OSCS Artwohl, William, 1922 Apt. C, Meade Heights, Odenton, Ft. Meade 3623 

ISCS Arundel, Lawrence Clayton, Rt. 3, Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg 496 Jll 

4AS Arvanetes, Bvangelo, 446 Fairview Ave., Westwood, N. J. 

2BPA Asay, G. Raymond, Jr., 2821 R St., S.E., 20, D.C, VI 4817 

Gr Ash, Paul M., 426 Colescott St., Shelbyville, Ind., VF8, Apt. C, C P. 

4AS Ashe, Thomas J., 3101 Lake Rd., Cheverly, WA 4599 

OSCS Ashe, Verna M., (>irs.), 837 N. Warnock PL, Phila., Pa., 1923 First St., N.W., 1, 

lAS Ashley, Raymond C, 3008 Ailsa Ave., Balto. 14, Calvert E (D.C. NO 8067 

2AS Ashman, Shiela J., 3700 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 15, AAH 

2BPA Ashton, Charles H., 1831 N. Herndon St., Arlington, Va., TD 4 

lAS Askari, Amir E., 954 Shahpoor St., Tehran, Iran, 4705 Harvard Rd., C P. 

4AS Askin, Jean S., 2605 Barister Rd., Balto. 9, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

2En Asplen, Charles H., 1007 St, Dunstan's Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm 

OSCS Aswad, Saleem, 3243 D Terrace Drive, Silver Hill, JO 86322 

2AS Atas, Charles J., Odenton, TD 4 

2BPA Atas, Herbert J,, Odenton, TD 4 

OSCS Atchison, Ellis C, 3483 S. Wakefield St., Arlington 6, Va., OV 4950 

IBPA Atchison, Kenneth C, 8514 Edmonston Ave., Berwyn Heights, Dorm 

lAg Athey, Wilbur L., Rt, 2, Williams Rd., Cumberland, VF13, Apt. G, C P, 

OSCS Atkinson, Allen S., 9006 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SL 6780 

Gr Atkinson, Edward E., 1110 N. Vernon St., Arlington, Va., OX 1946 (LI 56700, Ext. 54698 

OSCS Atkinson, Gwen C, 2442 N. Utah St., Arlington, Va., AFOOP-OD, Rm. 4C1036, Pent. 25, D.C, 

IBPA Atkinson, Judith, 1629 Columbia Rd., 9, D. C, MBH 

3Ed Atkinson, Lois J., 48 Howard St., Vineland, N.J., Kappa Rappa Gamma, WA 9886 

4Ed Atkinson, Robert, 2310 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore 23, GI 4831 J 

2Ed Atlas, Sally G., 1438 Parkwood Pl,, N,W., 10, D.C, TU 1916 

IBPA Atlas, Simon, 3700 Massachusetts Ave., N,W., D.C, OR 0500 

lAS Atler, John H., 219 Spruce Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 0823 

Gr Atteberry, Edgar R., 11 Malvern Ave., Richmond, Va. 

OSCS Attick, William E., 2802 Linden Lane, Silver Spring, SL 1349 

Gr Attix, Frank H., 1203 Ingraham St., N,W., D. C 

2Ed Atwell, Barbara J., Lawyer's Hill, Elkridge 27, Elkridge 782 

Gr Auber, E. John, VFll, Apt. F, College Park 

ISCS Aughenbaugh, Stephen L., 6951 Kindred St., Philadelphia 24, Pa., Theta Chi 

3BPA Augsburger, Peter W., 409 Salem Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Pa,, CZ 

Gr August, William T., 13 G Hillside St., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6621 


OSCS Aukirard, Joseph A., $012 8th St., N.E., 17, D. C, LA 6-7I489 

OSCS Ault, Richard L., lah Brook Drive, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-8069 

Gr Auriti, Anthony A., 627 Maryland Ave., S.W., D. C, ST li387 

liEd Auslander, Albert I., U002 Annellan Road, Baltimore l5 

UAS Auslander, Marcus L., 26lU Rosewood Ave., Baltimore 15, LI 7001 

lAg Austin, Carlton W. , 5122 Decatur St., Hyattsville, AP U091 

OSCS Austin, John F., 5517 V Street, S. E., 19, D. C, JO 2-9000, Ext.la96 

Gr Austin, William E., Falkland Manor, Silver Spring, SH 9892 

IAS Avadikian, Rudy K., 11765 Georgia Ave., Wheaton, SH la90 

OSCS Averill, Felix E., 10232 Capitol View Ave., Silver Spring, SH 6819 

UEd Averill, Ruth E., 2775U Rackham Rd., Detroit, Mich., U502 College Ave., C.P.,WA 98idi 

liEd Averman, M. Jane, 9U5 Braddock Rd., Cumberland, MBH 

UBPA Aversa, Dominic, 3220 East Fairmount Ave., Baltimore 2li, BR l6i|5( Hospital, Forest Glen 172 

OSCS Avery, Clark M., Santa Rosa, Calif., U. S. Air Force Phys. Eval. Bd., Walter Reed Army 

OSCS Avery, James B. (Capt.), 3528 Dartmouth Ave., Dallas 5, Tex., 23U3 Green St., S.E.,20,D.C. 

OSCS Avriett, Giles C, 25l5 Rio Grande St., Austin, Tex., U31U 12 Rd. So. 22, Arlington l;,Va., 

UAg Ayish, Ahmed S., 25 East Franklin St., Hagerstown, TD 8 (GI UiOO, Ext.81i3 

2Ed Ayres, Nina L., Box 312, Millsboro, Del., Delta Gamma, WA 9Shh 

lAg Azerbeygui, Fereydoun, 3720 Livingston St., N.W., 15, D. C, M 8217 

Gr Babiskin, Julius, 37232 2nd St., S.E., 20, D. C, JO 2-9092 

(AFB, D.C. 

OSCS Bacalis, Paul N. (Capt.), 3008 Parkway Terrace Dr., 20, D. C, Hq. 1100 A.E. Wing, Boiling, 

2AS Baccala, Angelo A., 3120 E. Monument St., Baltimore 5, 1136 Penn St., N.E., D.C, LI 3-8627 

2Ed Eaccaro, Ben L., 687 Summer Ave., Newark k, N.J., 7506 Dickinson Ave., C.P., UN 987U 

OSCS Bach, Eleanor M., 205 W. Windsor Rd., Glendale U, Calif., 6121 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va. 

OSCS Bachetti, Leonard J., Ii596 Blue Pl-ains Dr., S. W., 20, D. C. (D.C, W) la67 

OSCS Bachman, Carolyn R. (Mrs.), 301 N. Main St., Greeneville, Tenn., U520 MacArthur Blvd.,N.W., 

OSCS Bachman, John L., 1|520 MacArthur Blvd., 7, D. C, TO 1^67 

liEd Bachman, John R. , U26 North Centre St., Ciimberland, TD h 

IBPA Bachman, Joseph P., 3709 Military Rd., N.W., l5, D. C, W 5U86 

3AS Eachmann, George T., Jr., Ill Archwood Ave., Annapolis, Calvert C 

UBPA Bachschmid, William B., 7503 Lynn Drive, Chevy Chase l5, WI 1521 

UAg Backinger, George T., Iil7 Kenmont St., Pittsburgh 23, Pa., Dorm 

Gr Backus, V/illiam A., 5U37 South 5th St., Arlington h, Va. , OX O318 

3En Bacon, Richard S., 873 North Harrison St., Arlington, Va., GL 2091 

3AS Badart, Leo C, Lawyers Hill, Rt. li. Box IIC, Elkridge 27, Elkridge llOM' 

2AS Barldock, Aileen C, U032 Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

lAg Baden, Thomas B., Croom Station, Marlboro 2lU3 

IAS Badini, Matilda H., 322li '.Valbridge Place, N. W., 10, D. C, NO 256l 

3PE Baer, Eric A., Ii6l7 Belvieu Ave., Baltimore 7, TD 8 

liAS Baer, Gustav, 3809 Sequoia Ave., Baltimore l5, U607 Knox Rd., C P. 

IBPA Baer, John C, McLean, Virginia, Elmwood 638 

3AS Eaffa, Raymond J., 65l8 U6th Place, Riverdale 

2HE Eafford, Roberta H., 5 Vance St., Lexington, N. C, Kappa Alpha Theta, UN 9829 

lEd Bagby, Barbara H., 9123 Sligo Parkway, Silver Spring, AAH 

2Ag Paginski, James I., 9207 Harford Rd., Baltimore lU, NZ 

liEd Baginski, Leonilla E., 9207 Harford Rd., Baltimore lU, AAH 

3AS Bahr, Richard F., 3120 Brighton St., Baltimore 16, WI 6295 

OSCS Baier, Roland V., Nashwauk, Minn., 363I Nichols Ave., S. E., 20, D. C 

IBPA Baierl, Ralph A., 221^ Luray St., Pittsburgh lU, Pa., Dorm M 

lAS Baikstis, Henry A., lUiJ. Primrose Rd., 20, D. C, Calvert D 

2AS Baile, Robert R., New Windsor, c/o Mrs. J. R. Reily, C P., WA 7988 

IHE Bailey, Carolyn L., Mardela, MBH 

IiBPA Bailey, George D., 6952 Maple Street, 12, D. C, RA 1935 

2AS Bailey, Herman S., 839 S. Kenwood Ave., Baltimore 2U 

OSCS Bailey, Thomas E., Camp Detrick, Frederick, Frederick 1191, Ext. 372 

UPE Bailey, Thomas 0., iiOl Anderson Ave., Rockville, Rockville 29 U6 

OSCS Baily, William, 1017 lOth St., Alexandria, Va., OV U09O 

IBPA Bain, Albert C, h901 Ruatan St., Perwyn, TO 5233 

OSCS Bainum, Clarence, 3IO8 Parkway Terrace Dr., S.E., 20, D. C, JO 9-9368 

Gr Baity, Warren M., Street, 7511 Princeton Ave., C P., WA 9831 

3SCS Bakas, Michael, 312 S. Oldham St., Baltimore 2U, BR 3882 

OSCS Bakaysa, Alexis, U019 Nichols Ave., S. W., 20, D. C, JO 290li5 

Gr Baker, Alice T., U8o5 DeRussey Pkwy., Chevy Chase l5, WI Ulli7 

UBPA Baker, Arlie P., Jr., 17F Parkway Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3556 

3BPA Baker, Arthur D., U820 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase, WI 1855 

2BPA Baker, Benjamin H., 2309 Jasper St., S. E., D. C, TW 0796 

Gr Baker, David W., Damascus, 738 Ingraham St., N.W., D. C, TU 3318 

OSCS Baker, TieWitt B., UiO Bellview Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

i.iAS Raker, Dorothy C (Mrs.), 5803 Sonoma Road, Bethesda lU, WI 5687 

IBPA Baker, Edward C, 5011 Quebec St., C P., TO 5989 


2Ag Baker, E. Neil, 5U23 Roosevelt St., Bethesda, TD 3 

UBPA Baker, Harold A., 10112 Greenock Rd., Silver Spring, SL 3U81 

Gr Baker, Henrietta B., 2l;08 Colston Dr., Silver Spring, SL 296$ 

Or Baker, Jack E., U21 N.E. 17th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.,U708 Norvrich Rd.,C.P. 

2Ed Baker, Janes E., Gowen, W.Va., 3Ul2 Tulane Drive, Apt. 32, IW.Hyattsville, AP U903 

Gr Baiter, Marshall E., $0U Knollwood Dr., Falls Church, Va., FA 685U 

IHE Baker, Maiy E., 6923 Carleton Terrace, College Park, UN 9071 

US Baker, Mildred C, h6lO Knox Rd., College Park, WA U329 

OSCS Baker, Murray W. (Capt.), U009 3rd St., S.E.,D.C., JO 33999 

3Ag Baker, Richard L., 7205 Massachusetts Ave., Woodacres, OL 8376 

UaS Baker, Rudolph G,, LiOU S. Bentalou St., Baltimore 23, ED U7U2J 

2Ag Baker, Sabra Z., Box 193, College Park, WA U329 

2A3 Baker, Sandra L., 29 Winston Dr., Bethesda lii. Dorm 3 

2BPA Baker, S. Morton, U021 Harrington Rd., Baltimore 7, 7303 Yale Ave., C.F. 

3BPA Baker, Warren S., 206 10th St., Laurel, Laurel 22R (Va.,FA 1353 

OSCS Balchunas, George A., U20 Pacific St., Franklin, Pa., 6712 Glen Carlyn Dr., Falls Church, 

2AS Balco, Selina G., 3813 37th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 31^22 

UAS Baldwin, Betty, Elk Mills, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

OSCS Baldwin, Clarence H., 113 Galveston St., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 2-6358 

3En Baldwin, John L., Jr., 2Ull Holman Ave., Silver Spring, SH 7859 

3Ag Baldwin, J. Rush, III, Havre de Grace, Dorm I (3300 Perry St.,Mt. Rainier 

lAg Baldwin, Silas R., Quarters 8, Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, 111., 

OSCS Bales, Kenneth B., 2U37 Jackson St., Kansas City, Mo. ,1101 Maint.Sqdn., Boiling AFB,D.C. 

ISn Ball, Bruce M., 13 Tenth Ave., Haddon Heights, N.J., ii900 Berwyn Road, C.P.,TO 5ii09 

2En Ball, Glenn C, Jr., Route 1, Springfield, Va., FA 6O36 

OSCS Ball, Joseph J., 1107 Lewis Ave., Rockville, Rockville UI4I3 

UAS Ball, Margaret M., U5lii Albion Rd., College Park, UN 82ii5 (WA 3237 

2Ag Balladares, Ernesto J., Leon St., Nicaragua, C.A.,ii227 Oglethorpe St.,Hyattsville, 

ISCS Ballantyne, Margaret J,, 5507 Charlcote Rd., Bethesda lU, Dorm 3 (SL 8121 

OSCS Ballard, Herbert L., Prudence Island, Newport, R.I., 228 Southampton Dr., Silver Spring, 

liAS Ballard, Richard J., 139 Congress Ave., Providence 7, R.I., TD 6 

IBPA Ballenger, Richard B,, Jr., 1326 57th Ave., 19, D.C., HI 7U02 

UbPA Ballentine, William B., 526 Riverside Dr., Baltlniore 21, Donn F 

IAS Ballraan, Charles J., Jr., Arnold Post Office, Dorm 

2BPA Balmer, John M., Box 86I, New Rochelle, N.Y., NZ 

OSCS Baluch, Frederick P., Box 173, Glenndale 

Gr Balwanz, William W., IO6 Dale Dr., Alexandria, Va., OU 636O 

IAS Banibauer, Eugene M., 217 West 2nd St., Erie, Pa., Dom E 

UbPA Baraford, David L., U2 Otsego Rd., Verona, N.J., TD 7 (WA 09l|8 

3Ed Bamraan, Charles F., Hayward Ave., Miller Place, L.I., N.Y., UOOl Kennedy St.,Hyattsville, 

UAS Bancroft, Charles A., 331 Baltimore Ave., Taicoma Pari: 12 

liEn Bandjunis, ^tautas B., 92U Wells Avo., Eastport, Dorm 

2SCS Bands, Roy E.,82 Admiral Blvd.,Dundalk, TD 8 (LI 5-6900, Ext.53273 

OSCS Bangham, Joseph F., Jr., 125 Bayard Lane, Princeton, N.J., B. 0.0., Boiling AFB, D.C., 

OEd Bangs, Clare W. (Mrs.), 110 .Schuyler Rd., Silver Spring, SL 1176 (20, D.C. 

OSCS Banker, Charles W., 1526 Main St., East, Rochester, N.Y. ,1103rd Maint.Sqdn., Boiling AFB, 

3En Bannerman, James Vf., I3l Lindenwood Rd., Staten Island, N.Y., VF6, Apt.D., C.?. 

2PE Baranick, Donald P., 1657 Hillsdale Ave., Pittsburgh 16, Pa., Dorm C 

2PE Baratte, Richard H., 9302 Wire Ave., Silver Spring 

OAS Barbarian, John, IO509 Huntley Place, Silver Spring 

2Ag Barber, Gilbert W., Jr., Tompkins ville, 68OU 6th St., N.W., 12, D.C. 

3Ag Barber, Max M., R.F.D. 2, Hixson, Tenn., 5711 Third PI., N.W.,D.C., GE U813 (EM 7322 

OSCS Barbieri, Michael J., 912 N. Oak Ave., Arcadia, Calif., 38U8 Calvert St.,N.W.,7,D.C., 

UBPA Barclay, Joseph S., U06 W. Joppa Rd. , Towson U, NZ 

Gr Bard, James T., U50U Fordham Lane, College Park, UN 3120 

OSCS Barg, Evelyn B., 2701 llith St., N.W., Apt.U03, 9, D.C, GO 7ilOO, Ext.U03 

OSCS Barge, Emory D., 8302 50th Ave,, Berwyn, 3352 Brothers Place, 3. E., D.C, JO 2-6231 

2Sd Baricer, Janice A., 2102 Ingrahara St., Avondale Terrace, Hyattsville, UN 9592 

IAS Barkraan, Georgianna C, U05 Main St., Laurel, Laurel 283W 

2HE Barkmeier, Anne K., 6611 Exeter Rd., Bethesda lU, Dom 3 

UBPA Barley, Charles R., 2521 North Capitol St., 2, D.C 

2En Barnard, George A., 1510 Ridpe Rd., Catonsville 28, NZ 

Ufa Barnes, Cecile J. (Mrs.), U925 Calvert Rd., College Park, UN U6OO (JO 29000, Ext. 679 

OSCS Barnes, Donald M., 51 Congress St., Belfast, Maine, Hq.4Hq. Sqdn., Boiling AFB, 25, D.C, 

3AS Barnes, Jean R., 22 North Elm St., V/ebster Groves 19, Mo., Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

3AS Barnes, John C, 30 Duvall Dr., 16, D.C, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

IAS Barnes, John M., Route 3, Rockville, TO 7 (D.C.,LU li-2U00,Ext.3li5 

OSCS Barnes, Monroe E., U90U 77th P]ace, Vfest Lanham, N.A.R.T.U., Naval Air Station,Anacostia, 

OSCS Barnes, Truman S., 2801 Q St., S.E., D.C, LU 1-532U 

UPE Barnett, Jean E., 6 William St., Cambridge, U6O3 Calvert Rd., CP. 


ISCS Barnett, Ralph 0., Jr., R.F.D., Joppa, Calvert A 

4AS Barnett, Suzanne E., 2911 45th St., N.W. , D.C., Kappa Kappa Gamina, WA 9886 

SEn Barnuin, William L., 22 Grant Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 5425 

OSCS Barolet, John A., 22 Rennell Ave., Lexinp;ton Park, Great Mills 4534 

iSCS Baron, Stanley C, 2600 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15, TD 3 

Gr Baroni, John A., Box 676, Short Creek, W.Va., 4529 Wells Parkway, Riverdale, WA 4990 

3AS Baroaka, Emil G., 617 Munroe Ave., Asbury Pk., N.J., 7306 Princeton St., C.P., WA 6994 

2Ed Barr, Helen Joyce, 29 Cherry Lane, Chatham, N.J., Alpha Omicron Pi 

IPE Barr, Kenneth L., St, Georges, W. Va., Dom C 

3AS Barrans, Paul V., Box 50, Providence Rd., Towson 4, TD 7 

OSCS Barrett, Buford R., 1347 Cleveland St., Kansas City 2, Kan., 3815 Cathedral St.,H.W,, 

IAS Barrett, John F., 7707 138th St., Flushing, N.Y., Phi Delta Theta (D.C., Woodley 0490 

3AS Barrett, Joseph L., 7707 Old Harford Rd., Baltimore 

Gr Barrett, Paul C, 54 Fillmore St., Topeka, Kans., 7309 Dickinson St., C.P., UN 8349 

2Ag Barrett, Richard E., 17 Maple Ave., Catonsville, Alpha Gamina Rho, rik 9851 

lEn Barrett, Thomas E., 17 Maple Ave,, Catonsville, TD 6 

2BPA Barritt, Ednond W., 120 Capitol Ave., Williston Park, N.Y., Dorn I 

2BPA Barron, Morton, 3607 Clifton Ave., Baltimore 16, MO 2677 

4AS Barron, Nadja D., 2431 Lakeview Ave., Baltimore 17, Dorm 3 

OSCS Barros, William M., 1654 Preston Rd., Alexandria, Va., LI 5-6700 Ext. 72066 

lAS Barrow, Elizabeth L., Cherry Hill Trailer Park, Berwyn 

lEd Barrow, Norma J., 4314 Monroe St., Colmar Manor, UK 3197 

lAS Barry, John A., 6609 Gude Ave., Takona Park 12, SH 3942 

3Ed Bartas, Edmund V., 85&| W. Lombard St., Baltimore 1, TD 7 

Gr Bartels, Wilson S., 42 Coral St., Lexington Park 

Gr Barth, Elmer G., 7333 Piney Branch Rd., Takoma Park 12, SL 2189 

IBPA Barth, Richard J., 155 Manor Ave., Westbury, N.Y., 200 Webster St., N.W., D.C. 

2BPA Barthel, George J., 2915 Jennings Rd. , Kensington, LO 5-1192 

2aS Bartholomew, Charles A., 900 Newhall Rd., Silver Spring, SL 9723 

2SCS Bartle, E. Lynn, 241 Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, Calvert D 

Gr Bartlett, Donald, Belington, W. Va., 6523 Wells Parkway, Riverdale, AP 2705 

lEd Bartlett, Jean E., 13 Elm Ave., Takoma Park 12, Dorm 3 

4AS Bartlett, Pamela, 190-15A 73rd Ave., Flushing, N.Y., Dorm 3 

iSCS Bartlett, Peter G., Severna Park, Severna Park 327-R 

Gr Bartlett, Roscoe G., Jr., Rt« 2, Rockville 

3Ag Bartlett, William B., AJiimal Husbandry Barns, C. P., Ext. 238 

3AS Bartolini, Julian A., 3609 Perry St., Mt. Rainier, UN 1254 

3AS Barton, Jsimes H., Jr., Centreville, SZ 

2En Basay, lihan N., 1801 Clydesdale Pi., Apt. 325, N.W., D.C. (A.F.E., 25, D.C, BAFB 341 

OSCS Basch, Robert G., 194 Hale Ave., Brooklyn 8, N»Y., 42nd Statistical Serv. Unit, Boiling 

OSCS Bascom, Robert J., 3739 D St., S.E., D.C, AX 7456 

Gr Bass, Earl J., 2601 Dawson Ave., Silver Spring, LO 52270 (Meade 2102 

OSCS Bass, James H., 2606 Bibbs Ave., Old Hickory, Tenn., Hq. 168th M.P. Bn., Ft. Meade, Ft, 

lAS Bass, Leonard C, 2414 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 17, TD 2 

3AS Bass, Peggy G., 3801 Boarman Ave., Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

2En Bass, William, 2915 Kirk Ave., Baltimore 18, TD 1 

3Ag Bassette, Richard, Oak St., Landover, WA 5755 

3Ed Bastedo, William C, 1300 Sdgewood Ave., Wanamassa, N. J., SZ 

OSCS Batchelder, John G., 2708 Woodley Place, D.C, ?I0 1640 

ISCS Bateman, John G., Jr., 3243 Phelps Lane, Baltimore 29, GI 1106-J 

AS Bates, Charles N., 165 Cole Ave., Williamstown, Mass., 3700 Homer Pi., S.E., 20, D.C. 

3BPA Bates, Harry R., 4418 Macomb St., N.W., 16, D.C., WO 2195 (JO 2-8652 

OSCS Bates, John F., Ill California Hall, Arlington 8, Va., OW 9400 Ext. 456 

OSCS Bates, William D., (Cpl.), 7242 Jellico St., Van Nuys, Calif., 1111th Sp.A.M. Sqd., 

2BPA Battaglini, Michael R., 5422 First St., N.E., 11, D.C, TA 5835 (Boiling A.F.B. 25, D.C, 

Gr Battersby, Kenneth A., 4316 North 4th St., Arlington 3, Va., GL 5154 

OSCS Batton, Homer W., 234 9th St., N.E., 2, D.C, 8205 New Hampshire Ave., l^vattsville 

2En Baturo, Boris, 3812 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, WA 8158 

lEn Batt, Joseph C, 3241 Phelps Lane, Baltimore 29, ED 1161 

Gr Baublis, Edward V., 912 Lyndhurst St., Baltimore 29, 4516 Albion Rd., CP., UN 0075 

OSCS Bauer, Albert C, 1905 23rd St., S.E., 20, D.C, LU 46047 

Gr Bauer, JeaJine R., R.F.D, 2, Annapolis 

OSCS Bauer, Richard A., 1 Mavel Place, Rectory, Va, 

lEn Bauer, Richard J., 4806 Edgar Terrace, Baltimore 14, TD 3 

4BPA Bauerband, Walter S., 3220 17th St., N,W., 10, D.C, CO 0651 

2Ed Baughman, Mary S., Gayfielda, Rt. 1, Silver Spring, LO 5-8556 

ISCS Bauman, John R., 3227 Quesada St., N.W. , D.C, 

4Ed Baumann, Carolyn S., 501 E. Woodbine St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 5255 

2AS Baumann, Elmer G., Jr., 545 E. 38th St., Baltimore 18, TD 5 

4AS Baumann, Shirley M., Dorm 3 


(Army Chan. Center 

OSCS Baumbach, Harold Z., 623 N. Adelia St., Middletown, Pa., Test Division Tech. Command, 

OSCS Baumgart, Vernon A., Route U, Box 56a, i^pleton. Wise, llil Danbury St., S.W., 2$,D.C., 

OSCS Baxter, Clifford F., U2lU Uth St., S. E., D. C, JO 2-19U1 (JO 2-1361; 

Gr Baxter, Jack L., 2010 Drexel St., Hyattsville 

IAS Baxter, Mary F. T., U831 36 St., N. W., 8, D. C, EU 9527 

OSCS Baydala, Edward T., U3i4^ Hampton Ct., Tyler Gardens, Falls Chxirch, Va. 

2BPA Bayles, Norman E., 1306 Woodside Parkway, Silver Spring, SH 6783 

UAg Bayles, Robert A., 1306 Woodside Parkway, Silver Spring, SH 6783 (D.C. 

OSCS Bayley, Bruce R., II8 Hornell St., Hornell, N.Y., 1050th Motor Vehicle Sq., Andrews AFB, 

2AS Bayliss, George V., Jr., Ia02 Russell Ave., Mt. Rainier, AP 1372 

lEn Baylor, Paul M., 3805 31st St., Mt. Rainier, WA 3l5U 

UaS Baylus, Alvin R., 2U0ii Garrison Blvd., Baltimore I6 

Uffi Beach, C. Robert, Ii58 Main St., Reisterstown, Sigma Nu, C. P. 

IBPA Beach, Donald C, 200 Purvis PI., Pikesville 8, Dorm F 

UaS Beach, Edward S., Jr., 1^200 53rd Ave., Bladensburg, AP 5075 

Gr Beach, Marjorie R. (Mrs.), 1|200 53rd Ave., Bladensburg, AP 5075 

AS Beach, Robert A., 65ll Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

OSCS Beachley, Charles D. , Jr., Route k, Frederick, Frederick 1056j-U 

3AS Beall, Anne E., 692ii Exeter Rd., Bethesda ll;. Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

3AS Beall, Carolyn A., Germantown, U603 Calvert Rd., C. P., UN 9893 

UBPA Beall, Dewey W., Monrovia, Damascus 5l91 

OSCS Beall, Francis A., 273 West 5th Street, Frederick 

2AS Beall, Herbert S., 300U St. Mihiel Ave., Norfolk 9, Va. ,• Dorm 

2HE Bealle, Dorothy C, Waldorf, AAH 

UPE Bealle, Morris A., Jr., 7902 lUth Ave., Apt. 202, Langley Park 

OSCS Beam, George M., IOO8 N. Frederick St., Arlington, Va., JA 2-2652 

Gr Beam, Walter R., 8500 U8th Ave., C. P., TO 5523 

UBPA Bean, Gene C, 608 Rittenhouse St., N. W., 11, D. C, GE 5371 

Gr Bearce, Loren S., Falls City, Nebraska, 529 Newcomb St., S. E., 20, D. C, JO 2-2092 

2MS Beard, . Archie W., 219 St., S. W., U, D. C, DI 5651 

UBPA Beard, R. Gordon, 1805 S. Charles St., Baltimore 30, MU Ii267 

AS Beard, Robert L., 206 Southampton Drive, Silver Spring, JU 79561; 

OSCS Beard, William E., 9807 Bristol Ave., Silver Spring, SH U23Q 

3En Bearinger, Joseph W., Ili09 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm E 

IBPA Bearinger, Richard T., Iii09 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm E (WA 6533 

2AS Beasley, Steven E. , 5Ul6 Harwood Rd., Bethesda lU, Ii5l3 College Ave., College Park, 

OSCS Beattie, Aldridge N., 1821 Linda Lane, Falls Church, Va., JE 38378 

2En Peattie, Joseph F., Jr., Box 287, Rt. 1, Vienna, Va., College Park Vol. Fire Dept.,C.P. 

3AS Beaty, Leon F., 70 Washington St., Savage 

OSCS Beaudry, Thomas A., 35l North Jefferson St., Arlington 5, Va., CH 61IO 

UPE Beaulac, Paul H., 33U Willow St., Waterbury I4I, Conn., TD 8 

Gr Peaulieu, Norman H., 2018 37th St., S. E., 19, D. C. 

OSCS Beck, Emanuel A., lU33 College Ave., Bronx 56, N.T., 1221* Emerson St., N. W., D.C. 

lEn Beck, Jack F., 156 S. Kossuth St., Baltimore 29, Dorm 

2BPA Beck, Mabelle, 2702 Lyndhurst Ave., Baltimore I6, MBH 

Gr Becker, Alfred W., 95l5 li9th Place, Branchville, TO 6166 

OSCS Becker, Charlotte A., Fort Meade 

Gr Becker, Donald H., 29 N. Rockbum St., York, Pa. 

2AS Becker, Edith, 5823 5th St., N. W., 11, D. C, GE 06II 

3 AS Becker, Edward J., 1230 Delafield Place, N. W., 11, D. C. 

2Ed Becker, Eleanor M., 220 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park 12, AAH 

OSCS Becker, Stanley, 86o5 Old Bladensburg Rd. , Silver Spring, SL 7933 

3Ed Becker, Thelma D., 350 N. Point Rd., Baltimore 22, 61a2 UOth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 8878 

UBPA Becker, Thomas B., 220 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park 12, Dorm C 

lEn Beckert, George M., 523 68th Place, Seat Pleasant 19, JO 8-7389 

IAS Beckett, William W., Iai3 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, WA 8382 

IBPA Beckwith, Richard A., 6707 Exfair Rd., Bethesda ll;, Calvert E (GE 1000, Ext.261i3 

OSCS Bedard, Evelyn W., lIi Gardner St., Worcester 3, Mass., Walter Reed Army Hosp., 12, D.C, 

Gr Beek, Charles R., 1 Anacostia Rd. , S. E., 19, D. C, AX 83OO, Ext,U06 

3HE Beer, Vonda R,, 1203 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, MBH 

2Ed Beer, Wanda Lou, 1203 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, MBH 

2PE BeGell, Stephen C, 135 Front St., Binghamton, N. Y., 7505 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 9520 

lAg Behnam, Amir A., Teheran, Iran, Calvert C 

Gr Behneman, John F., Ii009 37th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 1778 

lEn Behnke, Roland F., Beltsville, TO 62 8U 

3Ag Behrens, Ernest A., Jr., ii710 Bayard Blvd., I6, D. C, WI 0852 

3En Behrens, Milton D., UOIO Century Rd., Baltimore 6, (Ext. 2066 

OSCS Behrndt, Rhoda, 1595 York Ave., New York 28, N. Y. , Army Medical Center, D. C, GE 1000, 

UEn Beiderman, William F., 3121 Berkshire Rd., Baltimore lli 

3En Peigel, Irvin H., U305 Anntana Ave., Baltimore 6, SZ 


3SCS Beight, Thomas L., 5306 Hampden Lane, Bethesda lU, WI 8lli8 

Gr Beishlag, George A., 20hh Fort Davis St., S.E., 20, D.C., AX 01^62 

3Ag Belter, Henry L., 550 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa., TD 2, WA 9753 

3Ag Belter, Robert J., 550 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa., Calvert B., (JO 33Qhh 

OSCS Beitzel, James E., 112 S. Broad St., Mechanicsburg, Pa., 3235 23rd St., S.S., 20, D.C, 

2AS Belaga, Lee H., UllO Garrlscm Blvd., Balto. 15, 14310 Knox Rd., C.P, 

OSCS Belcher, Arnold C, R.F.D.#1, Taylors^ S.C., Lexington Park 

OSCS Belcher, Delbert R., Apt. 3, 3001^ Parkway' Terrace Drive, S.ifi., 20, D.G., JO d-2lh9 

liBPA Belcher, Joseph W. in, Ul6 Rosebank Avenue, Balto. 12, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

3BPA Belden, George E., 3E Parkway Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6253 

IAS fielding, Roger A., Ill Second Ave., Little Falls, N.J,, SZ 

2AS Bellns, Richard E., mh Maple Ave,, Haddon Heights, N.J., Dorm G 

Gr Belknap, Donald J., R#l, Box 8lC, ^yattsvllle, TO 5601 

2AS Bell, Andrew J., 132U Park Rd., N.W., 10, D.C, AD 5539 

35CS Bell, Arthur I., Milford Mill Rd., Pikesville 8, Dorm C 

OSCS Bell, Bernard, 1707 17th Ave.S., Nashville h, Tenn. 

2En Bell, Carleton Lee, 1+017 29th St., lit. Rainier, UN 7993 

OSCS Bell, Charlie H. (Lt.Col.), 2525 N. Granada St., Arlington 7, Va., JA Ul2l8 

3AS Bell, Dorothy E., 600U Riverdale Rd., Riverdale, ON 3672 

2SCS Bell, Helen D,, 8620 Garfield St., Betnesdm ih, AAH 

2AS Bell, Joan C, 3611 Patterson Ave., Balto, 7, Dorm 3 

3AS Bell, LesUe R., U017 29th St., Mt. Rainier, UN 7993 

IAS Bell, Mary Lou, 3505 Rhode Island Ave., Ut. Rainier, M 7880 

2En Bell, Oliver R., 25U7 Lauretta Ave., Balto. 23 

3AS Bellan^y, Ray W., Jr., 2819 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, lA 7621 

2FE Belles, Edwin J., Jr., 58l8 Dewey St., Gheverly, UN 80li7 

2HE Bellman, B. Joan, 3512 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va., Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

OSCS Belluck, Raymond E., ii55 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn 3, N.I., Ili09 Kennedy St., D.C. 

I4PE Belt, James H,, 3li Hanover Rd,, Reisterstown, TD 3 

PE Belt, Ncrman E., 8 Brooks Ave,, Gaithersburg, li02 Monroe St,, RockviUe 9, Rockville 3062 

2BPA Beltz, Roy E., 3303 Bunker Hill Rd., Mt. Rainier, UN 9036 

3Ag Beltz, Robert L., Jr., 630 Ash St., Johnstown, Pa., Dorm N 

Gr Bender, Albert W., I98 Flack St., Silver Spring, LO 5-03li2 

Gr Bender, Edward K., 1+03 Claybome Ave., Takoma Park, SH 37Uii (Rd., C.P. 

IBPA Bender, George T., Staff Engrs., Ry Com, APO 331, % P.M., San Francisco, Calif,, 1+612 Amherst 

2Ag Bender, Randolph T., 209 Wallace St., Cumberland, 7U0i+ Dickinson St., C.P,, M 5919 

2SCS Bender, Raymond E., VF 5, Apt. C, C.P, 

15CS Bender, Robert W., 890I l+9th Ave., C.P. (HI 3100 Ext. 31203 

OSCS Benedetti, Andrew F., Bldg 156, Apt.l, Andrews AFB, D.C, 1909th AACS SQ. Andrews AFB, D.C. 

OSCS Benedict, Maurice S,, 1736 Lee Blvd., Falls Church, Va., JE 38270 

UEn Benefiel, Harry B., 60-B Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, a:^enbelt 1+1+1+1 

OSCS Beneke, LaVeme H., i+032 Ely Place, S.E,, 19, D.C, LU I3896 

IBPA Benesch, Alvin M., 3925 Belle Ave., Balto. 15, i+8l0 Harvard Rd., CP, 

IjEn Benites, Cesar A., Peiru, Beltsvllle 

2Ed Benjamin, Ann W., 1919 St. Paul St., Balto, 18, I+6IO College Ave,, M. 9759 

IHE Bennett, Ann M., 7711 Garrison Rd,, I^ttsviHe, UN 07 6I 

IHE Bennett, B, Ann, 3050 Thayer St., N.E., 18, D.C, HO 1189 

OSCS Bennett, Charles L., Minford, Ohio, 1100th Rescue Boat Sq., Boiling Air Force Base 25, D.C. 

3Ed Bennett, Donald V., Jr., 3050 Thayer St., N.E., 18, D.C, HO II89 

OAg Bennett, Floyd E., 31+17 i+Oth Place, Colmar Manor, UN 9125 

l(Ag Bennett, George T,, Sykesville, 7700 Colesville Rd,, West Hyattsvllle 

2HE Bennett, Grace L,, 7711 Garrison Rd., Hyattsvllle, UN 076I 

BPA Bennett, Irene B. (Ifrs.) 1+301 Rowalt Drive, C.P, 

iiBPA Bennett, Joseph A., 6617 U7th Place, Riverdale, VA 1+991 

2AS Bennett, Nelson in, 60I+I+ Ridge Drive, N.W., Brookmont, WI 2013 

1+AS Bennett, Oliver D., 66 Riverside Ave., Red Bank, N.J., TD 1 

2BPA Bennett, Robert M., 3617 Patterson St., N.W., 15, D.C, WO 721+5 

IjBPA Bennett, Sanford M., 2519 H+th St., N,W,, D,C, CO 1166 

I4BPA Bennett, Stanley H,, IIO8 Allison St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA O8I+6 

1+IS Bennett, Virginie L., 3050 Thayer St., N.E., 18, D.C, AAH 

2Ag Bennington, James H., R.F.D.#2, Aberdeen, I^orm M 

2AS Benson, Charles T., 3503 Pelham Ave., Balto. 13 

2BPA Benson, Edward E,, iili+ Congress St., Bradford, Pa., 3F Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6II6 

2AS Benson, Richard C, 19D Parkway Rd., Greenbelt 

OSCS Benton, Robert F., 5610 Oakmont Ave., Bethesda, WI OO6I+ 

3En Bentz, Marlon F., 1+610 S. Dakota Ave., N.E., 17, D.C, U 6-7751 

OSCS Berg, William B., Jr., 139 "C" St., S.E,, 3, D,C,, TR 203i+ 

lEn Bergen, James P,, 212 Bridge St., Towanda 2, Pa., TD 6 

3Ed Berger, Anor R., 3l+6 Roseville Ave., wewark 7, N.J., Kappa Alpha Theta, UN 9829 

IBPA Bergmann, Everett A., Jr., 7533 Mornings ide Drive, 12, D.C, GE 5771 


UBPA Bergquist, Bertil G., 737 Xenia St., S.E., D.C., Dom 

2HE Bergquist, Mary Ann E., 1716 Noyes Lane, Silver Spring, 7U07 Princeton St., C.P. 

liBPA Bergquist, Steve, 737 Xenia St., S.E., 20, D.C., Dorm (Mill Dr., Arlington, Va., Owens U979 

Gr Bergstrom, Donald R., 217 Warwick St., S.E., Minneapolis lU,Minn.,820 South Arlington 

2BPA Beringer, William J., 3288 Aberfoyle Place, N.W., 1^, D.C. 

2SCS Berlin, IDonald S., 2919 Brandywine St.,N.W.,8, D.C, EM 2900 

3En Berman, Conrad L., 1620 VanBuren St.,N.W., 12, D.C.,U802 Calvert Rd.,C.P.,UN 9786 

lEd Berman, Elaine S., 2910 Oakley Ave., Baltimore 15, AAH 

2BPA Berman, Howard M., 3015 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 16, Dorm K 

kkS Berman, Janet G., 161|6 N. Smallwood St., Baltimore 16, Dorm 3 

I4AS Bernard, Michael S., 7305 Riggs Rd., West Hyattsville 

OHE Bernard, Joan L. (Mrs.), 7305 Riggs Rd, , Apt. 302, West Hyattsville 

OSCS Bernard, John T., Jr., 700 "Erie Ave., Takoraa Park 12, SH 36I6 

IBPA Bernard, Kinter D., Apt. 302, 8012 llith Ave., Hyattsville, EX 7100 

3BPA Bemer, Howard R., ii02 6tti Ave., Asbury Park, N.J., Iheta Chi, WA 9733 

OSCS Bemhard, August L., Jr., I6l5 Benning Rd. , N.E., Apt. U, 2, D.C, HE 7i|00, Ext .611^31 

2En Bemhard, Charles J., U5l0 Tuckerman St., Riverdale Park, TIN 3kQk 

2Ed Bernhardt, Eileen H., Ii013 Pinkney Rd., Baltimore l5, U812 College Ave., C.P, 

Gr Bernstein, Bernard, ii205 Uth St., S.E.,20,D.C., JO 3-6159 

OSCS Bernstein, Harold, 3300 Buchanan St., Mt. Rainier, UN 3950 

Gr Bernstein, Joseph B., 1505 W St., S.E., 20, D.C. 

hAS Bernstein, Marjorie, 3609 Copley Rd., Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 8201 

3AS Bernstein, Philip, 2hh Snerson St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 9222 (Berwyn, TO 5127 

UEn Berrent, John F., 2U N. Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore 31, c/o J.L.Corbin, Cherry Hill Rd,, 

Gr Berrocal, Ramon, 512 West 135th St., Apt. 22, N.Y.3I, N,Y.,6806 Baltimore Blvd., Hyattsville, 

UbPA Berry, Calvin F., 3Ul7 Alto Rd., Baltimore 16, LI 6000 (UN 2528 

Gr Berry, David C, U305 RowaJt Dr., College Park 

IAS Berry, Frederick H., 9611 U9th PI., Berwyn 

UBPA Berry, William R., 2^23 E St., N.Vf., 7, D.C, DI 1862 

3AS Berryman, Arthur H., 3103 W. Rogers Ave., Baltimore 15, U6II College Ave.,C.P.,WA 981+9 

lEn Berwager, Forrest A., Jr., 5319 Fempark Ave., Baltimore 7, TD 5 

lAg Besley, Fred W., 3328 Lancer Dr., Hyattsville, WA 93hO 

UBPA Besley, Robert K., UIO6 53rd Place, Bladensburg, AP 63I8 

OSCS Best, Florence Y. (Mrs.), Mt. Savage, Mt. Savage 36UI 

UAS Best, Joseph T., 2721 Nicholson St., Hyattsville 

Gr Bestul, Alden B., 1909 19th St., N.W., 9, D.C, HU 8723 

Gr Bestul, Marie M. (Mrs.), 1909 19th St., N.W., 9, D.C, HU 8723 

UBPA Bethea, James L., SlU Massachusetts Ave., N.E., 2, D.C, FR 8it39 

UAS Bettendorf, Philip E., 5923 Roanoke Rd. , Riverdale 

OSCS Bettius, Frank, 6008 North 19th St., Arlington, Va., KE 35566 

3BPA Betz, Theodore W., 210 Cleveland Ave., Dundalk 22, Dorm N ^ 

UEd Beuermann, Elizabeth J., 1|112 North 1+th St., Arlington, Va.," h$n Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 9720 

Gr Bevans, Marian E., Mt. Savage, Mt. Savage 2732 

2BPA Beyer, Thomas C, 87U6 lUith St., Jamaica 2, N.Y., Calvert B 

3AS Bialczak, Anthony A., 623 S. Lakewood Ave., Baltimore 2U, Dorm E 

Us Bialek, Eugene L., U02 Gallatin St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 382U 

3Ag Bibi, Mohammad Z., c/o Arab Bank, Beirut, Lebanon, 7305 Yale Ave.,C.P., WA 8331 

3BPA Biedzynski, Walter I., U500 39th St., Brentwood, UN OOOU 

UBPA Biehl, Mlliara J., Jr., 2012 Edgewood St., Baltimore 16 

OSCS Bieri, George A., 2681; D St., Fort Meade 

OMS Biersack, Christian M., 2621 South Troy St., Arlington, Va., OX 2610 

Gr Biersdorf, Delbert, Route 2, Silver Scaring, AS 6U71 

IBPA Biesel, David B. , V/est Beach, Dorm F 

UBPA Biggs, Arthur E., Jessups Road, Jessups, Waterloo 778J1 

OSCS Biggs, George J., I5l6 Arthur Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

IBPA Biggs, J. William, Old Annapolis Rd., Jessup, Waterloo 778 Jl 

Gr Bilbrey, Joseph H., Jr., 3UIO Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville, UN 9133 

3Ag Bilger, Paul, Jr., 1721 Lakeside Ave,, Baltimore 18, Dom 

IBPA Billig, Jack F., 3712 Dorchester Rd., Baltimore 15, U802 Calvert Rd., C.P. , UN 9786 

OSCS Billinghurst, Edward P., 3009 Kelbum Ave., Wilmar, Calif ., Co. M, 3rd Inf .Regt.,Fort ^yer, 

(Arlington ll,Va.,CH 30001, Ext, 316 2 

lAg Bilyeu, Jack F., U716 Woodberry Rd. , Riverdale 

ISCS Bimestefer, Warren W., I6II East 32nd St., Baltimore 18, Dorm 

OSCS Bingaman, George C, 7U3 Silver Spring St., Silver Spring, 3510 Center STi.,N.W.,10,D.C. 

Gr Bingham, Bruce C, 11 Danbujy St., S.W., 20, D.C, JO 3-3632 

3Ag Bingham, John S., Jr., 2017 Luzerne Ave., Silver Spring, SL 8880 

liEn Binko, Albert J., 19 Somerset Rd., Baltimore 21;, GA 38l5 

liEn Birckhead, John N., Jr., 78O8 Stratford Rd., Bethesda lii, WI 1756 

UbPA Bird, John A., 218 Kennedy Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm I 

2Ed Birely, Irene C, 823 E. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore 12, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

UBPA Birkle, Baltas E., 6750 Marlboro Pike, 19, D.C, HI 590li 

Qr Birks, LaVerne S., Jr., 7210 Central Ave., Takoma Park, SL 5258 

Gr Birmingham, Eugene, ^501 Beechwood Rd., College Park, UN 9020 

IAS Birmingham, William J., Jr., 70O5 Dunmanway, Dundalk 22, TD 1 

2BPA Bimbach, Gilbert S., 205 Burke St., Martinsburg, West Virginia (JO 2-9568 

Gr Bimbaum, Milton, 902 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y., 3lU Liv. Terrace, S. E., 20, D.C., 

UaS Biser, Ruth E., Route 5, Hagerstovm, 6Ul2 UOth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 8878 

liAg Bishoff, Richard D., 1119 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, U509 Knox Rd., C. P. 

Gr Bishop, Bruce E., 691I Wissioming Rd., 15, D. C, WI 14020 

3Ed Bishop, Lloyd R., l5 Woodchester Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass., 135U Lajigley Way, Hyattsvillt 

IAS Bishop, Margaret D., Rodger's Forge P. 0., Towson h, U608 Guilford Rd., C. P. 

Gr Bishop, Robert W., 1712 Vfest Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa., Ull5 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, 

2AS Bishop, William F., 3200 Normount Ave., Baltimore I6, m 7999 (UN 1270 

Gr Bisschop, Henry P., 1122 South Harrison St., Arlington h, Va., JA 2-0379 

3En Bissell, Robert B., 671I Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, AP U723 

2HE Bissell, Sarah E., 67II Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, AP U372 

UEn Bissell, William S., ii3l6 Hartwick Rd., C. P., WA 3375 

UaS Bisset, Alfred, Jr., U602 Stanford St., Chevy Chase l5. Dorm I 

Gr Bitler, Robert D., 2207 Guilford Rd., Hyattsville 

Gr Bitter, Harold L., 56I4O Belair Rd., Baltimore 6, VFl, Apt. G., G.P. 

3BPA Black, Cameron A., 2813 South Glebe Rd., Apt. U, South, Arlington, Va., OW 0850 

2A^ Black, Robert S., 20 Rosecroft Rd., Manor Club, Rockville, LO 5-0389 

Gr Blask, Samuel J., 3220 Chillum Rd., Mt, Rainier, UN 8I48O 

lEn Blackburn, Ray L., 89 S. Mineral St., Keyser, W. Va., Dorm C 

hkg Blackhall, Alexander A., Jr., Faiakner, TD 8 

UAg Blackhall, William M., Faulkner, TD 8 

IAS Blackwell, James D., Hanover, Dorm F 

UpE Bladen, June F., 10200 Cherry Tree Lane, Silver Spring, SH I06U 

UEn Blaha, Walter J., II6 East 10th Ave., Roselle, N. J., Dorm C 

UaS Blair, Joseph C, III, Monkton, Dorm N 

2Ag Blair, Josephine A. D., Owings Mills, MBH 

Gr Blair, Ruth, lOUO Amsterdam St., Atlanta, Ga., U322 Underwood St., Hyattsville, WA 9lhh 

Gr Blair, Thomas S., Box 61i, Midland 

Gr Blair, William T., Box 253, Bowie, Bowie 3067 

UaS Blake, Bradford E., Jr., I80I4 Walnut Rd., Baltimore 9, 66ii8 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

2Ed Blake, Glenn P., 20 North Bentalou St., Baltimore 23 (Hyattsville, UN 9732 

UAg Blake, Harold, Jr., East Saddle River Rd. , Saddle River, N.J., UUlO Van Buren St., 

UaS Blake, Lawrence R. , 513 Henderson Ave., Cxmberland, Dorm C 

IBPA Blake, Richard H., 1903 Hollins St., Baltimore 23, GI U799W 

Gr Blake, Walter S., Jr., U635 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale, AP 3U85 

3HE Blakelock, Joan, 6915 Sixth St., N. W., 12, D. C, GE U290 

2En Blakley, Donal G., 2111 Beechwood Rd., Lewidale, Hyattsville, AP 0539 

lAg Blamberg, Donald L., 25lO Longwood St., Baltimore I6, TD 1 

2En Blanchard, Morton K., Fire Service Station, C. P., UN 9387 

UaS Blanchard, Walter L., 603 E. 33th St., Baltimore 18, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

2BPA Bland, James A., 5007 Silver Hill Road, S. E., 19, D. C, HI iili33 

lAg Blandford, David B., Box llU, McLean, Va. 

2AS Blank, Howard E., 3508 Grantley Rd. , Baltimore, U302 Calvert Rd., C. P. 

2BPA Blanken, Joan H., 61ai l6th St., N. W., 11, D. C, TA 6U92 

IBPA Blanken, Robert S., h206 lUth St., N. W., 11, D. C, TA 2531 

2Ab Blankenship, Lero.v C, 10 Duvall St., S, E., Suitland, HI 3U90 

UBPA Blankman, Howard M., 2901 Rockrose Ave., Baltimore l5, U509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 9513 

3AS Blankman, Norman, 1021 East Preston St., Baltimore 2, TD 3 

3BPA Blanton, Charles C, 3 Tachometer Ct., Baltimore 22, TD 3 

Gr Blasbalg, Herman, 3U82 Wilson Ave., Bronx 67, N.Y., 2U West Rosemont Ave., Alexandria, Va. 

OSes Blau, George £., 5l3 North Thomas St., Arlington 3, Va. 

3AS Blau, Paul R., U7OO Connecticut Ave., N. W., 8, D. C, WD 6023 

Gr Blau, William, ll57i 23rd St., N.W., 7, D. C, DI 8679 

OSCS Bledsoe, Carl E., 29U2 South Dinwiddle St., Arlington, Va., OV 2573 

2AS Bleil, Gordon, 1829 Loch Shiel Rd., Baltimore U, Dona 

UEn Bleinberger, Warren E., 6OI Orkney Rd., Baltimore 12, HO 958U 

ISCS Blessing, George H., 72U Whitmore Ave., Baltimore I6, NZ 

UEd Blevins, Claude E., lUl5 Marsh Rd., Wilmington 205, Del., Dorm K 

3BPA Blew, Nancy C, 1 Dean St., Annapolis, U6IO College Ave., C. P., WA 9759 

2Ed Blickenstaff, Marvin L., Myersville, Dorm C 

3AS Blickenstaff, Wilbur N., Jr., U205 Ke^iwood Ave., Baltimore 6, TD I 

OSCS Blitz, Murray, 3920 Decatur St., Kensington, OR UOUO, Ext.U29 

Gr Blizzard, John C, Upperco, U6l5 Knox Rd. , C. P., UN 373U 

UAS Block, Isaac, I767 Q St., N. W., D. C, D5 9682 

UaS Block, Juanita J., 3228 Military Road, N. W., l5, D. C, Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Gr Blockwick, Thomas N., 5007 South 10th St., Arlington, Va., GL 375U 


UPE Bloom, Joyce, Saint James, Dorm 3 

liEd Bloom, Selma I., 6llli Biltmore Ave., Baltimore 1^, Dorm 3 

lEn Bloor, Ralph R., 3 Barry Ave., Bay Ridge, Annapolis, TD 2 

Gr Blough, Jiilia C. (Mrs.), IIOU Piedmont Ave., Ciimberland, Cumberland U768M 

3AS Blue, M. Larrie, 3013 Spaulding Ave,, Baltimore 15, TD 3 

2Ag Bluestone, Herman, 186? Newton St., N.W., 10, D.C., DE 6765 

2AS Blum, Carol E., Ili33 Belmont St., N.W., 9, D.C., Dorm 2 

Gr Blum, Marvin, 109 Briland St., Alexandria, Va. 

UBPA Blum, Robert H., 3700 Kanawha St., N.W., D.C. 

3AS Blumberg, Donald, 2350 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 17 

Gr Blumberg, Walter J., 6805 Georgia Ave., N.W., 12, D.C, GE 8l50 

2Ed Blume, Evelyn L. (Mrs.), U325 Rowalt Dr., College Park, AP 3075 

3En Blumenstein, Otto J., UOOU 30th St., Mt. Rainier, Hk 981i3 

Gr Blumenstein, Robert R., Route 1, Box 58, Upper Marlboro, CY 9U53 

lAg Blumling, Louis J., R.D. 1, Box 91, McKees Rocks, Pa., Carlisle 2U83W 

ISCS Blunt, Ellen K., 8000 Custer Rd., Bethesda lU, AAH 

3PE Blunt, Jane W., R.F.D. 1, Germantown, Alpha Chi Omega, UN 9893 

OSes Boak, James H, 2605 Adams Mill Rd., N.W., 9, D.C, DU 730U 

2BPA Boaz, George L., 1211; National Ave., Rockford, 111, hhOO Knox Hd., C.P., UN 9899 

3En Bobart, George F., 125 Riverside Rd., Baltimore 21, ID 3 

OSCS Bober, George, 165 Church Street, Curtisville, Pa, 

l^HE Bock, Mary, Ul6 Southway, Baltimore 18, Dorm 2 

UBPA Bodenheimer, Bertold, 5707 Ethelbert Ave., Baltimore 1$, TD 3 

2AS Bodmer, Eugene A., 210 Orange St., Selinsgrove, Pa., Dorm C 

IAS Bodmer, K. Jean, 1226 Trinidad Ave., N.E., 2, D.C, FR 6013 

Gr Boenning, William R., 3U08 S. '.Takefield St., Arlington 6, Va., OV U05l 

2BPA Boeri, Louis P., 316 S. Eden St., Baltimore 31, TD 1 

3PE Boeri, ^/alter J., 15309 77th Road, Flushing, L.I., N.Y., CZ 

Gr Boesch, Philip W., 3331 Buchanan St., Mt. Rainier, AP 1*715 

2BPA Boettcher, Frederick T., Jr., 23 State Circle, Annapolis 

UBPA Boettinger, Richard S., 3812 Woodbine Ave., Baltimore 7, Dorm E 

OSCS Bogard, Andrew D., 2707 79th Ave., 19, D.C, HI 81*62 (Hyattsville, UN 2106 

UaS Bogdonoff, Philip D., Jr., 50 Ruth St., Lowell, Mass., Apt. 302, 6813 Riggs Manor Dr., 

Gr Boggs, Gail E., 1105 20th St., South, Arlington 2, Va., OT 8108 (HI 3100, Ext. 6131-3255 

OSCS Boggs, Samuel N., Jr., UO Stewart St., Carrollton, Ga., Mats., Hqds, Andrews AFB, D.C, 

Gr Bogue, J. Parker, 7918 Lynnbrook Dr., Bethesda ll*, WI 8531 (D.C, HI 3100, Ext.3282 

OSCS Bogus, Anthory P., R.F.D. 1, Box 6l8, Philipsburg, Pa., Hq.Sq., Hq.AACS, Andrews AFB, 

2AS Bohannan, Joanne, 1220 N. Fairwater St., Norfolk 8, Va., Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

UBPA Bohn, Nelson R., 15-R Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt U6Ul 

3AS Bohorfoush, Anthony C, 2011 Hayden Rd., Woodridge 18, UN 2586 

liEn Boldtmann, Alfred 'I., Jr., 85 LIurdock Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm C 

Gr Bolgiano, Nicholas C, Long Point Farm, Stevensville, U806 Harvard Rd., CP.,UN 2258 

OSCS Boiler, Mary G., h Carroll St., Thurmont , Camp Detrick, Frederick, Frederick 1191,Ext.322 

2BPA Bollo, Jerome M., 3909 McKinley St., Chevy Chase, WO 3290 

2BPA Bolton, Edward T., VF8, Apt. F, CP. 

OEd Bolton, Edythe W. (Mrs.), 1732 N. Tray St., Apt. 7UU, ArUngton, Va,, CH 2000, Ext.7l4l* 

OSCS Bolton, Howard S., U22 Willard Ave., Chevy Chase 15, WI 0092 

OSCS Bolyard, Richard K., Aurora, W.Va., Route 1, Clear Spring, Clear Spring 2008 

Gr Bond, Howard A., 2103 Hildarose Dr., Silver Spring, SL 5716 

ISCS Bond, Richard W., U300 Lynnbrook Dr., Bethesda lU, WI UhO^ 

2En Bond, Robert 0., Upperco, CZ 

3Ed Bond, William C, 6807 Beech Ave., Baltimore 6, Doim C 

3BPA Boniface, I'fiickolas G., 15 Coolidge Rd., E. Lynn, Mass., l|6ll College Ave., CP.,WA 981*9 

ISCS Bonner, Foster 0., Route 2, Fairfax, Va., Calvert C 

3En Bonnet, Arthur E., Jr., 1927 Otis St., N.E., D.C,, U 300 Knox .Rd.,. C.P., WA 9770 

liAS Bonorden, Roland, 1121 Park Terrace, piainfipld, N. J., P.O. Box 552* Un. of Md., Cr. 

2AS Bonovich, Kennit P., 326 S. Macon St., Baltimore 2U, Orleans 9187 

3AS Bontempo, Charles J., 16 Hillaiiy Ave., Morristown. N. J., Dorm L 

UEd Bonthron, Daniel, 326 E. 28th St., Baltimore 18, iJiOO Knox Rd., CP., UN 9833 

Or Bonwit, Stuart E., 2800 31st St., S.E., 20, D.C, TW 0531 

OSCS Booe, Luetta N., Route 3, Yadkinville, N.C, Delano Hall, A.M.C, 12, D.C.,GA 1000, 

UAS Boog, John H., -V., 211; Wilden Drive, Baltimore U, TD 8 (Ext.23l;3 

UEn Bookstaver, R., 2611 Watson Blvd., Broome, N.Y., U300 Knox Rd., CP.,WA 9770 

liHE Boone, A. Louise, Waldorf, Delta Gamma, WA 98Ui 

OSCS Boone, George M., Box 121, Merrifield, Va., FA 1;218 

3BPA Boorstein, Edward B., 7509 lUth St., N.W., 12, D.C, TA 8852 

3AS Boorstein, Sally R., U920 Hampden Lane, Bethesda lU, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

3AS Boote, ,?ard, 9Ul2 St. Andrew's Way, Silver Spring, SH 8638 

3BPA Booth, Cornelius H., 3121 Queens Chapel Rd., Mt. .-iainier, UN 9586 

UbPA Bopp, Joseph H., 637 S. Streeper St., Baltimore 21;, EA 0593 


3AS Bopst, Petty A., 7U06 Dartmouth Ave., C. P., Dom 3 

OSCS Borcher, Charles A., 9^08 Riley Rd., Silver Spring, SH 3069(25, D.C., JO 2-9000, Ert.2U6 

OSCS Borchert, Francis W., c/o John Biszick, Central City, Pa., 100$ I.G., SIU, Boiling AP'B, 

OSCS Bordelon, Derrill J., 9602 Dilston Rd., Silver Spring, SH 7100, Ext. 22li(D. C, JO 35992 

OSCS Boren, Stanley J. (Capt.), 30? Third St., Mound City, 111., l65 Danbury St., S. W., 20, 

IAS Boring, Weldon L., 6779 Woodley Rd., Dundalk 22, TD 1 

3Ed Borkowski, Thomas A., 1719 E. Lombard St., Baltimore 31, TD 6 

2AS Bormel, Paul, 1^013 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 7, TD 8 

UBPA Bornstein, Robert E., Ii05 Deerfield Ave., Silver Spring, JU 7-7578 

Gr Bortner, Marlyn H., U9ll Sanger St., Philadelphia 20, Pa., 1^513 College Ave., C.P., WA 6$33 

IAS Bosch, Paul J., l66 S. Collins Ave., Irvington 29 

ijBPA Bosica, Carl P., 302 E. Audrey Ave., Baltimore 25, Dorm F 

ISCS Bosien, Charles B., 2109 Loudoun Ave., Baltimore 27, Elkridge 53R 

3BPA Bosien, Ellsworth L., Jr., Dorsey, Elkridge iUiUW 

kxg Bosley, Howard H., Western Run Road, Cockeysville, TD 7 

UAg Bosley, Kenneth T., Sparks, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

IHE Bosman, Mary C, 6805 Pineway, Hyattsville, WA 2297 

UEn Boss, Frederick C, 5607 Chillum Heights Dr., Hyattsville, AP 115U 

Gr Botimer, Laurence W. , 32h Greenwood St., Takoma Park 

2SCS Bottcher, John B., R. D. 2, Cambridge, U, S. Bureau of Mines, C.P., UN 3100 

UAS Boughton, Donald H., Box 267, New Port, Richey, Fla., Dorm 

IBPA Pouic, Richard S., 3811 39th St., N.T., l6, D.C., EM 6755 

UEn Bouland, Heber D., 66ll First St., N. W., 12, D. C, GE 1510 

3Ag Boulden, Alice I., 5223 Putney Way, Baltimore 12, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

Gr Bourdeau, Robert E., U500 Livingston Rd., S. E., 20, D. C, JO 3-Ui56 

3En Bourdon, Joseph H. Ill, 6501 Brook Ave., Baltimore 6, TD 3 

2Ag Bourne, Henry C, l6l3 Fairlawn Ave., S. E., 20, D. C. 

UBPA Bourne, John B., I4306 Sheridan St., University Park, WA 1065 

UaS Bourne, Thomas B. 17, Bourne Farms, Killington, TD 3 

2En Bouton, Charles E., 2857 Monroe St., N. E., 18, D. C, DE 2U|8 

OSCS Bouton, Charles W., 232 Main St., Kingston, N. Y., Boiling A. F. B., D. C. (HI-3100 

OSCS Bovenzi, James J., 209 Michigan St., Rochester 6, N. Y., Bldg. 1-38, Apt, 3, Andrews AFB, 

2En Bowen, Charles W., 2810 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, WA 3029 

Gr Bowen, David, 628 25th St., South, Arlington, Va., OT 9650 

liBFA Bowen, G. Carville, Jr., Uioi Sheridan St., Hyattsville, WA I4I6O 

liBPA Bowen, George W. , Box 5U5, Mt. Savage, 7506 Dickenson Ave., C. P. 

Gr Bowen, Gilbert C, Sweetbrian Parkway, Silver Spring, SH 8752 

IBPA Bowen, Herbert 0., 787 McKean Ave., Donora, Pa., 7U22 Baltimore Blvd., C. P. 

Gr Bowen, Jean V., 37 '.Vashington St., Frostburg, Frostburg 235M 

3AS Bowen, Lowell R., Adeline, Dorm C 

IBPA Bowen, William H., Benedict, Dom N 

ISCS Bowen, V/illiam J., 721 Auburn St., Takoma Park 12, SH 377U 

3AS Bower, Patricia H., 7007 Dartmouth Ave., C. P., WA 368I 

UEn Bowers, Allen A., 5718 63rd Ave., Riverdale, UN 883U 

IAS Bowers, David L., 3900 Deepwood Rd. , Baltimore 18, Dorm K 

OSCS Bowers, Helma L. (Mrs.), llU E. 7th St., Frederick 

3En Bowers, John C, 3900 Deepwood Rd., Baltimore I8, Dorm M 

hEd Bowers, Mildred E., 2li South Locust St., Hagerstown, MEH 

liAg Bowersett, Roswell S., Box 72c, Rt. 2, Laurel, Ashton 6353 

ISCS Bowie, William K., U720 East Ave., 19, D. C, HI U073 

UAg Bowles, Richard E., 6U27 l6th St., N. W., 12, D. C, RA 2^99 

Gr Bowles, Romald E., Rt. 2, Silver Spring, SH 0l52 

IAS Bawling, Lloyd S., Newport, LaPlata l4lli5 

2 AS Bowman, Barbara M., 6oU3 Broad St., Brookmont I6, Dorm 2 

Gr Bowman, Emma M., Box 31, Route 1, Berwyn, TO h97S 

lEn Bowman, Hugh, 1568 E. 3rd Ave., Vancouver, B. C, Canada, li809 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

UaS Bowman, Newell S., 5606 Oueens Chapel Rd., Hyattsville 

IBPA Poxold, Charles M., IOI6 Mineral Spring Ave., North Prov., Rhode Island, Dorm M 

IPE Boxwell, C. Raymond, Jr., ia6 East Clement St., Baltimore 30, TD 5 

3BPA Boyce, Charles R., 3708 Quincy St., Brentwood, hhOO Lehigh Rd., C. P., WA 9527 

UEn Boyce, Edward W., 508 S. East Ave., Baltimore 2U, OV U025 

UAg Boyce, George J., Apt. J303, 3900 Hamilton St., Hyattsville 

IAS Boyce, Joan S., 21 Hesketh St., Chevy Chase l5, MBH 

Gr Boyd, Arthur C, 2220 Rand PI., N. E., 2, D. C, AT 12U7 

Gr Boyd, Donald M., 6817 Standish Drive, Landover, AP 0237 

3En Boyd, Ellsworth H., 301 Nomandy Drive, Silver Spring, SL 6358 

Gr Boyd, Frank E. , Box 330, Beltsville 

2BPA Boyd, Joseph L., Big Spring, Calvert B (20, D.C., JO 2-2368 

OSCS Boyd, Joseph W., Ill, l6l5 Osage St., Bartlesville, Okla., 3959 Nichols Ave., S.W., 

UEPA Boyd, Richard F., U6OI Mainfield Ave., Baltimore lU, TD 2 


3En Boyd, Thomas H., VF 13 Apt C, C.P., DN 9881. 

3Ag Boyer, Charles H., Route #3, Frederick, VF 12, Apt. C, C.P. 

IAS Beyer, Edward G., 2D Research Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3331 

UAS Boyer, Eleanor G., 1^19 ViTindsor St., Silver Spring, Dorm 2 

2Ag Boyer, Lester W., Route #3, Frederick, TD h 

UEPk Boyer, Oliver P., Jr., Ferryman, Dorm 

OAS Boyer, Rosircll R., 220 Peabody St., N.W., 11, B.C. 

2BPA Bqyer, William D., I7UI Holly St., N.W., D.C., 12, RA 5280 

2PE Boyle, John A., Route #2, Buchanan, Mich., 7506 Dickinson Ave., C.P., UN 986U 

3BPA Boylston, Eugene W., 292? l67th St., Flushing, N.T., Calvert E. 

2BPA Bozay, Eugene A., The Cromwell Apts. U06, 1515 Ogden St., N.W., 10, D.C,, Taylor 955? 

2BPA Bozman, William E., 1923 East 30th St., Balto. 18, TD 1 

Gr Bozman, William R., Glenallan Ave., H#l, Silver Spring, LO 5-3215 (Frederick, Frederick I699 

OSes Brabander, Wayne J., 7Ul N. Alexander St., Hollywood 27, Calif., U.S.Navy, Camp Detrick 

OSes Bracey, H. B., R#2, Gallatin, Tenn., 1821 Patton Drive, Meade Heights, Odenton Ui33 

IBPA Braden, Robert D., 110 Hesketh St., Chevy Chase, OL 8335 

2En Bradford, Charles H,, Shore Acres, Arnold, Dorm 

UEd Bradford, Ellen E., Franklin St., Snow Hill, U517 College Ave., C.P. 

UEd Bradford, Marian W., 621 Tewkesbury Place, N.V.^, 12, D.C, MBH 

liBPA Bradford, Robert E., 9l;20 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, I16OO Norwich Rd., C.P., UN 9807 

Gr Bradford, William R., 2623 Newton St., Silver Spring, LO 5-2535 

2BPA Bradley, A. Goodrich, 3912 Cloverhill Rd., Balto. 18, Dorm E 

2En Bradley, Alfred L., 321 Decatur St., Apt. 1, 11, D.C. 

liEd Bradley, Betty N., 9Ul Northaaqpton Drive, Silver Spring, SL 6605 

I4BPA Bradley, Clinton S., 3912 Cloverhill Rd., Balto. 18, Tippctt Bldg., C,P« 

OSes Bradley, Lewis L., Jr., 2810 South 9th St., Apt. 101, Arlington, Va., JA 21855 

lEn Bradley, Lowell D., 3 Emery St., Edgewood, Calvert Hall A 

OSes Bradley, May W.{Mrs., 9liX Northamoton Drive, Silver Spring, SL 6605 

l£d Bradley, Peggy i^., 7125 Forrest Ave., Phila. 36, Pa., I43U9 13th St., N.E., 17, D.C, 

Gr Bradley, Robert B,, 1020 l8th St., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 1735 

lAg Brady, Eugene T., 122li Missouri Ave., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 2750 

Gr Brady, idichael, 25U South Uth St., Minersville, Pa. 

2Ag Brady, Patrick V., South Main St., Han^jstead, Dorm C, 

Gr Brady, Paul M., 3613 l8th St., N.E., 18, D.C, MI 7682 

3BPA Braffoi^i, Samuel G., Montgomery Rd., Beltsville, TO 5788 

OSes Bragdon, Merle H., Route #2, Silver Spring, Naval Ordinance Laboratory, SH 7100 Ext .728 

IBPA Brailer, Charles A., 9205 Bradford Rd., Silver Spring, SL ii357 

OSes Braley, Berton J., 58-E Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7188 

UBPA Bram, Walter F., Ij317 VanBuren St., University Park, WA 8971 

1^ Branch, Carolyn L., 32 Sycamore Ave,, Takoma Park, SL 9063 

IAS Branch, James T., 28lU Inglewood Ave., Balto. lU, TD 1 

2AS Branch, Rubye P., 32 Sycamore Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 9063 

2En Branch, William E., Jr., U312 Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, AP II428 

Gr Brand, Uarjorie J., 710 N. Wayne St., Arlington, Va., JA ii-0713 

3BPA Brandenburg, Harold A., Foxville P.O., Lantz, TD 3 (Arlington, Va., OT 867I 

OSes Brandhorst, William H., 333 C. Kaskaskhia St., Chester 111., 5u8 l8th St., S., ^t. 73l4 

Gr Brandt, Ann M., 770U Colesville Rd., W. Hyattsville, AP 6021 

Us Brandt, John H., Ill, 770U Colesville Rd., W. Hyattsville, AP 6021 

3Ed Brandt, Maurine, 7111 Allison St., Landover Hill, WA hhQ9 (UN 9807 

2SCS Brannock, Joseph F., Jr., 12,210 GrandView Ave., Silver Spring, U6OO Norwich Rd., C.P, 

lEn Bransford, Allan D., R.F.D.#1, Salisbury, TD 6 

2Ed Brantley, l<jrrna L., 1869 Mintwood Place, N.W., 9, D.C, Dorm 2 

2Ed Brassor, Lois Anne, U608 Nottingham Drive, Chevy Chase 15, U5l7 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9720 

ijBPA Braun, Fred C, 10701 Montgomery Rd., Berwyn 

IjAg Brauner, Glenn V., 3900 Hanilton St., Apt. M-302, Hyattsville, AP 0273 

OSCS Brawner, Frederick A., 26 Drake Lane, Levitt own, N.Y., U2nd. Stat. Services Unit, Boiling 

3PE Brawley, Clarence L., Duncan, Ariz., VF7, Apt. C, C.P, "(AFB., 25, D.C, BAFB 1^278 

OSCS Brawner, Selma U,{lirs,), Peyton, Colo., Delano Hsll, Walter Reed Hosp., 12, D.C, AP 556? 

2BPA Braxton, Norton C, 30I16 S. iOsingdon bt., Arlington, Va., TE 8UOI 

IPE Bready, C Frank, R#3, Rockville, TD 7 

Uffi Bream, Jean M., 202 W. Broadway, Gettysburg, Pa., Kappa Al^ha Theta, UN 9829 

IBPA Brearley, Frank T., U83 ^'horeau Terrace, Union, N.J., TD 7 

IBPA Breashears, Royal D., 72I4 N.E. 9th St., Oklahoma City, CMa., 89O8 60th St., Berwyn Hgts. 

2AS Brecher, Herman, iill7 Forest Park Ave., Balto. 7, U607 Knox Rd.,CP., WA 9766 

2En Breck, Edward B., Main St., Hanpden, Uass., T.D, 7 

lEd Breeding, Donna M., U0U8 20th Rd., N., Arlington, Va., Dorm 3 (Meade, Ft. Meade 2893 

OSCS Breen, John D., (Lt.), 25l6 Frisley Ave., New Itork 6I, N.Y., AG Sect., Hq 2nd Array, Fort 

oSCS Breen, May H. (Mrs.), 11^4 Varnum St., N.E., D.C 

Gr Breese, Fay H.(:irs.), U307 Rowalt Drive. CP.j AP 3036 

OSCS Breese, Ralph M.', 16 E. uosemont Ave., Alexandi-ia, \/a.. Temple O6I6 Ext,53537 


CiT Breese, Sydney S., Jr., k307 Rowalt Drive, C.P., AF 3036 

Or Breeskin, Sol D., U06 Holbrook St., N.E., 2, D.C., LI 3-3628 

OSes Breeze, William H., U710 Nichols Ave., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 3U773 (JO 82085 

OSes Brehm, John C, 3018 Parkway Terrace Drive, Suitland, Hq. AACS Mats., Andrew A.F.B., 25,D.C, 

3Ed Brennan, Ifelvin C, hh7 Tale Ave., Balto. 29, WI 21$3 

3HE Brenner, itergaret D., 5U32 Nebraska Ave., N.V/., 15, D.C., EM OOI48 

lAg Brennig, Margaret M., 702 St. Johns Rd., Balto. 10, Dorm 2 

lEd Breon, William R., 712 Hudson Ave., Takoma Park, SL 7im 

OSCS Brescia, RaJLph Eugene, I4OI E. Greenway Blvd., Falls Church, Va., FA U63I 

03CS Bresee, Howard F., Paxton, 111., 1755 Q St.,, D.G. 

Gr Breslin, John P., 3U23 S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va., OV 2890 

lEn Breunich, Thomas H., 17 Fifth Ave., Felham 65, N.Y., Dorm M 

2AS Brewer, Charlss M., U222 Oglethorpe St., Hyatteville, WA 1536 

OSCS Brewer, Dwight C, 2918 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va.. AL 8317 Ext.5286U 

3BPA Brewington, Robert M.^ 6807 Baltimore Ave., C.P., WA 78li9 

2Ed Brewrink, Robert L., 1929 Randolph St., N.E., IS, D.C., DE U178 

IjEn Brey, Robert U,, li; K Parkway, Greenbelt 

liAS Breyere, Edward J., Jr., Saint Paul St., Kensington, LO 5-1277 

lAg Brickey, Paris M., 1237 Quincy St., N.E., 17, D.C., La 6-9U9U 

3Ag Bridges, Bartow H., Jr., R#2, Box I66, Norfolk, Va., SZ 

Gr Bridgers, Bernard T., Lasker, N.C.. 6826 Pineway St., Qplle^f. Heights. WA 8917 

OSCS Bridges, John DeGraff. 510 Glen Carlyn Drive, Falls Church. Va,. FA 6531 

2AS Brier ley, Gerald ?., 61,05 Queens Chaoel Rd., Hyattsville, WA 8986 

2En Briggs, George S., 7215 Flower Ave,, Takoma Park 12, D,.., St 2256 

OSCS Briggs, Ruth M., 109 N. Wayne St., Arlington, Va. 

k&.g Brigham, Henry I,, Jr., 10 lates Ave., Ossining, N.Y., Dorm G. 

iiBPA Bright, Anath J,, u6l5 Guilford M,, C.P. 

3HE Bright, Barbara A., 706 Montgomery St., Laxirel, Laurel I98 

Gr Brilhart, Ruth A.C.'CJirs J, 8707 Gilbert Place, Takoma Park 

2Ed Bringas, Dolores B., uii02 Oliver St., hyattsville, UN 9021 

2PE Bringas, Nicholas V/., Bodkin Ave., r'asadena R#l, Dorm G. 

3AS Brinker, Hunter A., U63 Bow St., Elkton, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, M 92 (j7 

lEd Brinkley, Patricia A,, 3U26 Tulane Drive, #32, Hyattsville, WA 77U. 

IAS Brinkley, William C, iiU03 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington, N.C., ii7 01 Amherst Rd., C.P, 

3Ag Brinkman, Frank A., VF7, Apt, B, C.P. 

2SCS Brinsfield, Earle E., Vienna, Dorm 

2Ag Bristoll, Thomas Y., III6 Hunter Ave., Pelham Manor, M.Y., Dorm C (JO 29000 Ext,ij202 

OSCS Brittle, Kent H,, 301b Parkway Terrace #3, Suitland, Box 326 Boiling Air Force, D.C, 

CHE Broadbent, Robert L., 3 K Plateau Place, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5liil 

Gr Broberg, Ra3^h F., 1^939 Massachusetts Ave., U.W., 16, D.C, WO 369U 

3BPA Brobst, Jack E., 383! Lt. St. Rd., Bloomsburg, Pa,, 1^505 Calvert Rd., C,P, 

hAS Brock, Fred H., 3200 Auchentoroly Terrace, Balto. 17, Dorm C. 

i4BPA Brockman, Ray E., VF 7, Apt, F., C.P. 

iiHE Brockaeyer, Rita L., Uh30 lUth St., N.E,, 17, D.C, Kappa Alpha Theta , UN 9829 

IjEd Brockmeyer, William D., Severna Park, TD 6 

3Ed Broderick, Harold J., 18 East Utica St., Oswego, N,Y,, Alpha Tau Omega, C.P., WA 981iy 

UEd Brodsky, Gilda B., Odenton, Dorm 2 

Gr Brodzinsky, Albert, 102 Irvington St., S.W,, 20, D.C, JO 3-U75U 

US Brogan, James V,, 2509 S. 19th St., Phila. h$, Pa, 

IBPA Brohan, Richard J,, 225U Homer Ave., New York 61, N,Y., Calvert B 

(Ext .2 13 

OSCS Bromfield, Kenneth R,, 100 E. Third St., Frederick, CDivision, Camp Detrick, Frederick 

Gr Brondyk, Harold D., Box 271, Edgewood 

ijBPA Bronfein, Arthur G., UlOO Ethland Ave., Balto. 7, U509 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

2BPA Brookbank, John S., Jr., 9025 Fairview Rd., Silver Spring, SL U012 

Or Brooke, Eugenia C(Mrs.) 2502 Hamlin St., N.E., 18, D.C, NO 35242 

2HE Brooke, Mary A., Upper Marlboro, Dorm 3 

2AS Brooke, William E., 2502 Hamlin St., N.E., 18, D.C, MI 3613 

IjEd Brookens, Ruth H., Uii05 Tuckerman St., University Park, M 25U6 

2AS Brookley, Charles E., 60ii Kent Ave., Cumberland, Dorm I (Ext.7255ii 

OSCS Brooks, Donald Leroy, 1735 12th St., N., Arlington, Va., 3E21U, Pentagon, 25, D.C. Li 5-6700 

2AS Brooks, Gay lord, 211 Saratoga St., Cumberland, CZ 

OSCS Brooks, James B., (Capt.), U28 Argyle Drive, rails Churchy Va., FA 5l6l 

2BPA Brooks, Robert D., 65o8 Fulton St., Chevy Chase 15, TD 5 

IBPA Brooks, Ronald J., 3200 E. St., S.E. #105, 19, D.C, Calvert A. 

Gr Brooks, Samuel H., 11 German St., Anns^olis 

IHE Brooks, Vire^inia L., Pines-On-Sevem, Arnold, !EH 

3BPA Brookshire, William W., Jr., 6U02 U6th Ave., Riverdale, UN 368I 

lie Broome, Earl B., Jr., 3U22 Tulane Drive, W. Hyattsville 

IAS Broome, Patricia A., 520 Farm Place, N.W., 12, D.C, Ra37l48 

Gr Brophy, Jere E,, 56 E. 8th St., Columbus 1, Ohio, 222 Audrey Lane, 20, D.C, 


5Ed Brotemarkle, David C, 105 Choptank Ave., Carabridge, U. S. Bureau of Mines, C. P., UN 3100 

IAS Brothers, E. Corinne, 6127 Edmonston Ave., E. Riverdale, tiTA 8823 

2AS Brotman, Don-Neil, 233J iinoKa Ave., Baltimore l5, Calvert- b 

Gr Brotzen, Franz R., 2651 16tn St., N.\^., 9, D.C., AD 0129 

CSCS Brough, James R., 924 Manor Rd., Alexandria, Va. 

IAS Brougher, Donald L., 200 Dewey St., Pittsburgh 18, Pa., NZ 

lEd Brouraas, Mary, 5507 Center St., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm 2 

lEd Bromi, Alan D., Millersville P.O., Elvaton, TD 5 (D.C. 

OSCS Broim, Byron L., 5215 Gladstone St., Kansas City 1, Mo., 1101 Maint. Sqd., Boiling AFB, 

OSCS Brown, Carlton E., Camp Detrick, Frederick, Frederick 1191, Ext. 547 

Gr Brown, Carolyn G. J.(},'a:s.), Uhl8 Arabler Dr., Kensington, OL C931 

lEn Brown, Charles F., 1636 Kenyon St., N.VI., 10, D.C.,"aD 1734 

4Ed Brown, Charles J., 44 Church Green, Aberdeen, Donn 

2BPA Brown, Donald M., 2155 Chelsea Terrace, Baltimore T6, 7505 Dickinson St., C.P. 

OSCS Brown, Edith T. (Mrs.), 1616f Patton Dr., I'eade Hghts., Ft. LCeade, OD 6392 

3BPA Brown, Francis X., 5708 Ager Rd., Hyattsville, AP 4380 

OSCS Brown, Frederick I., Jr., 2729 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlington, Va., KI 88266 

2BPA Brown, George A., Rt. 2, Box 169, Fairfax, Va., 4110 Emerson St., Ifyattsville, UN 0150 

OSCS Brown, George B., R.F.D. 4, Waterbury, Conn., 92 C Galveston Pi., S.V/., 20, D.C, 

3En Brown, George W., P.O. Box 165, Perryville, 4711 Amherst Rd., C.P., WA 3166 (JO 3-5463 

IAS Brown, Georgia K., P.O. Box 276, Cumberland, AAH 

5AS Brown, Gerald M., 2817 14th St., N.W., D.C. 

ISCS Brown, Glenn M., 209 Cedar Ave., Apt. 5, Takoma Park, SL 4958 

CSCS Brown, Hazel E., 105 Galveston St., S.W., 20, D.C, JO 3 5612 

4Ag Brown, Jacob E., 6 A Research Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6721 

4Ag Brown, James H., Snow Hill, 701 Walnut Ave., Baltimore 

2Ed Brown, Lurlene M., Cedar Farm, Rising Sun, Delta Gamma, WA 9844 

CSCS Brown, Malvin F., 514 44th St., N.S., D.C, 1100th Composite Sqd., D.C, LU 44364 

3BPA Brown, Marjorie J., 101 Mohican Drive, Forest Hgts., LO 3 7582 

Gr Brown, Marshall J., 58 L Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 4857 

2Ed Browny Martha A., 1238 Winston Ave., Baltimore 12, AAH 

IAS Brown, Miriam D., 3307 Chillura Rd., Mt. Rainier, AP 1189 

OSCS Brown, Nathan A., 2202 Minor St., Alexandria, Va., OV 0620 

3En Brown, Newell H., 208 Pine Grove Dr., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 9-8974 

lAg Brown, Paul B., Box 172, Accokeek 

4En Brown, Paul I., 1032 N. Monroe St., Baltimore 17, 4509 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

lAg Brown, R. Leo, Box 563, Star Route, Laurel, Laurel 661171 

Gr Brown, Richard E., 9602 49th Ave., Bemyn 

AS Brown, Richard C, Jr., 207 Miles Drive, Forest Heights, 20, D.C, LO 3-7598 

Gr Brown, Richard T., 4506 Prospect Circle, Baltimore 16, LI 7788 

lEd Brown, Robert G., 5419 Eastern Ave., N.E., D.C. 

OSCS Brown, Robert V., 503 S. 5th St., Dayton, Wash., Hq. AACS, Andrews AFB, 25, D.C. 

Gr Brown, Roscoe, Jr., 11 W. Mt. Vernon PI., Baltimore 1, PL 9754 

Gr Brown, Russell M., Jr., 6517 Maple Ave., Chevy Chase 15, WI 5702 

Gr Brown, Sarah V., Sandy Spring (FA 24ff4 

CSCS Brown, Shannon D., 66 Clinton Ave., Eatontown, N. J., Pine Lawn Trailer Park, Fairfax,Va. 

IAS Brown, Shirley A., 6819 New Hampshire Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 7839 (UN 9845 

SAS Brown, Stanley L., 2313 Whittier Ave., Baltimore 17, 6724 Baltimore Blvd., Ifyattsville, 

2Ed Brown, Theodore J., 3307 Chillum Rd., Apt. 302, Mt. Rainier, AP 1189 

SBPA Brown, William Henning, 8728 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SL 8943 

5Ed Brown, William Henry, Jr., 3900 Rldgewood Ave., Baltimore 15, SZ 

IPE Brown, Wilma F., 6005 38th PI., Hyattsville, WA 1528 

Gr Browne, Edward T., Jr., 730 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, N.C, 6 F Research Rd,, Greenbelt 

4PE Browne, Gordon W., 319 Farragut St., N.W., 11, 5.C., RA 5566 

OSCS Browne, William M., 502 Midway Dr., Lexington Park 

BPA Brownell, Jane, 12 Keith Ave., Brockton 28, Mass., AAH (GE 1000, Ext. 728 

OSCS Browning, Edna M.(Lt.), Rt. 1, Cumberland, Delano Hall, Y/alter Reed Army Hospital, 12, D.C, 

IAS Browning, John W., 1904 Riverside Dr., Trenton 8, N.J., Dorm 

2PE Browning, Robert C, 3413 Ravenwood Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm G 

IBPA Browning, William L., Carter's Lane, Riverdale, WA 2281i 

(SL 3439 

Gr Brubaker, Edwin A., 37 Oakwood Rd., Fairmont, W. Va., 804 Maple Ave., Takoma Park, 

ISCS Brubaker, Robert H., 5307 Wesley Ave., Baltimore 7, TD 7 

SBPA Brubaker, Robert L., 222 Spruce Ave., Tdcoma Park, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

^iS Brubaker, Russell E., R.F.D. #1, Finks burg. Dorm G 

OSCS Bruce, Ethel C (Mrs.), 16 Klosterraan's Addition, La Vale, La Vale li238R 

2BPA Bruce, Marshall H., Jr., 9032 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn, TO 5106 

4En Brucksch, Richard, Jr., 1227 Poplar Grove St., Baltimore 16, 4605 College Ave., CP. 

CSCS Brudno, Charlotte, 618 F St., N.E., 2, D.C, LI 3 9120 

lEn Brueckmann, Adolph M,, 111 Oakdale Ave., Baltimore 28, Calvert E 

AS Brumbaugh, Grace C, State Line, Pa., 6412 40th Ave., hyattsville, WA 8878 


OSCS Brumley, Robert D., I6l W. Market St., Long Beach 5, Calif., I30U U St., S.E.,20,D.C., 

Us Brungart, Marjorle J., 7Ul9 Piney Br., Rd., Takoraa Park, 12, SL 7Ui7 (LU U-2329 

ISCS Bruning, David W,, ^605 Woodcrest Ave., Baltimore 1$, Calvert B 

OSCS Brunner, Arnold C, 32U9 23rd St., S.E., D.C., HI 3100, Ext. 2211 

UBPA Brxmner, James G. , U63I Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

2Ag Brunner, John R,, 1305 Birch St., Baltimore 27, Dorm E (UN 3577 

Gr Brunner, Norman G., 921 Washington Ave., Brooklyn N.Y., 7306 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P., 

IAS Bruns, Henry. B,, Jessup 

IHE Bruya, Marilyn J., 7B "Westiray North, Baltimore 21, MEK 

2AS Bryan, Jean C, IO36 E. Potomac Ave., Indian Head, MBH 

OSCS Bryan, John W., 9UI8 Rhode Island Ave., Berwyn, TO 5605 

OSCS Bryan, iTilliam T., 3306A, South Vfakefield St., Arlington, Va. 

2Ag Bryant, Allen B., 1913 Luzerne Ave., Silver Spring, TD 7 

Gr Bryant, Charles B., I8IO Connecticut Ave., N.W., D.C., NO 859U 

I4BPA Bryant, Edward 0., 5206 Ksnsas Ave., N.W., D.C., GE 2595 

2Ag Bryant, Howard J., 1129 Steiger Way, Baltimore 5 

OSCS Bryant, James S., 603 Meridian Lane, Falls Church, Va., RE 7U00, Ext. 62007 

Gr Bryant, William T., 9101 U8th Place, College Park, TO 656U 

3Ed Bubes, Ruth N., 8503 SLenville Rd., Takoma Park, SH I4386 

3Ed Bubes, Sydney C, 8503 Glenville Rd., Takoraa Paric, SH U386 

ISCS Bucci, Rmaldo J., 3722 Spaulding Ave., Baltimore 15, U526 Albion Ra.,C.P.,WA 2U29 

AS Bucciarelli, William C, E. Main St., Humraelstown, Pa., 2208 N.Charles St., Baltimore 

IAS Buchan, Charles H., 1717 Noyes Lane, Silver Spring, JU 7-8169 

HE Buchanan, Brooke, 3Ul6 Tulane Dr., West f^attsville, AP 0523 

BPA Buchanan, Corinne C. (Mrs.), 3Ul6 Tulane "Drive, Apt. 31, West Hyattsville, AP 05?3 

3BPA Buchanan, Howard A., Narrows Park, Cumberland, Dorm H 

2AS Buchanan, Janice C, 3lil6 Tulane Dr., University Hills, Apt. 31, W. Hyattsville, AP 0523 

UBPA Buchanan, Randall B., Narrows Park, Cumberland, VFIO, Apt. A., C.P. 

Gr Buchanan, Tate C, R.F.D 1, Saltville, Va., 7U05 Dickerson Ave., C.P, 

OSCS Buchanan, William D., 8IO8 lUth Ave., Apt. 202, Hyattsville 

UEd Buchheister, Harry E., Jr., 1200 Pine Heights Ave., Baltimore 29, GIL 1518J 

2BPA Buchta, Alfred P., 805 Bonapart Ave., Baltimore 18, HO 6562 

Gr Buck, Raymond ',V., Jr., Monticello, Maine, Apt. 5, U703 Ravenswood Rd. , Riverdale 

OSCS Buck, Richard A., 30U S. East St., Morenci, Michigan, U925 Lutterworth PL,16, D.C., 

liAg Buckel, W. Llax, Bittinger, UUlO Van Buren St., University Park, Hyattsville, ( WO 00U5 

3Ed Buckley, EUzabeth A., 666 Franklin Ave., Nutley, 10, N.J.,750li Yale Ave., (UN 9732 

OSCS Buckley, Gordon D., U22U Mathews Lane, Kensington (C.?., WA U262 

lAS Buckley, John F., 6OU S. Harrison St., New Castle, Del,, Calvert B 

Or Buckley, John J., l500 iV. 36th St., Baltimore 11 

IBPA Buckley, Robert E., 219 Kennedy Dr., Chevy Chase 15, WI 7966 

2En Bucy, Charles L., 307 Helen St., Cumberland, Calvert B 

2Ed Buehler, Albert G., I61i9 Fountain Head Rd., Hagerstown, Dorm M 

OSCS Buehler, Dolores D., llii Carroll St., S.E., 3, D.C., Pent. Ext,73U75 

2aS Buenaventura, Dolores, UUl Irving St., 10, D.C., CO 5686 

3En Buffo, Frank A., 7113 Yoric Rd., BalUraore 12, NZ 

Gr Biilock, Robert, 353 Shaws St., New Bedford, Mass., Edgewater, West River 7013 

2Ag Bull, Frederick W., 113 Locust Dr., Catonsville 28, Animal Husb. Barns, Un.of Md.,C.P, 

3En Bull, George N., Jr., 3U0 Ilchester Ave., Baltimore 18, TD 2 

OSCS Bull, James T., 90U East Greenmch St., Falls Church, Va., FA 6Uil 

OSCS Bulli, Dante E., Box 217, Cherry, 111., hhQ Belleview Dr., Falls amrch, Va. , FA 7338 

2AS Bumgamer, Barbara N., Monkton, MBH 

Or Bunch, Arvil N., 8O8 Jackson St., Takom Park 12 

UBPA Burall, Fred G., I67O Mussula Rd., Towson U, Towson U028 

ISCS Burtach, John A., 3221 10th PI., S.S., D.C., JO 2-kh60 

2BPA Burch, Douglas H., 8726 Second Ave., Silver Spring, SL 5919 

3BPA Burch, Walter D., 1805 Chilton St., Baltimore 18, Delta Sigma Phi, V/A 9770 

2SCS Burch, Yailiam M., Box U2, R«rwyn, UN 3391 (VI 0067 

Gr Burchfiel, William W., Marshall Heists, Sevierville, Tenn., kkhd Alabama Ave.,S.5.,D.C., 

OSCS Burchfield, James E., '.Vest St., Columbia, Texas, Apt. l5l,Florida Hall, Arlington Farms, Va., 

3BPA Burchinal, diaries F., ?7 Cheverly Circle, Cheverly, UN 2U76 (OW 9UOO,Ext.291 

2BPA Burckes, Thomas M., St, Michaels (D.C., EX 7700, Ext. 236 

OSCS Burdick, Charles W., 17Uii Richmond ilighway, Alexandria, Va., Co. E, 3rd Inf .,Ft.McNair,25, 

UEn Burdick, Harry F., IOI6 N. Noyes Dr., Silver Spring, SL 3705 

OSCS Burford, James L.,EM, Sec, Hq.,2nd Amy, Fort Meade, Fort Meade 8^2 

OSCS Burford, William R., 50U Avirett Ave., Cumberland 

3BPA Burgard, Harold M., 8l2 Moffett Lane, York, Pa., Doi!n C 

UBPA Burgdorf, Raymond L., Jr., 2010 Oglethorpe St., Apt. 202, W. Hya^.tsville, AP 5196 

UPE BuTgemeister, G. Wayne, 1321 Eastern Ave., Essex 21, Dorm J 

UEd Burger, Margaret J., U053 20th Rd., North, Arlington 7,Va.,U6l0 College Ave., C.P, 

3A3 Burgess, Peggy V., 2856 Ft. Baker Dr., 3.E. 20, D.C, VI lUU5 


Gr Buric, John, Route 1, Tunnelton, W. Va., An. Husb. Dept., Campus, WA 3800, Ext.3U8 

2AS Burk, A. Davis, Jr., 3175 Key Blvd., Arlington, Va., TE It 

Gr Burke, Edmund T., 8720 Georgia Ave., Silver Spilng, SL 1591 

2AS Burke, Edward F., 520 Elm St., Frederick, Frederick 79Um 

2Ag Burke, Frank J., 3 Frightside Ave., Pikesville 8, Dorm M 

OSes Burke, John F., li;20 Perry PI., N. W., B. C. 

ISCS Purke, Korbert J,, li603 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, TD 7 ' 

Gr Burke, Richard J., U28 Northwest Dr., Burnt Mills Village, SL 33U2 

lEn Burkett, James E., Humbird St., Ellerslie, TD 6 

lEn Burkett, Joseph A., Ij335 Southern Ave., S. E., Bradbury Heights 

(UN 6792 

Gr Purkhard, John '.7., 277 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Fa., 6705 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., 

IAS Burkle, Anita L., 302U Calvert St., Paltimore 18, AAH (ITO 9833 

UaS Burkle, Kenneth K., Apt. 5D, Calvert Ct. Apts., Baltimore 10, UUOO Knox Rd., C. P., 

ISCS Burklin, George B., 8 Primrose St., Chevy Chase l5, WI 330U (Boiling AFB, B.C., BAFB ii2l5 

OSCS Burleigh, Nancy 0. (Lt.), 53 Chapel St., Augusta, ilaine, llCOth Med. Gp. Hq. Comm. , 

liAg Burlin, '/STalter lY. , Port Deposit, Calvert C 

lEn Bumap, Edward A., 3603 Ch. Ch. Lake Dr., Chevy Chase l5. Dorm 

liAS Burnett, Allen G., 3731 l8th St., N. E., 18, D. C, CO 70U7 

OSCS Burner, Richard H., 81 3 Hallwood Ave., Falls Church, Va., FA U302 

Gr Burns, David J., U39 N. Ellwood Ave., Baltimore 2U, PE 2227 

IAS Burns, Gerald G., 8iil3 Lynwood PI., Chevy Chase l5, Calvert A 

IAS Bums, Joseph E., 9009 V^alden Rd. , Silver Spring, SL 8997 

OSCS Burns, Robert T., Route U, Hamilton, Ohio, BOQ, Ft. Mchair, D. C, EX 7700, Ext. 795 

liFE Burns, William J., 3917 Ave. T, Brooklyn 3U, N.Y., 2l50 Florida Ave., N.W., D.C., 

2AS Burnside, Ann H., 1527 Van Ness St., N. W., l6, D. C.,. Dorm III (MI 9211 

UEd Burnside, Virginia A., UUO Beechwood Rd., College Heights, WA 1569 

2Ag Burr, H. Warren, R.F.D., Cordova 1, Dorm M 

OSCS Burr, Ralph R., Ft. McNair, D. C. 

Gr Burrington, Ray G., U303 Rowalt Dr., College Park, WA 6700 

IAS Burtch, Betty E., 3025 Chesley Ave., Baltimore ih. Dorm 2 

3BPA Burtper, Edwin R., 1 Keedysville, U600 Norwich Rd., C. P., UN 9806 

UAg Burtner, Roger E., Keedysville, W, Apt.5E, U1\I 9752 

2HE Burton, H. Ruth, 513 Frederick St., Cumberland, A«H 

OSCS Burton, Karcellus W., 3131 Parkway Terrace Driv^, 20, D. C, JO 3-3785 

3Ed Purton, Maurine J. P. (krs,), U537 Wells Par.^^^ay, Riverdale, UN 136II 

2BPA Purton, Thomas W., 5l3 Frederick St., Cumberland, Dorm M 

2BPA Burton, William K., 3115 Juneau Place, Baltimore lli. Dorm F (TTA 9733 

3BPA Burton, William S., hC^ Buttermere Ave., Interlaken, N.J., 7U01 Princeton Ave., C.P., 

OSCS Busbice, Connella A., 609 South Cherry St., Falls Church, Va., FA 0858 

2AS Pusch, Robert W., U922 Harford Rd. , Baltimore Hi, Dorm F 

Gr Push, (;iara V. (Mrs.), Pires de Almeida lU. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 907 Northampton 

Gr Bush, }'. Bruce, i^Ui Garland Ave., Takoma Park, SH 8393 (Dr., Silver Spring, SL 0123 

3BPA Bush, Robert C, 27 P St., LaVale, VF7, Apt.H, C. P. 

Gr Busick, James G., Boulevard, Cambridge 

Gr Buso, Donald G., L'ottville, N. Y., U608 Calvert Rd., C. P. 

OSCS Butchkosky, John, 2107 Hildarose Dr., Silver Spring, SH 500ii 

2AS Butehom, Robert F., ii808 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore 7, LI 28o6 

OSCS Butera, Alfonso H., Apt. 3, 1-65, Andrews AF Base, 20, D.C., HI 3100, Ext.6lll 

3 AS Butkus, Walter J., 2^35 W. Mosher St., Baltimore I6, TD 1 

UBPA Butler, Dallas W., ii2A Crescent Rd. , Greenbelt 

O.SCS Butler, Earl M., 3625 Minnesota Ave., S. E., 19, D. C, AX 8300, Ext.2l;5 (WA k30h 

U.AS Butler, Edward J., 562 W. 113 St., New York 25, N.Y., 3U05 Penn St., W. Hyattsville, 

OSCS Butler, Ernest P. (Sgt.), 629 V^areham St., Middleboro, Mass., Hq & Hq Sqdn, 1100 ABGp,BAFB 

2PE Butler, George R., 628 Havre de Grace, 6 Edgewood Dr., Belle Haven, Va.(25,D.C., JO 2-90uO 

OSCS Butler, Gordon W. (Maj.), AGO Dept., Army, ii58 Belleview Dr., Hillwood Manor, Falls Church, 

3AS Butler, Janet Carol P., 6311 Riggs Manor Dr., Hyattsville, AP 3763 (Va., FA 6lh9 

lEd Butler, M. Virginia, 102 Spring St., Chevy Chase 15, ^.YI lii95 

IBPA Butler, Norton, 1623 Montague St., N. W., 11, D. C, RA 60U5 

2AS Butt, Frederick D., 3956 Pennsylvania Ave., S. E., 20, D. C, VI 0713 (25, D. 0. 

OSCS Butterbaugh, Paul A., 226l Boas St., Harrisbvirg, Pa., 1100 M>^S Group, Box 863, BAFB, 

OSCS Butts, Frankie W. (Mrs.), 78IO 13th St., N. W., D. C. 

ISCS Butts, J. Constance, 106 Lucas Lane, Bethesda Ik, Dorm 3 

UaS Buxbaum, Jerome D., 3706 Clarinth Rd., Baltimore l5, h310 Knox Rd., C. P., WA 98ii5 

UEd Buxbaum, Robert E. , 19 N. Bentalou St., Baltimore 23, TD 1 

OSCS Bye, George E. (Capt.), I4223 Silverhill Rd., 20, D. C. 

Gr Byer, David L., 9602 Evergreen St., Silver Spring, SL 8767 

OSCS Byerley, William H., 5 Brandywine St., S. E., Apt. Ul, D.C., BAFB 2iiU-2U5 

ISCS Byerly, Edwin R., Star Route, Warwick, TD 1 

SCS Byers, Harry L., Jr., 611 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, JU 73955 

OSCS Bynum, Pierro D., Apt. 303, 523 Bertland St., Alexandria, Va. 


3BPA Byrd, Gene L.j 23 Erics son ' Rd . , Cabin John lU, WI 2U79 

ISCS ^rrd, Malcola L., 7209 2Uth Ave., Lewisdale, A? U778 

3Ed Byrd, Robert ^., 5 VVebb Rd., Betheeda li^, 7U06 Dickinson Ave., C.P., UN 9771 

kkg Byrd, Warren T., 23 Ericsson Rd., Bethesda ll^, 7U06 Dickinson Ave., C.P. 

lEn Byrd, William E., Jr., 700 Hilltop Rd., Bal^o. 26 

2MS Byrne, Bernard P., 2127 viuilford Rd., Hyatt sville 

3AS Byrne, Herbert W., 3U13 Tulane Drive, Apt. 32, W. Hyattsville 

2Ed Byrne, Reynold H., Jr., 1302 Southview Rd., Balto. 18, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

3AS Byrne, Robert J., Route #2, Thurmont, TD 8 

Gr Byrnes, Mary E., 53 Broadway, Frostburg, 87li5 Colesville Rd,, Silver Spring, SL 7655 

3BPA Byron, William D., Springfield Karm, Williamsport, National Trailer Court, Bemyn 

IBPA Cabanas, Francisco V., Jr., TDl 

l4Bd Cabin, Janies E,, 300U Guilfoi-d Ave., Balto. 18, CH 56ii8 

Gr Cacheris, John C, 14607 Connecticut Ave., N.V/., 8, B.C., CE 675I4 

lEn Cadem, James R., 2630 Adams Mill Rd., N.ff., 5, D.C., MI 29UI 

IPE Cadle, William R.- Tr., jUG »,. Main St., ELimitsburg, Calvert D 

iiBPA Cagiano, Anthony . U66U Woodberry Rd., Riverdale, UN 389U 

IPE Cahill, Edwin H.,. '■ ., 68 Lennon St., Providence 8, R.I., Calvert A. 

IHE Cahill, Jane P., 1, ol Massachusetts Ave., D.C., Dorm 2 

Gr Cahill, J. Edward, 2903 Harview Ave., Baito. U4 

OSes Cahill, Nancy E., 2505 13th St., N.W., 9, D.C., NO 93hQ 

BPA Cahill, Willard S., 3701 Utah Ave., Brentwood, WA 5766 

IBPA Cahn, Charles II, 5802 Greenspring Ave., Balto. 9, 14810 Harvard Rd., C.P., WA 983U 

OSes Cahn, Ralphael D., II808 Gait Ave., Silver Spring, LO 5-2786 

IjEd Cain, Dorothy I., 276U 73rd Place, Kent Village, Hyattsville 

3PE Cain, Eleanor Teresa, 5il ^. Highland St., Arlington, Va., CH 6596 

Gr Cairns, Eldon J., Fulton 

liBPA Calbeck, Louis W., 305U Monroe St., N.E., 18, D.C., HO 8185 

Gr Caldwell, Anne W. (Itrs.), a05 Philaaelohia St., Silver Spring, SL 2068 

Ed Caldwell, Evelyn R. (Mrs.), 2505 Allison St., Apt. #U, Mt. Rainier, UN 701ii 

lEn Caldwell, Frank R., Jr., U821 u7th St., W.W., 16, D.C., Dorm 

3AS Gales, Richard D., 926 N. Charles St., Balto., hSlh (Jlemson Rd., C.P. 

2Ag Calhoun, Robert P., 159 Pierrepcnt St., Brooklyn 2, N.Y. 

Gr Calhoun, William P., Pawnee City, Nebr., 6207 M:tth Ave., Riverdale, WA 6368 

2AS Call, Edward P., 6026 VTelbom Drive, 6, D.C., TD3 

lAS Callaway, V/illiam L., Annapolis Hotel, D.C., TD8 

2AS Callens, Robert A., 35U Westshire Rd.^ Balto. 29, Dorm 

OSCS Callomon, Use R. (Mrs.), 2006 N. St., N.«v., 6, D.C., EX 3839 

hAS Caloyianis, George N., 3906 Fernhill Ave., Balto. 15 

liHE Camalier, Frances E., U309 Russell Ave., ut. Rainier, Alpha Chi Omega, C.P., UN 9893 

OSCS Cameron, Ernest V., 512 Bellview Blvd., Alexandria, Va., Pentagon 75583 

lEn Cammarata, Vincent N., 716 Bartlett Ave,, Balto. 13, Calvert B 

2En Camp, Charles F,, 3211 Fayette Rd., Kensington, WA 989U 

OSCS Can^, Kenneth Lee, lOOU N. Jefferson St., Arlington, Va., GL 6782 

3En Can^, Robert A., 3211 Fayette Rd., Kensington, LO 5-100li (AFB, D.C., Ui96 

OSCS Can5)a, Alfred (Cpl.), 153 Eddie Wesley St., San Antonio, Tex., 1100th Med, Group, Boiling 

Gr Carapanella, Samuel J., 710ii 9th St., N.W., 12, D.C., RA 1029 

3kS C£Ui?>aneili, Peter A., 5600 St., Hillside, Dorm 

ISCS Canpbell, Carroll R., 5U28 55th Place, East Riverdale, AP 1630 

hAg Campbell, Donald G., 1209 Salem Ave., Hagerstown, 1822 Maltravers Rd,, Glen Bumie 

(Park, WA 102U 

AS Can^jbell, Edgar L., 53 Virginia Ave., Vineland, N.J., 6307 Queens Chapel Rd., University 

IBPA Campbell, Oorge R., 37E Washington Lane, Fhila. k3t Pa., TD 6 

OSCS Campbell, Robert A., 29 Second St., Brockton 6, Mass., Barton Hall, 25, D.C,,RE 7U00 Ext.63695 

3BPA Canqjbell, Warner L,, 1768 E. North Ave,, Balto, 13, VF 3, Apt.F., C.P. 

OSCS Campbell, William J., 255 Linden St., Brooklyn 27, N.Y., 32 Greenwood Place, Potomac Hgts. 

2BPA Canpbell, William J., 15 lierrymount Rd., Balto. 10, Dorm C. (Indian Head 

Gr Campbell, William Joseph, 5513 Parkland Court, S.E,, D.C., HI 278u 

2BPA Can^ello, Robert, Jr., 150U Sharon Drive, Silver Spring, Delta Tau Delta, UN 9780 

Gr Canpos, Amado C, Da^marinas, Gavite, Philippines, Poultry Dept., Campus 

2BPA Camus, Edward P., 805 Kennebec Ave., Takoma Park, SL 2018 

Gr Cancro, Giro A., 2209 M. ot., «.S., D.C., AT 8993 

lAg Candela, Mariamie, Gonpton, Dorm 3 

2AS Candish, George vV., 937 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, SH 7385 

2AS Cann, Nancye L., U209 Tuckerman St., University Park, WA 8217 

Gr Canon, Jose J., Garreva IIB, No 2-70, Bor^ota, Colombia, 1482!] Osage St., C.P., TO 5125 

Gr Canter, Louis, 2Ul3 Eccleston St., bilver Spring, LO 5-2983 

3BPA Cantor, Felix J., 801 Lake Drive, Balto. 17, Tau Epsilon Hii 

lEd Capece, Barbara A., 5313 38th Ave., Hyattsville, UN 2197 

US Capehart, Patricia L., 117 B Westchester Apts., I6, D.C., EM IO6U 

2En CapeUo, Thomas J., U07 &ssex Ave,, Chevy Chase 15, Wl 6091 


2BPA Caplan, Caswell J.« 3709 Sprlngdale Ave., Baltimore 16, TD S 

2BPA Caplan, Joseph G., 3702 Dorchester Rd., Baltimore 15, 4310 Knox Rd., C.P.. KA 9347 

OSCS Capone, Ernest C,(L-c.), 72 i^aval St., naterbury. Conn., Box 49, Officer's Mall Rm., Boiling 

OSCS Cappelletti, Joseph W., Qtrs. 235 So. Post, Pt. Myer, Va., JA 2-0180 (AFB, BAFB Ext.233 

OSCS Caquelin, Howard J., 118 W. Cameron Hd., Falls Cfaaroh, 7a., FA 5653 

lEn. Caradeo, Andre L., 920 Highland Drive, Silver Spring, SH 7143 

Gr Caras, Theodore, 72 Church St., Westbrook, Ito,, 7918 Lynbrook Dr., Bethesda, WI 8531 

OSCS Caravakis, Nicholas E., 146 So. St., Danbury, Conn., U. S. Navail Qtrs. K, Arlington 8, Va. 

4Ag Carballo, Ramon N., Apartado Aereo #10-54, Cartagena, Colombia, 9004 48th PI., C.P., 

OSCS Cardinal, Maribeth T (Mrs.), 1801 Clydesdale PI., N.W., 9, D.C., DU 0264 (TO 5784 

OSCS Cardwell, Cecil L. (Lt.), 1818 Patton Dr., Apt, F, Ft., Meade, Odenton 4381 

OSCS Carey, Gates C.(Capt.), Hdg. AACS, Andrews AFB, 25, D.C., HI 3100, Ert.82182 

5AS Carey, Helen M., 1654 Vamum PI., N.E., 17, D.C., pi Beta Phi, TJU 9885 

4JE Carey, James M., 263 James St., Bridgepoirt, Conn., Dorm M 

IHE Carey, Marilyn F,, 1654 Vamum PI,, N.E., 17, D.C., MI 6986 

4Bd Carey, Robert L., 6548 46th PI., Rlverdale 

SBd Carey, Robert T., 230 Stratford Ave., Westmout, N.J., TD 8 

3Bd Carino, Robert J., 27 Pomona Ave., Fairlawn, N.J., 9506 Bruce Dr., Silver Spring 

2BPA Carl, Bemioe G., 606 Potomac Ave., Hagerstown, 4517 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9720 (belt 5762 

Gr Carl, Jean R., 580 Delaware St., Paulsboro, N.J., IIG Parkway Rd., Greenbelt, Green- 

OSCS Carl, John M., Jr., 1624 V St., S.E., 20, D.C., Haval Research Laboratory, NRL Ezt.464 

4BPA Carletti, Robert T., 2107 Greenmount Ave., Baltimore 18# TD 1 

Gr Carley, William S., 5522 Greennray Dr., Green Acres 16, TTl 5836 

4Ag Carlin, James F», 432 F St., Sparrows Point 19, TD 7 

IAS Carlin, Robert A., 985 Bryant St., Rahway, N.J., Calvert D 

IBd Carliner, Rita A., 3510 Labyrinth Rd., Baltimore 15, Dorm 3 

SBd Carlisle, David P., 2727 Hlllegass Ave., Berkeley, Calif., Tau Kappa Epsilon 

lAg Carlos, Salvador L., 690 Tanduay, Manila, Philippines, TD 2 

Gr Carlton, Jean F., Harwood 

3Ag Camevali, Angel A., Quinta Maryland Avenida Las Rosas, La Florida, Caracas, Venezuela 

Gr Carney, Alice H., 154 Center St., Frostburg, 3900 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, AP 0584 

OSCS Carney, J. W., 3526 Eller Ave., Ft. Smith, Ark., U.S. Naval Unit, Camp Detriok, 

Gr Carpenter, Donald G., 3425 Tulane Dr., If, Hyattsville (Frederick 

IAS Carpenter, George H., 1530 Rhode Island Ave., N.E., 18, D.C. 

SHE Carpenter, Jacqueline V., 8608 Brandt PI., Bethesda 14, Delta Gamma, WA 9844 

SAS Carpenter, John A. ,3425 Tulane Dr., Apt. 33, W. Hyattsville 

4En Carpenter, John 6., 50 Magnolia Ave., Hillsdale, N.J., Dorm C 

OSCS Carpenter, Laura, 322 Lynnwood St., Apt. 204, Alexandria, Va., RE 740(i Ert. 63846 

OSCS Carpenter, Neal H., 917 Potomac Ave., Apt. B-1, Alexandria, Va., KI 8-6456 

OSCS Carpenter, Newton I. (Capt.), 1S3 So. Main St., Attleboro, Mass., Hd. Mats., Andrews 

(AFB, 25, D.C, HI 3100, Ext. 2153 

4En Carpenter, Robert J., 250 Whitmoor Terrace, Silver Spring, SL 5485 

3En Carpenter, Robert T., R.F.D. 5, Box 399, Frederick, Dorm E 

3En Carpenter, Roger L., R.F.D. 5, Frederick (UN 2012 

SAS CaiTpentier, Eugene A., 15 Van Orden St., Spring Valley, N.Y., 6405 45th PI. Riverdale» 

AS Carr, Bmoe A., 22 Bronson Ave., Soarsdale, N.Y., Calvert D 

Gr Carr, Dabney J., 1607 Hanover Ave., Richmond 20, Va., 4502 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

3BPA Carr, Louis J., 208 Wither spoon Rd., Baltimore 12, Theta Chi,WA 9733 

lAg Carr, Virgil H., Woytych Sta., Annapolis, Dorm L 

4BPA Carr, William A., Seabrook, Bowie 3490 

Gr Carrasco, David L., 304 Waterford Rd., Silver Spring, SL 0027 

2BPA Carrioo, John D., 4320 Lynbrook Dr., Bethesda 14, WI 2053 

IAS Carrigan, Robert L., 1729 D St., S.E., 3, D.C, TR 0906 

Gr Carrillo, Gilbert A., 12 Jefferson Ave., Takoma Park, SH 6889 

IBPA Carrington, Raymond A., 107 Taylor St., Chevy Chase 16 

4Ag Carrion, Robert P., 3 Manor Ave., Baltimore 6, 18 C Parkway, Greenbelt 

3En Carroll, Howard I«, 2801 Halcyon Ave., Baltimore H EA 8914 

2BPA Carroll, James A., 91 Norwood Dr., Deal, N.J., TD 8 

lAg Carroll, James J., 2651 Aisquith St., Baltimore 18, OH 6763 

4Ag Carroll, James W., 8009 35th Ave., Jackson Heights, N.Y., 

4BPA Carroll, John C, Burtonsville, Ashton 2482 

Gr Carroll, Walter E., Grain Highway, Gambrills 

2Ag Carros, Demo N., 815 Gephart Dr., Cumberland, Dorm C 

2AS Carruth, Donald E., 9723 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn, TO 5384 

OSCS Carson, Alexander R., Jr., 812 Greenwood Circle, Apt. 5, Takoma Park, SL 1612 

IAS Carson, James B., 1019 Roswell Dr., Silver Spring, SH 3628 

IAS Carson, William E., R.D. #6, Bridgeton, N.J., TD 3 

Gr Cartee, James K., Rt, 1, Liberty, S.C, 4531 College Ave., C.P., AP 3865 

lAS Carter, Betty L., 8107 University Lane, Silver Spring, JU 7-9421 

OSCS Carter, BraxtonXLt. ), Tazewell, Tenn., 1101 Savannah St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-9113 

4En Carter, Calvin J., Jr., 1311 Ridge Rd., Catonsville 23, Catonsville 8476 

2En Carter, Charles R., 2^25 Sidney St., Baltimore 30, SA 198U 

lEn Carter, Clifford T., 2800 Preabury St., Baltimore 16, LO 166U 

OSCS Carter, Douglas H., 931 Cornell Drive, Bucknell Manor, Alexarxiria, Va., OV 6693 

OSCS Carter, Frederic L., Box 1$, Willcox, Arizona, 2^11 S.Walter Reed Dr., Apt. 2, Arlington, 

OSCS Carter, Hilton L., 701U Fordhara Court,C.P., UN 3625 (Va.,AL U905,Ext. 55779 

2Ag Carter, John F., Sparks, Manor 561JU 

OSCS Carter, Joseph W., 2327 N.Washington Blvd., Arlington, Va., JA 82136 

lAg Carter, Merwin C.,35l2 San Fernando St., San Antonio, Texas, 60-A Crescent Rd.,Greenbelt 

ISCS Carter, Robert E., 1 Mitchel Court, Hempstead, N.Y., TD 2 

IAS Carter, Sara L., 1216 Forest Ave., Richmond 21, Va., MEH 

3Ed Carter, William G., 9U7 EauGallie River Rd., Eau Gallie,Fla., Dorm F (20,D.C.,J0 2U853 

OSCS Carter, William P., 232 Grattan St., Harrisonburg, Va., 22U0 Savannah Terrace, S.E., Apt. 11, 

2En Carter, Winfred 0., 105 33rd St., N.E., D.C., FR U509 

Gr Carton, Ediiin B., Apt. 203, 2716 Kirkwood Place, Hyatt3ville,AP 3508 

Gr Carton, Lonnie F. (Mrs.), Apt. 203, 2716 Kirkwood Place, Hyattsville, AP 3508 

2AS Caruthers, Robert P., 7 Condit Rd., Mt. Lakes, N.J., TD 6 (Va., Pent, Ext,2202 

OSCS Caruana, Carmelo, 935 Abbott St., Detroit 26, Mich., Hq.Co.,lst Bn^rd Inf, Fort l/Jyer, 

UaS Carvajal, Alfred M., 700 E.l56th St., New York 55, N.Y.,7505 Hopkins Ave.,C.P. 

OSCS Carver, James H., 3310 Terrace Dr., Silver Hill, Silver Hill 3157 

2AS Carver, Thomas C, Jr., 1^522 Wells Paricway, Riverdale 

Gr Gary, Boyd B., Jr., U80li Berwyn Rd., College Park, TO 6369 

IBPA Casbarian, Harvey T., Jr., 5U05 38th Ave., Apt. 2, Hyattsville, Dorm F 

3En Cashraan, Philip S., 7 N. Beechwood Ave., Baltimore 28, CA 6083 

OSCS Cassel, James M., U703 Rosedale Ave., Bethesda, OR UOUO, Ext.U75 

3BPA Cassell, Robert E., Selby on the Bay, Edgewater, 2832 27th St.,N.W.,8,D.G.,IiI 881i8 

UEn Cassell, Sanford C, 3937 S St., S.E., 20, D.C., VI 3829 (25 DC., HI 3100, Ext.UU69 

OSCS Cassetta, Nicholas (Sgt. ), 917 Montpelier St., Baltimore 18, Food Service Sq., Boiling AFB, 

ISCS Cassidy, James R., U6l7 N. Chelsea Lane, Bethesda lU, WI 8970 

IBPA Cassidy, John F., 153 Rhode Island Ave., N.E.,2,D.C., HO lkh9 

3BPA Cassidy, Patrick J., 153 Rhode Island Ave.,N.E.,2,D.C., HO llili9 

OBPA Casteel, Eleanor M., Rowlesburg, W.Va., 6506 Queens Chapel Rd., University Park,WA 7783 

OSCS Casteel, James A., 5709 Virginia Ave., Rt.2, Falls Church, Va, , KE 3-6609 (C.P., WA 9U22 

2AS Castellano, James, Jr., 2U0 Arlington Ave., Staten Island 3, N.Y., 690U Dartmouth Ave., 

23PA Castleberry, Gene A., U607 Norwood Dr., Chevy Chase 15, OL 2266 

Gr Castleraan, Jacob I., U906 S. 28th St., Arlington, Va., OV 007U 

IHE Catakis, Amelia, 623 Quintana Place, N.W., 11, D.C., (S. 5575 

2En Caton, James R., 5705 Chillum Hts. Dr., Hyattsville, UN 7553 

Gr Caton, John T., 11 Sherman Ave., Takoma Park 12 

IAS Cattaui, John L., 177 East 93rd St., N,Y.,N.Y.j U806 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

Us Gatton, William B., 3139 Tennyson St., N.W., 15, D.C, EM 8619 

Gr Causey, G. Donald, 3030 Mondamain Ave., Baltimore 16, Room 5,3rd Floor,Tippett Bldg.,C,P, 

UEn Causey, Paul F., Jr., ii635 Briarclift Rd., Baltimore 29, LO 7186 

ISCS Cavallaro, Augustine L., 90 Ogden St., New Haven, Conn., TD 6, UN 987U 

1kg Cavanaugh, Thomas J., 3010 Wisconsin Ave., 16, D.C, WO 0773 

IHE Cave, Elizabeth A., 1316 Woodside Parkway, Silver Spring, Dorm 2 

OSCS Cave, Eugene L., 918 Westfall Place, Falls Church, Va. ' 

liEn Cavey, Kevin E., 1903 W. Fayette St., Baltimore 23, SZ 

3BPA Cavey, Paul I., Old Court Rd., Woodstock, V/oodstock 3322 

UEn Cavey, Paul M., Box 107, River Road, Ellicott City 

3Ed Cavileer, Betty L., 9101 Autoville Dr., Berwyn, TO 5968 

liEn Cecce, Robert F., 3705 Keswick Rd., Baltimore 11, Dorm M 

lEn Cecchetti, Ralph L., 5llU Huron St., Branchville, TO 50.33 

UBPA Cedrorie, Louis R., Jr., 5653 Govane Ave., Baltimore 12, Calvert A 

IAS Centolanza, Anthony J., Woodland Rd., Caldwell, N.J., TD 5 (D.C, HI 3100, Ext.m25 

OSCS Cerasale, Anthony C, 127th & Monitor St., Worth, 111., 1052 Ma int. Sq., Andrews AFB, 25, 

OSCS Ceretti, Lawrence J. (Lt.), R.R. 2, Waukee, Iowa, l6l Forrester St., S.W., D.C, JO 2-3272 

OSCS Gerreta, Peter A., 31.U3 8lst St., Jackson Heigh ts,N.Y., 1750 Mass. Ave. ,N.W.,D.C,MI 9682 

OSCS Cervenak, William (Capt.), 2819 31st St., S.E., D.C, AX 8756 

lEd Cetti, Henry P., Ul5 Freeport Rd., Creighton, Pa., Dorm L 

2AS Chaconas, Peter S., 53lU Holder Ave., Baltimore, TD 7 

IMS Chadduck, Harry W.,III, U502 Highland Ave., Bethesda Hi, Dorm C 

UBPA Chadwin, Alfred T., 35l6 13th St., S.E., D.C, Theta Chi, WA .9733 

OSCS Chaikin, Arthur, 201 U5th St., Union City, N.J., 725 19th St.,N.W.,D.C 

3PE Chalk, Charles, 1503 Frederick Rd. , Catonsville, Dorm M 

lEd Chalkley, David W., U20U Rusk St., N.E., 19, D.C. 

OSCS Chamberlain, John T.,R.F.D. 3, Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg 3l5w 

OSCS Chamberlain, Mervin A., 2536 Southern Ave.,S.E.,Apt.23,20,D.C,1050th Mtr.Veh.Sqdn,Andrew3 

2BPA Chamberlin, R. Webster, 1300 Southview Rd., Baltimore 18, TD 1 (AFB,25,D.C,HI 3100, Ext. UlU6 

Gr Chambers, D. Harry, 3U32 Frederick Ave., Baltimore 29 

OSCS Chambers, Leslie A., R.D.5, Frederick, Camp Detrick, Frederick, Fred. 1191, Ext. U3 2 


Gr Chambers, Margery E. (Mrs.), Oaidawn Avenue, CTimberland, Cumberland 396O-M 

UEn Chambers, Ralph L., Jr., hZU 37th St., N. W., 8, D. C, WD 7997 

2BPA Chambers, Richard M., U227 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, WA 3237 

2BPA Chamblin, Walter G., UO^ Brewster Ave,, Silver Spring, SL U668 (WA 7320 

Gr Champeau, Harold C. 98 Beach St., Quincy, Mass., U2l5 Sheridan St., University Park, 

OSCS Champion, Carl E., P. 0. Box 372, Silver Spring 

UEn Chance, Merritt 0., Brooke villa, VF3, Apt.A, C. P. 

Gr Chandler, Earl N., ii8U2 Chevy Chase. Dr., Chevy Chase l5, OL 0339 

lEn Chandler, Mark, 6229 Fairdel Ave., Baltimore 6, TD 3 (SL 9227 

lAS Chandler, Thomas, Box l5, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 8621 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, 

3Ed Chaney, Betty J. (Mrs.), 7309 Riggs Rd., Hyattsville 

UAS Chaney, Donald H., 26 Murray Ave., Annapolis 

Gr Chaney, John C, 100 Roselavm Ave., Wilmington l65, Del, 

2AS Chaney, Joyce E., ii317 Clagett Pineway, University Park, WA 23$2 

Gr Chang, Ching C, North St., Kia-Hsien, Honan, 390ii Madison St., Hyattsville 

UaS Chang, Elizabeth C. T., 22-2U Mountbatten Rd., Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, AAH 

UAg Chang, Kwang P., $ Gin Yen Jie, Nanking, China, 5103 Berwyn Rd., C. P., TO 6I486 

UaS Chang, Patricia C. H., 22-2ii Mountbatten Rd., Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, AAH 

Gr Chang, Shih-Chuan, Ii6l3 College Ave., C. P. 

OSCS Chapelle, Francis O.CCapt.), 32^6 South Utah St., Arlington, Va., KI 3-66lU 

2Sn Chapin, Edward J., Jr., 6230 33rd St., N.W., 15, D. C, TO 605i; 

lAg Chapin, William 0., 607 Darthmouth Ave., SUver Spring, SL Wi2ii(8, Va., OW 9U00, Ext.3lil 

OSCS Chapman, Albert V., Jr., 218 Zoe St., Houston 20, Tex., Florida Hall, So. Post, Ft. Myer 

2BPA Chapman, Wilson W., 103 Hilton Ave., Catonsville 28, TD 2 

ISCS Chappelear, G. Herbert, Jr., U07 Turner St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 0903 

3BPA Chappell, Laban C, Jr., 27 E. Woodbine St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 565U 

Gr Charlesworth, George H., Box 3U, Branchville, TO 58OI4 

3BPA Charlton, Walter T., h311 Sheridan St., University Park, WA 6939 

IBPA Charlton, W. Dickerson, U311 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, WA 6939 

IBPA Charron, Edward A., 6202 hhth Ave., Riverdale, WA 57ii5 

UAg Charron, Richard D., Glengary, West Virginia, 7105 Rhode Island Ave., C. P., WA 2606 

UAS Chase, Daniel F., Jr., 725 Hilltop Dr., Cumberland, SZ 

Gr Chase, David G., 230U 73th Ave., District Heights, HI 7867 

Gr Chase, Donald A., U Page Rd., Marblehead, Mass., 56l7 Annapolis Rd., Cheverly 

3AS Chase, Gloria G.{}'.rs.), 3105 Belmont Ave., Baltimore 16, Pox 1220, C. P. 

2Ed Chase, H. Dolores, 725 Hilltop Dr., Cumberland, AAH 

2AS Chase, James U., Jr., 130 Hayden Ave., Wilmington, Del., Princeton Ave., C.P. (WI 0329 

ISCS Chase, John H., Jr., 61OO Connecticut Ave., Ghevy Chase 15, 7202 Newburn Dr., Woodacres, 

2BPA Chase, John P., 70 Rhode Island Ave., N. W., 1, D. C, AD 75U6 

3HE Chase, Phyllis, U35 Raymond St., Chevy Chase 15, MBH 

UAg Chase, Richard J., VF7, Apt. E, C. P. 

3AS Chase, Roland H., 70 Rhode Island Ave., N. W., 1, D. C, AD 75U6 

Gr Chatham, Marie (Mrs.), IIOU North Pitt St., Alexandria, Va., OV 1023 

HE Chattaway, M. Adair, 137 Fallowfield Ave., Charleroi, Pa., Dorm 2 

Gr Chattier, Leo M., 27l6 31st St., S. E., 20, D. C, VI 0553 

3PE Chaudet, Norman L., 26o8 Cameron Mills Rd., Alexandria, Va. , SZ 

Gr Chauvenet, Jane B."(Mrs.), 6803 Riggs Rd., West Hyattsville (AF Base, 25, D.C., AAFB 5211 

OSCS Chauvet, Jack S., Route 2, Box 10U3, Walnut Creek, Calif., 1050th Air Base Wing, Andrews 

OSCS Chavkin, Leon, 538 New Jersey Ave., Brooklyn 7, N. Y., 1326 Tewksbuiy PI., N.W., 12,D.C. 

Gr Checkovich, John, North Broadway, Amityville, L.I.,N.Y. ,2905 S. Columbus St., Arlington, 

(Va., TE 8813 

3AS Cheek, Phyllis J., 6906 Wake Forest Dr., C. P., WA 1225 

3En Chelabi, Heshan A., B.tghdad, Iraq, 7305 Yale Ave., C. P., WA 8331 

3AS Chen, Hok Hua, 339 h. 29th St., Baltimore 18, Dorm 3 

Gr Chen, Hsueh H., );6l3 College Ave., C. P. 

Gr Chen, Yung P., U327 Rowalt Dr., C. P., AP 3052 

2Ag Chenault, Phyllis L., 3226 Walnut St., 18, D. C, DE 2710 

3AS Cheney, Harold G., Jr., 60 Raymond ^ve., Rutherford, N. J., U701 Princeton Ave., n.P. 

UEn Chenowith, Edwin C, 5913 Edna Ave., Baltimore lU, TD 5 

Gr Cherigos, Harry P., 3IO6 Parkside Dr., Baltimore lU, 

2AS Cherner, Herbert, UU09 Burlington PI., N.W., I6, D. C, OR 0721 

OSCS Chemish, Lelia L. (Mrs.), 1230 New Hampshire Ave., 6, D. C, ME 1380 

UAS Chesney, William E., Ill Beechdale Rd., Baltimore 10, Dorm 

3AS Chesnut, Robert T. N., 350U Taylor St., Brentwood, V«A 7079 

3Ed Chesser, Julia H., c/o Mrs. V. T. Grim, Philippi, W. Va., Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

OSCS Chester, Morris S., 3809 Granada Ave., Baltimore 7, NO 3l6U 

lAg Cheung, Wing S., 15 E. Man Tok Rd., Canton, China, 717 H St., N.W., 1, D.C. 

2RPA Chickering, David C, 8OI Greenwood Ave,, Takoma Park 12, SH 5836 

OSCS Child, Godfrey B., Pocomoke City, 67OI Rhode Island Ave., C. P. 

3Ed Childs, James B., 1221 Newton St., N.E., 17, D. C, LA 6-5357(N.E., Apt. 302, 20,D.C. 

OSCS Childs, Jeanne G. (Capt.), 1125 Jefferson Ave., Glendale 16, Ohio, 1710 Kenilworth Ave., 


Gr Childs, Jo^n R., 70 Webster St., N.E., Apt, 201, 11, D.G., TA 9622 

3En Childs, R. Felix, 1221 Newton St., N.E., 17, D.C., M 6-^357 

3BPA Childs, Walter L., Jr., UU09 Tuckerraan St., Hyattsville, WA 6926 (WA 0777 

2En Chilson, Clifton A., 21 Langley Ave., Portsmouth, Va., 3J4IO Cheverly Ave., Cheverly 

UBPk Chin, Calvin, 313 E. 29th St., Balto. 18, Doirm N. 

2HE Chinn, Jane A., 8 Thomas St., Rockville, Dorm 2 (Va., 07 UQlh 

OSCS Chirillo, Louis D., 87 East 3^th St., Brook]^ 3,N.Y., 3819 Florence Drive, Alexandria, 

ijBPA Chiswell, M. 'JVaters, 21 Brooks Ave., Gaithersburg, 7507 Hopkins Ave., C.P., UN 0351 

3BPA Chiswell, William L., 21 Brooks Ave., Gaithorsburg, 7507 Hopkins Ave., C.P., UN 0351 

IAS Chitwood, Edward M,, Fulton, Dorm 

2Ag Chlan, Donald V/., 6315 Hazelwood Ave., Balto.6, Dorm C 

2AS Chmar, Aaron J., 21^32 Liberty Heights Ave., Balto. 15, Phi Alpha 

2AS Chmielewski, Bernard M., 827 S. OMham St., Balto. 21;, PE 9375 

Gr Chodos, Arthur A., 5^46 D Beacon Rd., Silver Spring, JU 7-5829 

3yB Chornko, Gene N., 212 River Ave., Olyphant, Pa., 6802 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, Vtt, 3220 

Gr Chow, Chien, 6803 Riggs Rd., Hyattsville, WA 6331 

3BjeA Chrest, Charles L., Jr., 237 Mallow Hill Ave., Balto. 29, LO 3132 

OAS Christ, Christ C, 7li36 Georgia Ave., M.W., Apt. 30ii, D.G., TA 891I4 

Gr Christens en, Douglas N,, Ifoab, Utah, VF 9, Apt. B, C.P. 

Gr Christensen, Merton A., South Hall, V/ashington Missionary College, Takoma Park, Sd 2135 

2AS Christensen, Sally L., 2111 Spencer Rd., Silver Spring, SH 7373 

Gr Christian, Ermine A., Indian Head, Indian Head 2111 E3ct.U38, 

IAS Christian, Eugene J,, 31;15 UOth Ave,, Colmar Manor, UN 7323 (UN 578U 

Gr Christian, Jack G., 902 S. Quincy St., Arlington, va., [i302 Clagett Rd,, University Park, 

3AS Christiansen, David L., 358 Westway, N., Balto, 21, Calvert B 

Gr Christianson, iVarren L., I60U A St., N.E., 2, D.C. 

AS Christmas, Winnie M, (Mrs.), 7000 Wake Forest Drive, C.P, 

3BPA Christopher, George E., 2626 Guilford Ave., Balto. 18, BE 36U9 

US Christopher, J. Patricia, l6U7 Thames St., Balto. 31, i4603 Fordham Rd., C.P., UN 7869 

OSCS Christophersen, Bernhard B,, Ed.iewater, Annapolis 8-1998 

(UN 7680 

Gr Chrobot, Raymond J,,, lOU Fleming Ave., Newark 5, N.J., 6U12 Balto. Ave., University Park 

OSCS Chrones, Thomas A., 1050 Installation Sqdn., Andrews Air Force Base, 25, D.C., HI 3100 

Gr. Chu, Grace Z. (Mrs.), 610 Northampton Drive, Silver Spring, JU-7-6885 (Ext.5l57 

Gr Chu, Hu-Nan, Wusih, Kiangsu, China, 9096 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn, TO 651i6 

Gr Chu, William K., 165 Hunan Rd., Naking,China, U706 Guilford Rd., C.P., UN 8762 

OSCS Chudom, Peter F., 6712 Glen Carlyn Drive, Falls Church, Va. 

Gr Chung, Anthony C-V/., 11 Broom Rd., Hong Kong, China, ii3l8 Glaggett-Pineway, College Hgts. 

Gr Church, Donald R., 9602 i48th Place, Berwyn 

Gr Church, Evelyn V. (Mrs.), 30ii F. St., N.-^., 1, D.C., DI 0731 

Gr Churchill, Ethan D., 1500 38th St., S.E., 20, D.C., TW Ol;50 

OSCS Chwastyk, Adolph M., 1317 Merrimack Ave., Hyattsville 

I4AS Chyatte, Eli I., 535 - i4th St., S.E., 3, D.G., FR i;576 

UPE Cianelli, David T., VF 10, Apt. G., C.P, 

IAS Cinotti, John B., 207 C St., N.E., 2, D.C, LI 3-28U5 

Gr Cirino, Michael R,, Jr,, 58ii N. Broadway, ueneva, Ohio, 

OEd Citron, Anna, (Mrs,), 20~E Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

2En Clagett, Robert B., 919 Highland Drive, Silver Spring, SI 0109 

3Ed Clagett, Robert P., I83O 17th St., N.W., #703, D.C. 

US Clagett, Shirley E,, 2919 7th St., N.i:., 17, D,C., MI 5689 

2BPA Claii5)itt, V/illiam H., Jr., 6221 Second St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE U5U5 

2AS Clancy, Robert J., 6 Linden Ave., Tenafly, N.J., NZ 

Gr Clapp, Nancy R., 280U N St., S.E,, 19, D.C, 6905 Ca.rleton Terrace, CP,, AP 0312 

OSCS Clapper, John, Jr, (Lt.Col,), 26aU N, Ohio St., Arlington, Va., JF. 39389 

I4HE Clare, Carnella D,, R,F,D,#2, Box 16, Darlington, Donn 2 

3AS Glare, Victor R., Box 16, R#2, Darlington, Dorm L (UN li527 

lAg Clark, Arnold K,, II8 S. Royal St,, Front Royal, Va,, U5l8 Buchanan St,, Hyattsville, 

Gr Clark, Austin B.J., 6371 Qxon Hill Rd,, S.E,, 20, D,C, LO 3-867li 

liEn Clark, Daniel P., VF 7, Apt, A., C.P. 

UAg Clark, David Butts, Route #2, Union City, Tenn, UiH Sheridan St,, Hyattsville 

3HE Clark, Eileen R,, k Union St,, Leroy, N.Y., &Slh Edmonston Ave,, Berwyn Hgts,, TO 6261; 

OSCS Clark, Glen W,, 806 S, Arlington Mill Drive, Arlington, Va., JA lj-l'^96 

i4MS Clark, Harold F., 283U S, Buchanan St., Arlington, Va,, OV liOlS 

lEd Clark, Harold R., 14503 Gridley Rd., Silver Spring 

UEn Clark, Jack E,, 309 Fourth St., Laurel, Laurel 3iit>-J 

Gr Clark, Jerome L,, U08 Carroll Ave,, Takoma Park, SH 9373 

2Ed Clark, Joan B., II6 Oak Drive, Balto. 28, Alpha Omicron Pi, CP,, WA 9871 

Gr Clark, John F,, Jr., 96OU Garwood St,, Silver Sprir^g, SL O663 

2En Clark, J, Seth, Chestnut St., St. Michaels, Calvert D 

3BPA Clark, Lawrence J., 60ij6 Alljnan St., Phila. ii2. Pa., Dorm L 

Gr Clark, Lewis J. ,2262 Hall Place, N.W,, 7, D,C, WO 2265 


IAS Clark, Marjcrie S., 3301 Porter St., N.W., 8, D.C., Dorm 2 

UHE Clark, M. Corinne, 319 E. University Paiicway, Baltimore 18, GaituTia Phi Beta, WA 3800 

3AS Clark, Melvin L., Jr., IhS T St., N.E., 2, D.C., AD U5U2 

lAg Clark, Neri A., 11-N Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Oeenbelt U286 

2Ed Clark, Norman J., 105 Armstrong St., Frostburg, CZ 

03CS Clark, Sam J., 10 Candida St., Alexandria, Va., AL 1398 

HE Clark, Sonia, 116 Oak Drive, Catonsville, 730$ Hopkins Ave., C.P., WA 730$ 

OSCS Clark, Thomas D., 2902 13th Road, South, Arlington, Va., JA 8U809 

UEn Clarke, Charles G., Ii026 Hayward Ave., Baltimore 1$, Dorm 

OSCS Clarke, Franklin B., 2313 Huidekoper P1.,N.W., 7, D.C.,OR 7988 

OSCS Clarke, Jack R., 528^^ Delangpre St., Hollywood, Calif .,Qtrs.58-B,Bolling AFB,25, B.C., 

2Ag Clary, Peter W., Jr., UOIO 2nd St., S.'W., 20, D.C., JO 3U209 (JO 29000,Ext.l4UU6 

UAS Clatterbuck, James V., Jr., 710 Irving St., 17, B.C., MI 8116 

Gr Clawson, Peter C, 1003 Newton St.,N.E., 17, D.C., LA 6-7192 

IBPA Clayton, George E., 6312 Powhatan St., E.P.iverdale, WA l56l 

3EPA Clayton, Harrison B., 100$ -V. 5th St., V/ilmington, Del,,It7C5 Harvard Rd.,C.P. 

IBPA Cleary, Jerome i/I., 22 Garfield St., Yonkers 2, N.Y.^ Dorm F 

2AS Cleary, Joseph L,, 6iili2 O'Donnell St., Baltimore 2U, Dorm C 

UaS Clede, Emile W., Jr., 5511 Taylor Rd. , Riverdale, WA 8629 

OSCS Clellen, Raymond L., 69U9 Allentown Rd., S.E., 20, D.C., LO V3J493 

3Ag Clem, Richard L., Rocky Ridge, TD 8 

2BPA Clemens, Robert A., 117 Lafayette Ave., Annapolis, Calvert D 

Gr Clement, John R., Jr., 119 Joliet St., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 3-9329 

UEn Clements, James E., Box 179, Clinton 

3Ag Clements, Judson W., IC-A Parkway, Greenbelt 

IHE Clements, Nancy L., 110 13th St., S.E., 3, D.C., Dom 2 

3HE Clements, Patricia C. (Mrs.), 10-A Parkway, Greenbelt 

IAS Clemons, James C, Jr., 336U Chillum Rd., Apt. 302, Mt. Rainier, AP hh26 

Ag Clendaniel, George W., Jr., 2-C Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Gr. U533 

3aS Cliff, Rupert H., 60l5 U3rd St., Hyattsville, WA 58l5 

US Clifford, Allen B., 330 Peabody St., N.W., D.C., TA 838O 

2BPA Clifford, Frederick C, Jr., Linstead on the Severn, Sevema Pk.,U302 Knox Rd.,C.P,,UN 9828 

IBPA Clifford, Rex, 330 Peabocfy St., N."»V., 11, D.C., TA 838O 

3PE Clift, Charles E., 7-D Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt U87I 

OSCS Cline, Marlowe M., 1110 Fairview Ave., Frederick, Fred. 2266W 

3AS Clopper, Lawrence A., lOOU Pa., Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm C 

UEd Close, Barbara B., 82U E. Joppa Rd , Towson h, U517 College Ave., C.P.,WA 9871 

2Ag Close, Jay G., 5220 »Vilton Hgts. Ave., Baltimore l5, ID k 

2AS Clough, David G., 3920 Madison St., Hyattsville, AP 1263 

Gr Clough, Mary F. , 220 S.Washington St., Easton, 6 Rhode Island Ave.,N.V;.,l,D.C,DU I6U0 

UEn Clubb, Clinton A., 2217 Noble St., West Lawn, Pa., 12-E Parkway, Greenbelt 

UEd Clunk, Mary J., 6802 Dartmouth Ave., College Park, WA 1732 

En Clynes, '.Yilliam D., 3Ul9 Keystone St., Skokie, 111, UUl7 Van Buren St., Hyattsville 

OSCS Coakley, John A., 537 Belleview Dr., Falls Church, Va. , FA 0523 

PE Coakley, Lainbert E., Crisfield 

3SCS Coakley, Vifilliam F., 502 S, Union Ave., Havre de Grace, Dorm G 

OSCS Cobb, Alvin B., Jr., UOOO Lee Blvd., Arlington 3, Va,, GL U300,Ext,28U 

lAg Cobb, Robert A., 2005 3rd St., N.E., 2, D.C., MI 7662 

OAS Cobb, William E., 2005 3rd St., N.E., 2, D.C., MI 7662 

2AS Coberly, Bemie 0., Mt. Savage, Doim 

3Ed Coblentz, Charles H., West Springfield, Pa., Dorm C 

UEd Coblentz, Dwight 0., West Springfield, Pa., Dorm C 

UMS Coblentz, Ernest A., 9703 Grayson Avenue, Silver Spring, Alpha Alpha, WA 95Ul 

lAg Coblentz, Paul K., Middletown, U313 Knox Road, C.P. 

Gr Cobun, Frank E., Jr., 5812 6Uth Ave., Riverdale, WA 9U80 

OSCS Cobtim, Clarence 0., Florien, La., 38OO Porter St., N.W., 16, D.C., EM 7032 

3Ed Cobum, Dorothy D. (Mrs.), U823 l6th St., N.W., 11, D.G., RA 8U50 

2AS Cochran, A. Boyd, 117 Randolph Ave., Hagerstown, 12-C Parkway, a*eenbelt 

Gr Cochran, B. McClain, 3022 26th St., N.E., D.C., HU 9lUU 

2Ag Cochran, George v;., Jr., Monkton, Calvert C 

Gr Cochran, Ira B., Jr., 8 Cypress St., Potomac Hgts., Indian flead 

UEn Cochrane, Frederic, 3726 Jocelyn St., 15, D.C., WO 16U7 

3Ag Cockbum, Donald V., 7327 Forest Rd., Kent Village, Hyattsville 

2HE Cocoros, Evelyn, 7208 Trescott Ave., Takoraa Park, SH 8870 

2En Codd, James E., 20O6 Parkview Terrace, Baltimore lU, Clifton 220U 

3BPA Coffee, Harold B., 3932 North Uth St., Arlington, Va., OW 6972 

Gr Coffey, Betty U. L. (Mrs.), 138 Webster St., N.E., D.C., TA 7U91 

UBPA Coffin, Donald B., 6207 U2nd Ave., Hyattsville, UN 29U5 

2AS Coffman, Oilhert R., 2519 Shirley Highway, Arlington, Va., OT 838I 

Gr Coffman, William B., Luray, Va., U307 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, UN U2U2 


lEd Cogan, Giren, 5723 Clover Rd., Baltimore l5, l!BH 

IAS Cogswell, Ralph J., Jr., 3953 Greenmount Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm M 

OSCS Cohan, Henry, 82lU lUth Ave., Hyattsville 

IAS Cohan, Marvin, UOIO Eldorado Ave., Baltimore l5, TD 1 

IAS Cohan, Rita Z., 6627 13th St., N.;T., 12, D. C, RA 2535 

OSCS Cohen, Basha, 3ii09 Tulane Drive, V7. Hyattsville, AP Ul6U 

IAS Cohen, Bernard S., 2108 Brookfield Ave., Baltimore 17, TD 1 

lEd Cohen, Dolores K., 7608 l5th Ave., Takoma Park, SH 7977 

2AS Cohen, Eileen Z., 309 N. Arlington Ave., Baltimore 23, AAH (JO >690li 

Gr Cohen, George, 135 Spencer St., Dorchester 2U, Mass., 3790 Nichols Ave., 20, D. C, 

liAS Cohen, Helene R. , 3766 Dolfield Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm 3 

2AS Cohen, Herbert, lli28 Clifton St., N.W., 9, D. C, NO 0623 

IAS Cohen, Jerry C, 1736 Colvunbia Rd., N.W., 9, D. C, CO 1033 

OAS Cohen, Jonas, 2220 Mt. Royal Terrace, Baltimore 17, LA l6U7 

2AS Cohen, Judith R. , 6107 lUth St., N.W., D. C, RA 2103 

ISCS Cohen, Martin D., 250U Queen Anne Rd., Baltimore 16, TD 1 

Gr Cohen, Melvin, 3li09 Tulane Dr., Apt. 21, V^. Hyattsville, AP lil6U 

3AS Cohen, Morton N., 330U Clarks Lane, Apt. C, Baltimore 15, TD 3 

ISCS Cohen, Robert, 136U Van Buren St., 12, D. C, GE 7U69 

UEd Cohen, Rosalie, 25l$ Liberty Hgts. Ave., Baltimore 15, U3l2 College Ave., C.P. 

2BPA Cohen, Sidney H., 3711; Glen Ave., Baltimore 15, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

2AS Cohen, William, 322U Tioga Pkwy, Baltimore l5, TD 3 

3Ag Cohill, W^illiam J., R. F.D.I, Hancock 

2Ed Cohn, Irma B., 3507 Berwyn Ave., Baltimore 7, Dorm 2 

2Ed Cohn, l^arcia, UllO Boarman Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm 2 

2BPA Coker, Jeanne, hh29 Brandywine St., N. W., l6, D. C, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

OSCS Colangelo, Leonard F., 6633 Willston PI., Falls Church, Va., FA U3l6 

lAg Colbeck, Donald G., U6U6 Broadway, New York 2h, N.Y., 3317 Bunker Hill Rd., Brentwood 

OSCS Cola, Donald M., 7325 Calumet St., Chicago 19, 111., Alabama Hall, Arlington Farms, 

2En Cole, Harold G., I6I1D Colony Rd., Silver Spring (Arlington, Va., OW 9U00, Ext.2U9 

OSCS Cole, Leo E., 11025 Florian Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, 26OO Lee Blvd., Arlington, Va.,DW 59U0 

UHE Cole, Patricia D., 2122 Decatur PI., N. W., 8, D. C, DE 0707 

2En Cole, Ray C, 203 Furrow St., Baltimore 23, TD U 

2Ag Cole, Robert C, 1655 Webster St., H.E., 17, D. C, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

UEn Cole, Robert M., 10 Hallister St., Staten Island 9, New York, N.Y., Box 3U, Beltsville 

AS Cole, Roger W. , I908 Bedford St., Cumberland, SZ 

lAS Cole, Victor P., Manor Country Club, Rockville, LO 5-065ii 

lAg Cole, William L., Jr., Box 172, Route 2, Laurel 

3AS Coleburn, George W. , 303 Tred Avon Rd., Baltimore 12, TD 2 

AS Colgain, Ralph F., Jr., Harrison Ave., Cedars, Del., 1620 l3th St., N.W., 9, D. C. 

hAg Collaer, Nicholas D., 303 Daisy St., Boise, Idaho, 1^300 Knox Rd., C. P. (Ext.7Ui7U 

OSCS Collar, William D., 2l4 So. Aberdeen St., Arlington, Va., 1D776, Pentagon, D.C.,RE 5-6700, 

2AS Collawn, Thomas H., 6053 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore 7, Dorm I 

3BPA Collazuol, Valeric, Association St., Korthvale, N.J., Donn C 

3AS Colleran, Eugene M., 1010 Moosic St., Jessup 3, Pa., Theta Chi, C. P., WA 9733 

lEn Colleran, Robert J., Valley Dr., Leonardo, New Jersey, TD 6 

IAS Collier, Betty G., 103 IJorthwood Ave., Silver Spring, SH 0713 

liBPA Collier, Charles A., Jr., 3111 CliTtmont Ave., Baltimore 13, OR 0532 

IBPA Collier, Clyde E., Apt. h, 13li6 Nicholson St., h..,V . 11, D. C, TA OUOl 

Gr Collier, Marguerite H. (Krs.), 103 Northwood Ava., Silver Spring 

3SC3 Collin, Robert G., 3501 Pelham Ave., Baltimore 13, EA Q2hh 

IBPA Collinge, ',7illiam A., South Main St., Bainbridge, N. Y., SZ 

IAS Collins, Beverly A., l6l2 Webster St., N. W. , 11, D. C, RA 0935 

OSCS Collins, c:b rence G., 909 North '.Tayne St., Arlington, Va., OW 500h( Arlington, Va., LI 56700 

OSCS Collins, Edward K., l56l Scharpe St., Houston 3, Tex., 2703 N. George Mason Dr., 

UBPA Collins, Edward K., I3l2 N. Castle St., Baltimore 13, OR 561^6 

2HE Collins, Eileen P., 86l3 Old Bladensburg Rd. , Silver Spring, SL 1677 

Gr Collins, Eleanor P., 113 East 7th St., Frederick, Frederick 536w 

liAS Collins, Eric S., lli5 Forrest Ave., Ambler, Pa., 6805 Rhode Island Ave., C. P. 

2BPA Collins, James H., Jr., 1^905 Hampden Lane, Bethesda lli, OL U63I 

ISCS Collins, John E., Lanham, 7505 Yale Ave., C. P., WA 9520 

OSCS Collins, John M., I609 l8th St., S. E., 20, E. C, AX 1697 

ISCS Collins, M. Lucile, UOl Harding Dr., Silver Spring, SL 07U3 

3AS Collins, Patrick J., 3319 Carpenter St., S. E., 20, D. C, 71 7171 (UN 3562 

3Ed Collins, Robert K., 2U03 Dunfries Ct., Baltimore 30, 6703 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., 

Gr Collins, V.'ebster H., 10119 Greenock Rd., Silver Spring, JU 7-5965 

IAS Colli ver, William £., 26b Ridge Rd. , Greenbelt, Greenbelt 366I 

2EPA Collomb, H. Louis, 603 E. last St., Baltimore 13, HO 3890 

IPE Colteryahn, Lloyd K., 3308 Regan Ave., Pittsburgh 27, Pa., Dorm I 

lEd Combs, Curtis C, 8705 Gilbert Place, Takoma Park 


OAS Combs, Wayne L., 2h3S Constituti9n Ave., N.E., 2, D.C., LI 6-0083 

i4En Combs, ^/eldon E,, 30 C Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

Ed Combs, Wilms A. (Mrs.), 870^ Gilbert Place, Takoma Park 

3PE Comer, Don A., 8712 Cameron St., Silver Spring, SH 3661+ 

Gr Corns took, Charles C, 10708 Montgomery Rd., Berwyn 

3AS Comulada, Edward V,, Film's Lane, lanham, \JL 5719 

Gr Con^yn, Raymond H., 316 Southan55ton Drive, Silver Spring, SL 0728 

3Ag Concha, Aurelio F., Apartado 276U, Lima, Peru, P.O. Box 53, C.P, 

l4Ag Concha, Claudio F., Apartado 276ii, Lima, Peru, P.O. Box 53, C.P, 

lAg Concha, Luzmila F,, Peru Rd,, R#2, Box 198, Berwyn, TO 6o63 

IAS Condo, Joseph 3., 1823 Hoffman St., Phila. kS, Pa., TD 8 

IAS Coxidon, Earl N., 3 Riverview Ct., Annapolis, Dorm C 

lEd Condron, Margeiy, 1^603 Harling Lane, Bethesda Ih, Dorm 2 

ISCS Coney, William L., Round Bay, TD 6 

Or Congdon, Elmer S., R.W., F.T., NATO, Patuxent River, Great Mills 3111 Ext. 665 

2AS Conkle, Jamss P., 71ij N. Highland St., Arlington, Va,, CH 73iiO 

2Ag Conklyn, e. Drew, 7015 Vamum St., Landover Hills, WA 735U 

OEd Conklyn, Madeline C. (i4rs.), 7X)15 '^arnum St., Landover Hills, WA 735U 

2SCS Connell, John J., Jr., 2&lji Wisconsin Ave., 7, D.G., vrc 9UkO 

IBPA Connelly, Davln T., Ii75 Allison Ave., "Washington, Pa,, Calvert B, 

liAS Connelly, John N., Jr., 192 Hollingsworth Ave., Braintree 85, Mass., Dorm G 

2AS Connelly, Paul 3., 192 Hollingsworth Ave., S. Braintree 85, Mass., Calvert C 

IBPA Connolly, Vfilliam J., 230 E. UOth St., iNoi-folk a, Va.,'TD 7 

2En Conner, Alfred V., 506 Dunkirk Rd., Balto. 12, TD7 

ijAg Conner, Edwin K,, Sunset Hills, Va,, Calvert B 

2PE Conner, James H., Sandy Spring, ASH 2U21 

Gr Conner, Mark K., h8l2. Davenport St., N.irif., 16, D.C., Em 8727 

OEd Cormer, Ruth B. (Mrs.), 7U02 Glenside Drive, Takoma Park, SL 8073 

lEn Conner, William F,, 17 Fairmount Terrace, West Orange, N.J., Calvert D 

Gr Conni'ck, Jane L., (Mrs.), Brandywine, Waldorf 3li71 

IAS Connolly, Edward J., 107 Pleasant Ave., Portland, Maine, 7505 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 9^20 

IBPA Connors, James A., 26 Birch St., liest Orange, N,J,, Calvert D 

3AS Conoscenti, Dominic L., 3021 Greenmount Ave., Balto, 18, TD3 

3Ed Conover, Cynthia, 213 Carlisle Ave., York, Pa., Kappa Kappa Gajana, WA 9886\ 

2AS Conover, John V., 1185 Parkside Ave., Trenton 3, N.J., 6303 Queens Chapel Rd,, University 

Gr Conrad, Edward S., 3917 Bruce St., Alexandria, Va., OV U65l (Park, M' 7373 

ijAg Conrad, Jack S,, ii607 V/ells Parkway, Riverdale 

IAS Gonroy, Joseph M., hSh9 S. Dakota Ave., N.E., 1?, D.C., LA 6-5092 

OSCS Conroy, Roberta J., 698 Westminster Hill Rd., Fitchburg, Mass, ii762 Homer Ave,, Suitland 

ISd Considine, Jane M., l33h 36th St., N.W., 8, D.C, (JO 84:227 

Gr Continetti, Reno A., 8717 Piney Branch Rd, Silver Spring, SL 8i;71 

OSCS Conway, jeorge K., 216 Grand Ave., Cumberland, Cumberland U395-*'^ 

OSCS Conway, James A., I808 Eads St., S. Arlington, Va. 

IAS Conway, James C, 3308 itOth Ave., Colmar iiaanor, M 3lli5 

2BPA Conway, Lawrence D., Jr., U1^8 Reservoir Rd., N../., 7, D.G., Theta Chi , WA 9733 

2BPA Conwell, Ollie E,, Jr,, 10 Telegraph Ra,, Lanham, WA 2882 

2AS Coogan, Edward R., 1 Salem Ave,, Carbondale, Pa., TD 3 

3En Cook, Arthur E., 1355 Montague St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 3893 

Or Cook, Charles E., 911 Potomac Ave., Alexandria, KI 873 3U 

3AS Cook, Constance A., 315 Clay St., Marian, Ala,, Dorm 3 

3AS Cook, Constance R., 822 Buckingham Rd., Cumberland, 7511i Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

UAS Cook, Frederick A., 5716 Chillum Heights Drive, Hyattsville 

Gr Cook, Guy F., 5800 63rd Place, Rivsrdale, WA 223U 

IjBPA Cook, John M., Jr., 115 McKendree Ave., Annapolis, 7i401 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9733 

2AS Cook, Joseph A., 13? Grafton St., Chevy Chase, Alpha Tau Omega, M 98U9 

OSCS Cook, Leland M., Qtrs. 268U-1H, Fort Geo. G. Meade, Ft. Meade 2082 

OSCS Cook, Robert P., 3807 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, 3222 Chillum Rd., Mt. Rainier, UN 2333 

2BFA Cook, Thomas 0., 109 Enfield Rd., Balto. 12, TUX 059U 

OSCS Cook, Thomas H., 501 Lebaum St., S.R., D.C, JO 29000, Ext,601 

lEn Cook, Wesson, Jr., 5026 5i4th Place, Hyattsville, W& 2838 

2HE Cooke, Cornelia ii., 33 Allegheny Ave., Takoma Park 12, Sri 8109 

liAS Cooke, Harold L., Jr., R.F.D.#1, Box 251, Upper Marlboro, HI 5950 

3En Cooke, Henry B., Jr., 2 Cedar Lane, Garabrills, South Shore 5117 

OPE Cooke, Samuel L,, Box 251, Forestville, HI 5950 

2BPA Cooksey, Frederick M., LaPlata, I'D 7 

3PE Cookson, William E., 23 N Kldge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt i4732 

UAS Cooley, John W., 3352 Chillum Rd., Mt. Rainier, AP 145U3 

2EPA Cooley, Robert A., 29 Central Ave., Tarrytown, N.Y,, 7309 Dickinson Ave., C.P. (Ext.li092 

OSCS Coolidge, Oliver H,, Bedford Hills, N,y., 1005th (16) 'S*.I.U., Boiling AFB, 25, DC,JO 2-9000 

IAS Coonan, Robert A., Iii3li Winston Ave,, Balto. 12, HO O866 


Gr Coonan, Thomas J., lii3U Winston Ave., Baltimore, 3U22 Tulane Dr., Hyattsvilie, AP 6322 

3Ed Cooney, John W., lOOU S. Adams St., Havre de Grace, Calvert D 

3En Cooney, Wilbur M., 351B Greenmount Ave., Baltimore 18, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

Gr Cooper, Charles B., 916-A Columbia Ave., Lancaster, Pa., 671ii Queens Chapel Rd., Hyattsvilie 

Gr Cooper, Earl D. , 3'06 S.Wakefield St. jArlineton U,Va., U307 12th Rd.,South,Arlincton U,Va., 

OSCS Cooper, Edwin B., 110$ N. Evergreen St., Arlington 5,Va. (GL iii;00,Ext.9U^ 

OSCS Cooper, Elizabeth B., 7067 Dodge St. ,VanDyke,Mich.,W.A.C.Det.,So.Post,Ft.Myer,Va.,GL 9693 

IHE Cooper, E. Louise, Railroad St., Lonaconing, Alpha Gairana Delta, UN 9306 

IBPA Cooper, James L., 22U Seaton PI., N.E., 2, D.C., NZ (KI 8-703)4 

OSCS Cooper, Milton B., 106 •.Y.32nd St., Jacksonville, Fla, 3910 Bruce St., Apt. 302, Alexandria, Va., 

3BPA Cooper, Thomas A., 5Ul9 5^th Place, Apt. 202, East Riverdale, AP 16U9 

lEn Cooper, Y/illiam A., ^130 Auth Rd., Camp Springs, JO 8-3936 

3AS Cooperman, Irving A., lU09 Vamum St., N.W., 11,D.C., u802 Calvert ild., G.P., TA U791 

Gr Coover, Robert 'V., R.F.D. 1, Annapolis, Annapolis 7082 

3Ed Cope, Ann K., U08 Maple St., Yankton, S.Dak., Dorm 3 

2SCS Copeland, E. Glenn, 2709 Woodley Rd., 8, D.C., AD 75U3 

ISGS Copeland, Ronald E., 1613 Delaware Ave., Wyonissing, Pa., TD 1 

Gr Copes, Tessie E.j 91*19 Thomhill Pui., Silver Spring, SH U30U 

Gr Copes, Grace R,, 9Ul9 Thomhill Rd. , Silver Spring, SH U30U 

2En Coppel, Jules M., I52ii W. Pratt St., Baltimore 23, GI U5l8 

3BPA Copperthite, William L., 20-E Crescent Rd., (i-eenbelt 

2PE Copping, Marion B., 93'25 i|9th Ave., BerwjTi 

Gr Goppinger, John M., li^lO Albion Rd. , College Park, UN 32ii3 

UEn Corbet, William B., 32U Forest Hill Dr., Syracuse 6, N.Y., Dorm J 

2Ag Corbett, Fred H., 8905 60th St., Benwyn Heights 

l;Ag Corbett, James F., R.F.D. 1, Scott Depot, W.Va. 

OSCS Corbett, Leroy V., Apt. 102, 223 Regina St., Alexandria, Va. , RE 7UOO,Ext.U2937 

lEn Corbett, Stanley E., 113 Upper Oak St., Wilmington 21, Del., Calvert C (Hyattsvilie 

Gr Corbin, Edgar A., Jr., 321 21st Ave., Altoona, ?a., 2205 Guilford Hd., TTnJvcrsity City, 

IAS Corbin, Miles C, iU35 Fairmont St., N.V.'., 9, B.C., Delta Sigma ]'hi 

UEn Cordero, Carlos T., 6926 Pineway, Hyattsvilie, UN 7u8l 

Gr Cordua, Gertrude A. (Mrs.), 5U02 Connecticut Ave., N.W.,D.C., OR 2529 

2BPA Corey, Patricia A,, 901 Kingston Rd., Baltimox-e 12, imi 

Gr Cor-ey, R, Reece, Jr., 7327 Forest Rd., Hyattsvilie 

23PA Com, Herbert F., Jr., 650li Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase 15, WI U883 

IAS Comblatt, Betty F., 3010 W. Garrison Ave., Baltimore, MBH 

OSCS Cornelius, J. W., 1600 W. 7th St., Plainview, Texas, 33Q9E Terrace Dr., 20, D.C.,JO 82551 

2AS Cornelius, John T., Route 3, Gai thersburg, Dorm M 

2BPA Cornelius, V/illiam F., 706 Philadelphj.a Blvd., Sea Girt, N.J., Dorm I 

UEn Comett, Ray H,, h6h3 Wells Parkway, Calvert Apts., Riverdale 

Gr Corning, Gerald, 2300 7Uth Avenue, Hyattsvilie 

OSCS Corning, Mary E., 90 Peck St., Nerwa.Gh, Conn,, Eustis Hall, 3831 Porter St., N,W.,16,D.C. 

Gr Corrjiell, Norma L., U305 Van Ness St., N.W., 16, D.C., EM 7370 

2AS Cornwell, Kenneth K., 1002 Francis Ave., Relay 2?, Doim F 

2BPA Corradino, Richard J., 115 Sturges St., Staten Island lU, N.Y., TD 3 

2En Corral, S. Joseph, Jr., U300 Belair Rd., Baltimore 6, ID 3 

Ug Corrick, Donald W., 6333 l6th St., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 2885 

UPE Corrie, Jean W., 1801 Bay St., S.E., 3, D.C., LI 305U2 

IAS Corrigan, George T., 5803 Clearspring Rd., Baltimore 12, Calvert D 

Gr Corum, Clarence E., 100 Irvington St., S.7/., 20, D.C., JO 2-3835 

OSCS Cosgrove, Edward V,, U203 Uth St., 3.S., 20, D.C., JO 3li293 

2BPA Cosgrove, IViomas E., Jr., 2l;38 Poplar St., Philadelphia 30, Dorm G 

2AS Coss, Harold T., 1356 Martine Ave., Plainfield, N.J., TD 1 

Gr Gostello, David C, Jr., 6013 Conway Road, Rethesda 

3Ed Costello, Deirdre M., 55l5 Plirkside Dr., Chevj' Chase, OL 55l5 

OSCS Costello, James B., k Flag Green, S.W., 20, D.C., JO 3-ii338 

2AS Costello, Leslie C, 3306 Alto Rd., Baltimore 16, TD 5 (Ext. 55779 

OSCS Costner, John T, , Heavener, Okla., 1110 N. Pitt St., Apt. 6, Alexandra a, Va., LI 56700, 

3En Cote, Alfred J., Jr., 9626 Old Bladensburg Rd. , Silver Spring, SH 2U67 

UEn Cotton, Jack ?v., 8716 Georgia Ave,, Silver Spring, ID 6 

2AS Cottone, Robert J., 7U00 N.E. 5th Avenue, Miami, 38, Fla., Dorm H (".P., WA 7988 

OAS Cottrel.1, Alfred C, 370U Military Rd., N.W., 15, D.C., c/o Mrs. J.H.Reily,Mowatt Lane, 

IBPA Couch, Robert L.E., 309 Oi": ridge St., Lynchburg, Va., Calvert D 

Gr Couchman, Carson 3., 1153 Beechwood Dr. , Hagerstown, Hagerstown 563R 

2HS Coughlan, ilargaret A., 8900 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, SL U326 

UAS Coughlan, Paul M., Jr., 3817 First Ave., Silver Spring, 3L3U56 

2BPA Coughlan, Robert y., 8817 1st Avenue, Silver Spring, SL lU56 

UEn Coiighlin, Thomas Vi'., Crapo, Donn J 

3En Coulboume, Calvin C, 2UUU N. Calvert St., Baltimore 18 (12,D,C. 

OSCS Coulson, William A., lU09 Walker St., Des Moines 16, Iowa, 990l3t T.S.U.,S..'/0. Det.,A.:.'..G., 


Gr Council, Edward A., Jr., Box 626, Korehead City, N.C., 7003 Wake Forest Dr., C.P. 

HE Countryman, Nila If., 5309 Roosevelt St., Bethesda lU, Dorm 3 

liAg Coursey, John ff., R.F.D. $, Lyons, Ga., TD 3 

0SC3 Courtney, Howard A., 6830 N. Williamsburg Blvd., East Falls Church, Va.,J2 3-7228 

IAS Courtney, Hugh J., 23lU 6Uth Ave., Cheverly, AP 0120 

OSCS Cousins, TTallace D., 3101 3$th St., N.E., 18, D. C, AT hh2h (HU 6U90 

OSCS Couture, D. Ruth, l5 Sanger Ave., Waterville, llaine, 1835 Irving St., N. W., D. C, 

OSCS Couzynse, Bernice R., U. 3. Army Hospital, Ft. Keade, Ft. Meade 2I4I2 (Va., TE 103li 

OSCS Covell, Frank D., 3Ui W. Rosewood St., San Antonio, Texas, lOlU Overlook Dr., Alexandria, 

IBPA Cover, Joseph W., Summit Ave., Thurmont, Dorm C 

OSgS Cover, Richard G., 1827 Varnum St., I!.E., IB, D. C, DE 5U9V 

liAS Covington, Nancy R., U331 9th St. N., Arlington, Va., Sigma Kappa, M 9861 

UaS Cowan, Arista H., 1251| Simms PI., N.E., 2, D. C, FR li205 

OSCS Cowan, Kenneth L., 328 Thomas Dr., Laurel, Laurel 1089Y^ 

OEd Cowan, Opal B. (lirs.), Bowie' 

3AS Cowan, Thomas '»7., l5ii7 Riverside Hts., Verona, Pa., U6OO Norwich Rd., C.P., UN 9806 

OSCS Cox, Amel L., 235 So. Arlington St., Akron 6, Ohio, I836 Reece Rd., Ft. Meade 

OSCS Cox, Charles D., 3127 Parkway Terrace, 20, D. C, JO 82572 

OSCS Cox, Elizabeth N., 28lU 35th St., N.W., 7, D. C, Ell 3936 (BAFB UOl*^ 

OSCS Cox, Jack D., 8 Church St., Mt. Holly, N.J., 1^203 Photo. Tech. Sqdn., Polling AFB, 

liBPA Cox, Thomas E., Pleasant Hill Rd., Owings Mills, TD 3 

IBPA Cox, William W., 325 Franklin St., N.E., 2, D. C, CO 6588 

2Ed Coyle, Phyllis A., Mt. Airy, AAH 

2BPA Coyne, James P., I4I Carvel Ave., Odenton, Ft. Meade 3260 

IBPA Coyne, Leo J., 828 Ridge Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa., Calvert D 

2SCS Cox, John W., 2702 Allison St., Mt. Rainier, WA 90U9 

2SCS Cox, Lloyd G., 1731 B St., S. E., 3, D. C, LI 3-l5l6 

2AS Cox, Porter B., 2100 Hanover St., Silver Spring 

IBPA Cox, Richard E., 3500 Hawick Lane, Kensington, OL 9183 

UAS Cox, Thomas A., Jr., 325 Franklin St., N.E., 2, D.C., Sigma Nu, TfA 9527 

lEn Cozzens,. George G., 13U5 Park Rd. , N.^.Y., 10, D, C, CO li091 

Gr Craft, Charles C, Highbridge Rd., Bowie, Bowie ii301 

IPE Craft, Thomas L., llj' Parkway Rd., Greenbelt 

Gr Grafton, Paul A., 121 Joliet St., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 3-6Ii5U 

UPPA Cragin, Sumner P., Robert Lee, Texas, Dorm C 

UaS Craig, Alan J., U6I Newhall St., Hamden lU, Conn., Dorm G 

UAg Craig, George L., Jr., 1120 N. Kensington St., Arlington 5, Va., CH 1229 

OSCS Craig, Joe C, Italy, Texas, 1005th IG SIU, Boiling AFB, D. C. 

liAS Craig, Mary E., 5209 U2nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 1382 

OSCS Craig, Robert J., 300 Kennebec St., S.E., 20, D. C, LO 3758U 

lEn Grain, Neal J., Box 383, Ligonier, Pa., TD 7 

3BPA Craley, Henry E., 5li4 South Main St., Red Lion, Pa., Dorm K 

2BPA Cramer, Thomas E., 55l7 Lincoln St., Bethesda lit, WI 1932 

OSCS Crandell, George B., 723 LaBella Walk, Falls Church, Va., Pent. 76098 

hAg Crane, Barrett, 5l08 8th St., N.W., 11, D. C, GE 771^2 

IHE Crane, Lois A., Pittstown, N. J., Donn 2 

OSCS Crate, Donald A., U508 Randolph Rd., Silver Spring 

ISCS Crater, Carroll D., 7007 Fordham Ct., C. P., UN 2688 

Ag Graver, Charles C, III, 623 East Thomapple St., Chevy Chase 15, OL 697I 

2Ed Crawford, Dorothy V., 8621 Chestnut Oak Rd., Baltimore U, MBH 

lEn Crawford, Milton W., Jr., 33lii 38th St., Brentwood, WA 8125 

2AS Crawford, Victor L., 1156 Owen PI., N.E., D. C, LI >0602 

UBPA Crawford, William F., Jr., 5 Elmhurst Rd. , Baltimore 10, Calvert E 

2AS Crawley, John J., 33 Howe Ave., Montclair, N.J., SZ 

Gr Creamer, Robert M., U209 Newark Rd. , Brentwood, UN 83i*0 

3PE Creamer, Tyson H., U80li Pilgrim Rd., Baltimore lU, Calvert B 

Gr Creech, John T,., Pox 88, Glenn Dale, Bowie 316I 

2Ed Creeger, Sara A., Thurmont, AAH 

3HE Creer, Rowena L., 5107 Jamestown Rd., I6, D. C, 7liOU Princeton Ave., C.P.,WA 9686 

Gr Creighton, Jewell M., 8806 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SH 26o6 

liEd Crescenze, Barbara L. (Mj-s.), 7909 Walker Mill Rd., Ritchie, VF2, Apt.F, C.P. 

IjFE Crescenze, Edward P., 7909 Walker Mill Rd., Ritchie. VF2, Apt. F, C. P. 

Gr Creshull, Paul, 3^56 Union Ave., Pennsaviken, N.J., 63U W. Belair Ave., Aberdeen 

AS Cretsos, James B., 2123 St., N. W., D. C, Dor^. 

2AS Crews, Anne E., 3718 Jocelyn St., l5, D. C, E>! U683 

IBPA Crezee, Eleanor A., 3007 Park Crest Dr., Silver Spring, Dorm 2 

IAS Crijn, R. Nelson, 3U02 Ulst Ave., Colmar Manor, WA 0336 

2En Ciripe, Charles W., 1110 Colonial Ave., Alexandria, Va., OV 3579 

liEn Criss, Jeremy F., 3U06 Lynchester Rd., Baltimore 15, Dorm 

AS Crittenton, Candace, 20 Church St., Greenwich, Conn., Dorm 2 


ISCS Crocker, Edward D., V/oodvieyr, Bel Air, TD 8 

OSCS Crocker, Ford L., 26l Arlington Village, Arlington, Va. 

2A3 Crofton, Timothy A., 1305 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, 3H 6678 

IAS Crogan, Luann K., 170U 'AThite Oak Dr., Silver Spring, MBH 

3AS Crombie, Michael A., U8l6 Meadow View Dr., 20, D.C. 

2En Crompton, Richard H., 113 Locust Dr., Catonsville 28, Dorm E 

IAS Cropp, William T.K., Denton, Dorm E 

Or Crosby, Muriel E., 121 Fulton Ave,, Apt. D-31, Hempstead, N.Y. 

3En Crosley, William C, Spencerville, Ashton 388Li 

UBPA Cross, Charles W., 3023 liith St., N.W., 9, D.C, HO 080U 

2AS Cross, Herbert B., Jr., $09 Carlisle Dr., Alexandria, Va., 7U06 Dickenson St.,C.P. 

2BPA Cross, Russell W., Croom. Dorm E 

UEn Crosthwait, Richard E., U20$ Sheridan St., Hyattsville, WA U378 

3BPA Crouch, Edward P., Jr., U506 Amherst Rd., C.P., WA 95Ul 

ISCS Crouch, William B., 3639 Veazey St., N.W., 8, D.C, WO 1681 

En Crouse, Earl A., 7201 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., WA Ui56 

2Ag Croushom, George A., Nokesville, Va., 7031 Baltimore Blvd., CP. 

UAS Grow, Janet B., 1002 Rosedale St., Baltimore 16, Dorm 3 

OSCS Crowder, Noral F., R*R' h, Box 762, Alexandria, Va. 

hAS Crowe, Dorothy N., 17 Werape Dr., Cumberland, Dorm 2 

IAS Crowell, Fred A., 1303 Fuselage Ave., Baltimore 20, TD 3 

OSCS Crowell, Lorraine I. (Lt.), Duluth, Minn., Boiling AF3, 25, D.C, JO 29000, Ext.U21p 

US Crowson, Muriel R., U926 First St., N.W., 11, D.C 

LAS Crowther, Frank H., U311 Rokeby Rd., Baltimore 29, Dorm H 

Gr Cruikahank, Stewart S., 2209 Allendale Rd., Baltimore l6, FO 7055 

Ug Cruit, Anthony N., 1322 Ontario Pi., N.W., 9, D.C, TD 5 

3BPA Crumbacker, Ira D., 5705 V/inner Ave., BaltL-nore 15 

3En Crump, Robert L., Mt, Savage, Dorm F 

Gr Crump, Stuart F., 101 Evans St., Rockville, Rockville hhhX 

3Ag Cryer, Thomas L., Jr., 116 S. Hilton St., Baltimore 29 

IAS Crystal, Alan M., 6913 Park Heights, BaltLmore 15, TD 1 

L\3 Crytzer, Martin R., 1039 Stieren St., Brackenridge, Pa., Dorm C. 

ISn Cserr, James J., 80 Ford Aventie, Fords, N.J., Dorm G 

OSCS Gubr, Robert S., 302! Uth St., S.E., 20, B.C. 

3Ag Cucura, Vladimir G., U719 ffoodberiy Rd., Riverdale, AP 15U8 

13PA Cugliotta, Philip F., 525 Cinna. Ave., Palmyra, N.J., ID 3 

3AS Culbertson, Paul T., Jr., Rt. 3, Gaithersburg, Calvert D 

2Ag Culverhouse, John 3., Jr., 1901 Eutaw PI., Baltimore 17, MA 5627 

OSCS Cumberland, John I., Jr., 7602 15th Ave., Takoraa Park 

OMS Gumings, Charles S. (Major), 205 Belleview Blvd., Alexandria, Va., OV 2708 

2AS Gumings, Dorothy I., UU03 Van Buren St., University Park, UN 2U32 

UEn Cunnings, Earl J., 2802 7Uth Ave., Apt. 102, Kent Village, Hyattsville 

OSCS Cummins, Daniel G., 313U Parkway Terrace, Suitland, JO 086U7 

AS Cunicella, Nicholas A., 106 Park St., Westfield, N.J. 

3Ed Cimningham, George E., 3Ul8 Dillon St., Baltimore 2U 

2AS Cunningham, Jane, 3120 Oliver St., N.W., 15, D.C, MBH 

ISCS Cunningham, William M., 327 Arthur St., Kittanning, Pa., Calvert B 

IAS Cuppett, Thomas H.C, Glen Dale, Bowie 3U39 

Uses Gurfraan, Joseph E., 2]i2 California Hall, Arlington 8, Va., OW 9UOO,Ext.U60 

AS Curley, Hugh P., 12 George St., Tenafly, N.J,, TD 2 

3AS Curran, Carmelita J., UUl8 Fessenden St., N.W.,l6, D.C,75lU Rhode Island Ave.,G.P., 

2BPA Curran, James W., Jr., 2901 Montebello Terrace, Baltimore lU, Calvert E (UN 9885 

Gr Curran, Mary B., 106 5th St., N.E.,2,D.C, LI 3-2316 

2SCS C\irrie, Douglass D., 1115 Gary Drive, Catonsville 28, Dorm E 

UEn Curry, Carroll C, R.F.D. 2, Hemdon, Va., Hemdon 26UJ3 

UbPA Curry, Jennings G. , 535 GS^eene St., Cumberland, Dorm C 

3Ag Curry, William A., Queen Anne, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

UAg Curtice, Fred H,, Jr., Route 1, Fairfax, Va., VF5, Apt. F, C.P. (LU U0115 

OSCS Curtis, Victor N., 809 South 5th St.,Wilmington,N.C,U533 Alabama Aire., S.E.,19,D.C, 

2Ed Gurtiss, B. Ann, 106 Primrose St., Chevy Chase 15, AAH 

33PA Gurtiss, Edwin L., 709 E.LelandSt., Chevy Chase 15, WI 6025 

3BPA Gurtiss, Robert E., 25 Waverly Ave., Garrett Park, Dorm E 

UBPA Curto, Paul N., U613 F^astem Ave., N,E., 18, D.C, UN 3237 (HI 3100, Ext,5lU7 

OSCS Cusanelli, Carl J,, 1205 78th St., North Bprgen,N.J.,1909th AACS, Andrews AFB,25,D.C, 

3Ag Gushing, Laurence S., U719 '^ells Parkway, Riverdale, AP 35U7 

OSCS Gushing, Thomas W., U507 Chestnut St., Bethesda lU 

OEd Cushwa, Joan M., 131 E. Potomac St., Williamsport 

lEn Custis, Daniel P., Jr.,Nassawadox, Va,, U501 Beechwood Rd,, CP., UN 9020 

(jT Gutchins, Ernest C, 3ox ilU, Boykins, Va., 9208 Bradford Rd., Silver spring 

3En Cutler, Edwin P., Brandywine, 7016 Grieg St., N.E.,Seat Pleasant 


UEd Cutts, Harriet A., 109 E. Underwood St., Chevy Chase, Ii5l7 College Ave., C. P., WA 9871 

UEPA Cwiek, Melvin F., 626 S. Curley St., Baltimore 2U, TD 6 

2BPA Cwiek, William W. , 6li2 S. Linwood Ave., Baltimore 2k, TD 6 

3EPA Cybularz, Theodore J., 103 Sunny Hill Lane, Havertown, Pa., Sigma Chi, C. P., UN 9807 

OSCS Czajkowski, Norman, 7309 l5th Place, Takoma Park 12, SH 11 80 

UEd Czarnecki, Thaddeus C, UOU S. Collington Ave., Baltimore 31, TD 1 

Gr Daasch, Lester W., lilZh Branch Ave., S. E. 20, D. C. 

OSCS D'Acosta, Uriel P. (Maj.), 2007 St., N.ff., D. C, Pent. Ext. 53063 

UaS Dahlgren, Charles M., 119ii N. Market St., Frederick, Frederick 395M 

lEn Daigle, E. Joseph, Jr., 3528 Texas Ave., S. E. , 20, D. C, VI iJaO 

Gr Daiker, John A., lUO Tenn. Ave., N. E., 2, D. C. 

lEn Dail, Roy L., U5l l5th St., N.E., D. C. 

UPPA Dailey, Charles ',f., 3^03 Otis St., V.t. Rainier 

liAS Dalbiirg, Lewis A., Jr., 3Sh S. Main St., New Britain, Conn., Dorm F 

OSCS Dale, Lawrence P., 5602 l6th Ave., Hyattsville, WA 1229 

IAS Daley, Shirley A., 87lU Maywood Ave., Silver Spring, Donn 3 

IiAg Dallavalle, Q. Francis, R. F. D., Storrs, Conn., iti Elmlra St., S.E., 20, D. C. 

Gr Dallow, Thomas P., 76 Rennell Ave., Lexington Park, CEi 336u (20, D.C., JO 2-125ii 

OSCS Dalton, Harry G., 780 Riverside Dr., New York 32, N.Y., 1326 Congress St., S.E., 

OSCS Daly, Arnold J., 7^2 S. Beech St., Casper, Wyoming, 312 Livingston Terrace, S.E., 20, 

(D.C., JO 3-6ia7 

lAg Daly, Daniel 'ff.. Rices Lane, Woodlawn 7, Woodlawn 983 

OSCS Daly, Patrick J., Iii22 U St., S. E., 20, D. C, AX 1232 

OSCS Daly, Thomas M., 35l James St., Falls Church, Va., FA 6210 

Gr Damast, Martin A., 8220 lUth Ave., Langley Park, Hyattsville 

3SCS D'Amato, John V., 179 S. Main St., Norwalk, Conn., TD 6 

lAS D'Amico, Thomas F., 270 Welton St., New Haven lU, Conn., TD 1 

2AS Damm, Robert L., 7U0 McKewin Ave., Baltimore, ih Rhode Island Ave., N.llf., 1, D. C. 

2BPA Dammeyer, John H., 105 Archwood Ave., Annapolis, TD 1 

2En Danaher, Jere J., 301ii Brendan Ave., Baltimore 13, SZ (WA 2620 

OBPA Danegger, Elizabeth M., k22 S. Washington St., Milford, Del., ii306 Guilford Rd., C.P., 

liAS Danek, Robert C, 328 N. Glen Ave., Annapolis, TD 1 

IAS Danforth, Jean G., 713 E. 3Uth St., Baltimore 18, Dorm 3 

2BPA Danick, Herbert M., 2502 llith St., N.E., 13, D. C, NO 5323 

OSCS Daniel, A. Carolyn, 906 Motter PI., Frederick, Frederick ii3R (N.W., 8, D.C., EM 2696 

OSCS Daniels, Raymond D., Jr., 12Ui Bender Ave., East Cleveland 12, Ohio, 2930 Newark St., 

iiAS Dann, Bertrand S., 3212 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 18, Dorm N 

lEd Dann, Rhoda J., 3212 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 13, IIBH 

3AS Dann, Theodore A., 3212 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 18, Donn N 

UHE Dansberf^er, !.!ary E., 232 Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, U502 College Ave., C.P. 

Gr daPonte, Durant Harry, 5U03 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, AF 0li72 

UEn Darby, Robert J., 2221 Poplar Grove St., Baltimore I6, Calvert C 

2AS Darby, T. Joyce, Maple View Drive, Kensington, Dorm 3 (AFB, 25, D.C., BAFB 1x267 

OSCS Darley, Gene M., 211 Cordele Ave., Macon, Ga., Hq.&Hq. Sq., 1100th Air Base Wing, Boiling 

2En Darley, George I,., Jr., 503 Radmor Ave., Baltimore 12, Dorm C 

3HE Darlington, Anne T., i;322 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Delta Delta Delta, V/A 9795 

3AS Darrow, "Wilson L., Bowie, Bowie 3U52 

liEd Dashiell, Peggy A., 113U Longwood St., Baltimore I6, Gamma Phi Beta, UN 9861 

Gr Daubenheyer, Hubert W., 6817 Barr Rd., I6, D. C, VH 6351 (AFB, 25, D.C., BAFB 2ii8 

OSCS Dauenhauer, Ervin F., 609 N. Bowdish St., Opportunity, Wash., 1005 th IG SIU, Boiling 

IHE Daugherty, Julia A. (Mrs.), Box 65, Roundbay, Sevema Park, Dorm 2 

3AS Daugherty, Robert L., 738 Edgewood St., Baltimore 29, Dorm M 

3Ed Dausch, George P., HI, 519 N. Milton Ave., Baltimore 5, BR 8539 

OSCS Davenport, Ellie E., North St., Waterbury, Conn., Box 85, Boiling AFB, D.C., BAFB 267 

lAS Davenport, Ingrid H., 9 Highland Ave., Red Bank, N.J., MBH 

UaS D'Aversa, Anthony R., 18 Edward St., Hoslyn Hts., N.Y., Dorm F 

Gr Davey, Robert J., 223 Baltimore Ave., Tat.oma Park 12, SL lU03 

IHE David, Barbara E., 3m7 Patuxent Ave., C. P., TO 5926 

2HE David, Margaret A., 8117 Patuxent Ave., C. P., TO 5926 

UaS Davidoff, Richard I., 3U2U Holmes Ave., Baltimore 17 

lAS Davidov, Suzanne, U303 Reno Rd., 3, D. C, EM 66l5 

2BPA Davids, Louis M., 1020 Monroe St., N.W., Apt. US, D. C, CO 7220 

2AS Davidson, John W., 311ii Belle view Ave., Cheverly, V/A 8370 

UEn Davidson, Thomas F., lUOl Sheridan St., N.W., 11, D. C, TD li 

UaS Davidson, William Z., U610 9th St., N. W., 11, D. C, TA hhhl 

ISCS Davie s, F. Eileen, Upper Marlboro, MBH 

OSCS Davie 3, Georpe A., 321 Fairmont St., Falls Church, Va., JE 37296 

Gr Davies, Gwjmeth M., 6Ul2 iiOth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 8878 

UaS Davies, Harry F., Jr., Pox 20, Rt. 1, Upper Marlboro, Calvert C 

lEd Davies, Jane S., 5lii3 Macomb St., N.W., I6, D. C, UN 9393 

2AS Davies, John A., U622 Knox Rd., C. P., WA 9380 


3AS Davies, Leslie E., Rt. 1, Box 20, Marlboro, Dorm I 

OSCS Davies, Ruby S.(Mrs.)> 200U Tuckerman St., Green Meadows, Hyattsville 7/A 6991 

Gr Davis, Albert S., h? I-airf^round Avo., Ilar^erstown 

2AS Davis, Alice P., 30 Denwood Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 2l8l 

UlSd Davis, Dette A., 3703 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 15, U612 College Ave., C.P., WA 9828 

2AS Davis, Charles W., 1201 Woodside Parkway^ Silver Spring, SL 316? 

OSCS Davis, Clarence E., Jr.(Maj.), I81i3 Linda Lane, Falls Churoh, Va. , JE 3-8839 

3PE Davis, David L., lUOp Dundalk Ave., Baltimore 22, L'Z 

2HE Davis, Donna M., 3110 Monroe St., N.E., 18, D.C., DE 5U0U 

lEn Davis, D?ri.ght W., h S. Essex Ave., Baltimore 21, Calvert A 

lAg Davis, Earl W., Lantz, Calvert D 

IBPA Davis, Edgar M., 5900 63rd Ave., Riverdale, UN 1288 

3EPA Davis, Edvn.n J., 275 I/idway St., Pontiac, liich.. Dorm G 

OSCS Davis, Ernest G.(Maj.), U911 li3rd Ave., Hyattsville, Fort Meade, Ft. Meade 2U60-2827 

Gr Davis, Ewin P., 1201 '.Voodside Parkway, Silver Spring 

2En Davis, George F., l62ii Oakview Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7-9592 

3Ag Davis, Harold A., Jr., IJarion Station, 7700 Colesville Rd., W. Hyattsville 

Gr Davis, Harry L., 2101 Hildarose Dr., Silver Spring, SL 629U 

OSCS Da.ds, Harvey A., Rt. 1, Frederick, Camp ^trick, Frederick, Canp Detrick Ext,. 5ui* 

liEd Davis, Helen L., I|700 Ellicott St., N.W., 16, D.C., Delta Delta Delta, M 9795 

Gr Davis, Henry Vv., 1835 Linda Lane, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-95U2 

3AS Davis, Hugh J., 36 Eanes St., Franingham, Mass., 318 Ethan Allen Ave,, Takoma Park, SH 8l88 

OSCS Davis, J. E., 338 Terrace Dr., Dallas, Texas, 5ii21 Spring St., 19, D.C, JO 9-8670 

OSCS Davis, James B., 306 E.l6th St., Austin, Texas, Hq.?:Hq.Sq.,ll50th F/H Gp.iUabama Hall, S.Post. 

IAS Davis, Jar:es H., l62ii Oakview Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7-9592 (Ft.Myer, Va.,OW 9U00 Ext.llii 

IAS Davis, James H., iiSOl LaSalle Rd., 18, D.C.,WA 8907 

IPE Davis, Joanne L., 5017 Shth PI., Hyattsville, WA lllli 

liEn Davis, John D., 81^15 Woodcliff Ct., Silver Spring 

OEd Davis, John H., R.F.D. 2, Clarksburg, Gaithersburg 585JU 

3Ag Davis, Kenneth R., 5017 5Uh PI., }^attsville, WA lllii 

2Ag Davis, Lambert W., Cecilton, Dairj' Earns, University of Maryland, G.P., WA 3800, Ext. 3l;3 

2BPA Davis J Lavrrence D., U550 Conneticut Ave., N.Y/., D.C, OR 666U 

OSCS Davis, Leo R., ll;6 Ivanhoe St., S.W., 20, D.C, JO 2-0800 

OSCS Davis, Marian D.(Mrs.), Wilson PI., Frederick 

OSCS Davis, Orlando S., 215 8th St., S.W., D.C, EX 0029 (OW 9U00,Ext. 20U 

OSCS Davis, Orrin A., Rt. 2, Box 80, Sioux City, Iowa, 173 Delaware Hall, Arlington, 8, Va. 

2BPA Davis, Pinkney L., 1556 Sheffield Rd., Baltimore 18, TD 1 

BPA Davis, Richard E., l56 Virginia St., Hillside, N.J., 7505 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 9520 

2En Davis, Roy J., 35lii Meadow Side Ave., taltimore 7, TD 1 

Gr Dav:.s, Ruth M., 1390 Tewkesbury PI., N.V;., 12, D.C, TU 19lO 

IHE Davis, S. Carolyn,62lU 5th St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 8125 

lEPA Davis, Troy K., 221 3rd St., N.W., Hampton, lowa^ Dorm F 

3AS Davis, Walter J., 87IO h'ilford Ave., Silver Spring, SL 085U 

i^PA Davis, Warren A., 2810 31st St., S.E., D.C, VI 1106 

3En Davis, V/illiam J., Rt. 1, Derwood 

kAg Davis, William T., Marion Station, 7700 Colesville Rd., W. Hyattsville 

Ed Davison, Ada J., 6216 Wallis Ave., Baltimore 15, MER 

OSCS Davisson, Henry L.(Lt.Col.), 3k33 N.19th St., Philadelphia, Pa., Army Discharge Review 

3AS Dawson, JohnM., R.F.D. 2, Box 19ii, Laurel, Laurel UliOR (Board, Pentagon, Pent.5359U 

IMS Dawson, R. Keith, 19 N Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 8316 

2BPA Day, Charles H., $lah Emerson St., Hyattsville, WA I8l3 

UbPA Day, Clarence H., Clarksburg, Manor Country Club, Rockville, Lockwood 5-0800 

Gr Day, Helen W.(Mrs.), Rt. 1, Box 163 B, Silver Spring, LO 5-1226 

2Ag Day, Maurice H., Sykesville, Dorm M 

2AS Day, Robert F., 232 Green^/ Ave., Stamford, Conn., TD 3 

hkg Day, Stanley E., Jr., Davidsonville, Annapolis 7093 

Gr Day, William C, 1307 Rowalt Dr., CP., AP 0138 

Ag Deal, Roe J., 601 W. Franklin St., Monroe, N.C, 603 Bonifant St., Silver Spring 

OSCS Dean, Betty P., 603 Menninger Rd., Topeka, Kans., 5711 l6th St., N.W. , 11, D.C, TA 6III 

lEn Dean, Charles M., Ul N. Monastery Ave., Baltimore 29, Wilkins 7725 

IAS Dean, James H., 2700 Joan Ave., Gulfport, Miss., 8UII I8th Ave., CP., TO 6335 

2AS Dean, Joan H., 317 Cedar Lane, Bethesda Ik, AAH 

lAS Dean, Joseph 0., Jr., 317 Cedar Lane, Bethesda, TD 1 

OSCS Dean^ Lelandl., 2UlU Pacific Coast Hwy., Lomita, Calif .,Hq.&Hq.Sq., 1100th ABG, B.A.F.B.,D.C 

OSCS Dean, Louise B.(Mrs.), 3711 Northampton St., N.W., 15, D.C, OR I6O6 (BAFB,689 

3PE Dean, Robert W., U5 Sunny Dr., Pittsbiirgh, 27, Pa., Dorm H 

OSCS Deane, Walter J., 361^0 aaldo Ave., New York, 63, KM-, 1201 Savannah St., S.E.,20,D.C 

OSCS DeAngelis, Louis, 72 Swan St., Aberaeen 

Gr DeAtley, Thelma W. (Mrs.), 1710 Otis PI., N.E., 18, D.C, HO 7571 

UEn Deavers, William P., Jr., 8UOI Dixon Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3950 


2Bd DeBimy, P.osalie A., 6608 102nd St., Forest Hills, N. T,, Dorm 2 

4En deBooy, Kendrick, 2010 N. Harvard St., Arlington, Va., CH 8519 

2AS DeCatur, Louis A., 3551 Texas Ave., S.E., 20, D.C., LU 1066? 

ISCS Decharo, Anthony L., 6213 Queens Chapel Rd., Hyattsville, UN 7793 

3Ed DeCicco, Claire A., 1349 G St., S.E., D.C., LI 3-6019 

Gr Decker, A. Morris, Jr., Rt. 1, Mancos, Colo., 4810 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

IBPA Decker, Donald F., 53 Cresap St., Cumberland, Dom C 

SHE Decker, Gene M., Brandywine, AAH 

OSCS Decker, Herbert M., Watkins Acres, Frederick, Camp Detrick, Frederick, Camp Det.,Ext.5Ui 

IBPA Decker, Richard F., 513 Quintana PI., 11, D.C., RA 9484 

OSCS Decker, Roland B., 1044 Bamaby Terrace, S.S., 20, D.C., JO 2-4891 

2HE Dedicott, Helen L., 3607 Legation St., N.W., 15, D.C., Kappa Alpha Theta, WA 1188 

lEn Dedinas, Joseph, 714 W. Lombard St., Baltimore 1, TD 3 

lEn Dedman, Robert ''.T., R.F.D. 3, New Castle, Del., TD 3 

4BPA Dee, Robert F., 640 Ridge Road, S.E., 19, D.C., VI 4934 

IBPA Deeck, Alice A., 8400 Potomac Ave., C.P,, TO 5173 

OSCS Deem, Ray H., Jr., 105 Iroquois Way, S.E., 20, D.C., LO 3 7444 (WA 9770 

AS Defiebre, Bruce K., Jr., 83 Bay Drive, Bay Ridge, Annapolis, 4300 Knox Rd., C.P., 

IAS DeFontes,. Francis J., 832 Jefferson St., N.".?., 11, D.C, GE 1676 

4PE DeFrancisci, Christopher L., 3725 35th St., Mt. Rainier, UN 9229 

ms deGast, Hilaire G., 4102 32nd St., Mt., UN 3608 

4Ed Degen, Margaret Z.(Mrs.), U05 Claybcrne Ave., Talcoma Park, SH 756? 

BPA DeHoff, JohnL., Emigsville, Pa., Dorm K 

4Ed DeHoff, Lois M., 102 E. Hammond-Ferry Ed., Linthicum, AAH 

IBPA DeHos, Henry C, 529 Laurel Rd., Ridgewood, K.J., Calvert B 

2A3 Deibert, Marie A., 8508 Hazelirood ,Dr., Bethesda 14, Delta Gamma, WA 3844 

3PE Deitemeisr, Lois T7., 515 Ethan Allen Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 2869 

4BPA Deitrick, Donald C, VF 3C, C.P. 

IAS Deitz, Janis M., 3135 Chestnut St., N.E., 13, D.C, HO 3515 

2BPA DeJamette, Kenneth R., 6210 44th Place, Riverdale, TIk 4520 

(Arlington FStrms, Va., 0^ 9400 Ext. 144 

OSCS Delachair, Jean 0. E., F-203 Alabama Hall, Arlington Farms, Va.^ 1150H USAF F/a Gp., 

OSCS DelaGrange, JohnM., 802 Trost Ave., Cumberland, Cumberland 2468 

2AS Delaha, Edward C.,- 1965 Perlman PI, Baltimore 15, 4810 Erskine Rd., C.P.. WA 1289 

OSCS Delancey, Pauline S. (Idrs,), 300 Ottawa St., Forest Heights 20, D.C, LO 3-8I4I7 

OSCS Delanoy, Charles W., (Maj.), 304 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va., JA 2-4156 

2AS de la Rosa, Martin J., 2101 Varnum St., N.W., 18, D.C, Dll 0195 

Gr DeLashmutt, Elizabeth A., 1916 17th St., N.W., D.C, MI 7933 

2AS deLaski, Edgar G., Jr., 13 Whittle r St., N.W., 12, D.C, GE 1628 

OSCS Delauter, Richard D., 233 W. South St., Frederick, Frederick 2366R 

4BPA DeLeo, Alfred V., 255 Vine St., Everett 49, Mass., Dorm C 

2HE deLesdemier, F. Ann, 414 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring, 4517 Knox Rd., C.P. WA 9720 

SAS Delgado, Frank A., Jr., 350 Ridge Rd., S.E., D.C, VI 8794 

lEd DelGiomo, Geraldine M., 43-08 Kaywood Dr., Mt. Rainier, Dorm 2 

lEd DelGreco, Terry A.. 75 Park St., Lodi, N. J., Dorm 3 

OSCS DelGrosso, Vincent A., 716 Alabama Ave., S.E., 20, D.C 

4AS DelGrudice, Genar L., 4012 Fleetwood Ave., Baltimore 6, Dorm C 

2SCS Delisi, Joseph A., 418 Marietta PI., N.W., D.C, TA 0349 

OSCS Dell, JohnW., 3146 S. Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va., OT 9146 

IBPA Dellafiora, Robert J., Box 107, Edmon, Pa,, NZ (UN 1270 

4AS DellaValle, Loxiis, 267 Cedar St., New Haven 10, Conn., 4115 Hami.lton St., Hjrattsville, 

4Ed Dellett, Betty R., 4603 Norwood Drive, Chevy Chase, WI 2037 

4En Dellheim, Arthur F., 3402 Piedmont Ave., Baltimore 16, TD 8 

2BPA Delmar, Robert A., 6226 Georgia Ave., N.W,, D.C 

Gr Deloach, Lionel R., Route 2, Glennville, Ga., Route 2/ Box 127, Upper Marlboro 

OSCS D'Slosua, Ramon F.(L'ajor), 28 Mesketh St., Che-^ry Chase 'l<, WI 3327 

lAg Delphey, R. Gary, Jr., 2016 Jackson St., N.E., 18, D.C, DU 5786 

IAS Del Re, Benny V., 2809 Ontario Rd., N.W., 9, D.C, DE 1091 

SAS Delsasso, Elizabeth A., Cedar Hill, R.F.D. #1, Darlington, AAH 

2AS Delsasso, Robert L., Mercer Rd., Princeton, N. J., TD4 

2Ag Def^arco, Francis D., 20 S. Highland Ave., Baltimore 24, TD 1 

OSCS De?^arco, Jerome, 20 S. Adolph Ave., Akron 4, Ohio, 2417 Perry St., N.E., D.C. 

Gr Demaree, Constance H.^'-rs.), 6llj Vale St., Chevy Chase 1$, WI 358? 

Gr Demaree, Kenneth D., 614 Vale St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 3587 

Gr deMame, Henri, 4626 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 7573 

2SCS Demaa, James N., 102 Fulford Ave., Bel Air, 7702 Colesville P^., Hyattsville 

2BPA Ddiayo, William S., Jr., 89 Hall St., New Haven, Conn., Dorm L (Spring, SL 6118 

Gr Dd'^Ieritta, Fred J., 4216 Parkway, Fairfield, Ala., 8708 Colesville Rd., Apt. 1, Silver 

4BPA Demetrion, James E., 644 E. Fort Ave., Baltimore 30, PL 9140 

2BFA Dei/onte, Loixis A., 24 W. FrankUn St., Baltimore 1, TD 1 

2En deifionterice, Paul D. , Jackson St., Fishkill, N. T., T^ 3 


2En DeUoss, Wayne 1,, 1605 N. Springwood Dr., Sliver Spring, 8H 1620 

OSCS Dempsoy, Thomas A., 519 Pomnanton Blvd., Alexandria, Va. (Rd«, W. Hyatt avi lie, UH 9780 

3AS DeMurley, John-Edward S., 1141 Asbury Ave., Aabury Park, N.J., Apt. 34, 7702 Colegville 

OSCS Denbo, Frances A. (Mrs. ), 36 Reed Ave., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-644S 

ISCS Denlght, Charles H., 1 Main St., Hanooolc's Bridge, N.J., 4811 Harvard Hd. , C.P. 

2SCS DeNike, Gay, 1026 Noys Dr., Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta 

IAS Denisoh, David A., 3814 Ednor Pai., Baltimore 18, TD 1 (AX 1373 

OSCS Denning, Kemp H,, Jr., (Capt.), Gainsboro, Tenn., 3805 TT St., SJ:., 20, D.C., 

Gr Dennis, Bernard G., 2453 Wieoonsin Ave*., 7, D.C., Off 4988 

3AS Dennis, Don, 725 E St., Baltimore 19, TD 3 

2Ag Dennis, Harvey E., Pittsville, 7404 Baltimore Ave., C.P. 

lAg Denny, William E., Stevensville, Dorm H 

2EE Densford. B. Claire, 5710 Oxon Hill Rd., Oxon Hill, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2BPA Dent, Jamos W., Jr.. 4208 Kennedy St., Hyatt svi lie 

2Ag Dent, Russell G., 115 Northbrook Lane, Bethesda 14, Dorm B 

OSCS Denton, Frederick L., 121 Sachem Dr., Forest Heights, LO 3-9462 (WA 9886 

SAS Denton, Mary G., 957 East Powell St., Evansville, Ind., 7407 Princeton St., C.P., 

SBPA Depalma, Nicholas 6,, Box 117 Waterford, N.J,, TD 3 

Gr dePeroin, Femand P., 6 Kathryn St., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-8817 (LO 3-7652 

OSCS DePetris, Thomas J., 3128 Woodhome Ave., Baltimore 14, Fort Washington, 20, D.C. 

2Ed Dephey, Richard C*, 6224 Falrdel Ave., Baltimore 6, Calvert C 

Gr Depue, Leland A., 32 Hickory Ave., Takona Park 12, SL 4464 

OSCS DeRaad, Joseph J., 7142 Allentown Rd., S.E., 20, , D.C, LO 3-8344 

2BPA Derkay, Lee P., 5509 33rd St., N.W., D.C, EM 3587 

2AS Dermen, Armen, 5915 Pontiao St., Berwyn Heights, TO 5399 

4AS Dermer, Irwin 0., 3500 Windsor Mill Pui., Baltimore 16, TD 8 

4En DeRosa, Andrew C, 573 Union St., Brooklyn 17, N.Y., TI> 1 

3Ag Derrenbaoher, Edward E., R.D. #2, Sharon, Pa., 161 36th St., N.E., 19, D.C, VI 3409 

4Ed Derrick, Anne M., 2207 Kt. Holly St., Baltimore 16, Alpha Omicron Pi 

ZAS DeSibio, Ray A., 82 Fern PI., Inwood, H.Y., Coliseum 102 

Gr Deskin, William A., Bradshaw Rd., Kingsville, Fork 4973 

ISCS Desser, Leonard I., 2437 Callow Ave., Baltimore 17, 4810 Harvard Road, CP., WA 9834 

2BPA DeStefano, Alvin J., 115 Jefferson St.^ Gallitzin, Pa., 2579 Rhode Island Ave., N.E., 

2BPA DeStefano, Robert, P., 448 Admiral St., Providence 8, R.I., SZ (18, D.C, NO 8797 

4AS Detrioh, Harry W., Jr., 10 Valley View Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 4301 

AS Detwiler, Henry M., Jr., 613 Main St., Denton, 4313 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 7214 

Gr Detwiler, Robert L., 5305 66th Ave., E. Riverdale, AP 2118 

4AS rettel, Donald J., 8 Control Court, Baltimore 20, 4600 Norwich Ave., CP., UN 9807 

3Ed Detitsoh, Dolores, 6203 20th Ave., Brookside Manor, WA 8195 

4Ed Deutaoh, Estelle, 6203 20th Ave., Brookside Manor, WA 8195 

2BFA DeVall, Larry, S.,6203 44th Ave., Riverdale, WA 6968 

IPE Devaney, Bernard T., 44-04 32nd St., Mt. Rainier, UN 7025 

SBPA Devaney, Peter P., 4404 32nd St., Mt. Kainler, UN 7025 

4BPA DeVaney, Victor F., 2100 15th St., S.E., 20, D.C, AI 1805 (D.C, Ext. 64650 

OSCS Devasto, Pasquale L.CWaj.), 458 Bellview Dr., Falls Churoh, Va., Hq.R&D CKD. 11th & F Sts, 

OSCS DeVeoohio, Roy 6., 517 N. Piedmont St., Arlington, Va. (CTS., 12, D.C. 

OSCS Deveney, Ruth E., 633 44th St., Union City, N.J., 9901st TSU, SGO, WAC DET.. Army Med. 

OSCS Dever, Bernard A., 218 Mason Ave., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-6611 (UN 9845 

IBPA Devine, Charles B., 19 John St., Ridgewood, N.J., 6724 Baltimore Blvd., Hyattsville, 

Gr Devine, Isabel J., 103 Potomao St., Westemport, Falkland Manor, Silver Spring, SB 9282 

Gr Devine, John 6., 4115 Slst St., Biadenaburg, AP 2514 

OSCS Devine, Joseph A., 1415 Mt. Vernon Blvd.^ Alexandria, Va. 

lEd DeVinney, Vernon R., 144 Johnson Ave., Staten Island, N.Y., 4810 Harvard Rd., C?. 

IAS DeVito, Mathias J., 300 Jerlyn Ave., Linthicum Hts., Linthicum 639 (U 6-9179 

Gr DeVost, Valmore P., 36 Richard St., Farmingdale, N.Y., 1006 Newton St., N.E., D.C, 

Gr Dewey, George D., 118 Victoria Rd., Middle River 20 (AlQMindria, Va., Ft. Belvoir 16-441 

OSCS Dewey, Hobart E., 2890 Hudson St., Denver, Colo., 1430 Huntington St., Apt. 301, 

OSCS DeWiU, Warren P., 105 Galveston St., S.W., 20, D.C. 

3AS Dey, Melvin J., 801 Gorsuch Ave., Baltimore 18, TDl 

4BPA Deyhle, Walter K., 808 Elm Ave., Takoma Park, JU 7-8960 

IBPA Desbor, Joseph E., 7317 Forest Rd., Byattsville 

4AS Diaoumakos, Elaine G., 3022 East Pratt St., Baltimore 24, AAH 

Or Diamond, Douglas B.(Jr.), 2810 Hardy Ave., Silver Spring, LO 5-2368 

IBPA Diatr, Sylvan L., 7520 16th St., N.W., 12, D.C, RA 3220 

OSCS Dice, Evan A. (Maj.), 1206 Overlook Dr., aintington, Alexandria, Va. 

5AS Dick, Donnie L,, 2716 N. 19th St., Arlington, Va., TD 3 

OSCS Dick, Doris M. (Mrs.), 1201 No. Wayne St., Arlington 1, Va., Glebe 7870 

IAS Dickens, ^omelia R., 1916 G. St, N.W., D.C, DI 7197 

Gr Dickerson, Anneliese V. (Mrs.), 9502 49th Place, Eerwyn 

4Ag Dickerson, Clarence E., 4136 Minnesota Ave., N.E., 19, D.C, VI 7030 


l&jS Dickey, Clyde E,, III, Balcarce 226, Buenos Aires, Argentina, TDl 

i;En Dickey, George F,, 57 D Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 72li7 

3AS Dickey, Paul M., 908 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, SH 9386 

IjEd Dickie, Richard H., 2Ul7 Bramarr Ave., Catonsville 28, TD 6 

IAS Dickin, Billie R., Ul31 Harrison St., N.W., D.G., CE 65U7 

2AS Dickler, Elliott H., 3210 Garrison Blvd., 16, Balto., Dora K 

3AS Dickson, WiUiam H., 3900 Hamilton St., HyattsviUe, UN kS2S 

lEd Diener, Hinda Z., 3801 Barrington Rd., Balto. 15, IfflH 

Gr Diercks, Fred H., 7029 Strathmore St., Chevy Chase 15, OL 7U75 

OSCS Dieter, Carlisle L., 3hhh ^rtba. Custis Drive, Alexandria, Va. 

i4BPA Dieudonne, Benjamin R., 2809 Jasper St., S.E., 20, D.C., VI 22 61; 

2BPA Diffenderfer, Gilbert D., 217 Uth St., New Cumberland, Pa., TD 2 

I4PE Diffie, Granville P., 126 Washington Ave., Lanham, M 0270 

3AS Diggs, Dorothy B., 3819 White Ave., Balto. 6, MBH 

Gr Diggs, Glenn H,, 2315 Eccleston St., Silver Spring, SL l5l9 

2BPA Diggs, Russell I., 120 Oakdale Ave., Balto. 28, Catonsville, Catonsville 799U 

2AS DiGiovanni, Philip, 93 Lincoln St., Passaic, N.J., 1|707 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 3998 

OAg DiGiulian, Charles A., 325 G. St., N.E., 2, D.C. 

IAS Diliello, Leo R., 210 S. High St., Balto. 2, TD 1 

lAg Dilley, G. William, Redland Orchards, Detour, TD 7 

OSCS Dillingham, Maurice S. (Lt.Col,), U733 1st. St., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 26778 

2En Dillon, Charles R., Accokeek, Brandyvrine iil57 

Ug Dillon, Kenneth W,, Peterstown, W.Va., 2816 Ihth Ave., Apt. 101, Hyattsville 

3Ed Dillon, Lewis A., Accokeek, Brandywine Ul57 

IAS Dillon, Mary Joan, 7Ut Strandme .ud., Cynwyd, Pa., Dorm 2 

ISCS Dillow, Joseph A., Hollywood, 6905 Colesville Rd., University Park, M 3965 

IAS Dilzer, Raymond C, 18 Bartholdi Ave., Butler, N.J., Dorm C 

IAS Dimon, Sonia D,, 1322 Holly St., N.W., 12, D.C, AAH 

3AS Dineen, Richard K., 67 Adams Ave., Port Chester, N.Y., 7505 Hopkins Ave., C.P., UN 3136 

OSCS Dinger, Harold E., I30I - U6th St., S.E., 19, D.C, Tff 23U6 

OEd Dinger, Ruth K., '(Mrs.), 570li 63rd Ave., Riverdale, UN 7620 (Arlington, Va., OW 9U00 Ext .60 

OSCS Dingott, Monroe (Sgt.), lOhhl Lanark St., Sun Valley, Calil., Hq. 1908th AACS, NEBRASKAHALL, 

l4Ed Dinker, Mlford H., Jr., 609 Kingston Rd., Balto. 12, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

Gr Dinnin, Joseph I., 5Ul Oglethorpe St., N.E., 11, D.C, TA 5850 

GR Di^Junno, Joseph J., 8U2 Northanpton Drive, Silver Spring 

Gr Dinwiddle, Shirley W.(Mr3.), U702 Fordham Rd., C.P., WA 6951 

I4BPA DiPasquale, Bernard, Jr.*, 37Ul E. Lombard St., Balto. 2ii, U302 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9828 

ISCS DiPaula, Teresa A., 3217 Piedmont Ave., Balto. I6, AAH 232 (12, D.C, GE 1000 Ext.557 

OSCS DlRado, Justin Pasquale, 126 N. Hamilton Ave., Greensburg, Pa., 7031st.A.S.U. Hq. D«t.,A.M.C. 

3AS Director, Barbara L., 301^8 Davenport St., N.W., 8, D.C WO 2356 

Gr Dirks, Robert E,, Tyndall, South Dakota, I8-B Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

lAg Ditman, Joseph M., U819 Delaware St., Berwyn, TO 6290 

OSCS Dixon, Jack R., 31 B Lantz St., Edgewood 

OSCS Dixon, Jean A. (Mrs.;, 281U Erie St., S.E., 20, D.C.,LUl-5237 (S.E., 20, D.C, LU 1-5237 

OSCS Dixon, Luther L., Jr. (H/Sgt.;, 608 Viestover Hills Blvd., Richmond 2k, Va., 28ll4 Erie St., 

lEn Dixon, Richard M., 31ii Brewster Court, Silver Spring, SH 2897 (UN 9732 

2AS Dixon, Robert D., 33U Kayton Ave., San Antonio, Texas, UU-O Van Buren St., University Park, 

15CS Dixon, William T., R.F.D. #2, Old Frederick Rd,, Ellicott City 

IBPA Doan, Ronald A., Jr., 5005 3rd St., N.W., D.C, lA 9295 

l4Ed Dobbin, Barbara I., 3902 Livingston Rd., Ifyattsville, WA 7875 

Gr Dobbins, Billy D., IOIO8 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, SL 539U 

2AS Dobrich, Angelia, 719 S. Broadway, Balto. 31, AAH 

2AS Dobry, Thaddeus J., Jr., 28Ui Hudson St., Balto. 2k, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

OSCS Dobson, Robert E., 26o8 N. Roosevelt St., Arlington, Va., FA 3530 

OSCS Doddridge, David E.(Lt. Col.), 31UI S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va, 

3BPA Dodge, Joseph A,, U60I Tuckerman St., Riverdale, WA 1U17 

2Ed Dodson, B. Joan, lh08 Anson St., Silver Spring, SL kTih 

3Ag Dodson, Wilner L., k927 Battery Lane, Bethesda Ik 

Gr Doenges, George R., 213 Oaklane, S.W., Glenburnie 

Gr Doepp, George C, 37U E, William St., Salisbury, 1^320 VanBuren St., University Park 

2BPA Doerer, John W., 2823 Inglewood Ave., Balto. lU, TD I^ 

2AS Doerman, ilargaret P., 1827 Park Road, D.C, 10, Dorm 3 

OSCS Doerr, Elinor A,, Loganton, Pa., R#2, Baltimore Pike, Cumberland 

OSCS Dolan, Lee E., Jr., kll iVarren Ave., Lynchb\irg, Va.,2605 Southern Ave., S.E., 20, D.C. 

OSCS Dolan, Leo J., 31 Henderson St., Arlington 7k, Mass., 1101st .Uaint.Sqdn., Polling AFB 

liPE Dolan, Thomas M., Jr., Ikkk Georgia Ave., N.W, D.C, Apt. 30li, RA 7ii86 

2HE Doleman, Florence R., 3li33 Oakwood Terrace, N.W., 10, D.C, U502 College Ave.,, CP., WA 9Bhh 

Gr Dolle, Frank A., Newhall Rd., R#2, Bethesda 

OAS Dolnick, Ethel H., 13m Saratoga Ave., N.E., 18, D.C, DE 9571 

3En Domanski, Carl C, k709 Sayer Ave., Balto. 29, Vn 8l5l 


2AS Domnitch, Seymour, Ul26 60th St., Woodside, N.Y., 68O6 Baltimore Blvd., Hyattsville, UN 2^28 

OSCS Donahue, Jean H., 25 Senaca St., Baldwins vi lie, N.Y., 1100 Sta.Ued.Grp., Boiling AFB,25,D.C., 

UBPA, William E., Chaplain's Office,Hq.USA.HCARIB, Ft,Amador,C.Z.,( JO 29000, Ext. U215 

Gr Donahue, William J., Eckhart, Eckhart 783R (Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

3BPA Donaldson, Kenneth E., 5063 6th Fl., N.E., 17, D.C., LA 658U2 

2Ag Donaldson, William E., 280U lUth St., N.W., 9, D.C., AD 9358 

3AS Donley, Jonn L., 38II 39th St., Brentwood, WA 5720 

2AS Donne, Donne T., 203 Spring St., Torrington, Conn., 7031 Baltimore Blvd./;.?. 

2AS Donnellaii, Keith S., 9926 Rogart Rd., Silver Spring, SL 9316 

2Ed Donnelly, Jane F., 6703 5th St., N.W., 12, D.C., TA 8572 

UPE Donofrio, Harold C, Box 310, Westminster, Phi Delta Theta, WA 988U 

2Ed Donovan, Carolyn J., U912 u6th St., 16, D.C., Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

Ed Donovan, C. Suzanne, 121 Gill Rd., iiaddonfield, N.J., MBH (CT.T 5637 

OSCS Dooley, Donald V/., c/o Nick Wagner, Bird Island,Minn., 5227 8th Rd., South, Arlington, Va., 

IAS Doomouselis, Charles, 25 Somerset St., Somerviile, N.J., Dorm G (ACC 5209 

Gr Doonan, David P., 551 Brookline Ave., Brookline U6, Mass., Tech. Command, Army Chem.Center, 

UAg Doris, Joseph M., U-i26 Clydesdale Ave., Baltimore 11, HO 1799 

IAS Donnan, Barbara J., IOI4.IO Hemley Lane, Silver Spring, Dorm 2 

Gr Dom, Camille J. (Mr3.),VF 13, Apt. H., G.P. 

2Ag Dom, Henry J., VF 13, Apt. H., C.P. 

2Ag Dom, James H., Forest Hill, Calvert D 

2PE Dombusch, John '.7., 37Uh lOth St., Baltimore 25 

UEd Dorset, Jean L., 5211 N.H. Avenue, N.W., 11, D.C., GE 8673 

Gr Dorsett, Henry G., Jr., 7507 Hopkins Ave., C.P., UN 0351 

Gr Dorsett, J. Wade, Jr., I6O8 Moffet Rd., Silver Spring 

Gr Dorsey, Leonora A., 30U Brown Ave., Hopewell, Va., MBH 

ISCS Dorsey, Thomas J., Jr., 155 Gloucester St., Annapolis, TD 1 

3BPA Doten, James B., Jr., 509 Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 8399 

2BPA Dotson, '.Villiam L., Jr., 1005 Forest Hills Dr., Annapolis 

OSCS Doiy, Frederick L., 6Ul9 Fairfax Rd., CSievy Chase 15, OL 1008 

2SCS Dougherty, Frank E., Jr., 60U Old Hone Rd., Raspeburg 6, Dom J (UN 3782; 

13CS Dougherty, Harold J., 17 South State St., Vineland, N.J., 1^302 Clagett Rd., University Park, 

Gr Dougherty, James R., U6O8 Cedar Garden Rd., Baltimore 29 

iiHE Dougherty, liadelyn A., U520 Middleton Lane, Bethesda iU, Kappa Kappa Ganoia, WA 9886 

3Ag Doiigherty, Robert C, R.F.D. 1, Box Ul, Princess Anne, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P.,WA 9831 

2BPA Douglas, Raymond J., 25m Talbot Rd. , Baltimore 16, MO 9577 (WA 9770 

3BPA Douglass, George S., Jr., 3706 17th St., North, Arlington 7, Va,,U300 Knox Rd.,C.P., 

OSCS Do'jglass, Walter A., Apt. 262, Delaware Hall, Arlington Farms, Va., OW 9U00,Ext.208 

IAS Douris, Paul A., 12005 97th Ave., Richmond Hill, N.Y., Dorm E 

3AS Douthat, Ann G., 605 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

Gr Douvres, Frank W., 20Ul Westchester Ave., Box 6l,N.Y.,N^Y.,U531 College Ave., C.P. 

3A3 Dove, Daniel, U317 2 Jth St., N.E., 18, D.C., HO 1730 

ISCS Dovel, Olin A., Jr., 8707 50th Place, College Park, TO 6570 

2PE Dove 11, ^rtlilliam H. , 912 South 19th St., Newark 8, N.J., NZ 

Gr Dover, Jerome J., 5800 l5th Place, Plyattsville 

UaS Dover, Rita, 1607 28th Place, S.E., 20, D.G., Delta Gamma, WA 9Qhh 

UAS Dowd, Thomas J., Ringtown, Pa., Calvert B 

Gr Dowell, R. Lawrence, 27UO Porter St., N.W., D.C., WA 9326 

OSCS Dowless, Joseph D., Jr., 8II LaBella Walk, Falls Church, VA., JE 3-9^S6 

Gr Do>vner, Charles T., Box 82, Lanham, WA 7998 

UAS Downes, Kenneth M., Hawthorne Ajts., Linthicum Heights, 7306 PirLnceton St., C.P. 

2Ag Downes, Richard F., Lanha-n, HY OI6O 

Gr Downey, Adelia J., 136 W.Leland St., Chevy Chase 15, WI U082 

2AS Downey, Edward M., U609 Beechwood Rd., C.P., HY 5553 

OSCS Downing, Grace J., 1230 New Hampshire Ave.,N.W.,6,D.C.,ST 5562 

2Ag Downing, John C, 370U 33rd Place, N.W.,8, D.C., Dorm I 

3AS, John D., Jr., 2 Edraondson Ridge Rd., Gatonsville 28, Donn E 

OSCS Downs, Br^ace C, 3916 Elbert Ave., AptT 309, Alexandria, Va., OV 3977 

lAS Downs, James E., 13620 S.Dunmoor Dr., Silver Spring, 3L 7581 

3BPA DoAvns, John F., UII8 Cottage Terrace, Cottage City, WA 8I86 

Gr Downs, Margaret B., 11213 72nd Dr., Forest Hills, N.Y., b008 Jefferson St ., Hyattsville, 

OSCS Dovms, Naomi R., .'filliainsport, R.F.D. 2 (WA 1389 

OSCS Doyle, Cecil G., 1802 Lee Blvd., Falls Church, Va., FA 61+55 

3BPA Doyle, John F., 13 Beaumont Ave., Gatonsville 28, Catonsville U952 

lAS Doyle, Joseph T., 7 Madison St., Somerviile, Mass, VF 13, C.P, 

IPE Doyle, Mary T., 101 Shepherd St., Chevy Chase 15, WI U909 

3BPA Doyle, Michael E., 22-D Parkway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 8U07 

lAg Doyle, R.E. Patrick, White Hall, Dorm M 

Us Doyle, Vincent R., II3I H St., Baltinore 19, Dorm N 

OAg Dozier, Byrd K., 30-D Crescent Dr., Greenbelt 


Gr Dozier, Craig L., 1^12 E. Central Ave., Orlando, Fl.a. ,^31;^ Tuckerman 3i»., Hyattsville, 

liAg Dozier, Herbert L., Jr., 6$13 Ubth Place, Riverdale (OR k$73 

UaS Dozier, Martha S. (Krs,), 30D Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

I4BPA Dracopoulos, John W., 1722 Kenyon St., N.W., 10, D.C., CO 7118 

OSCS Dragotta, Harry A., S3k Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Va., Falls Chxirch $82U 

liPE Drake, Dorothy A., 6820 Pineway, Hyattsville, 75lli Rhode Island Ave., C.P. (UN 90la 

IHE Drake, Elizabeth L., 231 Painter St., Greensburg, Pa., Ii907 Taylor St., Bladensburg, 

Gr Drake, John L., 103 Joliet St., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 2-2535 

Gr Drawbridge, Robert F., bM Laiirel Hill, Greenbelt , 

IBPA Drayton, Robert D., 1216 10th St., N.IY., D.C., HU 369k 

Gr Drazek, Marjorie E. (Krs.), Apt. lOU, 721L Foi-est Rd., Landover, A? 3ii08 

lAg Drechsler, Thomas E., 2300 Good Hope Rd., 3.E,, D. C, Dairy Barns. Univ. of Md,, C.P. 

UBPA Drennan, Lorin H., Jr., 5600 Queens Chapel Rd., W, Hyattsville, AP 0329 (WA 585? 

2AS Drew, Allan N., 638 N. Kenmore St., Arlington, Va., 6915 Oakxidge Rd,, Collsge Heights, 

2BPA Driscoll, Anthony D., East View, Aquasco, 59G Ridge Rd., Gieenbelt, Greenbelt 7738 

UBPA Driscoll, Frank T., $9C. Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt' 773B 

IAS Driver, Betsy A., 2308 Ashmead PL, N,W., 9, D.C., Dorm 3 

Gr Driver, Dorothy S. (Mrs,). 2501 Southei-n Ave., S.E., 20, D.C., LO 3-3211^ 

3AS Droney, Claire-Ann M., U7i6 Blagden Ave., N.W., U, D.C, TA 0591 (Ext.ii097 

OSCS Drott, Ted J., Box 17, Oakdale, La., 1005th IG, SI Unit, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C.,JD 9-2000, 

liPE Druash, Alex, Jr., 9103 ii9th Ave., C, P., TO 5619 

3AS Druga, 4nne, 65 Penn Ave., Lyndora, Pa., [i5l7 Knox Rd., C. P. (Va., Falls Church hhSh 

OSCS "ruhe, ''ubert K., 1329. Market St., Oakland, Calif,, 5 Wainwright Blvd., Rt,2, Alexandria, 

Gr Lrumm, Edith E., 13^ W. Frederick St., Millersville, Pa., I6OI Argonne P1.,N.W.,9,D.C., 

Gr Drujnmond, Dorothy F., 5li59 Nebr?.ska Ave., N.W., 15, D. C, M 3h9a (AD 8700 

IAS Drummond, Paul T., 5lO l5th St., N. E., 2, E. G., TR 7126 

IPE Drummond, Roy, 5lO l5th St., H.E., 2, D.C. 

2AS Dube, Donald E., Accokeek, Brandywine U627 

UEn Dubendorf, Wentworth H., 1735 Kenyon St., N.W., D.C, HU 56U2 

3PE Dubick, Harry, 2522 Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 15, Dorm H 

Gr DuEois, Oscar H., R.F.D. 5, Eridgeton, N.J., university Cleaners, C.P. 

2Ed DuBose, Estelle C, Ij500 Davenport St., n.W. , I6, D.C., EM 00li7 

liEd Dubs, William R., 3lU E. College Ave., iOrk, Pa., Calvert A. 

3AS Dudley,* Clyde D., 2709 Upshur St., Mt. Rainier, WA 1511 

Gr Duerig, William H., 880li Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SH U719 

Ed Duey, Muriell, 90II Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring, SH 1153 

3Ed Duff, yargaret M., IO8 Allegheny Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 7351 

UHE Duffey, Marion J., I4619 Asbury PI., N.W., D. C, Alpha Gamina Delta, UN 9806 

lEd Duffie, Shirley C, 221 Ingraham St., N. W., 11, D. C, GE 2190 (EX 8o50, E?ct.U6l 

OSCS Duffy, Charles G., R.F.D. 1, East Greenwich, R. I., 309 N. Wayne St., Arlington, Va., 

3AS Duffy, Dorothy F., 7509 Girard St., C. P. 

IBPA Duffy, James F., Jr., 2313 Author Ave., Silver Spring 

2BPA Dugan, Charles E., R.D. 2, Greensburg, Pa., Phi Sigma Kappa, C.P., UN 9851 

OSCS Duke, Claude L., Jr., I5l2 Parkview Ave., Falls Church, Va., OW 8771* 

2Ed Duke, David W., Clinton, Calvert C 

IHE Duke, Florence A., Clinton, IDBH 

3Ag Duke, Richard D., Rt. 1, Box II6, Clinton, Alpha Gainma Rho, C. P. (Va., FA Ii220 

OSCS Duke, William F. (Capt.), 1206 2nd Ave. E., Spencer, Iowa, 509 Vista Dr., Falls Church, 

UEd Duklewski, Edmund S., 1221 Circle Dr., Baltimore 27, AR IO63M 

OSCS Dulberg, Jasper, Braddock Heights 

Gr Dulin, Charles :V., 2730 7Uth Ave., Apt. 302, Hyattsville 

3PE Dulin, Joseph H., P-ox 506, Rt. 2, Sevema Park, SZ 

2Ag Dumsha, Albert C, 133 N. Symington Ave., Catonsville 28, Catonsville 6I422 

OSCS Dunaway, John W., Whittaker, W. Va., 1101 Maint. Sqdn., Boiling AFB, D. C, BAFB la02 

OSCS Dunbar, Ellen V., 3555 Michigan Ave., Cincinatti 8, Ohio, 36OI Cumberland St., N.W., 8, 

Gr Duncan, Edwin C, 332 Midway Dr., Lexington Pk., FH. Test, NATC, Patuxent (D.C., OR 1328 

UHE Duncan, M. Ruth, 3225 Chestnut St., N.E., 18, D. C, MI 2758 

2En Dunham, William H., 6012 Rosoland Lane, Rockville 

UBPA Dunigan, Barbara A., U328 hth St., N.W., 11, D.C., RA 2325 

2AS Dunkelberg, W. Eugene, Jr., APO 958, Ft. Shafter, Hawaii, h708 Norwich Rd., C.P,,LTi 2l85 

Gr Dunkelman, Lawrence, 6501 lUth St., N.W., 12, D. C, TA 9U6U 

IHE Dunkley, Margaret A., 5127 Palisade Lane, N.W., I6, D.C., MBH 

lEd Dunkum, Barbara A., Ul9 Madissn St., 11, D. C, Dorm 2 

ISCS Dunlap, Howard D. , I613 Otis St., N.E., D. C, Calvert A 

Gr Dunlap, Mary C. C. (Mrs.), 309 E. Oldtown Rd., Cumberland, Cxunberland 333^ 

Gr Dunlap, Richard L., lU2ii Hollins St., Baltimore 23, ED 12ii8j 

lAg Dunlop, R. Peter, 7025 Brookvilla Rd. , Chevy Chase l5, WA 1*758 

OSCS Dunn, Buel A., 8OO S. Greenbrier St., Arlington, Va., Pent. 56l05 

Gr Dunn, Frederick L., Jr., 51i Elm Ave., Apt. 3, Takoma Park 12, SL 5822 

liPE Dunn, Geneva, Apt. Hli, Perry Circle, U.S.N. A., Anns^olia, AAH 


OSCS Dunn, James M., U05 S. Cherry St., Falls Church, Va., FA Ul55 

UAS Dunn, James T., 1995 Webster Ave., Bronx 57, N.Y.,N.Y., 1^306 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 8789 

Gr Dunn, John M., Salisbury, Pa. 

Gr Dunn, Paul J., 16 Ashby St., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-7936 

OSCS Dunn, Ralph S. (It,), Portland, Tenn., 912 Park Ave., Laurel, Laurel 893J 

OAS Dunn, Ray A., Jr.(Capt.), I|306 Oliver St., Hyattsville, WA 0232 

3Ag Dunn, Richard R., Westover, 7511 Princton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

OAg Dunn, Stanley N., UOO8 Quintana St., Hyattsville, WA 9373 

US Dunn, William H., 13U Tennessee Ave., N.E., 2, D.C., FR U501 (HI 7821 

OSCS Dupont, Forrest. R., 639 E. Palm St., Burbank, Calif., U673 Homer St.,S.E.,20,D.C., 

lHAS Di^Jont, Robert 0., 3905 Davis Place, N.W., D.C. (20,D.C.,L0 3-3Ul8 

OSCS DuPree, Donald J., c/o Mrs. E.C.DuPree, Montclair, N.J., 30U Kennebec St.,Apt.UOU, 

OSCS Duquette, Norman C, 83 Circuit Dr., Hoxie, R.I,, Ft. Myer, South Post, Va., GL 9669 ' 

Gr Diarant, Ralph E., 320 Atlantic St., S.E., D.C, 

liAS Durepo, Joan Y., U08 Boyd Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 8186 (UN UhQ6 

2BPA Durgin, Neal J., Deerfield, Box 339, Billerica, Mass. ,3905 Queensbury Rd., Hyattsville, 

3AS Durham, iTilliam G., I960 Fendall St., 5.E., 20, D.C, AX hl52 

Ed Durkee, Edith H. (Itrs.), 1900 Amherst Rd., West Hyattsville, UN 2601 

3BPA Durkee, John P., Apt. 301, 1900 Amherst Rd., West Hyattsville, mi 2601 

3AS Durra, Calvin C, UlOl Overlea Ave,, Baltimore 6, TD 6 

OSCS Dru-renberger, William J. (Col.), Perham, Minn,, 3539 So, Stafford St., Arlington 6,Va,, 

lEd Durski, Judy J., Quarters C.,U.S.NavalSta.,Key We 3t,Fla., Kappa Delta, 'M 9759 (TE 1702 

UEd Durst, Marylouise W., U520 Verplanck PI., N..?., 16, D.C, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

IAS Dusman, William H., 731 McAllister St., Hanover, Pa., 6IO3 iJith PI., Riverdale, WA 126b 

lEd Dutton, Shirley A., 3320 Chauncey PI., Mt. Rainier, AP U323 

OSCS Duty, Vfi-lliam B. (Major), 3708 Ely Place, S.E., 19, D.C, 

OSCS Duval, Don W., 121 Joliet St., S.W., 20, D.C. 

Gr Dye, Jack E., 6806 Red Top Rd,, Takoma Park 12, SL O383 

Gr Dye, Joseph J., 1-B Plateau, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 79I16 

3AS Dver, Charles H., Spring Hill, U609 College Ave., C.P., UN 9851 

2Ed Dyer J Janet R., 5912 Carlton Lane, Glen Mar Park, Dorm 2 

OSCS I^er, Laurence S.(Capt,), R.F.D, # 3, Marshall, Mo,, 2000 Conn, Ave,,N.W.,8,D.C, 

OSCS r^ar, William F., 301 Hooper St., Smithville, Tenn., 168th Mil. Police, Ft. Meade 

2Ag Dymond, Louis T., Stribling Ave., Charlottes->/ill8,Va. ,808 G St. ,S.E.,D.C. 

2?{E Dynes, Joan, Millington, AAH 

2BPA Dyson, John W., 3130 Baybriar Road, Baltimore 22 

Gr Sagleson, Edwin W,, 5706 15 th Place, Apt, lOU, Hyattsville 

IAS Eakin, James R., 1837 Main St., Relay 27, Elkridge 7U5 

Gr Earl, Francis L, (Dr.), 3322 Buchanan St., Apt. 101, Mt. Rainier, AP 3365 

kAS Earle, Harold F., U3 Lafayette Ave., Annapolis, 7303 Yale Ave., C.P., UN 9785 

OSCS Earle, Hiram ,V. (Col.), 105 No. Wayne St., Arlington, Va. 

2SCS Earle, Richard S., Gliase, 3U22 Tulane Dr., Apt. 22, West Hyattsville 

lAg Earle, She rod L., Ill, IU13 Vifest St., Annapoli.s, TD 6 

2Ed Earley, Harold H., 521 Frederick St., Hagerstovn, Dom G 

3Ed Eastlack, Donna M., 1301 Floral St., N.W., 12, D.C, Tk O83U 

3En Eaton, Melville E., Jr., 1125 N. Baylen St., Pensacola, Fla., Dorm C 

2AS Eaton, Nancy L., 950ii Jones Mill Rd. , Chevy Chase 

2AS Eberhart, Amelia, 263U Colston Drive, Chevy Chase, Donn 2 

OSCS Eberly, Anne C, 2I1.U Columbia St., Cumberland, Cumberland 3U6R 

lEd Eberts, Jeanine R., 1^613 Morgan Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Dom 3 

ISCS Eccles, Joan F., 6817 Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda, Dorm 2 

2AS Eccleston, Archibald, III, 623 S.Clinton St., Baltimore 2k, TD 2 

liEn Eck, John J., 3117 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, WA 020U 

2Ed Eck, Natalie S., 9515 vSemincle St., Silver Spring, 7U07 Princeton Ave,,C.P., WA 9886 

Gr Sckard, L. Dillwyn, Jr., 1857 Newton St. ,N.W.,10,D.C., NO 3l475 

Gr Eckardt, H. Lucille, 7120 Sheffield Rd., Baltimore 1, 2i6ll Guilford Rd.,C.P.,UN 7609 

3En Sckert, Henry R., 3UO6 Dudley Ave., Baltimore 13, TD 6 

UBPA Eckert, Paul M., 3315 Dorchester Rd., Baltimore 15 

2Ag Eckert, Robert H., 3315 Dorchester Rd., Baltimore 15 

3BPA Econoraopoulos, Speros N., 900 Spring Rd. , N.W., 10, D.C, AD 7005 

3Ag Economos, John N., Jr., 2635 Nicholson St., Hyattsville 

OSCS Eddy, Robert P., 12305 Dewey Road, Viers Mill Village, Silver Spring, LO 5-3631 

a* Eden, Miu-ray, liS23 Brisbane St., Silver Spring (ND 56U714. 

OSCS Edgar, Clifford M., Custer City, Okla., c/o Poet Eng. Office, South Post, Ft.Myer,Va., 

UaS Edgett, William M., 3202 Abell Ave., Baltimore 18, BE 8890 

2Ed Edlavitch, Sandra A., 1375 Sheridan St., N.W., 11, D.C, GA 5892 

UAS Edlow, Martin H., 2107 Edmonson Ave., Baltimore 23, GI UI89W 

Gr Edmonson, Robert B., 6 Melbourne St., Silver Spring, SL UI6O 

3En Edmunds, G. William, 2212 UOth Place, N.W., 7, D.C, WO 0550 

2AS Edmunds, Kenneth G., 1209 West Uth St., Wilmington, Del.,SZ 


2Ed Edwards, D. Annette, 22li Granville Dr., Silver Spring, Dorm 2 

OSCS Edwards, Elmer F., Rt. 1, Nashville, Tenn., I4818 So. 8th Hd., Arlington, Va., JA U0371 

OSCS Edwards, James E., 1821 Patton Dr., Apt. D, Ft. lieade, OD l4U33(D.C., HI 3100, Ext. 3192 

OSCS Edwards, Kenneth R. , S.5o6 Parkland Ct., Apt. 302, 19, D.C., Hq. AACS, Andi'ews AFB, 25, 

3Ed Edwards, Lionel E., 5l06 7th St., N.W., 11, D. C, TA 3657 

Gr Edwards, Palmer I,., 120I4 Lebanon St., Silver Spring, SL 636Ii 

OSCS Edwards, Robert F., 121 N. Wayne St. ,' Arlington, Va. 

ISCS Eesle.y, Thomas L., 239 Dale Drive, Silver Sprin^^, SH 6o65 (D.C., JD 29000 Ext. 501-51i6 

OSCS Egan, Paul F. G. (Maj.), 33 Prookside Ave,, Jamaica Plain 30, Mass., Polling AFP, 25, 

2AS Eglseder, Ludwig J., 2530 Fleet St., Baltimore 2U, Doi-m E 

OSCS Egner, Donald 0., U Right Wing Dr., Baltimore 20 

UPE Fhl«rs, Dorothy M., 5315 3th St., N.W., 11, D. C, GE 2ij75 

OSCS Ehlinger, Joseph T., 8U3 S. Frederick St., Arlington, Va., Pent. 72233 (OW 5231 

OSCS Ehorn, Verle A., !i3T j N. Crystal St., Elgin, 111., 5316 8th Rd. So., .Arlington, Va., 

ISCS Ehrlich, Barbara R., 5030 7th St., N.W., 11, D. C, GE U226 

UEn Ehrlich, Louis ;¥., 18U2 Druid Hill Ave., Baltimore 17, 7303 Yale Ave., C. P., UN 9785 

2AS Eichberg, William S., Ih8 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Park, SL 6162 

3En Eichhorn, Paul J., Jr., hU2h 9th St., N.iV., 11, D. C, RA 7930 

IBPA Eichorn, Joan I., 303 Haverling St., Bath, N. Y., Dorm 2 

2Ed Eichner, Georgia C, 5200 13th St., N.W., 11, D.C., U6IO College Ave., C.P., ifA 9759 

3PPA Eickhoff, Alfred W. , 32 N. Morley St., Baltimore 29, WI 2252 

Gr Eid, Abdallah K., I6 Madaress St., Cairo, Egypt, 2200 Kalorama Rd., 3, D. C, CO 6U00 

OSCS Eigelsbach, Henry T., Camp Detrick, Frederick 

i4£d Eiler, Francis W., 227 Seneca Ave., Havre de Grace, VFli, Apt. H, C. P. 

3BPA Eisele, John C, 3Ul3 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, AP 14538 

3PPA Eiseman, John H., U60O Stanford St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 3963 

2En Eiseman, William F., I460O Stanford St., Chevy Chase 15, 'HI 3963 

Gr Eisenbeiss, Gene K., Tanley Rd., Silver Spring, SH 7860 (TO 9736 

UaS Eisenberg, Bernard D., 3h32^ Auchentoroly Terrace, Baltimore 17, U802 Calvert Hd.,C.P., 

liEd Eisenberg, Gloria, 31432^ Auchentoroly Terrace, Baltimore 17, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

Gr Eisenberg, Phillip, 8305 Tahoma Dr., Silver Spring 

3Ed Eisenberg, Selma, 3913 Annellen Rd., Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi, C. P.(Va., OT 8238 

OSCS Eisenhauer, Adam J., 677 Christie St., Hempstead, N.Y., 263O Ft. Scott Dr., Arlington, 

IAS Eisenhauer, Jane C, U301 Sheridan St., University Park, HY 0535 (Hyattsville, WA 7899 

Gr Eisenman, Richard L., 93 Linwood Ave., Bridgeport 5, Conn., U3l6 Colesville Rd., 

IAS Eisenstein, Elaine P., 2505 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore l5, AAH 

2PPA Eisenstein, Howard T.., 10 Murray Ave., Annapolis, I4607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

Gr Eklund, Carl R., Fort Washington, LO 3-7658 

IAS Elbert, Ralph W., Praddock Heights 

lAg Elbl, Alena, 2300 C?uebec St., N. W., D. C, Dorm 2 

Gr Elbourn, Robert D. , 33li3 Legation St., N.W., 15, D. C, OR 12l|6 

Gr El-Damaty, Abdel H. A. A., 6 Fangat St., Tanta, Egypt, Soils Dept., U. of Md. , C.P. 

Gr Elderdice, Robert A., I8OO N. Division So., Salisbury, U508 Fordham Lane, C.P.,UN 3383 

Gr El-Ghanas, JJohamed I., El-Der, Kalubia, Egypt, 6212 I42 Ave., Hyattsville, WA 3538 

OSCS Eliasen, Norman E., 310 Regina St., Apt. 103, Alexandria, Va. 

Gr El-Kattan, Ahmed A., 9 Farouk 1st Ave., Giza, Egypt, 5005 U2nd Ave., Hyattsville 

2Ep Elkins, Richard L., Post Office Pox 302, Silver Spring, U605 College Ave., C.P., WA 9881* 

ISC^ Elkner, Henry W. , 1531 Montpelier St., Baltimore 13, HO 5312 

2En Ellerbe, William R. , Jr., 726 Easley St., Silver Spring, SL 3971 

Gr Ellington, Charles P., P.O.Box UO, Trion, Ga., 6205 New York PI., Riverdale, irN 01+37 

UAS Elliott, Charles U., 3628 Rexmere Rd., Baltimore 13, TD 1 

lEd Elliott, Patricia M., 712 Richwood Ave., Baltimore 12, AAH 

lEn Elliott, Robert W., 3095 Calhoun St., Baltimore 23, TD 1 

3Ag Ellis, Charles H., Jr., 9636 Dixon Ave., Baltimore lU, TD 5 (WA 91ldi 

Gr Ellis, Era M., Rt. U, Box 500, Little Rock, Ark., h322 Underwood St., Hyattsville, 

OSCS Ellis, Joan, 91 Sand St., Staten Island k, N. Y. , PM Sec.,Hqs. Second Army, Ft. Meade 

hAS Ellis, Leon T., 22C Hillside Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3333 

3HE Ellis, yarcia, 11 Thoreau Dr., Bethesda II4, U6IO College Ave., C. P., WA 9759 

UpE Ellis, v.. Frances, 2921 Christopher Ave., Baltimore II4, AAH 

3BPA Ellis, Robert A., I606 Lochwood Rd., Baltimore I8, Dorm C 

UPE Ellis, Robert E., 292U Christopher Ave., Baltimore lU, Calvert A 

IAS Ellis, Sallie P., 123 W. Leland St., Chevy Chase l5, OL 0970 

3AS Ellison, Raymond P., 2310 Elsinor Ave., Baltimore 16, 1+509 Calvert Rd. , C. P. 

Gr ELlmore, I.-atthew ^., Box l^U, c. p., WA 3300, I'ict.213 

3Ag Ellrich, Eulon K., VFI4, Apt. C, C. P. 

OSCS Ellsworth, William W., Jr., 8625 Piney Branch Rd., Apt. 302, Silver Spring, JU 7-93U6 

2HE Elting, L'ary A., 621 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring, Dorm 3 

IPE Elwell, Ronald E., 6C0lt Liberty Rd. , Baltimore 7, TD 1 

OSCS Elwood, Wallace W., Ii506 Mahan Rd. , Silver Spring, LO 5-3653 

3HE Ely, Hilda R., Indian Head, KTBH 


IBPA Ely, Vernon F., 20-B Parkway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt hh27 

3BPA Embert, John F., Jr., 12U Newburg Ave., Catonsville, TD 1 

2HE Erach, Eleanor L., 5306 13th St., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 59UO 

US Bnerson, Elizabeth A., Ili21 N. Inglewood St., Arlington, Va. ,MBH (HY 0^96 

Ag Emer;/-, Oiarlea >V., 888 Central Ave., Hammonton, N.J.,U303 '.Yoodbury St.,Hyattsville, 

ISCS Emery, Robert E., 6310 Hillcrest PI., Chevy Chase 15, m 3782 

UAS Emken, Robert A., U708 Harrison St., Chevy Chase 15, UhOO Knox Rd., C.P. 

liAS Emmitt, Harry F., 171? G St., N.W., 6, D.C., MA 9000 

Gr Emmons, Elizabeth S., Uhh& Suitland Rd., Suitland 20, HI 7878 

iiAg Emshwiller, Edwin B., U805 Rittenhouse St., Riverdale, VITA U953 

UAg Emsweller, Eugene S., 700l4 Wake forest Dr., College Paric, WA 3607 

IBPA Emsweller, Frances T. , 700U V^ake Forest Dr., College Park, WA 3607 

OSCS Eiaswiler, Edwin P. (IZajor), 516 Knollwood Drive, Falls Church, Va., FA 6870 (WA h90k 

Gr Enck, Frank D. , 11 V/est Franklin St., Ephrata, Pa., U315 Tuckerman St., ''niversity Park, 

OSCS Enck, Marilynn H., 139 Monkin Walk, Falls Church, Va., FA l6ll 

UaS Endres, Richard L., 1358 Tuckeman St., N.W., 11, D.C. 

2En Endres, William J., 3223 Elmora Ave., Baltimore 13, SZ 

2BPA Eney, Joan F., 919 Wellington Rd., BaltL-nore 12, IfflH 

liEn Eney, Lloyd H., Jr., 756 Linnard St., Baltimore 29, Dorm C 

IHE Eng, l.lae Y., P.O.Box 2760, Jacksonville 3, Florida, Dorm 2 

3AS Engeberg, Stanley M., 5lU Jackson Ave., Tak oma Park, SH 3369 

ISCS Engel, Deana, 211 Ingraham St., N.W., 11, D.C, TU U955 

IBPA Engel, vailiara L., 711 L!?gie Ave., Elizabeth 3, N.J., Calvert C 

3BPA Engel, .Tilliara L., 10123 Marknam St., Silver ^ring,JU 7-6957 

3AS Engelbrecht, Joseph A., 65lii U6th Place, Riverdale, AP 2522 

liEn Engelmann, Edward A., 6302 Mt. Alto Ave., Baltimore 7, SZ 

UaS England, Collin B., 13UU Iris St., N..V., 12, D.C, (E hh9k 

2Ag England, George W. , Jr., Rising Sun, Dom M 

lEd England, Nancy A., Ui08 Underwood St., University Park, WA 0793 

UBPA England, Robert M., 305 E. Fai:i3 St., New Castle, Pa. 

2AS Englander, Elliot J., Il5 Audubon Rd., Milton 87, Mass,, Dorm L 

UAS Englander, Sol W., 252S Park Heights Terrace, Baltimore 15, TD 8 

IBPA Enple, Robert E., 12U E. Fourth St., Frederick, l5l5 Erskine St., Takoma Park 12, SL 9562 

OSCS linglehardt, Joseph E., Apt. 200, Florida Hall, Arlington 8, Va., OW 9UOO,Ext.35U 

3En Sngler, Leopold, State Hospital, Crownsville, Calvert C 

UEn English, Gordon B., 5011 Apache St., Branchville 

lAS Sngnoth, Mlton L., 3309 Alameda Blvd., Baltimore 18, TD a 

IBPA Enis, Bernard A., 2523 W. Lafayette Ave., Baltimore 16, TD 5 

UEn Ennis, V/illiam H., U600 Northwood Dr., Baltimore 12, ID 5 

OSCS Ensley, Arthur T., U925 Deal Drive, 20, D.C, LO 3779U 

UEd Ensor, Charles 0., 5237 Fairlawn Ave., Baltimore 15, Calvert A 

lAg Ensor, Leoinel K., Jr., Sparks, TD 1 

3Sd Ensor, Lewis C, 3 Bell Station Rd., Bowie, TD 6 

3En Ensor, R. Calvin, York Rd. , Sparks, TD 5 

hkg Ensor, William L., Bowie , Bowie 3619 

2AS Ephraim, Janice S., 3 Salamava Court, Lexington Park, MSi 

3AS Ephraim, Lois R., 3 Salamava Coiort, Lexington Park, MBH 

3AS Eppel, Samuel W., 5127 Queensberry Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 3 (HO 3566 

IPE Epper, Ruthie LI., 171 Manchester Ave., North Haledon, N.J., 2310 Ashmead P1.,N.W.,9,D.C, 

OSCS Epperly, Albert L., Route 2, Box 85, Philomath, Oregon, 1100th Mtr.Veh.Sq.,3cK27U,Bolling 

(Ai3,25,D.C, JO >9820 

2AS Eppley, Fiances R,, U603 Beechwood Rd , College Park, WA 6733 

3AS Epstein, Betty R., 1626 Nicholson St., 11, D.C, GE 17U0 

2AS Epstein, Elaine M., 7306 Irossland Rd. , Baltimore 8, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

ISCS Epstein, M. Ronald, 2B07 Cathedral Ave., N.W., 8, D.C, AD 1230 

Gr Epter, Jerome, 5U-F Ridge Road, Greenbelt, a-eenbelt 7508 

lEn Erf an, Mohsen, Zaferanieh, Tajrish, Tehran, Iran, TD 6 

2BPA Frickson, Ceorge A., Jr., 830 Bay Ridge Ave., Eastport, TD 5 

Gr Erickson, Janet A., 30U Annapolis St., Ylest Annapolis 

2HE Erickson, llan C, 5509 30th Place, !:.W., 15, D.C, IfflH 

Gr Erickson, Porter W.,1309 Forest Glen Rd. , Silver Spring, SH 7330 

lEn Erickson, Roland 0., 10 Knox Circle, S.E., 20, D.C 

3AS Erkenbeck, Richard V., Quarters 112, Forest Glen, SH i;13U, Ext. 78 

UEn Erkes, Abraha-i I., 3923 Boarraan Ave., Baltimore 15, LIC 3353 

2HE Erlbeck, Donald F., U326 Farkside Dr., Baltimore 6, U302 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9828 

3Ag Emet, Jaime A., Aspiazu 55, La Paz, Bolivia, 900U U8th Place, C.P. , TO 578U 

Gr Ervin, Harry G., 1738 N. Ciester St., Baltimore 13, UUOO Lehigh Ave., C.P., WA 9527 

Gr Ervin, Roger E., 1306 E. 75th St., Seattle 5, Washington, UU23 underwood St., University 

UAS Eshleman, Robert I., 7UUU Georgia Ave., N.W. , Apt.l, 12, D.C, lA 7397 (Park,WA U355 

lAg Espinosa, Oscar R., Boaco, Nicaragiaa, U32U Osage St., CP. 

2A3 Eaposito, Ronald F., Washington Valley Ed., R.D.2, Somerset, N.J., Sigma Chi, UN 9807 


OSCS Ess, Richard J., 63c Oak Grove Dr., Baltimore 20 

3AS Esslinger, Edward C, 3720 Glenmore Ave., Baltimore 6, Dorm N 

3AS Estep, Robert R., 3913 Earrington Rd., Baltimore 7 

iPPA Esterson, Millard, 26ll Quantico Ave,, Baltimore 1$, TD 8 

lAg Estes, Frederic D., 1705 Northern Parkway, Baltimore 12, Dorm 

3AS Estes, James T., IOU06 Old Bladensburg, fld.. Silver Spring, SI 0095 (WA 9878 

3ITE Estes, Sharlane E., 880ti Bradford Rd., Silver Spring, Home Kgmt. House, U. of Md., 

UAg Esteves, Guillermo, 66O Estado St., Santurce, P. R., 66O6 Baltimore Blvd., Hyattsville, 

lEn Estrin, Shenrin, 2538 Oswego Ave., Baltimore l5, TD 1 (UN 2528 

Gr Etchison, Wade M., 36IO Clifton Ave., Baltimore I6, MD U90O 

3AS Etheridge, Shirley J., 51il2 39th Ave., Hyattsville, Dorm 2 

Has Etherton, Donald F., UOii Whitridge Ave,, Baltimore 18, Dorm M 

2AS Ettleman, Isadore, 1109 Allison St., N.W., 11, D. C, RA 5087 

kEry. '^ler, August, 5501 Pilgrim Rd., Baltimore II4, HA 27U8 

3En Eumont, Harry W., Jr., 770U Colesville Ra., Cniversity Hills, .AP U068 

Gr Evans, Allan P., Box lli, Annapolis (Ft, Meade 2831 

OSCS Evans, Bill G., 500 W. Cottage St., Houston 9, Tex., Ag Ser Hq. Sec. Army, Ft. Meade, 

2BPA Evans, Edward L., Jr., 6313 9th St., N.ff,, 11, D, C, GE 2663 

3En Evans, George A,, Jr., 26 Braeside Rd., Baltimore 29, Doim E 

lAg Evans, Harley P., 3730 Northan?3ton St., N. W., l5, D. C, WD 0290 

UEn Evans, Harold E., l^L Plateau Place, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7U82 

Gr Evans, Jean C, 51i02 Hamilton St., Rogers Heights (TO IOI6 

UEn Evans, John B., 3907 Greenmount Ave., Baltimore 18, U705 Oglethorpe St., Riverdale, 

IHE Evans, Mary A., 57 Academy Rd., Cynwya, Pa., AAH 

2SCS Evans, Richard W. , Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg,65UJ (TE lillO 

OSCS Evans, Roland S., 212 Elm St., Amesbxiry, Mass., 17 E. Eellefonte Ave., Alexandria, Va., 

UEd Evans, Rozella E., h012 8th St., S.E., 20, D. C, JO 26861; 

lEn Evans, Spencer, U616 Belair Rd., Baltimore 6, TD U (Arlington, Va., OW 9U00, Ext.U25 

OSCS Evans, Thomas H., 2218 Alraont St., Pittsburgh, Pa., California Hall, Arlington Farms, 

AS Evans, Thomas R., 952ii Milstead Dr., Bethesda lU, OL 8169 

Gr Evans, Warrer R., 113 W. li^th St., Frederick 

Gr Evans, William H., Jr., Edgewater, Annapolis 5567 

2SCS Eveland, Charles R., 362 Raleigh St., S. E., 20, D. C, JO 2-82814 

OSCS Evensizer, Harold L., lli35 Huntington Ave., Alexandria, V<?. 

IAS Everett, Fred G., 5l3 Dartmouth Ave., Silver Spring, TD 3 

Gr Everett, Harley J., 3IO6 McComas Ave., Kensington, DO 5-0li83 (C.P., ?/A 2l50 

2AS Everett, Theodore H., Jr., 65 Lincoln Blvd., Long Beach, L.I., N.Y., 71^07 Columbia Ave., 

2AS EVerhart, George B., 505 Poplar Grove St., Baltimore 23, Dorm N( Hyattsville , *A 1389 

Gr Everhart, Phyllis S., 3562 Raymont Blvd., Cleveland l3, Ohio, UOO8 Jefferson St., 

ISCS Everley, Carl B., 55 W. Carlton Ave., Washington, N. J., TD 5 

Gr Evers, Clifford F., 7702 Colesville Rd., University Hills, AP 5839 

2Ed Evers, Margaret A., Ii803 Hampden Lane, Bethesda lli, Ii6l0 College Ave., C.P., WA 9759 

Gr Evry, Allen, 12l6 6th St., S. W., U, D. C, DI U295 

OSCS Ewald, George C, 1020 Barnaby Terrace, S. E. , 20, D. C, JO 28290 

2AS Ewin, Dorothy J., 1^509 Ridge St., Chevy Chase, Wl 3259 

liAS Ewing, Clinton L., Jr., UlO Westgate Rd. , Baltimore 29 

Gr Ewing, Curtis T., 5Uii2 Varnum St., Bladensburg, UN 3055 

OSCS Ewing, Harry 0., Jr., 7002 2lith Ave., Hyattsville, WA 3890 

OSCS Ewing, Walter R., 1101 N. Powhatan St., Arlington, Va., FA 91^91 

ISCS Eyler, George V., 737 Newington Ave., Baltimore 17, Calvert D 

2AS Ezekiel, Miriam, 3105 3Uth St., N. W., 8, D. C, TO 7U98 

OSCS Ezell, William 0., 3U31 10th Place, S. E., D. C, JO 27729 

IAS Faass, Lawrence J., 5112 Huron St., Berwyn, TO 65l2 (ville, AP 11^35 

Gr Facey, John A., Jr., 53 Gillette Ave., Springfield 8, Mass., 270li Kirkwood Pl.,Hyatts- 

3Ag Fadeley, Richard W. , 3la6 Tulane Drive, W. Hyattsville, AP 6271; 

2BPA Fagely, Rollin H., 8 Concord St., Jersey City, N. J., TD U 

Gr Fagg, Simone H. (Mrs.), U503C Dunland Rd., Baltimore 29, M 3312 

Gr Fagin, Samuel L., [i8lii Delaware St., Berwyn, TO 5oU3 

Gr Fagin, Sidney, 1j30B 28th Place, Mt. Rairier, UN 17li7 

UaS Faherty, Patrick H., 1^2 N. Overbrook Ave., Trenton 8, N. J., Dorm K 

OSCS Fahey, Alma A., 2013 W. 55th St., Cleveland 2, Ohio, 1139th WAF Sq., Arlington, Va. 

2PE Fahmer, Alexander M., Ul 3rd St., Salem, N. J., Dorm E 

3PE Fahmer, Carl J., 6529 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

IAS Fahy, G. Herbert, 233 Douglas St., N.E., 2, D. C, MI 3li8U 

l^PA Fahy, John B., Creek & Meadow ttds., Riviera Beach, Pasadena 

2AS Fairlamb, Louis P., Jr., 7822 Custer Rd,, Bethesda lli, OL 3330 

3BPA Fairty, Raynor A,, 112 Stewart Ave., Kearny, N. J., Dorm (UN O608 

2BPA Fairweather, Howard F., 66 Walker St., Manchester, Conn., UOOS Nicholson St., Hyattsville, 

2En Faisant, Joseph L., Jr., U8 Burke Ave., Towson k, U6OO Norwich Rd., C.P. 

2BPA Falck, George B., 5553 Manning Dr., Bethesda, OL 7083 


Gr Falk, Geoi-ge, 6320 ll;th St., N.W., n, D.C., RA 63li5 

Or Falke, David R., (Lt.Col.). Apt.ii83-B, 13U1 Saratoga Ave,, 18. U.C., AD 6809 

2SCS Faller, Charles S., 1800 Vamum St., N.E., D.C., Dorm I 

3AS Faller, George C, Jr., 6906 Dartmouth Rd., G.P. 

hBPA Fallon, Bernard L., 1219 Oakhurst Place, Balto. I6 

iiBPA Fallowfield, Frank C., 223li Washington Ave., Silver Spring, JU 7-6it89 

3BPA Falls, John C, 5206 Hith St., N.>V., 11, D.G., GE h6h9 

IBPA Faloney, Bernard J.. R.311 Duncan Way, Carnegie, Pa., Calvert D (RE 7UOO Ext63695 

06CS Falter, iJartin J., W Lociist St., Reading, Pa., Barton Hall, Weat Potomac Park, 25,D.C. 

OSes Famiglietti, Anthony A., 3U32 S. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va., Ten?)le 6238 

OSes Faraday, Bruce J., Ii301 Wheeler Rd., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-9782 

KLS Farahmand, Saied S., Kahahian, Hamadan, Iran, Dorm E 

IPE Farber, Richard G., Twin Oak Rd., Severn 

IBPA Farber, Robert J., iiliOO Carle view Rd., Balto. 7, NZ 

Gr Farid, Ibrahim, 9 Katz, Manyl, Cajjpo, Egypt, 7008 Everafield Drive, Hyattsville 

3AS Farias, Dewitt H., 6-C Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 8296 

I4AS Far lee, John G., 2k E Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 2002 

lEd Farley, Frances H., 5308 Kansas Ave., W.W., 11, D.C., Dorm 2 (Silver Spring, 3H660ii 

Or Farley, Francis W., i429 Fairmount Ave., Jersey City 6j N.J., 1316 Fenwick Lane, 

UBPA Farley, John L., 3322 Croffut Place, S.E., D.C., Victor 90911 

UAS Farr, Theodore C, 6222 N. 27th St., Arlington 7, Va., Falls Church 3838 

3AS Farra, Irene L., 322 Thomas Drive, Laiirel, Laurel 892W 

IAS Farrar, James M., 3011 2nd. Ave., Balto. Hi, TD 7 (JO 2-9000 Ext.3ia 

OSes FarreLl, Frank J., 122-11 13th Ave., College Point, N.Y., Ii2d SSU, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C. 

OSes Farrell, John fl., 21 Forest Ave., Salem, Mass., 7609 Foster St., S.E., 19, D.C, JO 8-2911 

hkS Farren, John I., 2736 Maryland Ave., Balto. 18 CH 2596 

I4AS Fasick, Chester E., Jr.. Iil9 37th Place. S.E. #302, D.C, LU h--l6Q8 

OSes Farrls, Garland 0., Salliswaw., Okla,. l65. Danburv SJ... S.W., 20, D.C, JO 2-5198 

2Ag Fasick, Donn F., 27' Cheverly Circle, Chever^yr, UN 2)476 

2BPA Faulconer, John R., Jr., U823 Willett Parkway, Chevy Chase, OL hOSl 

IBPA Faulkner, James S., 2000 T St., S.E., 20, D.C, AX 37lil 

3AS Faupel, Paul F., 2709 Nicholson St., ifyattsville, TD k 

IAS Fauth, Charles N., ii933 Deal Drive, S.E., 20, D.C 

lAg Favorite, Morris F,, Thurmont, Dorm N 

lAg Fay, Leonard W., 3511; Reservoir Rd., 7, D.C, Dorm I 

2AS Fay, Richard J., 770li Coles ville Rd., W. Hyattsville, AP 6067 

liEn Fayman, John F., 3206 Ramona Ave., Balto. 13, Calvert C 

3HE Fazzalari, Ella M., 60 3rd St., Oakland, U333 Rowalt Drive, C.P., AP 152U 

Gr Fazzalari, B. Florence, 60 3rd St., Oakland, li333 Rowalt Drive, CP,, AP 152U 

Gr Fazzalari, Frank A., 60 3rd St., Oakland, it333 Ro-ffalt Drive, C.P., AP l52h 

Gr Feazel, Charles E., 8810 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SL 7lilO 

Gr Febry, Arturo, 620 Machuelo St., Ponce, Puerto Rico, 6806 Balto. Blvd*, Hyattsville, UN 2528 

US Fedder, Felice R,, U009 Dorchester Rd., Balto, 7, Alpha Epsilon Rii, WA 9701 

OSes Fedenia, John N., 290U W. National Ave., Milwaukee 15, Wise, 8813 Reading Rd., Silver Spring 

liEn Foderline, Charles D., h211i 53rd Ave., Bladensburg, UN 2958 

2En Federline, M, Francis, Jr., it506 Middleton Lane, Bethesda Hi, va 5638 

3AS Fedorko, Joseph, 171 Mason St., Exeter, Pa., Dorm I 

lEn Feezer, Robert L., Liberty Rd., Randallstown, TD 6 

3BPA Fegan, Harold F., 7319 Baltimore iv--.. 0-1"' a. ;c rark 

lAg Fegan, Robert J., 6211 Pontiac Ave., Berwyn, TO 6OI4J* 

US Fegley, Geraldine M., 3316 Buchanan St., tot. Rainier, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

lEn Fehmi, Saad S., 2U Askeri St., Baghdad, Iraq, Box 92, CP. 

OSes Fehrenbach, Theron C, IIO6 Jackson Court, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-9651; 

IAS Feigenbaum, Bennett, 1302 Saratoga Ave., N.E., 18, D.C, TD 3 

UEd Feilinger, William E., Shh Brunswick St., Balto. 23, GI 76IIR 

Gr Feins ilver, Leo, 52 Cedar St., Edgewood, Edgewood 179-W 

Gr Feinstein, Hyman I,, IhOO Drexel St., Takoma Park 12, SL 2781 

IBPA Feirstein, Bertram, liiO Cambridge Ave., Englewood, N.J., TD 3 

Gr Feister, Irving, 28 Chesapeake St., S.w., 20, D.C, JO 3-6996 

2BPA Fejfar, Drahomira D., Box 85, Belcarap, Dorm 3 

Ukg Fejfar, Oldrich, Belcfunp, Dorm 

3AS Feldman, Arnold S., 330I Dorithan Rd., Balto. 15, Phi Alpha, WA 9513 

IAS Feldman, Earleen L., 7I48 Northampton Drive, Silver Spring, SL 0391 

IAS FeUman, Sylvia P., I826 Pennsylvania Ave., Balto. 17, Dorm 3 

OSes Feldmann, Albert A., 2151 California St., N.rt., D.C, KU 8178 

2BPA Feldstein, Jerome H., 3505 Dennlyn Rd,, Balto. 15, ii607 Knox Rd,, CP, 

2Ag Fell, William L., R#2, Nottingham, Pa., Dorm M 

OSCS Fell, Margery T.(Mrs.), Braddock Heights, Camp Detrick, Frederick 1191,Ext.317 

IPE Fellows, Betty A., 3025 Lake Ave., Cheverly, UN 1022 

2PE Fellows, Frank C, ii306 Emerson St., Hyattsville, UN 3053 


3BPA Felser, Joseph S., 2906 Reisterstcwn Rd., Baltimore 15, Dorm K 

Gr Felsted, Ernest A., 11709 Idlewood Rd. , Silver Spring 

UEn Felton, Kenneth E., 70U 3rd St., N.W., 1, T),c., RE 39U2 

IPE Felton, Ralph D., 2nd St., Midway, Pa., Dorm M 

UEd Felton, Thaddeus li., 823 N. Market St., Frederick, TO 1 

Gr Femiano, Dominic J., 3^36 Clay Place, N.E.,D.C., LU U7359 

2BPA Femiano, James :,!., 15 V Street, N.E., 2, D.C., AD 2U27 

lAg Fender, James K., Street, Dorm M 

3En Fendick, Robert H., lUl9 Columbia Rd., N.W., D.C., CO 0767 

2SCS Fenichel, Gloria E., 7327 l6th St., 12, D.C., GE U6oU 

Qp Fennessey, Ann J., 8306 58th Ave., Berwyn Heights, TO SOhh 

UPE Fenton, Anne E., 7507 MacArthur Blvd., Cabin John lii, 7305 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 8331 

lEd Fenwlck, Jean C, 330b 22nd St., N.E., 18, D.C., HO 1352 

En Ferg, Arth'ir P., 263U Brannon Ave., Baltimore 19, Doinn U 

OSCS Ferguson, Frank H., 6236 Ritchie Rd., 19, D.C., HI 9305 

3AS Ferguson, Jean H., U323 Woodberry St., University Parte, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

Gr Ferguson, Wilfred J., 3325 Nichols Ave., 3.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-9051 

ISCS Fern, G. Duane, 1725 Kilbourne Place, N.W., 10, D.C.. 

Gr Femstrom, John R., I48 Caljados Ave., N. Sacramento, Calif, 

2En Ferrara, Antonio T., 36II North Rogers Ave,, Baltimore 7, TD 3 

UaS Ferrara, Ralph N. , I6OI Parker St., Bronx 61, N.Y., Dorm F 

Gr Ferris, Raymond H., 6209 20th Ave., Hyattsville, WA 3933 

lAg Ferris, Theodore G., U5l LeBaum St., 20, D.C., JO 2U756 

3AS Fersinger, John P., ii309 Uth St., N.W., 11, D.G., TA 3680 

2AS Fetrow, V/ard W., Jr. Route 1, Germantovm, Calvert A 

lEn Fetsko, Francis E., 2106 N. Scott St., Arlington, Va. , JA 2-8658 

2AS Fetterraan, Charlotte B., 3200 l6th St., N.W., 10, D.G., Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

OSCS Fetters, David R., Ul3 Boyd Ave., Takoma Park, SL 2127 

3HE Feucht, Madeline E., R.D. 5, Box 32U, Ei:<ton,AAH 

OSCS Fey, R. Lor ell, Unadilla, Nebraska, 8203 lUth Ave., Hyattsville 

Gr Fey, Richard S., Bedford Road, Cimberland, Colesville Road, c/o Rev.Allman, Hyattsville 

Gr Ficker, M. Alwine, Hanover Street 21, Worcester, South Africa, Washington Missionary 

OSCS Fickling, Dwight R., Ii5 Boyden St.,Badin,N.C.,Can5) Detrick,Fredj( College, Takona Park,SH 9591 

2Ed Fidanis, Matina, 6l2U New Hampshire Ave., 11, D.C., TA 8U13 

Gr Field, David A., U6O3 Fordham Rd.,C.P., UN 7369 

3Sn Field, John R., 202 5th Ave., Baltimore 25 

Gr Field, ITilliam F., 1;303 Rowalt Dr., College Park, AP 3065 (OW 9U00,Ext.l!ili 

OSCS Fielding, Harold E., Piney River, Va., ".^ng F, Rm. 206, Alabama Hall,So.Post,Ft.Myer,Va,, 

2Ed Fields, Francis X., 803 McCabe Ave., Baltimore 12, Dorm C 

3BPA Fields, John H., Jr., 303 McCabe Ave., Baltimore 12, BE 3037 

IAS Fierraonte, Nicholas, U3 Maynard Ave., Waterbury, Conn., 7031 Baltimore Blvd,C.P.,WA 97U3 

Gr Fife, Earl H., Jr., 6Ul2 Elliott Place, Hyattsville, SL 6757 

ar Figler, Homer R., U3 Banker PI., Rochester 16, N.T., ii550 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

Gr Filbert, Howard C, Jr., Greenwich Apts., Baltimore 29 

Gr Filbert, '.Yilliam 0., 5111 Old Frederick Rd., Baltimore 29 

IAS Fileti, Benjamin F., 323 E.Uth St., Wilmington, Del., Calvert E 

Gr Fircer, David, 5700 Main St., Elkridge 

OSCS Filler, Thomas A., SUliO Golden Ave., Lemon Grove, Calif., Hq.Sq.MTS, Andrews AFB,25,D.C. 

OSCS Fillmore, Charles L., 1511 Longfellow St., Hyatts^rLlle 

Gr Finch, Charles R., 5107 Tilden Rd., }fyatts^/ille, UN 8682 

3BPA Fincke, Edward C, 16 Griesmere St., Pittsburgh 23, VF9, Apt. E., C.P. 

3AS Fine, Ggrald H., 1701 N. Payson St., Haiti nore 17, TD 3 

Gr Finer, Saul, 1602 Dudley Ave.,Uitca 3, N.Y., 6705 Rhode Island Ave. ,C. P., UN 76U2 

UEn Fink, Charles, Ii701 Beaufort Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm K 

3BPA Fink, Charles E., Jr., 12U22 Flac*c St., Silver Spring 

3Ed Fink, Harold E., Chew Ave., St .Michaels, Calvert A 

3AS Finkelstein, Gilbert I., Rochester Apts. 2C, Linden Ave. & Brooks Lane, Bait imo re, SZ 

IAS Finkelstein, Joel J., 2513 Linden Ave., Baltimore 17, U607 Knox Rd.,C.P., WA 9766 

UBPA Finlayson, William G., 3921 Oliver St., Chevy Qiase 15, OL 1623 

3AS Finn, Alvin M., 5701 Jonquil Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 2 

Or Finn, Harold M., U709 Tuckerman St., Riverdale, AP liil? 

UbPA Finn, John B., UOOU Beer^her St., N.W., 7, D.C., Theta Chi 

Gr Finn, Mary C, Finn's Lane, Lanhara, TfA 0536 

3AS Finn, Thomas U., I1.O8 Potters Ave., Providence, R.I., Dorm L 

IHE Finnegan, Patricia M., Aldino, R.D.2, Aberdeen, AAH 

lEd Finney, Betty J., 5U06 39th St., 15, D.C., MHi 

OSCS Finney, William J., 1102 Miss. Ave., S.E., D.C., JO 2-OU90 

2AS Finzel, Robert P., 1912 Brisbane St., Silver Spring, SH 3883 

2AS Fiock, Mary A., Ul7 E. Leland St., Chevy Cliase 15, MBH 

Gr Firman, David, 6OO3 Ulst Ave., Hyattsville, WA 206l 


(JO 29000, Ext. Iil33 

4BPA Fischer, Abraham L., 4235 Bladensburg Rd., Colmar Manor (Boiling AFB, D.C., 

OSCS Fischer, Jerome J., 5047 Gunnison St., Chicago, 111., 1111th iipecial Air Missions Sq., 

OSes Fischer, Kenneth P.(Lt.), 1023 Patten Dr., f.ieade Rights., Ft. Meade, OD Iil;31 

IBPA Fischer, Marilyn J., Country Club Rd., Sommerville, N. J., MBH 

OSCS Fischer, Wary J., 1308 Castle Ct. Blvd., Houston 6, Tex., Naval Powder Factory, 14 Mason 

CBCS Fischer, Noiraa J., 2814 35th St., N.W., 7, D.C. (Rd., Indian Head, N.P.F., Ext. 468 

2Ag Fischer, Norman G., Queenstown, CZ 

lEd Fischer, Robert F., 2401 Kloman St., Baltijnore 30, Calvert A 

ISCS Fischer, W. Ernest T., 2401 Kloman St., Baltimore 30, Calvert A 

2En Fischer, William E., 6102 Old Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, Dom E 

IAS Fisher, Craig B., 3525 Porter St., N."^., D.C, TD 6 

iSCS Fisher, D. Jean, 2818 Ruscombe Lane, Baltimore 15, AAH 

Gr Fisher, Edward M., 2303 Calvert St., Hyattsville, AP 0090 

OSCS Fisher, Ellis L. C, 229 Union St., Cumberland, Box 130, Boiling AFB,D.C.,Ju 29000 

4BPA Fisher, Eugene J., 3819 37th St., Mt. Rainier, ^A 2356 

lEd Fisher, Gary P., 324 D St., Baltimore 19, TD 5 (FA 4981 

OSCS Fisher, Gene E., R.F.E. #1, Mooresville, Ind., 525 Vista Drive, Falls Church, Va. 

4BPA Fisher, Lawrence L., 6912 G. Paljner Highrray, Seat Pleasant, LO 50^10 

OSCS Fisher, Mae T., Route 7, Faducah Ky., 1825 Newton St., N.??., 10, D.C, HU 9519 

4AS Fisher, Ralph V., Rocky Ridge, TD 1 

lAg Fisher, Thomas C, 6301 Brinkley Rd., Oxon Hill, 20, D.C, LO 3-7524 

4BPA Fisher, TTilliam H., Delta, Pa., Phi Sigma Kappa, UN 9851 

2Ed Fishnan, Paula, 3617 Liberty Hgts, Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm 3 

IAS Fishnan, Richard M., 126 Webster St ., N.-^V., 11, D.C, ?A 1147 

4AS Fishnan, Theodore, 3617 Liberty Hgts. Ave., Baltimore 15, 4310 Knox Rd., C.P., Vj'A 9845 

3En Fisk, Rowland 7/., 417 7?. 39th St., Wilmington, Del., 3903 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, 

Gr Fisk, Robert E., 15 K Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt (TTA 8404 

IBPA Fissel, John E., Jr., 2035 E. North Ave., Baltimore, Dorm C 

4Ag Fitch, Harry J., 9214 Longbranch Pk^iy., Silver Spring, SL 4033 

3BFA Fitzell, James R., 116 Dumbarton St., Baltimore 1§, TO 53U3 

4Ed Fitzgerald, Dolores A., 7216 liinter Place, Takoma Park, SL 0873 

2En Fitzgerald, Edward F., Jr., 27 King Place, Belleville 9, N. J., 4600 Norwich Rd., CP. 

5Ag Fitzgerald, Gerald P., Thumont, TD 2 

5AS Fitzgerald, M. Elaine, 6521 Colesville Rd., University Park, UN dh59 

ISCS Fitzhugh, Clark S., 5402 Edmonston Rd., Hyattsville, WA 3497 

2AS Fitzhugh, Mary E., 104 Dresden St., Kensington, Gamma Phi Beta 

2AS Fitzpatrick, Bruce H., 11 Vorris St., Freeport, N.Y., TD 8 

Gr Fitzpatrick, Thomas A., 7915 Queen St., V/yndmoor 18, Pa., 4615 Clemson Rd., C.P., TTA 7708 

5Ag Flaherty, Martin E., Jr., Troodbine, Sykes.32uJ3 

3AS Flaig, Louis E., Jr., 2218 Wiikins Ave., Baltimore 23 

4BPA Flanagan, Francis E., 3535A So. Stafford St., Arlington 6, 7a., Dom C 

5En Flanagan, James D., 4409 32nd St., Mt. Rainier, WA 6748 

4Ag Flanagan, John K., 4511 32nd St., Mt, Rainier, WA 4115 

4En Flanagan, Robert E.,' 4409 32nd St., Mt. Rainier, WA 6748 

3BPA Flanagan, Sherman E., iiOLt E. Main St., Westminster, Dorm 

Gr Flanary, Ray, 420 E. Diamond Ave., Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg 61M 

2SCS Flanery, William E., 5735 13th St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 4527 

Gr Flannery, Rosemary P., 6905 Carleton Terrace, C.P., AP 0312 

Gr Flannery, William L., VFIO, Apt.E., CP. (JO 3-4016 

Gr Flath, Earl H., Jr., 3320 Rosedale St., Dallas, Tex., 138 Ivanhoe St., S.W. 20, D.C, 

2Ed Flather, Elizabeth A., 3718 Cumberland St., N.W. , 16, D.C, MBH 109 

OAS Fleagle, Wilbur J., 302-6813 Riggs Manor Dr., Hyattsville, UN 2106 (TO 5763 

Gr Fleischhacker, Herman, 40 Thayer St., New York 34, N.T. , 4605 Cherry Hill Rd,, Berwyn, 

4AS Fleischnann, Arnold, Liberty Rd., Randallstown, Dorm F 

3AS Fleischmann, Inge F., 922 Chauncey Ave., Baltimore 17, Dorm 2 

4BPA Fleischmann, Marie P., 7503 Park Hts. Ave., Baltimore 8, SZ 

2Ed Fleisher, Etta M., 6 Irvin PI., Ragerstown, Lehigh Rd, C.P., WA 9701 

Gr Fleisher, Joseph H., Box 34A, R.F.D. #1, Bel Air, Bel Air 610-J12 

4Ed Flemer, Anne, 2714 So- th Dakota Ave., N.F. , IB, D.C, LI U;UU (AFB,D.C,B.'\FB,Ext.309 

OSCS Fleming, James J., 457 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn 16, N.T., 1100th MTR. VEH.'SQDN., Boiling 

2BPA Flenner, A. LaTrrence, .Jr., 1606 Forisest Rd., 17ilmington, Del., Dorm.O 

4Ed Fletcher, Ann C, 

5BPA Fletcher, Peyton B., Ill, 8203 Moorland Lane, Bethesda lii, WI 6291 

4BPA Fletcher, William C, 4808 Nebraska Ave., N.W., 16, D.C, WO 0612 

4En Fleury, Alexander, A., Kingsville, Apt. 34, 7702 Colesville Rd., W. Kyatr«ville 

Ed Fleury, Esther C, Kingsville, Dorm 2 

OSCS Flint, Charles W., 2409 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, Va., JA 8-8912 

4AS Flippin, Laura A., 6139 31st St., N.W. , 15, D.C, Kappa Alpha Theta, UM 9829 

OSCS Flohil, Covert, 2024 16th St., N.W., J.C 

4Ag Flood, Jerome C, 2017 37th St., S.E., D.C, VI 1680 


OSCS Flood, Lawrence H., 2U2 Bayard Rd., Upper Darby,Pa.,Bldg. 1-37 ,Apt. 3, Andrews AFB,20,D.C., 

OSCS Flook, Margaret H., Box 239, Knoxville, Delano Hall, Army Medical Center/HI 3100, Ext. U231 

Gr Florea, Hilda C. (Mrs.), 3726 Gonn.Ave., 8,D.C.,EM 1238 (12,D.C., GE 10OO,Bxt.2559 

3Ag Florence, Richard B., Emmitsburg, Dorm 

13PA Flojrestano, Ernest J., 13li Monticello Ave., Annapolis, Dorm C 

OSCS Flounlacker, Morris J., ?h A^den St., N.Y., 3U, N.Y., 2U09 Southern Ave.,S.E.,20,D.C. 

OSCS Flowers, Floyd L., Box 35Uj Jamestown, Tenn., Hq.Wiq.Sq.,MATS, Andrews AFB,20,D.C. 

Gr Flowers, John, Jr., Box l67, Proctorville, Ohio, 221 Audrey Lane,S.E.,20,D.C.,LO 3-7863 

2BPA Floyd, Herman H., Jr., 11^25 Ridge Place, S.E., 20, D.C., LU U-0095 

OAg Fluharty, Charles C, R.F.D.,Rt.2, Preston, c/o J.Paul Sraith,Mitchilyille,Malboro 2292 

UbPA Flynn, Jane R., lU Bryant St., N.W., 1, D.G., NO 8UU1 

lEn Flynn, Matthew J., 62 N. Ailliam St. Baldwin, N.Y., Donn C 

3BPA Flynn, Richard W., U911 Somerset Rd., Riverdale, WA 9U79 

2BPA Fockler, Edwin B., Cecil Ave., North East, Calvert A 

OSCS Foerster, Gertrude E., 2929 Conn. Ave., N.W., D.C., AD 3788 

Gr Fogal, Gordon L., 2607 Parker Ave., Silver Spring, LO 5--27i;7 

2BPA Fn^arty, Robert J., U-E Parkway Rd., Greenbelt 

OSCS Fogle, Bertha R. (!.Irs.), Walkersville, Walkers ville 2159 

OSCS Fogle, Rjioda H. (Mrs.), 202 College Ave., Frederick 

UEn Fohner, Joseph L., Arnold, SZ 

3HE Fohman, PhylUs L., 6807 Pineway, Hyatts^/ille, WA 290U 

IBPA Foley, John P., 23U Lon^^fellow St., N.W., 2, D.C., RA 809U 

3AS Folk, Fred E., 307 South Stuart Ave., Essex 21, ID 5 

OSCS Folk, Patricia J., 3U2U 13th St., S.E., Apt. 3, 20, D.G., JO 2-U812 

IBPA Folsom, H, Allan, 3919 Fulton St., 7, D.C., WO 185U 

OSCS Folsom, Robert M., 63 Forest Ave., Orono, Maine, $lUi9 33rd St.,N.W.,l5,D.C.,EM kS27 

Gr Foltz, Donald E., R.R.3, Clinton, Indiana,Di vision Field Studies & Training U.S.D.A. 

Gr Foltz, F. Ross, Route 1, Middletown 

Gr Fong, Louis B., 9007 Grant St., Bethesda Ih, V7I 2980 

IAS Font, Jose A., Sol St. #250, San Juan, P.R., ID 5 

iiBPA Fontana, Emanuele, 1305 Trinidad Ave., N.E.,2, D.C., FR 3655 

UAS Fontana, Henry L., 2U6 Bristol St., Southington, Conn.,U6l2 Amherst Rd. ,G.P. 

UAg Fontanella, Albert P., R.D. 2, New ?/indsor, TD U 

UEn Fooksman, Robert F., 2503 Pinebrush Rd., Baltimore 9, Donn 

Gr Foote, Robert S.,6911 Wissionniing St., Glen Echo Heights, 1H U020 

Gr Forbes, Ian, Jr., U811 Harvard Rd., G.P., WA Q39h 

ISn Forbes, Robert B., U3 Hoodridge Dr., Pittsburgh 16, Pa., TD 3 (GE 1000, Ext. 373 

OSCS Ford, Charles W., 8711 2nd Ave., Apt. l,Silver Stpring, 9901st Det.#l,TSUSao,12,D.C., 

Gr Ford, Herbert W. , 921 19th St., N.W., Apt. 67, D.C., DI 5?30 

lEn Ford, John W., Jr., 9U19 Wire Ave., Silver Spring, SL 78U9 

UEd Ford, Patricia A., 106 St. Dunstans Rd., Baltimore 12, Kappa Delta 

UBPA Ford, Paul H., 2813 Rockrose Ave,, Balti-nore 15, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 (Frederick 

OSCS Ford, Phillip E., 382 Burrows St., Pittsburgh 19, Pa., U.S. Naval Unit, Camp Detrick, 

UaS Ford, S. Caldwell, 6319 7th St., N.W., 11, D=C., GE 7U71 

Gr Foiti, Thomas J., 3025 V/illoughby Rd., Baltimore lU 

OSCS Fordyce, Robert C, 216 No. '.Tayne St., Arlington 1, Va., OW 1762 

IPE Foreman, Robert W., 3308 Parkwood St., Cottage City, WA'6U73 (JO 29000, Ext. U179 

OSCS Forgacs, Zane G. (Sgt. ), Box Uu6, Thorpe,W.Va., Hq.Mq.Sq. 1100th A. B.V/g., Boiling AFB,D.C. 

2PS Forman, Margaret V., 211 3. Hanson St., Easton, A.\H 

OSCS Forman, Ralph, U709 Rittenhouse St., Riverdale, WA U631 

UAg Foman, Richard R., R.F.D. 1, Annandale, Va., FaT Is Church 2887 

2BPA Formant, Dino, 6308 l6th St., N.W., 11, D.C., Gh -U20 

OSCS Fornara, Josepk).ne E., R.F.D. 2, Box U28, Westwood, N. J., Delano Hall,Walter Reed Ho3p.,D.C. 

lAg Foroobar, Abdul K., 2920 Wisconsin Ave., D.C., 'ID 3 

3AS Forshlager, Stanley H., 3857 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 16, FO 28U8 

2BPA Fortenberry, Jack, 110 S.17th Ave., Longport,N.J., 6660 Rhode Island Ave., Riverdale 

Gr Fortner, Bernard S., 59 Quincy Place, N.E., 2, D.C., DU 7506 

3HE Fortney, Martha W., 316 Pratt St., Luke, Gamjna Phi Beta, WA 9773 

lEn Fortunate, Alexander L., 5l06 Fisher Rd., 20, D.C., LO 3-8570 

IAS Forward, Robert L., 90U Highland Dr., Silver Spring, SL 8922 

UaG Forziati, Anthony E,, U22 75th St., North Bergen, N. J., Alpha Tau Omega, WA 98U9 

lAg Foschia, John M., 157 Van Reipen Ave., Jersey City 6, N.J., TD 5 

2HE Fosdick, Anna B., U85U MacArthur Blvd.,D.C., Eli 5923 

OMS Foss, Erling J., 26 Boiling Rd., Alexandria, Va., KI 89266 

IAS Foster, Dennis G., 3211 Alanieda Blvd., Baltimore 18, TD U 

2AS Foster, Diane A., 7305 Dunbrook Court, Baltimore 22, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

OAS Fester, Harry E., 3900 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, WA 75UO 

UEd Foster, Joanne T., 2U01 Birch Drive, Silver Spring, SH 9162 

ISCS Foster, John A., 6U02 Oakridge Ave., Chevy Oiase 15, WI lUOl 

UEn Foster, JohJi J,, U905 W Street, N.W., 7, D.C., EM 58lU 


3AS Foster, Joseph ti,, A. iordon ->t., Bel Air, TD 3 

2AS Fester, Merry Ellen G., 3900 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, WA 75UO 

IAS Foster, Paul G., 7212 23rd. Ave., Hyattsville, WA U5$7 

IAS Foster, Raymond J., 9E Pionerr Homes, Elizabeth, N.J,, Calvert C 

liPE Foster, Robert M., 660li Rhode Island Ave., College Park, WA 9361 

IPE Foster, Sara B., 3521 37th St., Kt. Rainier, WA 6iM 

lEn Foster, William A., WH Anacostia Road, S.E., 19 D.C. (BAFB U336 

OSCS Foster, William E., 1113 5th Ave., Sidney, Nebr., 1100th Med. Group tsollinf- AFB 25, D.C. 

OSes Fouche, June U.(Mrs.)., BeL-nont Ave., Frederick 

UAS Fowke, Jane F., La Plata, U700 Rittenhouse St., Hiverdale 

Gr Fowler, William E., UOl W. Mississippi Ave., Ruston, La., 1012 Roswell Drive, Silver Spring 

2BPA Fox, Charles S., 500 Annapolis Blvd., Glen Burnie, TD 3 (SL 095U 

3AS Fox, Donald L., U62U New Hampshire Ave., N.W. 11, D.C, RA 3530 

3AS Fox, Elizabeth A., 10,103 Renfrew Road, Fo\ir Corners, JO 6-C322 

2BPA Fox, George E., 8700 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, TD7 

3BPA Fox, Henry W., 210 Westmoreland, Wliite Plains, N.Y., Dorm L 

2Ag Fox, Morton, 220 Hanson St., Easton, Dorm F 

2PE Fox, Wancy L., R. F. D. 2, Boyds, Dorm 2 

CHE Fox, Perla G.(Mrs.)., 7730 Eastern Ave., N.W. 12, D.C, TA 9211 

OSCS Fox, Richard J., 1802 Reece Road, Meade Heights, Fort Meade 

Gr Fox, Sam S., 122U Blair Mill Road, Silver Spring 

3AS Fox, Stanley L., 1355 Peabody St., N;W. 11, D.C, U509 Calvert Road, College Park, WA 9513 

Gr Fox, Vernon T. Jr., 2-K Gardenway Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 31ii6 

Gr Fox, W. Lester, Sabillasville, 7511 Princeton Ave., College Park, M 9831 

OSCS Fox, Willard R.', 27 8th St., S.W. Massillon, Ohio., U203rd Photo Teen. Sqdn. Boiling 

OSCS Foxgrover, James H., UX-I4 Naval Air Station, Patuxent River (AFB, D.C, LI 2-6700 

UBPA Foxwell, Louis M., u35U Parkside Drive, Baltimore, CL 153U 

UAS Foy, Allan B., 1705 Corwin Drive, Silver Spring, SL 5U29 

3Ag Foye, Louis G., R. D. 2 Hanover, Pa., Calvert C 

Gr Fradel, Joseph E., Box 233 Prince Frederick 

UBFA Fradiska, Charles F., 639 Shriver Ave., Cumberland, Dorm 

3Ag Fraleigh, Monroe E., R. F. D. 1, Red Hook, N.Y., 7U0U Baltimore Blvd., College Park 

UAS Fram, Faye Z., 2^00 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 2U, Dorm 3 

2AS France, Carroll. E. Jr., 1C16-| Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm N 

I^En Francik, Jerry F., 630U Yorkshire Drive, Baltimore 12 

2AS Framciosa, Michael V., 513 Williams St., Easton, Pa,, Dom I 

OSCS Francis, Charles E., 7501 F'oster St., District Hts., 19 D.C. JO 8-2937 

2En Francis, Donald L., 5306 Kenilworth Ave., Baltimore 12 

Gr Francis, Louise H.(Mrs.)., Salisbury, Salisbury 5336 

OSCS Frangie, James J,, 519 8th St., Brookyln 15, N,Y., 3105 Chesapeake St., N.W. 8, D.C 

Gr Frank, Carlos F., Central Union, San Luis, Cuba, U700 Berwyn St., College Park, TO 5ll6 

3BPA Frank, Elder J, Jr., 29 Willow Ave., Towson U 

Gr Frank, Eugene, IilB Essex Drive, Lexington Park, Great Mills 7261 

2En Frank, Norman D., 3200 l6th St., N.W. 10, D.C, Dorm C 

2BPA Frank, Stanley J., U506 KathT',ad Ave., Baltimore 7, Calvert D 

3En Franke, Edward L, Jr., R. F. :. 6, Towson U, TD 3 

UaS Frankel, Jo S,, 3726 A/interbourne Road, Baltimore 16, Dorm 3 

2AS Frankel, Marvin L., 3509 Springdale Ave., Baltimore 16, LI 8833 

Gr Franklin, Phyllis, (Mrs,)., Apt. 202 2301 lOSt., N. Arlington 1, JA U 1786 

IAS Frajiklin, V, Lee, U115 Belview Ave,, Baltimore 15, Dorm 3 

IAS Frank-lin, William G., 3lU3 Queens Chapel Road, Mt. Rainier, UN 1976 

Gr Franta, Allen L., 1026 Barnaby Terrace, S.E. 20, D.C, JO 2-5185 

2AS Frantz, Albert L., I5l8 McKenry St., Baltimore 23 

Gr Frantz, Frederick S. Jr., 10125 Dallas Ave., Silver Spring 

UAS Frantz, Luther M. Jr., 2U01 Everton Road, Baltimore 9, Dorm C 

2AS Franzblau, Judith F., U206 Colesville Road, Hyattsville, 'WA 2696 

OSCS Franzek, Theodore D. (Lt.)., I8IO E Patton Drive, Fort Geo. G Meade, ODen I4O6I 

3BPA Frascella, Michael T., 197 Parker St., Newark U, N.J., 8805 U8th Ave., College Park 

Gr Fraser, James, Jr., 23 E 9th St., Frederick, Frederick 21^52 W 

ISCS Frazier, Clyde L., 3U0O Rosedale Road, Baltimore 15, Dorm C 

Gr Frazier, Herman M,, 25UO Massachusetts Ave., N.W. 8, D.C, DU 55UO 

Gr Frazza, Everett J., 6532 Wells i-arkway, Riverdale, WA 98I6 (Putuxent River 

OSCS Frear, Robert B., 220 Fascack Road, Park Ridge, N.J., Electronics Test, Systems, MTC, 

IAS Fredenburgh, Suzanne C, 1101 Poplar St., Annapolis, Dorm 2 

2En Frederick, Carl L. Jr., 685 Rollingwood Drive, Chevy Chase, Wl 0253 

AS Frederick, David E., 685 Rollingwood Drive, Chevy Chase, TD 'j , (UU 3823 

2AS Frederick, Walter W., Walnut St^, Oakford Post Office, Pa., ?3U2 Rhode Island Ave., C P. 

2En Freeburger, Stuart J., 732 E. Biddle St., Baltimore 2, VE 0658-W 

OSCS Freed, Carol R., Box lU7 A, R. F. D. 5, Frederick, Frederick 509JU 

OSCS Freedland, Sumner, 6625 Willston Place, Falls Church, Va., FA 5ll8 


IAS Freehof, Joan G., 6109 32nd St., N. W., 15, D. C, TO 5237 

3Ed Freeman, James W., Ii021 37th St., Mt. Rainier, UN i;003 

Gr Freeman, Marie P., (Mrs.), 319 C St., N.E., 2, D. C, FR 9270 

2PPA Freeman, Robert A., 22 Brookfield Ave., Nutley 10, N.J., NZ 

1;BPA Freeman, Robert E,, Broadview Terrace, Troy, N.Y., Calvert C 

2Ag Freer, Paul, R. F. D. 1, Lanham, WA 5U35 

OSCS Freeze, Paul B., 3131 Queens Chapel Rd., Mt. Rainier 

AS Freiraan, Hyson S,, ii005 Maine Ave . , • Bal timore 7, TD 8 

liEd Freishtat, Mildred, 23l5 'Wittier Ave., Baltimore 17, AAH 

Gr French, Judson C, 131 Chamberlin Ave., Chevy Chase 1^, \'il 2225 

(SL I|209 

Gr Frenett, George, 177 E. Union St., Nanticoke, Pa., 3l6 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, 

3HE Fresen, Nancy A., 29l6 30th St., S.E., 20, D. C, Delta Delta Delta, C. P. 

liAS Fresh, Donald L., U500 Wells Parkvray, Riverdale, WA 3960 

IBPA Fretts, Carl A,, 221 Farragut St., N.W., 11, D. C, RA 3538 

liEn Frey, Christian M., 1717 Bedford St., Cumberland, VF6, Apt. F, C.P. 

lAg Freysz, Alfred R., Jr., Mt. Airy, Mt. Airy 27TK6 

2Ed Frick, Gerald P., 6l9 Monroe St., N.E., 17, D. C, DE 65l6 

Gr Frick, Lyman P., 5lU Domer Ave., Takoma Park 12, JU 7-7950 

iiAg Friday, Jack R., 31 East Jackson St., York, Pa., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

IAS Friday, Robert L., 31 E. Jackson St., York, Pa., Calvert D 

Gr Fridell, Roland, 2625 Newton St., Silver Spring, LO 5-2793 

3En Fridinger, Charles £., 12 N. Vermont St., Williamsport, TD 7 

Gr Fried, Mavirice, 5011 Hollywood Road, Berwyn, TO 6o61; 

2BPA Friedenberg, Jack B., 710 Oneida Place, N.W., D. C, RA 1897 (CO 1^532 

OSCS Friedenreich, Gilbert, 2Ua Morgan Ave., New York 67, N.Y., 2838 27th St., N.W., 8,D.C., 

2AS Friedlander, Jerome, 201; E. Indian Spring Drive, Silver Spring, SK 3U26 

2EPA Friedman, John M., 1325 Locust Rd., N.W., 12, D. C, TD 3 

3AS Friedman, Saul Z., 2901 Elgin Ave., Baltimore I6, 1;607 Knox Rd., C. P. (20, D.C. 

OSCS Friedrich, Roy E. (Capt.), 521 W. Vine St., Taylorville, 111., 3II3 Parkway Terr.Dr.,S.E. j 

OSCS Friend, James D., 232 California Hall, Arlington Farms, Arlington 8, Va., OW 9UOO,Ext.Ui;8 

Gr Fries, Paul F., 1325 Chew St., Allentown, Pa., I;3l5 Lehigh Rd., College Pk., WA I988 

OSCS Frisa, Edward E., 2601 Bay View Blvd., Portsmouth, Va., 1320 Congress St., S.E., D.C. 

Gr Frischmann, Donald TV., 1000 Wayne Rd., Falls Church, Va., JE 3-7751; 

1;AS Fristoe, David F., l605 Moffet Rd., Oakview Subdivision, Silver Spring 

IAS Fritz, Eli, Ii82l; Chevy Chase Dr., Chevy Chase l5, TD 3 

2SCS Fritz, Emile F., 2009 Oglethore St., W. Hyattsville, UN l598 

OSCS Fritz, Samuel F,, 3l;8 S. Jameson Ave., Lima, Ohio, I806B Meade Hts., Ft, Meade, OD U821 

Gr Fritz, V/illiam B., 17l6 E. 32nd St., Baltimore 18 

lAg Frizzell, Donaldson D., West Friendship, TD h 

UBPA Froede, Ronald E., 1003 Jack PI., Baltimore 25, TD 2 

liHE Froehlich, Patricia L., 7707 Park Dr., Baltimore lU, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9861; 

OSCS Frolich, Alexander J., 112B S. Ames Rd. , Silver Spring, SL 00l;9 

AS Frost, Jack K., 323 l8th PI., N.E,, D. C, LI 3-7897 

Gr Frost, Russell E., 1308 Longwood St., Baltimore I6 

3HE Fry, Amy E., Gaithersburg, Route 2, AAH 

2BPA Fry, Clarence B., l5l0 N. 10th St., Reading, Pa., NZ 

l;Ag Fry, George C, R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, AS 3693 

3HE Fry, Margery 0., Route 2, Gaithersburg, AAH 

OSCS Fry, Ralph E., 127 West Third St., Frederick, Frederick I69W 

UPE Fry, William C, Jr., 19la W. Main St., Norristown, Pa., SZ 

IAS Frye, Allen S., 901 Constitution Ave., N.E., 2, D. C, FR 5889 

3En Frye, Robert W., 536 Maude Ave., Baltimore 25, CU 0201 

2SCS Fuchs, Frederick J., 5500 i;3rd Place, Hyattsville, UN 1171; 

3Ed Fuchs, Margaret B., 5500 ii3rd Place, Hyattsville, UN 1171; 

2En Fuchs, Marvin C, 5627 Oregon Ave., Baltimore 27, AR l6i;W 

Gr Fuhrman, Robert A., Sotterley Heights, Hollywood, Test Pilot Train, NATO, Patuxent River 

UAS Fulcher, Don W., 6005 l;3rd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 1;508 

OSCS Fulcher, Kenneth M., Bldg. I-69, Andrews Air Force Ease, HI 3100, Ext.2175 

OSCS Fulford, John W., Route 1, Odessa, Fla., 329 Hospital Train, AMC, D. C. 

2AS Full em, Roland J., 3326 Dudley Ave., Baltimore 13, TD 2 

iiHE Fullen, Nancy L., 1;711; Lackawanna St., Berwyn, TO 5705 

3Ed Fuller, Constance L., Clinton, AAH 

ISCS Fuller, George L., i;005 37th St., Mt. Rainier, Dorm G 

OSCS Fuller, Stuart J., Jr., I;5l5 Harling Lane, Bethesda lU, OL 3318 

1;AS Fuller, Vernon J., 1;008 22nd St., M.E., 13, D. C, HO 1359 

2BPA Fullerton, Edward R., 7l6 Harden Dr., Pittsburgh 29, Pa., Dorm I 

2AS Fullerton, Lichaela M., 700 Wyndhurst Ave., Baltimore 10, MBH(W. Hyattsville, UN 1561; 

2Ag Fulmine, F. John, 25 Belmont St., Somerville 1;3, Mass., 203-2015 Oglethorpe St., 

UAS Fulton, Charles L., 7701; Colesville Rd. , Apt. 32, W. Hyattsville 

2Ag Fulton, David R., 5908 Cleveland Ave., Riverdale, WA 5l55 


3AS Pulton, Richard J., U629 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale, UN UlS? 

lAg Fulton, iJtanley E., Hancock, Eorm M 

OSCS Fulton, William L., Jr., hl3 '^. Rosemary Lane, Falls Church Va., r'A I4I88 

2BPA Fultz, Forrest Gray, 1118 Stephen Drive, Balto. 20, Uhl3 Beechwood, College Hts ^ UN 17 35 

IPE Funic, Nancy J., 107 Glenrose St., Kensintrton, OL 9580 

Gr Furgar^, Francis E., U013 Kennedy St., Hyattsville, »VA 503U 

Or Furlong, LeRoy R., 223 Wewcomb St., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-7520 

Gr Furlow, William i.l., Jr., 210 S. Cleveland St., Arlington, Va., CH 7552 

ISCS Furtwengler, James J., 509 65tn St., Washington 19, D.C., TD 7 

IBPA Fusselbaugh, Robert, 118 Bellemore Rd., Balto. 10, Dorm E 

Gr Fye, David L., 78l6 Foster St., District Heights, HI 285h 

l4En Fyock, Charles B., 2727 Lorcom Lane, Arlington, Va., CH 6U22 

3AS Fyock, John C, 2805 A^yrtle Ave., 18, D.C., AD 1196 

2BPA Gsarder, Spencer K., 5U00 Gallatin St., Hyattsville, M 7228 

lAg Gabaldon, Pelayo J., 198 V. Uapa, Manila, Philippines, [162I4 Knox Rd., C.P, 

OSCS Gabardy, Robert L., 6OOI N. 26th St., Arlington 7, Va., KE 3-6082 

3BPA Gable, Robert L., 71C Momingside Drive, Towson h, Balto., TD 2 

2En Gable, William E., 115 S. Tremont Rd., Baltimore 29, V/I 6333 (Taylor 7076 

Ag Gabuten, Adriano R., Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, 623 Kennedy St., N.W., 11, D.C. 

2HE Gadd, Janet D., Centreville, AAH 

OAg Gaddis, Herschel H., 26 I^wrence Ave., Kensington, LO 5-0021^ 

lAg Gaddy, Clarence D.. Jr., Holston Hills, Knoxville, Tenn., TD 5 

OHE Gaddy, Gladys E. (Ifrs), h200 55th Ave., Bladensb r-, WA 6'^70 

2BPA Gadol, Pierre A., 3358 Ch ilium Rd., iit. Rainier, V.A 0712 

2PE Gaffney, William W., UU Steiner Ave., Mercerville, N.J,, TD k 

2AS Gagne, Robert A., iil2 Piedmont St., rtaterbury 6, Conn., 7105 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., WA 26o6 

iiBPA Gagnon, Bernard P., 53 Newell Ave., Southbridge, Mass., Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

Gr Gailar, Norman M., Ii320 Lawrence St., Colmar Manor, Brentwood 

Gr Gainen,- Leon, 290lt lyydale Street, Silver Spring, LO 5-2555 

Gr .iair, Alan R., 8O6 Houston Ave., Takoma Park 

l^re Gaither, Paul D,, 716 Maple Ave., Brunswick, TD 3 

UAS Gale, Charles R., Jr., 2m S. Congress Ave., Atlantic City, N.J., SZ 

2BPA Gale, Jane F., 8615 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, SL 8821 

OSCS Gales, Richard C, l5lii Arthur Drive, Falls Church, Va., LI 56700 Ext,56O0li 

AS Galiardi, Charles J., I6O6 Frederick Rd., Catonsville 28, Catonsville 0899 

IAS Gallagher, John J., 1^206 13th St,, N.E., D.C., U 6-5293 

UAS Gallagher, John J., 920li Longbranch Parkway, Silver Spring, SL 3625 

2BPA Gallahan, Wilber A., Jr., 3716 Warren St., N.W., I6, D.C, Ui^OO Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9833 

UAgr Galletta, Gene J., 951 2nd. Rd., Hammonton, N.J., 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P. 

OSCS Gallihugh, Iverson w., 8lli Glymont Rd,, Pot. Hgts., Hq 5c Hq Sq., Hq Comd, USAF, Boiling 

AFB, 25, D.C, 502-528 

UEd Gallion, Anne R. (Mrs.), 6510 146th Place, Riverdale 

kkg Gallion, John H., 65U0 U6th Place, Riverdale 

OSCS Gallo, Frank P., I80I Linda Lane, Falls Church, Va., JE 387U9 

Gr Galloway, Howard L., 1323 Poplar Ave., Arbutus, Balto. 27, Arbutus II6I-M 

I4HE Galloway, Margaret V., 7505 Dickinson Ave., C.P., Hk 3918 

2Ag Galloway, Raymond A., 1325 Poplar Ave., Arbutus 27, Md, 

OSCS Gait, George T., U75 Hanipton Court, Falls Church, Va., FA 5598 (VI 9626 

Or Galvin, John P., 500 Hill Kress St., Centralia, V/ashington, 2615 31st St., S.E., 20, D.C 

l^En Galvin, Thomas K., Jr., 5501 St. Albans Trfay, Balto. 12, TU 1^500 (JO 8-2075 

3BPA Gamble, Armour C, 808 Beechurst Ave., Morgantown, ft'.Va,, U18 59th Ave., Capitol Heights, 

OSCS Gamble, Jack K., Box 2i45, Overton, Texas, lii35 Arlington Terrace, Alexandria, Va,,KI 8-8612 

2Ag Gamboa, Lionel K., ii933 MacArthur Blvd,, N.W,, 7, D.C, TD 7 

'Gr Gangnes, Alfred V., 635 Gallatin St., N.V;., D.C, C£ 7865 

OSCS Ganiere, Herbert C, U08 Yorktown Rd., Lexington Park 

2SCS Gann, Stanford C, 3217 Carlisle Ave., Balto. 16 

i4PE Ganster, E, Angela, 8O8 Cedarcroft Rd,, Balto. 12, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

3BPA Gapetz, Wilfrid G,, 2826 Loch Raven Rd., Balto. 18, TD 3 

ISCS Garabito, Pete, Jr,, 92ii S, Aurora St., Stockton, Calif,, Dorm M 

3En Garber, Daniel L., Jr., Ii4;0 Meridian Place, 10, D.C, TU 5373 

UBPA Garcia-Granauis Jorge, itontufar #21, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 900I1 hSth Place, C.P. 

Gr Garcia, Joe H,, 2515 W. Martin St., San Antonio 7, Tex., U313 Knox Rd., C.P,, UN 72ih 

IAS Garcia, Mile E., 702 Caracas, Tampa, Fla,, TD 2 

HE Gardner, Barbara N,, 102 Gushing St,, Portsmouth, Va., Dorm 3 

2En Gardner, Edson E., Jr., Ulii Locust St., Johnstown, Pa., U508 Fordham Lane, Apt. 1, C.P. 

3AS Gardner, George D., Jr., U29 Ethan Allen Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 353U(20, D.C, J03-5272 

OSCS Gardner, James D,, Jr,, 2612 t<aits Ave,, Fort Worth, Tex,, 13 Danbury St., S,W., Apt. 2 

OSCS Gardner, June M,, 22 Ridge Rd., lonkers 5, N.Y,, 9901st,T.S.U.,S.G.O., Arny Med. Center, 

OSCS Gardner, Maude E., 532 20th St., N.V.'., 6, D.C, RE Oii6l (12, D.C, SH iil3ii Ext.70 

2AS Gardner, Sarah E., 7110 Clarendon Rd., Bethesda Ih, 7U07 Princeton Ave,, M. 9886 

2AS Gardner, Stanley R., F,O.Box 83, 325 Wyandotte St., Bethlehem, Pa., W h 


2HE Gardner, Suzanne, 382? Calvert St., N.W,, 7, D.C., Kappa Alpha Theta, UN 9829 

3BPA Gardner, Ted G., Jr., 6313 59th Ave., Riverdale, HY 5530 

Gr Garen, David E., 53-N Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7971 

OSCS Garfinkel, Samuel B., 3833 Elmhurst St., Detroit 6, Mich., 6213 12th St., N.W., 11,GE 2116 

3Ed Gargiulo, Al, 3730 79th St., Jackson Heights, N.Y., Dorm F 

lEn Garman, Hubert J., 102 Westmoreland Ave., Takoma Park 12, SN U627 

2BPA Garmer, Robert E., Ul9 North Bouldin St., Baltimore 2U, ID 3 

IBPA Garner, Robert B., 310U Varnum St., Mt. Rainier 

lEn Game r-4ic Govern, Gerald, 825 Longfellow St., N.W., D.C., RA 5956 

3AS Gamer, Shirley E., Box 37, Upper Marlboro, AAH 

Or Garraty, Joan L., Ull6 Sampson Rd., Viers Mill Village 

Or Garren, Henry W., Route U, Hendersonville, N.C., 8211 Sligo Creek Parkway, Takoma Park 

OEd Garren, Martha J. (Mrs.), 8211 Sligo Creek Paiicway, Takoma Park, SH 9281 

lAS Garrett, Geoi^ge P., 6011 Forest Rd., Cheveiiy 

3AS Garrett, Julian S., 2808 Cheverly Ave,, Oieverly, Dorm G 

3En Garrett, Richard R., 511 North St., Elkton, Dorm C 

Gr Garrison, Carlton S., 201 Stanley Place, Laurel, Laurel 52li 

3Ed Garrison, Mary M., 501 Madison St., N.W., 11, D.G., TA 625U 

IAS Garritty, JajJies P., 6 Elwyn Court, Silver Spring, SL 5665 

3AS Gartside, Diane ff., 2l;03 Poplar Drive, Baltimore 7, U502 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 9Qhh 

UaS Garver, Earl D., 2hO Outlook Dr., Pittsburgh 16, h600 Norwich Rd., C.P. 

IAS Garver, R. Rodney, Jr., 1050 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, TD 5 

IAS Garver, Robert V., 322 Penwood Rd., Silver Spring, SH 0528 

Gr Garvey, William E., Jr., 628 Wildwood Parkway, Baltimore 29, WI 8379 

2AS Garvin, Edward T., Avalon, NZ 

2Ed Gascon, Barbara L., 303 Newport Ave., l6, D.C., MBH 

2BPA Gaskell, Randolph L., 1918 Newton St., N.E., 18, D.C., DU 151*9 

Gr Gasser, Vdlliam, 602 Main St., Vintondale, Pa., 6907 Rhode Island, C.P., AP 33h2 

UBPA Gastelle, Terence F., 96ii2 Omaha Beach Dr., Silver Spring, SL 8113 

l4Ed Gatchell, Ruth E., U8l8 Norwood Ave., Baltimore 7, U603 College Ave., C.P., WA 986U 

Gr Gates, Edgar D., U2U 2nd St., Elyria, Ohio, Ii5ii0 Wells Parkway, Riverdale, UN 1186 

lEn Gates, Janes A,, P.O.Box 21+2, Charleston, W.Va., Dorm C 

2En Gates, John D., U710 Harvard Rd., G.P., UN 8895 

2HE Gates, Nancy L, l51il Colonial Terrace, Arlington, Va., l45l7 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9720 

2AS Gathof, Mary A., U5l8 Cheltenham Dr., Bethesda Jh, WI 52U9 (HO 9329 

Or Gattone, Charles, Jr., 31 Frelinghuysen Ave., Raritan, N.J., llil8 20th St., N.W.,D.C., 

Gr Gatzke, Irvin H., 2l;20 Wagner St., S.E., 20, D.C., VI 7700, Ext. 708 

2AS Gavld, Godfrey R., UOOl Queensbury Rd., Hyattsville, m. U377 

UaS Gauld, John R., UOOl Queensbury Rd., Hyattsville, WA u377 

2AS Gaumer, Kenneth P., 30U0 Idaho Ave., N.W., D.C. 

3En Gausman, Louis A., 8 Worthington Dr., Westmoreland Hills, WI 5919 

IAS Gaver, Janet L., U311 UOth Place, Brentwood 2, WA lOli; 

2Ed Gaver, Joan V., 218 Midhurst Rd., Baltimore 12, MBH (TA 7993 

Or Gavin, Robert F., 23 Adams St., Dorchester 22, Mass., 309 Longfellow St., N.W., 11,D.C., 

Gr Gay, Jospeh T., Jr., 1;32U Rowalt Drive, Collef^e Park 

IAS Gayaut, Pamela G., Ul08 l8th Place, 18, D.C, NO 315U 

3RPA Gay lor, George W., lO-H Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

3BPA Gayzur, Rudolph J., 1+17 Prescott St., Yonkers 2, N.Y., Dorm 

OSCS Geary, Leo W., 5510 Parkland Court, 19, D.C. 

UaS Geasey, David W., 5310 Forestville Rd. , 19, D.C, Dorm G 

UaS Geddes, Raymond, Jr., 503 Overbrook Rd., Baltimore 12, TO 6583 

3Ed Gefrich, John J., 3la3 Tulane Drive, West Hyattsville, AP U233 

OSCS Gehri, Donald J., AES-12, MCAS, Quantico, Va, 

Gr Gehrig, Eugene J,, 2060 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111., 12 Rogers St., Aberdeen 

OHE Geiger, Carnan E., 8508 Loughborough PI., Chevy Chase 15, WI 7986 

Gr Geiger, Gwen B, (Mrs.), Washington Grove, Gaithersburg 298W 

ISCS Geiger, Phyllis L., 2ii E. Magnolia Ave,, Hagerstown, Dorm 2 

liAg Geis, Judson R. , 3702 Jefferson St., Hyattsville, UN 3785 

lAS Gelb, Ruth, 639 Mississippi Ave., Silver Spring, SL 2533 

Gr Gelfand, Sidney, U809 N.Front St., Philadelphia 20,Pa,, 3U05 Tulane Dr.,W,Hyattsville,AP 2U2U 

AS Gelhardt, Herbert G., Ill, lli307 Sanford Ave., Flushing, N.Y., 75lii Girard St., C.P., UN 01+63 

Gr Geller, Jerry H., 2136 Presstraan St., Baltimore 17, Chem,Dept,,'Jn,of Md., WA 3800, Ext. 212 

2BPA Geller, lAarvin H., 255 Farragut St., N.\V., D.C, RA 9057 

SCS Geller, Michael, §6 Tanner Ave., Lexington Park, GM U373 

UAS Geraeny, W, Gordon, U611 Amherst Rd., C.P., UN U208 

3SCS Gemmill, Warren M., 3137 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore 16, Kappa Alpha, UN 9833 

UtiS Gentile, Don S. (Capt,), 539 South '//ayne St., Piqua, Ohio, Lord Calvert Apt.,C.P.,AP 3058 

2AS Gentile, Joseph J., 313 Albemarle St., Baltimore 2, NZ 

liBPA Gentry, Donald A., 2755 Macomb St., N.W., 15, D.C, EM 2909 

Gr Geoghegan, Sally B. (Mrs.), 580U Cleveland Ave., Riverdale, UN 1180 


(WA 7305 

Or George, Joan M., 1101 N. Xllinois St., Arlington 5, Va., 7305 Hopkins Ave., C. P., 

OSCS George, Kenneth E., l57 N. Cedar St., Newark, Ohio, 3217D Terrace Dr., S.E., 20,D.C., 

2AS George, Mary, 1306 Noyes Dr., Silver Spring, SH 72l6 (JO 8557U 

OSCS George, Richard P., 150 South Pershing Drive, Arlington, Va., JA 2-7322 

3AS Gerachis, Platon G., 3li21 Wisconsin Ave,, l6, D. C, WO 3806 

2AS Geraci, Philip C, Rt. 1, Frederick, 

IaBPA Gerald, William F., 1 Brightside Ave., Pikesville 3, TD 8 (WA 26o6 

3AS Gerardi, lidmond T., 60 Beacon St.,, Waterbury, Conn., 7105 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., 

UaS Gerardo, Anthony J., 7U Jersey St., Paterson, N. J., TD 8 

IAS Gerber, Allen S., 3652 Forest Hill Rd., Baltimore 7, TD U 

kAS Gerber, Barbara J., 3501; Berwyn Ave., Baltimore 7, LI 36l5 

IAS Gerber, Joan L., 6o5 Stoneleigh Rd., Baltimore 12, MBH 

Gr Gerberg, Eugene J., Johnnycake Rd., Baltimore 7, Catonsville ii502 

3Ed Gerdeman, Mary K., 526 Riehl Ave., Cumberland, AAH 

OSCS Gerdes, Norman J. (Capt.), Carap Detrick, Frederick, Camp Detrick 222 

OSCS Gerfen, Herbert E., lOlU Wakefield Dr., Apt.B-1, New Alexandria, Va. , KI 8-8737 

lAg Gerhart, Henry E., R.D.2, Jonestown, Pa., TD 3 

3Ed Gerken, Charlotte T. (Mrs.), 2211i Colston Drive, Silver Spring, SL 83U5 

UAg Gerken, John C, 650li U6th Place, River dale 

1A3 Gerkin, Ann L., 1 Rennel Ave., Lexington Park, Dorm 2 

3Ag Germaine, Francis W. , 19 Myrtle Ave., Newark 7, N.J., Poultry Bldg., Univ. of Md.,C.P. 

UEd German, Robert L., VF9, Apt.F, C. P. (SH 8269 

lAS Gerting, Marlene M., 5l S. Kresson St., Baltimore 2U, 307 Birch Ave., Takoma Park, 

OSCS Gertzis, Selig, 2838 27th St., 8, D. C, CO 1;532 

OEd Gettier, Marguerite B. (Mrs.), Huntingtown, Pr. Fred. lU6j 

2HE Getz, Rhona J., 3305 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 16, Dorm 3 

2HE Getz, Vivian L., 2519 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore I6, Dorm 3 

3AS Gewirz, Edwin N., 1320 Harvard St., N.V/., 9, D. C, HU 9i|l5 

IHE Gewirz, Sandra, Ii839 Illinois Ave., N. W., 11, D. C, RA 1627 

Gr Geyer, Alice L. (Mrs.), lU North Carey St., Baltimore 23, MU U3U3 

IAS jhazi, Eozorg T., U, Gozar Gholi, Tehran U, Iran, 7507 Girard St., C.P., WA IO86 

OSCS Gholson, Gerald E., 3019 7th St., port Arthur, Texas, 219 Oakwood St., S.E., D»C., 

3Ag Giarapaoli, Joseph G., Elkridge 27, Waterloo I36 Wl+ (JO 28893 

OSCS Gianatsis, James A., U378 S. 23th St., Arlington, Va., TE U015 

Gr Giancaspro, John, U589 MacArthur Blvd., D. C, OR 5770 

2Ed Giarth, Patricia L., U5ll Maine Ave., Baltimore 7, AAH 

Gr Giauque, Henry J., 50ii Monroe St., Rockville, Rockville 3003 

IBPA Gibbs, Richard D., 801U Custer Rd. , Bethesda, OL 7961 

OSCS Gibson, Edna E., 2701 Avena St., Wheaton Hills, Silver Spring 

2En Gibson, Myron R., 959 Harvard Rd., Berkley, Mich., VFll, Apt.C, C. P. 

OSCS Gibson, Robert D., 3hh9 S. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va., Pent. 569U5 

Gr Giddings, Ernest, 213 Philadelphia A-ve., Takoma Park, SH 9237 

IBPA Giddings, Janes H., U912 Deal Dr., S.E., 20, D.C., LO 3-7976 

OSCS Gideon, Francis G. (Col,), 8O8 Rose Lane, Falls ChTirch, FA Ul93 

3PE Gierula, Chester S., 373 Green St., Allentown, Pa., Dorm 

OSCS Giese, Edwin J., 1005 10th St., Apt. A2, Alexandria, Va. , KI 86585 

Gr Gieseler, L. Paul, U8U9 Crescent St., N.W., I6, D. C, WI 5908 

OSCS Gieseler, Walter L., 13li8 Cuincy St., N.W., D. C. 

OSCS Gifford, Franklin A., Jr., 2669 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlington 6, Va., AL 1212 

liAS Gifford, George E., Jr., R. D. 2, Rising Sun, Dorm 

2BPA Gigantino, Leonard A., 28 Chelsea Ave., Ner.-ark 1, N. J., VF 2, Apt.G, C. P., UK 9752 

Gr Giggard, Earl D., R.F.D.l, Cherry Hill Rd., Berwyn, TO 5263 (D.C., GL ii300, Ext.2l8 

OSCS Giggey, Frederick W. (Lt.), 15 Gilbert St., Watertown, Mass., Hq.Army Security Agency, 

2AS Gilbert, Howard W., U933 Little Falls Pkwy. , I6, D. C, Dorm N 

OSCS Gilbert, James R. , 217 No. iinernon St., Arlington, Va., OW 876O (WA 93Ui 

hAS Gilbert, Joanne K., 29 St. Clair Dr., Pittsburgh I6, Pa., Ii502 College Ave., C.P., 

OAS Gilbert, William H., 6II9 Seventh Pi., N.W., 11, D. C. 

liBVk Gildenhorn, Joseph B., 39h3 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., I6, D. C, WD 5772 

ISCS Giles, Patricia, 6709 Denton Rd., Bethesda lii, AAH 

OSCS Giles, R. Clark, 509 S. Cherry St., Falls Church, Va., FA 6229 

2SCS Gill, Joseph J., 102 Annapolis Blvd., Glen Bumie, Glen Bumie 2l5 

2SCS Gillespie, Edward S., Sudlersville, Phi Delta Theta, WA 938U 

lEd Gillespie, K. Ann, 1821; Chilton St., Baltimore 13, AAH 

OSCS Gillespie, Robert W., 57U3 l6th St., N., Arlington 5, Va., KE 37138 

lEn Gillich, Peter D., Ili26 Rosewick Ave., Baltimore 6, Dorm N (JO 202Ui 

OSCS Gillis, Charles F. (Lt.Col.), 18 Downes St., Calais, Me., 29ljli Second St., S.E.,D.C., 

OSCS Gillmore, Lawrence J., 5951 Haas Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., 9602 Jones Mill Rd., Chevy 

lEn GiLner, Thomas L., 2311 Lee Blvd., Arlington 1, Va., JA 2U6l3 (Chase 15, vn li081i 

IBPA Gilmore, Donald J., 9U2 Dulaney-Valley Rd., Towson U, TD h 

hEd Gilmore, Edith M., Uil6 Geranium St., D. C, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

■ 83 

OSCS Gilmore, Frank S., 6527 Livingston Rd., S. E., 20, D. C, LO >7339 

3PE Gilmore, James W., U300 Kentbiiry Dr., Bethesda 

ISCS Gilmore, Jerome N., U809 Sheridan St., Riverdale, WA 8Ul2 

OSCS Gilmore, John T., 529 Main St., mieeling, Ohio (Va., JA U-lOl? 

OSCS Gilmore, John T., (Maj.), 529 Main St., Wheeling, W. Va., 5610 6th St. No., Arlington, 

3BPA Ginn, John A., ii215 Russell Ave., Mt. Rainier, WA 3923 (LU 1-568? 

OSCS Ginovsky, George J., U38 Jessup Ave., Dunmore 12, Pa., Ul5 37th PI., S.E., 19, D.C., 

MS Ginther, Fred G. (Capt.), 719 Auburn Ave., Takoma Park, SH 36l7 

OSCS Ginther, Robert J., II45 Danbury St., S.W., 20, D. C, JO 3-ii737 

liBPA Ginzl, Rudolph J., Jr., 8717 Reading Rd., Silver Spring, SL 3858 

ISCS Giocondo, Michael J., 1000 Sunnycrest Rd., Syracuse 6, N.T. , Calvert D (B.C. 

OSCS Giokas, William L., 38 Jennings St., Chicopee Falls, Mass., II1O8 Perry PI., N.W., 10, 

3AS Giordano, Anthony S., 3l9 Crittenden St., N.W., 11, D. C, TA 2031 

lEn Giordano, John R., hlJ N. Milton Ave., Baltimore 21;, TD 3 

Gr Gipe, Florence }f., 2616 St. Paul St., Baltimore 17, U313 Knox Rd., C.P. 

2AS Girvin, Joan I., 38l5 20th St., N.E., 18, D. C, DL 3290 

Gr Gisser, Morris, 1313 Merrimack Ave., Hyattsville 

Gr Gittes, Hyman R., UD Westway South, Baltimore 21, Med. Div., Armj' Chem. Center 

2BPA Giulioni, Peter R., 2826 Michigan Ave., Baltimore 27 

IPE Giuseppe, Eugene P., 301 Raymond Ave., Alexandria, Va. , CZ 

iiBPA Givans, Jay H., Ocean City Rd., Salisbury, 22A Parkway Rd., Greenbelt, Green. 2076 

UAS Givner, David A., 2U38 Lakeview Ave., Baltimore 17, U310 Knox Rd., C. P., WA 981^5 

UBPA Glaeser, Charles E., Jr., U029 Woodhaven Ave., Baltimore 7 

UAg Glascock, Bedford C, Colomons, U302 Knox Rd., C. P., UN 9828 

2SCS Glaser, Harold I., 3900 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 7, U509 Calvert Rd., C.P.,WA 95l3 

3PE Glass, Alvin, U329 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, ii310 Knox Rd., C. P., WA 981i5 

2BPA Glass, Marvin E., i|112 Fairview Ave., Baltimore, Dorm K 

3AS Glasser, Norman, 3222 ChiHum Rd., Mt. Rajnier, Dorm F 

Gr Glasser, Walter E., 101 Blackburn Rd., Summit, N. J., 6530 U6th Pi., Riverdale 

OSCS Classman, Harold N., Camp Detrick, Frederick 

3BPA Glatfelter, Marlyn S., R. D. 3, York, Pa., Dora C 

ISCS Glazer, Lowell R., 3903 Boarman Ave., Baltimore l5, LI 6228 

3BPA Glazer, Paul E., 2200 Colston Dr., Silver Spring, SL 5357 

Gr Gleason^ Raymond F., 210 Newcomb St., S. E., 20, D. C, JO 2-6098 

2AS Gleason, Robert W., 3900 17th Place, N. E., I8, D. C, DU 2519 

OAS Gleis, Paul F., 3J Plateau Place, Greenbelt 

2PE Glenn, John H., ShOS Cedar St., Silver Spring, SH hhh3 

OSCS Glick, Dudley P., Camp Detrick, Frederick 

IAS Glick, Elenore L., 210 N. W. 2Uth Ct., Miami 35, Fla., AAH 

IAS Glickfield, Louis L., 7l5 Chillum Rd., Hyattsville, Dorm K 

Gr Globe, Samuel, 6915 23rd Place, Hyattsville, UN 7311 

liEn Gloria, Ruben M., 3313 37th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 3U22 

3AS Glorioso, Vincent L., 1009 Lyndhurst St., Baltimore 29, 7506 Dickinson St., C. P., UN 9861; 

3BPA Glotfelty, Robert S., Grantsville, 7700 Colesville Rd,, W. Hyattsville. AP 6oU7 

2PE Glover, James E., 3820 Pope St., S. E., D. C, TW 0213 

ISCS Glushakow, Mildred, 1310 East Baltimore St., Baltimore 31, porm 3 

Gr Gnatt, Solomon, 5111 Uth St., N. W., 11, D. C, TA 73l47 

hBPA Gochenour, Frank 0., 1;505 Guilford Rd. , College Park, P. 0. Box ij00U,l5, D. C. 

OSCS Godding, George A., 3368 N. Dickerson St., Arlington, Va., OW 6290 

OSCS Godsey, Eleanor, lla9 Clifton St., N. W., 9, D." C. 

2Ed Godrin, Jane L., Ii501 Harrison St., N. W., D. C, U603 College Ave., C. P., WA 986U 

UEd Goedeke, Frank H., 5602 Midwood Ave., Bal timer e 12, HO 8866 

kAS Goertemiller, Clarence C, Jr., 117 Rosewood Ave., Catonsville 28, Sigma Chi, C. P. 

3AS Goertner, Thomas G., 50O3 Brookeway Dr., Sumner, WI 8757 

OSCS Goetz, Charles M., 3801 Milan Dr., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-6835 

l;En Goff, Edgsr J., Rt. 1, Edgewater, TD 2 

Us Goff, Loyal G., liSlO Rugby Ave., Bethesda II4, WI I632 

2BPA Gogarty, John E., 606 Tuckerman St., N. W., 11, D. C, GE li02U 

lAg Gogel, Eugene N., 2901 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore I6, TD 5 (JA 2-3970 

OSCS Gohn, Estel E. (Capt.), R. R. 1, Edinburg, Indiana, 2736 S. Uhle St., Arlington, Va., 

3PPA Goines, Kirk W. , 6510 Rhode Island Ave., Riverdale, WA 9313 

UPPA Going* Richard F., Jr., 56x1; Hamilton Manor Dr., W. Hyattsville (RE 7l;00, Ext. 61035 

OSCS Golart, Milton J., Uo Harrison Ave., Gloucester, Mass., 957 East West Highway, Takoma Pk.,12 

3PPA Golboro, Alan S., 2l;3li Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 17, U802 Calvert Rd., C.P., UN 9786 

Gr Gold, Armand J., 3836 Dolfield Ave., Baltimore l5, FO 6511 

Gr Gold, Irwin L., 12l;9 E, Belvedere Ave., Baltimore 12, CL 1;856 

IBPA Goldberg, H. Frances, 3100 Harford Rd., Baltimore 18, Dorm 3 

i;BPA Goldberg, Howard 0., I4707 Central Ave., Capitol Heights, HI 1;020 

2Ed Goldberg, Joan M., 3103 Bancroft Rd., Baltimore l5, 1;812 College Ave., C.P., WA 9828 

3BPA Goldberg, Joseph P., 3100 Harford Rd., Baltimore 18, Tau Epsilon Phi 


Gr Goldberg, Murrey D., 3706 W. Strathmore Ave., Baltimore 15, 6917 Oakridge Rd.,Hyatt3ville , 

OSCS Goldberg, Stanley B., UhOS Maine Ave., Baltimore 7, MA 0675 (UN 8907 

2AS Goldberg, Stanley I., 380U Woodhaven Ave., Baltimore 16, TD 7 

AS Golden, Edward E., U30U Yuma St., N.IV., 16, D.C., WO 276U 

2AS Goldhaber, Ruth D., Girdletree, Dorro 3 

Gr Goldhagen, Samuel, U503 Knox Rd., College Park 

3AS Goldiner, Marvin A., 1620 N. Monroe St., Baltimore 17, li509 Calvert Rd,, C.P. 

ISCS Goldman, Alan L., 3036 Rodman St., 8, D.C., WO U360 

UaS Goldman, Bert A., Temple Garden Apt., Baltimore 17, Dorm N 

2BPA Goldman, Donald M., 3612 Dennlyn Rd., Baltimore 15, 7306 PJiode Island Ave., C.P. 

2AS Goldman, Elaine R., 2115 Callow Ave., Baltimore 17, U812 College Ave., C.P., WA 9828 

IBPA Goldman, Howard M., 3801 Granada Ave., Baltimore 7, ID U 

Gr Goldman, Marvin, 202 Ave., F, Brooklyn 18, N.Y., 7306 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P., UN 3577 

Gr Goldman, Milton A., 931 Longfellow St., N.W., D.C, RA 3156 

Gr Goldman, Morris I., 7 Dutton Ave., Baltimore 28 

Gr Goldman, Richard G., 2262 Hall Place, 7, D.C, OR 7178 

2AS Goldsmith, Frances, 3838 Westover Dr., S.E., 20, D.C, VI Ul55 

3AS Goldstein, Bernard, 18 Swan St., Aberdeen, Dorm E 

2AS Goldstein, David R., 3620 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 15, U310 Knox Rd., C.P. 

IAS Goldstein, Donald M. , 275 LaSalle Ave., Hampton, Va. , TD 8 

IAS Goldstick, Sylvan L., 2810 Norfolk Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 8 

2AS Gollner, Ervin G., 17 Wanamassa Pt. Rd., Wanamassa, N.J., 7505 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 9520 

IBPA Golorab, Dorothy, UlOU Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, MBH 

Gr Golovato, Paul, 2 Froude Circle, Cabin John, WI 6811 

AS Golovin, Teresa P., 6208 Uith PI., Riverdale 

lEn Gombar, Bernard J., UO N. Second St., St. Clair, Pa., Calvert C 

HE Gorabert, Audrey L., 2221 T/ashington Ave., Silver Spring, SK 5798 (Frederick 662R 

OSCS Gomez, Carmen G., 1106 '^Ison St., Santurce, Puerto Rico, 221 E. Patrick St., Frederick, 

2En Gonsalves, Donald J., 5813 UOth Ave., Hyattsville, UN 3906 

3En Gonsalves, Joseph E., Jr., 5813 UOth Ave., Hyattsville, UN 3906 

Gr Gonshery, Leon, 5538 Beaumont Ave., Phila U3, Pa., 7206 Flower Ave.,Takoma Park 12 

UPE Gonyer, Clifford L., U529 So. Dakota Ave., N.S., 17, D.C, LA 6-9 2U 2 

Gr Gonzalea, Eileen Rya, 6711 Exfair Rd., Bethesda, OL 7323 

UBPA Gonzales, Julitis T,, U567 Wells Parkway, Riverdale, UN U56l 

IBPA Gonzales, Roger G., Hall Quarry, Maine, 321 Talbott Ave., Laiirel, Laurel 311 J 

3En Gooch, John B., 1110 Linden Ave., Takoma Paric 12, SL 8882 

2PS Goode, Henley M., 2 3-P Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3111 

OSCS Goodfellow, Edwin W,, 83 Colunbia Ave., Cumberland, N.J., 1053 Maint.Sqdn.,AndreTrs AFB,D.C. 

OSCS Goodley, John T., 2877 South Buchanan St., Arlington 6, Va. , OV 1033 

3Ed Goodling, William F,, Loganville, Pa., 7U01 Princeton Ave., C.P,, WA 9733 

2AS Goodman, Fred, 21+15 Brookfield Ave., Baltimore 17, li607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

lAg Goodman, James W., U6l7 Woodbury St., Riverdale 

3AS Goodman, Sonya, 920U Glenville Rd., Silver Spring, SL 2153 

3En Goodman, 3tuart N., UOOO Clarks Lane, Baltimore 15, Dorm C 

23PA Goodman, William R., 21+36 Linden Ave., Baltimore 17, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

3AS Goodnight, John C, 25 E. Ostend St., Baltimore 30, Calvert B 

3En Goodrich, David G., 5601 1+7 th Ave. , Riverdale, UN 1961 

2AS Goodwin, E. Charlotte, Ednor, Ashton 2056 

IPE Goodwin, Robert E., 8501 Potomac St., College Park, Calvert B 

IAS Goody, Percy E., 5 Thayer PI., Silver Spring, SH 2680 

Ukg Googins, Richard L., U608 Wells Parkway, liiverdale, WA 3292 

OSCS Goolsby, John R., 20 Gartrell St., Kensington, OL 9233 

2En Goon, Hun J., 820 6th St., N-W., 1,D.C, EX 7662 

■■It Goo-on, Marie K., 1721 N.Roosevelt St., Falls Church, Va., U313 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 7211i 

AS Goppelt, John W., 6212 U2nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 3538 

Gr Gorak, Walter, 293U Cornwall Rd., Baltimore 22 

OSCS Gorbaczewski, William, 2112 Street, N.W., D.C 

3PE Gcrcyca, John B., 132 Church St., Mahwah, N.J., 8620 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn 

2AS Gordon, Bette J. (Mrs.), 10132 Herford PI., Silver Spring, SH 38l5 

Gr Gordon, Chester H,, 5303 Riverdale .^., Riverdale, UN 7319 

Gr Gordon, Daniel I., 8002 Blair liLll Dr., Silver Spring, SL 7687 

OSCS Gordon, Francis 3,, Camp Detrick, ?*rederick 

UEn Gordon, Hugh L., 11+07 Merrimack Ave., West Ptyattsville (Chemical Center, ACC 6lii5 

OSCS Gordon, Malcolm G.,110 Westminster St., Bellows Falls, Vt,, RAD. Div,, Tech.Cmd., Army 

3Ed Gordon, Nancy L., 101 Nunnery Lane, Catonsville 28, Dorm 2 

2BPA Gordon, Paul C, 10132 Hereford PI., Silver Spring, SH 3875 

OSCS Gordon, Richard A., 3930 N. l+th St., Apt. U, Arlington 3, Va., JA 1;-1695 

OSCS Gordon, Robert F., Apt. C-2, 1+819 S. 30th St., Arlington 6, Va. , TE Ill+B 

US Gordon, V. Loretta, 5U05 LaSalle Ave., Hyattsville, UN 7225 

Gr Gore, Lillian L., 1+05 Lexington Dr., Silver Spring, SL 7l5l 


3AS Ooren, Robert, hJOTf Beaufort Ave., Balto. 2$, li509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 9513 

ISCS Oorey, Richard J., 6? Chickering St., Pittafield, Mass., Dorm K 

3Ed Gorfine, Janet, I4I6 York Rd., Toirson U, U812 College Ave., C.P., WA 9828 

Or Gorin, Herbert H., 15 Faircett St., Kensington 

OSCS Gorman, Alan B., 3539 l6th St., N.W., D.C., AD 7290 

3AS Gormley, Robert C, 2502 Ken Oak Rd., Balto. 15, 6807 Baltimore Blvd., C.P., lA 73ii9 

2AS Gornbein, Marjorie B., 60liO liith St., N.W., D.C., GE 85^47 

2SCS Gorski, Eugene S., 225 Chapaan St., New Britain, Conn., Dorm N 

2BPA Gorsuch, Thomas R., 3829 Brooklyn Ave., Balto. 25 , CU 1973W 

15CS Gosnell, John S., 29 W. North Ave., Balto. 1, Calvert B 

Gr Goss, David A., Thomas Drive, Meadowood, RPT)#2, Silver Spring 

Or Goss, Milton E., 2012 Drexel St., Apt. 301, ifyattsville 

Or Goss, Robert J., U221 LaSalle Ave., Balto 6, 1*106 Tennyson Rd., C.P. 

I4AS Gotoiu, Stella M., U900 Blackfoot St., Box 183, C.P. 

3En Gott, John S., 2311 Kimball PlAce, Silver Spring, SH 5265 

UBPk Gottesiiian, Jerome L., h311 Norfolk Ave., Balto. 16, TD 3 

IAS Gough, Gerald F., 7113 Garland Ave., Takoma Park, SH 9331 

Or Gould, Gerald G., 2901 Stanton Ave., Silver Spring, SH 2^28 

OSCS Gould, Lloyd E., Lirectoi^te of Intelligence, USAF, 25, D.C., LI 5-6700 

I4BPA Gould, Mark L., Calvert C. 

Gr Goumas, Nicholas P., 1010 25th St., N.W., kpt, 703, 7, D.C., DI 0550 

3Ag Gounari«, Theodore N., 3812 Yolando Rd., Balto. 18, Dorm K 

3AS Grabenstein, William J., R.F.D.#5, Cumberland, VF 12, Apt. A., C.P. 

lEd Grabill, Gerald L., Union Bridge, Dorm 

IBPA Grabill, Thomas R., C.P. 

I4A3 Qrabowski, Isabel M., 6808 Washington Blvd., Elkridge 27, Dorm 2 

IAS Gracey, J- Raymond , Ulii Baltimore & Annapolis Blvd., Glen Bumie 9, Glenbumie 862 

3AS Graffius, Richard C, Box 315, R#10, Sparrows Point 19, Dora C 

3BPA Graham, Alexander P., 3li08 l40th Place, Colaar Manor, WA 67 U3 

USa Graham, Carl R., Trenton Mill Rd., Upper co 

lEn Graham, David H,, I8IU Berkeley Ave., Petersburg, Va., TD 6, UN 987U 

OSCS Graham, Donald M. (Capt.), 32lj3 B Terrace Drive, S.E., 20, D.C., HI 2721 

OSCS Graham, Edward, 7112 Bellwood St., District Heights, 19, D.C, HI 3100 Ext.ii292 

2BPA Graham, John S., 3817 Vfijidow Place, N.W., 16, D.C, EM 5551 

2Ed Graham, Louise M. (Mrs.), Trenton Mill, Upperco, Hampstead 6tf62 

Or Graham, Margaret E., R/?^, MaysviUe, "uy., U6I6 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

OAS Graham, Mary E., (Mrs.), 7010 Han?xien Lane, Bethesda Hi, WI 9217 

iiAS Graham, Robert K., Old Pond Farm, Lusby 

2BPA Graham, William E., 360U Webster St., Brentwood, UN U05l 

3Ed Graham, William J., Haines Ave., Rising Sun, Dorm M 

2M5 Graham, William E. , 100 University Ave., Glen Echo, WI U211 

3AS Grambow, Herbert h., Jr., 53-3U ii2nd Place, 15, D.C, )4600 Norwich Rd., UN 9807 

2BPA Grambow, Joan E,, ,•,33^ U2nd Place, N.**., 15, D.C, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2BPA Grande, Charles J., u6 C Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 8221 

2Ed Grandmaison, Louise, 3ii07 Tulane Drive, West Ifyattsville, AP 3517 

Gr Graner, "kVilliam R., 97 Galveston St., S.W., 20, D.C 

Gr Grannis, Frederick H., 323 Bank St., Lodi, Ohio, 32li Missouri Ave., N.W., D.C, TA 3193 

Gr Grant, Charles R., 2131 Suitland Terrace, S.E., 20, L.C, AX 7592 

Gr Grant, Harry C, Jr., 120? Poplar Grove St., Balto. 16, Amy Chemical Center, Edgewood, 

IAS Grant, Susan E., U306 Van Bu3-en St., University Park, UN 1758 (Edgewood 1000 Ext. 7175 

3AS Grape, Adrian P., Uhh E. North Ave., Balto. 2., TD 1 

3BFA Graser, Edwin J., hh Riverside Drive, Hillsdale, N.J., TD 8 

2BPA Graves, Crandall D., 5i|2li Center Drive, Caap Springs, JO 8-2658 

OSCS Gbraves, Oilman L., Jr., l509 Madison St., l^ttsville, AP 0812 

UM Gray, Idalee, 150I4 Sheffield Rd., Balto. 18, Alpha Omicron Pi, C.P., WA 9871 

Or Gray, Jack E., ii7l8 Ruatan St., C.P., TO 6022 

I4AS Gray, Jane C, 61i07 Oakridge Ave., Chevy Chase 15, OL 3012 

OSCS Gray, John A., 58o6 30th Ave., Hyattsville, UN 9379 (Inton, Va., OW 9li00 Ext .273 

OSCS Gray, John T., 13 Rugg St., St. Albans, Vermont, 112 Delaware Hall, Arlington Farms, Arl- 

OEd Gray, Mary L., Prince Frederick 

OSCS Gray, Millard C, S/Sgt., Diascond, Va., Medical Dept. Boiling AFB, D.C, kh37, Ext.BAFB 

2HE Gray, Nancy A., Thurmont, AAH 

2AS Gray, Richard G., 36o5 Taylor St., Brentwood, UN 0191 

lEn Gray, Thomas L., Ul5 Willis St., Cambridge, Dorm M 

Gr Gray, Washington M., 901 Garland Ave., Takoma ?ark 12, SL 8536 

liEd Gray, Zane, Box 3I43, Clinton, N.J., iJBH 

3Bd Graybeal, Elinor Z., Conowingo, MBH 

3AS Greathouse, Rosemary, 6701 Queens Chapel Rd., University Park, WA 8I6I 

l4Ag Greble, Edwin, 316 Decatur St., 11, D.C, TA 6797 

IAS Greco, Ralph J., 319 Franklin Ave., Aliquippa, Pa., Dorm C 


OSCS Green, Charles A., Apt. 1, 31 3U Parkway Terrace, 20, D. C, JO 8-U198 

0SC6 Greer Charles E., Jr., 926 S. Buchanan St., Apt. 203, Arlingtx>n U, Va., OW lU29 

2BPA Green, John R., Box lU8, R. F. E. 2, Laurel, Laurel 782JU 

Gr Green, Jewel A., itta Bena, Miss.. l6lO l6th St.. N.W., 9, B.C., DU 7892 

2AS Green, Lorraine A., Route 1, Snow Hill, Dorm 3 

Gr Green, Nathan, 2la9 Dexter St., SUver Spring, JU 7-7U83 

2AS Green, Patricia J., 78 Hill St., Frostburg, MBH ^ _ , 

ISCS Green, Philip W., U320 Lock Raven Blvd., Baltimore 13, TD 1 

UbPA Green, Robert R., 3112 Chesley Ave., Baltimore lU, Calvert A 

Gr Green, Thomas E., U620 Knox Rd., C. P., UN 2570 

2Ed Green, Thomas L., 712 Oglethorpe St., N.W., 11, D. C, TU 1523 

osrs Green. William C. 6607 Clarendon Rd., Bethesda lU 

^ G^enbaum, Leon J., 302 Oakdale Rd., Baltimore 10, 2205 Guilford Rd., Hyattsvxlle 

Gr Greenbaum, Sheldon B., 710 Oneida Place, M.ff., 11, D. C, RA 1897 

3AS Greenberg, Fred I., Illl9 Riverside Ave., Baltimore 30, 7308 Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

lEd Greenberg, Martin I., 230ii Ulst St., N. W., 7, D. C, OR 0906 

IAS Greenberg, Nancy, 325 Delafield Plase, N. W., D. C, RA 092li 

Gr Greene, David C, 380U Eastern Ave., N. E., 18, D. C, DU 78UO 

ISCS Greene, Donald L., 60 K Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5l87 (MI 9892 

OSCS Greene, Frank L., 31 Pine St., North Amherst, Mass., lU26 2l3t St., N.W., 6, D.C., 

3BPA Greene, Fred A., Jr., 76l3 Inwood St., Hyattsville 

OSCS Greene, Fred W. (Lt.Col.), 1005 N. Madison St., Arlington, Va., LI 5-6700, Ext.52933 

OHE Greene, Joan W., 3513 Minnesota Ave., S. E., 19, D. C, VI 23il8 

Gr Greene, John D., 7018 Wake Forest Dr., C. P.. AP 3317 

Gr Greene, Robert W.", Snyder Ave., Fuiierton 

Gr Greenspan, Donald, 573 Wjona St., Brooklyn 7, N. I., h507 Beechwood Ave., G.P., HI UU21 

2AS Greenspan, Shirley B., 5627 7th St., N. W., 11, D. C, GE 3126(ap. ,BAFB, 25, D.C.,JO 2-9000 

OSCS Greenstein, Albert L., 710 W. 22nd St., Wilmington, Del., 1100th Composite Sq. ,1100th AB 

Gr Greenstone, Reynold, 3OII4 Military Rd., N.W., 15, D. C, EM 2232 

Gr Greenwald, Martin H., 10,003 McKenney Ave., Silver Spring, JU 7-7li70 

OSCS Greenwald, Myron, 28lli 8th St., So. Arlington, Va. 

IPE Greerorell, Andrew D., Leonardtown, Dorm I 

3BPA Greenwell, Charles B., Leonardtown, Calvert B 

UAg Greenwell, Robert B., Avenue, 6905 Carelton Terrace, C. P. 

2PE Greenwood, John D., 8F Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

ISCS Greer, John N., Roland Ave., Bel Air, 373h T St., N.W., 7, D. C, WA 2081 

OSCS Greer, Olin E., Oviedo, Fla., 105lst Maint. Sq., 1050th M&S Gp., Andrews AFB, D. C. 

IAS Greer, Robert L., 30U8 Thayer St., N.E., 18, D. C. 

3BPA Greer, Walter E., 2801 Adams Mill Rd., D. C, HO 8912 

IBPA Gregory, Terry S., 1362 Irving St., N. W., 10, D. C, DE 7ii7U 

3AS Greiner, Helene L., 5517 Haddon Ave., Baltimore 7, Dorm 2 

OSCS Greis, Raymond C, Apt. 122, Florida Hall, Arlington Farms, Va. , OW 9^00, Ext. 321 

OSCS Grek, Robert M., 329 Monticello Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

Gr Grenell, Shirley M., 3902 Madison St., Hyattsville, WA U682 

lEn Grenier, William G., VF3, Apt. G., Norwich Rd. , C. P., AP llliO 

2AS Gresser, Myra H., 3723 Columbus Dr., Baltimore l5, AAH (20, D. C, JO 2-9127 

OSCS Grey, Edward M. (Lt.), 21 N. McNab Ave., Gloversville, N. Y., 57 Galveston St., S.W., 

2BPA Grice, Frank T., 7306 Wildwood Dr., Takoma Park 12, SL 69U7 

2BPA Grieco, Victor J., Jr., Ii86 Valley Stream Blvd., Valley Stream, N.Y. 

IMS Grier, Frederic A., Ill, I6IO Ellamont St., Baltimore I6, TD 3 

OPE Grier, Ralph H., 2021 Osbom Dr., Silver Spring 

OSCS Griesemer, Helen L., 861I Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, SL 0907 

IBPA Griest, Anne G., 8201 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, MBH 

IAS Grieves, M. Jane, 3620 Rexmere Rd., Baltimore 18, Dorm 2 

OEn Griffee, Robert W., 619 Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park, SH 5830 

IBPA Griffin, Barbara E., 127 South Hewlett Ave., Merrick, L. I., New York, W.Y., Dorm 2 

liAS Griffin, Charles W., Ill, 5306 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, AP OI30 

lEn Griffin, Michael E,, 12Ul W. Baltimore St., Baltimore 23, Calvert C 

Gr Griffin, Sapphira R. (Mrs.), Ii703 DeRussey Parkway, Chevy Chase, WI 9172 

3AS Griffith, Belle G., Quarters D 22, Little Creek, Va., Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

Gr Griffith, Emma S. (Mrs.), Friendship, 87I8 Cameron St., Silver Spring 

3Ag Griff itti, Eugene, 62I6 20th PI., West Hyattsville, WA 6896 

liBPA Griffith, Frederic B., Jr., 8O8 Memorial Ave., Cumberland, TD 3 

3Ed Griffith, Gerald G., c/o H. Sansbury, Friendship, 8718 Cameron St., Apt. 113, Silver Spring 

OSCS Griffith, Paul S., 1736 Preston Rd., Hagerstown, Hagerstown 5393 J 

2AS Griffith, Thomas B., VF6, Apt.H, C.P. 

UAS Griffiths, John R., Jr., 609 Glenwood Ave., E. Lansdowne, Pa., Phi Kappa Sigma (D.C. 

OSCS Griggs, Frederick M., Iai2 S. Presa. St., San Antonio, Tex., 3255 23rd St., S.E., 20, 

UaS Grim, James A., lUl North Kensington St., Arlington, Va., JA 8-88IO6 

Gr Grimaldi, Joseph A., 5l2 Buchanan St., N. W. , D. C, RA 3262 


UaS Grimaldi, Saverio J., Overlook Drive & Parkman Rd., Killandale, SH U390 

lEd Grimes, Keith L., 6208 li3rd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 3115 (Va., FA $383 

OSCS Grimes, Robert Z. (Capt.)* 19 Alywin Rd., Portsmouth, Va., 505 Beliview Dr., Falls Church, 

Gr Grimm, Heniy H., 20U Woodland Dr., Forest Heists (LO 3-9U57 

U3PA Grimm, Richard C., Ik Chesapeake St., S.W., 20, D.G., JO 3-3712 

UBPA Grimmer, John C, Laurel Hill Lane, Baltimore 28, Cabonsville 80l5 

OSCS arimsley, John D., 51Il N. Broadway, Bamesville, Ohio, U09 Newcomb St.,8,D.C. (Va.,JE 3-9383 

OSCS Grindell, James D., Box 1680, R.R. 13, Kirkwood ai, Mc, 1668 Roberts Lajie, Falls Church, 

ISCS Griswold, A. Gorman, Jr., hhOh Pemhill Ave., Baltimore 15, TO 5 

2Ag Griswold, Edna C, 6910 Carleton Terrace, College Park, WA U5U6 

2B?fi Gritz, Herman H., 15 Steele Ave., Annapolis, TD 6 

IAS Grob, Victor E., U960 Brandywine St., 16, D.G., WA 6916 

IBPA Grodnitzky, C. Stanley, 3323 W. Garrison Ave., BaltL-nore 15, TD 1 

UFE Groff, Henry A., Jr., R.F.D. 1, Frederick 

2Ag Groff, '.Villiam F., Jr., Colora, Rising Sun U-W 

Gr Grollaan, Sidney, 2201 Elsinor Ave., Baltimore 16, U503 Knox Rd. , C.P.. 

OSCS Grooms, J. Albert, 2802 So. Columbus St., Arlington, Va., TE 5052 

liAg Groskorth, Ernesto J., Col. FlorBlanca, San Salvador, C.A., Dorm 

UaS Gross, Alan S., Alharabia Apts., Baltimore 1?, U709 Amherst Rd.,C.P. 

ISd Gross, Alma L., 3820 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 15, AAH 

2AS Gross, Bernard J., U6lU Preedoraway West, Baltioore 13, 7303 Yale Ave., C.P., UN 9785 

2Ed Gross, Earl T., Joppa, Calvert B 

2Ag Gross, Joseph H., 19 Compass Rd., Middle River 20, TD 1 

2Ed Gross, Myra E., 2503 Shirley Ave., Baltimore 15, AAH 

UAS Grossblatt, Joan, 1632 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore, Dorm 2 

13PA Grossfeld, iiyer E., hlh9 Fairview Ave., Baltl-nore 16, TD 1 

UaS Grossman, Shirley M., 6901 Harford Rd., Baltimore lU, Dorm 3 

RPA Grossnickle, David L., U03 Clayborn Ave., Takoma Park, SL 898O 

Gr Grosso, Virginia, ii5 Belmont Ave., Waterbury 12, Conn., U6II Guilford Rd., C.P., UN 7609 

liEn Groszer, Andrew J,, Jr., R, 1, Box 2^6, Hanover, Box 2h6, Forest Ave., Dorsey, Elkridge 33UW1 

OSCS Groundsel t«r, John R., 95 Chinquapin Drive, Alexandria, Va., AL 2363 

IHE Group, Barbara J., Lipander St., New York, N.Y., U602 Queensbuiy Rd., Riverdale, ON 3929 

AS Grout, Don H., 1 Washington Ave., Apt. 10-13, Morristown, N.J., TD 7 

UPE Grove, I Jane, Main St., Hancock, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

ISCS Grove, John C, Ul02 53rd Ave., Bladensburg, UN 7197 

3AS Grover, Paul R., U339 Alan Drive, Baltimore 29, TD 8 

3En Groves, John A., Jr., 3U3 E. 29th St., Baltimore 18, ID 3 

3PE Grubar, John J., U903 Lackawanna St., Berwyn, TO 5183 

lEn Grubb, Dana S., 2 East Saul Rd., Kensington, OL 9057 

UBPA Grubb, Richard H., Apt. 360, Oaklee Village, Baltimore 29 

2En Grube, Norbert L., U932 Pennington Ave., Baltimore 26, TD 3 

Gr Gruber, John R., 1397 Congress St., 3.E., 20, D.C. 

2BPA Grund, William F., 502 Fleetwood St., Silver Spring, SL 8777 

2BPA Gruver, John A., 6002 Welborn Dr., Wood Acres, Alpha Tau Omega 

2AS Gscheidle, Richard E., 3727 36th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 7215 

UBPA Guard, Joseph A., Jr., 7213 Exeter Rd., Bethesda li;, WI 6U88 

3En Guard, Philip M., 7213 Exeter Rd., Bethesda lU, WI 6U88 

OSCS Gudith, Roy E., 2U30 E St., N.W., 25, D.C. 

ISd Guender, John H., I236 Pacific St., Plainfield, N.J., Calvert D 

UbPA Guenther, Rosemary W., 6II S. Hij^land St., Arlington, Va., MBH 

UEn Guercio, Paul J., 5Uli8 Narcissus St., Baltimore 15 

AS Guerriero, John, 75 Fifth Ave., Garwood, N.J., Dorm G 

Gr Guess, A. Lawrence, Ull5 5lst St., Bladensburg 

IBPA Guest, Carroll R., 8302 ii9th Ave., C.P., TO 603O 

OSCS Gugliotta, Philip A. (Col.), 5620 N. 23rd St., Arlington 5, Va., OW 7807 

OSCS Guidry, Nelson P., 2-J Research Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6007 

Gr Gulick, Joseph F., Jr., Ul5 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring,SH 5818 

2BPA Gulick, Robert E., 262? Colestan Drive, Chevy Chase, Calvert B 

ISCS Gumbs, Lillian R., 36 Pine St., Rockville Centre, N.Y., AAH 

IAS Gummel, M. Ann, 1915 Rookwood Rd,, Silver Spring, SH 2628 

3BPA Ounn, Douglas L., 63li St. Johns Road, Baltimore 10, U^OO Knox. Rd., C.P., UN 9833 

OSCS Gunn, William F. (Lt.), 30U Kennebec St., 20, D.C, LO 3-7i;19 

OSCS Gunne, Michael J., 313 Thotnas Drive, Laurel, Hqs.2nd Army (Ord.Sect.), Ft. Meade, Ft.Mde Ext.927 

OSCS Gunter, Robert L., Parle Hall 

13PA Guntner, Doris A., 839 3rd St., Ocean City, N.J., MBH 

liEd Gupton, Lucille A., 8527 58th Ave., Ber»yyn, TO 6OII 

Gr Gumey, Natalie (Mrs.), ^608 Beechwood Rd., C.P. 

UAS Gustafson, Glenn E., 11^31 Iris St., N.W., 12, D.C, (S. 0889 

Gr Gustafson, Melbourne C, 2703 Lee Blvd., Arlington, Va., JA 8-9255 

Gr Gutcheon, Wilson Y., NANEP, E.T., NAS, Patuxent River, NAS Ext. 738 


lEn Guthrie, Clinton W., Ridge ly, Calvert C. 

liBPA Guthrie, James A., 6301^ 59th Ave., East Riverdalo, AP O968 

OSCS Guthrie, Paul G. (Lt.Col.), 20ii Forest Drive, Falls Church, Va., Er*- . S$$0^ 

2Ag Guthrie, Ronald T., 5^818 Ruatan St., Berwyn, TO 5751 

Gr Gutin, Stanley S., 1^623 Park Heights Ave., Balto. 15, U503 Knox Rd., C.P. 

IBPA Gutman, Edward J., 3817 Barrington Rd., Balto. 15, U802 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

2BPA Guy, Francis E., 310 Todd Place, 2, D.G., DU lil;52 

Gr Guyer, Richard B., 2206 Apache St., RFI^l, Hyattsville, SL 009U 

2Ag Guynn, Robert W., R.F.D.#3, Portsmouth, Va., 1^319 Woodberry Rd., Hyattsville 

OSCS Qujrton, John A., i;03 Harrison St., Newall, W.Va., 719 S. V/ayne St., Arlington h, Va. , CH Q^Ok 

2AS Qwynn, Alfred P., 12 Ferdinand Ave., Ferndale 

3BPA Haas, George M., 306 Edmund St., Aberdeen, TD 5 

Gr Haas, Peter H., 2709 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, AP 3912 

3BPA Haas, Robert F., I7I43 7th St., Hen Kensington, Pa., 221 Ninth St., N.E., 2, D.C. 

Gr Haber, David, 200 Rhode Island Ave., N.E., 2, D.C, Hobart ll53 

I4AS Haberle, Jamec S., 90 Chetwood Terrace, Fanwood, N.J., 6809 Dartmouth Ave., C.P. 

Gr Haberraan, William L., U5l8 Uhth St., N.W., 16, D.C, WO U5l8 

lAg Habermehl, James W., i^Oll Ingraham St., Hyattsville, WA 6671; 

2SCS Habermehl, Russell H., UOll Ingraham St., Hyattsville, WA 667U 

Gr Habib, Edward T., 8818 Glenville Rd., Silver Spring, SH 2^30 

2BPA Hachten, Robert S., 5U10 Ulst St., N.W. 15, D.C, Calvert B 

UBPA Hackerman, Benjamin L., 1911 Qnynns Falls Parkway, Balto. 17, U310 Knox Rd., C.P., WH 98/45 

3BPA Hackert, Gerald P., Iii9-i<3 17th Ave., Whitestone, N.Y., Good Luck Rd., E. Riverdale 

3AS Haddawy, Husain F. ^b/2U Karradah, Baghdad, Iraq., 7305 Yale Ave., C.P. (Hyattsville 

Gr Hadder, John C, Sherrill Rd., East Hampton, N.Y., 6721; Balto. Ave., University Park(Arlin ton, Va 

OSCS Hadwin, Arthur J. (Maj.), 587 17th St., San Bernardino, Calif., Tenp 265U Quanticq St., N. 

OSCS Hafer, William C, 11;1;9 Vernon St., Harris burg. Pa., 1;812 Somerset I^, Riverdala, UW 8255 

2BPA Hafermann, Anita C, I908 Rookwood Rd., Silver Spring, SL 6295 

uses Hagedom, Fred C III, 1309 Ft. Myer Drive, Arlington, Va., Dorm 

Gr Hagen, Grant R., 1862 Park Rd., N.W., 10, D.C, AD 8693 

Gr Hager, Esther B. (lirs.),719 Park Ave., Brunswick 

3BPA Hager, Jacques G., i^k I'fialey Parkway, Hagerstown, Dorm F 

1;AS Hagerman, Jean B., 956 Mulberry Ave., Hagerstown, Kappa Kappa Gamma, UN 9899 

2AS Hagerty, Laurence J., Dorm N 

Gr Hagood, John F,,, Ai-cadia, N«»br., 105 Audrey Lane, Apt. 303, 20, D.C 

2HE Hahn, Joy A., Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2BPA Hahne, Chester M., Hancock, Dorm M 

OAS Haiber, Homer H., U335 Rowalt Drive, C.P. 

2En Haiber, William B., Ih06 Ridge Place, S.E., 20, D.C. 

2En Haines, Alan P., U6i;2 Hillside Rd., S.E., 19, D.C, AX 8U17 

Gr Haines, Charles E., UlOU Oliver St., Hyattsville, WA 5173 

2AS Haines, Helene ¥,,khlM Oliver St., Hyattsville. WA 5173 

3Ed Haines, James M., Sykesville, Dorm F 

IAS Haines, N. Keith, 3702 Hamilton St., Hyattsville 

3En Hainsworth, Thomas E., 7001 Plye Rd., Bethesda 19, OL 8i;71 

2Ed Haislip, Thomas M., Arylawn, Oak Place Extended, tsethesda Lb, OL 2U1;8 

Gr Hajdasz, Ted., 1;013 Nicholson St., ifyattsville 

1;BPA Haje, Thomas K., 25 Bryant St., N.IV., D.C. 

ISCS Hak, Warren J., 90 Elizabeth Ave., Newark 3, iM.J., TD 3 

2AS Haldeman, Clarence E., 171; Lexington Ave., Westwood, N.J., 1^300 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9770 

l;Ed Haldeman, Norman J., Jr., 811; Hill Street, York, Pa. ,117 Hamilton St., 11, D.C, 

OSCS Hale, James, Jr., 5809 67th Ave., Riverdale, AP 2133 

l;Ed Hale, Patricia A., 5318 Ulst St., N.W., 15, D.C, OR 5671 

3AS Hale, Randolph M., i;105 Oliver St., Chevy Chase 15. WI 9817 

OSCS Hale, Teresa V. (Mrs.), Scotts Hotel, 2131 St., N.K., 7, t^.^. 

2HE Haley, Evelyn E., 5502 River Rd., Green Acres, Dorm 3 

OSCS Hall, Alphus W., 1116 Aronow Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 

hkS Hall, Beverly J., 509 17th St., S.E., 3, D.C, TR 2950 

yAS Hall, Blair P., Pendennis Mt., Annapolis, CZ 

2Ed Hall, Carol R., Gaithersburg, Dorm 2 

2AS Hall, Charles C, Upper Jterlboro, TD 8 

OSCS Hall, Charles M., 3i;2l; 25th St., S.E., Apt. 11, 20, D.C, JO 2-608l 

2AS Hall, Charles T., 316 D St., Balto. 19, Dorm C 

3Ag Hall, David L., Mitchellville, Dorm K 

ISCS Hall, Donald W., U701; Banner St., Hyattsville, WA 61;53 

3En Hall, Dor las R., 8 Park Place, Portsmouth, Va., TD 3 

3PE Hall, Glenore M., hSlh Burlington Rd., Hyattsville, WA 1;335 (Ext.61;783 

OSCS Hall, Harry Dewaine (Lt.), i;535 Bennion Rd., Viers Mill Village, Silver Spring, RE 7i;00 

OSCS Hall, Hiram C, 917 South Adams St., Arlington, Va., OW 3l;03 

IjBPA Hall, Howard D., Monie, 3229 1st Place, N., Arlington 1, Va., 6w 5218 

3BPA Hall, Howard 0., Jr., 572 W. University Parkway, Baltimore 10, Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

Gr Hall, J. Oakley, Jr., IO506 Huntley Place, Silver Spring 

UBPA Hall, Jack W., U962 Edgemere Ave., Baltimore 15, LI U9U2 

UBPA Hall, Marvin M., Jr., 6-U Plateau Place, Oreenbelt, Greenbelt 2761 

Gr Hall, Peter A., 9 Maryland Ave., Annapolis, Annapolis 59Ul 

lEn Hall, Richard B., 680U Pineway, College Heights, Hyattsville, WA 803I 

2BPA Hall, Richard H., U21 Pershing Drive, Silver Spring, SL 3h7h 

lAg Hall, Richard L., Riggs Road, Box 30, R.D.I, Hyattsville, SL 136U 

UaS Hall, Robert J., 2650 Polk St., Baltimore 13, Dom K 

UbPA Hall, Robert T., 731 Northern Paricway, Baltimore 12 

3En Hall, Robert T., U622 Knox Rd., Apt. 3, College Park, UN U360 

Gr Hall, Robert W., 370U Windon Rd., Brentwood, 906 N. Wayne St., Arlington 1, Va., JA UI86I 

Gr Hall, Ruth, Lillington, N.C., 7305 Hopkins Ave., C.P., rTA 7305 

IAS Hall, Stephen C, Jr., 9511 Swing Dr., Bethesda li;, TD 2 

Gr Hall, ^.l&lliam P., U06 Monroe St., Rockville, Rockville 3530 

OSCS Hallahan, Thomas J., 3133 Connecticut Ave., D.C., DE 8759 

OSCS Hallaren, Mary A., U9 Second Ave., Lowell, Mass., 1501 N. Rhodes St., Arlington,Va.,Off 6OU6 

UAg Hallaiiei', John W., 281 North Ave., Webster, N.Y., U8-A Crescent Rd., Greenbelt,Gr.U506 

liEn Halleck, Benjamin B., Burdette & Hillmead Rds., Bethesda lU, ID 2 

Gr Hallen, Robert 0., 352U S.Wakefield St., Arlington, Va.,KI 8-7U1 

OSCS Haller, LeRoy V., Jr., 119 W. Startford Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., Box 306,Bolling AFB,25,D.C. 

UAS Hallgren, Katherine J., Taylor's Island, AAH 

i4AS Hallwig, Oscar M. , 6^0 Wildwood Parkway, Baltimore 29, LO 0357 

OSCS Halm, Frank N. (Capt.), 29U6 2nd St.,S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-0196 

3En Halm, Walter P., 55 Mount Hope Place, Bronx 53, N.Y., Dorm E 

3En Halpem, Richard E., 7309 Glenside Dr., Takoma Pailc 12, SH 1238 

AS Halpert, F. David, 2309 Anoka Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 1 

Gr Haltiwanger, John C, 11902 Centerliill St., Silver Spring, 

OSCS Haluska, Beth M., Box 331, Rt. 3, Hollywood, Fla., 5632 MacArthur Blvd.,D.C., WD 9875 

2BPA Ham, John W., 1003 Mai^cet St., Pocomoke, i;6ll College Ave., C.P., WA 98^9 

2BPA Hamaker^ Ralph M., Jr., 1^21 Somerset Pl., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 501^6 

OEn Hamblen, John W., 2102 Hildarose Dr., Silver Spring 

3AS Hambri^t, T)olores Y,, 6112 7th PI, N.W.^ D.C, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

2BPA Hambsch, Da^/id E., 5503 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore 7, LI 1912 

UbPA Hamer, Norman C, 1809 N. Flagler Br., W. Palm Beach, Fla, U605 College AVe.,C.P.,WA 988U 

2PE Haines, Eugene F., U638 Clark P1.,N.W.,7,D.C., 7U00 Baltimore Ave.,C.P. 

IHE Hamill, Janice L., 67OO Offutt Lane, Chevy Chase 15, MBH 

UAS Hamilton, Bart)ara J., 2153 Chestnut Ave., Ardmors, Pa., Dorm 3 

lEd Hamilton, Constance E., 3Uo5 Puixiue St., W. Hyattsville, AP U70U 

UBPA Hamilton, Harry I., Jr., 9 N. Jefferson St., Frederick, Dorm F 

OSCS Hamilton, Howard E. (Major), 637 Monticello Dr., Falls Church, Va., JE 38637 

2SCS Hamilton, James H., Jr., Mitchellville, Dorm J. 

I4BPA Hamilton, Jaaes, Jr., 67-C Seversky Court, Baltimore, 21, Essex 1086J 

3AS Hamilton, J. Thomas, 2?3l Alameda Blvd, Baltimore 30, It7l8 Ruatan St., Berwyn, TO 6022 

2HE Hamilton, Patricia A., 9802 Sutherland Rd. , Silver Spring, SH hS3k 

ISCS Hamilton, PhiUp M., Jr., R.F.D. 1, Silver Spring, LO 5-3970 (SL U301 

3AS Hanalton, Robert H., 11^60 E. Rock S?rings,N.E.,Atianta,Ga.,10 Valley View Ave., Takoma Pailc, 

liBPA Hamilton, Robert M., 3U05 Purdxe St., University Hills, AP hlOh 

3HE Hammann, Doris J., u500 U6th St., N.W., D.C., Sigaa Kappa, WA 9861 

ISCS Kanmel, Lucy A., I30 Willow St., Garden City, L,I., N.Y., AAH 

Gr Hanrner, Irving W., 3U6 Jackson Ave., Jersey City, 5, N.J.,3Uii5 38th St.,N.W.,D.C. 

3En Hammer, James R., 2701 Nicholson St., Apt. 20U, Hyattsville 

lAS Hai.imerley, E. Nelson, Jr., 2012 Luzerne Ave., Silver Spring, SL 528U 

Gr Hammerman, Donald R., 907 Garland Ave., Takoma Park 12, JU 7-8198 

UEd Hamnett, Jacqueline L., 27U5 29th St., N.W., 2, D.C., Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 (WA 6533 

UAS Hammond, Frank M,, Jr., IO6 W. University Parkway, Baltimore 10, U513 College Ave.,C.P., 

uEd Hancock, Dolores V., 17 Aintree Rd., Wiltondale,Towson U,ii5l7 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 9871 

OAg Hancock, John C, U503 *ells Parkway, Riverdale, UN I6l5 

3Ag Hancock, Paul H., Powder Mill Road, Beltsville 

UEn Handler, Richard, 6I6 H3.ttenhouse St., N.^.V., 11, D.C., RA 00U7 

OSCS Hanford, George 0., 50? Berkeley St., Falls Church, Va., JE 3-9060 

OSCS Hanfoixl, Thomas B., 305 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va.,GL 7360 

ISCS Hanges, John L., 3716 Sequoia Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm G 

2BPA Hankin, Hui-ray S., 2516 Brookfield Ave., Baltimore 17, U607 Knox Rd.,C.P. 

IjAS Hankin, Robert M., 2331 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 17, 1607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

Gr Hankins, Barbara L. (Mrs.), 609 Pi.edmont Ave., Cumberland, Cumberland 655W 

OSCS Hanna, Glenn U., 109 Bowery St., Frostbrug 

OSCS Hannah, Joseph E., 2820 6Uth Ave., Cheverly 

3En Hannan, Bernard ?., 123 Wayne Place, 20, D.C., JO 2-335U 

ISCS Hanner, rfalter 0., lOU Mississippi Ave., Silver Spring, SH 1^971 


3Ag Hannum, David B., Jr., Putney, Vt., 302 6813 Riggs Manor Drive, Hyattsville, UN 2106 

3BPA HarmuT., David G., 1722 Levering Ave., Elkridge 27, Elkridge 165 

2Ed Hanover, Anne, 2911 Oakley Ave., Balto. 15, AAH 

Or Hansen, Donald F., 223 Newcomb St., S.E., Apt. 103, 20, D.C. 

Or Hansen, John C.,l5rE Parkrway, Greenbelt, Qa^enbelt Ii38l 

2HE Hansen, P. James, Jr., 1021 N. Noyes Drive, Silver Spring, SL 2285 

I4AS Hansen, William C, 7701 Georgia Ave., N.W., 12, D.C, TA 2072 

Gr Hanson, Elsie C, (Mrs.), LaPlata 

OSes Hanson, Lewis C, Apt. #C-11, Zachary Taylor Pres. Gardens, Alexandria, Va., IE 638O 

OAg Hanson, Robert A., East Lebanon, Maine, 1525 l6th St., D.C, DD OUU Ext.2727 

iiAg Hanson, Robert M,, Mt, Prospect Fanas, Gaiihersburg, 2702 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., D.C 

IBPA Hanulak, Chester E,, khk Chestnut Ave., S. Hackensack, N.J., Calvert D 

I4AS Harcum, John A., 3313 Chilluin Rd., Mt. Rainier 

Or Harden, Herbert W., 7222 Flower Ave, Takoma Park 12, SH 87O8 

AS Harden, John A,, 301 Grand Ave., Cumberland, Dorm S 

2BPA Harden, William E., Jr., 28l3 Guilford Ave., Balto. 18, khOO Knox Rd., CP., UN 9833 

0SC3 Hardenburgh, Miles R,, Mountain Rd., Joppa 

3AS Harder, Robert A., I50ii East-West Highway, Silver Spring, li6ll-College Ave., CP,, WA 98I49 

IjEn Hardesty, Thomas K.C, 507 70th Place, Seat Pleasant 1? 

OSes Hardgrave, E. James, Jr., IO6OO Crdway Drive, Silver Spring, SH 3552 

OSes Hardgrove, William F., 3107 28th St., 3.E,, 20, D.C., VI 3957 

Gr Hardin, Clyde D., 5903 Crawford Drive, Rockville 

OSCS Hardin, Nelson W., Qtrs. 1-33, Apt. U, Andrews Air Force Base, 25^, D.C.. 

UAg Harding, Wallace C, Jr., 1;208 Hjth St., N.E.,17, D.C, U 6-khS3 

CSCS Hardis, Leonard, lliOh Tuckerman St., N.W. 11, D^C, TA 5585 

3BPA Hardman, J. Welch, li29 Cumberland St., Cunberland, TD h 

IAS Hardt, Helen M., 76II Georgia Ave., N.W., 12, D.C, BA 8589 

2AS Hardwick, Joan R., 8IOO Grove St., Silver Spring, SH 230lj 

2HE Hardy, Lorraine C, 1113 N. Kenwood Ave., Balto. 13, U603 Fordham Rd., C.?. UN 7869 

3HE Hardy, Nellie C, 117 Park Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 3170 

IBPA Hardy, V/altsr L., 9 Delano Drive, 19, B.C.. TD 5 

ISCS Hardy, Wilton A., Jr., U809 Osage St., CP., TO 573U 

Ag Hare, Leonard N., 1325 Rama IV Rd., Bangkok. Siam, Apt. 201, 8OII luth Ave., Hyattsville 

3En Hargett, Norman K., 1217 N. Milton Ave., Baito, 13, Dorm 

Gr Harkleroad, Edgar L., 1^325 Leland St., Bethesda Ih, WI 776I 

3MS Harlan, Enoch L., 3707 Frankford. Ave., Balto. 6 

3Ag Harlan, Paul B., Jr., Churchville, Calvert C 

2BPA Harlow, Frank A., 2lilO Colston Drive, Silver Spring, Dorm L 

[|Sn Harman, Bruce M., 3231 Kenyon Ave., Balto. 13, Dorm E 

2En Harman, Charles M., 8 West Baltimore St,, Kensington, LO 5 1666 

3Ed Harman, Francis E., Montgomery Rd., R#li, Box 6I, Elkridge 27, Elkridge U 

i^En Harman, Robert E., 323I Kenyon Ave., Balto. 13 

2En Harmon, George B., I650 35th St., N.rt., 7, D.G., HO 770U 

Gr Harmon, James C, ii739 Wells Paricway, Riverdale, A? 075? 

OSCS Harmon, John W., 265 Beahan St.^ Rochester, N.Y,, Bollirig Air ForceBase, 25, D.C* 

Gr Harmon, Louise P. (Mrs.), 10007 Raynor P.d., Silver Spring, SL 2926 

IBPA Harmon, Maurice J., Jr., 1701 Swann St., 9, D.C, HO U763 

3BPA Hamed, Edward T., 86 Kingsbury Rd., Garden City, N.Y., khOO Knoac Rd., CP., UN 9833 

lEn Harner, Paul A,, Emmitsburg, Calvert D (Ex. 7700-Sta. 101 

OSCS Harold, Orviile V., 31ii Livingston Terrace, S.S., D.C, Ft. LesUft -McNatr, 25, D.C 

lAg Harp, Harry H., ifyersville. Dorm L 

OSCS Harp, Laura H.(iirs.). 623 Westcott Rd., Falls Church, Va.j JE 37626 

UAS Harrell, Earle S., U205 Tucksrman St., Hyattsville, WA 3720 

IBPA Harrell, Robert L., R#l, Boons boro, Calvert C 

OSCS Harrington, Doris F.(Mrs,), Riggs Rd., Hyattsville, SH 5973 

ISCS Harrington, John E., UOl' Locust St., Cambridge 

Ug Harrington, Joseph D., U310 12th Place, N.E., 17, D.C, LA 6-5988 

IBPA Harrington, Richard J., 61^09 Beechwood Drive, Chevy Chase 15, NZ 

3Ag Harrington, Robert A., 6ii09 Beechwood Drive, Chevy Chase 15, WI 1^213 

OSCS Harris, Boyd E., 112 Burke Ave., Spartanburg, S.C., Hq.SqJdats, Andrews AFB, 25, D.C, 

(m 3100 Ext. 31136 

Ug Harris, Charles E., 6OI Magnolia Ave., Frederick, Calvert B 

OSCS Harris, Charles E., 2016 N.Kennilworth St., Arlington, Va., OW 9396' 

hAS Harris, Daniel B., 3306 Fairview Ave., Balto. I6, TD k 

OSCS Harris, Ellis D., 3958 2nd. St., S.W., 20, D.C, JO 3-5i;89 

Gr Harris, Fred T., 676 Atlantic St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-1837 

liB?k Harris, Gary E., 720I4 Duawood Court, Dundalk 22, Dorm E (JA h039^ 

OSCS Harris, Harvey J., Mooreland Ave., Harrodsburg, Ky, 5310 3th Rd., S. Arlington, Va, 

3Ed Harris, Helen L., lUS Church St., Westemport, Gamma Phi Beta 

OSCS Harris, Howard W., 28 Lee Ave., Takoma Park, JU 7-7217 

IiBPA Harris, Jaoes D,, lUO Claremont Ave., Verona, N.J,, TD 8 


3Ed Harris, Jane S., 6212 Georgia St., Chevy Chase l5, MBH 

2AS Harris, Katherine M., lUS Church St., Weaternport, Gamma Phi Beta (TE U297 

OSes Harris, Leon L'., 301 W. 2nd St., Graham, Tex., l50$ Mt. Eagle PI., Alexandria, Va. , 

Gr Harris, Lester E., Jr., 707 Garland Ave., Takoma Pk., SL 7725 

Gr Harris, Marie P., 7007 Rhode Island Ave., C.P.. HY 0637 

Ug Harris, Marshall E., VF 3, Apt. B. , C. P. 

2SCS Harris, Nancy R., U208 Belview Ave,, Baltimore l5, Alpha Chi Omega, UN 9893 

OSCS Harris, Richard C. (Maj.), 3008 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va. , Off 28Ia(D.C.,JO 2-9000 

2AS Harris, Russell G., c/o C.H. Kennedy, RFD 2, Key Ridge, Bellaire, Ohio, Boiling AFB, 25, 

Gr Harris, Samuel C, U23 S, Van Buren St., Wilmington, Del., Wilmington 20121 

2BPA Harris, Thomas J., 3035 Vista St., N.ii., 18, D. C, NO 9121 

UAS Harris, W. Joseph, Main St., Preston, Ii302 Knox Rd., G. P., UN 9828 

3Ag Harris, William M., IV, 6529 i46th PI., Riverdale, UN 8830 

IBPA Harrison, Albert R., 6507 Chestnut St., Chevy Chase l5, WI 1199 

Gr Harrison, Arthur P., Jr., 8001 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, SL I8l9 

2BPA Harrison, Frank W., 8laO l|8th Ave., C. P., TO ii898 

IAS Harrison, John L., 10212 Colesville Rd. , Silver Spring, SH lii38 

IHE Harrison, Naicy V., UOOO Suitland Rd., S. E., 20, L. C, MBH 

Gr Harrison, Paul E., Jr., 2211 Merner Ave., Cedar Falls, Iowa 

OSCS Harrison, Richard H. (Maj.), Qts. Q-70-B, Ft. Bel voir, Va. 

2Ag Harrison, Rhoda A., UU02 Van Buren St., Hyattsville, WA 1586 

IMS Harrold, Arthur C, 17 Glen Dr., Belle Haven, Alexandria, Va. , TD 7 

2AS Harryman, Richard H., 57U Woodbine Rd., Balimore lU, TD 2 

ISCS Harshfield, Robert L,, ii6U5 Brewer PI., N.W., 7, D. C, WD 587li 

OSCS Harstad, J. Bruce, Harmony, Minn., Camp Detrick, Frederick, Camp Detrick, Ext.U58 

AS Hart, Charles R., 9U Liberty St., Oakland, Dom I 

AS Hart, David M., 22 Hyde St., Revere, Mass., ii90li Ruatan St., C. P. 

2Ed Hart, Harold P., 1857 Wallace Ave., Bronx, New York, N. Y. , TD 1 

OSCS Hart, Keith, 2206 Dennis Ave., Silver Spring, SL 9776 

AS Hart, Patricia, li207 Sheridan St., University Park, WA lli82 

OSCS Harter, J. R. R., Ii953 Brandywine St., N. W., l6, D. C, TO 1^953 

ISCS Harter, Seth ^T., Jr., R.F.D. 1, Cumberland, NZ 

UEd Hartjen, W. Rodman, 5U Central Blvd., Bethpage, N. Y., U312 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9780 

3BPA Hartley, Leroy H., U5Ul Lowell St., D. C, OR 0U3ii 

Gr Hartley, Richard M., 13U8 Euclid St., N.W., 9, D. C, HO 3938 

OSCS Hartline, Edward E., Quarters 2190D, Fort Meade 

3Ag Hartman, Ploward K., 7311 2lith Ave., Hyattsville, AP U099 

OSd Hartman, Mary W. R. (Mrs.), 213 Woodlawn Ave., Falls Church, Va., FA 0871 

3Ed Hartman, Paul H., 300 Emerson St., N.W., 11, D. C, RA 9366 

UAg Hartmeyer, Roger W., Contee Rd., Laurel, Laurel l5lJ 

IAS Hartsfield, Ann F., 3l3 Holly Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 9522 

3AS Hartshorn, Rebecca P., 10 Dresden St., Kensington, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

OAg W^rvey, Edward W., Beltsville 

OSCS Harvey, Florence M., 310 North Paca St., Baltimore 1 (TO 5552 

OSCS Harvey, Jack L., R. 1, Cinti-Batabia Rd., Newtown, Ohio, 30li7 Porter St., N.W., 8,D.C., 

IBPA Harvey, Lois R. , 23 W. High St., Coaldale, Pa., AAH 

lAg Harvey, Paul S., Jr., Haymarket, Va., TD 3 

UBPA Harvey, Robert W., 360ii Upshua- St., Brentwood, WA 7257 

Gr Har^/ill, John H., 1303 Adams St., N.E., D. C, MI U860 

3AS Harwitz, Leroy, 14005 Chatham Rd., Baltimore 7, TD 5 

OSCS Harwood, Horace E. (Col.), 133 Ivanhoe St., S. IT., 20, D.C., Office of Naval Res.,25,D.C. 

Gr Harwood, Julius J., 2511 Jennings Ct., Kensington, LO 5-3525 (RE 7U00, Ext.65l4lU 

lEn Hasan, Hasan A., 25^ E. Franklin St., Hagerstown, Dorm M 

2En Haskey, Robert M., 50C5 Edgar Terrace, Baltimore lU, Dorm F 

OEd Haslup, Laura K. (Mrs.), Annapolis Junction, '.Yaterloo 522W 

UBPA Hast, John H., 6909 Carleton Terrace, C. P., WA U310 

IAS Hastey, Elizabeth, 2621 East West Hgwy., Chevy Chase 15, JU 7-39i4l| 

liAS Hastings, Elinore K., 3707 38th Ave., Cottage City, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

Gr Hastings, Samuel M., Harbeson, Del., U8lU Delaware St., Berwyn, TO 50ii3 

3BPA Haszard, Frank K., 6908 Wake Forest Dr., C. P., WA I689 

Ag Hatfield, Charles A., Jr., 2505 Halcyon Ave., Baltimore lU, Dorm L 

UAS Hathaway, Edgar A., 112 E. Main St., Elkton, ii302 Knox Rd., C, P., UN 9828 

IBPA Hathaway, James H., 5 E. Melbo\u:ne Ave., Silver Spring, SH 8776 

IAS Hauk, Jennifer, 6U05 Fulton St., Chevy Chase 15, ffl 31160 

Gr Haun, Joseph R. , Springfield Rd., Bowie, Bowie 369I 

Gr Hauptraan, Herbert A., 23l5 Terrace Rd., S. E., 20, D. C, AX U38I 

lAg Hausler, Douglas L., UOOO Beecher St., N. ff., 7, D. C, OR 1781 

Gr Hausman, Arthur H., hSliO New Hampshire Ave., N.W., D. C, TA 1991 

UBPA Hauter, George W., 1^600 Sedgwick St., N.W., I6, D. C, TO 8675 

Gr Hauver, George E., Street, U6l3 College Ave., C. P., WA 5732 


ISCS Havens, George B., 2 C Gardenway, Greonbelt, GR 3562 

OSCS Hawk, Forrest M., 523 Rittenhouse St., N.W., 11, D.C., RA 0272 

4Ag HaTfukins, Arnold C, Woodbine, Dorm M 

4AS Haifklns, Barbara J., 3623 22nd St., N.E., 18, D.C., AAH 

OSCS Hawkins, Calvin W., 3700 Kennedy PI., Hyattsville, AP 3730 

OSCS Hawkins, Steedly P., Rt. 3, Gaffney, S.C, 5001 Southern Ave., S.E.,19, D.C., HI 2798 

lEn Hawkins, Verl W., 48 N. Main. St., Bel Air, TD 2 (UN 9807 

2BPA Hawkffworth, Arthur D.(Capt,), 1009 Beaumont Ave., Baltimore 12, 4600 Norwood Rd., C.P., 

ISCS Hawley, Elbert B., 5531 30th PI., N.W., 15, D.C., OR 0217 (WA 9884 

3PE Hawley, Wallaoe G.III, Country Club Rd,, Comervillo, N.J., 4605 College Ave., C.P., 

4AS Hawrislak, Mary M., 4820 Curtis Ave., Baltimore 26, AAH 

4BPA Hawthorne, A. Gary, Jr., Pungoteague, Va., 4603 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 8789 

4AS Hayoraft, Shirley L., 806 Dale Dr., Silver Spring, Dorm 3 

OBPA Hayden, Joseph E., Jr., 4410 Underwood St., University Park, WA 6656 (HY 0195 

Gr Hayes, Betty G., 99 Hu'bbell St., Canandaiqua, N.Y., 4209 Sheridan St., Hyattsville*, 

3AS Hayes, Harold B., 4503 Linden Ave., baltimor'e 27, Arbutus 880 

OSCS Hayes, Lawrence, 177 Bowery St., Frostburg 

US Hayes, Patricia A., 4910 7th St., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 7503 

2BPA Hayes, Robert F., 140 S. State St., Dover , Del., Dorm F 

2En Hayes, Robert K., TD 3 

3En Hayhoe, Paul A., Dorm 

4AS Hayman, William E., Beach Haven Park, N.J., Crest, N.J., SZ 

OSCS Eaynes, Emanuel, 3300 S. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va. 

OSCS Eaynes, John D«, Camp Detriok, Frederick 

3BPA Haynie, J. Clinton, 512 Park Lane, Bethesde 14, OL 2125 

IAS Hayward, Richard C, 3603 Chevy Chase Lakel)r., Chevy Chase 15, WI 7585 

IAS Hasard, "B. Mary Elizabeth, 801 Tred Avon Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm 3 

US Hazard, Robert G., 6531 7th St., N.W., 12, D.C., GE 0294 

2Ag Hazard, Winston H., 8811 Baltimore Ave., Branohviile, TO 9650 

Gr Hazell, Joseph W., Jr., 35 Quincy St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 4006 

2Ed Heacook, Nancy A., 1000 Lewis Ave., Rockville, 7514 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., UN 9885 

2AS Headley, Robert N., 21 Wall St., Rockville, TD 1, WA 9753 

Gr Headrick, James M., Box 71, C.P. 

2SCS Healey, James E., Jr., 6717 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 3356 

Gr Heanne, James E,, R.F.D., Sellersville, Pa., 6917 Oakridge Rd., Hyattsville, UN 8957 

2BPA Heaps, Norman A., 1102 Folbrook Terr., Apt. 1, N.E., 2, D.'C, LI 8941 

OAg Beam, Harry C, Winoopia Farm, R.F.D. 1, Laurel, Laurel 780W1 

4Ag Hearn, James L., Jr.; Montgomery Ave., Beltsville 

3Ag Eeam, Richard ¥., Echo Valley Farm, Rt. 1, Brookville, Ashton 2194 (ville, AP 6067 

3AS Hearn, -Samuel A., 319 Hawthorne Rd., Baltimore 10, 770A Colesville Rd. #32, W. Hyatts- 

lEn Heath, Reginald L.,4134 S.36th St.,Fairlington, Arlington, Va., Temple 0542 

SHE Eebden, Barbara E., 1529 Brierwood Rd., Ridgewood Park, Havertown, Pa., Dorm 2 

3Ed Heoht, Eiizabeth M., 115 S. Union Ave., Havre _de Grace, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

OSCS Heohtlinger, Frank, 800 S. Arlington Mill Dr., Arlington, Va. 

OSCS Heck, Frederick B., 6720 Glen Carlyn Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

4HE Hecker, Nina L., 1721 Windemere Ave., Baltimore, Alpha Omega Pi, WA 9871 

OSCS Heokman, James E., (Lt.), Greene, Iowa, 2801 Adams Mill Rd., D.C., NO 1946 

3En Heokroth, Henry F., 6700 Dorman St., Landover, AP 0608 

IBPA Heckrotte, Audrey L., 5208 Vamum St., Hyattsville; WA 8249 

3AS Hedden, Robert W., 4 Westover Terr., W. Caldwell, N.c, TD 2 

4AS Heddleston, Kenneth L., 9 D Hillside Rd., Greenbelt 

OSCS Hedgeoock, Edward E., 4303 Rowalt Dr., C.P., LI 56700 Ext.52e04 

4AS Hedriok, Walter R., Jr., 3429 Tulane Dr. Apt. 23, West Hyattsville, AP 6374 

lEn Heffeman, Robert M,, 22 Hamilton St., N.W., 11, D.C. 

Ug, Fred G., Mifflin St., Saxton, Pa., Dorm I 

2HE Heffner, Jeanne L., 30 Lincoln Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 2387 

2BPA Heid, Walter F., 1404 Broadview Blvd., Braokenridge, Pa., Dorm N 

Gr Heidel, Carl R., 18 Bay State Rd., Pittsfield, Mass., 4516 Albion Rd., C.P. 

Gr Eeim, John W., Mitohellville 

4En Heimberger, George J., Apt, 324, 3700 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., D.C, TD 3 

lEn Heimer, Glenn M,, 8809 Reading Rd., Silver Spring, SL 8809 

3AS Heimert, Albert E., 724 Dunkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm N 

ISCS Hein, Helen S., 1638 Myrtle St., N.W., 12, D.C, TU 4339 

3BPA Heinbaugh, Robert L., 1 Manchester PI., Apt. 202, Silver Spring 

Gr Heindish, Bernard, 18 Underwood PI, N.W., D.C, RA 1740 

2En Heine, Charles H., 1434 Chapin St., 9, D.C, CO 3525 

2BPA Heine, Ernest B., Jr., 5725 Pope St., Baltimore 25 

4HE Heinemann, Hedwig M,, Clearspring, Dorm 2 

2BPA Heinly, David R., 5804 Queen's Chapel Rd., Apt. 1, Hyattsville, WA 5722 

ISCS Heinly, John L., 5804 Queen's Chapel Rd., Apt. 1, Hyattsville. WA 5722 


OSCS Heinrailler, remond R., Ionia, Iowa, 3922 First St., 3.W., 20, D.C., JO 3^890 

ISCS Heinrich, Kathryn M., 6920 Standish Drive, Hyattsville, UN lli69 

liAS Heinritz, Colea C, UU-l 3ickford Rd., Baltimore 11, CH 8863 

3AS Heise, Richard E., 69-G Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6008 

Gr Hekimian, Norris C, 1U75 Columbia Rd. , 9, D.C. 

AS Helbert, William B., Jr., 558 Patterson Ave.,Cumberland,U6o8 Clemson Rd,C.P., WA li7U5 

3BPA Helfenstein, Edward T., 109 N. Market St., Frederick, Frederick 900 

2BPA Heifer, Donald, 6OU0 lUth St., N.W., 12, D.C, RA 6l?9 

ISCS Helfrich, Lawrence B., 825 Hammonds Lane, Brooklyn 25, U526 Albion Rd., C.P., WA 2U29 

IBPA Heller, Marshall A., 6kl6 Luzon Ave., N.W., 12, D.C, RA 6238 

ISCS Heller, Michael, 9U00 Kentsdale Cr., Bethesda, WI 9235 

IAS Hellinan, Alfred, 9109 Sudbviry Rd., Silver Spring, SH U9U0 

liAS Hellmann, Virginia L., 221 Stony Run Lane, Baltimore 10, U502 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 98Ui 

hEn Hellwig, George W., 710 11th St., S.E., 3, D.C, TR U098 

IAS Hellwig, John A., 710 11th St., S.E., 3, D.C, TR UO98 

2BPA Helm, William P., 503 Rock Creek Church Rd., N.W., 10, D.C, RA 6713 

Gr Helms, Horace H., Jr., Ul7 Oneida PI., N.E., 11, D.C, TA 5717 (Va., JE 3-8199 

OSCS Helsel, Wilford P.(Capt, ), 2229 First Ave., Altoona, Pa., I809 Linda Lane, Falls Church, 

Gr Hembree, Howard W., 8l5 Lindell Ave., Fayetteville, Ark., I]i75 Euclid St.,N.W.,Apt,305, 

OSCS Hemenway, Donald F., 3019 Fleetwood Ave., Roanoke, 7a., II8 Arapahoe Dr., (9, D.C, HO 3302 

(Forest Heights, NRL Ext.ijii 

lEd Hemphill, Conrad W., R.F.D. 5j Hagerstown, Dorm C 

3HE Hemstreet, Betty A., 502 Greenbrier Dr., Silver Spring, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

3BPA Henck, Paul N., 120 Audrey Ave., Baltimore 25, Calvert B 

3En Mendel, Reinliold ?/., 22 Main St., Poland, Ohio, Dorm 

OSCS Henderson, Clyde W., I8l5 Linda Lane, Falls Church, Va., JE 38173 

IAS Henderson, Charles M., 61 Gibbs Ave., Newport, R.I., TD 6 (Arlington,Va., AL 5^26 

OSCS Henderson, Landis D. (Lt.), G-528U Fenton Rd., Flint 7, Mich., 2613 S.Walter Rc^,d Dr., 

OAS Henderson, Nancy M., 251 Manor Circle, Takoma Park, SL 21^23 

2AS Henderson, Neil C, 268 Pelhamdale Ave., Pelham 65, N.Y., NZ 

OSCS Henderson, Paul B., 212 Regina St., Apt. 202, Alexandria, Va. 

Gr Henderson, Per lie D. 1020 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, 12, SL U232 

Gr Henderson, Richard B., VF7, Apt C, College Park, UN 9752 

OSCS Hendrickson, Duane W., EaSt Hampton, N.Y., IO8 Ballard 13r., Clinton, CY 96Ui{ Edgewood 1000 

Cr Hendrickson, John "R. , Rt. 2, Box 81ia,Bel Air,Bldg.30,Tech.ComEand,Army Chem.Center,Ext.3192, 

3BPA Hendrickson, Lloyd V., Jr., 3501 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore 16, MO 3711; 

OSCS Kenig, Joseph H., 166 Renner Ave., Newark 8, N.J., liiOl Girard St.,N.vV.,9,D.C.,MI 2605 

BPA Henkel, George E., 6317 Second St.,N..7., 11, D.C, QE 25uO 

Gr Henne, Arthur C, 19 Connecticut St., Staten Island 7, N.Y. 

2AS Henneberger, George M., 122 36th St., N.E., 19, D.C, VI 0271 

3AS Hennesy, Shirley R., 372U 30th Place, N.E., 18, D.C 

lEn Hennick, Charles R., 106 S. Augusta Ave., Baltimore 29, Calvert C 

UaS Henry, Robert B., Central Ave., Laurel, Del., 8-T Laurel Hill Road, Greenbelt 

3Ed Henry, Ruth E., 6O6 Stuart St., Baltimore 21, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

IAS Henschel, Leonard C, 5521 2nd St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 6U52 

UBPA Henschen, Earl K., 3900 Northern Parkway, Baltimore 6 

liEn Henscnen, Ir\T.n C, l6lu S. 32nd St., Baltimore 18, ID 6 (AP 2758 

IBPA Hensley, Malcolm F., 1500 N. Main St., Salisbury, N.C, 3UlO Tulane Dr.,Un.Hills,Apt./i^ 23, 

ISCS Henson, Franklin L., 622 Chestnut St., Hagers&own, 6-K Plateau Place, Greenbelt 

IAS Henson, Paul R., Jr., Ii002 Beechwood Rd., University Park, WA 0351 

2En Kentzschel, Walter C, UhOO Belair Rd., Baltimore 6, TD 8 

OSCS Hepburn, James iV., 2000 Connecticut Ave., N.W., 8, D.C, MI 3000 

2PE Hepburn, William T., Jr., 3109 Tahona Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7-9212 

Gr Hepfer, John W., Arcade Apbs., Waynesboro, Pa., U526 Albion Rd., College Park 

OSCS Hepler, David S., 710 Silver Ave.,Gre8nsboro,N.C,li3U5 Nichols Ave.,S.W.,20,D.C, JO 2-7862 

2Ag Hepner, John J., Mardela Springs, ID 3 

liAg Herbert, Charles J., U7 01 Homer Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm E 

lEn Herbert, Donald H., 1219 Circle Drive, Arbutus 27, TD 7 

2BPA Herbert, Edward S., 3312 Seventh St., N.E., 17, D.C 

IAS Herbert, John D., 3312 7th St., N.E., 17, D.C, HO 01ii5 

IAS Herbert, Michael, 266 W. Snyder Ave., Lansford, Pa., 7U07 Columbia Ave,, G.P.,WA 2150 

3AS Herbst, Harry H., 3822 Menlo Dr., Baltimore 15, P.O.Box Ui403, Un. of Md., CP. 

2AS Herbst, Howard F., Jr., 550 Allegheny Ave., Towson U, Dorm E 

OSCS Herd, James H., Ill Kenview Ave., Kenmore 17, N.Y., 9lOh. Landon Place, Silver Spring 

3AS Herdt, Douglas M., 1522 Eas1>-West Highway, Silver Spring, SL 5171 

3AS Herdt, jlarjorie P., 1522 East^est Hi^iway, Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

3En Herget, George D., 2832 Lake Ave., Baltimore 13, TD 3 

Gr Hermach, Francis L., 2Ul5 Eocleston St., Silver Spring, SL 1150 

ISCS Herman, Gilbert, 2535 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15, TD 1 

2AS Herman, Harold J., 603A Delaware Ave., Baltimore 21, ID 8 

Gr Herman, Julius, 710 Chillum Rd., Hyattsville, SL 109R 


UaS Hermann, Edirard G., Jr., 2711 Kirkirood Place, Hyattsvllle, AP U2Ul (WA 98U9 

3AS Hernandez, Casirairo B., l6l Bosphorus St., Hillsborough, Fla., 1^611 College Ave., C.P., 

2BPA Herndon, William W., 7109 Georgia Ave., N. W. , 12, D. C, GE 12U6 

2AS Heron, Diana V., 30 Knowles Ave., Kensington, LO $-0108 (Ext. 61233 

lis Herrera, Alfred C. (Gapt.), 29 Galveston St., S. W., Apt. 203, 25, D. C., RE 7U00, 

IAS Herrera, L. Margarita, 1353 Sheridan St., N.W., 11, D. C., RA 0373 (Fort Meade 711 

OSCS Herrick, Ivan If. (Pfc.), R.D.2, Jamestown, Pa., 2l21 ASU," 2nd Army Area Med.Lab., Ft. Meade, 

OSCS Herrin, Daniel M., Jr., Route 2, Salisbury, N.C., I4O7 Belle View Blvd., Alexandria, Va., 

OSCS Herring, Charles S., 8OO Ridge PI., Falls Church, Va., FA Ua35 (KI 8-8313 

2PE Herring, Joseph J., 1803 Biltmore St., N.W., 9, D. C, AD U350 

IAS Herring, Nancy, 13U1 Saratoga Ave., N.E., 18, D. C, Dorm 3 

2AS Herrmann, Joseph C, 36 Sutton Place So., New York 22, N.Y., Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

2AS Herrmann, Marlene J., ii5l0 Albion Rd., C. P., AAH 

Gr Herrmann, Melvin R. , 1211 N.' Livingston St., Arlington 5, Va., KE 3-508i4 (AP I908 

Gr Herrnstadt, Richard L., UO Lismore Rd., Lawrence, N.Y., 3Ul9 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsvllle, 

2BPA Hershey, Richard K., 301 Oak Kill Ave., Hagerstown, Phi Delta Theta 

Gr Hershfield, Julia M. (Vrs.), 30 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., D. C, MI 1*507 

Gr Hershman, Jacob E., 1029 Rose Hill Ave., Hagerstown, Hagerstown 389UW 

iiBPA Herson, Joseph L., 3301 2nd Ave., Silver Spring 

i^Ed Herson, Sonia S. (Mrs.), 8301 2nd Ave., Silver Spring, SL 8086 

IBPA Herzig, Ruth L., 2910 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 15, MBH 

liAg Herzog, 'farren F., 353 Griggs Ave., Teaneck, N. J., Phi Sigma Kappa, UN 9851 (25,D.C. 

0SC3 Heskett, James A., l55 £. Royal Forest, Columbus 2, Ohio, BOQ 1-33, Naval Receiving Stat., 

Gr Hess, Alfred G., 830 10th Ave., Yuma, Aria., 7U07 Columbia Ave., C.P.,FO U713 

3Ed Hess, Charles W., Jr., II8 N. Monastery Ave., Baltimore 29, LO 5358 

OSCS Hess, Jack 0., 29 America Ave., Wheeling, W.Va., B.O.Q., Boiling AFB, D.C., BAFB, Ext. 1+323 

2En Hess, Robert W., 320 Louella Ave., Wayne, Pa., Calvert D 

Gr Hessing, Harold, 1211 Holbrook Terrace, N.E., 2, D.C., FR Ul61i 

UAS Hessler, Brian J., 3ljl7 Quesada St., l5, D. C, m 0652 

3BPA Hessler, David J., 3iil7 Quesada St., N.W., 15, D.C., EM 0652 

IAS Hettleman, Jerome H., 3700 Dorchester Rd., Baltimore 15, 7308 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., 

2BPA Hevener, Dennis N., Jr., 6609 5th St., N.W., 12, D.C., GE 6175 {m 8883 

OSCS Hewatt, Aubrey E., 12Ul Valley Ave., S.E., 20, D. C, JO 2-0307 

2HE Kewett, E. Louise, 9 N. Apington Ave., Baltimore 29, Dorm 3 

1r Hewins, John S., 2lU Peyton Rd., York, Pa., 5307 Indian Lane, Branchville, TO 58l6(936w 

Gr Hewitt, Downs E., 3750 39th St., N.W., I6, D.C., 56 E. Irvin Ave., Hagerstown, Hagerstown 

UHE Hewitt, George L., 11 South Kenyon Ave., Margate City, N.J., Dorm F 

Gr Hexner, Peter E., 2732 Woodley Place, 8, D. C, DE ia28 

Gr Heying, Theodore L., Ulli Old Orchard Rd., Baltimore 29, U505 Amherst Rd,, C.P.,UN 1+786 

3BPA Hiban, Louis F., Jr., 5602 l+Oth Ave., Hyattsvllle, WA 599U 

OSCS Hibbard, William D., Jr., 7511 13th St., N.W. , 12, -D. C, GE 1322 

liEn Hibbets, Arthur C, 22hZ ^Tashington Ave., Silver Spring, SH 6833 

AS Hickey, Glen A., Apt. 21;, 3la6 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsvllle, AP 6216 

liEn Hickey, Joseph J., 636 S. Curie/ St., Baltimore 2li, Dorm F 

liHE Hickman, Carolyn D., Box 202, Athens, W. Va. , Dorm 3 

2SCS Hickman, George B., it205 30th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 2797 

OSCS Hickman, Raymond E., l532 Parkview Ave., Falls Church, Va., JE 3-9ii07 

UaS Hicks, Parry R., l607 Eastern Ave., N.E., 19, D, C, WA 'UkOd 

liEn Hicks, Homer W., ia03 Fairfax St., Landover Hills 

ISCS Hicks, Howard H., 2800 Silver Hill Ave., Baltimore 7, TD 8 

liEd Hicks, Ina J, (Mrs.), h768 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale 

lEd Hicks, Robert W. , i+768 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale 

lEd Hicks, William P., II, Woodbrook St. ,' Baltimore 12, TD 7 

3Ag Hiddleson, Loren M., West Chester, R. D. 2, Pa., CZ 

UEd Hirien, Charles E., Jr., Ia05 Madison St., Hyattsvllle, WA 1781 

i;Ed Hienton, Truth H., 6203 Carrollton Terrace, Hyattsvllle, UN 3530 

UAS Higgins, Daniel G., Jr., Clarbome, Sigma Phi Epsilon, UN 9770 

3AS Higgins, Joseph E., 205 S, Hilton St., Baltimore 2? 

Gr Higgins, Joseph J.., 3la9 Brown St., N.W., 10, D.C.. IhOh Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

2Ed Higgins, Margaret, 332 E. Montgomery Ave., Rockvllle, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

Or Higgins, Roger K., 88IO Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SL 3Ua7 

Gr Higgins, Thomas P., \x21 2nd St., E. I^ewark, N.J., U606 Fordham Rd. , C. P., AP 0791; 

IBPA Higgins, Walter G., II, 20 Caton Terrace, Caldwell, N.J., TD 6 

2Ag Higgs, George D., 5505 U3rd Ave., Hyattsvllle, WA 6396 

OSCS High, Roy F., 3116 Buena Vista Terrace, 3. E., D.E., VI 5781 

ISCS Hight, Charles C, 3917 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore 29, TD 3 

AS Higman, Henry B., Mlllington, 2209 Apache St., Hyattsvllle, SH 2911 

Gr Hilaire, Paul A., 315 L'acDonald Terrace, Cumberland 

AS Hilbish, Philip L., Jr., 230 Westfield Ave., Ansonla, Conn., Dorm C 

BPA Hllderbrand, Walter P., Jr., 2933 W St., S.E., 20, D.C., LU 1-6899 


3PE Hildreth, Kenneth H., 6$U7 I6th Place, Riverdale 

3AS Hill, Charles G,, 66I6 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

3PE Hill, Edwin B., 119 Wellesley Ave., Glen Echo 

I4PE Hill, E. Regina, Woodbine, AAH 

3Ed Hill, Herbert D., Round Hill Estate, South Dartmouth, Mass, TD 5 

3AS Hill, Leah E., 36OI; Cedardale Rd., Balto. 15, AAH (Hall, Fort Ify-er, Va., LI 56700 Ext.5-.2592 

OSCS Hill, Quentin M., 33 Higbie Drive, E. Hartford 8, Conn., lUiOth USAF, Rm A-20li^ Alabama 

hkS Hill, Raymond J., 7U02 E. Fait Ave., Balto. 2^, iil06 Tennyson Rd., C.P. 

OSCS Hill, Robert L., 2205 6th Ave., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 330 Fairhaven Ave., Apt. 301, Alex- 

2AS Hill, Ronald C, 1226 Clrele Drive, Balto. 27, Dorm H (andria, Va. 

l^g Hill, Thomas M., J., 3912 Newark Rd., Colmar Manor ,WH 7517 

2SGS Hillary, Donald G., 28o8 W. Rogers Ave., Balto. 15, Kappa Alpha, UN 9833 

3Ag Hillebert, Joseph A., 6I8 Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 3li35 

Gr Hiller, Alexander J., 5U36 Varnvua St., Bladensburg, AP Buhl 

2Ed Hilliard, Janie, 1580 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, SM 3252 

US Hillock, June A., 3625 l6th St., N.W., 10, D.C., MBH 

2BPA Hills, James L,, Uljll Leland St., Chevy Chase, 7UO6 Dickinson St., C.P., UN 9771 

IAS HiUyer, Ira B., Black Pt. Rd., Niantic, Conn., Dorm. C 

3AS Hilny, Salman M., Modern Bookshop, Baghdad, Iraq., 6IO6 ijlst Ave., Hyattsville 

IjAS Hilsee, Elizabeth G., 6lOi4 U2nd. Place, Hyattsville, M 093U ' 

2AS Hilsee L. Bruce, 6I0U ii2nd Place, Hyattsville 

Gr Hilsenrod, Arthur, Chem. Div, Tech. Ccxmnand, Army Chemical Center 

2En Hilton, Andrew C, 1119 Central St., Jackson, Miss., UI8 Ethan Allen Dr., Takoma Park 

Gr Hilton, Nellie B. (Mrs.), 723 Shriver St., Cumberland, 5e67R 

2SCS Hilton, William A., 156A Colony Rd., SilverSpring, JU 75823 

2En Hiltz, Howard A., 629 St. Dunstans Rd., Balto. 12, Calvert D. 

3Ag Himes, John T., U321 Elderon Ave., Balto, 15, Alpha Gamma Rho 

2Ed Himmelstein, Phyllis, 3729 McKinley St., N.W., 15, D.C., 

OSCS Himmler, Robert H., 717 Shawnee Ave., Cumberland, Cumberland 3127-M 

AS Himmler, Walter N., 717 Shawnee Ave., Crimberland, 7U05 Dickinson Ave., C.P. 

I4AS Hines, Alphin L., Defense Highway, Lanham, WA 898I 

IAS Hines, Barbara A., 29 Rock Creek Church Rd., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 2591 

l4En Hink, Henry M., h301 28th Place, Apt.#l4, Mt. Rainier 

OSCS Hinman, Earl E., Jr., Towanda, R#l|, Pa., 222 Academy St., Federalsburg, 51429 

I4BPA Hinman, Eugene F., 22-B Hilside Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt li526 

OSCS Hino, Jun, 2826 31st St., S.E., 20, D.C., VI 2986 

2En Hinrichs, Donald W., i;25 E. Lynn Ave., Balto. 23, TD 2 

En Hinscai, James L., 930 Dentrey Ct., Balto. 25 

3En Hinton, Charles H., Grain Highway, Severn, Grain 8lhJ 

2BPA Hinton, Clarence L., 1669 Thetford Rd., Towson ky TD 2 

(JO 29000 Ext.ljli75 

OSCS Hinton, John R., Jr., 301 E. jsflain St., Grand Prairie, Tex., Qtrs.59D, BAFB, 25, D.C. 

Gr Hippler, Jack B., 5 Froude Circle, Cabin John Gardens, Bethesda lU, WI 0256 

I4HE Hirrlinger, Lorraine E., 2216 Quincy St., N.E., 18, D.C, I4603 College Ave., C.P., WA 986li 

a: Hirsch, Arthur E., 10 Froude Circle, Bethesda li;, WI 6233 

Gr Hirschel, Louis R., 503 Ghillum Rd., Chillum, SL 8530 

2AS Hirsh, Victor R., 36UI Kanawha St., N.W., D.C, CR 068I 

3En Hirshfield, Jay L., 551i0 32nd St., N.W., 15, L.C., TD 3 

2Ed Hirshman, Ruth E., 3219 Walbridge Place, N.W., 10, D.C, AD 9178 

3AS Hitchcock, Donald R., 2005 Patterson Rd., W. Hyattsville, VyA 6762 

I4AS Hitchcock, Janet L., 3U00 Hillen Rd., Balto. 18, Sigma Kappa, WA 986I 

hAS Hitchcock, Malcolm H., 2005 Patterson Rd., West Hyattsville, WA 6762 

OSCS Hitchcock, Walter L., 36I S. vVayne St., Milledgeville, Ga., 571; l8th St. S., Apt. 182, 

2En Hlatky, Edward, Morea, Pa., VF 5, Apt. G., CP. (Arlington, Va., 0T-7li29 

Gr Ho, Ching-Hwa, 10 Dragon Terrace, Hong Kong, China, 8237 Hth Ave., Hyattsville, Apt. 201 

OSCS Hoadley, J. Carlisle, 313 Gambier Place, Lexington Park (Meade, Ft.Meade 3555 

OSCS Hoagland, Elizabeth R. (Sgt.), 715 Spearman Hill, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, WAC Hosp. Det., Ft. 

iiBPA Hoagland, Riissell L., Jr., 109 Summerfield Rd., Cnevy Chase 15, WI U235 

Gr Hobart, Thomas D., 1023 8th St., New Alexandria, Va., KI 8906I; 

3BPA Hobbs, James N., 14601; Edmonds on Ave., Balto. 29 

3AS Hobbs, Milton, 33li8 Virginia Ave., Balto. 15, Calvert D 

lEn Hobbs, Richard A., 637 Ritchie Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3170 

2En Hobbs, Robert M., 637 Ritchie Ave., Silver Spring, .-'L 3170 

3AS Hobson, J. William, 8I8 E. Belvedere Ave., Balto. 12, Alpha Tau Omega, WA 9^k9 (UN 20liO 

Gr Hochstein, Paul E., 1635 Montgomery Ave., N.Y. 53, N.Y., 7103 Rhode Island Ave., C.P,, 

Gr Hock, Frederick R., 7323 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda II4, ^T 7602 

3Ed Hockman, Barbara A., R#3, Hagerstown, Dorm 2 

2AS Hodes, Robert M., 27214 Newkirk AVe., Brooklyn, N.Y., 14509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 9513 

3BPA Hodges, Marvin A., 6309 6lst Ave., Riverdale, WA 78I6 

2AS Hodges, Raymond W., I910 Gv.-ynn Oak Ave., Balto. 7 , Dorm K 

lAg Hodges, Thomas C.G., Columbia Rd., Ellicott City, TD 3 


lEn Hodgson, Charles E., 503 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, SL 9325 

IHE Hodgson J Eleanor R., 7006 Wake Forest Dr., C.P., WA 7269 

Gr Hodgson, Elizabeth M., 2710 36th Place, N.W., 7, D.C., WO 1076 

UAg Hodf^son, Joseph F., Gaithersburg 1, 1608 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, SH 5l56 

OAS Hodgson, Shirley A., 333U Gilxaan Terrace, Baltimore 11, U6l5 Knox Rd.,C.P.,UN 373U 

Gr Hoeg, Liv, Storgaten U8, Larvik, Norway, li800 Guilford Rd., C.P., UN 729li 

IAS Hoelzer, Ronald N., fllU Greene St., Cumberland, Calvert B 

Gr Hoermann, Mathilde A. (Mrs.), 6807 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., WA 8902 

Gr Hofer, Andrew, 6 Upland Rd., Baltimore 10, U70k Guilford Rd.. C.P., WA 15U6 

UaS Hoff, David, 3130 Bllerslie Ave., Baltimore 18, Belmont 2111 

Gr Hoffer, Erwin S., lU9 Ivanhoe St., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 3-51i59 

IBPA Hoffman, Alvin L., 5353 Quincy Place, Bladensburg, TD 1 

3BPA Hoffman, Daniel, 708 Chesapeake Ave., Silver Spring, SL 5972 

CS- Hoffman, Henry C, 1916 Old Frederick Rd., Catonsville 28, Catonsville 6311 

2En Hoffman, Heniy C, Jr., 2003 Ashland Ave., Baltimore 5, TD 3 

Gr Hoffman, John C, l5Ul K St., S.E., 3, D.C., LI U2850 

UAS Hoffman, Lee, 2036 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 17, Dorm C 

3A3 Hoffman, Mary F., 1916 Old Frederick Rd., Catonsville 28, Dorm 2 

UEd Hoffman, M. Phyllis, 235 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, Delta Gamma, WA 98Ui 

Gr Hoffman, Miriam R. (Mrs.), 2k Hesketh St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 1+970 

car Hoffman, M. Dene, Apt. 302, Kent Village, 2806 7Uth Ave., Hyattsville 

ISCS Hoffman, Richard M., U510 Bexter St., N.W., 7, D.C., WO 2828 

Or Hoffmann, Reinhold V/., 10030 Tenbrook Dr., Silver Spring, SH 1090 (Silver Spring 

Gr Hoffmann, Robert M., 119 Kingston Ave., South Floral Park, N.Y., 950U Seminole St., 

2PE Hofmann, Irvin G., 508 N. Linwood Ave., Baltimore 5 

UbPA Hofmann, Robert F., 1101 S. Baylis St., Baltimore 2k 

Gr Hofmeister, Harry J., Jr., 2302 Urbana Dr., Silver Spring 

OSCS Hogan, Alsede W., U827 Indian Lane, Berwyn, TO U80U 

lAS Hogan, Caroline, UOU North George Mason Dr., Arlington, Va., Dorm 3 

ISCS Hogan, Colbert H., 5202 Gwynndale Ave., Baltimore 7, Dorm H 

OBPA Hogan, F. Eugene, 2U26 Uth St., N.E., 2, D.C., MI 3138 

ISGS Hogan, Margaret A., 6011 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore 7, AAH 

3BPA Hogans, Richard D., 7Ul East 37th St., Baltimore 18, Calvert D 

ISCS Hogge, Vincent A., LaPlata, TD 6 

Gr Hogue, Lester E., U505 Guilford Rd., College Park, WA 0252 

Gr Hogue, Philip R., 5500 Taylor Rd., Riverdale, WA 69U7 

IAS Hohensee, Mary H., Box 137-A, R.F.D. 1, University Lane, Hyattsville, UN 8836 

Gr Hohing, Richard E., Branc^ywine, Brandywine 3133 

OSCS Hohl, John W., 1826B Patton Drive, Meade Heights, Ft. Meade 

2En Hohman, Charles W., Jr., 8803 Rhode Island Ave., Berwyn, TO 5U7i 

Gr Holberg, Stanley M., U311 Rowalt Dr., College Park 

OSCS Holbert, Robert E., 221 Savannah St., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-77l;2 

UEn Holden, Leroy S., 28l6 Erdman Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm L(Arlington Farms, Va., Off 9UOO,Ext.U67 

OSCS Holderman, William F., 190 Mt.Vemon St. ,Ridgef ield Park,N. J.,l73 California Hall, 

IAS Holland, Graham, 7205 ibth Ave., Takona Park 12, SH ShOS 

OSCS Holland, John D., Jr., 3U25 12th St., 3.E., D.C. 

3AS Holland, L. Audree, 7205 lUth Ave.,Takoraa Park 12, U603 Calvert Rd.,C.P., UN 9893 

OSCS Holland, Mark F., 6U7 AC & W SQDN, Ft. Meade 

ISCS Holland, Robert A., 8I6 N. Kenmore St., Arlington 1, Va., m U2U7 

2BPA Holland, Rodney B., Miller Apts, Hagerstown, Dorm F 

UEd Holliday, Francis E., Delaware City, Del.,U5lO Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

IPE Hollidayoke, "William D. , 301 Washington St. , Eastport 

3BPA Hollingsworth, H. Thomas, 177 LiberiySt., Bloomfield, N.J., Calvert D 

2BPA Holloway, D., II, 8 Midhurst Rd., Silver Spring, SL 5717 

OSCS Holloway, John T., 5812 Vfyngate Dr., Bethesda lU, ^¥1 05U2 

Gr Holloway, Vincent C, U21i Uth St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 26U21 

Ed Holman, Helen I. (Mrs.). Box 156, Bowie (WA 986k 

3PE Holman, Margaret A., Oakwood Farm, R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, U6O3 College Ave., C.P., 

Gr Holstein, Ruth K., 9215 Worth Ave., Silver Spring, SH 2928 

IAS Holston, Samuel L., Jr., lliOl Downing St., D.C, DU 9168 

Gr Holt, Arthur M., 538 Ash Ave., McAllen, Texas, 5702 l6th Ave., Hyattsville 

Or Holt, Arthur W., 3333 Buchanan St., Mt. Rainier, A? U739 

IAS Holt, Eldbjorg A., 8320 l6th St., Silver Spring, SL 2295 

Gr Holt, French W., Box 268, Mt. Hope, W.Va., Oakland Ave., Riverdale, AP 5122 

ISCS Holt, Jack D., 5717 Chillum Heights Dr., Hyattsville, AP 6I86 

2Ag Holter, Robert H., R.F.D,, Route 1, Jefferson, 7511 Px'inceton Ave., CP. 

3PE Holtschneider, Maxine M., Route 16, Box 265, Baltimore 21, Dorm 2 (HI 3100, Ext.8l277 

OSCS Homes, 0. Qene, U22('i Douglas St., Omaha, Nebr., Hqs.'5tHq3.Sqdn.A.W.S.,Aridrfc<TS AFB,25,D.C., 

2HE Hon, Eagar R., 5213 Tilden Rd. , Bladensburg, WA 1055 

UEd Honecker, Sharon L. (Mrs.), 6800 Dartmouth Ave., College Park, AP 5673 


lEn Honey, Raymord W., 863 Case Ave., Jacksonville, 111, U701 Amherst Rd., C.P., AP U98l 

2AS Honick, Joseph J., 8 South Catherine 3t., Baltimore 23, U607 Knox Rd., C.P. 

Gr Honig, John G., 890U Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SL 77U3 

2AS Hood, C. Allan, 2209 ^ckwell Ave., Baltimore 28, 7506 Dickinson Ave., C.P., UN 986U 

3Ag Hood, John R., 6201 New York Place, Riverdale, UN 7U66 

2AS Hook, William A., UI8 Gallatin St., N.W., 11, D.C., RA 0805 

UPE Hooker, Karl B., I48OO 71st Ave., Woodlawn, AP 3899 

OSes Hooper, Edward T., 707 West 33rd St., Richmond 2k, Va., I327 Hemlock St., N.W., D.C. 

2PE Hooper, Robert P.,' I3OI Edmondson Ave., Catonsville, TD 3 

Gr Hoover, Charles H., Route 5, Hagerstoim, Hagerstown 306i;Jll 

OSCS Hoover, Embert J., 1678 Clinton Ave., N. Rochester 21, N.Y., 3208 Terrace Dr. ,20, D.C. 

IBPA Hoover, John S., 2222 Perry St., N.E., 18, D.C, DE OUUl 

IPE Hope, Mary P., 14i09 Wickford Rd. , Baltimore 10, MBH 

2Ag Hopkins, Frank T., Jr., 5353 Quincy PI., Apt, 103, Bladensburg, UN 8227 

2Ag Hopkins, Harry G., Aberdeen, R.D. 2, Dorm I 

Gr Hopkins, Homer T., Box U6U, Beltsville, TO 5096 

2AS Hopkins, Howard C, I8OI N. Hartford St., Arlington, Va., TD 7 

3BPA Hopkins, Spencer N., 125 Main St., Annapolis, TD 2 

UEd Hopkins, Stephen, ■ 6UJp. Dahlonega Rd., Glen Echo Heights, Delta Sigma Phi 

UEd Hoppensteadt, Joyce J., 6IO6 Old Harford Rd,, Baltimore Hi, U6IO College Ave.,C.P.,WA 9759 

2En Horan, F. Joseph, U227 3rd St., N.W., 11, D.C, Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

OSCS Hord, Blanche M. (Mrs.), 2910 Military Road, N.W., 15, D.C, WO 7356 

2AS Horejs, Marie A., 27 Belcan?), Dorm 3 

AS Hoin, Samuel L., 5720 Chillum Heights Dr., Hyattsville, WA 9Ul5 

3En Home, Donald E., 69-D Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6697 

OSCS Homor, Carl E., 18 Cypress Dr., Indian Head, JO 29000, Ext. 14252 

OSCS Horowitz, Leon, 307 Hewes St., Brooklyn 11, N.Y., 1952 Calvert St., N.W., D.C. 

lEd Horrell, Pamela 0., 200 North Fro-'t St., Wormleysburg, F^., Dorm 3 

2BPA Horsey, ELner E., 312 South Aurora St., Easton, Dorm F 

UPE Horsey, 3. Emily, 312 South Aurora St., "^a^ton^ AAH 

UEn Horaey, William H., 208 S. Sixth St., Denton, VF3, Apt. E., C.P. 

1A3 Horsley, Richard R., 118 Armstrong Dr., Hanpton,Va., TD 8 

OSCS Horsman, Jesse L., Jr. (Lt.), 13U7 Massachusetts Ave., S.S., 3, D.C, EX 7700, Ext. 281 

liEn Horst, Paul M., Jr., 6I-B Ridge Road, Greenbelt 

ISCS Horstraan, Franldin R., Jr., U3U 57th Ave., Capitol Heights, JO 8-6139 

Gr Horton, Billy M., 3508 Ely Place, S.E., 19, D.C, VI 88U5 

Gr Horton, Cyril F., 326 Yorktowi Rd., Lexington Park, Great Mills i;331 

OSCS Horton, Jack 0., 521 Knollwood Dr., Falls Church, Va., FA9Ui4i 

UEd Horton, Thomas F., 1523 E. Falkland Lane, Silver Spring, SL 5626 

3AS Horvath, Fred J., 156 Osborne St., Bridgeport 5, Conn., Dorm G 

OSCS Hosey, William E. (Lt. ), I708 Central Ave. ,Connersville, Indiana, Hq. Air Rescue Serv'.,25, 

UBPA Hoshell, Russell B., Parkton, TD 7 (D.C,^ 7UOO,Ext.62929 

Gr Hoska, Lukas E., Jr,, 1017 N. Liberty St., Arlington 5, Va.,FA U9Ul 

kEd Hosking, Jane M., 130 East LelandSt. , Chevy Chase 15, Dorm 3 

OSCS Hoskinson, William C, Box 225, Glenwillard, Pa., 7813 Atwood St., District Heights 

Gr Hosier, William R., 1703 Walnut St., Berwick,Pa., 231315th Street, N.W.,9,D.G.,DU 9017 

2AS Hosman, Ann G., 3801 Tea Street, N.W., 7, D.C, Kappa Alpha Theta, UN 9829 

OSCS Hotchkiss, Robert N., 397 Brook St., Forestvi lie, Conn.,U327 Reno Rd,,8, D.C 

2BPA Houdeshel, George A., VF7, Apt. D., CP. 

lAg Houff, Lurty C, Jr., 1502 N. Frederick St., Arlington 5, Va., CH 872U 

2A3 Hough, Alan R., 3320 Plyers Mill Rd., Kensington, Dorm C 

lAg Hough, Forest L., Dickerson 2 

2HE Houghland, Nancy M., U338 Clagett Road, University Park, Hyattsville, WA 83I6 

OSCS Houghton, Edwin G. , Ull Irvington Rd., Falls Church, Va., FA 2267 

IAS Houghton, Elizabeth A., 36 Hawaii Ave., N.E., 11, D.C, RA 38Ii8 

lAg House, Carroll D., 115 3. Jefferson St., Middletown, Dorm 

OSCS House, Genevieve Y. (Mrs.), Mt. Savage, Mt. Savage 2332 

OSCS Houseknecht, Edith M. (Lt.), Nurses Qtrs., North Post, Fort Ityer 11, Va., CH 3000, Ext. UliiU 

2BPA Houston, James K., Jr., 5008 iith St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 6398 

2AS Houston, Malcolm, 75 Leverett St., Keene, N.H., Uiil7 Van Burren St., University Park 

2HE Hover, Florence J., liilO Dale Dr., Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

2BPA Hovermale, Howard W., 6511 7th Place, N.W., 12, D.C, RA 130U 

IAS Hovgard, Ann E., 629 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, MBH 

Gr Howard, C Lynn, lOU High St., Salisbury 

Gr Howard, Dean D., U301 S. Capitol Terrace, S.W., 20, D.C, JO 3-3637 

3AS Howard, Edward C, 22U Beach 1^1 St., Belle Harbor, L.I.,N.Y., Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Gr Howard, Edwin L., 2605 Franklin St., N.E., 18, D.C, CO 3UU0 

2HE Howard, Elizabeth L., 1805 Franklin St., N.E., 18, D.C, 75lii Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.UN 9885: 

2BPA Howard, George L., Jr., 3310 Ingleside Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm H 

UEd Howard, James G. L., Jr., 7509 Girard St., College Park, UN 035U 


ISGS Howard, John H., 31$ Woodlawn Rd,, Baltimore 10, Dorm M 

IAS Howard, Nancy W., U605 Baltimore Ave., 16, D.C., AAH 

IBPA Howe, David T. , 3525 A Street, S.E., 19, D.C., AX 8300, Ext. 500 

Or Howe, Haymond B., 3iiOl4 Tulane Drive, West Hyattsvilie, AP 5565 

3Sd Howell, Ann T., 750U Yale Ave., College Park, WA U262 

OSes Howell, Llewellyn C. (Col.), 3U06 Halcyon Drive, Alexandria, Va., AL OUiO 

2BPA Howella, Patricia I., 8502 HoiiSton St., Silver Spring, SH 3521 

Gr Howes, John B., Westminster, Westminster 691M 

3BPA Howes, Ross E., 210 Lawrence Dr., Falls Church, Va. , FA 127U 

UHE Howie, Lillian J., Congowingo Rd., Eel Air, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

2Ag Howser, William L., 2701 Giiilford Ave., Baltimore 18, U319 Woodberiy Ave., C.P. 

33PA Hoyas, Joseph, Jr., 53 Cedar St., Coral, Penna., Ihh Reservoir St., Baltimore 17, LA 7305 

IBPA Hoyle, George J., 191-15 35th Ave., Flushing, L. I., N.Y., Calvert B 

UBPA Hoyle, Ralph E., 3lil2 Qieverly Ave., Cheverly 

lAg Hoyt, Edward S., 6802 Greig St., Apt. 10, Seat Pleasant (JO 29000, Ext U2U0 

OSCS Hoyt, Robert F., 3125 Parkway Terrace, Apt.2,3uitland,Box 199, Boiling AFB,25,D.G., 

lAg Hoyt, Steven, 1006 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Dorm I 

lEd Hrdina, Irene R., 1633 E. 30th St., Baltimore 18, 75lU Rhode Island Ave.,C.P.,ini 9835 

2AS Hronis, Alexander, li713 Fordham Rd., College Park 

Gr Hsu, Chi-Kang, Tungying,Yun3i,Hupeh, China, U812 Erskine Rd.,C.P.,WA 8928 

Gr Hsu, Hsien W,, 6 Swan Shas Fon, Wuhu, Anwhei, China, 390U Madison St., Hyattsvilie 

Gr Hsu, Peng- Tung, U6l5 Knox Road, College Park, UN 373U 

Gr Hu, Alexius Y., 2200 R Street, N.W., 8, B.C., DE 5U77 

2Ag Hu, Ku-chen, 1701 Swann St., N.W., D.G., AD 9073 

I4AS Hubbard, Calvin B., Jr., U20 Forest View Rd.,Linthicum,2907 Upshur St.,Mt.Rainier,WA U3l6 

3BPA Hubbard, Richard P., East New Market, Hurlock U176 

Gr Hubbard, Robert W., Box 39U Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Beltsville Garden Apts.,Beltsville 

Ed Hubbell, Priscilla C, 5909 Namakagan Rd. , 16, D.C., Dorm 2 

2BPA Hubbell, William M., 103 Rockaway Rd., Garden City, N.Y., Dorm E 

3BPA Huber, Fred J., 2917 Ugation St., 15, D.C., EM 7062 

lEn Huber, i'/alter E., 6l5 Lycoming St., Silver Spring, SH 8992 

2En Hubich, Henry 0., 8O6 Frederick Rd., Baltimore 23, Dorm C 

2Ag Huckins, John G., c/o Col. Bodi, Tech. Command, Amy Chem.Center, Dorm C 

(5* Hudak, Stephen J., 6602 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church, Va., FA 0770 

UAS Huddleston, Beverly M., 6517 UOth Ave., University Park, WA 3871 

IAS Hudgins, Ernes E., U210 53rd Place, Bladensburg, UN 3392 

lEd Hudgins, James A., ii58l Shaw Drive, N.E., D.C. 

2A3 Hudson, Lawrence F., U50U Queensbury Rd. , Riverdale, HY 0031 

liBPA Hudson, Robert K., 6538 Wells Parkway, Riverdale, WA 2326 

ISCS Huebel, Jared M., 1101 Ray Road, Hyattsvilie, WA 8776 

Gr Huebl, Sara A., Qtrs.R,U. S.N. Hospital, Chelsea, Mass., Phi Beta Phi, UN 9885 

OSCS Huebner, William A. (Capt.), 1207 S. 20th St., Arlington, Va., Pent .Ext. 56269 

3Ag Hueter, F. Gordon, Joppa, //ilna 6U8 

2BPA Hueter, John F., II, Ul07 Kennedy St., Hyatts\'ille, WA 6552 

lAS Huettner, Doris S., 2713 Pelham Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm 2 

3AS Huff, Annis C, 6300 Offutt Rd , Chevy Chase 15, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IBPA Huff, Dearl W. , U50U Guilford Rd., College Park 

HE Huff, E. Vivian (Mrs.), U50l; Guilford Rd. , College Paik 

UBPA Huff, William T., 50 Farragut Place, N.W., 11, D.C, TA 898I 

2PE Huffer, Harry R,, 20 Bridge St., Rockville, TD 5 

2SCS Hugg, George E., hk9 N. Ellwood Ave., Baltimore 2a, SZ 

UBPA Hughes, Charles D. , 5211 Andover Rd., Chevy Chase 15, WI 6691 

Gr Huf^es, Daniel R., 5508 U3rd Place, Hyattsvilie, AP 0507 

iiEn Hughes, Harry E., 7018 E.Biddle St., Baltimore 6, Dorm C 

lEn Hughes, Harry L., I6O8 Ashburton St., Baltimore 16, TD 3 

UbPA Hughes, Hobart B., Quantico Road, Salisbury, 75lli Girard St., C.P. 

lEn Hughes, John W., Iii36 Patapsco St., Baltimore 30, TD h 

IAS Hughes, Nathan B., Jr., 5-G Plat/eau Place, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7256 

2Ed Hughes, Ruth A., 120 Quincy St., Chevy Chase 15, Gamma Phi Beta 

2BPA Hughes, William R., 120 Quincy St., Chevy Chase 15, Calvert D 

Gr Huhta, Clifford H., 7-L Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5272 

Gr Hulburt/ Ann P. (Mrs.), 2011 N Street, N.V/., 6, D.C, HO 9278 

2Ed Hulcher, Betty J., 2901 Hillen Rd., Baltimore 18, Dorm 2 

Gr Hulett, Bruce T., U309 Wheeler Rd., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 22090 

lAS Hull, Gilbert P., Jr., U25 Indiana Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm E 

Gr H.ull, Gordon C, 5806 67th Ave., Riverdale, UN 8O3U (UN IOI6 

UEd Hull, Theodore S., 2108 Virginia Ave., Hagerstowi, U705 Oglethorpe St., Riverdale, 

OSCS Hullar, Robert J., 51i2 Argyle Dr., Falls Church, Va., FA 5821 

2SCS Huller, William J., 2333 Frederick Ave., Baltimore 23 

2Ed Hulse, Barbara A., 8608 Carroll Ave., Silver Spring, 7U07 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9886 



(HO 1511 

Or Hulse, Fred E., 172 Bassett St., New Haven 11, Conn., 13$6 Fairmont St., N.W., 9, D.C., 

Gr Hultquist, Warren E., 9 Johnson St., Millbury, Mass., U702 Guilford Rd., C.P.. UN J*713 

2En Hume, George ST., 2929 Faulkner Place, Kensington, LO 5-1777 

OSCS Hummel, Garland A., Centennial St. Ext., Frostburg 

2AS Hummel, Ralph T., Centennial St., Frostburg, NZ 

2Ed Humphrey, E. Lee, 130 W. Leland St., Chevy Chase 1$, AAH 

Gr Humphrey, James N., 123 Sherman Ave., Takoma Park 12, JU 7-60?6 

iOS Run^jhrey, Joan L., Ua07 13th Place, N. E., 17, n.C, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

UEn Humphrey, William M., 1233 30th St., N.W., D. C, TD 2 

2AS Hunqshreys, Henry R., 5o6 Eastern Ave,, Cumberland, TD 7 

ISCS Hundley, Alvin C, 2921 Guilford Ave., Baltimore 18, TD 7 

UaS Hunley, Barbara J., 2$i7 Pickwick Rd., Baltimore 7, AAH 

Gr Hunt, Charles M., l6lU 17th St., N.^,, ?, D. C, HO 3908 

UaS Hunt, Clarence R., Maryland Line, Sigma Chi, oil 9307 

2SCS Hunt, F. Harriet, 110 Cedarcroft Rd., Baltimore 12, Dona 3 

UAS Hunt, Harry C.y h900 Deal Dr., 20, lu 0. 

ISCS Hunt, John H., Jr., Waldorf, Waldorf 3221 (25, D. C, JO 29000, Ext.350 

OSCS Hunt, Samuel H., 30U 5th Ave., W., Hendersonville, N.C, Kq&Hq Sq, Kq Comd, Boiling AFB, 

Gr Hunt, Woodward, li-3121 Parkway Terrace, 20, D. C, JO 98905 

OSCS Hunter, Edward J., 101 Richmond St., Old Hickory, Tenn., l68 MP Bn., Ft. Meade 

Gr Hunter, Thomas M., Shepherdstown, W, Va., U321; Clagett Rd., Hyattsville, WA 6350 

2HE Huntington, Margaret P., 2602 South Wayne St., Arlington, Va,, GL 3158 

OSCS Huntley, Kenneth L., Route 1, Clinton, Navel Research Lab.i NRL 239 

UPE Huppert, William G., 65l9 O'Donnell St., Baltimore 2U, RI 2827W 

2PE Kurd, Arthur I., 127 Graiiam St., Gardner, Mass., Dorm L, WA 9833 

3En Hurd, Clifford T., 1333 Crofton Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm C 

OSCS Hurd, Robert B. (Capt.), 3222 B. Terrace Dr., Suitland, HI 2670 (WA 3392 

log Hurlbrink, Robert W., Jr., P.O.Box 326, West Chester, Pa., R.D.I, Box ilUA, Hyattsville, 

Gr Hurlburt, Evelyn M. (Mrs.), 9522 Bruce Drive, Silver Spring 

UEd Hurley, .Dwight M., 208 Monroe St., Rockville, Dorm M 

2BPA Hurley, Herbert E., Jr., 106 Summerfield Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Wl 3558 

Gr Hurley, M-'ryanne, 331 17th St., N.E., D. C, TR 22ili3 

OPE Hurley, Walter V., 602 Dale Ave., Baltimore 6, JE 81^00 

lEd Hurowitz, Elaine E., 805 Quintans PI., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 3017 

2AS Hurson, KLlen L., 1107 Noyes Dr., Silver Spring, Dorm 2 

UaS Hurst, Robert W., 9K Southway Rd,, Greenbelt 

IBPA Hurwitz, Bernard, 3918 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore l5. Phi Alpha 

2AS f?urwitz, Gilbert E., Ii658 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore l5, NZ 

3En Hurwitz, Joel, 3509 Wabash Ave., Baltimore l5, 7303 Tale Ave., C. P., UN 9785 

Gr Husman, Burris F., 7303 Dickinson Ave., College Park, AP 5621 

UAg Hussein, Ali A,, Ministry of Educ, Baghdad, Iraq, laOh 30th St., Mt. Rainier, A? 0789 

Gr Hussein, Medhat A., 12 Ismail Pasha St., Garden City, Cairo, Egypt, U303 Rowalt Dr.,C.P. 

Gr Hussman, Thomas A., Jr., 3U22 Tulane Dr., TV. Hyattsville, AP 6322 

UEn Hussong, James C, 638 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, TD 3 

OSCS Hutchens, Frederick L., Economy, Ind., 7830 Bel Air Rd., Baltimore 6, BO 1285 J( JO >6892 

2En Hutcherson, Roy H., Jr., Uo5 Macoy Ave., Culpeper, Va. , 6I Forrester St., S.W., 20,D.C., 

OSCS Hutcheson, Andrew C, Co. B, l68th MP, Ft. Meade, Ft. Meade 970 

3En Hutcheson, Robert K., Box llii, High St., Lonaconing, TD 7 

2AS Hutcheson, R. Thomas, 5l8 Eeall St., Cumberland, Calvert B 

lAS Hutchins, Constance A., Barstow, Doim 2 

UAg Hutchinson, Norman F., P.O.Box 278, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1^313 Rowalt Dr., C.P.,AP 15U7 

3AS Hutchison, Albert S., 1539 l8th St., N.W., 9, D.C., NO O63U 

2AS Huth, Gerald C, 1119 l5th Ave., Altoona, Pa., TD 1 

OSCS Hutson, Donald R., 101^2 Barnaby Terrace, S,E., 20, D.C., JO 2-5053 

3Ed Hutson, D. Carol, k9hh Hazel Ave., Baltimore 27, Kappa Delta, C. P., WA 9759 

IAS Hutt, Bradley R. , 213 19th St., N.E., D.C., TR 7921 

IPE Hutto, Enid S., U32li Rjwalt Dr., C. P., WA 7667 

Gr Hutton, Junius 0., 3)4 W. Blackthorn St., Chevy Chase 15, WI O838 

UAS Hutton, Phillip 0., 5Uo5 Pine St., S. E., 19, D. C, JO 8-3517 

hkg Hutton, Vincent E., 2300 18th St., N.W., 9, D. C, CO li060 

3Ed Hutton, William H., Jr., 1008 Heather Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 8033 

IAS Huwig, John M., 3805 Locheam Dr., Baltimore 7, TD U 

2AS Huyett, Charles B., 128 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown, Alpha Alpha 

ISCS Huyett, Melvin A., 238 E. Walnut St., Shillington, Pa., Dorm 

OHE Hwang, Cirila C. (Mrs.), 301 Lincoln Ave., Takoma Park, SL 8991 

Gr Hwang, Joseph C, 301 Lincoln Ave., Takoma Park, SL 8991 

ISCS Hyatt, Irwin J., Ui05 Belle Ave., Baltimore 7, TD 1 

UaS Hyatt, Ruben, 39 Comhill St., Annapolis, TD 6 

3Ed Hyde, Francis, Sandy Spring, AS 5198 

OAS Hyde, Mary P. (Mrs.), Sandy Spring, AS 2291 


SCS Hyde, Rosel H., 2709 McKinley St., N.W., 15, D.C., WO 8537 

UAg Hyde, Rowland, Sandy Spring, Ashton 2291 (AFB, 25, D.C., HI 3100 Ext. h2U3 

OSes Hyder, Ralph C, 50li Mississippi Ave., V/hitcha falls, Tex., 1909th AACS Sq., Andrews 

OSes Hyder, Rofina S., 223 Harrison Ave., Boston, Mass., 3911 Uth St., N. Arlington 3, Va. 

Or Hyman, Morton A., I4O2I 9th St., M.^t*., 11, D.C., TA 6262 (GL 32iil 

2En Hymowitz, Sheldon L,, 1^527 Fairfax Rd., Ealto, 16, U509 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

hAS Hynan, Jane F., 939 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, SL 6712 

2AS Hynan, William E., Jr., 939 Bonifant Si., SL 6712 

3En lannuzzelli, Louis *., hUS W. 12th St., Nev^ark, N.J., 7ii06 Dickinson Ave., C.P., UN 9771 

UAS Ice, Lloyd W,, 5821^ York Rd,, Balto. 12, Dorm E 

OSes Idler, Basil T., 2727 Ordway St., H.ti,, 8, D.C., CR 7613 

ijPE Idzik, John J., 282y Jenks St., Phila., 37, Pa., Dorm G 

2HE Ifert, Rut' E., i^ddletown, AAH 

I4EPA Ilderton, Robert 3., 103 S, Gay St., Balto. 1, Dorm 

UEd Imbierowicz, Stanley E,, 6OO S. Belnord Ave., Balto. 2li, Dorm E 

2BPA Imburgia, Anthony C., h$ Fox Blvd. Werrick, W.I., ii5o5 Auihurst Rd., C.P., U!I I4786 

2AS Imirie, Mildred H., 9016 Georgetown Rd., Bethesda lii, 'HI Uhlh 

Or Imphong, Paul H., Box #3SU, Hancock, U812 Berwyn Rd., Berwym 

Gr Imse, Thomas P., 147014 xNorwich Rd., G.P., UN 0633 

OAS Indocci, William iS., 1+9 Seymour Ave., Derby, Conn., TD 8 

OSCS Indyk, Walter A. (Capt.), 2309 11th St. H., Arlington, Va. 

Us Lngraham, Ronald L., 8617 Burdette Rd., Bethesda lii, OL 0571 

ISCS Ingram, Harry E., 1206 T^banon St., Silver Spring, SH 8]Jlili 

IjBPA Ingram, W. Clay, 819 Columbia Ave., Cumberland, Dorm 

OSCS Ingran', 'Ailliam I,, Apt. 211, Caliiornia Hall, Arlington 6, CM 3368 

OSCS Ingrum, Glister J., h59^ Cote Brilliante Ave., St. Louis 13, Mo., 7th Machines <fe Record 

Gr Inman, Lee R., Apt. #U3, 1321 Euclid St., N.»f.,D.C. DU-6282(Unit, Ft. Myer, Va., Ext.73073 

OSCS Inman, Roy L. (Lt. Col.), 38U6 Florence Drive, Alexandria, Va., OV 3082 

hAS Intelisano, Frank S,, 569 Downer St., Westfield, N.J., Dorm G 

UBPA Ireland, Jackson W., Plum Point 

OSCS Ireland, Melvin J., 2017 N. Upton St., Arlington, Va., 

3En Irish, Charlfis A., 200 Hillendale Rd., Lansdowne 27, Arbutus IOO8V/ 

Gr Irvin, Herbert McClellan, 32 E Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, 

IiBPA Irvine, George M., Jr., Ul5 W. Shipley Rd., Linthicum Hgts , Linthicum 759J (GE 1000 Ext.2ijl6 

OSCS Irving, Jane M., 6 Cedar Grove Rd., Little Falls, N.J., Delano Hall, kmy Med Center, 12, D.C, 

I;EPA Irwin, Brice, 63 Aberdeen Ave., Aberdeen, Dorm 

OSd Irwin, Helen (^trs.), 89OO Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SL 1337 

2AS Is burgh, Peter VanBuren, Ellenham Rd., Ruxton, -i. Tows on 1179 

OSCS Isehower, John N., lUiOth USAF SIA Sq., Alabama Hall, So. Post., Ft. Ifyer, Va, 

ijEd Isennock, Francis R., Forest Hill, 1-E Parkway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7126 

Gr Isennock, iJar;.- R. 'Mrs.), Forest Hill, 1-E Park-^ay, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 71?6 

3BPA Israel, Julius n.., Main St., Union Bridge, U607 Knox Rd,, C,F., WA 9766 

3AS Izaguirre, Charles, 732 Fern Place, H,^., 12, D.C. 

OSCS Jablonski, Edwin J,, 6616 E, St,, S.E,, 19, I^.C, HI 5668 

ISCS Jackson, Allen C, 8 Norwood RJ., Annapolis, Dorm I 

OSCS Jackson, Betty P.(Hrs.), 23514 2l4th St., 3.E., D.C., VI 7700 

I4AS Jackson, Daniel G., 1301 iferrimack Ave., >Vest Hyattsville, (Apt. 201) 

i(BPA Jackson, Donald R., TUTD^Z, Gaithersburg, TD k 

2AS Jackson, Elmer M., Ill, 8 NorwooaRd., WarJour, Annapolis, Sigma Chi , UN 9807 

3Ed Jackson, Harvey T., 73C5 15 th Place, Takoma Park 12, SH 1927 

2HE Jackson, Helen, Prince George Ave., Beltsville, TO 14832 

Gr Jackson, Helen K., 5822 Fourth St,, N.<V., ll, D.C, RA I67I4 

3Ed Jackson, Lois, Berwyn, TO I4632 

2AS Jackson, Martiia A., 8923 Carleton Terrace, C.F., UN 9I468 

UPE Jackson, Orville W., 56C3 Longfellow St., E. Riverdale, AP 3062 

OSCS Jackson, Thomas P., 27li4 Riverside Ave., Soiaerset, iiass.. Forest Glen Section, A.M.C., 12, D.C. 

Gr Jackson, Warren S,, 5I4O2 56th Place, E. Riverdale, AP 1822 

Gr Jackson, W. A. Douglas, 15 Southview Ave., Toronto, Canada, I4703 Harvard Rd., C.P., WA i456l 

3BPA Jackson, ffilliam I,, Jr., 771 Webster Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y., 7505 lale Ave., C.P., M 9520 

2En Jacobs, Charles D., 14^19 P. St., M.W., 7, D.C., 7700 Colesville Rd., W. Hyattsville, AP 60147 

3BPA Jacobs, Charles T., i4l3 E. Diamond Ave., Gaithersburg, 7507 Hopkins Ave., C.P,, UN 0351 

OEd Jacobs, Clara C,(Lirs.), 50 E Crescent Rd,, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 82l6 

OSCS Jacobs, Ewell D., (Lt,), Sherrill. Ark., 3857 Haley Terrace, S.E,, 25, D.C, JO 2-5855 

3AS Jacobs, Paul M., Jr., 2116 Dexte.- Ave,, Silver Spring, SL 65/46 

2AS Jacobs, Richard V,'., 1722 jJaassachusetts Ave., N.rt., D.C, AD 9776 ((2: 1000 Ext .2209 

IAS Jacobs, Robert H., 2171 S.W. 21st St., Laami, Fla,, 107d Hosp. Sqdn., krmy ^<^ Center, D.C. 

2iE Jacobs, Stanley R,, 1602 Allison St., N.W,, li, D,C,, GE 51431 

2BPA Jacobsen, Evelyn M., 5101 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda II4, WI 2916 

3AS Jacobsen, Hugh N., 5700 Kirkside Drive, Chevy Chase, OL 8518 

OSCS Jacobson, Andrew (Cpl.), 8i40 Ravine Place, Sharon, Pa., Box 110, Hq&Hq Sq. ,1100th ABwg,BAFB 

(25, D.C, JO-2-9000 Ext. 665 


OSCS Jacobson, Donald E., Box 281, St. Jans s, Minn., Joint Taisk Force 3, 25,D.C.,nE 7U00, 

2Ag Jacquette, I. Simns, Rock Hall, Com M (Ext.6llU7 

OSCS Jaffe, Bernard, 1311 Ave. R., Brooklyn 29,N.Y., 3028 Wisconsin Ave.,N.W.,l6,D.C.,0R 7572 

2SCS Jaffe, LaTrrence J., 2936 Cleveland Ave., 8, D.C., CO 2936 

IAS Jaffe, LaiTPence S., 130 Webster Street, N.W., 11, D.G.,TA 1309 

OSCS Jaffe, Morton S. (Major), 3210 N.Pershing Drive, Arlington 1, GL 3U08 

En Jagars, Andrejs, 50 Franklin St., N.E., 2, D.C., Apt. 301,2205 Guilford Rd. ,Hyatts'/ille 

ISCS Jahnes, Barbara L., 5301 Taylor Rd., Riverdale, WA 9022 

IBPA Jaksec, Charles M., 1702 N. Broadway, Hastings, Mich., Calvert D 

3AS Jalepes, Katherine, 7336 llith St., N.W., 12, ID.C, CE 7991 

IBPA James, Charles W., Highland Post Office, Clarksville 783 Jll 

lAg Jaraes, David L., Port Tabacco, Calvert D 

Gr James, Deporah D. (Mrs.), U309 Rowalt Dr., College Parte, AP OSUO 

IBPA James, Donald F., Ul06 Belle Grove Rd., Baltimore 25, Dorm 

3AS James, Joseph E., 20U Oakley St., Cambridge, Calvert A 

OSCS James, Robert H. (Capt.), 3813 Milan Drive, Alexandria, Va., IE 8958 

3AS James, Walter E., 10 Ridge Road, Catonsville 28, Calvei-t D 

UBPA Jameson, William P., Indian Head, 9101 i;8th Place, Branchville, TO 656U 

3BPA Janigian, Paul C, U211 Alton Place, N.W., 16, D.C., OR 2531 (JO 29000 

OSCS Janis, Jerome W., 50li Selby St., St.Paul, Minn., Box 69, Officers Mail Room, Boiling AFB, 

OSCS Jankowitz, Jerry, 336 Hart St., Brooklyn 6, N.IJ:, 8222 Larry Pi., Chevy Chase, SH 0013 

13PA Janofsky, Arthur M., 3311^ Guatham Rd«, Baltimore 15, 7308 Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

llBPA Jans, Fred C, Jr., 706 Chesapeake Ave.j Silver Spring, SL U285 

Or Jansons, Mary J. (Mrs. ), 9010 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring, SH, 0^70 

3AS Janssen, Lillian B., U5U8 S.Chelsea Lane, Bethesda, Dorm 2 

lEn Jansson, Richard M., UUOU Greenwich Parkway, 7, D.C., Dorm G 

OSCS Jarboe, Wallace E., 520 Knollwood Dr., Apt. 6, Falls Church, Va. , JE 3-8773 

IAS Jarchow, Carole M., 5011 Keystone Ave., Bethesda iLi, AAH 

En Jardira, Afranio V., 907 Northampton Dr., Silver Spring 

UAS Jarrell, Robert M., 38l5 Ridgewood Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm 

3AS Jarvis, George M., IV, 1613 Hipon Place, Paxkfairfax, Alexandria, Va. ,TE 3U96 

lEd Jarvis, Joyce V., 38 Sherman Circle, N.W., 11, D.C., AAH 

Ug Jaseph, Harold W., 337 37th PI., S.E., 19, D.C., VI 0596 

Gr Jasper, Norman H., 6355 Waneta Rd., 16, D.C., WI 7112 

Gr Jaszczult, ITiaddeus P., 5 E. Monroe Ave,, Alexandria, Va., OV 5026 

3HE Jeanguenin, Joan M., 7773 Emerson Rd. , Hyattsville, AP.035U (JO 29000, Ext^U6 

OSCS Jeavons, Thomas J., 7U0 Maritet St., Wheeling, ilf.Va.,1005th IG SIU, Boiling AFB,D.C. 

OSCS Jee, Shew M., 228 Sixth St., Oakland 20, Calif., 1315 T St.,20,D.C.,LU l^^$9 

3AS Jefferson, Grace M., 1 Dean St., Annapolis, Dorm 2 (Va.,JA 2k$h9 

OSCS Jeffrey, Richard P., Kum Hattin School, Saxtons River,Vt.,8U8 S.Frederick St. , Arlington, 

2HE Jelinek, Linda M., 7216 l6th Ave., Takoraa Park 12, JU 7-7385 

IAS Jenkins, Albert L., Indian Head, Indian Head 3106 

2Ag Jenkins, Charles L., Ul98 Suitland Road, S.E., Suitland, JO 8-3U85 

UBPA Jenkins, Edmund E., 302 S. Rolling Rd. , Baltimore 28, Catonsville 6923 

OSCS Jenkins, Edward N. (Major), 500 Vista Drive, Falls Church, Va., FA 6139 

Gr Jenkins, Innis L. (Rev.), 7UlO ColuiTibia Ave., College Park, WA UllU 

Gr Jenkins, James F., Jr., 10105 McKenney Ave., Silver Spring, SL 6561 

OSCS Jenkins, John F. (Capt.), R.R.2, Fairfax, Va. 

lAg Jenkins, John G., U312 Clagett Rd., Hyattsville, Dorm F (MI 60U7 

UBPA Jenkins, Lloyd L., Jr., 3701 Eastern Ave.,Mt. Rainier, 306l Clinton St.,N.S.,l8,D.C., 

2Ag Jenkins, Robert B., Ul98 Suitland Rd. , Suitland, Dom . 

lAg Jenkins, Russell L., Jr., Holiday House, R.F.D., Upperco, U607 Calvert Rd., C.P.,WA 7022 

Gr Jenkins, Vfilliam F., Bangor, Alabama, Hort Dept., Un. of Md., C.P., WA 3300, Ext. 357 

Gr Jenkins, William H., U90il First St., N.W., 11, D.C., TA U031 

2AS Jennings, Allen K., East New Market, Dorm 

3En Jennings, John W,, Jr., 3319 Shannon Dr., Baltimore 13, Dorm 

3AS Jennison, Martha A., 218 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase 15, 1.VI 3836 

3BPA Jensen, Arthur, 75 Bostwick Ave., Jersey City, N.J., VF2, Apt. B, C.P. 

UAe Jensen, LeRoy, Box I98, Rt. 2, Bradywine 

UAS Jensen, Lois J., 2 Park Circle, Towson k, ii603 College A^e., C.P., WA 986li 

OSCS Jensen, Raymond A., 306 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., D.C., LI 7-2953 

OSCS Jentgen, Carolyn M., Route 1, Box 18U, Carlsbad,N.M.,U.S.A.Hospi tal,Ft.Meade,Ft.Mde.Ext.2Ul2 

Or Jerabek, Jeanette B. (Mrs.), 3U02 Oberon St., Kensington, LO 5-13i|2 

2SCS Jerman, James A., Jr., U07 Ritchie Highway, Glen Bumie 9, ID 2 

IBPA Jess, Mona J., 210U Belvedere Dr., Silver Spring, SL O3I48 

Gr • Jessup, Gordon L., Jr., 5727 Potomac Ave., N.W., 16, D.C., WO 3lli2 

OSCS Jessup, Henry C, Apt. 1., Bldg. 1-65, Andrews AFB, 25, D.C.,HI 3100, Ext. 2135 

UEPA Jester, William C, Jr., Biglerville, Pa., Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

OSCS Jett, Maiy K., 112 Park Heights, Cumberland, Cumberland 3378U 

2En Jew, Dock Y., 31U5 2Uth St., N.E., 18, D.C., DK 5721* 






























Jeweler, Stanley G., Jeweler's St., Sell man, Poolsville 328U 

Jewell, Donald S., 808 Burlington Rd., Silver Spring, SL 7991 

Jewell, Richard A., Apt. 2, U626 Knox Rd., College Park, UN 22Ul 

Jewell, Samuel G., Daraaacus, 917 Good Luck Rd. , Riverdale, UN 9770 

Jewell, William H., $0 Maple St., Cumberland, Dona U 

Jimenez, Frank I., UU3 Orange St., S.E.,2, D.C, JO 207U3 

Jobsis, Frans F., 51 Prins Bei-nhardlaan, Degatgust, Netherlands, Dorm K 

Joesting, Frank R. , Pines on the SevexTi, Arnold, Dorm C 

Joffe, Irving, 2601 Sherman Ave., N.W., 1, D.C, CO 0867 

Joffe, Norman, 2601 Sherman Ave., N.W., D.C, CO 0867 

Job, Raymond A., Jr., 3611 MacTavish Ave., Baltimore 29, GI 3775 

Johler, Joseph H., 12206 Judson Rd., Wieaton, LO 5-190U 

Johns, Basil P., 50U S. Oldham St., Baltimore 2U, Calvert C 

Johns, Herbert P., 7U Lincoln St., Pearl River, N.Y., 325 Decatur St, N.W. 

Johns, Shirley M., 7301 23rd Ave., Hyattsville, AP 5525 

Johns, William E., 2UU0 l6th St., N.W., D.C, HU 9122 

Johnson, Alan P., 922 S. Buchanan St., Arlington U, Va. , JA 8-1762 




Johns cffi 

OSCS Johnson 
Ubpa Johnson 
OSCS Johnson 
3BPA Johnson 
lEn Johnson 

Bermrd I., Bushwood, Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

Cedric F., Jr., U2U Oneida PI, N.W., 11, D.C, TA 7793 

Charles E., R.F.D. 2, Berlin, U253 D Photo Tech.Sqdn., Boiling AFB, D.C. 

Charles H., 631 E. Fort Ave., Baltimore 30 

Charles L., Jr., 6568 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

Clifford M., Jr., 13U3 Otis PI., N.W., 10, D.C, U300 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9770 

Daniel W., Jr., 6U7 Sedgwick St., Ciimberland, TD U 

Dawson A., 2901 «hie St., N.W., D.C, CO 922U 

Edward M., Jr., 6U30 7th St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 9277 

Edward ^,, Jr., Prospect St., Shepherdstown, W.Va., 6916 Oakridge Rd., Hyattsville 

Elbert L., 308 Aigburth Rd., Towson U, Dorm L 

Ernest G., Jr., U002 Deepwood Rd. , Baltimore 18, TO 6 

Francis S., 175U Ulst Place, S.E., 20, D.C, VI 12U6 

Geroy E., Kensett, Iowa, 8l8 Park Ave., Baltijnore 

Gertrude-Mary F., Box 55, Route 1, Berwyn, TO 967U (TE 176U 

Grove C, 668 North 59th St., Omaha, Nebr., 122U Powhatan St., Alexandria, Va., 

Jack D., 1826 N. Capitol St., 2, D.C, IC 7911 

Jack G., Jr., Box 327, Balboa, Canal Zone, ID 5 

James F., 2008 3rd St., N.E., 2, D.C, CO 5U72 

James L.,Jr., 3629 13th St.j N.W.^ 10, D.C, DU Ul28 

Joseph G., Ill, 380U Tudor Arms Ave., Baltimore 11, TU 8282 

Jos^h H., U535 Avondale St., Bethesda, Calvert E 

Leo J., Route 2, Box 205A, Fairfax, Va., FA 177W13 

Leroy E., Westover, Alpha Gamma Rho, WA 9831 

Lois T., 1522 Erskine St., Takoma Park, SH 3817 (JO 2-9000, Ext. U0U2 

Marguerite A. (Capt. ), 1129 Maple Ave., Bvanston, 111, Box 221,Bolling AFB,D.C, 

Marshall P., 2lU Elm St., Chevy Chase 15, WI I83I 

Mary V., 3000 39th St., N.W., Apt. 6l5, 16, D.C, OR 5869 

Nancy A., 307 Haailton Ave., Silver Spring, JU 7-7865 

Perry B., Ill, 909 Elm Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL UU90 

Phyllis R., 1031 Sylvan Dr., Falls Church, 750U lale Ave., C.P., WA U262 

Raymond L., Holmdel Rd. , Hazlet, N.J., Dorm 

Robert W. , 6505 Ridgewood Ave . , Chevy Chase 15 , WI 5298 

Gr Johnson, Rudolph P., 1629 Druid Hill Ave., BaltL-nore 17, LA 2U76 

OSCS Johnson, Ruth J. (Mrs.), Cresaptown, Cumberland 719 Jl 

2HE Johnson, Thomas E., 308 Aspen St., N.W., 12, D.C, GE 8975 (25,D.C.,JO 29000,Ext.572 

OSCS Johnson, Vernon J., 928 N. Central Ave., Baltimore 2, Hq.&Hq.Sq. 1100th ABWg,Bolling APB, 

Gr Johnson, Victor J., U0U6 Grant St., N.E., D.C, VI 021U 

Gr Johnson, Walter E., 900U Ewing Dr., Bethesda lU, WI 37U3 

3AS Johnson, William G., Jr., 2032 Walbrook Ave., Baltimore 17, TD 8 

lEd Johnston, Arthur C, 2 Venturi Road, Baltimore 20, TD 3 (VI 0513 

&: Johnston, Edward L., 3336 Denver St., S.E., 20, D.C, Box 6908, Congress Hts.Sta.,20,D.C 

OSCS Johnston, Richard S., 3100 Upshur St., Mt. Rainier, AP 2339 

Gr Johnston, R. Bruce, Apt. 3, 911 Garland St., Takoma Park, SL 37U8 

Gr Jonas, Leonard A., U3l3 Norfolk Ave., Baltimore 16, MO0673 

Uas Jonas, Sydn^ A., Jr., 1U12 Morse St., N.E., 2, D.C, FR 0231 

Gr Jones, Allen H., 3119 Jennings Rd., Kensington 

lEd Jones, Chester H., Jr., I36 Grafton St., Chevy Chase, TD 6 

OSCS Jones, Donald B., 3101 S. Hayes St., Arlington, Va. , OT 8295 

OSCS Jones, Donald 0., 3116 Parkway Terrace Dr., S.E.,20,D.C.,Hq AACS, 25, D.C, JO 9-8871 

2HE Jones, Elizabeth A., Ul09 Queensbury Rd., Hyattsville, WA 1330 

OSCS Jones, Ellsworth E., Box 17, Beaumont, Kansas, U203d Photo. Tech. Sqd 

Ubpa Jones, Emory 0., 6UIU Landover Road, Landover, HY OU93 

(JO 29000, Ext. 593 
Boiling AFB,25,D.C. 


OSCS Jones, Floyd M., Qrs. NC-133, Ft, Meede, Ft. Meade 239ii 

lEd Jones, Georgia, 3lU Southampton Dr., SiDver Spring, JU 7581:6 

IAS Jones, Gordon W., 73lU Justin St., District Heights, HI li678 

Gr Jones, Henry L., Il6 S. 10th St., Indiana, Pa., U002 Hanilton St., Hyattsville, WA 2562 

OSCS Jones, Henry L. (Capt.), 3228 McKinley St., l5, D. C, m 9h92 

Um Jones, Howard F., 5619 Oregon Ave., Baltimore 27, NZ 

2Ed Jones, Irvin F., 5)-il+ Guilford Ave., Hagerstovm, Dorm K 

liBPA Jones, Jacob N., Jr., 55L Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Creenbelt 72ia 

OSCS Jones, James B., 1110 Kain St., Foss Point, "iss., 3U06 Tulane Dr., ff. Hyattsville 

2AS Jones, John F., Millers, Dorm E 

3En Jones, John L., 205 Eastwood Ave., Silver Spring, SH ii076 

Gr Jones, John L., Jr., 2500 Jennings Rd., Kensington, LO 5-3973 

OSCS Jones, Margaret M. (Mrs.), Manor Club, R.F.D. 2, Rockville, LO 5-01i40 

OHE Jones, }-'. Yvonne, h09 Elm Avr., Takoma Park, SH 14:99 

UBPA Jones, Karvin Z., IIF Hillside Rd., Greenbelt 

HE Jones, Patricia A., 113 West Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda lli. Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

OSCS Jones, Philip I., l307 Patton Dr., Apt. D., Meade Hts., Ft. Meade, Ft. Meade 2670 

2PPA Jones, Raymond E., I8l2 Barclssy St., Baltimore 2, TD 2 

UBPA Jones, Richard F., Jr., Asbixry Ave., Crisfield, NZ 

2BPA Jones, Robert E., 1902 Rookwood Rd. , Silver Spring, SL 66UO 

2En Jones, Robert F., 1102 rfayne Ave., Silver Spring, SL 2li09 

AS Jones, Robert T., 69 Church St., Plymouth, Pa., TD 3 

Gr Jones, Roger C, 1101 Savannah St., S.E., 20, D. C, JO 2-2U72 

2En Jones, Roland M., 118 Maple Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 2211i 

Gr Jones, Russell B., Jr., Apt, 209, Florida Hall, Arlington Farris, Va. 

IAS Jones, Shirley M., Emmitsburg, MBH 

2PE Jones, Stanley P., Ii6 North 10th St., Lemoyne, Pa., Dorm F 

lEPA Jones, Stuart E., Jr., 711h Clarendon Rd, , Bethesda lU, Calvert B 

3AS Jones, Thomas B., 11 3rd Ave. West, Warren, Pa., 1:510 Albion Rd., C. P., UN 32i;3 

lEn Jones, Willard W., Jr., 1102 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, SL 21:09 

OSCS Jones, Wiiliam C, R&C, ET, NATO, Patuxent River 

Gr Jones, William P., 55 Forrester St., S.W., D.C., JO 3-5630 (AP I819 

UBPA Joran, Andrew W. , 1:627 Pennington Ave., Baltimore, 61:00 Baltimore Blvd., Hyatts^ille, 

Gr Jordan, Harold Y., 2113 Guilford Rd., Hyattsville (SH ii935 

IAS Jordan, James J,, 90? E. Willard St., Muncie, Ind., 1:12 Whitestone Rd., Silver Spring, 

OSCS Jordan, I'ary A. (Mrs.), 117 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N.C., 1:220 S. 32nd St., Arlington, Va., 

UAg Jordan, Robert H., 319 Holly Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 5025 (OV IO8O 

Gr Jordan, Samuel A., Jr., 8507 Old Bladensburg Rd., Silver Spring, SL 1:837 

OSCS Jordan, ?;illiam R., Box 1071:, College Park, Staunton, Va., 9901 TSU SCO, W.Reed Army Hosp., 

lEd Jorgensen, Lorraine A., 1:27 Jefferson St., N.W., 11, D.C., Dorm 2(GE 1000, Ext. 319 

(Arlington, Va. , JA 8-3638 

OSCS Jose, Elmer H., Jr. (Maj.), 2251i Cloverfieid Blvd., Santa Monica, Calif., Ila3 N. Taft St. 

3HE Joseph, Elizabeth }.[. , 125 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Park 12, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2En Joseph, J. Robert, 3320 Norfolk Ave., Baltimore 16, 7303 Yale Ave., C*. P, 

Or Joseph, Junior M., iThitesville, 'fl. Va., 817 ParK Ave., Baltimore 1, VE Ol:89W 

IBPA Joyce, Joseph E., 211: Larch St., Scranton, Pa., 1753 Q St., N.W., 9, D. C. 

Ag Joyce, William D,, Jr., Spring Grove State Hosp., Catonsville 23 

lEd Joynt, Patricia A., Box 153, Rt. 3, Vienna, Va., Dorm 2 

2AS Judge, Leo F., Jr., Fulton, Laurel 795W3 

2En Judge, William F., 1109 Gary Drive, Catonsville 28, Dom> E 

2Ag Jull, Morley A., 6906 Pineway, Hyattsville, TD 2 

3EPA Jump, G. Lawson, 112 Enfield Rd., Baltimore 12, Dora K 

2Ag Juncal, Donald P., 5ll5 Catherdal Ave., N.'^. , I6, D.C., WO 1:530 

3AS Jung, Alan D. , lh05 Carswell St., Baltimore 18, TD 3 

ISCS Jung, William H., Jr., 2702 Wilkens Ave., Baltimore 23 

2PPA Jungk, Victor H., Jr., 81:02 Piney Branch Ct., Silver Spring, SL 1305 

3AS Justice, Norman L., 10 West Piddle St., Baltimore 1 

UEn Justus, Donald H., 1:110 Southern Ave., Baltimore 6, TD 6 (HO 2221: 

3HE Jutila, Vappu L., Jurjantie 7, Pukinmaki, Hiki, Finland, 3001 Woodland Dr., N.W., D,C,, 

OSCS Kadrovach, Dan G.(Capt.), 68II Riggs Manor Dr,, Hyattsville, AP 2789 

OSCS Kaechele, Willi&iTi H.,' 127 Ivanhoe St,, S. W, , 20, D. C, JO 336l6 

2AS Kahan, E. Louis, 2223 Frookfield Ave., Baltimore 17, TD h 

2Ag Kahler, Herb S., 11 Prospect St., Kensington, LO 5-0576 

Gr Kahler, Roland L., 5735 Ojon Hill Rd., S.E., 20, D. C, LO >3273 

3AS Kahn, Jack, Dom E 

l:Ed Kaighn, E. Dorothy, 13 V Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 1:891 

2AS Kaiser, Edward E., Jr., Shore Acres Rd., Arnold, Dorm C 

Gr Kaiser, Julius A., Jr., 27 Detrick Ave., Kensington, LO 50169 

Gr Kaiser, Thomas E., 3I42 S. Loudon Ave., Baltimore 29, LO 1:313 

3SCS Kal, Wynn J., 2800 Woodley Rd., N.-V., 3, D. C, AD 8033 

2Ed Kalaman, Louise A., Iill6 Hamilton Ave., Baltimore 6, MBH 


Gr Kalftvski, Paul, 201 N. Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore, 5714 16th Ave., Hyattgville, 

USn Kalbfleisoh, A. Courtengy, 1101 N. Lexington St., Arlington, Va., TD 6 (UN 9064 

BPA Kaley, John W., 1040 Park Ave., New York, N.Y., Dom C 

Gr KalfopuloB, Anthanasios F., latanbul, Turkey, 5200 5th St., k.W., D.C., GE 2256 

4AS Kalnoske, Bernard J., % C. T. SmissoOj Sylvan Shores, Riva 

IBE Kalonturos, Lurania, 2601 Ross Rd., Silver Springs 15, SL 1020 

2AS Kalvan, Bernard, 4819 Laurel Ave., Baltimore 16, TD 3 

US Kamalich, Rlohard A., 18-19 27th Ave., Long Island City 2, N.Y., CZ 

2En Kair.bies, Paul R., 6616 Rhode Island Ave., Rivordale 

4En KaBiiDBr, Joseph R., 6034 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14 

2BPA Kananer, William R., 2803 Rlggs Ave., Baltimore 16 

3En Kamaencan, Philip E., 515 N. Chester St., Baltimore 5, Dorm N (Va., Chestnut 2859 

OSCS Kana, Mary A., 422 W. 18th St., Little Rock, Ark,, 607 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlington, 

OSCS Kandel, Edward R,, A. G. Hdq., USAF, D.C, Room 3E 181 Pentagon, D.C, 

ire Kane, Francis A., 5809 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore 28, TD 5 

IBE Kane, Joanne E., 521 Rolling Rd,, Chevy Chase 15, WI 1828 (GE 1721 

Gr Kant, Seymor, 4015 Dickinson Ave,, New York 63, N.Y., 939 Longfellow St., N.W,, 11, D.C, 

IBPA Kanter, Theodore R., 1401 k'orse St., N.E., 2, D.C, LI 3-5550 

4Ag Kantres, Jamea C, 3703 Milford Ave. Baltimore 7, LI 2833 

Gr Kao, Kung Y. T.(Mrs.), State Sanatorium, Harrisburg, Pa., 4615 Knox Rd., CP. 

AS Kao, Lin P., China, Dorm N 

2SCS Kaplan, Joan L., 7501 16th St., 12, D.C, TA 1441 

2AS Kaplan, Milton, 2419 N. Pulaski St., Baltimore 17, KA 0616 

5AS Kappelman, Murray M., 3704 Edgewood Rd., Baltimore 15, Sigma Alpha Mu, WA 9845 

4BPA Kapplin, James L., 3501 Lynohester Rd., Baltimore 15, FO 0146 

IAS Kapplin, Marilyn J., 2714 Upshur St., Mt. Rainier, UN 1588 

IBPA Kaput SOS, Marshall P., 306 S. Broadway, Baltimore 31, Dorm 

3Ed Karas, Michael, 716 South Oldham St., Baltimore 24, Dorm E 

Gr Karaskevitoh, Albert J., 3 South Rosedale St., Baltimore 29 

2BPA Karavangelos, Elisabeth, 6307 Foote St., Seat Pleasant, AAH 

OSCS Karel, Elaine V,, Clarkson, Nebr,, 2811 3l6t St., S.E,, D.C 

Gr Karinen, Arthur E., 4307 Rowalt Dr., C.P., AP 1832 

OBPA Karinen, Florence I, (Mrs.), 4307 Rowalt Dr., C.P., AP 1832 

2BPA Karitas, James J., 2D Southway Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 2398 

3AS Karlsson, Andrea L., Ironsides, Dorm 3 

3AS Karaash, Stanley R., 841 Indiana Ave., Glassporc, Pa., Dorm L 

4Ag Karnes Robert B., 120 N. 3rd St., Shenandoah, Va., VFIO, Apt.C, CP. 

lAg Karnes, William 0., Shenandoah, Va,, 5006 42nd Ave., Hyattsville, UN 7667 

2AS Karp, Arnold L., 615 Pelham Parkway N., New York 67, N,Y,, TD 2 

IBPA Karthaus, Robert E., 68 Buffalo Ave,, Long Beaoh, N.Y., 4810 Harvard Rd., CP. 

2BPA Kanraoki, Eugene J., 1202 S. Decker Ave., Baltimore 24, 4407 Knox Rd,, CP. 

IAS Karwacki, Robert L., 6709 Danville Ave,, Baltimore 22, TD 2 

3Ed Kashen, Joseph E,, 19 Walkway Ct., Baltimore 20, TD 3 

3Ag Kaslow, Herbert, 775 N.W. 13th Ave., Miami, Fla., 4509 Calvert Rd., CP,, WA 9512 

OSCS Kath, Victor H., 3119 Queens Chapel Rd., Mt, Rainier, UN 8301 (D.C 

4AS Katkovsky, Walter, 1717 E. Oliver St., Baltimore 18, Apt, 205, 738 Longfellow St, N,W., 

2Ed Katona, Joseph G., W. Painter St., S, Connellsville, Pa,, Dorm I 

IAS Katz, Alan R., 3308 Labyrinth Rd., Baltimore 15, 4802 Calvert Rd., CP,, UN 9786 

4Ed Katt, Helen, 3307 Burleith Ave,, Baltimore 15, MA 3764-J 

OSCS Kate, Hermoise E., Camp Detrick, Frederick, Frederick 1191 Ert.471 

Gr Katz, Isadore, 4327 4th St., S.E., 20, D.C, 

IBPA Katz, Jacob, 3912 Fairview Ave,, Baltimore 15, TD 3 

IBPA Katz, Joseph, 2442 Keyworth Ave., Baltimore 15, 7303 Yale Ave., CP, 

2AS Katz, Richard E,, 9410 Coala St., Silver Spring, SH 3866 

OSCS Katz, Robert E., 4333 4th St., S.E., 20, D.C, 00 3-3876 

4En Katz, Sidney, 509 N. Colli ngton Ave., Baltimore 5, TD 1 

2AS Kauffman, Jerome A., 2874 Perry St., N,E., 18, D.C, CO 7980 

ISCS Kauffinan, John F., Lakewood Dr., Gibsonia, Pa,, Dorm J 

3AS Kaufman, Henry C, 1013 Leeds Ave., Baltimore 29, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

SAS Kaufman, Joel, 532 W. Mount St., Baltimore 23, 4509 Calvert Rd., CP., WA 9513 

lAg Kauftnan, Joseph G., R.F.D, 5, Frederick, TD 5 

Gr Kauftnan, Joyce J, (Mrs.), 3310 Alto Rd., Baltimore 16, FO 9002 

OSCS Kauftnan, Maxime G., 7812 Foster St., 19, D.C, JO 9-9728 

OSCS Kaufman, Milton M., 729 N. Vemont St., Arlington, Va,, OW 0645 

ISCS Kay, Jerome D,, 412 Ingraham St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 4965 

OSCS Kayten, Gerald G,, 3710 Holmes Lane, Alexandria, Va., Temple 2575 

Gr Kazlauskas, Vity F., 3-C Parkway, Greenbelt, GR 6256 (Wi. 9884 

4BPA Kazmierski, Raymond R., 1S05 E. Venango St., Philadelphia 34, Pa., 4605 College /v«>., CP. 

6r Kearney, Flora McL., 1401 Delachaise St., New Orleans, La., 4319 N. 4th St., Arliugton, Va* 

4BPA Kearney, Ruth J., 707 Chaney Dr., Takoma Park 12, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 (OW 6033 


OSCS Kearney, Stuart D. (Lt.), 2231 Chesterfield Ave., Baltimore, NAS Patuxent River, VP 21, 

OSCS Kearney, William J., Jr., 202 ELirira St., S. W. , 20, D. C, JO 21lt93(GU 3111, Ext.80U 

2BPA Keating, J. Thomas, Jr., 73l6 Custer Rd., Bethesda lU, WI 65U6 

3BPA Kebalka, Konstanty, 15 Martin St., Glaremont, N. H., U662 Woodberry Rd. , Riverdale 

liAS Kebler, Victor L., 7106 Gloster Rd., r'/oodacres 

2PE Keck, John L'., Jones Mills, Pa., c/o Mrs. J. R. Reily, Mowatt Lane, C. P., rtA 7988 

Gr Kee, Joseph ",V., Route 2, Silver Spring, AS 5792 

Gr Keefauver, John D., 8U0C U8th Ave., C. P., TO 526ii 

AS Keefe, Robert M., 8510 Loughborough PI., Chevy Chase 15, WI ii96l 

2Ag Keefer, James F., R.F.D. 6, Westminster, N. Winsdor 369I 

UEn Keeley, William M., U209 Uth St., S. E., 20, D. C, JO 3-6283 

AS Keely, Richard K., U127 Harrison St., N. W., D. C, Of 8321 

3EPA Keen, George B., Circle Rd., Ruxton k, TO 3532 

IPE Keen, Lucile A., Pox 32, Shady Side, Donn 2 

2HE Keenan, Charlotte M., 5322 Taylor Rd., Riverdale, WA 7889 

IBPA Keenan, Clarence R., Ardvrick Park, Landover, HY OUlU 

2BPA Keene, Cyril, Jr., 5601 Greenspa Ave., Baltimore 9, Dorm C 

liEd Keeny, Alan P., I4OOU 35th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 7069 

OSCS Keery, Willian J., 3933 Oliver St., Chevy Chase l5, OL 3933 

UAS Kefauver, David P., Kiddletown, 5603 56th Ave., Riverdale, UN 1823 

OSCS Kegan, Robert E., 6I8 East Ulst St., Baltimore 18, CH 65U3 

2AS Kehne, Charles H., Jr., Buckeystoim, Dona K 

3AS Kehne, Ellen F., Buckeystown, AAH 

Gr Kehoe, Charles C, Pel Air 

2Ag Keil, John H., 3ii28 Juneway St., Baltimore 13, Calvert E 

IAS Keiper, Tilghman H. , Jr., Box 263, Upper Marlboro, Calvert C (Havre De Grace 

Gr Keirst«ad, Ralph E., Jr., 965 Folly Brook Blvd., rtfethersfield 9, Conn., 213 3. Union Ave., 

Gr Keiter, fi. Roberta (lirs.), IO6 Bryn Maur Ave., Glen Echo, WI 7589 

OSCS Keith, Edward N., 529 Saratoga Dr., Lexington Park, Gr. Mills 3092 

3AS Keith, Jefferson D., U6II College Ave., College Park, Dorm F 

2PE Kekenes, Becky A., 53lU Holder Ave., Baltimore li;, MBH 

PE Kekeris, William, 311 Jefferson St., N.W., D. C, AP 2713 

AS Kekst, Zalman A., 3301 Chauncey pi., Mt. Rainier, UN 2769 

UEd Kellam, James C, Jr., U227 Wickford Rd., Baltimore 10, U312 Gallatin St., Hyattsville 

lEn Kelleher, John S., A. R. C, Beltsville, TO 6U30 

lAg Keller, Emil J., Waldorf, P. 0. Box 296, TD 6 

OSCS Keller, Floyd E., 2300 11th St. North, Apt. 101, Arlington, Va., OW 127U 

3Ag Keller, Harold K., 110 Penn Ave., Frederick 

3AS Keller, Lucille M., Ia20 31st Street, Mt. Rainier, WA 789li 

OSCS Keller, Marguerite If. (Mrs.)* ii06 Fayette St., Cumberland, Cumberland 3123M 

lEn Keller, Samuel W. , 3031 7th St., N.E., 17, D. C, MI 8ll|6 (LI 56700, Ext. 71229 

OSCS Kelley, Pennie H., R.R.I, Comstock Park, Mich., 91''4 Overlook Dr., Alexandria, Va., 

OSCS Kelley, Edward J., Jr., 10 Downer Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y., Bldg. l-5l, Andrews AFB, 25,D.C., 

Gr Kelley, Irving B., 1^627 Wood Berry Rd., Pdverdale, UN 8733 (HI 3100, Ext. 2235 

2AS Kelley, John L., Jr., Box 3007, Fort Worth, Texas, VF 6, Apt. G., C.P. 

UAg Kelley, J. Thomas, Pleasant Hills Farms, Germantown, Gaithersburg )483iV3 

2F^ Kelley, Varlene L., 71 Dundalk Ave., Baltimore 22, AAH 

IiPPA Kelley, Robert, 56l5 Hamilton Manor Dr., Hyattsville 

3SCS Kelley, Samuel G., Jr., Park Heights Ave., Owings Mills, TD 1 

2BPA Kelley, Winfield S., 1320 Rittenhouse St., 11, D. C, TA 2138 

lEd Kellner, Lois P., 1373 Sheridan St., N.W., 11, D. C, RA 8l9U 

UBPA Kellogg, Mary A., iaOO Nicholson St., Hyattsville, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IPE Kelly, Petty L . , Graceham, AAH 

AS Kelly, Catherine A., 727 Maryland Ave., Cumberland, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

2BPA Kelly, David J., U318 Tuckerman St., Riverdale U5o6 Amherst Rd., C. P., Nh 95U 

3Ag Kelly, David M., 2730 7iith Ave., Hyattsville 

lEn Kelly, Edward G., 3110 Webster St., Mt. Rainier, WA 6016 

Ufa Kelly, Francis X., I6 N. Chase St., Cumberland, TD h 

Ms Kelly, Gordon P., U013 Ridgecroft Rd., Baltimore 6, TD 2 

ISCS Kelly, Howard H., Jr., 112 North Market St., Frederick, TD 7 

IBPA Kelly, James R. , 3319 l6Uth St., Flushing, N.Y., TD 7 

Gr Kelly, John D. , 89 W. Main St., Frostburg, Frostburg 292J 

IBPA Kelly, John L., 503 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29, CZ 

OSCS Kelly, Joseph X., 305 tdgewood Ave., Silver Spring, GE 1000, Ext,U32 

Gr Kelly, Mary E., 1501 North Rhodes St., Arlington 9, Va., OW 3323 

OSCS Kelly, Robert, 3126 East 1st St., DuD.uth, Minn., 3717 Uth St., S.E., D. C, JO 2-55ii3 

3AS Kelly, Robert L., Jr., 3220 Tyndale Ave., Baltimore lU, CL 5259 

lAg Kelly, Thomas G., 3321 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 16, TD 6 

lEd Kelly, Verna M., 210 Baltimore Rd., Rockville, AAH 

3Sn Kelly, Vincent G., 2702 Yorkway St., Dundalk 22, TD 3 


Gr Kemerer, J. Paul, 6800 Dartmouth Ave., Collef^e Park, WA 0830 

4HE Kemp, Jane D., '.Yadee Point Farm, WcDaniel, Dorm 2 (202, Falls Church, Va., FA 3754 

OSCS Kemp, Mignon P., (yr3.), 810 S. Arlington Mill Dr., Arlington, Va., 512 Vista Dr., Apt. 

2BPA Kemp, Ralph C, 106 Enfield Rd. , Baltimore 12, 4400 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9833 

3Ed Kempfer, Maurine L., (jjre.), 28 Perry St., Kensington, LO 5-8570 

4AS Kendall, Delbert K., 7911 Takoma Ave., Silver Spring, SH 8620 

Gr Kendall, James K., 5309 Pard Rd., Coral Hills, HI 7962 

AS Kendall, Joan A., 4825 Langdrum Lane, Chevy Chase 15, WL 3019 

lAS Kendall, Margaret E., 417 Clinton Terrace, Easton, Pa,, Dorm 3 

2AS Kendall, Uilton D., Jr., 232 Gallatin St., N. TT., 11, D.C., TA 0194 

3Ed Kendall, Robert F., 1765 Montpelier St., Baltimore 18, NZ 

4AS Kendig, Tyler K., 502 E. Arlington Ave., Baltimore 12, CH 5447 

OSCS Kendrick, Robert F., R.F.D. 1, Simpsonville, S.C, 3500 13th St., S.E., D.C. 

ISCS Kennan, Richard B., Jr., 15 West Irving St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 7018 

OSCS Kennedy, Buford K., 109 West 4th St., Frederick, Frederick 431- J 

Gr Kennedy, George R., 201 2612 Kirkwood Pi., Hyattsville 

OSCS Kennedy, Harold R., 2604 N. Poconoks St., Arlington, Va., FA 6694 

Gr Kennedy, Joseph D., 209 Woodsfield St., Norton Kans,, 7539 Belair Rd., Pa.ltimore 6 

2SCS Kennedy, Joseph M., 3505 Northampton St., N.W., 15, D.C. EM 7959 

4En Kennedy, Kenneth K., 1117 Kentucky Ave., Cximberland, VF13, Apt, B, UN 9884 

5En Kennedy, Paul J., 1519 Allison St., N,W., 11, D.C, GE 2816 

lAS Kennedy, Roland F., 11504 Higby St., TJheaton, LO 5-3147 

OSCS Kennedy, Thonas W., 707 Northwest Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7-6676 

Gr Kennedy, W. FYed, 2U Laurel Hill Road, Greenbelt 

3AS Kennedy, William F., 4633 York Rd., Baltimore 12, TD 8 

Gr Kennel, John M., Box 375, Lakeland, Fla., 1350 Jonquil St., N.W., D.C, GE 4578 

3Bn Kennelly, Joseph G., 250 N. Van Dien Ave., Ridgewood, N,J,, Calvert B 

3BPA Kenney, Charles E., 5807 15th Place, Hyattsville 

Gr Kenney, Edward V., Jr., Box 787, lit. Hope, W. Va., 1321 Kenyon St., N.W., D.C. 

OSCS Kenniasty, Donald, 3222 N. 3rd St., l!ilwaukee. Wis., 9 Glymont Rd., Indian Head 

2PE Kensler, Edsel P., R.R. 2, Lawrenceville, 111., VF4, Apt. F, C P, 

BPA Kenty, V/illiam R., 3612 Jefferson St., Hyattsville, H'A 5419 

lAS Kenyon, Margarette W., 17 Fine Ave., Takoma Park, SL 3986 

lEn Kepler, Paul E., 110 E. Main St., Middletoim 

3En Kern, 7?arren C, 7311 Rockridge Rd., Baltimore 7, TD 3 

2HPA Kerr, Burton D., 4306 Tuckereian St., I^attsville, UN 4732 

2aS Kerr, David M., 7012 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 3 

3BPA Kerr, Edwin L., 719 Boundary Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3475 

3En Kerr, Leo A., 1420 Holbrook St., Baltimore 2, TD 3 

lAS Kerr, Norman B., 209 Park Ave., Staten Island 2, L.I., N.Y., TD 3 

IBPA Kerrick, E. Kay, 4231 Madison St., I^ttsville, AP 2505 

Gr Kessi, Marj', 4112 Qaerson St., Ifyattsville, WA 3702 

2BPA Kessler, Gordon A., Jr., 4732 Wattingford St., Pittsburgh 13, Pa., Kappa Alpha UN 9833 

2AS Kessler, Ralph P., 2609 Guilford Ave., Baltimore 18, Dorm I (9000, Ext. 513 

OSCS Ketcherside, C LeRoy, London, Ark., Boiling A.F.B., 4th District O.S.I.-IG,,D.C., JO 2- 

4En Kettel, Anton G., 198 04 Hillside Ave., Hollis 7, N.Y., VF8 Apt. E, C. P. 

4AS Kettenbach, Carl W., 5110 Kansas Ave., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 6054 

2BPA Kettle, George F., 1015 N. Highland St., Arlington, Va., JA 8-7584 

4AS Keuper, Richard V., 611 Sunset Ave,, Asbury Park, N.J., Theta Chi, WA 9733 

3BPA Keyes, James F., 14 Eastship Rd., Baltimore 22, TD 8 

2AS Keys, 0. Meredith, Jr., 106 DundalkAve., Dundalk 22, Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Gr Keys, Robert E,, 1731 Harford Ave., Baltimore 13, Montgomery Ave., Beltsville 

4BPA Keyser, Edward U. , 120 South Main St., Hampstead, Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Gr Keyser, Franklin S., 141 King St., Hagerstown, Hagerstovm 592 M (WO 3335 

3Ag Keyser, George H., 3335 Military Rd., N.TT., D.C, 8314 14th Ave., Apt. 302. Hyattsville, 

2SCS Keter, Scott R., 3117 Queens Chapel Rd., Apt. 201, Mt. Rainier, UN 0182 

2AS Khaje-Nouri, Mortera, 12 Joleh Ave., Teheran, Iran, 8505 Potomac Ave.,c.P.(Rd,,CP. ,WA 7388 

Gr Khan, Masud Y., 4 Tayabali Bldg., Ramchander Temple Rd., Karachi, ^akistaji, 4708 Calvort 

4Ag Kibbe, Janes W., Box 48, Buntville, Pa., 6107 43rd Ave., ?Vattsvil]« 

3En Kidd, Kenneth W., 1813 fhomas Ave., Baltimore 16, Dorm C 

OSCS Kidder, Charles A., 128 Franklin St., Marietta, Ohio, c/o CNO Op-322Y, Navy Dept., D.C. 

OSCS Kidney, 7/illiam L., 411 W. VTestfield Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind., Hq.&Kq. Sq. .MATS, Andrews 

OSCS Kidweil, Estil L,, Morning View, R.R. 1, Ky,, 4203rd PTS, (AFB,D.C. HI 3100, Ext. 3206 

Gr Kidweil, Robert E., Jr., 2435 3rd St., N.E., 2, D.C, NO 8019 (Boiling A.F.B.,D.C 

4BPA Kidweil, Wallace rf. , 8810 1st Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3391 

BPA Kidwiler, Elisabeth H., 222 S. Stokes St., Havre de Grace, AAH 

ISCS Kiefer, Norma J., 4602 Cheltenham Dr.. Bethesda 14, Dorm 3 

OSCS Kiel, Arthur C, (Lt. Col.), 461CA S. 36th St., Arlington 6, Va., TE 1938 

OSCS Kieling, Harry J., 307 E. Delray Ave., Alexander, Va. 

lAS Kiess, Charles S., 4012 Beechwo'od Rd,, University Park, WA 5832 


(Ext .2570 

OSCS Kilbfjr, Mattie L., R#2, BelAir, Delano Hall, Walter Reed Army Hosp., 12, D.C., GE ICXX) 

OSes Kiley, Richard H., 3U Picknick Rd., Hatnden Ih, Conn., Apt. 223, Delaware Hall, Arlington 

lAg Killen, E. Hanilton, Jr., Plant Industry Station, Beltsville, TO 6UoU (Farms, Va, 

Gr Killen, Robert J., 5001 1st St., N.W., Apt .#3, D.C., GE 3996 

OSes Killian, Melvin J., 3U7 Irvington St., S.E., 20, D.C, LO 3-8^12 

Gr Kin man, Charles L., Sr., 3i;2ii i^ary Ave., Balto. Ih 

OSes Killoran, Edward T., R#6, Caldwell, Idaho, 1933 Biltmore St., N.W., D.C, DU 9370 

IBPA Kijnball, Daniel B., 5515 Maplewood Rd., Balto. 12, 6906 Dartmouth Ave., C.P., UN Oli83 

I4AS Kimball, David A., 6lli l8th St., S. Arlington 2, Va., OT 8891 

I4BPA Kimble, Walter A., Jr., R.F.D.#1, Rockaway, N.J., 8810 Edmonston Rd., Bemyn Heights 

Gr Kimbrough, Wilson W., Jr., R.R#6, Fayetteville, Ark., Men's Dorm Office, U of Md,, C.P. 

3As Kimmel, Louis E,, Jr., U50li Manordene Rd., Balto. 29 

OSes Kimper, Paul E., 820 Gordon Ave., Falls Church, Va., FA 0090 

Gr Kinaga, Thomas, Elec. Test, N.A.T.C, Patuxent River 

3En Kincaid, Charles V., Jr., 626 Wildwood Parkway, Balto. 29, TD 5 

2PE Kincheloe, M. lyle, 3112 19th St., N.W., 10, iJ.C, DE 3I49I 

ISCS Kinder, Donald C, 2675 Rhode Island Ave., W.E., 18, D.C. 

i^PE Kinder, Roland U., Millersville, TD 3 

2As Kindness, Ronald J., ii08 Windsor St., Silver Spring, Calvert A 

hks Kindness, Thomas N., ii08 Windsor St., Silver Spring, TD 1 

UEn King, Calvin L., 9U07 52nd Ave., Berwyn, TO 6657 

OSCS King, Donald H., Qtrs 8i4#, Boiling Air Force Base, 25, D.C, JO 2-9000 Ext.Ii06U 

IAS King, Earl E., 117 Park Blvd., Silver Hill, 20, D.C, JO 8-8715 

Gr King, Ellen E., 6 East 30th St., Balto. 18, CH 32146 

Ga: King, Gerard J., 19 Cherry St., Derby, Conn., 2817 Connecticut Ave., 8, D.C, AP 8U30 

OSCS King, Helen, Martinsville, Va., Forest Glenn Section, Walter Reed Army Hosp., D.C. 

lAg King, Herbert C, Gaithersbvirg, Animal Husbandry Barns, Campus 

OSCS King, John F., 70 Elmira St., S.W., 20, D.C, JO 265U5 

2SCS King, Joseph A., 3038 Otis St., N.E., 18, D.C, NO 9165 

3BPA King, Joseph W., 2723 Jefferson St., Balto. 5, TD 3 

UAg King, Park D., UO W. Ridge St., Carlisle, Pa., Box 292, C.P. 

iiAg King, Phillip M., Bosx 209A, R2, Suffolk, Va., Dorm M (A.M.C, 12, D.C, GE 1000 Ext.671 

OSCS King, Robert C, 125m Epping Court, Silver Spring, TI & E Branch, Walter Reed Army Hosp., 

Gr King, Robert E., Jr., 18U Queen St., toCoole, UlOl 53rd Ave., Bladensburg, UN 0952 

IPE King, Sarah J., U206 Rusk St., N.E., 19, D.C, AX 2118 

3BPA King, William A., 3926 McKinley St., 15, DC, EM 0952 

AS Kingsley, Jennifer S., R#3, Chestertown, 7501^ Yale Ave., C?., WA ^4262 

2BPA Kim, Theodore P., Jr., 7925 Liberty Rd., Balto. 7, Dorm C 

2En Kinna, Marlin A., Middletown, Dorm C 

lAg Kinner, Jack A., 5905 Riggs Rd., hyattsville, WA 2805 

I4BPA Kinney, Eugene P., 19iil Roanoke Ave., Louisville 5, Ky^ Derm L 

2AS Kinsley, Earl L., U506 Penhurst Ave., Balto. 15, Dorm C 

IBPA Kipp, Lois G. (Mrs.), 7i408 Tilden St., Bellemead, Hyattsville, AP I716 

OSCS Kipping, Joseph H., 215 Lynnwood St., Alexandria, Va. 

3BPA Kirby, Allen W., 86OI; Mayfair Place, Silver Spring, SL 0698 

2FE Kirby, John P., Jr., 7 W. Bellegrove Rd., Catonsville 28, CA 8079 

2HE Kirby, Kathryn M., R.F.D,#2, Rockville, Dorm 3 

OSCS Kirby, Robert E., I8IO Bay St., S.E., 3, D.C, LI 3-1768 

UAg Kirby, Robert M., 5503 ii3rd Ave., Hyattsville 

Gr Kirchner, Nancy C., Nancarles, Gamhrills, Annapolis 53U3 

2SCS Kirk, James W., 3633 Kimble Rd., Balto, 18 

3BPA Kirk, John A., lOUl Maiden Choice Lane, Balto. 29 

UEn Kirk, Richard, 2617 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, AP 3795 

UPE Kirk, V/alter H., Jr.. 209 20th St., M.E., 2, D.C, TR 7326 

Gr Kirkland, olenn I., 80U Buckingham Drive, Silver Spring, Stt 0507 

OSCS Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth ?. (Ifrs.), 6612 Rhode Island Ave., Riverdale, WA 8997 

3AS Kirkpatrick, Kenneth K., 6612 Rhode Island Ave,, Riverdale, WA 8997 

AS Kirkpatrick, Patricia S., 3526 Edmund St., N.W,, 7, D,C,, 1^502 College Ave., C.P., WA 98U1 

En Kir ley, Peter H., 6621 Hillandale Rd., Chevy Chase 15, OL 8763 

2En Kirsch, Robert N., 753i| 13th St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA lOU 

2AS Kirschnick, H, Joseph, UOlS Colbome Rd., Balto. 29, TD I4 

IAS Kirsh, Eileen, 3001 Garrison Blvd, Balto. 16, Dorm 3 

OSCS Kirshner, Joseph M., m31 Saratoga Ave., N.K., 18, D.C, DE i|2l6 

OSCS Kirsling, Albert J,, 3115 Parkway Terrace Drive, S.E., D.C, 

lEd Kirstein, Adrienne R,, 373U Clarinth Rd., Balto. 15, AAH (Div., Bldg. 203 Basement, Ft. Meade 

OSCS Kirtley, ^rover C, Jr., (Capt.), 3721 Lyndale Ave., Balto. 13, Hq. 2nd Amy, AG Publications 

Gr Kise, W. Kent, 626 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 

IAS Kisamore, Norman D., Bowling Green, R#6, Cumberland, TD 1 

3HE Kissinger, Ann, UOS Hanson St., Easton, AAH 

2SCS Kiszner, Louis R,, 29 S. Culver St., Balto. 29 



OSCS Kitchen, James K., Dennis, Ky. , 133 Irvington St., S. W., D. C, JO 23261 

2AS Kitchen, Robert E., 2260 Greenup Ave., Ashland, Ky., Box 13, Riverdale 

IPFA Kitchens, William H., 208 Sereven St., Quitman, Ga. , l61i7 Lamont St., D. G. 

UaS Kitchin, L'ary E., 7 Murray Ave., Annapolis, ii502 College Ave., C. P., '.VA 98UU 

lEn Kittle ,' Harry, 2 Polling Lane, Eethesda Di, '.VI 7036 

Gr Klapper, Eric, 8603 Old Bladensburg Rd. , Silver Spring, JU 78967 

2AS Klarman, Petty L., 192U E. 31st St., Baltimore 18, Delta Delta Delta, Ylk 9795 

Gr Klase, Franklin P., 5008 Cheyenne Pi., C. P. 

UEn Klass, Melvin L., 3127 Clearview Ave., Baltimore lU, HA Olll 

2AS Klauber, Gerald N., 2910 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore l5, TD 3 

IxAS Klee, Charles T7., 827 5lst St., S. E., Apt. 3, 19, D. C, LU U-I6O8 

liEd Klee, Tilliam W., U70U U$th St., N.W., I6, D. C, 7300 Forest Rd. , Kent Village, Hyattsville 

UAS Klee, '.Yinifred Q. (i:rs.), 7300 Forest (id., Kent Village, Hyattsville 

lEn Klein, John J., 270U Kirkwood PI., Hyattsville, AP 1956 

2AS Klein, Norman I., 5723 Clover Rd., Baltijnore 15, TD 3 

lAS Klein, Rhona F., Alban Tower Apts., 3700 Wisconsin Ave,, N. W., D. C. 

IAS Klein, Tobye T., 2003 Ruxton Ave., Baltimore 16, MBH 

Or Klein, William J. J., 11913 Centerhill St., Silver Spring, LO 5-3i;89 

lEd Kleinpeter, Stuart L., Spring Hill Manor, No. Chevy Chase 15, ITI 3718 (LI 68607 

OSCS Klekas, Louis J., 2 391 So. 86OO West, Magna, Utah, U905 Deal Dr., Apt. 301, 20, D.C., 

hEn Klemer, Earl M., 6929 Harford Rd., Baltimore li;, CL 3706 (CH 6ii69 

OSCS Klepper, William, Jr., U306 146th St., Queens, L. I., N.Y., 2700 Lee Blvd., Arlington, Va., 

ISCS Kline, James P., Jr., Rt. U Fishers Lane, Rockville 

lEd Kline, Rae S., 3i;5 Camden Ave., Cumberland, Dorm 3 

lEn Kline, WUliaa M., Jr., 528 Maple Ridge Rd., Bethesda lii, TD. 6 

OAS Klinefelter, Earl M., Shrewsbury, Pa. 

UEn Klinefelter, Glenn B., Shrewsbury, Pa., Dorm C 

Gr Klingbiel, Paul H., 627 S. 7th Ave., ';/est Bend, Wise, U701 Amherst Rd., C. P., AP U981 

OSCS Klinge, Albert I., 12U9 Valley Ave., S. E., 20, D. C, JO 2-708l 

3KS Klingenberg, Trvin L., Jr., 201 "ammonds Ferry Rd., Linthiciun Heights, TD 2 

OSCS Klopatch, Tilliam S., 5313 32nd Ave., Hyattsville, Rm. 256HH, Alabama Hall, So. Post, Ft. 

UhE Klosky, Kathryn, 123U Otis St., N.E., 17, D. C, LA 663O (Myer, Va., OW 9U00 Ext.lUi 

3En Klosky, Philip ?^, 123ii Otis St., N.E., 17, D.C. (OW 9U00 Kxt.2ijO 

OSCS Klotz, Da-/id P., 1909 S. 23rd St., "JicJiita, Kansas, 1131st S/a Sq., So. Post, Ft. liver. Va.. 

Gr Kluck, James H., 801^ N St., Aurora, Nebr., UOiil First St., S.W., 20, D.C, JO 3-8785 

ISCS Kluft, Beverly R., 7533 Ihth St., N..f., 12, D. C., GE 81^99 

OSCS Klug, "oward J., 5uli5 Varnum St., Hyattsville, UN 875l 

3AS Klugman, Yale L., hOhl Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 15, TD 8 

lEn Knaggs, Vincent L., 1536 25th St., S.E., 20, D. C, T.Y IO8I 

OSCS Knapp, Belford L., 35h9 '^nt Place, N. W., 7, D. C, DU 1130 

Gr Knapp, Ernest 0., 6I Dares Peach, Prince Frederick 

lAS Knapp, Evelyn A., 2125 H. Baltimore St., Baltimore 23, ED 1232M 

IAS Knaop, Moreland S., 807 13th St., New Alexandria, Va., corm C 

Gr Knebel, Lewis I!., U616 College Ave., College Park 

2Ag Knecht, Charles D. , UU22 Linden Ave., Halethorpe 27, Arb.226 (TU U739 

OSCS Knecht, Robert W., 123 Fillmore Ave., Syracuse, N.Y., 1U5U Spring Rd., N.W., D.C, 

liHE Kneen, Nancy }«., 605 N. Lincoln St., Arlington 1, Va., Sigma Kappa 

OSCS Kneisler, James R., 2619 California Ave., Topeka, Kaisas, 07iiB, Ft. Belvoir, Va, 

UEn Knell, Bernard F,, 2319 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore 23 

2BPA Knell, Doris K., 1208 Circle Dr., Baltimore 27, Dorm 3 

iiEd Knepper, Carl C, 2522 Druid Park Dr., Baltimore 15, FO 2I463 

liHE Knibb, I'iriam B., 2101 Erdman Ave., Baltimore 18, Alpha Omicron Pi 

3BPA Knight, Curtis H., 7700 Colesville Rd., W. Hyattsville, AP 6oU7 

lAg Knight, H. Kiloh, R. D. 2, Leonardtown, Dorm C 

UPPA Knippenburg, Harold Z., I!idlaiid, 7306 Princeton Ave., C P., WA 699li 

En Knoll, Glenn ^., 65a Seversky Ct., Baltimore 21, TD h 

lAS Knopfmacher, Arthur, 1206 Kennedy St., D. C, TA 3308 

OSCS Knopp, Vark L., I306 Elson Place, Takoma Park 12, SH U213 

liEn Knox, Wiiiiajn ^., W3y Apt.H, C P. 

lF,n Knox, William D., 230 Ebensburg Rd., Johnstown, Pa., 68OL Dartmouth Ave., C P. 

OSCS Knudson, Albert, 550l ParkJLand Court, Apt. 102, 19, D. C, JO 99190 

OSCS Knudson, Cecil C, I619 South Pollard St., Arlington, Va., GL 1662 

Gr Knupp, Lorraine C, 8l3 Jefferson St., N.W., 11, D. C, G£ ii303 

liEn Kobsa, Calvin K., 17 Linden Terrace, Pikesville 3, Calvert C 

IBPA Koch, Carl F., U711 Ravenswood Rd., Riverdale, WA 6hhS 

lAg Koch, Edward H., 575 Olympia Ave., Cliff side Park 7, N. J., Dorm C 

IBPA Koch, Floyd F., 575 Olympia Ave., Cliff side Park, N. J., Dorm N 

2FPA Koch, John 0., 3109 Belmont Ave., Baltimore I6, TD 2 

3BPA Koehler, Paul E., 7906 li4th St., Hyattsville 

lb"n Koellish, Sheldon C, 32 Left Aileron St., Middle River 20, rJc. 23UiJ 


2PE Koellen, Norman F,, 7 Seventh St., Ridgefield Park, N.J., Dorm G 

3AS Koemer, Douglas A., 5011 Yorkto-nn Rd., Green Acres 16, OL 3359 

2BPA Koffenberger, Richard T., 813 West 3?nd St., ifilmingtcn, Del, Dorm M 

IBPA Kof f ler, Snauel, 211 W. Walnut St. , Alexandria, Va. , TD 2 

OSCS Kogan, Edward M., Ii009 3rd St., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 38751 

2Ed Kogod, Harriett R.,75l5 16th St., N.Vf., 12, D.C., TA 75l5 

2AS Kogod, Melvin, 31U7 Adams Mill Rd., N.W., D.C., NO 2U23 

OSCS Kogon, David, 513 Hilltop Teirace, 3.E., 19, D.C., VI 8269 

IAS Kohart, Dennis G., 168 Nassau Blvd., Garden City, N.Y., UUOO Knox Rd., C.P. 

UBPA Kohlhaus, Charles E., 2203 Alletta Ave., Lansdowne 27, AR 765 

liEn Kohler, John I., 1128 N. Charles St., Baltimore 1 

2AS Kohn, Harris J., 2522Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 15, TD 7 (LO 3320U 

OSCS Kohoutek, George F., 35l8 North lUth St., fAilwaukee, '.Vis., U825 Uth Ave.,S.E., 20,D.C., 

Gr Koidan, .Valter, 3308 lltth Avenue, Hj^ ttsville 

AS Kolatac, John J., 305 Luddington Ave., Clifton, N.J., 6006 Dartmouth Ave. , C.P. , AP 2910 

lEn Kolb, Julius A., 2315 Branch Ave., 3.E., 20, D.C., TD 3 

IAS Kolb, Thomas M., 207 Primrose St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 836O 

UBPA Koliber, George J., 9U6 Hollins St., Baltimore 23, U302 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9828 

23PA Koll, M. John, Jr., 36O8 Woodbine Ave., Baltimore 7, Dorm E 

UBPA Kolman, Carl S., 2313 Reisterstown Rd , Baltimore 17, TD 7 

2BPA Kolodin, Uelvin H., 15U0 Roxanna Rd. , N.VV., D.C., RA 1267 

3AS Kolsetii, John B., 3701 ;7oodbine Ave., Baltimore 7, ID 1 

Gr Kolsinid, Ernest R., 617 Ray Drive Silver Spring, SL 729U 

2En Kolsun, Edward J., 7320 Binpham St., Philadelphia 11, Pa., i;6l5 Amherst Hd., C.P.,WA 1131 

UEn Kolsun, George J., 7320 Binf^am St., Philadelphia 11, Pa.-, i;6l5 Amhurst Rd.,C.P.,WA 1131 

UAg Koman, H. Jerome, 3701 Chatham Rd., Baltimore 15, 7303 Yale Ave., C.P., UN 9785 

3Ed Komoroski, Joseph J., U7l5 Woodberry Hd., Riverdale, UN 1737 

l4iIS Komyati, Edvfard J., 2802 East 79th St., Cleveland U, Ohio, 100 Darbury St,,S.W.,20,D.C. 

3BPA Kone, V/alter D., U327 Yoilc Rd. , BaltLmore 12, TD 7 

Gr Konetzka, iValter A., U531 Vfells Parkway, Riverdale 

AS Konieczny, Irene P., 5lii S. Lakewood Ave., Baltimore 2ii, 750ii Yale Ave., C.P. 

OSCS Konop, John ?., Headquarters ii-IATS, Andrews AFB, 25, D.C., HI 3100, Ext. 3255 

OSCS Konze, .7illiam K., Apt, 20R, i-lorida Hall, Arlington 3, Va.,OW 9U00, Ext. 317 

Gr Koons, Donald 7.., 916 N. '.'arket St., Frederick, Frederick 713 

2AS Koons, James A., Jr., 9 Lambert Rd. , Odenton, Ft. Meade 31*17 

OSCS Koontz, Charlotte I., 628 Mlitary Rd,, Frederick, Frederick 67 

ItAg Koontz, Claude E., VF9, Apt. D., C.P. 

3AS Koontz, Lloyd M.B., 101 Dunkirk Rd., Baltl-nore 12, Calvert B 

Or Kopp, Sanuel, 2023 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown 

lEn Koras, miliam, 2919 Edison Hi.c^hway, Baltimore 13, TD 7 

UEd Koren, Norman M., 3905 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 7, TD 7 

3En Ko-etz, Donald, U313 Russell Ave,, Mt. Rainier, ID 3 

UAS Koritzke, Raymond G., 2512 S. 60th Ct., Cicero 50, 111., TD 2 

IAS Kormann, Yvonne K., 1328 V/ashington Blvd., Baltimore 30, MBH 

2BPA Koser, Edmund J., Jr., 30 Vellington Rd. , Ardraore, Pa., Dorm C 

UEn Koshkin, Victor 3., Ii39 vV. 57th St., N.Y. 19, N.Y., VF 9, Apt. H., C.P.' 

Gr Kosisky, Joseph 3., Jr., I4-A Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt U986 

ISCS Kosmides, Petro G., Ii3l5 Flowerton Rd., Baltimore 29, TD 7 

2BPA Kosta, Peter A., 2005 Third St., N.E., 2, D.C., MI 7662 

2AS Kostens, Oai-ey L., 3312 Old Frederick Rd., Baltimore 29, 7U01 Princeton Ave.,C.?.,M 9733 

OSCS Koster, Robert J., Andrews AFB, 25, D.C., HI 3100, Ext. 3135 

UPE Kostopoulos, PaiiL P., U209 Paj:^<mont Ave., Baltimore 6, HA 5967 

3En KoBtos, Jerome P., 11 Romberg Ave., Baltimore 21, TD 7 (SL 1227 

OSCS Kobh, Ralph M.,2633 South 13th St. , Milwaukee 7,Wis., 922 Northampton Dr., Silver Spring, 

2Ed Kotlowitz, Elaine R., i;126 Forest Park Ave., Baltiinore f, U312 College Ave,, C.P.,WA 9828 

UEn Koubek, Francis J., 732 N. Linwood Ave., Balbimore 5, DI IO96 ('>Vest Hyattsville 

PE Koulias, Charles N,, 38 Butterfield St., Lovell, Mass., 3U36 Stanford St. , Univ. Hills Apts., 

2En Kouroupis, Basilios D., 738 S. Ponca St., Baltimore 2U, Dorm E(S.E., 20,D.C.,HI 3100, Ext. UI83 

OSCS Kovacevich, Mike i\i., 3210 Herby St. , Route U, Belleville, Mich., 3127 Parkway Terrace Dr., 

BPA Kovacs, George, 392 Bruck Ave., Perth Amboy, N.J., Dorm G 

2Ed Kovalinsky, Thomas E., 2L9 W. Main St., Rahway, N.J., U713 Berwyn Rd,, C,P, 

OSCS Koven, ^'filliam, 3700 Mass. Ave., N..T., D.C., 7,'0 6UOO, Ext. 320A (Church,Va., JE 30869 

OSCS Kowalski, Andrew, 217 S. Millvale Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., 113 '.V.Westraoreland Rd., Falls 

OSCS Kozushko, /alliam R. F.D.I, Route 50,Vioodbine, N.J,, 1100th Rescue Boat Sq., Boiling AFB, 

Gr Kraakevik, James H., 101 .Vayne P1.,S.S., 2j, D.C., JO 2-1551 (JO 29000,Ext.529 

OSCS Kracraan, Miles 

Gr Kraf chick, !3emaxxi, Johnnycake Rd. , Baltimore 7, Caton3villeU50? 

3Ed Kraft, Herschel S., 815 Cedar Park Rd., Annapolis, AnnapolivS U062 

IAS Kraft, Simon R., U912 Georgia Ave., N. f., 11,D.C., TD U 

2Ed Krahl, George R., 7612 Gateway Blvd., District Heights, HI 5128 


2PE Kramer, George F., 937 Main Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm G. 

AS Kramer, Harold C, 2912 Oakley Ave., Balto. 15, U509 Calvert Rd., G.P. 

iiPE Kramer, Marvin L., 207 S. Vermont Ave., Atlantic City, N.J., CZ 

AS Kramer, Morton D., 250U Keyworth Ave., Balto. 15 

Gr Kra-king, James D., 1705 2nd St., N.E., D.C., DU 881i3 

3AS Kranz, Katnarine G., Box dh, Pleasantville, N.Y., Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

03CS Krasnick, Adolph, 235 Second Ave., New York 3, N.Y., li209 7th St., N.W., 11, D.C., RA 5912 

2Ed Kratz, Mary E., 3322 Shelburne Rd., Balto. 8, Dorm 3 

LBPA Krause, A. Samuel, Jr., 208 Union Ave., Salisbury, Dorm G 

OSes Krause, Elmer L. (Lt.), 1050tli Supply Sqdn., Andrews Air Force Base 25, r.C, HI 31(X) Ext. 6217 

.•■■ PA Krause, Howard, 3301 Bancroft Rd., Ralto 15, h802 Calvert Rd., C.P,, ON 97U6 

US Krause, W: 1 f"red H., 5022 Pembridge Ave., Balto. 15, TD 2 

Gr Krauss, Robert W., 5702 36th Ave., Hyattsville, UN 8881 

Gr Kravitz, Sidney, 1 Oak Grove Drive, Balto. 20 

Jr Kray, Raymond J., 13 Couden Rd., Indian Head, 2008 Oglethorpe St., West Hyattsville 

OEd Krebs, Lilliam G.(Mrs.), 28o6 7ljth Ave., Hyattsville 

2En Kreos, Robert G., ficDonough and Wincinds Rd., Randallstown, Dorm E 

OSCS Kreider, Everett B., 753 /Washington St., Cumberland 

Gr Kreider, itorlin B., Cam, be lit own. Pa., 711 Erie St., Takoma Park, SL 3U61 

:)SCS Kreidler, Howard £., U800 Huron Ave., S.S. 20, D.C., JO 8-205li 

ijPii; Krein, George J., 6506 Windsor Mill Rd., Balto. 7 

3BPA Kreitz, Paul A., 2121 E. Baltimore St., Balto. 31, TD 1 

UAS Krejcik, Jerry F., 70c Matthew Ave., Brooklyn 25 

hkS Kreraann, William C, Yates Rd., Beltsville, TO 5576 

i4BPA Kremer, Joseph M., 809 McCabe Ave., Baito. 12 

3AS Krenek, Emil A., Jr., 3911 Oneida Place, Hyattsville, AP 3731 

ISCS Kress, Lawrence, 1220 Gallatin St., W.V«. 11, D.C., TA 9556 

3AS Kress, Scheldon, 1220 Gallatin St., N.IV. 11, D.C., TA 9556 

Gr Kretzschraar, Charles P., 273U Ellicott Driveway, Balto. 16, LO 7820 

Gr Krewson, William L., Buzzard Pt. Boat Yard, h» D.C, 

Gr Krey, Philip W., 1455 95th St., Brooklyn 9, N.Y., 908 N. Charles St., Balto 

2BPA Kriel, Stanley M., Jr., 113 B St. Dunstans Rd., Balto. 12, Calvert E 

IBPA Krienen, Carl H., Jr., iiOO N. Broom St., Wilmington 12, Dela., Dorm 

3AS Kriger, Malcolm D., 3hOh Edgewood Rd., Balto. 15, Dorm F 

OSes Krivoy, William A., 312 Rittenhouse St., N..Y., D.C., 225 E. University Pkwy, Balto., HO 3779 

I4AS Kroeger, Robert W,, Jr., 633 Deepdene Rd., Balto. 10, HO 1382 

Gr Kroitor, Harry P., 301 Victoria Ave., Regina,Sa^k,, Canada, [16O8 Clemson Rd., C,?., Vii UlhS 

OSCS Krone, Harold E., 1053 Maint. Sq., Andrews Air Force base, 25, f.C, Ext. 6237 

LSCS Krone, Norris J., Jr., 2609 IJicholson St., Hyattsville, AP 38Uh 

US Kronthal, Herbert L., 3U09 Shelburne Rd,, Balto. 8, TD 1 

US Kronthal, Tolbert, I1OO6 Glen Ave., Balto. 15, Tsu Epsilon Phi 

2BPA Kroupa, Edward J.,2606 E. Fayette St., Balto. 2h, TD 3 

2Ed Krouse, Philip C, 9603 Clearview Place, Silver Spring, Sri 60UI 

l4Ed Krouse, Raymond, VF 5 Apt H, C.P. 

OSCS Krout, Harold E., 610 rt. Findlay St., Carey, Ohio, lli09 U8th Ave., Coral Hills 19, JO 8-3293 

IBPA Krowe, Allen J., 823h liith Ave., Hyattsville 

ijRPA Krug, Frederick W., 1129 N. Rolling Rd., Catonsville 28, Catonsville 6973 

2AS Kruger, Stanley B., 1913 Pennsylvania Ave., Balto 17, TD 8 

OSCS Krutter, Eva., 1920 "S" St., W.^., 9, D.C. 

OSCS Kryder, Samuel J., 9310 Walden Rd., Silver Spring, SH 5079 

Gr Kubler, Donald G., 5620 Hamilton Manor Drive, West Hyattsville, AP O696 

IjAg Kuchta, Joseph A. D,, 621 Grant St., Springdale, Pa., Dorm 

I4PE Kuckhoff, Ferdinand A., 3201 Berkshire Rd., Balto lU, TD 3 

HE Kuehl, Katherine £., 3709 Ingoraar St., l5, D.C, MBH 

UBPA Kuehn, Alvin H., Jr., 56O6 Chillum Heights Drive, Hyattsville, AP 1^50 (UN 1735 

2BPA Kuehn, Charles S., 1909 »» . Baltimore St., Balto. 23, hhl3 Beechwood Rd., College Heights, 

lEn Kuehn, William F., 8IO N. Kenwood Ave., Balto. 5, Dorm I 

hAS Kuenstle, b'illiam T., 513 Ingraham St., M.av., D.C, GE 7533 (20, D.C, JO 2-7636 

OSCS Kuhl, Albert F.B. (Lt.), 1126 Hampton Place, Elizabeth h, N.J., 9U C Galveston Place, S.W., 

2AS Kuhl, Edward C, 325 S. Monroe St., Balto. 23, ED 2137 

I4BPA Kulda, Edward J., Jr., I3k Carroll Ave., Takoraa Park 12, SL 1556 

Gr Kuldell, Philip D., 36l5 Davis St., N.W., 7, D.C, ftO 2326 

3En Kulishek, Charles J., 837 N. Collington Ave., Balto. 5, TD 3 

3En Kull, Frederick J., 6215 2nd St., N.'/rf., D.C, GE 8l57 

Gr Kumar, Soma, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow, India, h702 GuiKord Rd., C.P., UN /|713 

AS Kumbar, Albert H., 2820 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E. 20, D.C, In 05U5 

Gr Kunkel, Anne M., 216 E. Lake Ave., Balto. 12, TU 0373 

2En Kunkel, Charles T., Jr., 3719 Sneppard St., Brentwood, AP 2317 

2BPA Kunkel, Joseph I., 707 Kingston Rd., Balto 1?, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

3AS Kunkowski, Frank A., 3201 Beverly Rd., Balto. U4, Dorm 


OSCS Kuper, Walter E., 3831 Veazey St., N.W., 16, D.C., WO 3310 

IAS Kupfer, Carol J., 9002 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SL 0360 

UbPA Kuppe, Joan L., 109 First Ave., Glen Bumie, AAH 

lEn Kuprenas, Algiiuantas J., 5802 Massachusetts Ave,, N.W., Glen Mar Park, TD 3 

OSCS Kurt, John H., 22 Patapsco Ave., Baltimore 22, 3722 Veazey St., N.W., D.C., WO 2681 

UEd Kurtz, Ann K., 1301 St. Paul St., Baltimore 2, Dorm 2 

Gr Kurtz, Ann W. (Mrs.), 3905 Jones Bridge Rd., Chevy Chase, OL 8551 

UBPA Kurz, Harry G., U030 19th St., N.E., 18, D.C., DE 1590 

UaS Kushner, Alvin J., U503 Knox Rd., College Park, WA 1763 

UEn Ku2aninsky, Irving, 35U"2 6th St., N.W., 10, D.C., RA 6075 

33CS Kwiatkowski, Joseph F., 52U S. 6th St., New York 9, N.Y.,7U08 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P. 

OSCS Kyle, Richard E., 5 Brandywine St., S.E., 20, D.C. 

3PE Kyle, V/illian L., 3lU Cedar Ave., Takoina Park 12, Alpha Tau Omega, WA 93U9 

2En Kyne, Philip W., 1301 Fairview Ave,, Halethorpe 27, AR 1100 

Gr Kyser, Russell H., 2901 3 Street, 3.'-:., 20, D.C, VI lOUO 

2IIS Labbe, Mary K., 6807 Dartinouth Ave,, C.P., ";A 1559 

3En LaBerge, John C, Robin Hood Farm, Havre de Grace, Rt.l, 7U06 Dickenson Ave., C. P., TO 9771 

Gr Labolle, Victor, Apt. 2, 33U3 23rd St., 3.S., 20,D.C.,J0 2-7031 

2AS Labowitz, I/sonard, 23UU Reistersbowi Rd., Baltimore 17, U707 Guilford Rd., C.P. 

UAS Lacey, Harold E., 121; Sraithwood Ave., Cabonsville 28, Catonsville 3liil; 

13CS Lacey, Joel S., Clarksville, Dorm C 

lEd Lacey, Patricia J., 5526 Oakmont Ave., Bethesdall^, IIBH 

3BPA LaChance, Louis C, Jr., 3739 Benton St., N.V».,D.C.,EM 1902 

OSCS Lacher, Lawrence S., Zeeland, N.Dak.,113l3t S/A Sq., Arlington Fanas, Va. 

2^ Ladd, Culver 3., Jr., 9710 Marshall Ave., Silver ^^ring, SH 7303 

IHE Ladd, Lorene V., 9710 Marshall Ave,, Silver Spring, SH 7303 

Gr Ladd, Richard S., 88l5 Reading Hd., Silver Spring, SH ii638 

Ed Lady go, Pete G., 536 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh 1?, Pa., Dorm C 

OSCS Lafferty, Jerry D., USNRS, Otrs K, Brks 13, Arlington, VA., GL U300, Ext. 3U2 

2BPA Lahey, John E., 509 Greenbrier Dr., Silver Spring, SH 3923 

IBPA Lahr, Richard W., 5213 Andover Hd., Chevy Chase 15, WI 2185 

3AS Laikin, Milton, 105 E. Glendale Ave., Alexandria, Va. ,TE 1580 

lEn Laincsak, Ernest, 3731 Klmley Ave., Baltimore 13, EA 9011i 

2Ag Laine, Hufh C, Wakefield, Va. , TD 3 

2PE Laird, Edward H., 6702 Baltimore Ave., University Paric, iVA 3513 (OW 5851 

OSCS Laird, Paul G., 812 Washington Blvd., Fa^'ette,Pa.,5l20 25th St., North, Arlington 7,Va., 

AS Lalce, Elin, U62i; Knox ,ld. , College Park, UN 0001 

OSCS Lake, James, 1013 3th 3t., Alexandria, 7a., Hq.USAF,AFPilP-ll-C,D.C.,LI 5-6700, Ext. 7 7U86 

OSCS Lake, Richard H. (Capt.), He. 2nd Array, Office of the Provost Marshal, Ft.ileade, Ft.lleade 8U3 

Gr La;<e, Serena J. («rs.), U62U Knox Rd., College Park, m 0001 

UAS Lakeraan, Mary L., Ed^rewaber, Kappa Alpha Theta, UN 9829 

2MS Lakin, John B., 5lU 3o3ierset Place, M.VJ., 11, D.C, GS 2055 

Gr LakslTuanan, Sitarama, 19 A. P. Agraharara, Madura, South India, 7305 Yale Ave., C.P. 

Gr Lall, Bankey 3., Naugachia, Bhagalpur, India, U706 Guilford Rd., C.P., UN 3762 

IBPA Lally, Jeanne M., R.D.,Carbondale, Pa., Dorm 3 

lAg Lally, Robert J., R.D. , Carbondale, Pa., Calvert D 

13CS Lalos, Theodore A., 3233 38th St., N.W., 16, D.C, WO 8330 

1kg Laraanna, Anthony R., R.D. 2, Mohawk, N.Y., NZ 

UEn LaManna, Richard J., 9129 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring, VFi;, Apt. E., C.P. 

2En Lamb, Charles H., 132 W. Leland St., Chevy Chase 15, OL 6125 

IBPA Lamb, Donald K., 703 25th St., South, Arlington, Va., OT 9208 

OSCS Lamb, John J., l63U Newton St., N.V<'., 10, D.C, CO 8l2U 

ISCS Lamb, John J., 15 «V. Bradley Lane, Chevy G'tiase l5, '.VI U381 

OSCS Lanb, Mary A., I6l6 l6th St., N.W., 9, D.C, HU 89lU 

3En Lamb, Neil F., 15 W. Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase 15, WI U881 

3En Lambert, Larry E., 3100 Chesterfield Ave., Baltimore 13, BR 6U58 

3PE Lambros, Deraetrios S., 77?0 lUth St., N.W., 12, D.C, RA UlOU 

Gr Laxlont, Robert E., 3619 3 Street, N.W., D.C EM 91U3 

13PA Lamphier, Laurence I., 3115 Vamvun St., Mt. Rainier, WA 7122 

nr Lancaster, John J., Jr., St. Marj'-'s Ci1y, 9109 Autoville Dr., BexTivyn, TJ 6261 

UBPA Lancellotti, Dominick A., Ul Allen St., Dobbs Ferity, N.Y., 5602 35th Place, "»?est Hyattsville, 

IAS Land, Nona E., 92I4 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, JU 7-6622 (UN 065l 

lEn Landen, '.Villiara F., U8IU Edmonston Rd., East Hyattsville, WA U623 

IBPA Landenberger, Charles H., 9905 Old Bladensburg Rd., Silver Spring, SH 5520 

lEn Landis, Orville 0., 13 Lake Drive, Bay Ridge, Annapolis, Pay Vista 22Ul 

Gr Landweber, Louis, lihOS Maple Ave., Bethesda, V/I 5673 (SL 973ii 

Gr Lane, Abraham L., 57U2 Delancey St.,. Philadelphia U3, Pa., 6726 Conway Ave.,Takona Paric, 

OSCS Lane, Dalton C, 2116 Belvedere Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7-9l;5ii 

lEd Lane, Mary B., 1300 Seminary St., Alton, 111, 9011 Sonoma St., Bethesda, WI U070 

OSCS Lane, Orren H. (Col.), 2337 N. 11th St., Apt. lOU, Arlington, Va., JA 82190 


2SCS Lanp. Richard F,., 130 McPhial St., Baltimore 23, CZ 

lAgr Lar.Rdon, J. Nelson, Myersville, TP h 

OSCS Lange, Adolf H., 2115 Guilford Road, Hyattsville 

Gr Lange, Glenn R., 3011 Newark St., N.//., 16, D. 0., OR 7726 

Gr Lange, Henry P.., 2800 Springhill Ave., Baltimore 1% MO 9l80 (AP 1819 

UBPA Lange, Robert J., l6l2 Jackson St., Baltimore 30, 61^00 Baltimore Blvd., University Park, 

Gr Langford, George C, Jr., 2116 Southview Ave., Tampa 6, Fla. , 6212 UUth Ave., Riverdale, 

UHE Langford, Karilyn U606 Hartwick Rd. , C.P., V/A 3675 (Un 2iiUS 

IBPA Langley, Stephen S. Ill, 1023 N. Market St., Frederick, Dorm F 

Gr Langmack, Holger G., U909 Arkansas Ave., N.Vi'., 11, D.C., RA 5885 

3MS Langston, Roger B., Jr., 53 Talbott St., Baltimore 25, CU 3285J (Myer, Va. 

OSCS Langston, ";Tilliam D., 98 I'eadow Lane, Trussville, Ala., Nebraska Hall, So. Post, Ft. 

ISCS Lanham, James 0., 3511 Davenport St., 8, D. C., OR 0250 

2HE Lanier, J. Augusta, 3U50 38th St., N.W., 16, D.C., Alpha Chi Omega, UN 9893 

Uhe Lankford, E. Sue, 2928 Guilford Ave., Baltiinore 18, BE 5909 

lAg Lankford, Joshua ¥., Jr., Pox Ul8, Pocomoke, 7511 Princeton Ave., C. P. 

hAg Lankford, Ralph P., Pocomoke, Alpha Gamma Rho 

liPPA Lann, Alvin B., 7721 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park, SL 0286 

UaS Lann, Irma S., 7721 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park, SL 0286 

3Ed Lantz, Curtis E., 6l27 Fairdel Ave., Baltimore 6, TD 3 

2flS Lanza, Frank L., 1101 Revere Ave., Trenton, N. J., Calvert B 

hBPA Lape, Charles K., Pox 178, Glenn Dale, BO 3U6ii 

3AS Lapetina, Peter A., 1101 Dundalk Ave., Baltimore 2U, RI 3205k 

3Ed Lapides, Hyrna R., I636 l/cHenry St., Baltimore 23, AAH 

OSCS Lapkin, Samuel, ^Tatkins Acres hD, Frederick, Frederick 2532R 

3PPA Larash, ^Villiam W., 629 Piccadilly Rd., Towson h, Kappa Alpha, UN 9833 

2PE Larcombe, K. Kathleen, Gaithersburg, Dorm 2 

OSCS Larmore, Audrey E. (l.^rs.). Ocean City Rd. , Salisbury 

3AS Larrabee, Herbert W. , UlU Baltimore ^ Annapolis Blvd., N.E., Glenburnie 9, Glen Burnie 862 

OSCS Larrere, Phillip P., 565 .V. 192nd St., New York, N. Y., Hq. 3rd Inf., Ft. Eyer, Va., 

(CH 3000, Ext.2l5U 

OSCS Larrick, Harold S., 3025 Knox St., S.E., 20, B. C, KGF 2205 

2En Larrick, ^ayne L., U5l0 2nd St., N.E., 1, D. C. {.U 3027 

iiEn Larsen, Robert H., 3U27 79th St., Jackson Heights, N.Y., 7309 Princeton Ave., C. P., 

UAS Larson, Mary A., 61; State Circle, Annapolis, U6IO College Ave., C. P., WA 9759 

Gr Larson, Richard R., 8535 S. W. Ulst Ave., Portland 19, Ore., lU Grafton St., Chevy 

Gr Larsson, Alcott J., 2717 29th St., S.E., 20, D. C, T^ 0377 (Chase, 15, WI 9551i 

UaS Lartz, John F., Jr., 5900 Halsey Rd., Rockville 

iiAS LaRue, Irene A., 3li3 Summer Ave., Newark, N.J., U6l3 College Ave., C.P., AP 576U 

3Ed Laser, Norman L., 6209 20th Place, West Hyattsville, AP OOU. 

2En Lashley, Donald '.V. , 7 Sunnyside Rd., Silver Spring, SL 1665 

OAS Lasken, Adele E. (Mrs.), 8703 Gilbert PI., Takoma Park (JO 29000, Ext.U258 

OSCS Laster, Robert G., R. F.D.I, Crozet 2, Va., 1100 Comp. Sq., Boiling AFB, 25, D.C., 

liAg Latane, Robert M., U300 Hayward Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 1 

Ag Lathroum, Hugh T., 319 S. Augusta Ave., Baltimore 29, LO 59U3 

Gr Latimer, Delfltt T., Jr., 61; Rennell St., Lexington Park 

OSCS Latimer, Nance J., 209 Hodges Lane, T^oma Park 12, SL 8160 

OSCS Latorre, Richard R., 363I Minnesota Ave., S.E., 19, D. C, AX 83OO, Ext. 239 

Gr Latt, Herman A., l81a Summit Place, N.W., 9, D. C, CO ll65 

2PE Lattimer, Charles E., 235 Virginia Ave., Ciunberland, Dorm F 

OSCS Lauderdale, Charles G., Box 26l, Rt. h, Austin, Texas, 8232 lUth Ave., Hyattsville 

OSCS Laudis, Elmer K., 1^330 Livingston Rd., S.E., 20, D. C, JO 2-6262 

Gr Lauer, James E., 2006 Ravenswood St., Hyattsville, UT^ 1526 

ISCS Laughevy, Robert ff.. Mill Run, Pa., Calvert D 

liEn Laurer, vleorge J., 5536 Hutton Ave,, Baltimore 7, TD 6 (25, D. C, HI 3100, Ext. lj.53 

OSCS Lauterbach, Harris Y. (Lt.), 36I Lynbrooke Rd., Springfield, Pa., Hq.MATS, Andrews AFB, 

ISCS Lauth, Harold V., Jr., Agricxiltural Research Center, Beltsville, TO 6U30, Ext.U30 

2BPA Lauth, James H., Agricultxiral Research Center, Beltsville, TO 6ii30 

2AS LaVigna, Donald R., 77 Holly St., Yonkers, N.Y., Dorm 

AS Lavis, Gwen J., 936 Dulaney Valley Rd., Towson U, AAH 

2BPA Lawhon, Nelson D., 6706 Golden Ring Rd., Baltimore 6, TD 6 

UEn Lawler, Norman 11., Jr., 3816 Femdale Ave., Baltimore 7 

ISCS Lawrence, Allan M., Jr., 6h Crescent Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3911 

2PPA Lawrence, Donald R., 5211 56th Ave., Hyattsville 

2AS Lawrence, Eleanor A., 12 Everett St., Kensington, AAH 

UAg Lawrence, Francis J., Glen Arm, TD 3 

Gr Lawrence, Jack P., 911 Eastridge St.; Takoma Park, SL U310 

2Ed Lawrence, Ursula V., 552U Charles St., Pethesda Ih, Kappa Alpha Theta 

2AS Laws, John V., 1263 Oakwopd Ave., Hillside, N.J., VF12, Apt.E., C. P. 

3AS Lawshe, N. Joanne, 6520 6th St., N.W., 12, D.C., GE II6I4 

IAS Lawson, Julian P., 707 Farragut Place, N.W., 17, D.C., LA 6-8291 


UKn Lawyer, Vlfilliara H., Berkeley Springs, V<. Va., 7i+01 Princeton Ave., C. P., WA 9733 

3PE Layinan, William H., Grantsville, U53l Viells Parkway, Riverdale (WA 970? 

UaS Layne, Edward B., Jr., U30ii Fessenden St., N. ,Y., l6, D. C, Sigma Alpha iiipsilon, 

IAS Layne, Nancy H., li30U Fessenden St., N. W. , 16, E. C. OR 1523 

IAS Layton, T'ildred A., 993$ Moss Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3396 (Hyattsville, WA U839 

Gr Lazicki, Florence I!., 3230 Rich. Terr., Staten Island 3, N. Y. j 6203 Ulst Ave., 

23PA Leach, lielvin H., Jr., 2302 7Uth Ave., Kent Village 

lEn Leahey, John F., 22 Helicopter Dr., Baltimore 20 

2Ag Leakan, Alexander J., Allen's Cabins ^ Rest, Laurel, Laurel 273 

liAg Lease, Gareth.B., Route 2, Frederick, Dorm N 

Gr Leavitt, T7illiain E., U21h Nichols Ave., S. .V., 20, D. C, JD 3-65U2 

Gr LePlanc, L'ary L., 53l6 li2nd St., N. 'V., 10, D. C, m 0709 

2AS Leboivitz, "arveyV., lillU Faix-view Ave., Paltimore l6, TD 8 

lEd Lebowitz, Helen L., 1|607 27th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 2ii03 

IAS Lebowitz, Vorris 1,1. , 9623 Evertrreen St., Silver Spring, SL 637u 

ISGS Lebowitz, Paul H., Ii607 27th St., ¥t. Rainier, .VA 2ii03 

Gr Leckie, Madeleine V. (Mrs.), I46IO U7th St., N.A'., I6, D. C, £M 3889 

OEd Leckie, Margaret, 25l6 Talbot Rd., Baltimore I6, 

3Ag LeClerg, Robert E., 6502 U^th Ave., University Park, UN O696 

hBPA Ledbetter, Charles B., Box U53, Route 2, Miami U3, Fla., TD I 

Gr Lederle, Henry F., 6U6 Broadway, Paterson h, N. J., 6709 hhth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 2752 

liEd Lee, Beatrice I., 225 Walnut St., Audubon 3, N. J., Garuna Phi Beta, UN 9301 

IAS Lee, C. Nicholas, 806 Garland Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 8055 

Gr Lee, Chun Y., 15 Ih Ke-Dong, Seoul, Korea, 3111 N.St., N.W., D.C., DE 62U7 

hAS Lee, Clara, 8OO N. Broadway, Baltimore 5, U553 sfindsor Lane, Bethesda lU 

iiEn Lee, James H., UOlU Kansas Ave., N. rV., 11, D. C, RA 606I 

ISCS Lee, James N., 530 Vf. Franklin St., Baltimore 1, TD 5 

liAS Lee, Joseph P., 1100 E. 36th St., Baltimore 18, Dorm 

liEd Lee, Marie J., 7312 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, SL 5570 

Gr Lee, Mary C, (Mrs.), 11 Indian Spring Dr., Silver Spring 

3En Lee, Paul, 38 South Carrollton Ave., Baltimore 23, TD 3 

UAS Lee, Ralph K.,!!!, 228 Colgate Ave., Baltimore 22, Dundalk I296R 

Gr Lee, Robert, 1719 20th St., N. W., D. C, AD 7112 (Greenbelt 6832 

3AS Lee, Robert A., 17 Buena Place, Red Bank, N. J., U2 E. Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, 

Gr Lee, S. Fdward, 3300 Porter St., I6, D. C, W 9723 

Gr, Teh Y. , 33 Salo Ave., Shanphai 13, China, [4613 College Ave., C. P. 

2SCS Leech, Wade R., 3137 19t-ii St., N. W. , 10, D. C, AD 1533 

)|AS Leedon, F,. Paul, Paradise Rd., R. D. 1, Aberdeen, U300 Osage St., C. P. 

IHE I.eek, Petty R., 2606 Rhode Island Ave., N. E., 18, D. C, DU 3860 

IBPA Leeman, A. ^Villiara, Jr., 1310 East Capitol St., 3, D. C, LI 3-1622 

2 AS LeFever, Joyce C, 7l6 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

UFE LeFort, Taylor R., 305 N. Sappington Rd. , Kirkwood 22, Mo. 

hEn Lefter, James, 12 S. Broadway, Baltimore 31, CZ 

2En Lehman, Samuel G., 950U Page Ave., Pethesda lU, OL 0910 

3En Lehmann, W. Kerap, 56o6 Pimlico Road, Paltimore 9, Dorm E 

3AS LehDikuhl, Catherine A., 509 Rittenhouse St., 11, D. C, RA 5653 

IAS Lehr, Harry J., Jr., Qkk ',V. 36th St., Baltimore 11, TD I4 (LA 6-1^327 

Gr Leibowitz, Ralph C, lh60 Vyse Ave., Bronx 60, N.Y., 37U2 12th St.j N.i:., D.C., 

UBFA Leikin, Jay, 1^021 Dorchester Rd. , Baltimore 7, Dorm F (UN 33^9 

ISCS Leineweber, Kenneth C, 923 Argonne Dr., Baltimore l3, 7309 Dickinson Ave., C.P., 

Gr Leiphart, J. Plumer C, U320 Nichols Ave., S. //., 20, D. C, JO 3-5372 

Gr Leise, Sol, 6335 iYashington Blvd., Baltimore 27, Elkric.e 23lw 

3BFA Leisz, Paul E., 2315 Belleview Ave., Cheverly, WA 693h 

2En Leiter, Kenneth L., 103 Oakdale Ave., Baltimore 23, CA 8236 

UAk Leiter, Robert 0., Route 5, Hagerstown, Dorm N 

UEn Leith, James F., 500 Easley St., Silver Spring, SH 3355 

hEn Leithauser, John G., 26l5 Cecil Ave., Paltimore 13, CH 2319 

liAS Lejonhud, Marilyn P., 3129 Neirton St., N. K., 18, D. C, V,I 1953 

2AS Lemr.ert, Yilliam A., 101 ",7. Main St., Frostburg, Calvert B 

liEd Lemraon, Dixie M., 5622 31st Ave., Hyattsville, WA 2751 

lEn Lenck, '?illiam ?'., 5220 St. Farnabas Rd., S. E., 20, D. C, I/) 3-3377 

OSCS Lcnderman, George W. , BOC, NAS, Anacostia, D. C, LU U-2U00, Fjct.35l 

lEd T^nox, Melvin E., U6IO Livinpston Rd., S. E., 20, D. C. 

IF^ Lentz, Gerald R. , 30li East Franklin St., Silver Spring, SH 9023 

2RPA Lentz, Richard C, 5725 Ridpedale Rd. , Baltimore 9, TD 3 

UEd Leon, Doris A., 730 Linnard St., Paltimore 29, Dorm 2 (Boiling AF Base 

OSCS Leonard, Jack E. (Capt.), U909 IO6 Deal Dr., 20, D. C, Box l65, Officers fail Rm., 

OSCS Leonard, Robert T. (Lt.), l32liC Fatton Dr., Ft. Meade 

3En Leonard, Villiara M., 13i43 Shepherd St., N. E., 17, D. C, LA 6-6560 

Gr Leonard, ".7imner J., 230li M. Glebe Rd., Arlington 7, Va. 


3En Leone, Peter, 706 S. Highland Ave., Balto. 2h, Uiil3 Beechwood Rd., Hyattsville 

3AS Leone, Tito R., 23-U8 31st Ave., Astoria 6, U.Y., SZ 

AS Leoni, James, 6621 Hudson St., Balto. 

Gr Leopard, George V<',, 2$ Salamaca Court, Lexington Pai-k, Ireat wlills 5651 

OSes Lepanto, Peter J., 3528 95th St., Jackson Heights, N.Y., 3339 l8th St., N./»., B.C. HU 8366 

Gr Lepoff, Jack H., 2721 Iverson St., S.b., 20, L.C, 

3Ed Leppart, Suzanne C, 3908 N. Charles St., Balto. 18, U6IO College Ave., C.P., WA 9759 

2SCS Lerner, tugene M., 19U Main St., Annapolis, TD 6 

Gr Lerner, Joseph S., 9103 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring, SH 5197 

AS Les, Joseph W., 23 Applet on St., Springfield, aaass., U50U Albion Rd., C.P. 

OEd Lesch, Virginia R. (Mrs.), 3871 Rodman St., :K^^., I6, D.G., EM 1337 

Gr Lesher, Glenn S., 5813 63rd Ave., Riverdale, WA 8399 

3Ed Lesnar, Maxine A., 6201^ Gist Ave., Balto. 15, Dorm 2 

3AS Lessig, Gladys S., 2005 Avalon Place, Hyattsville, UN 900ii 

Or Lester, h. Marie, R,F.D.#2, Cambria, Va., 1776 Massachusetts Ave., N.iV,, D.C., DU 9551 

OFxi Lester, Louise A., 9600 Bristol Ave., Silver Spring, SH 2117 

UEd Leszkiewicz, John E,, 276 r/ashington St., Braintree, Mass., 6809 Dartmouth Ave., C.P, 

I4AS Letcher, Arthur J,, Jr., 193U7 Dorothy Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, Dorm N 

kFE Letiecq, Albert A., 172 Pilgrim Ave,, norcester k, Mass., Sigma Phi Epsilon 

UEn Leto, Joseph E., 1018 Monroe St., Eastport, TD 1 

2AS Letzer, Jack D,, 3215 N. Charles St., Balto. 18, Dorm K 

1kg Leuci, Victor A., 178-20 Leslie Rd,, St. Albans, N.Y., TD 6 

IAS. LevandovTsky, Anton, 3U27 13th St., N,W., 10, D.C, NO U375 

Or Levedahl, V^illiam J., IOOI4 Houston Ave., Takoraa Park 12, SH 5729 

3HE LeVelle, Janet C, #7 LeVelle Drive, Chevy Chase 15, Delta Delta Delta 

lAg Levely, Harry P,, Jr., 6513 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

2AS Levengard, Herbert M., 590U Arbor St., Tuxedo, 7303 lale Ave,, C,P,, UN 9785 

Gr Levenson, Abraham S,, 8U5 South Greenbrier St., Arlington U, Va, 

Gr Leventhal, Abraham, 290U Allison St., Mt, Rainier, UN I96U 

OSCS Lever, Mary F., 1211 Hyatt Ave., Columbia, S.C., Hq. Co. U.S.Amy WAC, South Post Ft.Hyer,Va 

2Ed Levin, Doris S., 3817 Callaway Ave., Balto. 15, MBH 

3BPA Levin, Harold S.. 5601 Key Ave., Balto. 15, ii509 Calvert Rd,, C.P., WA 9513 

IHE Levin, Joanne, 3iioO Hilton Rd., Balto, 15, AAH 

IAS Levin, Mary, 2706 Classen Ave,, Balto, 15, MBH 

2PE Levin, iaaurice, 852 S, Irving St,, Arlington, Va,, TD 8 

2HE Levin, Philip P., 507 Somerset Place, N.W,, 11, D,G., TU 19U3 

2AS Levin, Sidney, 2801 33rd St,, S.E,, 20, D.C, VI 5138 

lEd Levin, Sonia M,, 2216 Park Ave., Balto, 17, Dorm 2 

2AS Levin, Sue M,, 2118 Park Ave,, Balto. 17, Dorm 2 

2AS Levin, Walter S., 5009 Palmer Ave., Balto. 15, TD 3 

(RA 7735 

Or Levine, Arthur M., 7 Berkley Place, Cedarhurst, N.T., 8I6 Marietta Place, N.W., D.C, 

OSCS Levine, Herbert R., hOl Peabody St., N.E., 11, D.C, TA. 33UO 

2AS Levine, Paul, 212 N. Gay St., Balto. 

IjBPA Levine, Richard H., 9 Contact Court, Balto. 20, 7303 Tale Ave., C.P., UN 9785 

IPE Levins, Chester, 117 Harrison St., Worcester, l!ass, 

Gr Levinson, Samuel, 1323 lierrioack Ave., Hyattsville 

3AS Levy, Alan C, 2901 Garrison Blvd., Balto, 16, Dorm K 

I4PE Levy, Arlen C, 5805 Narcissus Ave,, Balto. 15, TD 8 

2Ed Levy, Doris M., 1318 Tewkesbury Place, N,W,, 12, D.C, TA 71^63 

2AS Levy, Dovera, I700 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Balto. 17, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

I4BPA Levy, Edwin 0., 709 Lake Drive, Balto. 17, TD 8 

IBPA Levy, George B., [i206 Russell Ave., ilt. Rainier, UN 2632 

iiEn Levy, Harold H., 5320 8th St., JJ.^. 11, D.C, RA 8672 

ijBPA Levy, Jerome S., U25 7th St., S.rt., h, D.C, EX 8313 

IAS Levy, Joan C, 2929 28th St., N.W., 3, D.C, AAH 

OSCS Levy, Joel V,, U2ll 6th St,, S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-3260 

I4BPA Levy, Maurice A., 709 Lake Drive, Balto. 17, TD 8 

OSCS Levy, Milton, 3 Paradise Rd., Aberdeen 

3BPA Levy, Sidney M., 3701^ Dennlyn Rd., Balto, 15, 7308 Rhode Island Ave,, C.P., UN 8883 

UEn Lewis, Basil C, Box 217, Frederick, Dorm C 

Or Lewis, Beverley V»., VF 5 Apt D, C.P, 

Or Lewis, Charles E., 3326 Buchannan St., Apt, 202, i^t. Rainier 

2Ed Lewis, Doralee M, (Mrs,), 3900 Hamilton St,, f^attsville, WA U6U6 

ISCS Lewis, Edgar M, III, 2U29 59th Place, Cheverly, UN 886O 

lEn Lewis, Edwin C, 18 B Ridge Rd., Greenbelf 

2AS Lewis, Elaine L., 55 Alder St., Oakland, MBH 

OSCS Lewis, Eleanor W,, 310 North Paca St,, Balto. 1 

2BPA Lewis, Frederick W,, U300 Roland Ave., balto. 10, Kappa Alpha 

liEn Lewis, Gladstone S,, Jr,, 13 M Ridge Rd,, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3766 

2AS Lewis, aoria E,, 5l2h 8th St,, N.*'.. 11, D.C, RA 6017 


Or' Lewis, Howard A., 658 Northampton Dr., Silver Spring, SL 0875 

IAS Lewis, J. Kenny, U328 East-West Highway, Bethesda lU, WI 39u8 

Gr Lewis, Julian W., 5717 Ethelbert Ave., Baltimore 15, MO 6272 

IAS Lewis, Samuel R., 7822 Foster St., District Heights, JO 8-3025 

UEn Leyh, Laurence D., Jr., 5U-F Crescent Road, Greenbelt 

Gr Libbey, Ethel M., 3130 Wisconsin Ave., N.«r., 16, OR 20U7 

ItAg Libbey, Joseph D., Jr., Ii9l8 Battery Lane, Bethesda, U5lO Woodberry Rd.,Riverdale,WA 7060 

Gr Libby, Richard L., 210 Newcomb St., S.E., D.C., JO 2-3058 

ISCS Libennan, Richard A., 5001 Fourth St., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 9053 

Gr Libert, Jack, 312 Athoe Ave., Apt. A, Baltimore, WI U253 

llAg Liboro, Mariano L., 1119 Rizal Ave., Manila, Philippines, Univ. Garden Apt., Knox Rd.,CP. 

3BPA Ubov, Edward, 2501 Uberty Heights, Baltimore 15, LA 1330 

IAS Lichtenberg, Davida R. , 3627 Ingomar Place, N..T., 15, D.C., WO 61i27 

IBPA Lichtenberg, Edward E., 360U Clarinth Rd. , Baltimore 15, FO 5220 

IAS Lichtenstein, Joseph H., 1613 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore 17, U802 Calvert Rd.,C.P. 

3BPA Lieberman, Harry M., Jr., 3726 Conn. Ave., 8, D.C., WO ia66 

Gr LLebeman, Morris, U085 Minnesota Ave., N.E., D.C., LU U-5970 

IBPA Liebold, Leland A., Smokeless, Pa., Dorm F 

hEn Liedlich, C. William, Route # 2, Elkton, Dorm 

2AS Liedlich, Raymond D., 232 Manor Place, Greenport, L.I., N.Y,, Dorm C 

OEd Liggett, Carrie E., 3110 26th St., N.E., 18, D.C., MI 81^01 

2BPA Lighter, Donald R., 121 Marbem Rd. , Hagerstown, Dorm N 

3BPA Li^tner, Lariy B., R.D. 2, York, Pa., U008 Quintana St., Hyattsville, WA 9373 

ISCS Lijeron, George A., 292 B.Diaz Romero (Miraflores), Lapaz, Bolivia, 870U R. I.Ave., C. P., TO 60U2 

IBPA Lillis, Thomas A., 3701 Marmon Ave., Baltimore, CZ 

IAS Lilly, S. Bruce, IO703 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, SL 9032 

2AS Un, Hang S., U32U Georgia Ave., N.W., 11, D.C., NZ 

3BPA Lincoln, Joyce E., 3lU Elm Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 7772 

UAS Lincoln, Leonard B., 3LU Elm Ave., Takoma Park, SL 7772 

Gr Lindahl, Ivan L., 1318 Belmont St., N.W., 9, D.C., 00 8899 

iSd Linderaan, Janet E., 725 Underwood St., 11, D.C., Dorm 2 

2BPA Linderaan, Robert H., 3507 W Place, N.W., 7, D.C., Dorm N 

En Lindanann, George, Jf., 2739 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, 7, N.Y., TD 5 (UN 2058 

a* LirKienberg, Edward A., 9U Sheppard St., Charleston 2U, S.C., UIO6 Tennyson Rd., Univ. Park, 

Gr Lindner, Harold, 5Ul5 55th Place, East Riverdale, AP 07ii5 

OSCS Lindquist, Roy G., 3718 Holmes Lane, Alexandria, Va., KI 8-7308 

UBPA Undquist, Walter R., 3937 S Street, S.E., Apt 206, 20, D.C., LU 1-2820 

2Ag Undsay, Donald J., 379U 1st St., 3.E., 20, D.C., JO 3-6U77 

Gr Lindsay, Elizabeth V., 3365 Denver St., S.E., 20, D.C., AX 6OI6 

ISCS Lindsay, John P., llil Main St., Ridf^ley, Vf.Va. , Donn N 

UaS Undsay, Joyce M., I306 Randolph St., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 3192 

C^ Lindsay, Margaret L., 3365 Denver St., S.E.,20, D.C., AX 6OI6 

OSCS Lindsey, John E. (Capt.), Sidon, Miss., 222 Audrey Lane, Apt. lOU, 20, D.C., JO 29000, Ext. U313 

lAg Lindsey, R. Donald, R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, SI 0398 

Gr Lindwarm, Joseph 3810 Chatham Rd., Baltimore 

Gr Linebarger, Genevieve C. (Mrs,), 2831 29th St., N,W., 3, D.C., DE 1073 

2BPA Line berry, C. Herbert, 3305 Chillum Rd., Apt. 303, Mt. Rainier, WA 2386 

UBPA Lingebach, :fi.lliam L., Jr., 113 l8th St., S.E., 3, D.C., FR 82ii7 

IAS Link, Richard A., 1389 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport 5, Conn., Calvert C 

Gr Link, Ruth B., Ednor, Ash ton 3137 

UaS Linkins, Robert M., 603 Dartmouth Ave., Silver Spring, SL hlSk 

OSCS Linkous, Walter W., R.D. 1, Havre de Grace 

ISCS Linn, James H., Jr., 1905 Pine Ave., Elkridge 27 

Gr Linn, Ruth H. (Mrs.), R,F,D,, Clarksville, C]a rksville 619W2 

OSCS Linnehan, «irthur. Apt, 101, §612 Chillum Heights Dr., Hyattsville 

3BPA Linthicum, Parry W., 602 Monroe St., Rockville, Lambda Chi Alpha* UN 986I4 

OSCS Linthicum, Donald E., I8I7 N. Rhodes St., Arlington, /a., CH 2000, Ext. 261 

OSCS Linton, Marie B. (Mrs.), 8I6 Traal Ave., Frederick, Frederick 37-R 

IAS Lion, Alvin E., 91I4 Shepherd St., N.7/., 11, D.C., GE 5552 

lAS LiPira Benedict 3., 2806 Goodwood Rd., Baltimore 1);, TD U 

IAS Lipman, Joan H., 18 West St., Annapolis, Donn 2 

3AS Lippens, Raymond S., Iih02 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 7, U310 Knox Rd., C.P., ^A 98U5 

UAe Lippy, Harvey J., Hampstead, Calvert A 

OSCS Lippy, PaiJ.ine C. (Mrs.), Wilson Place, Frederick, Frederick 59UW 

2SCS Lippy, Wallace -^., Hampstead, Calvert C 

3Ag Lisehora, Anthony, R.F.D. 1, Columbus, N.J., 39lU Madison St., Hyattsville, UN 109U 

OSCS Liss, Robert B., 2U22 25th St., S.E., D.C., OR UOUO, Ext. 526 

IAS Litofsky, Arttiur, 5l05 Chalgrove Ave., Baltimore 15, ID 2 

IAS Litt, Edgar, Ul22 Norfolk Ave., Baltimore 16, TD 1 

UBPA Little, George R., 36O7 Tilden St., Brentwood 


OSCS Little, John P. (Capt.), 3013 Indiana St., f^iami 33, Fla., 32J45 23rd St., S.E., D.C., 

OAS little, Kathleen H., 3607 Tilden St., BrentiNood (JO 29000, Ext. 672 

OSCS Little, ^epina C, 926 N. Market St., Frederick, Frederick 1257kKD.C., JO 29000, Ext. 336 

OSCS Little,^ Robert E., Jr., Ul;12 Sherrod St., Pittsburgh, Pa., U2030 Photo Tech. 3q., EAFB, 

3AS Littleton, John B., 10 IVestway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt U366 

IAS Littleton, Michael S., IC Westway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt U366 (D.C., SH 962i( 

OSCS Littleton, Phyllis L., 31^1 Union St., Bellaire, Ohio, 9901st TSU SGO, .VAC Det. 1, 12, 

3AS Livingston, Robert P., Ill 7th St., Garden City, L. I., N. Y. , U317 Van Buren St., Univ. 

IMS Livingstone, Edward A., 575$ Southern Ave., Capitol Heights, HI 5995 (Park, WA 0971 

Gr Lizer, Charles E., 1 Fenton St., Williamsport 

UBPA Lloyd, David- P., 9311 Harvey Rd. , Silver Spring, SH 5326 

lEn Lloyd, Jack S., i^OOS 31st St., Mt. Rainier, WA 6566 

lAg Lloyd, John H., Jr., 213 Baden St., Silver Spring, JU 7-6U.9 

liEn Lloyd, John M., U622 Knox Rd., College Park 

2Ed Lloyd, L'arcia J., 133 Hesketh St., Chevy Chase l5, Ii5l7 Knox Rd., C. P. 

OEd Lloyd, Nellie A. (Mrs.), 3h East D St., Brunswick, Brunswick 6I|.5l 

3AS Lloyd, W. Thomas, IJ4IO Mt. Royal Ave., Baltimore 17, Dorm E 

nr Lo, Hung K., No. 6, Tok Cwei Tow Lane, Canton, China, 3237 lUth Ave., Hyattsville 

3BPA Loban, C. Brent, Qtrs. 19, Ft. '.Vashington 20, B.C., 7509 Princeton Ave., C.P. 

Gr Locher, James R., Jr.(Maj.), 29 South 11th St., Columbia, Pa., Air Force ROTC, U. of Md. 

OSCS Locke, Edward C, 28o6 So. 9th St., Arlington U, Va., 07/ 2339 

lEn Locke, Robert R., I4329 Rov^alt Drive, Apt. 202, C. P., AP O8OI 

2AS Lockhart, Lionell M., I1O6 6lst Ave., Capitol Heights, HI 6819 

OSCS Lockwood, Marp;aret A., 7l5 N. '.Vayne St., Apt. 302, Arlington, Va. 

IPPA Lockwood, W. Elizabeth, 36II Patterson St., l5, D. C, W 5U73 

UHE Lodge, Ruth K., 5l ^ennsvlvania Ave., Flemington, N.J., Dorm 2 (Ft. Meade 

OSCS Lodico, Salvatore, 7779 Madison St., New York 2, N.Y., Tank Co 1st Bn. , 3rd Armd.Cav.Regt. , 

3flS Loehler, Charlotte }'., 698 Rollingwood Dr., Chevy Chase l5, 1502 College Ave., C.P., 

Gr Loerwald, Johanna T., Ij.07 Marx Ave., Baltimore 6 ('^A 98Ui 

2MS Loesch, George P. (Lt.), 3719 2nQ St., S.E., D.C., JO 2-76U6 

OSCS Loewendick, Helen R. (Mrs,), Route 5, Cumberland, Cumberland lUUUU (D.C. 

3AS Loffler, Emestelle A., 1725 Areola Ave., vVheaton, Silver Spring, 260li. Rhode Island Ave,, 

2PPA Loffler, Richard E., SLiOO U9th Ave., C. P. 

OSCS Loftus, James V., Dahlgren, 111., 3981^ 2nd St., S.VV,, D. C, JO 2-1328 

IjAS Logan, Robert M., Jr., Millington, Dorm M 

Gr Logan, ^Tilliam E., 2312 Guilford Ave., Baltimore 18 

OSCS Logan, William R., Jr., UUii 3rd St., S,E., D,C., v/O :-5ll3 

2Ed Logsdon, Don E., R,F,D,1, Box [i60, Frostburg, Dormki 

3BPA Lohr, James J., 217 Glen St., Cumberland, TD 1 

OSCS Lohr, Marian B. (Mrs,), Rt, U, Pox 233, Cumberland^ Cumberland 2U9;i2 

IAS Loizeaux, Jean P., Box 558, Fullerton, Dorm E 

OSCS Lomas, George E., 3ii06 Farragut Ave., Kensinetdn. LO 51332; 

UHK Long, Elizabeth A., 525 Ashford Road, Silver bpring, Donn 3 

liAg Long, Eugene L., Thunnont, TD 1 (C: ■>029 

UaS Long, Jaimie I., 691I Oak Ridge Rd., College Heights, Hyattsville, Kappa Alnha Theta, 

1;AS Long, Nancy K., 7K Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Sigma Kappa, 17A 986I 

liAS Long, Sarah P., 566 University Parkway, Baltimore 10, Dorm 2 

OSCS Longacre, Terrance M. (Lt. Col.), 7l6 Hallwood Ave., Falls Church, Va., LI 56700, Ext, 76062 

lEn Lonf^anecker, Gerald W, , 9052 Rhode Island Ave., C. P., TO S9lh 

hkS Longo, Frank IV., 239 Coldspring Rd. , Stamford, Conn., Dorm C 

2BPA Longstreth, Jackson S., 2116 Rosedale St., Baltimore I6, 110 8007 

UPPA Lonsway, Ann L., 31a2 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SL 3575 

liPE Loomis, John P., 1103 '-olton Lane, Takoma Park, SL 1236 (D.C, HI 3100, Ext. 2126 

OSCS Looney, Vv'arren C, 306 E. Prady St., Butler, Pa., Bldg.l-6ii, Apt.l, Andrews AFB, 20, 

IAS Lopes, Earl :.., U75 So. Peach St., Fall River, Mass., Ii509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 8513 

OSCS Lopez, Chester P., 3311 Stevmrt Ave., Venice, Calif., Hq Sq, MATS, Andrews AFB, 25, D.C. 

lAg Lopez, Fernando J., Jr., 2 Fisherave, Rizal, Philippines, Lord Calvert Hotel, C.P. 

OSCS Lord, Patricia M., 8O6 Hem].ock St., N.V<^., 12, D.C, Hq,MATS, Andrews AFB, 25,D.C., 

2SCS Loreck, Donna, 3506 Rosedale Rd., Baltimore l5, MBH (HI 3100, Ext.6l33 

3AS Lorenz, Carl J., Jr., 13 Cedarwood Rd., Catonsville 28, Phi Kappa Sigma, WA 9828 

OSCS Lorimer, ITilliam III (Lt.Col.), 312 Regina St., Alexandria, Va., AL 7595 

OSCS Loringer, Richard L., 3720 Tudor Arms Ave., Baltimore 11, Dorm E 

ISCS losovsky, Melvin L., 68OO Brentwood Ave., Baltimore 22, TD 2 

OSCS Loughlin, Charles T., 5 Roxbuiy Rd., Rockville Centre, N.Y., U807 Uth Ave., S.E., D.C. 

OSCS Loughmiller, Clair M., 503 Maples Rd., S.E., i'orningside , JO 9-9775 

liHE Louie, Cherry L., IO6 N. '.Vashington St., Easton, Dorm 2 

2SCS Louie, Robert, I06 N. Washington St., Easton, Dorm 

OSCS Love, Alice M. (Mrs.), 300 Trail Ave., Frederick, Frederick S6lM 

2En Love, Benjamin F., Edgewood, Dorm N 

IBPA Love, Isaac T., Lonaconing, Calvert E 


2AS Love, Thomas A., ShepDard P4., Monkton, Dorm I 

Gr Lovelace, Weil R., hnti 25 Rd., N. Arlington, Va., CH 5l9U 

Gr Lovell, Donald J., 2^0 Audrey Lane, Oxon Hill, LO 37823 

OSes Lovell, Kenneth R., 6723 Farkwood St., Landover, UN 0023 

Gr Lovell, Virginia P., SOU Maple St., Stuttgart, Ark., 2800 Quebec St., N.W., D.C., OR 6900 

2BPA Lovett, Colbum B., 8708 Barron St., Takoma Park, SL 66I6 

2HE Lovre, Janice A., 855 Northampton Drive, Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

3AS Low, James P., 1701 Park Rd., N.W., D.C., NO 17ij8 

Gr Lowe, Donald M., 3957 First St., S.tV., 20, D.C., JO 3-587U 

OSes Lowe, Donald S., 8712 Colesville Rd., Apt. 210, Silver Spring, SL 85iiU 

OSes Lowe, Edwin P., 233 East 2nd St., Frederick 

2BPA Lowe, Nana M., 8511 Rosewood Drive, Bethesda lU, Dorm 3 (Apt. 305, D.C., JO 28878 

OSes Lowe, xRalph Z,, Jr. (Capt.), 1700| 6th Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas, 1201 Valley Ave., S.E., 

3Ag Lowell, Rial D., 6I1I3 iiilaple Ave., Chevy Chase 15, OL 09ii3 

Gr Lowell, Robert, 1716 V*. St., S.y., 20, D.C. 

3Ag Lower, William B., R#2, Biglerville, Pa., Dorm 

OSes Loweth, Donald C., R#l, Box 111, Clinton, CYpress 9067 

IPE Lowman, Barbara A., 16 V/. Potomac St., liVilliamsport, AAH 

OSes Lown, James M. (Capt.), R^U, Lexington, S. C., 1828 A Reece Rd., Meade Heights, Odenton 6092 

OSes Lowy, Walter M., 7710 Blair Rd., 12, D.C., SH 9775 

Gr Lucas, Benjamin, UOl E. Prospect S., Harrison, Ark., 69170akridge Rd., Univ. Park, UN 8957 

UBPA Lucas, Russell C., i|030 Davis Ave., Munhall, ?a., 7506 Dickinson Ave., C.P., UN 986h 

lAS Lucas, Williaun B., 250 Riverside Ave., Riverside, Conn, Dorm. F 

ObCS Lucas, William D., 2120 l6th St., N.W., D.C., DU 6OOO Ext.502 

3BPA Lucco, Sal J., 511 ilurray St., Elizabeth 2, N.J., Dorm 

ObCS Luce, E<iward G. (Lt.), Pox 80*/, Hemingford, Nebr., I819 B Patton Drive, Meade Heights, OD UliSa 

liBPA Lucie, Edward, 8909 56th Ave., Berwyn Heights 

3BPA Lucid, John F., 2705 Finley Court, Wheat on, LO 53U57 

Gr Luckenbaugh, Raymond W., 5013 Apache St., Branchville, TO 6295 

AS Lucker, Joan M., 9 Sussex Rd., Silver Spring, Dorm 2 

3En Ludtke, V/illiam P., 3119 Belmont Ave., Balto. I6, VF 11, Apt B., C.P. 

Gr Ludwig, Charles H., 7103 Harwick Rd., I6, D.C., OL 7108 

2En Lugenbeel, Edward E., 2921 Charleston Ave., B^lto. 27, Arbutus 1257 (HI 3100 Ext ,6227 

OSes Luisi, Tom E., 721I4 19th Ave., Brookl^m h, N.Y., Weather Det 1-12 Andrews AFB, 25, D.C. 

IAS Luke, Allan L. Ill, Box 729, Soramerville, S.C., 14312 Claggett Rd., C.P., W. 7571 

lEn Lake, Donald L., 9109 i48th Place, C.P., TO 63U7 

Gr Lull, Howard W., 210 Southampton Drive, Silver Spring, SL 090h 

IBPA Lunceford, Bennett R., 6U9 Girard St., N.E., 17, D.C, HO 3209 

liEd Lundberg, Kenneth B., 2201 Guilford Rd., Hyattsville 

kkg Lundquist, Arnold L., 507 Cnestnut Hill Ave., Balto. 18 

IAS Lundvall, Ellen A., 3710 Greenraount Ave., Balto. 18, Dorm 2 

Gr Luneski, Isabelle M. (ifrs.), 803 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, SH 2036 

IAS Lunn, Barbara J., 3563 Locust Hill Rd., Bethesda lU, MBH 

OSCS Lunnie, Francis M., Concord, Vermont, 209 Fairfax Rd., Alexandria, Va, 

I4BPA Liinsford, Hollis, Sulphur Springs, Texas, 9 B Southway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5^87 

3HE Lura, Dianne T,, llh Seneca Drive, S.E., Forest Heit;hts, Dorm 3 

3HE Lura, Donna G., llU Seneca Drive, S.E,, 20, D.C, AAH 

ISCS Lusby, i//alter F., Severna Park, Dorm C 

OAS Luse, Donal F., 5602 hOth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 599U 

3AS Lusher, Richard P., ijOO Hancock Ave., Takoma Park, TD 8 

IBPA Lushok, Helen, R.D.#h, Broadaxe, Norristown, Pa,, Dorm 3 

2BPA Lust, Irwin M., 13ii5 Saratoga Ave., N.E., D.C. 

OEd Luther, Elizabeth H. (Mrs.), R.D.#2, Silver Spring, SH 1^230 

IMS Luther, Milton H., 8721 63rd Ave., Berwyn Heights, Dorm E 

OSCS Luttrell, John L., 512 B Beacon Rd., Silver Spring, JU 7-9566 

2En Luttrell, William A., 2688 St. Benedict St., Balto. , Dorm C (JA 8-29ii3 

OSCS Lutz, Roman J. (Ist. Lt.), 19 Monteliin Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., 20^0 Uth St., S. Arlington, Va. 

ISCS Lux, George A., 53 ^enton St., Rochester 20, N.Y., It07 Southampton Drive, Silver Spring 

Gr I^rand, William A., 5U N. Coles Ave., Maple Shade, Burlington, N.J,, 750U Dickinson Ave., CP, 

2AS Lyell, Anna D., 2300 Garrison Blvd., Balto. 16, LI 791ii 

3En I^yles, George R., 1323 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, CZ 

OSCS Lyman, Rowland G., I4517 Browne St., Omaha, Nebr., ij236 btn St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 3-658ii 

Gr Lynch, Donald W., I2i2 Ivanhoe St., S.«v., 20, D.C, JO 3-5Ulli 

Gr Lynch, James D., 519 Bertland St., Apt. 102, Alexandria, Va, 

Gr Lynch, James J., 5[|35 Connecticut Ave,, N.W.,D.G,„ CH 3967 

OEd Lynch, James T,, 6562 Wells Parkway, Hiveraaie 

Ug Lynch, John A. Ill, 2811 Terrace Rd., S.Li., 20, D.C, TV» I98O 

UEn I^mch, John C, ij026 Fifth St., N.»V. 11, D.C, RA 5I9I 

3Ag Lynch, John D, 111 Oak Drive, Catonsville 28, Dorm E 

3Ag lynch, Joseph F., 203it E. 31st St., Balto. 18, TD h 


OSes Lynch, Joseph M., Camp Detrick, Frederick, Frederick 872-J (SH 328? 

Gr Lynch, Mary J., 2121 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio, 1910 Grace Chiu-ch Road, Silver Spring 

IHE Lynch, Patricia A., hl8 Diamond Ave.,Gaithersburg, AAH 

2En Lynch, Robert C, Ull? Eierman Ave., Baltimore 6, TD3 

iiEd Lynch, Roger W., 8 Ridpeway Terrace, Cumberland 

OAS Lynch, Walter F., 2Cc'l 31st. St., S.E., 20 D.C., AX l6l6 

OSes Lynes, Donald L., 3088 Abinguon St., Fairlington, Va., Fairlington 73735 (St., Beltsville 

AS Lynn, Custer L., 2 So. Clinton Ave., Trenton 9» N.J., Beltsville Garden Apts.,St. Mary 

OSes Lynn, Guy Jr., 3U23 Mt. Pleasant St.', N.W., 10 D.C., HO 6625 

lEn Lynn, H. Robert, 1308 Kenil worth Ave., D.C., 19, VI 5U95 

ISCS Lynn, Margaret A., 3700 Quebec St., N.W., D.C., 75lii Rhode Island Ave., C. P., UN 9885 

Us Lynn, Nancy L., 108 Olin Drive, Lee Blvd. Hgts., Falls Church, Va., MBH 

3BPA Lynn, South T., 3700 Quebec St., N.W., D.C., WO 572U 

2BPA Lyon, Hiram W., Box 188, LaPlata, SZ 

3AS Lyon, Shirley A., R. D. 3, Salem, N.J., 6305 l;7th Ave., Riverdale 

2BPA Lyons, Daniel B,, 9619 Clearview Place, Silver Spring, SH 7322 

2AS Lyons, Francis R., CZ 

Gr Lyons, Robert E., 76l5 Foster St., District Heights, HI li228 

OSes Lyons, Vernon M., Tomkins Cove, N.Y,, 1131st. S/A. Sq. Arlington Farms, Arlington, Va, 

2BPA Lysakowski, Raymond J., 21 Pearl St., North Weymouth, Mass., Dorm G 

OSes Lyttle, Nelson E., 3l6 W. College Terrace, Frederick 

WS MacArthur, John C., 3921; Legation St., N.W., 15 D.C. (C.P., WA 9733 

3AS MacCallum, Robert M., 17U South Orange Ave., South Orange, N.J., 7U01 Princeton Ave., 

2Ed MacCarteney, Ann F., 3601 Idaho Ave., N.W., l6 D.C, EM 7728 

IiEd Macchi, Marilyn D., The Brj'-nwood, Wyimewood, i^a.. Kappa Kappa Gainraa, WA 9866 

lEn MacDonald, Donald H., 2ii3 St. Helena Ave., Dundalk 22, Dundalk 0037 M 

hAS MacDonald, Elinor J., 5109 *^wynn Oak Aye., Baltimore 7, AAH 

2Ag MacDonald, George T., Rising Sun, Dairy Barns, University of Maryland 

liAg MacDonald, Ralph A., Box 192, Rising Sun, 7511 Princeton Ave., C. P., WA 9831 

UAS MacDonald, Theodore A., 269 Beechwood Ave., Union, N.J., Calvert D 

OSCS MacDonald, William E., Ull7 Davis Place, N.W., D.C, OR U965 

3En MacDorraan, Littleton C, 1139 N. Bentalou St., Baltimore l6. Dorm 

US MacDcugall, Stanley S., 5iiOii Powhatan Road, Riverdale, UN 0203 

3Ag MacFarlane, Douglas A., R. F. D. #3, Westminster, Animal Husbandry Barns 

Gr MacGee, Roy C Jr., 27 Dover St., W. Medford, Mass., Box 369, C P. 

hEn MacGregor, John D., 2316 32nd. St., S.E., 20 D.C, 7ii06 Dickinson Ave., C P. 

2SCS MacGregor, Wallace Roy Jr., 3056 Thayer St., N.E., D.C, MI lii97 

OSCS Machlin, Irving, 3l6 Livingston Terrace, S.E., 20 D.C, J03-3859 (Va., OW 9U00 

OSCS Machowski, Frank J., U930 Deal Drive S.E., 20 D.C, 1908th. AACS Sq^, So. Post, Fort Myer 

Ag I^acht, Lois L. (Mrs,)., 3907 Fenhurst Ave., Baltimore 15 

Gr Mack, Arthur W., 300 Maury Ave., Glass Manor, JO 3-U766 

ISCS Mack, Donald C, U509 Clifton Road, Baltimore l6, TDl 

OSCS Mack, Ernest W.(Capt.)., R. D., East Greenville, Pa., 335th. Ftr. Sqd. Andrews AFB, D.C. 

OSCS Mack, Thomas F., Jr., R. D. 1, Cgmp Hill, Pa., 2002 liosnell St., Silver Spring, LO 5-3221 

3BPA Mack, William C, U509 Clifton Road, BaltiirorQ l6 

Gr M.ack, Winifred K, (Mrs,)., U6lO Livingston Road, S.E., D.C, JO 3-U766 

2AS Mackebee, Lester P., 320 Washburn Ave., Baltimore 25, CUrtis 2336-M 

Gr MacKellar, Gerold W., 8233 lUth. Ave., Apt. 301, Hyattsville 

2En MacKenzie, James S. Jr., 8136 Dundalk Ave., i^altimore 22, Dorm N 

OSCS Mackey, Harold K., UOl So. Court House Road, Arlington, Va., OW 876I 

Gr MacKinnon, Francis X., 1 Harold St., Newport, R.I., University Lane k Mowatt Lane, UN 1159 

UHE Mackintosh, Flora L., 6906 Sycamore Ave., Takoma ParK, Alpha Chi Omega 

Us Macklin, Stanley, 3818 Hayward Ave., Baltimore 15, TpU 

Gr Maclay, Janes W., 728 Sixth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa., Boz 728 Hyndman Pa. 

IAS Macleod, Ellis G., U826 Butterworth Place, N.W., 16 D.C, OR 2082 

Gr Macovsky, Morris S., 909 Newhall St., Silver Spring, JU 7-687U 

UbPA Macrae, Bruce F., 2321 Lincoln Road, N.E., 2 D.C, DE O916 (JO 2-8866 

OSCS Madara, George L., 531 E. Market St., Marietta, Pa., lOOli Barnaby Terrace, S.E., D.C, 

OAS Madden, Philip A., 5715 U3rd. Ave., Hyattsville, UN 7069 

liBPA Maddox, Francis W., 6511 Fairfax Road, Bethesda 

2BPA Maddox,- William L. Jr., 3 Dupont Ave., Kensington, LO 5-105U 

Us Madeiros, Eugene M., 88 Arsdale Terrace, East Orange, N. J., Dorm 

lEn i'ladera, C Andrew.-,' T-I167 7 Leonard Wood, Fort Meade, Fort i^ade 63li 

3BPA Madow, Selvin L., Temple Garden Apts., Baltimore, U509 Calvert Road, College Park, WA 9513 

OSCS Madsen, Archie T., 6lUlOth. Aye., North Seattle, Washington, Bide. T-3 Ft. L. J., McNair 

AS Maeda, Toshiynkia J., 60i; Carroll Ave., Takoma Park (D.C, EX 7700 Ext. 770 

lAS Maesaka, Ert S., 623 Olive Ave., Wahiawa, Oahu T.H., TD5 

3En Magazu, ^arry H., II9 Broad St., Paulsboro, N.J., Dorm F 

2BPA Magee, Bernard J., Rockville, TD 5 

U^FA Magee, Charles A., ii6ll College ^ye.. College Park, Calvert 


OAg Magee, Paul F., 3 Eilleary Lane, R.F.D. 4, Rockville, OL 0820 

Gr Magee, Paul E,, Jr., 235 E. Montgomery Ave., Rookrille, RocWille 2781 

IBPA V&gee, Robert K., 3336 Mt. Pleasant St., N.W., 10, D.C., AD 6488 

2BPA K'agill, Raymond W., 3005 Woodhome Ave., Baltimore 14, CZ 

IPE Waginnis, Robert J., 1400 N. Washington St., Baltimore 13, TD 5 

4En Magiros, Peter G., River Rd., Ellicott City, 7404 Baltimore Blvd., C.P. 

3AS Magnan, John W,, Box 275, Chester, N.Y., Dorm I 

4En Magness, Preston L., Jr., Benson, Dorm 

IFE Magtutu, Paul W., White House Heights, Landover, UK 3425 

3SCS Maguire, John R., 821 Alabama Ave., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-4242 

(SL 6892 

Gr Maguire, Robert F., 102 N. Main St., Plains, Pa., 8037 Eastern Ave., Silver Spring, 

3AS Mahaney, Calvin M. , RFD #1 Box 286, Cumberland, Dorm C 

IAS Mahaney, Donald F., 617 N. Augusta Ave., Baltimore 2C, TD 3 

Gr Mahaney, William K., 202 Algburth Rd., Towson 4, 6 N. Liberty St., Baltimore 1, W 5400 

OSCS Maher, John J., Jr., 1106 E. Blount St., Pensaoola, Fla., 1413 48th Ave. S.E., D.C. 

SOS Mahler, Jimmy, R.F.D. 3, Four Oaks, N.C., 357 17th Place, N.E., D.C. (Jo 8-8154 

OSCS Mahn, Gertrude I., 7 Bradford St., Rockland, Mass., 703 Erie Ave., TakOTia Park (AP 4996 

4BPA Maholchio, Eugene F., 408 Hudson St., Mayfield, Pa., 2704 Webster St., Mt. Rainier, 

4BPA i'ahon, George S., 4549 Wells Pariaroy, Riverdale 

2AS Mahon, Robert J., 607 E St.,, Sparrows Point 19, TD 3 

4AS Mahone, Leonard R., Jr., 2816 Yorkway St., Baltimore 22 

3BPA Kahoney, James E., 291S Cornwall Rd., Baltimore 22 

ISCS IJahoney, Joseph R., 243 Hawaii Ave., N.E., 11, D.C, TA 4138 

ISCS Mahoney, Leonard F., 6222 Copore Way, Baltimore 24, Dorm 

3BPA Mahoney, Thomas F., 459 South Ave., Bridgeport 4, Conn., 4313 Knox Rd., C.P. 

IAS Hahovlio, Jane H«., 4823 Osage St., C.P. 

U'S Faiatioo, I'ichael A., 3308 16th St., N.E., 18, D.C, MI 2156 

2SCS Main, Joseph F., Jr., 3426 Tulane Dr., West Eyattsville, AP 4309 

Gr I/ain, William F., 3616 Minnesota Ave., S.E., 19, D.p., AX 8300 Ext. 539 

2SCS Mainhart, J. Robert ,New Market, Theta Chi 

4Ed Makin, George J., Jr., 4741 Wells Pkwy., Riverdale, AP 0954 

QEn Mako, Joseph M., 3510Brothers PI., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-2186 

Gr Mjklamud, Herbert, 122 Fames PI., New York 63, N.Y., Box 24, C.P. 

4PE Malburg,- Ruth L., 4501 Middleton Lane, Bethesda 14 

3FE Maletzky, William P., 12 Davis Ave., Valhalla, N.Y., Dorm (AP 4170 

Gr Malin, Morton V., 2412 Shady Lane, Chattanooga, Tenn., 2633 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, 

OSCS Malinowski, John C, 205 Rockwell Terrace, Frederick 

3AS Malkin, Eugene M., 6127 8th St., N.W., 11, If.C, GE 2109 

OAg Mallack, Jerry, 303 Leighton Ave., Silver Spring, Sh 5982 

2Ag Malley, George J., Box 176, Willards, TD 3 

IBPA Malley, Hugh D., 2 Aberdeen PI., Fairlawn, N.J., TD 3 

3FE Mallonee, John B., Lanham, EY 0164 

SHE Mallonee, Thomas S., 407 Greenwood Rd., Pikesville 8, Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

2AS Mallory Franklin B., 3221 E St., 19, D.C, Dorm F 

Gr Malloy, John H., 3327 Chauncey PI., Apt. 202, Mt. Rainier, AP 2353 

OSCS Malmberg, Harrison L., 4720 Riverdale Rd., Riverdale, AP 0540 

4En Maloney, Paul A., 714 Dunkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm C 

4AS Malsberry, George B., 703 St. Mary's Ave., Cumberland, TD 7 

4En Maltby, Gordon M., 9802 47th Ave., Berwyn, TO 5959 

OSCS Maltr, Joseph, 4162 S. 36th St., Arlington, Va., TE 6420 

OSCS Mamay, Eugenia, Camp Detriok, Frederick 

OSCS Mambert, William A., 1320 N. Pierce St., Apt. 106, Arlington 9, Va., LA 8-7187 

3MS Manoini, William, 915 Thayer Ave., Silver Spring, SI 0381 

4Ed Mandioo, John J., 165 Main St., Staten Island 7, N.Y., Dorm F 

3En Mang, Yfarren C, 42 Hi Here st Ave., Larohmont, N.Y., 4605 College Ave., C.P. (OW 9105 

Gr Mangan, George F., Jr., £62 Chelmsford St., Lowell, Mass., 4808 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

OSCS Mangan, James H., 531 Morley Ave., Nogales, Arig., 2507 North Upton St., Arlington, Va., 

Gr Mangan, James M., 532 13th Ave., Bethleham, Pa., 4705 Amherst Rd., C.P., UN 3506 

2AS Mangano, Dominiok, 105 Gamewell St., Haokensaok, N.J., Dorm 

Gr Miangiaraoina, Charles, 302 Patterson Ct,, Takoma Park 12, JU 7-6881 

4Ag Wanglitr, George R., 905 Vamuo St., N.E., 17, D.C, LA 6-4985 

Gr Mangold, Charlotte W. (Mrs.), 5312 Hamilton St., Rogers Heights 

OAS Mangum, Grafton F., Jr., 304 Edsdale Rd., Baltimore 29, WI 9273 

Gr Manifold, William D., Box 53, Clinton, Cypress 9388 

2BPA Manis, George N., 132 West St., Annapolis, TD 6 

2En Manke, Herbert W., 2759 W. Fairmount Ave., Baltimore 23, GI 1509-J 

OSCS Manley, Mary E., O'Mara Ave., Midland, Lonaconing 4524 

Gr Mann, Gregory J., 10 N. Locust Ave., Annapolis, Annapolis 6573 

4BPA Mann, James F., 14F Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 2671 

Ed Mann, William T., 7960 Allentown Rd., S.E., 20, D.C, LO 3-7096 


UbPA Manning, John B., 55lU Link Ave., Baltimore 27, AR l51i2R 

Gr Manning, Joseph H., lii-X Hillside Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 58o6 

2BPA Manning, Richard W., 2119 S^ilgrave Ave., Baltimore 9, LI 8629 

OSCS Manogue, William H., 16 Parke St., Aberdeen, Aberdeen 165M 

OSCS Manov, Frank S., 313 Southampton Dr., Silver Spring, SL 3333 (HI 3100, Ext. U2U9 

OSOS Mansfield, Cliff D., U70U Colonial Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn.,1050th ABW,Andrew3 AFB,25,D.C., 

3BPA Manter, Bennett, 107 Aspen St., Chevy Chase 15, CZ 

lAg Mantilla, Ireneo J., Ocotal, Nicaragua, TD 7 

IBPA Manuel, Anthony E., 329 Ralei^ St., S.5., 20, D.C., JO 2-1535 

En Manuell, Bernard M., U726 Vfoodbury Rd., Riverdale 

IAS Mantzouris, Cu3 G., 1522 Brentwood Rd. , N.E., 18, D.C., HO 291ii 

OSCS ManvrLller, Howard Y., 733 Congress St., 20, D.C., JO 27716 

IAS Manzanares, Anthony, Jr., 503U 38th Ave., Hyattsville, AP 1125 

2A3 vlanzione. Hose T., Route 3, Salisbury, MBH 

UAS Manzon, Frank M., lU3U Eastern Ave., N.E,, 1, D.G., VI 7196 

Gr Mao, Yu D., U6l5 Knox M., College Parte 

OSCS Mapes, Victor L., 2517 K St., N.W.,D.C., Boiling AFB, JO 29000, Ext. U082 

Gr ilaphis, Irene P. (Mrs.), 1325 Fredei-ick St., Cumberland, Cumberland 5301J 

Gr Mar, Lawrence S., 1122 11th St., N.W., D.C. 

OSCS Mara, Thomas D. , 10?9 N. Liberty St., Arlington, Va., FA 6273 

Gr Marasciulo, Edward, 8723 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn 9, N.Y., 1708 Norwich Hd.,C.?. 

IBPA Marcantoni, Frank L., 3U6 Nicholson Ave, , Essex 21, TD 3 

UBPA Marceron, Eugene C, 2506 22nd St., N.E., D.C, MI 3029 

Gr March, Robert S., U705 Cooper Lane, l6, D.C, WI 3592 

3Ag March, Ihomas S., Apt. 2U, 3U29 Tulane Drive, Hyattsville, AP 6006 

OSCS Marchant, John C, 23U N. Galveston St., Arlington, Va., GL 7057 

(5- Marchetti, Anteo A., UOU N. Oxford St., Arlington 3, Va., Oil U89U 

IAS Marchionna, Frederick, U8l6 U7th St., N.W., 16, D.C, WO 1110 

2En Marcinkowski, Marion J., 916 Ponca St., Baltimore 2U, Calvert C 

ISCS Marcroft, Richard M., 2923 Hiss Ave., Baltimore Hi, Dorm C 

Gr Marcos, Carlton P., Jr., U319 Rowalt Dr., College Park, AP l8Ul 

UaS iiarc\i3, Malcolm L., 36l8 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 15 

UEn Marden, Earle R., Jr., 6511 Fairfax Rd., Bathe sda lli, OL 5032 

2PE Marendt, Robert P., Jr., 17 Wilson Ave., Frederick, Dorm F (Church, Va., FA 1565 

OSCS Mareschal, Ruth C, Dunn Road, Route 2, Box 14i6, Florissant; Mo,, 1602 Williston PI., Falls 

OSCS Marfilius, Harold J., Jr., U05 Orange St,, S,E., Apt 3U, D.C, JO 2-2156 

2AS Margolis, Charles R., 3513 Springdale Ave,, Baltimore 16, i;310 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9li58 

IBPA Margulies, Robert A.,U217 Ambler Dr., Kensington, LO 5-0235 

3BPA Mariner, Richard R., 5507 Stuart Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm C 

IBPA Mariner, Rob \ D., Jr., 2908 Northern Parkway, Baltimore lU, Dom C 

3Bn Mariano, Joseph, 307 S. Exeter St., Baltimore 2, TD 3 

liEd Marine, Elaine B, (Mrs.), 1U37 Somerset Place, N.W., D.C, GE 0703 

13CS Marinelli, Lillian T., Pooks Hill Apts., Bethesda, Dorm 3 (LO 3-7573 

Gr Marini, John W., 711i Itaska St., Bethlehem, Pa., 2603 Southern Ave., S.E,, 20, D,C., 

Gr Markell, John H., 121 Raleigh St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-553U 

3HS Markey, Regina L., 1510 Seminary Rd., Silver Spring, Pi Beta Phi, UN 9885 

liAg Markley, William K,, 12-G Plateau Place, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6U52 

2BPA Markow, Leonard, 3^17 Royce Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm H 

ISCS Markowitz, Daniel, Ulj20 Falls Road, Baltiraore 11, BE 6527 

2AS Marks, Milford M., 330U Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 16, TD 8 

3HE Marland, Patricia A., 110 Sumrierfield Rd. , Chevy Chase, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 5593 (Ext.359 

OSCS Marlatt, James, 575 N, Jackson 3t, , Danville, HI., Do. U,OSI-lG,Bolling AFB,25,D,C,,JO 29000, 

lEd Marietta, Josephine, 5312 St,, Hillside, I{I U636 

2AS Marley, Robert T., 212 E. 2Uth St., Baltimore 18, Dorm 

UaS Marraelstein, Joyce L., 7605 litth St. , N.W., 12, D.C, Dorm 2 

OSCS Marohl, Hugh P., 121 Florida Hall, Arlington 8, Va., OW 9U00, Exb. 320 

OSCS Maroste, Ralph V. (Sgt,), Apt. 112, Georgia Hall, Arlington Fanns, Va., OW 9UO0,Ext.lO9 

OSCS Marquardt, Lester S., 6U Coral Place, Lexington Park 

3Ed Marquess, Alvin J., 2528 Old Frederick Rd,, Catonsville 28, Ellicott City U68j 

3AS Marr, George A., 22 Boston Ave,, Takoma Park, SH 9ll65 

3AS Marriott, Jack L,, 8305 Liberty Rd., Baltimore 7, Calvert B 

OSCS Marron, Hugh W., 5509 Gallatin St., Hyattsville, WA 3070 

OSCS Marsh, Edwin S., I683 Roberts Lane, Falls Church, Va,, JE 39285 

3Ag Marsh, William H., U55l iVells Parkway, Riverdale, UN 8530 

UBPA Marshall, Barton A., 68OO Pineway, College Heights, Hyattsville, UN 2399 

Gr Marshall, Barton H., Jr., U2-fl Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7561 

IAS Marshall, Cloud R., U8I6 5th St,, N,W., 11, D.C, RA 02U2 

2AS Marshall, Donald F., 819 Quintana PI., N.W., D.C, Dorm K 

OSCS Marshall, Felix M,, 8 E. Myrtle St,, Alexandria, Va,, KI 8-6635 

ISCS Marshall, G. Elbert, Jr,, ?06 Brookletts Ave., Easton, TD 8 


OSCS Marshall, Harold J., 26 Ellis St., Maiden, Mass., U203rd Photo Tech., Sq. BAF5, D.C. 

liBPA Marshall, Henry C, ClarksvUle, Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

3AS Marshall, Janes K., 6800 Pineway, Hyattsville, UN 2399 

ISCS Marshall, John M., Canary Park, Berwyn 

Gr Marshall, Julia D., 5l$ Prince George St., Laurel, Laurel 217M 

2AS Marshall, Mary H., 320U ^ontebello Terrace, Baltimore lii. Dorm 3 

Gr Marshall, Norton L., 6U01 Second Place, N.W., 12, D. C, G£ 7979 

3BPA Marshall, Robert H., East New Market, Dorm 

3Ed Marshall, Robert K., 5510 BradOey Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, OL 36lO 

OSCS Marshall, Williac J., Topeka, Indiana, 1909th AACS Sq., Andrews AFB 

2AS Marsteller, Lee C, 3801 Old Bladensburg Rd. , Silver Spring, SH h79U 

OSCS Martaus, John S. (Lt.), 12 Hewitt Pi., Batavia, K.Y., 200 'Delaware Hall, Arlington 

Gr !.!artens, Melvin, 9905 Dilston Rd. , Silver Spring (Farms, Va., OW 9UOO,Ext.l25 

UEn Martin, Albert E., U02 'r^ood St., Monticello, Ark., Cherry Hill Rd. , Berwyn, TO 5263 

Gr Martin, Petty C. (Mrs.), Homewood Apts., Baltimore 18, BE 2500 

OSCS Martin, Clayton G., 110 Eriland St., Alexandria, Va., AL 009U 

hPPA Martin, Dale E., i;8l3 South Dakota Ave., N.E., 17, D.C, LA 6-li080 

IBPA Martin, Edward J., 3252 Patterson St., N.¥., l5, D.C, WD 3171 (JD 29000, Ext.UOl? 

OSCS Martin, Frank R., Box 77A, RFD 1, Marlboro, Hq Comd., USAF, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C, 

UEn Martin, C-eorge C, 6526 Coolidge St., Maryland Park 19, D.C, HI 36l6 

(Boiling AFB, 25, D.C, JO 29000, £xt.U303 

OSCS Martin, Gerald A., U2Ul Rocky River Drive, Cleveland 11, Ohio, Ii2nd Stat gerv. Unit, 

OSns Martin, Janes B., 725 E. Main St., Magnolia, Ark., 1251ith ATS, ffash.Nat.Airport,25,D-C. 

OSCS Martin, Janes C (Lt.), 103 Howard St., Terrell, Tex., 1823 Reece Rd., Ft. Meade, 

iiAg Martin, James L., R. F.D.I, Brookeville, Sigma Alpha E., WA 9707 (Ft.Meade 2876 

Gr Martin, James P., Jr., 7301 Dickinson Ave., C P. 

IBPA Martin, John F., Jr., 17 Hill St., Annapolis, Dorm C 

3En Martin, John '!>., 230 .i. Lanvale St., Baltimore 17 

UBPA Martin, John "ff . , Jr., l85 Prince George St., Annapolis, Alpha Tau Omega 

lEd Martin, Julia L., 705 Greenwood Rd., Union, N.J., AAH 

UEn Martin, Marcus C, 2708 Dunwall Ct., Dundalk 22 

Gr Martin, Milton K., RFD 3, Lynchburg, Va., U552 Wells Parkway, Riverdale, UN 7910 (D.C 

OSCS Martin, Robert L. (Capt.), 33 Forest Glen Lane, Kirkwood 22, 2611 Southern Ave., S.E.,20, 

UaS Martin, T. Ashby, Jr., 3000 20th St., N.E., D.C, DU 3893 

OSCS Martin, Walter A., Jr., Eutawville, S. C, Lexington Park 

Gr Martin, Walter H., 723 W. Eraddock Rd., Alexandria, Va., OV 66o5 

3AS Martin, William F., Jr.,270U Chelsea Terrace, Baltimore l6. Dorm 

2PE Martine, Roy R. , U Summit St., East Orange, N.J., Dora I 

2AS Martinez, Prudencio, 1UU02 Liberty Ave., Jamaica, N.Y., 7U05 Dickinson Ave., C P. 

IBPA Martorana, Robert D., 70 Harding PI., Freeport, N.Y., Dorm N 

UBPA Martz, Clyde E., U32 W. South St., Frederick, Frederick 2317J 

2En Martz, Warren A., l5 Froude Circle, Cabin John lU, WI 8268 

AS Mascera, Richard, 15 Walnut Parkway, Montclair, N.J., Donn F ' 

Gr Mascia, Laura M., 6819 Riggs Manor Dr., Hyattsville 

lEd Maserick, Carolyn A., 210 Indian Spring Dr., Silver Spring, SL 9553 

Gr Maslow, Albert P., 1035th St., S.E., 19, D.C, AX 8300, Ext.lOU 

2AS Mason, Betty T., 3003 Oakhill Ave., Baltimore 7, AAH 

2AS Mason, Frank S., 2U S. Harrison St., Easton, Dorm C 

UAS Massari, Rudolph J., 227 Centre St., Elizabeth U, N.J., Dorm C 

UAg Massey, Charles E., Kingston, Dom M 

3En Massey, Jerry L., Main St. Ext., Crisfield, NZ 

3AS Massey, William S., 205 Crestraoor Circle, Silver Spring, Dorm E 

IHE Massing, Patricia A., 6233 31st St., N.W., 15, D.C, MEH 

Gr Master, Irwin, Tech. Command, Bldg. 330, Array Chen. Center, EX 5258 

Gr Masters, FranklynM., Jr., Elkton, Ky. , U309 Uth Ave., 20, D.C 

IHE Masterson, Dorothy A., 1809 Edmondson Ave., Catonsville 29, MBH 

UAS Mastropietro, Francis S., Main St., Old Saybrook, Conn., SZ 

3AS Matayoshi, Shintaro, 330 North Kvikui St., Honolulu 22, Hawaii, Dorm 

OSCS Matey, Raymond A., 1723 E. Uth St., Bethlehem, Pa., Andrews Field, 25, D.C. 

2BPA Mather, Charles H., 131 Bogota Gardens, Bogota, N.J., Hollywood Inn, Berwyn, TO 5900 

ISCS Mathews, Clifton H., 5500 Ritter Ave., Baltimore 6, Dorm C 

IAS Mathews, John C, Box 139A, Rt.2, Brandywine, Brandywine 2666 

3AS Mathews, Robert A., R.F.D. 1, Cumberland, 307 Houston Ave., Takoma Park, SH Ul21 

UEn Mathey, Robert G., 3113 Varnum St., Mt. Rainier, WA 7360 

UEd Mathiowdis, Milton, 73lU Bay Front Rd., Baltimore 19, TD 1 

Gr Matsuda, Ken, 6602 Rhode Island Ave., Riverdale, AF 2U17 

OSCS Mattem, Carl F. T., 5711 Chillum Heights Dr., Hyattsville, WA 7978 

3En Mattern, Fred C, 190U Powhatan Rd. , Hyattsville 

2BPA Matthews, Carroll H., 22 Knowles Ave., Kensington, LD 50553 

UEd Matthews, Chris T., 29U9 Hudson St., Baltimore 2U, Calvert 

UBPA Matthews, Dorothy H,, 9U23 110th St., Richmond Hill 19, N.Y., U6o8 Knox Rd., CP.,UN 2593 


OSCS Matthe^T3, Francis P. ( Cap t. ), Candor, N.C.,805 S.Florida St., Apt. 3, Arlington, Va.,OV/ OU68 

liAg Matthews, Jack I., VF2, Apt. C, College Park, UN 9752 

UEd Matthews, Jeanne A., 3101 Walbrook Ave., Baltimore 16, Gainma Phi Beta, UN 9801 

IBPA Matthews, Mary V,, La Plata, Dorm 3 

IAS Matthews, Neely F., 22 Knowles Ave., Kensington, LO 5-Ob'53 

2AS Matthews, ^Villiam P., Jr., 2825 Clifton Ave., Baltimore, Calvert D 

2HE Mattie, Elizabeth H., 13 N. Glen Ave., Annapolis, 7U07 Princeton Ave., C.P,, WA 9886 

UEd Mattingly, Joan B., 6211 Carrollton Terrace, Hyattsville, WA 6U32 

Gr Mattingly, Robert D., 5322 Riverdale -Road, Riverdale, AP 0822 

V^A Mattingly, Robert M., 6211 Carrollton Terrace, Hyattsville, WA 6U82 

ISCS Mattingly, Thomas W., Lawrence Ave., Leonardtown, Dorm I 

IBPA Mattingly, William A., 2U33 Perry St., N.E., 18, D.C., MI 2621 

lEd Mattox, Lorraine F., 190U Griffiss Ave,, Baltirapre 30, MBH 

OSCS Mattson, Rudolph L., R.F.D. 2, Vergas, Minn., 3625 Minn. Ave., S.E., 19,D.C.,AX 830O,Ext.25O 

UBPA Matulonis, Gordon J., 717 W. Lexington St., Baltimore 1, MU 3287 

2BPA Mauger, Robert L., 2 Poplar Ave., Takoma Parte 12, SL 3752 

MS Maull, Harold V., (Lt.Col. ), 1519 Delmont Lane, Takoma Park, SL 7537 

Gr Mauriello, Matthew J., 21^8 Shepard Ave., East Orange, N. J., 3631 Jenifer St.N.W.,r.C. 

Gr Mauro, Carl, St. Margaret's St., Ann^olis, Annapolis 8109U 

2SCS Mavrides, Tasso, 32U8 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 2li, TD 3 

UAS Maxwell, James W., M-139 1238, Benton Harbor, Mich., Dorm L 

OSCS Maxwell, Oren V. (Lt. ), 1331 A Reece Rd., Ft. Meade, OD 6301 

UEn Maxwell, Preston T., Whiteford, 5U10 Powhatan Sd., Riverdale, UN 0805 

iiAS Maxwell, Raymond W., 1308 S. Taylor St., Arlington, Va.,GI IdlOO, Ext. 861 

l+Ed May, Bonnie J., UlO Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 12, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 986U 

UEn May, Charles, UlO Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH U838 

2Ed May, Dean, UlO Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH U838 

OSCS May, Joseph G., 1301 South Quincy St., Arlington, Va. 

IHE Mayea, Annette M., 1031 E. Price St., Philadelphia 38, Dom 2 

Gr Mayer, D. Stephen, 2828 Monument Ave., Richmond 21, Va.,1719 19th St.,N.W.,9,D.C,,AD 9615 

IAS Mayers, Mark M., 3320 Fallstaff Road, Baltimore 15,U802 Calvert Rd.,C.P. 

UAS Maynard, Charles R,, Gambrills, 570U 36th Ave., I^ttsville, WA 3105 

IAS Mayo, Harold W., 173U St. Paul Street, Baltimore 2, MU 5708 (CO 2810 

OSCS Mayo, Martha E., 1620 Broadway, Indianapolis 2, Ind.,lU01 Columbia Rd.,N.W.,Apt.Ul7,9,D.C., 

lAg Mays, Charles ff., 302 Prospect St., Westfield, N.J., Dorm 

UAg Mt-ys, /ance W., Stevens St., Clifton Spring,N.Y.,1328 rfebster St.^.E.,D.C.,LA 6-8809 

Gr Mazenderami, Abrahim K., 205 Tudor Hall, 926 Massachusetts Ave., N.V/., D.C., DI 6620 

IAS Mazor^ Judith E., 3765 Columbus Br., Baltiaore 15, Dorm 2 

Gr Mazur, John W., U7 Rennell Ave., Lexington Park, Great Mills 5U62 (Pent. 72737 

OSCS McAchren, Marlin F., 398 Lunen St., Johns town. Pa., 125Uth Air Transport Sqd.,25,D.C., 

IBPA McAlister, Charles K., Jr., U609 Guilford Rd., College Park, AP 6239 

IBPA McAllister, David M., Snow Hill, VF6, Apt. E., C.P. 

2HE McAllister, E. Jane, Rhode sdale. Dorm 2 

Gr McAllister, Home S., 113 Osbom Rd., Aberdeen 

33PA McAnallen, miliam J., 5U00 UOth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 2U82 

OSCS McAuliffe, Richard G. (Major), 808 Arlington Mill Dr., Arlington,Va., JA U0658 

UbPA McBride, Charles L., Jr., Old Court Rd., Brooklandville 

3Ag McBride, Joseph P., R.D. U, Bethlehem, Pa., Dorm 

OSCS McCabe, John J., Jr., 55l8 Parkland Court, 19, ..C, HI 6866 

AS McCabe, Lois E., 102 Schuyler Rd. , Silver Spring, SL 1175 

3Ed McCamon, Patricia A., 3302 N. Himiboldt Ave., Milwaukee, Wis., 2210 Colston Dr., Silver Spring 

OSCS McCandless, Edward R.W., 2706 North Dinwiddle St., Arlington 7, Va., 01/ 6711 

3AS McCanless, James M., 22-F Parkway Rd., Greenbelt (ar.Ul6l 

Or McCanless, Margaret B., Ul6 College Ave., Bluefield, W.Va., 22-F Parkway Rd., Greenbelt, 

UEd McCann, Earle, 62lU U3rd St., Hyattsville 

Gr McCann, R. Harold, 607 N. Taylor Ave., Annapolis, Annapolis U7U0 

IAS McCann, Thomas L., 2512 Lindell St., Silver Spring, LO 5-0763 

UBPA McCardell, Thomas E., 692U Anns^olis Rd., Landover Hills, AP 0U82 

3AS McCarl, Clayton 3., 9 Forestway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 2U01 

AS McCarl, James T., 9 Forestway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 2U01 

OSCS McCarthy, Edgar A. P., Ill W. George Mason Rd., Falls Church, Va., JE 37323 

Gr McCarthy, Imogene J. (Mrs.), 6-J Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt U321 

UPE McCarthy, Joseph P., 2101 Guilford Rd., tfyattsville 

UAS McCarthy, Robert E., 1536 Mass. Ave., S.E., D.C., LI 30025 

IAS McCarthy, Robert J., 1301 Ridge Place, S.E.,20, D.C., LU U-0033 

UHE McCarthy, Sabina A., 15 Third St., N.E., D.C., FR U883 

iSn McCarthy, William A., 2108 32nd Place, 3.E., 20, D.C, VI 3767 

2AS McCarthy, Y,'illiam J., 1179 South University Dr., Atlanta, Ga. , Dom M 

UBPA McCarty, Mary M., 5 E. Monroe Ave., Apt. 20U, Alexandria, Va., MBH 

3BPA Mccarty, Terence J., U801 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, WI 6288 


Gr McCaskey, Rose Mary T., 2106 F St., N.W. , Apt.. 109, D.C., DI 7696 

3AS McCaslin, Nancy He, 8720 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, Delta Delta Delta 

Gr McCaslin, Richard E., 6613 Blenheim Rd., Baltimore 12 

OSes McCauley, James W., 520 22nd St., N.W., 7, D.G., DI 8656 

2HE McCauley, Jane I., Rt. 6, Hagerstoi/m, MBH 

Gr McCaw, Frederick S., 8$lk Edmonston Ave., Berwyn Heights, TO 626U 

IAS McCerey, Elizabeth A., Box 52, Silver Spring, Dorm 3 

OSes McClain, Vivian D.(Mrs.), .lU89 Newton St., N.W., Apt.2U, D.C., TU 1U96 

2Ed McCleary, Martin L., 2727 Howard St., Baltimore 18, HO 5695 

lEn McClellan, Albert D., Jr., 5721 67th Ave., East Pines, Riverdale 

3MS McClellan, Clyde M., 2910 McKinney St., Dallas, Tex., 3Z 

3Ag McClellan, James E., 215 Rockwell Terrace, Frederick 

i;En McClelland, Clement W., 106 Central Ave., Masontown, Pa., I46II Calvert Rd., C.P. 

OSes McClenahan, Lewis E.(T/Sgt.), 1120th Rctg.Sq. , Spec. Act.Wg.,S. Post, Ft.Myer, 7a., 527 Don- 

2AS McClintock, Alfred B., 571i4 Winner Ave., Baltimore 15, FO OO3O (manton Blvd.,Alexandria,Va,i 

3BPA McCluskey, Peter M., Jr., 8O7 Juniper St., Takoma Park, SL 1|2U7 (OW 9U00, Ext.lUl; 

Us McColley, Robert W., 380U 33rd St., Mt. Rainier 

3Ag McComb, Charles W., U17 Emerson St., N.1V., 11, D.C., GE 1U62 

liAS i;cComb, Robert B., I4I7 Emerson St., N.W., 11, D.C., GE lU62 

liBPA McCombe, James, 1033 N. Milton Ave., Baltimore 5* TD 1 

2BPA McConkey, Elmer L., 25l5 Hammonds Feny Rd., Baltimore 27 

2AS McConnell, Joan F., 5736 3rd St., N.W., 11, D.C.,' GE 5373 

iiAS McConnell, John J., Jr., 623 Franklin St., N.E., 17, D.C, HO 3I|21 

Gr McConnell, Pearl A.(l^s.), 6012 Pineway St., Hyattsville, UN ii3l5 

Gr McCool, John R., Box 63, Swatara Station, Pa., 6802 Baltimore Ave., C.P., WA 3220 

Gr McCormack, Grace, 7501 Rhode Island Ave., C.P., UN 3359 

liAS Mccormick, Isaac H., 3108 Upshiir St., Mt, Rainier, UN 738ii (CH 5125 

OSes McCormick, Richard E., 619 Wash .Ave., Mlfflintown, Pa., 2803 A l6th Rd., S. Arlington, Va. , 

2Ed McCoy, Carol G., 2ii09 12th St., N.E., D.C, MBH 

OSes McCoy, H. Dorman, 13ij0 Nicholson St., N.W., 11, D.C, TA 7211 

2BPA McCoy, Rodman L., 5013 Gv?ynn Oak Ave., Baltimore 7, FO 6khO 

kAS McCoy, Sara L., 325 Hammond St., Westernport, 7305 Hopkins Ave., C.P.j Wa 7305 

UEd McCrohan, Nancy M., 87 Campbell St., New Bedford, Mass., Dorm 2 

Gr McCubbin, John G., Iii21 l8th PI., S.E., D.C, LU i|-5575 

3EPA McCubbin, Melvyn A., 1922 Crestview Rd. , Baltimore 2k 

UEn McCullagh, William R., 7309 Dickinson Ave., C.P., UN 83i;9 

Gr McCulley, Regina M., Rt. 3, Cumberland, Ciimberland ii753J5 

OSes McCurry, Helen L.(Mrs.), I8i|l Columbia Rd., N.W., 9, D.C, AD OlU3 

OSes McDanel, Edward S., 823 Wyley Ave., Akrop, Ohio, Box 257, Boiling A.F.B., D.C. 

IAS McDaniei, Barbara A., U531 Illinois Ave., 11, D.C, TA 7310 

2PE McDaniei, Roy H., 1210 N. Vermont St., Arlington, Va., CH 1077 (Chem.Ctr.,ACC Ulia 

Gr McDaniei, William C, 2169 E. Prairie St., Decatur, 111., Plants Div., Tech. Command, Army 

UEd McDermid, Alison J., I48II Blackfoot Ed., Branchville, TO 521+8 

Gr McDermott, .Joseph W., 3002 Parkway Terrace, 20, D.C, JO 8-9051; (LI 5-6700, Ext. 7 2977 

OSes McDermott, William J.(Capt.), 517 N. St. George St., Allentown, Pa., BOQ, S.Post, Ft.Myer, Va. 

3En McDonagh, James P., 3319 Elmley Ave.," Baltimore 13, TD h 

UAg McDonald, Arthur J., Jr., 217 Audrey Lane, 20, D.C (Ext. lUkk 

OSes McDonald, Ellen M., U09 Abert Ave., Richland, Wash., Qtrs. 62, Ft. Myer, Va.,CH 3000, 

3BPA McDonald, John J., Jr., 8021 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda lU, WI li95l 

liEn McDonald, John T., 5502 Edmonston Ave., Baltimore 29, CA 7285 

I4BPA McDonald, Joseph F., 113 Collins Ave., Baltimore 29, WI 651iO 

llAS McDonald, Ronald A., 81+05 Piney Branch Ct., Silver Spring, JU 7-8C61; 

3BPA McDonald, William B., Jr., 59i+9 Southern Ave., Capitol Hghbs., 19, D.C, HI 5969 

Gr McDonnell, Harold E., Calil"ornia P.O. (Riverdale 

UEn McDonnell, John F., Ii6l8 N. Carlisle St., Philadelphia, .. Pa. , 6531+ Wells Park Rd., 

l+Ag McDonough, James F., 1+253 6th St., 3.E., D.C, JO 2-1+180' 

2BPA McDonoutrh, Thomas J., 317 Washington St., Cumberland, TD 3 (25, D.C, JO 2-9000, Ext. 591 

OSCS McDowell, Clifton W., Rt. 3, Candler, N.C, Hq.ft.Hq.Sq., 1100th M.&S. Op., Box 1138,B.A.F.B. » 

OSes McDowell, John J., 37 Somers Ave., Somers Point, N. J. ,Hq.&;Hq.Sq., 1100th A. B. Wg. , Boiling 

Gr McDowell, Robert E., Montgomery Ave., Beltsville, TO 5929 (A.F.B., D.e.,BAFB 35C 

3AS McEliresh, Mary L., 5513 Hampden Lane, Bethesda II4, WI 6290 

2PE McEntee, George A., 1+511 South Capital St., S.E., Apt. 101, D.C, JO 2-5299 

ISeS McFee, Robert A., 103 Enfield Rd., Baltimore 12, TO 3827 

2Ed McFee, Thomas S., 6627 Chestnut St., Chevy Chase 

3Ed McGann, James R., R.F.D. 1, Frostburg, TD 7 

OSCS McGarrigle, Charles A.(Lt.Col.), 100 Elmira St., 3.W., D.C, JO 3-6571 

2AS McGarry, John C, 769 Mckewin Ave., Baltimore 18, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

l+AS McGay, Doris U., 7 Willard Ave., Baldwin, N.Y., Dorm 2 

ISCS McCree, Katherine E., 5811+ l+l+th Ave., I^yattsville, WA 6390 

3BPA McGeown, Alfred W., I16O6 Walsh St., Chevy Chase, TD k 


3AS McOill, William E., 8029 Eastem Ave., Silver Spring, SH 0826 

3BPA McGinley, Robert F., 908 Anne St., Takoraa Park, JU 7-9?13 

OSCS McGinty, Henry J., 1625 Franklin St., N.E., 18, B.C., AD 02^7 

03CS McGlade, Henry D., -2901. Newton St., Silver Spring, LO S-21\x$ 

UEn McGowan, George V., 6612 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, UN 3lj98 

i4BPA McGrane, Thomas H., 705 Parker St., Newark, N.J., TD 5 

I4HE McGrath, Joanne E,, Jacksonville Rd., Grisfield, 65o6 Queens Chapel Rd., University Park 

Cr McGrath, Joseph E., 507 rtebtr St., DuBois, Pa., #32, 3U22 Tulane Drive, rt. Hyattsville, aF 6322 

OSCS KcGrath, Thomas J. (Maj.), 266 Hamilton St., Geneva, N./., 301 Monticello Rd., Alexandria, 

Or McGraw, Harold C, Main St., Hancock (Va., King 88752 

Gr McGraw, Harold, 2117 Guilford Rd., Hyattsville 

OSCS McGraw, Lloyd H., Ihl3 Girard St., N.W., Apt. U8, 9, D.C., CO 305l 

Gr McGrew, John R., 5506 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, WI 3697 

IBPA McGroarty, Robert P., 129 W. Cortin St., Bellefonte, Pa,, Dorm L 

Ukg McHenry, James A., Cresaptown, Ui^OO Lehigh St., C.P, 

hPF. McHugh, Thomas L., VF 10, Apt. F., C.P. 

2AS Mcllvaine, Francis J., 10 Berkeley Place, Freehold, N.J., Dorm 

IAS Mclhnis, William D., Box ul2, Kannapolis, N.C., Dorm K 

OSCS Mclnteer, Warren H., Box 211, Quantico, Va., 5U20 Beacon Rd., Silver Spring 

2Ag Mclntire, Robert R., \lh Greenmount Ave., Hagerstown, Calvert 

OSCS Mcintosh, Robert A., 1U29 Columbia Rd., N.W., 9, D.C, NO 7828 

OSCS Mclntyre, Carl M., 500 Domer Ave., Takoma Park 12, JU 76376 

liAS Mclntyre, David B., IhO iviaryland Ave., Westemport, Dorm C 

JoEd Mclntyre, Donald F.X,, h iVest Underwood St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 95X3 

lEn Mclntyre, James 0., R#2, Mardela Springs, Dorm G 

ISCS Mclntyre, Marion F., hh3h, Clydesdale Ave., Balto. 11, TD 3 

OSCS Mclntyre, Thomas W., (Lt.Col.), 2891 S. Agingdon St., Arlington, Va., Temple 5l7U 

l^Ed Mclntyre, William F., 113 Jamesson Ave., Westernport, U506 Amherst Rd., C.P., WA 95i;l 

l4Ag McKay, Francis S,, RR#1, Hagerstown, Dorm M 

OSCS McKay, Joseph B., 3716 Perry St., Brentwood, AP 2690 

UHE McKay, iiary K., R#l, Hagerstown, AAH 

OSCS McKean, William J., 1519 Roosevelt Ave., Falls Church, Va., FA 0011 

Ug McKee, Claude G., Croom, 7811 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

OSCS McKee, Ian K., 1501 Park Ave., Balto. 17, 1100th Coi^osite Sqdn, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C, 

lEn McKee, Theodore R., Jr., U3 Coral Place, Lexington Park, TD 5 

Gr McKeever, Antoinette D. (Mrs.), 9707 Grayson Ave., Silver Spring, SH 715I4 

IPE McKenna, John B., 122-22 191st St., St. Albans 12, N.Y., TD 5 

3EPA McKenzie, Jacques W., 17i40 D Street, S.E., 3, D.C, LI 3-37lIt 

2PE McKenzie, Richard L., 30I45 Moreland Ave., Balto. lli, TD 2 

I4AS McKenzie, Theodore R., Mt. Savage, 53 L Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

ISCS McKeown, Edmond F., Jr., 2808 Terrace Kd., S.E., 20, D.C, VI Uii52 

lEn McKeown, Edward C», Jr., 5612 Hamilton Manor Drive, Hyattsvipja 

IHE McKibben, Nancy L., 525 Belleview Drive, Falls Church, Va., MBH 

ISCS McKim, Laurence H., 8I4I7 Diaon Ave., Silver Spring, SH 11j90 

UBPA McKinley, Jo.a. M., 3202 Chilliun Rd., Mt. Rainier 

2AS McKinley, Mary L., 7019 Hampden Lane, Bethesda II4, Kappa Alpha Theta, UN 9829 

3AS McKinney, Nancy H., Qtrs. 6I4, U.S.M.A., West Point, N.I., AAH 

aEn McKinney, William B., 80ij Easley St., Silver Spring, SH 6328 

3AS McKinnon, Dean E., 1^521 36th St., N.W., 8, D.C, OR 8371 

2BPA McKinnon, William T., Jr., 1523 S. Kent St., Arlington, Va. 

OSCS McKnight, James D., Fluvanna, Texas, 1657 Roberts lane. Falls Church, Va., FA b3lil 

2AS McLain, George H., U705 warren St., N.n., I6, D.C, VfO 7869 

3En McLamb, Charles G., 67U9 V.oodley Rd., Dundalk 22, Balto., TD 6 

OSCS McLaughlin, George R., (Maj.), P.O. Box 562, Pensacola, Fla., Apt. C-21, James Polk, 

liEd McLaughlin, Hugh D., 327 Longfellow St., N.w,, D.C, TU U691 (Presidential Gardens, Alex.,va. 

OSCS McLaughlin, Waiy M.<Mrs.), lii3U Somerset Place, N.n., 11, D.C, TA Oli77 (KI 8-838I 

i^En McLaughlin, Merlin F.^ Box 271, Springfield, Va., 8310 hoth Ave., CP., TO U81i2 

Gr McLaughlin, Veronica, (Mrs.), Fairfax Station, Va., FA 83'/a3 

IAS McLay, Hazel D., 96 N. idain St., Port Deposit, MBH 

IAS McLean, Hugh R,, 311 Monterey Ave., West Annapolis, Dorm F 

ISCS McLean, Peter u., Monmouth Farm, Emmorton,TD 8 

IjEn McLean, William A., RFD#3, Ellicott City, TD 8 

3PE McLean, William W., Jr., 3709 S St., S.E., 20, D.C, hUOO Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9833 

i4Ed McLellan, Joanne C, U201 Clagett Rd., Hyattsville,. Delta Delta Delta 

2AS McMahan, E. Sue, 218 S.Harrison St., Easton, Dorm 3 

l^BPA McMahon, Edward W., 8l5 Randolph St., N.»»., 11, D.C, TA 5707 

Ug Mctonus, Timothy J., liiO Warren St., Brooklyn 2, N.Y., Dorm K 

ISCS Mciiillan, Miley J., Jr., 8 Brook Place, Larchmont, N.Y. 

IiBPA McMillan, William A., Ii5l3 3rd St., N.W. 11, D.C, TU i'259 

Gr McMillion Ovid M., 3155 Mt. Pleasant St., N.W. 10, D.C, CO 6370 


OSCS McMullan, Thomas F., 1312 So. 22nd St., Arlington, Va., OT 7817 

Gr McMurphy, Kathleen E., U02 Carroll Ave,, Takoma Parte, SL 6979 

2BPA McNally, Lawrence R., 1 Houston Ave., Takoma Park, Dorm I 

3AS VcNamara, James A., 1338 Rittenhouse St., N.W., 11, D.C., U701 Amherst Rd., C.P. 

Gr I'cNeely, Simon A., Ii06 Williamsburg Dr., Silver Spring, SL U697 

UBPA VcNeill, Albert R., Jr., 53UO Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, HY 7256 

AS McNeill, John J., 3716 Benton St., N.W., 8, D.G., WD 37hl 

3AS McPadden, Edward P., 65 Shenrood Ave., Bridgeport 5, Conn., Calvert 

Gr ?/cPhail, Doris S.(Mr8.), 2712 29th St., S.E., 20, D.C., TN 0682 

liMS McQuade, Thomas J., Jr., UOOU Gallatin St., Hyattsville 

IBPA McOuiston, Charles W., U09 N. Harberth Ave., Narberth, Pa., Dorm I 

lEd McTighe, John F., M. L. Madera, c/o Post Engineers, Ft. Meade 

IAS McVearry, John T., Jr., 6G1U [i3rd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 7U20 

2BPA McVernon, Dorothy C, 7ii32 8th St., N.W., 12, D. C, GE 6lU2 

OSCS McVey, V/illiam H., Box 35, Oxford, Ark., ii912 Deal Dr., Apt. 201, D. C, (TO 5lli9 

Gr KcVfilliams, Charles R., Il6 N. Market St., St. Clairsville, Ohio, Charles St., Beltsville, 

UaS McWilliams, Doloris, 3D Eastway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5522 

lAg McWilliams, Donald J., Oakhill Rd., Oovans 12, TD 7 

MS Meachum, Roy N., 5601 'C^ieens Chapel Rd., Hyattsville, AP IO96 (Ext.lM 

OSCS Mead, Dorothy D., 10 Wash Pi,, Helena, Montana, Camp Detrick, Frederick, Camp Detrick, 

OSCS Mead, Robert F., 937 Reynolds St., peekskill, N.Y., 8217 lUth Ave., Hyattsville 

2AS Mead, Virginia A., 2710 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore I6, li502 College Ave., C.P. 

2Ag Meade, John A., 6606 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church, Va. 

liAS Meade, Robert B., 3927 Cranston Ave., Baltimore 29, TD "U 

IBPA Meader, Malcolm S., 531 East Woodbine St., Chevy Chase l5, WI 6536 

2BPA Meadows, Donald W., 2931 Mills Ave., N.E., 18, D.C., DU I889 

UbPA Meads, JOF-roh K., 163"! Shadyside Rd. , Baltimore 18, TU 09Uii 

Gr Meals, L. Kenton, ii307 Rowalt Dr., C. P., AP 0122 

liEd Meaney, Mary Jean, 3618 Military Rd., N.W,, l5, D.C., Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

OAS Means, Ura M., 5U03 First Place, N,W., Apt. 5, 11, D.C., TO 6UOO, Ext.25U 

35d Mears, Arthur R,, Belle Haven, Va., Ii5l3 College Ave., C. P., WA 6533 

OSCS Mears, J. Frank, Varnville, S. C, Boiling AFB, D.C., JO 29000, Ext,Ii387 

OSCS Mears, Merton D., 2810 Vermont Ave., Baltimore 27, AR 191 3M 

hEn Measelle, James D., U016 8bh St., N.E., Apt. U, D. C, LA 66357 

2AS Mechelke, Rudolph F. W. , 1U35 Fairmont St., N.ff., D.C., AD 5521 (villa 

OSCS Meek, Harold R., Jr., 225 N. Sterley St., Shillington, Pa., 1^227 Oglethorpe St., Hyatts- 

IBPA Meckley, Warren E., 1218 28th St., Mt. Rainier 

Gr Medford, Dorothy t., 1 Park Lane, Delaire, TUraington, Del., I4517 Knox Rd., C.P.,WA 9720 

3AS Medina, Gloria L., 3507 Cedar St., Silver Spring, SH 0879 

IBPA Medinger, Irwin T., 509 Varmouth Rd., Towson U, TD 3 

Gr Mednick, Sol, 8M Plateau PI., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 35l8 

lEd Meehan, Charles P., 3IIU Clearview Ave., Baltimore lU, CL 2153 

2Ed Mees, Robert T., 9l5 Fatten Dr., Silver Spring, SL 3358 

lAg Megill, Thomas L,, IU6 U St., N. E., 2, D.C., NO 5715 

OSCS Meginniss, Stephen M., 9li02 Kentstone Dr., Bethesda iU, WI 312ii 

2AS Mehm, Edward C, R.F.D. 2, Freehold, N. J., Dorm M 

UEd Mehr, Robert P., Joppa, TD 2 

IBPA Mehring, David C, Pox 2U0, Elkridge, Calvert E 

Gr Meier, Fabian A., 8102 Tahona Dr., Silver Spring 

3PE Meier, Gustave A., Jr., 710 Elrawood Rd., Raspeburg 6, TD 8 

ISCS Meier, Richard R., 6013 67th Place, East Riverdale 

OSCS }'eigs, Frederick S., I38O Ft. Stevens Dr., N.W., D.C., TA 656U 

IHE Meise, Carolyn R., 1537 Northwick Rd., Baltimore I8, MBH 

3AS Meisenhelter, Charles S., 172i4 Monroe St., York, Fa., Dorm F 

UBPA Meizlish, William, 311i4 Tioga Parkway, Baltimore l5, 7303 Yale Ave., C.P. 

2Ag Melamet, Carl, 201 Front St., Chestertown, TD 2 

IAS Meleski, Benjamin J., 323 Glen St., New Britain, Conn., I5l3 Longfellow St .,• Hyattsville 

OSCS Melhunek, Anne T., 3326 M St., S.E., D.C., VI 33l6 

IAS Mellinger, D. Rodney, 135 N. State* St., Ephrata, Pa., TD 7 

2Ed Melton, Anne R., hh3 W. High St., Bryan, Ohio, 75lU Rhode Island Ave., C*P,, UN 9885 

OSCS Melton, Clarence B., Jr., 5808 Baltimore Blvd., Hyattsville, AP 38I8 

UaS Melvin, David S., 3927 Cranston Ave., Baltimore 29, TD 8 

iHE Melvin, Dorothy A., 5719 Risk Ave., Baltimore l5. Gamma Phi Beta, UN 9801 

UAg Mende, Gustav M., Jr., Route 2, Cambridge, 38OO Nicholson St., Hyattsville, WA 03ii8 

2BPA Mendels, Charles S., 719 Chillum Rd., Chilium, SH U514J. 

IAS Mendels, Harriet A., 719 Chillum Rd., Hyattsville, SH U51il 

UBPA Mendelsohn, Martin S., U902 Oueensberry Ave., Baltimore l5. Dorm H 

Gr Menge, Henry, 1109 Dallas Ave., Tarentum, Pa., i+705 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

OSCS Menk, Emil, Woodstock, N.Y., 9901st TSU, SGO, AMC, 12, D. C. 

lAg Merat, Khosrov, 3712 Manor PI., N.W., D.C., OR 65Ul 


UBPA Mercer, Bryan, T/., 7319 Baltimore Ave., College Park, UN 7827 

Gr Mercready, Robert B., Ili27 Marlboro Ave., Plainfield, N.J.,132 Urell P1.,N.E.,D.G. 

UAS Meredith, Edward J., 263 V/. Greenwood Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., Calvert E 

3En Meredith, Edwin W., 55 Swan Road, S.E., Suitland, 20, JO 8-3257 

OSes Meredith, John T., Park Hall, Great Mills 390W3 

2Ag Meredith, Thomas 0., Jr., Queen Anne, Dorm F 

OAS Merelman, Jack M., 6001; U3rd St., Hyattsvllle 

IPE M«relman, William A., 600li li3rxi St., Hyattsville, UN 8133 

IMS Merfa, James E., Box 162, R.F.D. 1, Upper Marlboro 

UBPA Mergenovlch, Peter, 9953 Moss Ave., Silver Spring 

IHE Meriwether, Martha F., 5U02 37th Ave., Hyattsville, WA 6198 

2AS Merkal, Richard S., 9006 i48th Place, College Park, TO 6659 

UAS Merkel, Ernest C, 5l8 Old Orchard Rd., Baltimore 29, Dorm K 

IAS Merkel, Una M., 18 S. Monroe St., Baltimore 23, MBH 

Gr Merker, Robert L., 151 Ivanhoe St., 20, D.C, JO 3-5U12 

3AS Merkler, Jules M., 338 E. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore 12, TD 7 

3Ed Mermelstein, Rita, 1359 Taylor St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE U079 (UN 1270 

Gr Merrell, Robert F., 201 N.W. 2l3t St., Olda. City, Okla.,Iill5 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, 

3AS Merriam, Lee F., 5ii05 13th St., N.W., 11. D.C.,TA 2?91 

IAS Merrick, George B., Jr., Upper Marlboro, TD 5 

2BPA Merrick, Harry L., 1237 Noyes Dr. , Silver Spring, Dona J 

3BPA Merrick, Richard lY., 1329 Ridge Road, Catonsville 28, Catonsville 6577 

2En Merrick, Robert F., 136 Southwood Ave., Silver Spring, SH 8I486 (Va., OV 30l4li 

OSCS Merrick, Thomas L., 1311 Wayne Court, Alameda, Calif., 280U S. Wakefield St., Arlington, 

3Ag Merrill, William G., R.D. 3, Elkton, 7511 Princeton Ave., College Park, WA 983I 

lAg Merritt, Edward 0., P.O. Box Ihl, Princess Anne, 7511 Princeton Ave,,C.P., WA 9831 

2AS Merritt, L. Patricia, 2168 N. Brandywine St., Arlington, Va. 

lEn Merson, Robert H., 3102 Webster St., Mt. Rainier, WA 1393 

lEn Merson, Vernon H., Jr., 206 Bunker Hill Road, Alexandria, Va., Theta Chi, WA 9833 

UEd Mesirow, Ruth B., 3921 Wabash Ave., Baltimore, ii8l2 College Ave., C.P., WA 9828 

Gr Messenger, George E,, 813 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 12 (Church, Va., FA 0953 

OSCS Messenger, Lester C, 1821 Portland Ave,, Minneapolis, Minn., 703 Meridian St., Falls 

UEn Messick, Carter D., Jr., Route 1, Annapolis 

UHE Messinger, Judith L., Millers, AAH 

Gr Mester, Edmrond C, 9-S Research Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7281 

Gr Mester, John C, 2U32 Giiilford Ave., Baltimore 

2AS Metcalf, Benjamin F., 25 Delrey Ave., Baltimore 28, TD 8 

ISCS Methot, David L., Conover Lane, Box U67, Red Bank, N.J., TD 6 

Gr Metz, Album S., 3U Willowbrook Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., 7509 Princeton Ave.,C.P.,WA 3652 

UBPA Metz, Joseph P., 120 Lupton Ave., Woodbury, N.J., U605 College Ave., C.P., WA 988Ii 

En Metzler, Edwax*d, Gardiner, N.Y., Donn G 

UEd Mexishaw, Gearl W., 1337 James St., Baltimore 23, TD 1 

2Ed Meyer, Anita J., 6203 Hopeton Ave., Baltimore, U812 College Ave., C.P. 

OSCS Meyer, Gilbert E., Pierce, Nebraska, Hq.,AWS, Andrews ATO, D.C. 

3BPA Meyer, Henry A., 212 Dawson St., Philadelphia 28, Pa., 9105 Flower St., Silver Spring 

OSCS Meyer, Karl H. , 231 Benzinger St., Buffalo, N.Y., 5806 66th Ave., E. Riverdale, AP 2U8i; 

UAS Meyerowitz, Phyllis R., 2125 Denison St., Baltimore 16,U812 College Ave,,C.P.,WA 9828 

UbPA Meyers, Robert T., 3506 l8th St., N.E., 18, D.C, CO 3395 

OSCS Meyers, Russell H., 5713 Chillum Heights Dr., Hyattsville, LI 39UOO, Ext. 20 

Gr Meyerson, Melvin R., 1810 Abingdon Dr., Alexandria, Va., TE 3573 

OSCS Mezick, Lillian H. (Mrs.), Main St., Fruitland 

ISCS Michael, Carl F., Jr., 238 Blenheim Rd,, Baltimore 12, Towson 1517 

OSCS Michael, Pierce B. (Major), 5301 Branch Ave., 3.E., 20, D.C, JO 8-8898 

Gr Michaels, Etinice C R. (Mrs.), 5708 31st Ave., Hyattsville, WA 7005 

lEd Michalson, Lois J.,U3l5 Russell Ave., Mt. Rainier, WA 8690 

lEn Michel, Eugene G., 1202 53th Ave., Hillside, TD 7 

2BPA Michell, Richani B., 308 Allen Ave., Allenhurst,N.J., ii701 Princeton Ave.,CP.,WA 9733 

Gr Mickevicz, Edwin J., 3?20 Connecticut Ave,, 8, D.C, WO 076U, Ext. 512 

HE Midgley, Ellene W. (Mrs.), 853 Northampton Dr., Silver' Spring, SH 5282 

3AS Mierley, Leroy E., 6-L Research Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 73U3 

Or Miers, James A., 2715 13th St., N.W., 9, D.C, DU 8673 

2PE Mihok, John J., Jr., 216 S. Oldham St., Baltimore 2li, Dom 

UEd Mihok, Richard C, 216 S. Oldham St., Baltimore 2k, Dom F 

Gr Mijal, Chester F., 213 Laurel St., Manchester, N.H., 12-A Paiicway, Greenbelt, a-.3U26 

2AS Miko, Donald J., 7202 Belair Rd., Baltimore 6, BO 1353W 

Gr Milam, Anita B. (Mrs.), 907 Wabash Ave., Takoma Park 12 

Gr Milbum, Virginia R,, I6I6 Hobart St., N.W., 9, D.C, AD 5276 

3AS Miles, Allan C, 5600 Jonquil Ave,, Baltimore 15, Dom L 

OSCS Miles, James R., Sr., I30I N. Kirkwood Rd., Arlington 1, Va., OW 5536 

UBPA Miles, John J., Jr., 3-B Parkway, Greenbelt 








































































Ulles« William W., Rt. 2, Gaithersburg, Damesous 5141 

Miliman, Theodore, 4216 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore 7, TD 1 

Millan, Sylvia, 1357 Iturriaga St., Santuroe, Puerto Rioo, 6105 44th Ave. 

Ittllen, Ida A., 700 Lawrenoe St., N.E., 17, D.C., AD 2436 

Miller, Allen W., 712 Ingraham St., N.W., 11, B.C., RA 0553 

Miller, Anthony R., Box 137, Glenn Dale, Bowie 4241 

Miller, Cecil D., Camp Detriok, Frederick 

Miller, Charles C, 2621 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, TD 7 

Miller, Charles E., 11 Baltimore Ave., Ocean City, Kappa Alpha, UN 9833 

Miller, Clarence A., R.F.D. 1, North East 







(UN 0084 

Dorothy M., Denton 

E. Lucille, 334 Summit Ave., Eagerstown, Eagerstown 95S-R 

Edward F., 5410 Kansas Ave., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 0644 

Edwin M., Gerrardstown, W.Va., Dorm M 

Eileen M., R.D. 2, Bel Air, Alpha Omioron Pi, WA 9871 

Elliott H., 3913 Glen Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm C 

Elmon A., 5706 Massachusetts Ave., Ext.D, Glen Mar Park, OL 3891 

Emily G., 5701 Ridgedale Rd., Baltimore 9, Dorm 2 

Emmett E., 2717 Jetton St., Tampa, Fla., 310 Livingston Dr., S.E., D.C. 

Frances A., 5806 Sargent Rd., Hyattsville, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

Francis F., Jr., 301 Dale Dr., Silver Spring, Sh 2252 (NO 0634 

George M., 726 Prospect Ave., New York 55, N.Y., 1539 18th St., N.W., 6, D.C, 

Gerard I., 4606 Ridge Ave., Halethorpe 27 

Glenn A. 

Harry T., Rt, 2, Gettysburg, Pa. 

J. Miles, 615 Bennington Lane, Silver Spring, SL 2531 

Jacob I., 25 Fern St., P.O.Box 568, Edgewood, Edgewood 73-M 

Jacob W., 4527 Wells Pkwy., Riverdale, WA 4749 

James F., 916 2nd St., Pooonoke, Dorm L 

James L., 3605 Chevy Chase Lake Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Dom C 

James R., Millington, Dorm M 

James V., 15 Cragmere Rd., Wilmington, Del,, Calvert 

Jay W., 108 North Ave., Eagerstown, TD 3 

Joe H., 3905 Queensbury Rd., Byattsville, UN 4486 

John B., Jr., 9504 Saybrook Ave,, Silver Spring, SL 0336 

John C, 1005 Ramsey St., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-7639 

John E., Rt. ^, Cumberland, Dorm I 

John F., 5000 Tulip Ave., Relay 27, Elkridge 37 

John P., 125 Arbutus Ave., Catonsville 28, Cat. 6937 

Joseph W., 9610 Sutherland Rd., Silver Spring, SL 3224 

Larry 0., 8318 Potomac Ave., C.P,, Dorm M (TO 28949 

Lawrence H,, 5932 Flay Ave,, St. Louis, Mo., Apt, 201, 1014 Barnaby Terr., D.C, 

Louie, Jr., McDade, Tex., 119 Lynwood St., Alexandria, Va. 

Margaret L., 820 S. Washington St., Alexandria, Va., King 8-9248 

Marlin L., 4404 Albemarle St., N.W., 16, D.C 

Martin S., 3716 Glen Ave., Baltimore 15, Tau Epsilon Pi 

Marvin B., 3611 Wabash Ave., Baltimore 15, FO 1613 

Max G., 1321 Merrimack St., Apt. 201, Hyattsville 

Morrine J., 3101 Northhampton St., N.W., 15, D.C, T.'BH 

Nathan, 118 W, Hamburg St,, Baltimore 30 

Orville C, 6114 Landover Rd., Landover 

Paul L., 4114 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 8 

Robert D., 900 The Terrace, Eagerstown, Dorm E 

Robert E,, 3251 Beech St., N,W., 15, D.C, OR 3736 

Robert H., 1607 Minnesota Ave., S.E., 20, D.C, AX 1071 

Robert N., 9604 2nd Ave., Silver Spring 

Robert T., 7206 Forest Rd., Hyattsville, AP 3715 

Rollin T., Flight Test Div., NATO, Patuxent River, Gr. Mills 7721 

Ruth F., 4714 Upton St., N.W., 16, D.C, EM 4395 

Stanton S., 132 Cogswell Ave., Indian Head, Dorm C 



Suzanne L,, U. S. Naval Hospital, Charleston, S,C,, Alpha Gamma Delta 

Ted G,, The Pines, Easton, TD 8 

Thomas D,, 422 S, Pershing Ave., York, Pa., Dorm E 

Thomas E., 224 W. Lapeer St., Lansing, Mich., 702 No 

Verna, Watercliff St., Lonaconing, Lonaooning 4373 

Vernon R., 1743 Abbottston St., Baltimore 18, TD 1 

Vernon W., 712 E. Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 12, TD 3 

Walter F.(l'aj.), 242 Walnut St., Nutley, N.J., 922 So. 

Wesson H., 4645 Briarolift Rd., Baltimore 29, WI 7299 

Wilden M., Knowlesville, N.Y. 

7400 Ext.6438A 
Arlington 3, 

(Va., LI 5-6700 Exl;. 55679 
Washington St., Alexandria, 


2AS Miller, William C, 113 Holly Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 2717 

hAS Miller, William S., 2633 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, AP U775 

2BPA Millhausen, Richard, 36ll Springdale Ave., Baltimore l6, TTJ 3 

IPE Milli, Robert A., 3U07 Liberty Pkwy. , IXindalk 22, TD 5 

UaS Millian, Kenneth Y., 1370 Peabody St., N. IV., 11, D. C, TA 93'l5 

IAS Filligan, Ernest B., ^706 l42nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 2301 

Gr Milligan, John L., Clinton, Cypress 9218 

I4BPA Milliken, Francis J., U852 Glenwood St., Little Neck, New York, N. Y., TD 2 

IHE Millinpton, Catherine E., 9322 Baltimore Ave., Perwyn, TO 5^'72 

3AS l.!illman, Jules, Iil05 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 1^, TD 8 

hAS Fillner, Isadore, 6 Irvine PI., Baltimore 31, 7303 Yale Ave., C. P. 

Gr I.'ills, Donald C, 2li30 Pennsylvania Ave., N. W. , D. C, DI h369 

3I\S Wills, Donald T., Jr., 5009 Walther Ave., Baltimore ih, HA 1331 

lEd Mills, M. Kathleen, 1|713 Oueensbury Rd., Riverdale, UN 7U07. . .(Ext.Ii202 

3AS Mills, Vernon S., 3621 Chesterfield Ave., Baltimore 13 (Polling A^B, D.C., D.C., JO 2-9000, 

OSCS I.'ills, V/illiam H., Jr., 10^1 Harkee Terrace, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1101st Maint. Sq., Box 1091, 

OSCS I'illsap, Frederick V.,, 2701 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlington, Va., TE 5o60 

ISCS Milstead, Roger C, J47hl4 Carlton Ave., S. E. , Temple Hills, LO 3-8Ii65 

Gr Minarik, Dorothy F. (Mrs.), Walkersville 

2SCS Mindel, Phillip, ^651 Deane Ave., N. E., 19, D. C, LU 1-9725 

3Ed Miner, John A., 6l08 Maylane Dr., Baltimore 12 

OSCS Miners, William S., 1100th Comp. Sq., Boiling AFB, 25, D.C., BAFB U;57 

IBPA Mink, Earl P., Lanham 

OSCS Mink, Ruth A. (Mrs.), 78 Taylor Ave., Hurlock, Hurlock 5331 

Gr Minor, Forrest T., 306 N. 3rd St., Danville, Ky., Rt.2, Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg 2U7W 

lEn i:iotto, Bruno L., 5100 lUth St., N.W., 11, D. C, TA 5879 

lAS Mirman, Anne, m32 Iris St., N. W. , 12, D. C, G£ 14339 

IAS i:iscoe, Frederic J., 7507 Hopkins Ave., C. P., UN 0351 

lEn Mitchell, Aubrey F., Jr., 1110 McAleer Ct., Baltimore 2, OR lUlO 

2HE Mitchell, Charlotte V., Snake Lane, Aberdeen, AAH 

OSCS Mitchell, David G., 16l Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

3BPA Mitchell, Dorothy L., 5323 29th St., 15, D. C, Alpha Chi Omega, UN 9893 

OSCS Mitchell, Frederick A., 9007 Seneca Lane, Bethesda lU, WI 3ii28 

lAg Mitchell, Frederick 0., Bush River Rd., Ferryman, Dorm 

2AS Mitchell, James I., 501 Elm Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL I4678 

IPPA Mitchell, Lloyd G., 6313 5th St., N.W., 12, D. C, GE 3028 

Gr Mitchell, Lloyd V., 3107 Parkviay Terrace Dr., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 9-95l5 

3«S Mitchell, Melvin W., Landover, 6905 Carlton Terrace, C. P., AP lli92 

2PPA Mitchell, Michael J., 60I Jones 4ve., N. Praddock, Pa., TD 2 

2PPA Mitchell, M. Herbert, Jr., 3111 Shannon Dr., Baltimore 13, PE 6l21 

Gr Mitchell, Parren J., l602 Druid Hill Ave., Baltimore 17, MA 7257W 

hAg Mitchell, William E., Mitchellville, Bowie 3380 

UAg Mitchell, William L., Jr., 6669 Parnaby St., N.W., l5, D. C, EM ii67l| 

AS Mitilenes, Nickolas G. , 2950 2nd St., S. E., D. C. 

OSCS Mitman, Thomas R.. 1832 Biltmore St., N.W., 9, D. C. 

3BPA Mitz, Eugene R. , ii8lij Delaware St., Berwyn, TO 5U91 (WA 7392 

Gr Moats, William A., 1000 N. Howard St., Indianola, Iowa, 7Ull Columbia St., C.P., 

2PE Modzelewski, Edward W. , 1279 8th Ave., W. Natrona, Pa., Dorm N 

2SCS Modzelewski, Richard B., 1279 8th Ave., W. Natrona, Pa., Dorm N 

ISCS Moeller, Charles A., 6l02 Kilmer St., Cheverly 

UPE Moeller, James E., 1520 N. Lancaster St., Arlington 5, Va. , Dorm G 

OSCS Moench, John 0., J. Garfield Bldg., Pres. Gardens, Alexandria, Va. , OV 5l2i; 

IAS Moffatt, Elizabeth A., 709 Underwood St., N.W., 12, D. C, TU U5ll 

2En Moffatt, Robert J., I808 Burke St., S. E., 3, D. C, TR I898 

IPPA Moffett, Raymond C, Jr., 1105 Woodside Parkway, Calvert E 

UHE Mogel, Dolores J., Berlin, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

UEn Mohler, Ewell H., Jr., 5200 Tuxedo Rd., Hyattsville, WA 8626 

liEn Mohlhenrich, Gene M., 6OI Kingston Rd., Baltimore 12, TD 1| 

3En Mohr, Ralph P., 8307 Queen Anne's Dr., Silver Spring, SH 0733 

OSCS Moler, Dorothy M. (l<Irs.), Walkersville, Walkersville 26^7 

liAg Moler, Robert B., 2lil6 3rd St., N.E., 2, D. C, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

IBPA Moll, Roger K., Dames Quarter, TD 3 

3En Mollis, Peter A., 3li3 Jones Ave., Yorkville, Ohio, 6826 Pineway, Hyattsville, WA 8917 

3En Molloy, Robert K., I2I4 South Augusta St., Baltimore 29, Dorm E 

I4AS Molnar, Andrew R., 6315 Meadowbrook Rd., Garfield Heights 25, Ohio 

OSCS Molnar, Dorothy V., Camp Detrick, Frederick 

3FE Molster, James R., 1720 Seventh St., Portsmouth, Ohio, Dorm 

lAg Molter, Donald W. , 1;631 Sherwood Dr., Pittsburgh 27, Pa., NZ 

2Ed Mon, Paul G., 2326 E. Federal St., Baltimore 13, TD 3 

2AS Monacelli, Boniface P., l50 Chesapeake St., S. W., 20, D. C, JO 3-6967 


IAS Monaco, Albert P., 706 N. Rodney St., Wilniington, Del., Donn M 

2AS Monaghan, Herbert W., u29U Bridgeport, Conn., Calvert C 

ISCS Monaghan, Thomas W., 3392 Stuyvesant Place, 15, D.C., EM 2533 

OSCS Monahan, Edward P., 6U02 Flanders Dr., Hampshire Knolls, Hyattsville, SH 0856 

Gr Mondonedo, Jose D. , 8709 Baltimore Boulevard, C. Pv, TO U996 

AS Monfred, Jay H., 3721 Cold Spring Larie, Baltimore l5, TD 1 

2Ed Konfred, Marjorie F., 5l2U Chalgrove Ave., Baltimore 15, AAH 

OBPA Mongelli, Henry, Jr., 9800 Cottrell Terrace, Silver Spring 

IBPA L'onigle, Arthur T., 110 E. Elizabeth St., Salisbury, 1^605 College Ave., C. P., WA 9881 

IAS Vonk, Jearjie M., 5732 Fourth St., 11, D.C., AAH 

ar Monson, lyilliam L., 120 Plateau Place, Greenbelt 

liAS Fontano, Anthony ¥.., Jr., I63O Ridge Rd., North Haven, Conn., SZ 

lEn l?onteiro, Charles S., TD 7 

Gr Montgomery, Carl F., Washington Missionary College, Takoma Park, SH 2135 

3BPA Montgomery, Forest D., 5702 Kidwood Rd., Bethesda Hi, Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

Gr Montgomery, June 0. (Mrs.), ii557 S. Chelsea Lane, Bethesda II4, OL 8527 

3AS Montgomery, Marshall G., 121 N. Fra:iklin St., Washington, Pa., Dorm 

UaS Montgomery, Nancy C, 2U W. Kirke St., Chevy Chase l5, UN 9829 

3En Montgomery, Rayner A., Uii05 1st Place, N.E., 11, D. C, TA 2883 

IAS Montouri, Warren K., I6 Aspen St., Chevy Chage 

OSCS Moon, Edward J., i4l52 South 36th St., Arlington, Va., OV 2983 

OSCS Moon, Janes W., 6857 North 28th St., Falls Church, Va. , FA 5926 

3Ed Mooney, Jane D., UiiOO Underwood St., University Park, AP l42l;7 

2AS Moore, Albert E., 78l5 Elmhurst Ave., Baltimore lU, TD 6 

IBPA Moore, Charles A., Jr., 50l5 N. 13th St., Arlington, Va-., Dorm U (BAFB ii367 

OSCS Moore, David J., Rt. 1, Forsyth, Montana, 1100th Inst. Sq., Boiling AFB, 25, D.C., 

OSCS Moore, Donald F., 838U Leona St., S.E., Forres tvllle 19, HI 3100, Ext.U253 

2AS Moore, Dwight E., 3 West Inverness Dr., N. Chevy Chase, Dorm E 

OEd Moore, Evelyn W.' (Mrs.), 3621 Suitland Rd., S.E., 20, D. C, VI 6390 

AS Moore, Gilbert M., 2307 3rd St., N.E., 2, D.c'., KL 8986 

3AS Moore, G. Clyde, 2800 Goodwood Rd., Baltimore Ih, HA 6U29 

Gr Moore, Holmes S. , 129 Franklin Walk, Falls Church, FA 2165 

liAS Moore, Joan, 212 Hilton Ave., Baltimore 28, Delta Gamma, WA 98i|ii 

UEn Moore, John D., 690S Fenway St., Dundalk 22, 1300 Enox Rd. , C.P., ^X 9770 

Gr Moore, John E., Parkland Village, 19, D. C. 

ISCS Moore, Lane A., Jr., U33U Clagett Rd., Hyattsville, WA 1057 

OSCS Moore, Marian J., 89OO Manchester Rd., Silver Spring 

3BPA Moore, Ormsby S., Joppa Rd. , Fullerton, TD 3 

IiEn Moore, Reynolds R., IOC Laurel Kill Rd., Greenbelt 

2AS Moore, Robert H., Iio20 Harvard Rd,, C. P., UN 7535 

3AS Moore, Robert S., 3526 Old Frederick Rd. , Baltimore 29, Dorm F 

UAg Moore, Robert ff., liOl N. Fredrick Ave., Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg 121W 

IiHE Moore, Ruth C, 220 W. Hortter St., Philadelphia 19, Pa., Dorm 2 

3En Moore, Samuel S., Jr., 501 E. 23rd St., Baltimore 13 

2AS Moore, Suzanne, 58lo Carlyle St., Cheverly, WA 0776 

ilAg Moorefield, Herbert H., 5700 Bellona Ave,, BalUmorf 12, P.O. Box UOl, C. P. 

IPS Moorhead, Robert G., 325a North ixO's N.A.S. Annex, Solomons, TD 2 

3BPA Moorhead, Robei-t G., 8OO8 lUth Ave., Hyattsville 

lAS Moosbrugger, Frederick B., 2562 Rosecrans St., San Diego 5, Cal.lf., SZ 

UBPA Moose, John H., Ihlh C St., N.E., 2, D. C, LI 67ii95 

Gr Moose, John W,, (Lt.), 88OI U8th Ave,, C. P., TO 5536 

Gr Morad, Aly A,, 7005 Eversfield Dr., Hyattsville, WA 3288 

IiPPA Moraio, Ralph A., Box 72^, Old Greenwich, Conn., Dorm E 

2AS Moran, Donald E., 2l5 Hammond St., Westernport, Dorm F 

liEd Moran, Donald H., 5513 Silver Hill Rd., 19, D. C. 

3PPA Moran, John M., 723 Silver Springs Ave., Silver Spring, SL I96I 

OSCS Moran, Thomas D., 25^3 Iverson St., S. W., D. C. 

2Ed Morehead, Diane, 102 Southbrook Lane, Bethesda, WI U591 

Gr Morehouse, Gerald D. , II6 Ralph Dr., 20, D. C, LO 3-7990 

OSCS Morel and, Hugh H., I613 Crestwood Dr., Alexandria, Va., TE 1681; 

liRPA Morel and, Joseph D., I1816 9th St., N.W., D. C, RA 1251 

lEn Moreland, William E., Bristol, West River 503li 

ISCS Morel ajid, William P., Jr., 5ll Chesapeake Ave., Eastport, TD 5 

IAS Moretti, John J., 53U So. Clinton St., East Orange, N.J., Dorm L 

IjPJn Morgan, Arthur D. , Jr., 8H Plateau Place, Greenbelt 

Gr Morgan, Cornelius U., 3013 W, North Ave,, Baltimore I6, WI 318O 

OSCS Morgan, Daniel H., 1100th Med. Gp., BAFB, 25, D. C. 

2Ag Morgan, David G., 5620 Moorland Lane, Bethesda lU, m. 2385 

Gr Morgan, Edgar D., 6l2 Rashford Lane, Alexandria, Va., TE 868li 

IHE Morgan, Ellender V,, R.F.D.l, Boonsboro, Dorm 2 


Or Morgan, Eloise B., Queen Anne, 7512 Girard St., College Park, UN 2203 

2SCS Morgan, Francis R., 7U3 High St., Freeport, Pa., Dorm N 

Gr Morgan, OusUtus A., Jr., 10212 Proctor St., Silver Spring, SL 2031 

Gr Morgan, June C. (Mrs.), Midland, 20-D Crescent Hd., Greenbelt, Greenbolt 5066 

OAg Morgan, Raymond E., 20-D Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt $066 

2AS Morgan, Richard E., 222 Willow Ave., Takoma Parte 12, SL 6055 

OSCS Morgan, Warren J., 1637 N. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va., GL 6235 

Us Morganstein, Ansela M., 2$01 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi 

2Ed Morgenstein, Carol R., ii601 Eastern Ave., Baltimore 2U, Dorm 3 

OSCS Morhard, vailiam C, 102 North George Mason Dr., Arlington 3, Va., OW 771ii 

3AS Moriarty, Edward D., 3U08 Vamum St., Brentwood, UN 2263 

IMS Morin, Arthur C, Jr., 3-G Eastway Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3536 

UHE Moritz, J\ilia G., Box 136, Laurel ton, N.J., Dorm 3 

lAS Morley, C. Bruce, 1102 Snowden Place, Laurel, Laurel 3UU 

3AS Morley, L. Scott, 1102 Snowden Place, Laurel, Laurel 3UU 

2Ed Morley, Suzanne, U28 Pairtucket Ave., Rumford, Rhode Tsland, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

3AS Morrel, John S., Jr., Circle Road, Ruxton, C2 

3PE Morrette, Doris J., 5207 5th St., 11, D.C. 

IHPA Morrill, Starr S., 707 St. Johns Road, Baltimore 10, HO 1258 

2BPA Morris, Francis H., 303 S. Pinehurst Ave., Salisbury, U611 College Ave., C.P. 

OSCS Morris, John G., U627 South 36th St., Arlington, Va., IE 8021 

Gr Morris, Jtinius H., 713 W. Montgcjcery St., Rockville 

Or Morris, Leo A., 8301 Ibth Ave., West Hyattsville 

3Ag Morris, Lindsay F., West Union, W.Va., 6-T Plateau Place, Greenbelt 

3Sd Morris, liary K., 2816 Belmont Ave., Baltimore 16, Kappa Alpha Theta (Ext. 1121 

Ug Morris, Thomas R., 72U E. 10th St., Texarkana, Ark., lliU3 Spring Rd.. N.W., D.C.,NA 3120, 

Ag Morris, Walter T., Richland, Pa., Apt. 3U, 3li27 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville 

2SCS Morris, William G., Jr., UOl N. Barton St., Arlington 1, Va., JA 86529 

2BPA Morrison, Charles R., 5325 Wesley Ave., Baltimore 7, H) 3 

Gr Morrison, George S., 8523 Garland Ave., Takoma Park, JU 7-7339 

UbPA Morrison, Maurice D., 2021 32nd Place, S.E., 20, D.C, VI lUhh 

IAS Morrow, Patricia A., 305 E. Melbourne Ave,, Silver Spring, SL 5099 

IBPA Morrow, Ralph B., Jr., 6809 F St., Seat Pleasant, HI ii62ii 

Gr Morrow, Richard C, 102 N. Linden Ave., Arj-iapolis, Annapolis 3805 (OR 2687 

Gr Morse, Arthur 0., Iiil3 N. Camelita St., Los Angeles 33, Calif. ,39U6 Tunlaw Rd., 7, D.C, 

UBPA Mcrstein, Stanley I., 2102 Whittier Ave., Baltimore 17, U310 Knox Rd., CP. 

2AS Morton, liarles W., 3330 Buchanan St., Mt. Rainier, AP 2879 

BPA Morton, Garner L., 103 E. Schellenger St. ,«S.ldwood,N. J.,U50li Guilford Rd.,C.P. 

2PE Morton, Leon M. , 129 Durilcp Ave., Town of Towanda, N.Y., ID h 

IiAg Morton, Robert A., II, U318 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, WA 8537 

Gr Morton, Robert E., U005 9th St., N.E., Apt. 2, D.C, LA 66923 

2Ag Morton, Ronald L., 639 Plymouth Rd., Baltimore 29 

IBPA Moseman, John W., U821 Montgoaerj'" Lane, Bethesda lU, WI 1028 

2BPA Moser, Austin T., Knoxville, Dorm L 

2AS Moser, Glenn L., 3907 Livingston Rd., Hyattsville, WA 7273 

Gr Moser, Martin 7?., 333 Elizabeth St., Pittsb^lrgh 2, Pa. 

2BPA Mosher, Charles H., 56lli Greenspriag Ave., Baltimore 9, Dorm C 

OSCS Mosher, Francis L., 59 Scofield St., Walden, N.Y.,U220 Vfneeler Rd.,3.E.,D.C, JO 2-57U6 

3BPA Mosher, William R., H.F.D. 2, Laurel, Ashton 2917 

3AS Moss, Arnold, 103 Kennedy St., N.W., 11, B.C., TU 1*522 

Gr Moss, Edith, R.F.D.3, Laconia, N.H., 26l5 Kirkwood Pi., Hyatt 3ville,WA 6359 

2BPA Moss, Joseph C, 23 Potomac St., Ridgeley, W.Va., Dorm J 

2AS Moss, Myra M., 3901 Strathmore Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm 3 

ISCS Moss, Stuart L., 3610 Copley Rd., Baltimore 15, TD 6 

kEa Mothersole, George F. , 32U Furnace St., Cumberland, TD 3 

UBPA Motley, Mary L., Route 5, River Road, Bethesda li* 

2Ag Mott, John B., 10 N. Broadway, Gloucester City, N.J., NZ 

OAg Mott, Tnomas V., 135? Juniper St., 12, D.Co, CE 5oUl 

OSCS Motte, Benjamin J., Florida Hall, Arlington Farms, Arlington, Va., OW 9iiOO, Ext. 329 

UBPA Moulden, Robert L., 26UO Maryland Ave., Baltimore 18, Kappa Alpha, UN 9833 

UaS Moulden, Willian E., 106 Westmoreland A^e., Takoma Park 12, SL 5169 

Gr Moulton, James F., 2108 Belvedere Dr., Apt. 1, Silver Spring, SH 1963 

lAS Moulton, Mary M., 308 Memorial ^ve., Cumberland, Dorm 2 

3AS Moulton, Maxwell C, 808 Memorial Ave,, Cumberland, TD 3 

2Ag Mouser, Robert S., 6033 Broad St., Brookmont 16, U776 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale,WI 90li6 

UAg Moxley, James R,, Jr., West Friendship, 7511 Princeton Ave., College Park, WA 9831 

3En Moy, Robert G., 517 Somerset Place, N.W., 11, D.C, RA 159U 

Gr Moyer, John R., 5511 Glenbrook Road, Chevy CJiase 15, HI 1097 

lAg Moyer, John R., Highland Ave., Ephrata, Pa., Calvert C 

Gr Moyer, Joseph D., 700 Chillum Rd., Hyattsville 


hHE topjrkee, Katherine, 1$13 West Baltimore St., Balto. 23 

3PE Mpyle, Edward A., 926 Perry Place, N.E. 17, D.C., lA 6-6383 

IPE Mozdziez, Fabian F., 6 River Court, Ipswich, Mass., 390^ Queensbviry Rd., Hyattsville 

3En Mrozek, Joseph W., 3929 Brookl^ Ave., Balto-, 25, TD h 

US Mryncza, Adolph F., 2719 Hudson St., Balto. 2ii 

lEn Machow, Donald C, 200 W. Greenwood Rd,, Linthicum Heights, Dorm C 

UEd Mudd, Marjorie J., 2709 Valley Way, Cheverly, WA 3379 

3BPA Mddd, Stella L., 2709 Valley Way, Cheverly, WA 3379 

ISCS Mue liens chladen, John A,, 3U17 Abbie Place, Balto, 7, TD 1 

i^BPA Mueller, Carl W,, 717 Congress St., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 283li7 

AS Mueller, Jane K., 210U Foster Ave., Brookl^ 10, N,Y,, 750li Yale Ave., C.P,, WA 1^262 

l&S Mueller, Mary M., 3122 Rittenhouse St., xN.W., 15, D.C, WO 7826 

OSCS Muir, Milxired W.(Mrs,), I6l5 VVebster St., N.iV., 11, D.Ct, TA 7086 

OSes Muirhead, Charles L., Jr., Hqs Sqdn. IO50 ABG, Andrews AFB, 25, D,C,, HI 3100 Ext. 5100 

3HE Mularkey, Shirley A., U^US Montgomery St . , Bethesda Lu, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

IAS Muldowney, Irene M., 928 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, SL 22U0 

ISCS Mulford, Joan C, Malvern Ave,, Ruxton h, MBH 

Gr Mulkey, Thomas W., 909 Garland Ave., Takoma Park, SL 0258 

OSCS Mullaliy, Thomas D., Opnav (0P35), Rm itE573, Pentagon Bldg, D.C, Ext.7U037 

I4BPA Mullane, Daniel J.,14108 28th St.', Mt. Rainier, Sigma Chi 

3BPA Mullaney, Charles I., 666 Atlantic St., D.C. 

iiAS Mullaney, John W., Jr., 28l5 Hudson St,, Balto, 2I4 

3AS Mullaney, Raymond E., 666 Atlantic St,, S.E. 20, D.C,, TD 8 

2BPA Mullen, John J,, 6813 Shepherd St,, Hyattsville, AP 11^65 

Gr Mullen, Wesley G., I6II Pope Ave,, Richmond 27, Va., 14602 Knox Rd,, C.P., UN 8789 

Or Mallen, WilUam L., Jr., 2000 Hayden Rd,, Avondale, AP 5120 

3AS Muller, Albert, Jr., 85li4 Greenwood Ave,, Apt. 2, Takoma Park, SL 7912 

IjEd Muller, Bernard S., 26l8 Robb St., Balto. 18 

3Ed Muller, Joan R., 12 -M Parkway, Greenbelt 

Gr Mailer, Paul F., Jr., Apt. 12 -M Parkway, Greenbelt 

IAS Muller, Robert R,, 121 Lansdowne St., Haddonfield, N.J., Dorm N 

OSCS Mulligan, William J., 1221; West Lawn Drive, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-7991 

2AS Mullin, Thomas L., 2328 37th St,, N.W, 7, CC,, OR 0699 

Gr Mullins, Elwood H,, 5U08 First Place, N.W. 11, D.C,, RA 5807 

2AS Mullis, James C, 3200 Kenilworth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 9758 

OSCS Mullowney, Penn E,, 2720 S, Uhle St., Arlington, Va., Glebe 3672 

3Ed Mulnix, Shirley J., Churchton, Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

Gr Mulquin, Donna-May S. (Mrs.),'22l8 Randolph St., N.E., I8, D.C, DE 0533 

ISCS Mumley, Samuel A,, 6 l6th St,, McMechen, W. Va., Dorm N 

2AS Mumper, Thomas 0., llU Bayside Drive, Balto, 22, Dorm C 

US Mund, Alan W,, 2900 Chelsea St,, Balto. 16, it5lO Albion Rd., C.P. 

Gr Munson, Ivan K., 6IO Laura Drive, Falls Chiirch, Va. 

Or Munson, Sam C, 7761 Emerson Rd., Hyattsville, WA 8317 

IAS Munz, Eva H., RFD#3, Harness Creek, Annapolis, Dorm 2 

Gr Murphy, Alton C, 2508 Dormarion Lane, Austin, Texas, 870I4 Gilbert Place, Takoma Park 

IAS Murphy, Arthur D., 8OI Main St., itfest Newbury, Maab., TD6 

hkg Murphy, Fdward H., 107 St. Johns Rd., Balto. 10 

OSCS Murphy, Frank M., 5201 8th Rd., S., Apt. 531-A), Arlington U, Va. 

Gr Murphy, George W., 1;117 5lst St., Apt. 302, Bladensburg 

3AS Murphy, Gerald F., 7321 Forest Rd,, Landover 

HE Murphy, H. Patricia, 12 Bartol Ave., Ridley Park, Pa., Kappa Alpha Theta, UN 9829 

2BPA Murphy, James B., 3107 G St., S.E., 19, D.C, VI 1573 

OSCS Murphy, James 0,, 712 13th St., Alexandria, Va., King 8-693I4 

3PE Murphy, J. Aldon, 2liO H. Wyoming Ave,, Melrose Mass.^ Dorm G 

uses Murphy, John R,', 158 Second St., Oakland, Dorm I 

3BPA Murphy, Joseph R., 1213 Elmridge Ave., Arbutus 27, 

2HE Murphy, Joseph V., 1209 Palisade Ave., Union City, N.J., 7031 Baltimore Blvd., CP., WA 97h3 

im Murphy, Richard D., 86I8 Garfield St., Bethf^sda Ik, WI 2837 

lEn Murphy, Robert T., 319 Laurel Ave., Laurel, Laurel 93W 

OSCS Murray, Edward E,, Jr., hS29 Blue Plains Drive, S.W., 20, D.C, JO 3-8778 

liPE Murray, Elizabeth E., Box 82, Port Deposit, AAH 

IHE Murray, Ethel A., 3107 Kelliher Rd., Hyattsville, WA 5086 (CH 3OOO Ext.3l5l 

OSCS Murray, Harold W., (Lt.), 71h Vandever Ave., Wilmington, Dela., Qrts.25A-L, Ft. Myer, Va., 

OSCS Murray, Isabella A., U6I N. Thomas St., Arlington 3, Va., JA 2-8301 

liAg Murray, James E., 2111 Guilford Rd., Apt. 302, Hyattsville 

OSCS Murray, John E., 913 rtestfall Place, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-9399 

Gr Murray, Kenneth M., 7^7 Spruce St., Hagerstown, li509 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 2575 

ISCS Murray, Patrick H., 62U Twelfth St., Oakmont, Pa., TD 5 

OSCS Murray, William I., 533 E. Nelson Ave., Alexandria, Va, 

Gr Murray, Vfilliam S., I36 Sunset Ave., Verona, N.J., I43I6 Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, WA 7899 


Ext. 2196 




137 Danbury St. 

, 5. 

W., 20, 

Gr Kurtha, Edmund F., P. 0. Box 31, Edgewood 

OSCS VusBj Morris R. , 3957 Nichols Ave., S. '.¥. , D. C, HI 3100, 

Gr Musgrove, Walter J., 66U6 Rhode Island Ave., Riverdale 

Gr Musselman, Martin L., 510 N. Market St., Selinsgrove, Pa., 

2Ed Mutair» Amel A., Baghdad, Iraq, Dorm 3 

3Ed Mutair, Thuraya A., Baghdad, Iraq, Dorm 3 

Gr Muth, Edward B., 710 Chesapeake A/e., Annapolis (Arlington, Va., OW 9U00, Ext.60 

OSCS Muth, Eugene P., 621 13th St., Niagara Falls, N.Y., Nebraska Hall, Arlington Farms, 

2BPA Mutter, Herbert B., ia07 Fairview Ave., Baltimore l6. College Park Fire Dept., C.P. 

2AS Myers, Cnarles G., 3629 Rexmere Rd., Baltimore l8, U707 Calvert Rd., C. P. 

OSCS Myers, Chauncey G., 23U N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio, 9h Galveston PI., S.W., 20, D.C., 

3HE Myers, D. Ruth, 2710 23rd Rd. N., Arlington, Va., OX 2671 (JO 2-2682 

2En Myers, Donald L., 11^27 Holbrook St., N.E., 2, D. C, TR 0768 

3AS Myers, Gerard S., U9 York St., Taneytown, TD 1 (Hyattsville, AP 521^6 

Gr Myers, Herbert, $2ij E. '.Yyoming Ave., Philadelphia 20, Pa., 2012 Oglethorpe St., W. 

IBPA Myers, James H., Box 125, Maryland Ave., Severn, TD 3 

IAS Myers, John E., Ii9 York St., Tanejrtown, T^rm 

IBPA Myers, John F., 310 Wilson Lane, Bethesda li^, Calvert B (UN 7176 

liBPA Myers, John G., 1 Prospect St., North Providence, R. I., 7000 Greig St., Seat Pleasant, 

1«S Myers, Joseph F., 17U0 West Ave., Ocean City, N. J., TD 3 

OSCS Myers, Kirkwood C, 2236 'Windsor Ave., Roanoke, Va., Boiling Air Force Base, 25, D.C., 

3AS Myers, Margaret M., 230 Prospect St., Chevy Chase l5, 1-TI 66116 (JO 29000, Ext.5l9 

2SCS Myers, Mitchell, 1253 H St., N.E., 2, D. C, LI 69U91 

OSCS Myers, Paul H., lU09 Houghton Rd., Glen Eumie, Glen Burnie lli93R 

2Ag Myers, Robert G., Columbia Rd., Ellicott City, 7U01 Princeton Ave., C. P. 

ISCS Myers, Robert N., 5807 30th Ave., Hyattsville, UN 2158 

OBPA Myers, Ruth M. (Mrs.), 96IO 'Hire Ave., Silver Spring, SH 7369 

i;BPA Myers, Thomas I., R.F.D. 7, Westminster, TD 3 

IiHE Myers, W. Ann, 310 Wilson Lane, Bethesda lij. Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9B36 

Gr Myers, W. Constance, 6128 li2nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 1930 

Gr M^ers, William H., 8710 Gilbert PI., Takoma Park, JU 7-7126 

Gr Myksvoll, Birger, ii212 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, UN 3717 

IBPA Myrick, James M., Ji*. , 8lai U8th Ave., Berwyn, TO 5756 

3AS Nackman, Nathan S., 6305 Winner Ave., Baltimore 15, LI 0522 

Gr Nadelhaft, Irving, lUOU Langley Way, Hyattsville 

2BPA Naden, Paul H., 2801 Rockrose Ave., Baltimore 15, TDl 

IAS Naeny, William E., 1721 Homestead St., Baltimore 18, U8IO Erskine Rd., C. P., WA 1289 

ISCS Nagers, Richard A., 11x12 Underwood St., Hyattsville, WA 9050 

Gr Nagle, John J., 2032 Belmont Rd., N.W., 9, D. C, DU 8676 

3BPA Nagle, Richard H., 708 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase l5, WI 14995 

UEd Nairn, Roland E., Jr., 6OI6 39th Ave., Hyattsville, m hh39 

Ed Naramore, Leonard R., 5220 First St., N.W., 11, D. C, RA 5063 

2EPA Nardone, Albert L., 67 Wade St., Newton Hlds., 61, Mass., TiJ 1 

3BPA Nargiz, Paul B., 5ll Monroe Ave., Asbury Park, N. J., Delta Epsilon Kapoa, V/A 9520 

OSCS Nargizian, Andrew A., 6I1 Eldridge Ave., Hempstead, N.Y., 1 836" Calvert bt., N.W., D.C., 

Gr Nary, Henry J., ID Parkway, Greenbelt (MI 8U25 

UEPA Nathan, Edward H., 67IC Shenrood I?d., Baltimore 12, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Gr Nathans, David, 2803 Ulman Ave., Baltimore, 6703 Colesville Rd., C. P., AP 331C 

IAS Nations, Niki L., 852 ?.'onticello Dr., Falls Church, Va., mu (Park, W* 5971 

Gr Natoci, Joseph J., lh25 Macombs Rd. , New York 52, N.Y., I4317 Van Bur?n St., University 

ISCS Nau, Charles B., 1200 Southern Rd., Baltimore 18, TD 3 (JA U0U31 

OSCS Naum, Albert C, 1012 E. Uth St., Lima, Ohio, 5100 Columbia Pike, Arlington h, Va., 

IHE Nauman, Marcia A., 8U53 Piney Branch Ct., Silver Spring, SL IU36 

2Ag Naurot, James B., 90 Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

2PE Navarro, Frarxk F., 13 Mott St., Tihite Plains, N.Y., Dorm L 

liBPA Nave, Don 0., lOU W. Main St., Frostburg, Calvert B 

Gr Navid, Burton N., u703 31st St., Mt. Rainier, UN 8l59 

OSCS Navoy, Anthony J., 525 Midway Dr., Lexington Park 

Gr Naylor, Guy R., Jr., Westwood, Brandywine 2i;25 

2Ed Naylor, Henry, 95lU U9th Ave., Berwyn 

OSCS Neal, Harold L., Jr., 6505 Culmore Court, Falls Church, Va., FA 75l5 

2Ed Nea], Richard G., 55C9 8th St., N.W., 11, D. C, GE I65I4 

2AS Neale, Leonard E., 210 Tunbridge Rd., Baltimore 12, Theta Cni 

OAg Nealon, Philip H., U30U 31st St., Mt. Rainier, WA 2877 

UEn Needles, Leonard E., 528 West High St., Chestertown, Dorm G 

OSCS Neff, Frederick H., 386U 9th St., S.E., 20, D. C. 

AS Nefflen, Jane M., 3223 Coguelin Terrace, Chevy Chape, MBH 

3Ag Negrpy, John F., 23 Clover St., Elizabeth, N.J., VF2, Apt. A, C. P. 

2En Neigh, Almyer J., Box 78, Califon, N.J., 69OU Dartmouth Ave., College Park, WA 9li22 

lEd Neighbours, P^th E., So. Seton Ave., Emmitsburg, Dorm 2 


3En Neikirk, D. Edwin, 836 Dewey Ave. , Hagerstown, Dona E j 

IPE Neikiric, James E., Delta, Pa., U6l5 Cleaxson Rd., College Park, M 7708 

liAg Neild, John S., Jr., Taylors Island, 73'11 Princeton Ave., C.P. 

OSes Neill, Dennis V. (Major), 122 W. George Mason Rd., Falls Church, Va., FA 1031 

Gr Neill, Raymond R., 128 Fox Way, Forest iieights, L03322U 

UAS Neilund, William H., ^022 Branchville Hd., Bi'anchville, TO 6057 

2En Neimeyer, George F., 7202 Kiiamel Ave., Baltimore 22, TD 8 

a* Nell, Richard T., 20 W. King St., Shippensbui^, Pa. 

Ag Nelson, Bemice A., 908 N. Cleveland St., Arlington, Va., GL 2968 

2SCS Nelson, Charles E., 6868 Whitehouse Rd., 19, B.C., Dom E 

Gr Nelson, Elton G., 232^ Fifteenth St., K.W., 9, D.C. 

lEn Nelson, John B., Jr., Johnson's Creek Road, Orisrield, Ixjrm F 

OSCS Nelson, John W., Hq.AACS, Andrews AFR, 2S} D.C.^ HI 3100, Bxt. 313ii 

UaS Nelson, Muriel R., 975 Harding Rd. , Elizabeth 3, N.J., 7U06 Columbia Ave,., College Park 

2Ed Nelson, William P., U K. B St., Bmnsvfickj TD 3 

Gr Neraes, Graciela p., 6926 Pineway, Hyattsville 

2Ag Nemethy, John J., 719 S. Oldham St., Baltlinor^ 2ii, Calvert C (Bxt.Ul5l 

OSCS Nepa, Paul A., 2^23 7th Ave., Altoona, Pa., Hq.Sq.,MATS, Andrews AFB,25,D.C,,HI 3100, 

AS Nesbit, Robert G., 9Ui Woodlawn St., Scranton 9j Pa*, 75ll| Girard St., College Park,WA 0li63 

ISCS Nesbitt, Robert Q., 119 Sastraoor Dr., Silver Spring, SL 7U5U 

3AS Neser, miliam B., Kingsville, Dorm F 

ten Nesline, Frederidc W., Jr., lilU2 Montpelier St., Baltimore 18, TD < 

Gr Nesline, Richard A., 2711 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, WA 7013 

lEn Nespor, Lawrence J., 3Ulil 10th Place, S,E., 20, D.C, Dorm 

IBPA Nesteruk, Mary, 2321 E. Payette St., Baltimore 21+, Dom 3 

25n Nestenjk, Nicholas, 2321 E. Fayette St., Baltimore 2U, TD 6 

AS Nestor, Paul M. 20)4 Currance St., Parsons, W.Va., Dorm G 

3BPA Neuiiof, S.Sidney, 3316 Menlo Drive, Baltimore IS, MO 2387 

2Ed Neumaiftr, Alice K., 6613 Calvert Court, Riverdale, UN 7229 

UBPA Neuman, Robert L. G., 912 S. Kenwood Ave., Balbimore 2U, TD 1 

lEn Neumann," Clarerwe R,, Route 1, Box 7?B, Laurel, Laurel 876W 

UEn Neumann, George W., 12 -F Parkway Hd., Cbeenbelt, Greenbelt 3553 

2AS Neumuller, Yvonne M., R.F.D,, East Now Market, AAH 

Gr Neutzel, Carl W., 5133 Harford Rd., Baltimore lit 

Gr Nevels, Elizabeth M., Ilil5 l-uckerman St., X2, D.C., TA 5789 

OSCS Nevitt, Peyton G., 1701 Jackson St., N.E., 18, D,G., EE 127U 

OSCS Newberiy, Denny A. (Lt. ), 1627 Colonial Terrace, Arlington, Va., HE 7U00, Ext. 6U330 

Gr Newcorab, Robert H., 7i;00 Rhode Island Ave., College Park, UN 8859 

Gr Newcomer, Frank R., 52-F Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

Gr Newcomer, Joseph L-., 5536 Volta Ave., Hyattsville, UN 2li95 

2AS Newcomer, Robert E., West Friendship, Calvert B 

Gr Newell, Raymond H., VF13, Apt. A., C.P. 

liEn Newland, James E., 1630 Fuller St., N..f., 9, D.C, DE i+771 (WA 9?66 

2AS Newlander, Burton L., Chemical Corps School, ArnQr Chemical Center, U607 Knox Rri-,C.P,, 

2Ed Newman, Bruce E., 5109 Third St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE ia30 

2aS Newman, Gilbert F., 3U25 A Street, S.E., 19, D.C, TD 3 

OSCS Newman, Kenneth F., 2617 Southern Ave., S.E., D.C, LO 39U3U 

1A£ Newman, M. Anne, U60li Addison Rd., Beaver Heights, UN 8727 

OSCS Newman, Nathan, 6313 16 th St., N.W., 11, D.C, TA 9U99 

Or Newman, Sanford 3., 901 Garland Ave., Takoma Park, SL 6836 

UbPA Newman, William A., 3012 Edgewood Rd., Kensington, WI 15U5 

3BPA Newmark, Bob A., 2^31 Callow Ave., Baltimore 1?, U607 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9766 

2En Newton, Alexander M,, Dorm C (D.C, OR 32U9 

OSCS Newton, Dorr E., Jr. (Col,), Fox Hollow Farm, Malvem, Pa., 3305 Cleveland Ave.,N.W.,8, 

Gr Newton, John W., 38 Goffman Ave., Hagerstown (WA U586 

OSCS Ney, Virgil (Lt.Col.), 1023 Woodside Paricway, Silver Spring, SL la77 (Paric,Hyattsville, 

Or Neyendorf, Doris M,, 5955 N. Knox Ave., Chicago 30, 111., ll32li Underwood St., University 

3Ed Nezin, Etta R., 1623 Hobart St., N.W., 9, D.C, DU 2883 

lEn Ng, Toy A,, U336 Farragut St., Hyattsville, WA 867I 

UAg Nichol, James C, R.D. 1, Conklln, N,Y., U526 Wells parkway, Riverdale 

3AS Nicholas, Nicholas C, 817 Paiic Ave., Baltimore, Calvert C (OW 3175 

OSCS Nicholls, William C, Route l,Box 3U6, Lakeland, Fla., 2107 N.Scott St., Arlington 9,Va., 

OEd Nichols, Dorothy V., 6ii02 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase 15,WI 1332 

lAS Nichols, Evangelos T., 203 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis, "ID 6 

Gr Nichols, James H., Milford, Delaware, Milford 5915 

ISCS Nichols, John C, 3915 Barrington Rd., Baltlnore 7, TD 3 

AS Nichols, Marion K., 2687 Longwood Rd., Edgewater 

2En Nichols, Richard C, 8I4IO Piney Branch Court, Silver Spring, SL 2785 

OSCS Nichols, Robert L. (Lt.), R.F.D. 1, Box Ul9C, Alexandria, Va., RE 7UOO,Ext.U25l3 

UPE Nichols, Roy E., Dutton, Alabama, Branchville, TO 6l55 


OSCS Nichols, Willard A,, 708 Manor Kd., Apt. 201, Alexandria, Va., King 8-7367 

IBPA Nichols, William R., ii5 Water St., Shelbume Falls, Mass., Dom G 

2AS Nicholson, Elaine E., 3U02 Ellamont Rd., Balto. 1^, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

hkg Nichol'.ton, James L., Uniontown Rd,, Westminster 5, TD 1 

liBPk Nicholson, Robert H., 5277 Nebraska Ave., N.W., U.C., EM $852 

lEn Nickel, Brice M., 3012 Lake Ave., Ghever]y, M 3323 

2PE Nickel, Catherine G., 6732 Bessemer Ave., Balto. 22, U603 Fordham Rd., C.P., UN 7869 

UBPA Nickels, Richard C, 5Ul2 Lothian Rd., Balto. 12, Txxxedo 75i47 

liAS Nickles, Howard J., Ii405 Cliftview Ave., Balto. 13, SZ 

OSCS Nickola, Frajik A., Jr., II4U3 Spring Rd., N.w., D.C. 

IAS Nicolet, Tell W., Jr., h985 8th St., N.E., D.C, U 6-6137 

UEn Niedermair, William I., 6II6 32nd St., N.W., 15, D.C., WO 9293 

3BPA Nielsen, Clayton G., 6 M Ridge Rd., Greenbelt^ Greenbelt U3U6 

OSCS Nielsen, Edward L., 807 S. Greenbrier St.,' Arlington I4, Va., Pent X7IO69 

IBPA Nielsen, George G,, 6 M Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt i43l6 

OSCS Nielsen, Henry M,, 2580 Laurel Ave., Omaha, Nebr., 1839A Forrest Ave,, Ft. Meade, QD Ul|21 

OSCS Niemeyer, Gertrude E,, 1907 Jackson St., N.E. 18, D.C, HO 3027 

3AS Niemi, Gertrude I,, Box Ul, Franklin Mine, Mich., 301^1 Ordway St., N.W., Wo O806 

UEd Nigro, Michael F., 53I4 Uth Ave., Elizabeth h, N.J,', Dorm C 

liEn Niktrk, Harry S., uit. Airy, TD 3 

2AS Nilsson, Knut I., Jr., 2925 Rittenhouse St., 15, D.C, WO 1809 

Or Nisonger, Joseph W,, 333U Lancer Drive, Hyattsville, AP 1957 

lEn Nisson, Robert S., 11707 Hudson Ave., Suitland, HI 2958 

OSCS Nixon, Robert L., 3015 Parkway Terrace Drive, S.E,, 20, .D,C, JO 99111i 

ItBPA Nizolek, Charles J., Newfield Ave., Stamford, Conn., 7306 Princeton Ave., CP., WA 6991; 

US Noahson, Susan M., 360U Callaway Ave., Balto. 15, MBH 

2Ed Nocella, Nancy J., 61^21 8th St,, N.W,, 12, D.C, TA 5759 

IAS Nochera, Francis P., 12 kiest Read St., Balto. 1, TD 3 

UEn Nokes, James C, 25 DeGrange St., Frederick, Lambda Chi Alpha 

3HE Nolan, Donia F., U31U Rowalt Drive, CP., UN 8613 

IAS Nolan,* James E., 2801 McKinley Place, N.W., 8, D.C, OR 0653 

lEn Nolan, Richard C, 8 Idlewood St., White Plains, N.Y., Calvert E 

Gr Nolan, Robert F., U312 Knox Rd., CP., UN 9780 (Airport 

OSCS Nolan, Robert J. (Sgt.), 1529 Cone St., Toledo 6, C»iio, 125Uth ATS, Washington National 

Ug Nolen, J. Christopher, I9I6 "S" St., N.W., 9, D.C, TD 6 

OSCS Noon, John N., Warner Ave., P.O.Box I9I4, Kensington, LO 5-2336 

3En Noon, Robert, lih3 S. Augusta Ave., Balto. 29, TD k 

lEn Noonan, Barry, U311 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, WA 3267 

IAS Noonan, Joseph E., I43II Oglethorpe St., Piyattsville, WA 3267 

2SCS Norair, Richard H., Central Ave., Landover, Dorm L 

UAS Nordeen, Ronald 0,, 1201 Fern St., N.W,, 12, D.C, GE 7128 (AFB, 25, D.C, JO 2-9000 

OSCS Nordhausen, Richard F. (Cpl.), 6255 8i4th St., Elmhurst, N.Y., 1^203 Photo Tech Sqd,, Boiling 

3AS Nordlie, Peter C, McLean, Va,, Apt, 32, 3U22 Tulane Drive, k»est Hyattsville, AP 6322 

2BPA Nordquist, Harry E., h3C Colfax Manor, fioselle Park, N.J., Dora N 

UEn Norfolk, Edgar A,, Jr,, lb E. Gittings St,, Balto, 30 

3AS Norinsky, Leonard I., 621 Hanover St,, Balto. 30, TD 3 

UkS Norinsky, Norman B., 621 S. Hanover St., Balto. 30, 7308 Rhode Island Ave., CP, 

UAS Norment, Hillyer G., Jr., 5612 5th St., N.W. 11, D.C, GE 1U53 

Gr Norris, Aline J. (Mrs.), 38IO 32»d St., Mt. Rainier, WA 7356 

Gr Norris, James P., 3310 32nd St., Mt, Rainier, 

Gr Norris, Karl H.,5807 Seminole St., Berwyn Heights, TO 62liU 

2AS Norris, Paul A,, kU08 Sheridan St., University Park, WA U609 

ISCS Norris, Rodney, 327 Whitridge Ave,, Balto. 18, Calvert A 

2PE North, Gordon D,, 312 Ethan Allen Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH UO96 

ISCS North, Janis E., 26aiCalvert St., 8, D.C, Dorm 2 

3En North, William R., Ill, 312 Ethan Allen Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH UO96 

2Ag Northara, Richard C, Snow Hill, Dorm 

OSCS Northcutt, Murl C, 217 Adams Ave., Alexandria, Va., KI Q-93kh 

OSCS Northing, John ft., Jr. (Capt.), Chittenango, N.Y., R#3, Box i47M, Vienna, Va., Vienna 6OO 

I4HE Northover, Maryalice, 5^422 Sargent Rd., Hyattsville, UN UOI6 

M^S Norton, Erie L., Jr., 305 Dixie Drive, Towson h, h6l8 College Ave., CP,, 'WA 5732 

2BPA Norton, John H,, U702 Morgan Drive, Chevy Chase 15, WI O6U6 

Gr Norton, John M,, 3123 Queens Chapel Rd., Apt, 303, Mt. Rainier, UN 11^33 

IAS Norton, Richard A,, 8I8 Crittenden St,, N.W., 11, D.C, RA 3326 (S.E., 20, D.C, JO 8-3699 

OSCS Norton, William J,(Maj,), 763 Hanover St., Manchester, N.H., 3017 Parkway Terrace Drive, 

iiPE Norton-Smith, Margaret, 7305 Hopkins Ave., C.P., WA 7305 

Gr Norwitz, Marvin, 3016 Rosalind Ave., Balto. 15 

OSCS Norwood, Alvey M., 3 East Second St., Frederick, Frederick 1936-W 

IAS Nott, Jack L., Beach Haven Rd., East New Market, Dorm 

OSCS Novak, Manuel J., Apt. B-1, 1027 8th St., Alexandria, Va., TE 2519 


2BPA Novak, Michael F., 2U07 E. Llewelyn Ave., Baltimore 13 

3Ed Novick, John M., 6535 U6th Place, Riverdale, m. 1083 (AD 6120 

OSCS Nowak, Leopoldina A., 37UO N. Troy St., Chicago 18,111., 2626 Garfield St., N.W.,8,D.C., 

OSCS Nowark, Charles G. 12 Addison Ave., S.E., 19, D.C, HI 3100, Ext. 5216 

2AS Nowell, John F., 1200 President St., Eastpoirt, CZ 

US Nowland, Benoni, IV, U813 Guilford Rd., College Park, WA 928? 

3AS Nowland, Marian C, U8l3 Guilford Rd., College Park, WA 928? 

UBPA Noyes, Henry J., 180 E. Amherst St., Buffalo, N.Y., ]i5U2 Wells Parkway,Riverdale 

OSCS Noyes, Howard E., 10-A Watkins Acres, Frederick, Frederick 2381; 

3Ed Nuger, Frances R., 900 Light St., Baltimore 30, Dorm 2 

Gr Nulk, Donald E., 3U21 Tulane Dr., Apt. lU, West Hyattsville, AP 5090 

OAS Null, Dorothy S. (Mrs.), 858U Locust Hill Road, Bethesda, Dorm 3 

2AS Nunemaker, Charles F., National Trailer Court, College Park 

OSCS Nunke, Bernard, 21i4 Briland St., Alexandria, Va. 

Gr Nusim, Florence, Ul6 Cattell St., Easton, Pa., 1500 New Hampshire Ave,, N.W., D.C.,HO 6000 

Gr Nutt, David J., 207 S. Third St., Lindsborg, Kansas, 529 Newcomb St.,S.E.,25,D.C., JO 2-2092 

OSCS Nutter, William M., 219 East Patrick St., Frederick, Fred. 2636 

UHE l^berg, Jean L., 3 Dorothy Ave,, Essex 21, Dorm 2 (AFB, D.G., JO 29COO, Ext. 227 

OSCS Oakley, Howard A., R.F.D. 3, Janesville, Wis., 1111th S.A.M. Sqd.,1100th S.A.M.Gp., Boiling 

OSCS Oaksford, Homer H., Jr., 123 California Hall, Arlington Farms, Va., QW 9U0O,Ext.U27 

2Ed Cartel, Margaret J,, 6808 Sixth St., N.W,, 12, D.C., OE 3509 

3Ed Gates, William R. (Sgt.), Romney, W.Va,, Romney 290 

2BPA Obercash, P. Bany, 623 South 2Uth St., Harrisburg, Pa., Dorm 

UAS Oberst, Paul E., 763 Mercer Ave., Kingston, Pa., VF8, Apt. G., C.P. 

2BPA Obold, Charles E., 3720 Jocelyn St., 15, D.C., WO 7963 

IBPA O'Braitis, Edward R., 106 Church St., Edwardsville, Pa., Dorm F 

lAS O'Brien, Carol L., 5908 mison Lane, Bethesda lli, Donn 3 

IBPA O'Brien, Daniel J., 133 Kearny Ave,, Kearny, N,J., Dorm 

3BPA O'Brien, Earl J., 28 Orchard St., Norwalk, Conn., CZ 

3AS O'Brien, Eugene R., U600 Hillside Bd., S.E., 19, D.C., LU 1-5791 

2aS O'Brien, Rrancis C, 33lU W. Coquelin Terrace, Chevy Chase, OL 287U 

OSCS O'Brien, Francis W. (Col.), 2808 l6th Rd., South, Arlington, Va., JA U-18U2 

Gr O'Brien, George G., Ill Flower Ave., Takoma Park 12 

3AS O'Brien, Jerome L., 965 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa., Dorm 

3AS O'Brien, Mary Lee (Mrs.), 331i4 W. Coquelin Terrace, Chevy Chase, OL 287U 

OSCS O'Brien, Maurice J., 6607 Hillandale Rd., Chevy Chase, OL 1072 

lAg O'Brien, Richard D., 35 Aberfoyla Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y., Calvert E 

3BPA Obstler, Edward E., 3203 Dorithan Road, Baltimore 15, TD 3 Ft.Mde 3l;55 

OSCS O'Connell, Frank J. (Capt.), c/o Adjutant General, 25, D.CQtrs T 2366 C, Ft. Meade, 

OSCS O'Connell, James L., 168 th M.P. Bn., Ft. Meade, Ft. Meade 2102 

Gr 0' Conner, Donald T., 317 Montgomery St., Laurel, Laurel i;19 

2B?k O'Connor, John J., VFIO, Apt. B, C.P. 

OSCS O'Connor, John P., 3807 1st St., S.E., D.C, JO 36750 

IBPA G'Conor, Edward C, 5308 Baltimore Ave., Chevy Chase, OL 5U7li 

3Ar O'Day, Lyden C, 2120 16 th St., N.W., D.C. 

lEn O'Day, S. Richard, 2120 l6th St., N.W., 9, D.C, DU 6000 

2BPA Odell, John A., Holbrook, L. I., N.Y., Dom M ( Arlington, Va.,JA 8907li 

OSCS O'Dell, William R., 2la East 6th Ave., Tallahasse, Fla., 800 S. Arlington Mill Dr., 

3BPA Odette, Rogar L., 6l5 Hastings Rcad,Tow3on U, TD 2 

OSCS O'Connell, Anne H., U70ii Albemarle St., 16, D.C, W) 129li 

3En O'Uonnell, Bernard J., 1523 Michigan Ave., N.E., 17, D.C, NO 185U 

3En O'Donnell, Daniel P., 1523 Michigan Ave., N.E., 17,' D.C, NO 1851* 

2AS O'Donnell, Janes M., lUl6 Ingraham St., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 8876 

IAS O'Donnell, Patrick W., lU21 U Street, S.E., 20, D.C, AX 1258 

IAS Offutt, Daniel E., Ill, 129 Second St., Oakland, li70U Norwich Rd.,C.P., DN 0633 

IHE Ogbum, B. Ann, 1088 Hornet Circle, Newport News, Va., AAH 

OSCS Ogbum, Fielding, 9607 Riley Place, Silver ^ring, SH 3913 

liBPA Ogle, Charles F., 3307 Bellevue Ave., Cheverly, WA 1701 

Gr Ogle, Wayne L., 2000 Fordham St., Hy^ttaville 

13CS Oglebay, Thomas L., 88U Sperry Terrace, Cumberland, Calvert B 

OSCS Oglesby, David H. (Lt.), Route 1, Lynchberg, Va., 3853 l&lson Blvd., Arlington, Va,, 

2AS Ogonowski, Mitchell J., 3910 Madison St., Hyattsville, WA 2961 (JA lai+66 

Gr 0' Green, Fred W., 6602 Hillandale Road, Chevy Chase 15, WI 8359 

UaS O'Hara, Robert D., 2137 Mount Holly St., Baltimore 16, TO 1 

3En O'Heame, Clifford S., 1100 Ramblewood Road, Baltimore 12, TD 1 

OSCS Oholendt, Gene F., 3313 11th Place, S.E., 20, D.C, JO 29692 (JO 3-5610 

Gr Ottman, Gunnar P., 10Ul6 South IMion Ave., Chicago 28, Ill.,U320 Livingston Rd.,20,D.C, 

Gr Ohm, Jacob R., Solvegen 57, Nordstrand, Oslo, Norway, 5607 39th St.,N.W.,l5,D.C.,0R 8593 

Ug O'Keefe, John R., R.F.D. 1, Buffalo, Kansas, U321 Rowalt Dr., C.P., WA 623ii 

OSCS Oksa, Raymond, 2627 South Veitch St., Arlington, Va., OW 1901 


Gr Olanoff, Samuel, 407 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn 8, N.T., 6501 Queens Chapel 

lAg Oldham, Samuel S., 61 Yale St., Bloomfield, N.J., Dorm 

4En Oler, Douglas N., 4814 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm C 

Gr Olewine, Laurenoe, 189 E. Sixth St., Oswago, N.Y. 

2PE Oliver, Donald G., 4602 Wells Pkwy, Rlverdale, UN 3355 

4AS Oliver, Sstelle J., 3710 Hamilton St., Hyattaville, 77A 8523 

2PPA Oliver, Y. Dene, 2852 Rae St., Regina, Saskatohewan, Canada 

ISCS Oliver, Paul D., 4209 Newton St., Colmar Manor 

OSCS Oliver, William M,, 1107 Westley Rd., Falls Churoh, Va., Jefferson 3-7613 

OSCS Olliver, Leonard F., 214 N. Governor's Ave., Dover, Del., 431 Bellview Dr 

Rd., University 
(Park, WA 4301 

(vllle, WA 8523 
3710 Hamilton St., Hyatt s- 

Falls Churoh, 

ISCS Olmatead, Robert M., 3419 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville 

3AS Olney, Edward J., 2078 E. Allegheny Avo., Philadelphia 34, Pa., 4600 Norwioh Rd., C.P, 

OSCS Olney, Rio hard 0., 1002 Potomac Ave., Alexandria, Va., TE 7397 

Gr Olsen, David E., 246 Maple Avo., Takoma Park 12, SH 8387 

Gr Olsen, Eileen I.'., 306 I'arva Highway, Silver Spring, SH 1644 

4AS Olsen, James L., Jr., 105 Williamsburg Dr., Silver Spring 

OSCS Olson, Franklin R., Camp Detriok, Frederick 

OSCS Olszewski, George J., 1607 3l3t St., N.W., 7» D.C., VI 7133 

2BPA O'meara, William J., Jr., Gayfields Farm, Mountain Rd., Pasadena Dorm M 

lEd Omundson, Osoar J., Jr., 2517 S. Sartain St., Philadelphia 48, Pa., Dorm K 

Gr Onderdonk, Adrian H,, Jr., 5605 Wexford Rd., Baltimore 9 

Gr Onderdonk, Riohardson L., 5605 Wexford Rd., Baltimore 9, TE 4773 

4En O'Neill, Brooks E., Jr., 3304 Gibbons Ave., Baltimore, Dorm C 

Gr O'Neill, John J., 29A Cedar Dr., Baltimore 20, Essex 340-J 

Gr O'Neill, Raymond G., Jr., 22 Fort Hill Terr., Northampton, Mass., 4300 Knox Rd, 

OSCS Onstot, Clement C, Hq. 2nd Army G4, Ft. George G. Meade 

OSCS Opeil, Charles M., 1700 Lee Blvd., Falls Churoh, Va., JE 38611 

2AS Oppegard, Charles R., 1916 3rd St., N.E., 2, D.C., MI 0068 

4BPA Oppegard, Winfield H., 1916 3rd St., N.E., 2, D.C., MI 0068 

2SCS Orbaoh, Leo B., 1101 Trenton PI., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-7627 


2Ag Orem, John H., 3916 Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 15, Dorm C 

2AS Orem, Reginald C, 33 High St., Cambridge, Dorm E 

OSCS Orlacchio, Anthony W., 137 Glenwood Ave., Jersey City, N.J., 2817 Conneotiout Ave., D.C. 

2BPA Onaaohaa, Heotor, 1342 Arce Ave., La Paz, Bolivia, South America, Dorm M 

lEd Orman, Ellen J., 3837 Boarman Ave., Baltimore 15 

2AS Orman, Leonard A., 3837 Boarman Ave., Baltimore 15, 4509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 9513 

OSCS Orme, Griffith, (Capt.), Qtrs. 1-46, Andrews AFB, HI 3100 Ext.8-2161 (WA 9849 

4BPA Orndorff, William C, Jr., 3720 Chestnut Ave., Baltimore 11, 4611 College Ave., C.P., 

Gr Omstein, Edward, 1172 Anderson Ave., New York 52, N.Y., 1426 2l8t St., N.W., D.C. 

4AS Oros, Nicholas R«, 11 Beatty St., Trenton 10, N.J., Dorm C 

(Ext. 71650 

OSCS O'Rourke, Peter J., 2347 N. Vernon St., Arlington 7, Va., Pentagon 2B939, D. 

ISCS O'Rourke, Richard B., 139 Davis Ave., White Plains, N.Y., 6804 Dartmouth Ave 

4En Orr, George M,, Hambrooks Blvd., Cambridge, Dorm E 

lEn Orr, Howard S., 4509 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, WA 3686 

IBPA Orsagh, Thomas J., 2815 Lardner St., Philadelphia 24, Pa 

4Ed Ortel, Carol L., Clarksville, AAH 

2MS Ortel, Howard D., Clarksville, NZ 

CEd Ortenzio, Kathryn M., 3603 43rd Ave., Colmar Manor, UN 1985 

Gr Orth, Harold L., 2404 Jefferson St., Baltimore 5 

IAS Orth, John G., 2923 Overland Ave., Baltimore 14, Dorm K 

TD 5 

LI 5-6700 





















Osborne, Earl D., Jr., Rt, 3, Lee Place, Frederick, Frederick 2073 Rx 

Osboum, Richard A., 8702 Gilbert PI., Apt. 2, Takoma Park 12, SL 0331 

Osenlund, Karl E., 826 Allen St., Falls Church, Va., Jefferson 3-8265 

O'Shaughnessy, Charles J., 4816 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, WA 7039 

Oshrine, Ivan B., 3313 W. Garrison Ave., Baltimore 15, 4509 Calvert Rd., 

Osmond, Patricia L., 1209 Kennedy St., N.W., D.C, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

Osteen, Clark L., Beltsville 

O'Steen, James D., 6807 Baltimore Ave., C.P., WA 7349 

Oster, Roy E., 2800 Township Line, Havertown, Pa., 7406 Dickinson Ave., 

Ostrauskas, Algird R», St. John's College, Annapolis, TD 3 

C.P.. WA 9513 


Ostrom, Arnold E., 129 Maple Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 5240 

Ostrow, Joan C, 2400 16th St., N.W., 9. D.C, AD 7007 

Ostrye, Paul J., 3100 Connecticut Ave., 8, D.C, HO 6565 

Oteifa, Bakir A., Cairo, Egypt, 4215 Woodberry St., Ifyattsville, WA 5715 

Otis, Livingston P., Muirkirk 

'Toole, Marie E.(Wr6.), 4101 Oliver St., Hyattsville, UN 1986 (TO 6147 

Otsuka, Susumu, 1404 Omama-Maohi Yamada-Gun Gumna-ken, Japan, 4713 Berwyn Rd., C.P., 

Ott, Paul J., R.F.D. #1, Oldtown, TD 3 

Ott,. Warren R., 26 Lei Dr., Lexington Park, Gr. Mills 5532 

Otten, Charles F., Jr., (Lt.), Kent, Conn., 1051 Bamaby Terr., S.E., 20, D.C, JO" 2-2281 


2AS Ottenberg, Regina, Ifyrtle Point, California, Md., IhlS Holly St., N.W., 12, D.C.,GE 232U 

2BPA Ottenstein, David L., 701 Auburn St., Takoma Park 12, SH 9379 

L3CS Otterson, Hugh C, 7206 Forest Rd., Apt. 20ii, Kent Village, A? 3^27 

OSCS Otto, Emil D., 215 C Street, S.E., D.C., LI 3-06U1 

OSCS Otto, Robert L, (Capt.), 213 Audrey Lane, S.E., 20, D.C., LO 37797 

UEd Otto, William E., 6552 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

IBPA Ottobre, Robert W., 17 Manning Ave., N.Plainfield, N.J., TD 3 

2BPA Ourand, Jaxnes E., 9-0 Ridpe Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5191 

IBPA Ourisman, Florenz R., 7001 River Rd., Bethesda Ih, WL 9Ui3 

lEn Ousley, Gilbert W., 1833 Jackson St., N.E., 18, D.C., CO SUhl 

Gr Over, Grace j, (Mrs.), 2007 Douglas St., N.E., D.C. 

OSCS Overby, M.E. Ruth, 2127 Calif oraia St., 8, D.C, DU 0536 

lAg Overtiamm, Dirick C, 511 Morse Ave., itldgefield, N.J., TD 3 

IPE Overtoom, Irene H., 8205 Baltimore Blvd., C.P. 

2PE Overtoom, James L., 8205 Baltimore Blvd., C.P. 

2HE Overtoom, Suzanae U., 8205 Baltimore Blvd., C.P. 

UaS Ovrevik, Glenn S., Box UU6, Route 5, Alexandria, Va. , Dorm M 

UEd Owen, M. Joyce, 36 York St., Taneytown, AAH 

Gr Owens, Anna Belle (Mrs.), 7-B Hillside Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3U11 (Ext. 315U 

OSCS Owens, Archie E., 221 E. 7th St., Jacksonville, Fla,Hq.Sqdn. MATS, Andrews AFB,D.C.,HI 3100, 

OSCS Owens, Harris R. (Major), 5l8 21st St., Bismarck, N.Dak., 50U Vista Dr., Falls Church, Va., 

Gr Owens, Howard B., 7-B Hillside Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3Ull (FA 5768 

lAg Owens, Kevin B., 31it Dale Dr., Silver Spring, SH 1120 

2Ag Owings, WilUam R., Ill, 1808 Kearry St., N.E., D.C. 

UAS Pace, Nathaniel A., 5l8 9th St., N.E., Apt. 503N, D.C. 

3BPA Pack, John C, II, 11-G Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, GR 6U67 

Ag Packer, Francis A., Ili05 28th St., N.W., 7, D.C, NO 5159 

ISCS Packham, Bruce E., 5316 Plymouth Rd., Baltimore lU, TD 3 

UaS Packwood, Richard N., I8l5 St. Augustine Ave., Elkridge 27, TD 5 

Gr Padden, DonaW A., Gallaudet College, 2, D.C, LI 3-2U50 

OSCS Padden, Jeanne M., 3U10 A Street, S.E., 19, D.C, Pent. 727m (Ext. hkJO 

UpE Paden, vailiara E., u621 .Veils Parkway, Riverdale, UN 1963 (Boiling AFB,D.C.,JO 2-9000, 

OSCS Padgett, Cadman V., 7905 District Heists Parkway, 19, D.C, 1111 Special Air Mission 3q., 

Gr Padgett, Gladstone F., 6508 Medvdck Dr., Hyattsville, SH 9032 

Gr Page, George C, Jr., U637 Benning Rd., S.E., Apt.E, 19, D.C 

UAS Pagones, John,l5ll N. Bentalov St., Baltimore 16, I48O8 Tuckennan St., Riverdale, WA U89I 

OSCS Paige, Carl A. (Capt.'), 312| Queen St., lfiliirington,N.C. , Qrs.57-B, Boiling AFB,25,D.C.',BAFB ExtJli365 

UBPA Painter, Richard E., 5307 5th St., N.W., 11, D.C, TA 7782 (OW 9UOO,Ext.60 

OSCS Painter, Robert B., Camp De trick, Frederick, Frederick 1191, Ext. 279(Hall, Arlington, V?., 

OSCS Paiste, Albert J. (Sgt. ), Box 56, Old York Rd., Jamison, Pa., Hq.l908th AACS Sq., Nebraska 

lAg Palahunik, George M., 1513 Broadway St., McKees Rocks, Pa., Dorm F 

UaS Palamara, Edward A., 1530 7Uth St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

OSCS Palenchar, Alois M., 259 E. Union St., Nanticoke, Pa., Hq.AACS, 25, D.C, HI 3100,Ext.22U3 

OSCS Paley, Jacob M. , U Watkins Acres, Frederick, Frederick 1191, Ext. 583 

OSCS Palfrey, Alfred C, Box 33, S.L.I., Lafayette, La., A.E.S.-12,MCAS, Quantico, Va. 

UEn Palleschi, Ranieri L., 506 N. Chester St., Baltimore 5, TD 1 

IBPA Palmer, Bruce E., 820U Nolte Ave., Silver Spring, SL I678 

Gr Palmer, Charles E., Apt. 302 U307 Rowalt Dr., College Park 

UbPA Palner, Herbert C, Jr., Grasonville, 627 DahUa St.,N.W.,12,D.C.,(2: 3590 

Gr Palmer, tiubert B., l5m Elson St., Takoma Park 12, SL 7365 

3AS Palmer, Raymond W., Jr., 119 Sycamore Rd., Linthicum Heights, Dorm C (HI 3100 

OSCS Palmer, Samuel S. (U. ), 25 Gaynor Ave.,Manhas3et,L.I.,N.Y.,B0Q 1-7, Andrews AFB,25,D.C, 

UAS Palme ter, John L., 2l60 Atherton Road, Honolulu, T.H., Sigma Chi, UN 9807 

3A.g Palmiere, Carmine A., 22 Ytyckoff St., Deal, N.J., U300 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9770 

3BPA Palmieri, Albert N., 2309 Mosher St., Baltimore 16, LO OO9U 

UbPA Palo, William P., 15 W. Mt. Royal Ave., Baltimore, Dorm G 

2AS Palter, Robert W., 1000 North Arlington Ave., BaltLnore 17, TD 3 

2AS Pal ting, Luidita C, 5603 Burgess Dr., Chillum, AP 03Uh 

3PE Palumbo, Diane J., lilOl Longfellow St., Hyattsville, Wi h9QQ 

IAS Paluiabo, Ralph R., 3 Boyer St., Kerisington, Conn., Dorm K 

OSCS Paluzzi, Eugene F., IO6 S.Elmer Ave., Sayre, Pa., Hq.&Hq.Sqdn., 1100th MScS Group, Boiling 

UPE Panella, Nicholas C, 726 East-West Highway, Takoma Park (AJB, D.C. 

OSCS Pangbom, Eleanor F., 3505 Macomb St., N.W., 16, D.C, WO 3U78 

3AS Pangle, Clark L., Box 1037, Warrenton, Va. , U52ii Albion Rd., C.P., WA 2U6U 

ISCS Pantos, J^j^.a I., 625 Emerson St., N.W., 11, D.C, Dorm L 

2En Panuska, .*-.arew J,, 913 N. Montford Ave., Baltimore 5, TD 2 

2AS Papa, Marco J., 1910 W. Sixth St., Wilmington, Del., Dom I 

3AS Papavasiliou, Alexios J., 717 S. Oldham St., Baltimore 2k, Dorm 

IAS Papetti, Arthur N., 322 Palmer St., Elizabeth U, N.J., Dorm N 

2PPA Pappas, Thomas N., 1521 Argonne Dr., Baltimore 18, U300 Knox Rd.,C.P.,WA 9770 


Gr Paradis, John B., 36 High St., Rockport, Mass., 1^07 St. Lo PI., Lexington Park 

OSes Paradise, Ruby E. (Mrs.), 509 Longfellow St., N.W., 11, D. C, RA 155$ 

IAS Pardo, Jesus A., 26l De Diego Ave., Santurce, P. R., Dorm F 

UEd Pardoe, llyrle L., Jr., 3921 "TUkens Ave., Baltimore 29, GI 3191 

IAS P«regol, Edward G., 5710 Fourth St., N.W., 11, D. C, TA 78U2 

IPPA Paris, Robert P., 36I6 Davenport St., N.W., 8, D. C. 

IAS Parise, Frank J., 5215 Harper St., Dillon Park, 19, D. C, JO 8-7818 

2AS Parish, C. Joseph, 6OOI U;th Ave., Hyattsville, UK liA70 

OSCS Park, Glenn H. (Maj.), 708 South Arlington Mill Drive, Arlington, Va. 

lEn Park, John H., Jr., 7815 Custer Rd., Pethesda lU, -Vi 5591 

2Fd Park, Rollin J., 3201 W 30th St., Cleveland 9, Ohio, CZ 

Or Parker, Carlyle V., I8 Boiling Rd., R.F.D.l, Alexandria, Va., AL I896 

Gr Parker, Francis E., Iii26 21st St., N.W., 6, D. C. 

OSCS Parker, George W. (Capt.), 300 S. Abingdon St., Arlington, Va., JA 8275U 

Gr Parker, James F., 5703 UOth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 6l81i 

3En Parker, James L., Jr., I8l9 N. Milton Ave., Baltiinore 13, FE 81a6 

3En Parker, James VT., Jr., 8303 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SL 0501 

2AS Parker, Jean F., 5510 L'oorland Lane, Bethesda, Kappa Alpha Theta, UK 9829 

Gr Parker, Ralph 0., 156 Forrester St., 20, D. C, JO >5U68 

2BPA Parker, Richard H., 3536 Lynchester Rd. , Baltimore l5, U310 Knox Rd., C. P., WA 981i5 

3BPA Parker, Samuel D., 8h Hollingsworth Manor, Elkton, Phi Delta Theta, WA 988ii 

IBFA Parker, Thornton J., U E. Lenox St., Chevy Chase 15, »fl 681i8 

Gr Parker, Victoria A., Virginia Manor Rd. , Muirkirk, Laurel 769 J12 

IAS Parker, William E., 1^706 Old Frederick Rd., Baltimore 29, WI 2120 

lEFA Parkhurst, Richard C, 1105 Buchanan St., K.W., 11, D. C, TA 9005 

Gr Parkinson, R. Thomas, 2853 Ontario Rd., N. W. , 9, D. C, Efi 6395 

UAg Farkman, Theodore C, Jr., 325 Parkman Rd. , Silver Spring, AP 3082 

UB?A Parks, Harold L., 1955 N. If., South River Drive, Miami, Fla., Dom M 

liEn Parks, Howard L., Ii209 Cardwell Ave., Baltimore 6, SZ 

Gr Parks, Joe M., Sunrise Addition, Clinton, Mo., 3l425 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville 

3AS Parks, Robert R., R.F.D.2, Silver Spring, 119 Webster St., K.W., 11, D.C., RA 61*83 

ISCS Farlon, Joseph P., Jr., U759 Queens Chapel Terrace, D. C, HU 666I 

lEn Parr, Jacob W., IS18 Ellamont St., Baltimore I6, LO U6U9 

IAS Parra, Albert, 5l8 Cathedral St., Baltimore 1, Dorm L (CO U090 

IPPA Parrales, Ricardo E., Calla l5 Spt., Vanogua, Nicaragua, 26ll Adams Mill Dr., 9, D.C., 

IPPA Farran, William S., Prince Frederick, Dorm C 

lEd Farrigin, Lary C, 5135 30th Place, K.ff., 15, D. C, WD 2361* 

IPPA Parrish, Arthur R., U92U Lackawanna St., Berwyn 

OSCS Parrish, Robert C. (Sgt.), Box 58, Fairview, W. Va., 1908th AAGS, Sq. Hq., USAF 25,D.C. 

3Ed Parrish, Stanley E., 2811 W. Mulberry St., Baltimore 23, TD k 

lEn Parrish, William P., J4317 39th St., Brentwood 

AS Parsley, Brantley H., 2205 Pelham Ave., Baltijoore 13, HO 19k2 

OSCS Partlow, Frank A., I66O Roberts Lane, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-9053 

liEn Parulis, Adolph J., 221 N. Patterson Park Ave., Baltiinore 31, TD U, WA 3800 

UAS Pascault, Ann C, Riverslie, Easton, Dorm 3 (AL 0055 

OSCS Paschall, Benja-nin F., 3011 West Ave., Austin, Tex., Box 311, Rt. 3, Alexandria, Va. , 

AS Fash, Kenneth G., 3037 Menryn Ave., Pittsburgh U, Pa., 68O6 Dartmouth Ave., C. P.,AP 2910 

2AS Pasquella, George L., Asbury Ave., Crisfield, 2013 Patterson Rd., W. HyattsvUle,UN 3751* 

13CS Pastor, Samuel, 6213 7th St., K.V., 11, D. C, TA 8621( Arlington, Va., OW 8959 

OSCS Patane, Agnes A., Easton St Forsythe Ave., Glenside, Pa., 2801 S. 9th St., Fillmore Gardens, 

ascs Patchel, Robert E., Loreley Beach, Fullerton, Camp Detrick, Frederick 

2AS Pate, Mary E., 1x605 Harvard Rd., C. P., WA 5951 

lAS Paton, Barbara L., Ii926 Greenspring Ave., Baltimore 9, Donn 2 

201 Patrick, William R., 22 Knowles Ave., Kensington 

lEn Patterson, Chauncey H., Jr., 1701 52nd Ave., Bradbury !!eights, HI 7726 

3Ag Patterson, Dewey P., Jr., 100 Elkton Blvd., Elkton, 1300 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9770 

OEd Patterson, Gertrude B. (Mrs.), Sigma Kappa, C. P., UK 1522 

liEd Patterson, Howard J., Sigma Kappa, C. P., Dorm K 

2Sn Patterson, ".Tilliam T., 3336 Chesterfield Ave., Baltimore 

0I5S Patti, Archimedes L. A., 570i^ !.'as3achusetts Ave., N.W., I6, D. C, WI 181*0 

3PPA Pat ton,. David D., 55 Grant St., Cresaptown, 9122 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn, TO 960O 

2?d Patton, Susan J., 8IOI Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, JU 7-901*0 

IAS Patz, Fdward F., 3113 Bancroft Rd., Baltimore 15, 1*802 Calvert Rd., C. P. 

OSCS Paukert, Robert S., I6IO S. Taylor St., Arlington, Va., 0'.» ll*66 

3Ag Pavay, Frederick P., 361*6 13th St., N.W., 10, D. C, TU 1593 

lAS Paxton, 'William D. , Jr., 3332 Chauncey Place, Mt. Rainier, WA 0022 

OSCS Payne, Charles C, General Delivery, Lexington Park 

OSCS Payne, George W., 5610 Colorado Ave., 11, D. C, G£ 6902 

Gr Payne, Tilliam R., 1*809 Davenport St., N.W., 16, D. C, Ol 5932 

Gr Payne, William W., Kt. Jackson, Va., 3217 Rhode Island Ave., Mt. Rainier, AP 1658 



2AS Pazornik, Arnold, 3Uii6 Auchentoroly Terrace, Baltijnore 17, 7303 Yale Ave., C.P., UN 9785 

IBPA Peach, James J., Linwood Farms, Ellicott City, Ellicott City 5l5V/ 

IAS Peake, G. Ronald, 5030 Queensberry Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 2 

lAS Peake, Jeanne C, Ull5 5iith St., Decatur Heights, UN 8851 

OSes Peake, V/illiam H., c/o F.B. Mills, White Oak, Silver Spring (Quantico, Va., TR 256j 

OSes Pearce, Jacob M., Jr., c/o Col. J.M. Pearce, Monkton, ISt. Bn., S.T.R., Marine Corps Sch., 

llBPA Pearl, John G., 116-05 207th St., St. Albans, 11, N.Y., Dorm E 

OSes Pearsall, Raymond D., 1313 Arlington Terrace, Alexandria, Va., KI 8-8207 

2AS Pearson, James C, Jr., 1003 Merrimac Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7899ii 

IBPA Pearson, Murray L., 18 9th St., N.E., 2, D.C., FR 2721; 

OSes Pearson, Roderick W. , lis Parkview Ave., Jamestown, N.Y., 908 N. Charles St., Baltmore 

2Ag Pease, Arthur L., Jr., 9217 Whitney St., Silver Spring, SH 2UU7 

Gr Pease, George G., 1607 Shadyside Rd., Baltimore 18, TU 2U0U 

ISCS Pease, Robert B., 9217 V^itney Ave., Silver Spring, SH 2UU7 

liEn Peck, Donald S., 820 Otis PI., N.W., 10, D.C., TA 1196 

3En Peck, James G., 107 Melbourne Ave., Silver Sprinrr, SL 1806 

OSes Peck, Mahlon F., Rt. 1, Westminster 

IAS Peckham, Jean A., Ill E. I6th St., New York, N.Y., ilDH 

2SeS Pedersen, Verner C, Solomons, Dorm 

Gr Pederson, Merle E., U238 Uth St., S.S., 20, D.C., JO 2-81^33 

UbPA Pedevillano, John R., 121 W. U9th St., Bayonne, N.J., 21 E Parkway Rd., Greenbelt 

OSes Pedone, Vito S., 8 Drury Lane, Alexandria, Va., RE 7i|00, Ext. 61191; 

0S?S Peel, Robert J., 5l8 Elm St., Frederick, Frederick 1592W 

2En Peery, Leo H., Jr., 2310 Ashmead PI., N.W., 9, D.C., Sigma Chi 

OSes Peet, Clyde E., Can^) Detrick, Frederick 

UEd Pegg, John W., Jr., 2iilU Harlem Ave., Baltimore 16, TD U 

IAS Pehrsson, Robert R., 37 Quentin St., Hamden, lU, Conn., Dorm 

ISeS Peige, John W., Rt. lU, Box 698, Baltimore 20, TD 1 (Ext. 3285 

OSes Pelet, Mariska J., Labadie ville , La., U.S. Array Dispensary, Ft. Myer, 11, Va., CH 3000j 

2BPA Peletis, Nicholas G., 5506 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, WA 9676 

2AS Peletis, Thalia, 5506 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, WA 9676 

IAS Pellegrino, Albert B., 76 Houston St., New Haven, 5, Conn., Dorm F 

OSCS Peller, Martin L., 2110 Dexter Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3891 

liAS Pelleu, George B., Jr., 11201 Valley View Ave., Kensington, LO 53OI4O 

ISGS Pel ton, Roberta J., Rayburn Rd., Bethesda, Dorm 2 (8617 AAU, AHS, Arlington 8, Va. 

OSCS Pemberton, Everett R. (M/Sgt.)« I8O3 Wisdom St., Chattanooga, 8, Tenn., Hq. ^ Hq. Co., 

l^AS Penn, John E., 5909 2nd St., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 53l;8 

UPE Pennefeather, Joann L., 3519 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, WA 8313 

ISCS Pennell, Sue W., 2812 McKinley PI., N.W., 15, D.C., OR 1699 

ISCS Penniman, Nancy L., 6012 Old Harford Rd., Baltimore Hi, AAH 

ilPE Penrod, Thomas J., 3013 Elgin Ave., Baltdjnore 16, MO 2U78 

2Ed Penrose, Nancy C, li826 N. Lane, Bethesda lU, Ii5l7 College Ave., C.P., WA 9871 

liAS Pentz, Ralph A., Jr., 6903 Carleton Terrace, C.P., V/A 9032 

lEn Pentzer, John C, 9i|05 Garwood Ave., Silver Spring (S.Post, Ft. Myer, Arlington, Va. 

OSCS Peorio, Joe C, S. Uth St., Youngvrood, Pa., llUOth Spec. Act. Sq.,D205 Alabama Hall, 

IAS Pepin, Robert R., 257 Norwich Ave., Taftville, Conn., Calvert B 

Gr Pepito, Narciso N. , Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines, 8907 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn, TO 1|996 

2BPA Pepper, Hance J., Snow Hill, Dorm I 

liAS Perdue, t'arion D., 6I4 S. Park Dr., Salisbury, Calvert D 

2AS Perdue, Richard C., Pittsville, 7liOU Baltimore Blvd., C.P. 

OSCS Perecinic, V/illiam S., NANEP Electronics Test, I'ATC Patuxent River 

UAS Perian, Carl L., Iiili7 Pennsylvania Ave., S.S., 3, D.C., LI 6c725 

2AS Perkins, Mary D., 281iO Pelham Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm 3 

2BPA Perkins, Wayne L., Lake Luzerne, N.Y., TD 3 

AS Perlberg, Zelma, 2908 Belmont Ave., Baltimore 16, AAH 

y^n Perlin, Allen I., 3U02 Holmes Ave., Baltimore 17, TD 1 

lAS Perlman, Asnah, 1602 Moreland Ave., Baltimore 16, AAH 

2BPA Perrin, Edward M., 3703 W. Garrison Ave., Baltimore l5, TD 1 

OEd Perry, Esther M., Santa Fe Trail, Boonville, Mo., 1^802 Guilford Rd., C.P., WA 2119 

2DPA Perry, Marvin, U605 College Ave., C.P., WA 9881i 

OSCS Perry, Mary E.'''-^s.), 30 Reed Ave., Alexandria, Va., Alexandria Ii5l0 

UaS Perry, Miriam I., 3891 Porter St., N.W., I6, D.C, 14603 College Ave., C.P., WA 9861; 

OSCS Perry, Seth J., 30 Reed Ave., Alexandria, Va., Alexandria [t5lO 

OSCS Perry, William D., Jr., 1009 Potomac Ave., Alexandria, Va. , KI 8-7187 

Gr Persian, John G., 2627 Nicholson St., Hyattsville 

IjEn Pertsch, John J., 2107 Lake Montebello Terrace, i^altimore 16, Dorm 

2En Peter, Albert A., Jr., 1;317 V/arren St., N.W., 16, D.C, OR 2361 

lEd Peter, Eleanor P.O., 29l;5 Upton St., N.W., 8, D.C, Alpha Omicron Pi, V;a 9871 

2PE Peterpaul,. Clement A., 908 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring 

UAS Peters, Edna M., 28ll; Erdnan Ave., Baltimore 13, AAH 


lEn Peters, Frank A., U892 MacArthur Blvd., N.W,, 7, D.C. ,EM 3901 

OSes Peters, George fid. (Capt), Ashville, Ohio, ?37 Southampton Drive, Silver Spring, SL 666? 

UEn Peters, John P., RFD#U, Easton, TD 3 

OSCS Peters, Lester M., U270 35th St., South Arlington, Va., OV 3021 

ISCS Peters, Marshall E., hllh Gallatin St., Jfyattsville, WA U926 

Ed Peters, 0. Dawn, 9lli North Charles St., Balto. 1, MBH 

liBPA Peters, P. James, 102 S. Hammonds Ferry Rd.yLinthicum, hbOO Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9833 

UBPA Peters, Shir lay J., 206 Ht-tmionds Ferry Rd., Linthicum, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

Eh Petersen, Robert, 135 Blackford Ave,, Staten Island 2, N.T., Dorm E 

CSCS Peterson, Alf-red C, 1318 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, SH 6982 

UAS Peterson, Austin G., Jr., 3711| N 7th St., Arlington, Va. 

lEn Peterson, Edward A., Jr., I6l8 22nd St., S.E., 20, D.C, LU I4-669U 

Gr Peterson, Herbert L., 2819 31st St., S.E., 20, D.C, TW 1966 

2AS Peterson, Howard H., 126 Paca St., Cumberland 

OSCS Peterson, Ruth L.'(Mrs.), 7118' Overhill Rd., Bethesda Ih 

2BPA Petrell, Domenic E., I496 Market St., Rockland, Mass., Dorm L 

3En Petrella, Joseph A,, 1017 Stiles St., Balto. 2, Calvert C (FA 7116 

OSCS Petri, Fred L., ihhS Hamilton St., St. Louis 12, Mo., 96I Lebanon St., Arlington, Va., 

US Petrone, Robert M., I8U8 Wyoming Ave., 9, D.C, DU ii26ii (AP 01ii2 

Gr Petrossian, Mardiros B,?., k9 Saba St., Tehran, Iran, 6919 Oakxidge Rd., Hyattsville 

2PE Petruzzo, Joseph, 531 Centre Ave., Mamaroneck, N.Y,, Dorm G 

Gr Petry, Arline G., Grant St., Salisbury, Pa. 

Gr Petry, Jack A., Prince Frederick (Ft. l^er 8, Va., LI 56700 Ext .55900 

OSCS Pett, Louis J., 2815 Avenue "D", Brooklyn 26, N.Y., Enl.Det .7025th ASU,Sta.Comp.,S.Post, 

OSCS Pettengill, Conrad L., Apt. 101, 26l5 Nicholson St., West Hyattsville 

OSCS Pettey, Charles H., R#3, Box 26, Alexandria, Va., AL 2708 (CH 3000 Ext .3285 

OSCS Pettibone, Margaret E., li8U2 6th Ave., Tacoma, Wash., U.S.Army Dispensary, Ft. Hyer, Va., 

3En Pettinelli, Frank J., 2230 E l5th St., Brooklyn, N.Y., Dorm 

2En Pettit, James B., 2701 Allison St., Mt. Rainier, UN lii80 

Or Petty, Charles C, 250 Audrey Lane 20, D.C, LU 3-7823 

IBPA Petzold, Richard G., 1226 Noyes Drive, Silver Spring, SH 56U2 

2SCS Peverley, Sydney D., BelAir, TD 8 

2AS Pfannenstiel E. Louise, 2009 Penrose Ave., Balto. 23, Dorm 3 

2AS Pfeferman, Vivian, 203 E. Indian Sp. Drive, Silver Spring, SL 07U8 

3BPA Phalon, James V., 10 Sunnyside Terrace, East Orange, N.J,, Dorm 

OSCS Phelan, John F,, (Lt.Col.), 509 Knollwood Drive, Falls Church, Va., FA 6l56 

IAS Phelps, Raymelle, 1019 Park St., Bowling Green, Ky, Donn 2 

3Ed Phelps, William ff.. Crusaders Rd., Cambridge, FV h Apt A, C.P. 

IAS Phifer, Eugene H., Jr., 5001 Palisade Lane, N.w,, 16, D.C , CR 2828 

2BPA Philbrick, Charles A., 8 H Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7691 


OSCS Philips, Robert J. (Lt,), 2209 Guise Place, Biloxi, Miss., 307 Lynnwood Drive, Alexandria, 

IjHE Phillips, Abby C, 2116 Park Ave,, Balto. 17, Phi Sigma Sigma 

IHE Phillips, Alice M., 1^117 Woodberry St., University Park, WA 9252 

3En Phillips, Bruce C, Adamstown, U6II College Ave., CP. 

2AS Phillips, David H., 14 117 Woodberry St., Hyattsville, WA 9252 

3BPA Phillips, D. Kelly, BD^2hh* Upperco, Dorm M 

Gr Phillips, Edsel L., R#x, box 1, Mon-cgoaery, La., R#3, Box 2^5, Alexandria, Va. 

Gr Phillips, Elsie B., (Mrs.), Ull7 Woodbefry St., Hyattsville, WA 9252 

OSCS Phillips, G. Briggs, Camp Detrick, Frederick 

UBPA Phillips, James F., 807 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring, SH 8886 

lAg Riillips, J. Allen, 822 VanKirk St., Clairton, Pa,, 7U05 Dickinson Ave., C.P. 

OSCS Phillips, Milton L., Jr., 5120 2nd St., N.W., D.C, TA 5217 

3En Phillips, Morris R,, 5008 li2nd St,, N.W., I6, D.C. 

3AS Phillips, Myra, 3UII DuvaU Ave., Balto. 16, ^812 College A-/e., CP,, WA 9828 

Or Phillips, Paula B,, Ull7 V/oodberry St,, Hyattsville, WA 9252 

lEn Phillips, Peter J,, 26 Raff Ave,, Floral Place, N.Y., TD 1 

AS Phillips, Powell, 5316 Patterson Rd., Riverdale, WA 11^23 

iiBPA Phillips, Robert W., 3009 Christopher Ave., Balto. lU, U300 Knox Rd., CP., WA 9770 

2BPA Phillips, Samuel J., Apt. 203, 7305 Riggs Rd., HTattsville, TD 8 

OSCS Phillips, Stanley W., 5519 Silver Hill Rd., S.E,, 19, D.C, LI 56700 EXT. 55631 

Gr Phillips, Watson D,, 700 Gail Ave,, Rockville, Rockville 2790 

OSCS Phillips, Wendell, i4Ul7 Texas St., SanDiego 3, Calif., U5l5 Branch Ave., S.E., 20, D.C. 

2BPA Phillpotts, Sherman G., 707 Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring, JU 7-7236 

UAg Philpitt, Richard F., Jr., ii557 Wells Parkway, Riverdale, WA 3687 

IiAg Philpot, Harold W., 2125 Guilford Rd., Apt. 103 Hyattsville 

Gr Phipps, Robert E., 2300 N. Columbus St., ArxjJigT,on, Va^, CH 8750 (Benning Hall, WO 05lU 

OSCS Phister, Norbert V. (Lt.), l67 Bleecher St., New York 12, N.Y., 3UU5 38th St., N.W., D.C. 

IjBPA Phoebus, Louis F., U715 Grindon Ave., Balto. II4, Dorm 

US Phucas, Basil A,, Prince Georcres Ave., Box 28, B*-lteviile, T0^23a 

OSCS Piatt, Robert W., 1531 Butler St., Easton, Pa., Apt #101, 928 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, 

Va., JA 26139 


4AS Pioooli, Lucy M., 54 Lent St., Poughkoepsie, N.Y., Alpha II Delta, TTA 9720 

5AS Picck, Emanuel J., 624 N. Curley St., Baltimor© 5, Alpha Alpha, V,A 3641 

3En Pickens, Andrew, R.P.D. 7, Tes-bminster, TD 1 

IAS Piokens, Augustus D., Jr., 2911 Pinewood Ave., Baltimore 14, Domj C 

«n Piokens, William T., 1506 Cliftvlew Ave., Baltimore 13 

ISCS Pickering, Donald A., 2708 Hamilton Ave., Baltimore 14, Dona 

IHE Piokett, Joan L., 1401 Oglethorpe St., N.W., D.C., Dorm 2 

Gr Pida, George, 2004 S. Randolph St., Arlington, Va., GL 4776 

OAS Pieroe, Charles E., 9024 48th PI., C.P,, TO 632S 

Gr Pieroe, Richard J., 2906 Stanton Ave., Silver Spring, SL 1431 

2BPA Pieroe, Ronald H., 5022 Ventnor Rd., 16, D.C., WI 2069 

4;AS Pierrott, Mary B., 119 Hawthorne Hd., Baltimore 10, MBH 

4Ag Pier sol, John S,, Phoenix, TD 3 

Gr Pierson, Polly E., Rt. 1, Ellicott City, Ellicott City 728 

4Ag Pifer, William R., 307 V. Vain St .,Keyser,W.Va.,3534 10th St . ,N.W. ,10,D.C. ,AD 5639 

Gr Pignataro, Ja^rwa R., St. Inigoes 

Gr Pike, John P., 530 Chestnut St., Hagerstown 

Gr Pile, Elizabeth C, 3608 Veazey St., N.'Y., 8, D.C., EM 3608 

3AS Pilkerton, Pranois C, 3705 Andover PI., Silver Hill, HI 4499 

OSCS P^_3h, Tfilliam C, 17 Neptune Green, S.T., 20, D.C., JO 2-3247 

4Bn Pinokemell, E&rry, 2601 Crelghton Ave., Baltimore 14, CL 0858 

4En Pinokney, Charles 3., 4211 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, AP 0957 

4BPA Pine, Patricia L., 2nd St., Denton, AAH 

3En Pinholster, David C, 1623 60th Ave., Hyattsville, UN 9052 

4En Pinney, James A. B., 1117 Porn St., N.W., 12, D.C., GE 5076 

IHE Pinto, Katherine T,, 401 Kingston Rd., Baltimore 29, MBH 

IAS Piper, Don C, 3908 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, WA 8741 

Gr Piper, Harry "ff., 5906 C4th Ave., W. Hyattsville, UN 0545 (LI 5-6700, Ext. 72393 

OSCS Piraino, Catherine, 320 Fuman St ., Syracuse, N.Y. ,830 S.Frederick St ., Apt .433B, Arlington, Va, 

Gr Piringer, Albert A., 284 East Page St., St. Paul 7, Minn., 4672 Woodberry Rd., Riverdele 

(WA 5067 

OSCS Pirozek, Wasil, 316 N. Shamokin St., Shemokin, Pa., 203 Audrey Lane, Apt. 205, 20, D.C, 

IAS Pisaniello, Anthony R., R.D. 2,Mo2art Ave., Washington, N.J., Washington 569, (LO 3-7847 

OSCS Pisano, Carmine J., 2028 10th Rd. S., Arlington 4, V&. 

lEd Pisner, Diana R., 2834 R St., 20, D.C, \n. 3161 

OSCS Pissanos, Spiros N., 353 James St., Falls Church, Va. 

Gr Pitohford, John C. (Col.), 7317 Wildwood Dr., Takoma Park 12, SL 0256 

OSCS Pittman, Lvinsford 2., 2957 S. Columbus St., Arlington, Va., OV 3661 

OSCS Pitts, Joseph W., 311 Banning Hall, 3445 38th St., N.W., 16, D»C., WD 9773 

Gr Pitts, Philip V7., Jr., 814 N. Main St. Voultrie, C-a., 1652 Irving St., D.C. 

OSCS Pitts, Robert R., Box 249, Brand^'wine, BR 2647 

OSCS Pitts, William E., 1100 Resoue Boat Sqd., Boiling A.F.3., D.C.,BAFB Ext. 529 

2BPA Pjerrou, Fred C, 703 Mcl.'eill Rd., Silver Spring, SH 6780 

13PA Plackett, Robert M., 10-T Southway Rd., Greenbelt, GR 4201 

OSCS Plahte, Fred L. (Lt. Col.), 2500 N. Jefferson St., Arlington, Va. 

4BPA Plant, George L., Jr., 71 Washington Sq. S., New York 12, N.Y., Dorm H 

Gr Plant, Howard L., 5806 Reed St., N. Englewood 

3PE Plate, William K., 1106 Vernon Ave., Baltimore 29, S2 

2AS Piatt, S. Judith, 1527 Farragut St., N.W. . 11. D.C, Dorm 2 

IAS Plavnieks, Dzidra R., 10510 TTheatley St., Kensington, 6911 Baltimore Ave., C.P, (Un 2528 

33PA Pleam, William fl., Jr., 926 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg, Pa., 6806 Baltimore Blvd., Hyattsville 

Gr Plehaty, Spencer L., Hartsdale Towers, Hartsdale, H.Y., 1869 Mintwood PI., N.W., 9, D.C. 

OSCS Pless, Maeceille B., Lexington, Ala., Wal-'.er Reed hospital, D.C. (JE 7752 

OSCS Plotkin, :-erald N., 10115 '^cFenney Ave. .Silver Spring, SL 6271 

4Ed Pluemer, Raymond G., 1806 Kinship St., Baltinore 22, DU ICl'R 

IHE Plumbo, Chola H. M., 114 S. Harvard Ave., Ventnor, N.J., Derm 2 

lEn Plummer, Alvin J., 1310 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, Dorm E 

Gr Plumaer, Charles W. , 907 Roanoke Ave., Takoma Park 

Gr Plummer, James W., Electronics Test, NATC, Patuxent River 

OSCS Plummer, Richard W., Apt. 202, 6625 Willston PI., Falls Church, Va., LI 56700, Ext. 72414 

2Ag Plunkett, Beverly A., Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, AAH 

4BPA Plunkett, William E., 1300 Delafield PI., N.W., 11, D.C, TTJ 0013 

2En Pluto, George J., 7 F, Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Gr 5409 

3PE Plutschak, Ernest H., Preston, Dorm I 

OSCS Plywacki, Walter (Cpl.), 1909-2, AACS, DET, Boiling A.F.B., 25, D.C, JO 2-9000, Ext. 263 

3PE Pobiak, Albert D., 427 Ridge Ave., Springdale, Pa., Dora 

3BPA Pobiak, Edward P., 427 Ridge Ave., Springdale, Pa., Dorm 

Gr Podolak, Edward, 8903 Ridge ?!., Bethesda 14, TI :293 

Gr Poelma, Paul L., 6907 Oak Ridge Rd., Hyattsville, WA 7367 (UN 1016 

4Ed Poffenberger, Robert B., 117 Hollywood Rd., Hagerstown, 4705 Oglethorpe St., Riverdale, 

OSCS Pogge, Wesley H. (Lt.), 3054 Clinton St., N.E., D.C, NO 4379 


iiBPA Point, Richard C. 210 Read St., Baltimore, TD 1 

IAS Poisal, Elizabeth G., Hedgesviile, ff.Va., Dona 2 

OSCS Pokaay, Lawrence J,, UlO Lafayette Ave., Trenton, N.J., Andrews AFB, D.C. 

UEd Poland, Dorothene H., Mt. Savage, Alpna Xi Delta, vr\ 9720 

IAS Poland, Warren S., 23143 P-rkwood Ave., Baltiraore 17, TO h 

Or Poland, '.Tilliam B., Jr., 1675 3l3t St., N.W., 7, D.G., DU 1136 

IAS Pole, Jane T., Elnwood Road, Ferry Fartas, Annapolis, Dorm 2 

IPE Polen, Earl D., 122 12th St., S.E., 3, D.C, LI 38265 

2AS Polikoff, Alan J., 3701 Calloway Ave., Baltimore 15, U310 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 98U5 

2Ag Polites, William C, 8502 Willow-Oak Road, Towson U, Calvert C 

2BPA Polivka, Edward G., 1809 Clearwood Rd., BaltLaore Ik, Dorm E 

OSCS Polk, Edwin H., 2219 Washington Ave., Silver Spring, 3L 753U 

OSCS Pollack, Abou D., Route 2, Frederick, Ca-np Detrick, Frederick 

2SCS Pollack, Morton C. , 2306 Anoka Ave,, Bal*.iniore 15, ii310 Knox Bd., C.P., HA 9BhS 

2AS Pollack, lihona L., 2306 Anoka Ave., Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi, ITA 9701 

2AS Poloff, Constance R., 1291 Brentwood Rd. , N.E., 18, D.C, U812 College Ave.,C?.,WA 9828 

IBPA Poraar, Jose A., 112 Washington St., Santurce, Puerto Rico 

Gr Ponerantz, Jacob, IjlB Saratoga Ave., N.E., 18, D.C, DU 69ii9 

IAS Pomerantz, Richard S., 2716 Woodley Place, N.W., 0, D.C, CO 3239 

2Ed Pondo, Doris R., 852 5. Bond St., Baltimore 31, Dona 3 

3En Ponds, Richard J., Jr., 3U50 Parklawn Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm C 

3AS Poole, Alan E., 1^911 Taylor St., Bladensburg, HY 0U71 CVI 9231 

OSCS Poole, Wayne A., 1035 Turnpike Ave., Clearfield, Pa., Ulh 37th Place, S.E., D.C, 

lAg Poole, 'ffillis v., Jr., 2701 "Siflniet Road, Silver Spring, LO 5-8U65 

UlE Poore, jenevieve A., Greensboro, IfflH 

AS Pope, Amos H., 5619 Hamilton iianor Dr., Plyattsvilie, AP 5l68 

Gr Pope, Fletcher, Jr., 19-C Parkway Hd., Gr^jenbelt 

IBPA Pope, John H., 3Ul7 Tilden St., Brentwood, .VA 1102 

lAS Pope, Lawrence D., 205 liiles Dr., Forest Heights, K) 37356 

liAg Pope, Merritt N., Jr., ii703 Ravenswood Rd., Riverdale, WA 9060 

2SCS Pope, Richard A., U120 Kathland Ave., Baltimore 7, Dorm E 

OSCS Pope, RoDert F. f Major), 7U9 Barley Walk, F-lxS Churcn, Va, , FA 5^61 (Va.,CH 6769 

OSCS Pope, Theodore R. (Lt.;, 135U5 78th Ave., Kew Gardens, N.y., 2107 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, 

Gr Popenoe, John, 2503 N. Marengo Ave., Altadena, Calif., U70ii Norwich Rd., C.P.,UN 0633 

Ed Popenoe, Laixra J., 5016 33th Ave., Hyattsville, WA 8215 

3HE Popick, Harriet R.,3901 Yuina St., N.W., D.C, Phi Sigma Sigiia 

UBPA Poplar, James R., 3X II. Union Ave., Havre de Grace, 2611 Nicholson St., Hyattsville 

UBPA Popovich, William C, 316 Boaz St., California, Pa., Apt. 7, U302 Russell Ave., lit. Rainier, 

Gr Popow, Jol-in W., R.F.L. U, Kirkley Road, Annapolis, Annapolis 6850 (UIJ 7370 

UAS Poptanich, Alekso, a325 Rowalt Dr., Apt. 301, College Park, AP 3316 

2HE Porlino, Josephirie M., 622U U2nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 6052 

2En Portaro, 3am A., 9-E Research Rd. , Oreenbelt, Greenbelt 3726 

2BPA Porten, Herman I., 1612 Taylor St., N.W., 11, D.C., RA U637 

Gr Porter, Carroll D., 12 Delaware Dr., 3.E., 20, D.C, LA 3-7531 

Gr Porter, Charles W., U319 Rowalt Dr., College Park, AP 386U 

ISCS Porter, Edward H., H, l5l? Timber Lane, Falls Chiirch, Va. , ID 3 

3BPA Porter, Ernest R., 123 Willow Ave., Takooa Park 12, Dom F 

3Ed Porter, Frank M., Route 2, Box 307, 3609 60th Ave., Berwyn Heists, TO U899 

3AS Porter, George S., iil3 Greene St» , Cumberland, Dorm C 

UAg Porter, Richard K., Greensboro, W 3 

lEn Porter, Roger M., 1512 Timber Lane, Falls Chvirch, Va., TD 3 

lAg Porter, Roy D., Rock Hall, TD 2 

Cr Portmann, Pierre A., U706 Nichols Ave., 3.W., 20, D.C, ID 3-6507 

OSCS Ports, Robert A., 725 Hollen Road, BaltL-nore 12, LI 5-6700, Ext. 73187 

Ca- Portz, John, 5U03 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, AP OU72 (UN 9770 

3BPA Posey, Earl A., 1870 Robeson St., Fall River, Mass., 917 Goodiuck Road, E. Riverdale, 

OSCS Posey, Frank F., 3731 S. Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington, Va. , JA 2-5973 

lEn Posey, .filliaia H., U500 3rd St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 3-9098 

Qir Posner, Aaron S. , 3li21 Tulane Dr., i?est Hyattsville, AP 1302 

OEd Post, Gladys E. (Mrs.), 6712 Summit Ave., Chevy Chase 15 

3AS Postoff, Libby, 2907 Ulendale" Rd., Baltimore 16, U812 College Ave., C.P., WA 9828 

Gr Poston, John W., 619 5th St., N.F., D.C 

2HE Poteet, Elizabeth R., 5608 Stonington Ave., Baltiniore 7, Kappa Alpha Theta, UN 9829 

ISCS Potemken, Barry, 3923 :Jorfolk Ave., Baltimore 16, TD h 

2BPA Potter, Joseph R., Jr., Ili68 Girard St., N.W., 9, D.C, ID 5 

3HE Potter, Nancy L., 3119 Uilford Ave., Baltimore 7, Alpha Gasuca DelU, \m 9306 

Gr Potter, Raymond S., 307 Livingston Terrace, 3.E., 20, D.C 

UbPA Potter, Robert M., U007 53rd St., Bladensburg, WA 3013 

Gr Potter, Roy F,, U308 Russell Ave., Mt. Rainier, WA 5930 

2Ag Potter, Ihomaa M., 17 Williams Lane, Chevy Chase 15, OL 21^75 


IAS Potts, Betty J., R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, AAH 

UBPA Potts, Chester M., 210 Maple Ave., Takoma Park, SL 1551 

OEn Potts, James H., Jr., Apt. 203, 2213 University Lane, Hyattsville 

Gr Powell, Ailine B., 109 County Road, Kensington 

UAS Powell, Elzie L., 2800 Shepherd St., Mt. Rainier 

lEd Powell, Grosvenor E., lOOOU Reddick Dr., Silver Spring 

OSCS Powell, LeRoy R., 5787 Auth Rd., S.i.., 20, D. C, HI 2731 (M 2696 

OSCS Powell, Robert C, 36 N. Highland Ave., Akron, Ohio, 2930 Newark St., N.W., D. C, 

IAS Power, David A., 75l Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, SL 2720 

Gr Power, John L., 1)^6 21st St., N. W., 6, D. C, AD 9h92 

UEd Powers, Harry B., h906 Blackfoot Road, C. P., TO 5l53 

2Ag Powers, Joseph G., 68O8 Denton Rd., Bethesda 

Gr Powlitch, Frank J., 321 Crittenden St., N.W., 11, D. C, TA 2581 

2BPA Poyer, Albert R., 3125 Pelhan Ave., Baltimore 13, TD 3 (Meade, Ft. Meade 2055 

OSCS Poyer, Charles E., Jr., P.O.Box 75, Carmel, Calif., Hq. Second Army, Signal Section, Ft. 

Gr Pratt, Alfred J., 28 Crescent Rd. , Springfield, N. J.. Ii501 Beechwood Rd. , C. P.,ira 9020 

Gr Pratt, Ralph V., Moorefield, W. Va. , A. H. Dept. , Univ. of Md. . C. P. 

3En Praus, Vfillian J., 261^14 Beryl Ave., Baltimore 5, Dorm C (D.C, RA 2058 

OSCS Preiser, Herman S., 107U Longfellow Ave., Bronx 59, N.Y., 1307 Delafield PI., N.W., 11, 

3Ed Preisinger, Robert H., VFl, Apt.Ti*, c. P. 

IAS Preli, Bruno A., 130 Broad St., Stamford, Conn., Dorm F 

ISCS Prendergast, I'arianna M., R.F.D. U, Pox 3h, Elkridge 27, Elkridge 67UJ 

UEn Prescott, Plutcher E., Jr., 225 Sheridan St., N.W., 11, D. C, TA 5820 

Gr Pressly, filleanor C, 233 2nd St.j S.E., 3, D. C, FR 3773 

IAS Pressman, Sanford N., 3901 Pinkney Rd., Baltimore l5, TD h 

3BPA Pressman, Stanley, 3901 Pinkney Rd., Baltimore l5, ii607 Knox Rd., C. P., WA 9766 

2SCS Pressman, William D., 188 High St., Frostburg, Dorm M 

2Ed Preston, Margaret B., 6506 Queens Chapel Rd., University Park, lYA 7783 

Gr Preston, Robert T., R.F.D. 2, Box 127, Upper Marlboro, Marlboro 22731L 

Gr Preston, William H., Jr., Bowie 

IAS Prettyman, Forrest J,, 203 Forest Ave., Rockville, TD 1 

2Ag Prettyman, William W., Ill, Preston, Dorm C 

lAg Preusser, Monta H., 5222 26th St., North, Arlington, Va., GL 6393(Ft. Myer, Va., Ext. 52627 

OSCS Prevatte, Ted Y., Box 132, Carolina Beach, N.C., 1908 AACS Sq., Nebraska Hall, So. Post, 

3En Prevosto, Joseph S., 911 Cooks Lane, Baltimore 29 

IBPA Prevosto, Richard P., lii9-3U Hollywood Ave., Flushing, N.T., TD 3 

3BPA Price,- Bruce R., 6628 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

3AS Price, David T., 5207 Roosevelt St., Bethesda lU, WI IU62 

Qr Price, Donald L., 619 Beacon Rd., Silver Spring, SL O363 

OSCS Price, Irene L., 113 W. 3rd St., Frederick, Frederick 66IM 

3AS Price, Jean, P.O.Box 335, C P., TD 5 

OSCS Price, John F., 5708 l6th Ave., Hyattsvil.le 

Gr Price, Kenneth E., 6j Research Rd. , Greenbelt 

2AS Price, Leonard, 812 N. Broadway, Baltimore 5, UUlO Colesville Rd., Hyattsville 

Gr Price, I^onard, 1)|1;3 Oak St., N.iV., 10, D. C, DE 2968 

Ed Price, Polly A., 1762)4 Winslow Rd., Shaker Heights, 20, Ohio, Dorm 2 

OSCS Price, Robert B., Benson 

OSCS Price, Saul, I46U2 Livingston Rd. , S. E., 20, D. C, JO 2-3096 

Gr Price, Thomas J., 306 S, Allegany St., Cumberland, 750l4 Hopkins Ave., C. P., WA 9807 

OSCS Price, Thomas R., 503 W. 3rd St., Mt. Carmel, Pa., 121 Darrington St., S.W., 20, D.C, 

(JO 3-6815 

3En Price, William K., 306 S. A31egany St., Cumberland, Dorm J 

UBPA Prichard, Walter M., 2 Manchester PI., Silver Spring, WA 98I49 

2En Prickett, James A., U903 Cherokee St., C. P., TO 6lU2 

2BPA Pridgen, Barbara A., 6508 Queens Chapel Rd., University Park, AP U577 

Gr Prigal, Arnold, 68 Washington St., Annapolis 

2AS Prigg, William P., Jr., 613O Utah Ave., N.W., D. C, EM 1050 

UPE Prince, Dudley E., 323 Main St., Norwalk, Conn., Dorm K 

Gr Prince, Victor E., 7505 Hopkins Ave., C. P., UN 3136 

3En Priovolos, Evangelo J., 70 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., 1, D. C, CO 6o53 

lAS Pristoop, Simon M., 103 N. Milton Ave., Baltiriore 2li, TD 3 

2AS Pritchard, Thomas H., I8I Spring Ave., Fittsbvirgh 2, Pa., Phi Delta Theta, WA 988U 

OSCS Pritchett, Douglas R., UOO Johnson Rd. , Falls Church, Va., FA 1103 

Gr Pritchett, Rollin L., 2209 Westover Dr., Little Rock, Ark., I4615 Amherst Rd., C. P. 

IBPA Pritts, Victor W., 121 Second St., Oakland, TD 2 

2En Prival, Harris G., 3909 Walden Rd., Silver Spring, SL 7021 

2AS Prizio, Anthony P., 66 Fairview Ave., Stamford, Conn., 7509 Princeton Ave., C. P. 

OSCS Prochaska, Joseph R. , 509 Knollwood Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

IRn Proctor, Alexander ].'.., 10220 Grant St., Silver Spring 

Gr Proctor, Charles V., 2007 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, WA 8639 

3RPA Proctor, Frank B., Jr., 613 Pershing Pr., Silver Spring, Donn C 
























Proctor, Richard D. J., 2135 Bolton St., Baltinois 17, MA 4204J 

Proctor^ Robert C, 42 Hillside Rd., Larchraont, N.Y., TD 1 

Prosser, Stanley B., Jr., 4407 Femhill Ave., Baliimore 15, 4707 Calvert St., C.P. 

Provenza, D. Vincent, 109 STnithwood St., Baltimore 28 

Prowell, Roy W., 1432 Isted Rd., Glen Bumie, Glen Burnie 1SS55 

Pryor, James C, Jr., 2717 Wewton St., Silver Spring, LO 5-2384 

Psomadakis, Sotiris P., 4228 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, UN 2828 

Puciloski, John, 999 Rytter Ave., Forty-Fort, Pa., 4811 Guilford Rd., C.P,, HY 0095 

Pudleiner, Harold G., Jr., 205 Flower Ave., Takona Park, SL 5824 

Puffenbarger, Charles v;., 538 Greene St., Cumberland, 4810 Guilford Rd., C.P. 

Pugh, Charles E., S29 E. Thomapple St., Chevy Chase 15, OL 2124 

Pugliese, Vincent, 812 Jefferson St., N.W., D.C., GE 6328 

Puhlick, Nicholas J., Jr., Star Route, Fitchville, New London, Conn., CZ 

Pulis, Esther P. (Lt.Col.), 2500 Q St.,N.W., 7, D.C., DV 7130 

Pullman, Ferdinand P. , 6806 Baltimore Blvd., C.P., UN 2528 

Pulsifer, Robert A., Quarters ^20, Ft. Meade 

Pultz, M. Caroline, 4208 Tuokerman St., University Park, AP 4017 

Pumphrey, Robert L., 2841 27th St., N.E., 18, D.C., DO 8818 

Pumpian, Marvin I., 3912 Pinkney Rd., Baltimore 15, TD 3 

Purcell, Barbara A., 4408 V/renwood Ave., Baltimore 12, AAH 

Puroell, Charles J., 3120 Parkv^ay Terrace Dr., S.E., Apt. 1, 20, D.C., JO 98426 

Purdy, Harold R., 1801 Park Rd., N.W., D.C., AD 6080 

Furinton, Helen V. (Mrs.), 1107 20th St., S., Arlington 2, Va. 

Purnell, Jacquelyn F., 3201 Beech St., 15, O.C. AAH 

Purnell, Kathryn Q. (Mrs.), Bayridge Farm, R.F.D.#2, Berlin 

Purnell, Marvin J., Main St., Crisfield, Crisfield 521 

Purple, William C, Jr., 3808 Florence Dr., Alexandria, .Va., KI 8-7069 

Pursley, Robert J., 7307 Riggs Rd., Hyattsville, SH 41S4,Ext.l52 

Puryear, Ann L., 620 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring, SH 4370 

Puryear, Edgar F., Jr., 620 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring, SH 4370 
















2 SPA 








Pusey, Clarence E., Jr., 284 Castlebar Rd., Rochester 10, N.Y,, Dom C 

Pusey, Ellen P. (Mrs.), Snow Hill, VF 12, Apt. H., C.F., VVA 9484 

Pusey,. William W., Snow Hill, VF 12, Apt. H., C.P. , UN 9884 

Putnam, Walter B., Pentagon, Rm. 4D 1079, 4 Kennedy Lane, Falls Church, Va 

Puzzini, John, 805 Yuma St., S,E., 20, D.C., JO 29345 

Pycha, Eugene G., 2863 Pelham Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm I 

Pyle, Jane D., 4618 Highland Ave., Bethesda 14, WL 0378 

Pyle, Kenneth G., 105 Rigdon Rd., Aberdeen, Dorm 

Pysh, Daniel J., 643 Ridge Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

Quackenbush, Robert E., 1928 N. Kenilworth St. 

FA 0545 

(LI 56700 
1254th Air Transport Sqdn, 25 
Arlinfrton, Va. 

Ext. 53189 

Quaintance, Lois L., Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 9864 

Quattroochi, Andrew, 417 E. 10th St., New York 9, N.Y. 

Quattrooiocchi, Benedetto, 617 Girard St., N.E,, 17, D.C, DU 1850 

Queen, F. Donald, 701 Xenia St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-0416 

Queen, Galen K. S., 1366 Meridian PI., N.IT,, 10, D.C, TU 376S 

Queen, James L., 9622 Fenwfood Rd., Bethesda 14, WI 7924 

Quenstedt, Calvin C, 87 College Ave., Annapolis, Dom F 

Quenstedt, Robert E., 87 College Ave., Annapolis, TD 8 

Quesenberry, Madeleine P., Chester Knoll, Chestertown, Dorm 2 

Quillinan, John H., 1404 N. Stuart St., Arlington, Va., CH 0184 

Quincy, John J., Rt. 2, Box 168, Fair Oaks, Calif., 7100 Belwood St, 

District Hts., 19, 

Pa., 12 W. 

Wratt Ave., Alexandria, 
(Va.,0V 3225 

Arlington, Va^ 

Quinn, Elizabeth L., 126 Desdemona St., Pittsburgh 17 

Quinn, Harold J., 57-P Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, GR 7244 

Quinn, Thomas D., 3310 Stephenson PI., 15, D.C, WO 4842 

Quinnam, Charles J., 52 S. Front St., Richmond, Me., 912 S. Highland St 

Quinnell, Ellsworth H., 207 Elmira St., S.W., 20, D.C, JO 2-7793 

Quiros, Jorge, Ap. 1285, San Jose, Costa Rica, 9004 48th PI., CP., TO 5784 

Quisenberry, Marian A., 6427 Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, WA 7647 

Qureshi, Shahid H. 

Raabe, Charles T., 1931 Englewood Ave., Woodlawn, TD 3 

Rabinovitz, Max, 5102 Queensberry Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 2 

Rabner, Margaret L., 4537 Middleton Lane, Bethesda 14, Kappa Kappa Ganma, WA 9686 

Rabner, Richard T., 4537 Middleton Lane, Bethesda 14, WI 1285 

Radoliffe, James H., 803 Trost Ave., Cumberland, TD 4 

Radcliffe, Karlj-n, 527 Fayette St., Cumberland, MBH 

Radecke, Thomas F., Jr., 3838 8th St., Baltimore 25; CU 1596 

Rader, Charles A., 5412 15th Ave., Hyattsville, UN 7306 

Rader, William S., Village Motor Court, Woodbridge, Va., Pentagon 5E 285, Pent. 75137 

Radifan, John P., Jr., 167 White St., Hartford 6, Conn., Dorm E 

Radko, Alexander M., 4-U Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 3287 


3BPA Rae, Joseph T., 590 Sherman Ave., Rose He, N.J., Sigma Nu 

2AS Rae, Stanley J., 35^9 Morton Ave., Balto. 25, TD 3 

Gr Raff, Samuel J., Riggs Rd., Hyattsville, JU 7-7lii7 

3En Raffel, Stanley H., 3311 W. Garrison Ave., Balto. 15, I46II4 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

OSCS Ragan,. Thomas C, Christians burg, Va., 3725 lyons Lane, Alexandria, Va., TE 0577 

litd Ragonese, Norma P., 301 Woodbourne Ave., Balto. 12, Dorm 3 (ington, Va., JA U--I14I6 

QMS Rahaeuser, Charles J., 2537 ^7th St., Long Island City, N.I., 12U N. Wayne St., Arl- 

2AS Railey, Clayton A., Jr., 308 Cedar Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 1717 

2Ed Rainard, Ralph B., 1007 Irving St., 17, D.C, 

OSCS Raines, Robert M., Bldg. T-563, Ft. Meade, Central Film Library, Bldg. T-5[iU, Ft. Meade, 

(Ft. Meade 33hh 

OSCS Rajecki, Felix G., U87U S. 28th St., Arlington, Va., OV ll65 

2AS Rakocy, Eleanor L., U021 72nd Ave., Landover Hills , UN 3532 

IAS Ptakow, Clarence L., Jr., 36 Farragut Place, N.W., 11, D.C., TD 5 

lAg Raley, Robert A., Jr., U105 12th St., N.E., 17, D.C, U 6-81i5U 

2BPA Raley, William E., Ridge, TD 2 

liBPA Rallo, Salvatore V., 3303 Batavia Ave., Balto. lU, Dorm L 

2BPA Ralph, Richard L., 6806 Denton Rd., Bethesda Ih, OL 68O6 

2AS Ralston, Frank J., 1^017 Frederick Ave., Balto. 29 

3PE Ralston, James A., ii017 Frederick Ave., Balto, 29, WI 370U 

lEd Ramer, Elizabeth J., Erie St., Bemyn, TO 6215 

3Ed Ramer, George W., 91hl Autoville Drive, Berwyn, TO 6215 (OW 73li2 

OSCS Ramer, Richard L. (Capt.), 586 W. 2nd St., Peru, Ind., 211iN^ Wayne St., Arlington, Va. 

kEd Ramos, Ludwood R., 306 Normandy Drive, Silver Snring, SH 1362 

lAg Ramsay, James V;., Garrison Rd., c/o M.J- Buronham, Owings Mills, Calvert A. 

2BPA Ramsay, Terry L., 173 Sparks Ave., Pelham 65, N.Y., Dorm 

OSCS Ramsay, Walter G., (Lt.Col.), Cameron Station, Va., TE 6700 

OSCS Ranck, Nathan H., (Lt.Col.), 232 Belle Haven Rd., Alexandria, Va., TE 6072 

Gr Rancourt, Joseph R., 85m Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park 

OSCS Randall, Charles B., 261i7 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, Va., KI 8690O 

lEd Randall, Nancy H., 131 ^K Lanvale St., Balto. 17, Dorm 3 

liHE Randall, Patricia A., I3I W. Lanvale St., Balto. 17, Dorm 3 

Gr Randall, Richard R., 5708 32nd St., N.W., 15, D.C., OR 3^28 

UB?A. Randall, William T., U305 Wilkens Ave., Balto. 29, Calvert D 

Gr Randolph, Joseph P., Jr., 2807 Elnora St., k'ftieaton Hills, Silver Spring, LO 5-2598 

ISCS Raney, Benjamin F., 2105 Guilford Rd., Hyattsville 

3AS Rankin, Daniel F., 3215 White Ave., Balfco., TD 3 (ifyer, Arlington, Va., Pent X7233Ii 

OSCS Rankin, Donald D., 76 Fairmount St., Hartford 5, Conn., 1131st S/A Sq., S. Post, Fto 

Gr Rannels, Morris W., Bank St., R#3, Annapolis, Annapolis 1^711 

Ag Ransom, Robert B., RFD#3, Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg m6M 

Gr Raphael, Lucille K., 311iO Wisconsin Ave., 16, D.C., EM 6028 

(Gardens, Alexandria, Va., KI 8-8272 

OSCS Raphael, Victor G., l}^ East St., Natick, itoss.. Apt. 101, 312 Fairhaven Ave., Jefferson 

UAS Raport, Jacqueline M., 2225? Linden Ave., Balto. 17, 1^812 College Ave., C.P., m. 9828 

Gr Raring, Richard H., 372lj R St., i^.W., 7, D.C., OR 5212 

lEd Rashbaum, Frances R., 3U10 rorest Park Ave., Balto. 16, AAH 

3En Rast, James J., 6503 Red Top Rd., Chillum Manor, UN 05i;9 

UPE Rathner, Herbert, 6Iil7 Kansas Ave., N.E., D.C. 

3En Ratliff, ^George D., 1925 Kearney St., N.E., D.C, NO 8227 

I4PE Ratliff, Herbert E., 6 C Research Rd., Greenbelt 

2BPA Ratlil'f, Robert J., Ull5 «fentworth Rd., Balto. 7, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

3Ed Rattan, Carl E., 2935 Manns Ave., Balto. lii 

UEd Rattan, P^ymcmd F., 290I4 Hiss Ave., Balto. ih 

Gr Rattner, Sydney, ij329 Fourth St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 3-3983 

3En Rau, Lowell D., 2iij Shadynook Court, Balto. 28, NZ 

OSCS Rauch, Robert 'C, U257 6th St., S.E., D.C, JO 2-1023 

3BPA Rausch, Robrrt W., 237 Breading Ave., Pittsburgh 2, Pa., 7I4OI Princeton Ave., CP., WA 9733 

2Ag Raver, Robert D., Upperco, Dorm E 

3Ed Ravita, Angelo M., 2I426 E. Preston St., Balto. 13, BR 868I 

Gr Ravitz, Leonard, i^OO Knox Rd., C.P. 

[lAS Ravner, Peggy N., 3506 Forest Park Ave., Balto. I6 

Gr Pawling, A. George, 7201 Princeton Ave., C.P. 

bAS Raw lings, David E., Sellman, 

iiAS Rawlings, Gilbert D., L S. Cherry Grove, Annapolis, Dorm C 

2En Rawlings, Joseph E., 718 N. Augusta Ave., Balto. 29, Dorm F 

3AS Ray, Fred E., 10111 McKenney Ave., Silver Spring, SL 63II 

Gr Ray, Jettie H., (Mrs,), ij708 Calvert Rd., C.P., V^A 7388 

3Ag Ray, John E., Jr., I1I428 Greenwich Parl■n^■ay, N.w., D.C, EM 9238 

Gr Ray, V/illiam S., I4U09 Beechwood Rd., Hyattsville, WA ?Oi46 

\ikS Raymond, luark B., 14552 Windsor Lane, Bethesda ll; , WI 5698 

2BPA Raymond, William J., 9953 Brookmoor Drive, Silver Spring, SL 0926 

I4AS Rayne, Martha A., Pittsville, MBH 


UAS Razzak, Fakhir A., Amara, Iraq, h21h Sheridan St., University Park, WA U657 

2AS Rea, Pape, 2003 Oglethorpe St., Apt. 203, W. Hyattsville, AP 5328 

UaS Read, Jacquelyn L., 112 Wilmington Place, S.E., 20, D.C., Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 

3Ag Read, Joseph C, 3800 Eastern Ave., N.E., 18, D.C., CO 2622 

UaS Read, L. Jean, 210 South CSierry Grove, Annapolis, Dorm 3 

OSes Ready, Mary E. (Mrs.), Braddock Heists, Camp Detrick, Frederick 

IHE fteam, Lois A., 560^ Glenwood Rd. , Bethesda lU, MBH (Va., OW 9UOO,Ext.730l5 

OSCS Reardon, James H., 106 N. Wayne St., Apt. 5, Arlington, Va., OW 9279(^-219, So. Post,Ft.Myer, 

OSCS Rebalsky, Norman, 2332 S. Mildred St., PhiladelpW.a US, Pa., Hq.l908 AACS, Nebraska Hall, 

Ed Reck, Rosalyn E., 306 Georgia St., Sheridan, Indiana, Dorm 2 

2BPA Recknor, Philip A., U701 Fordham Rd. , College Park, WA 3353 

Gr Rector, Robert W., ? Steele Ave., Annapolis, Annapolis 8-1537 

3BPA Rector, Roy A., 125 Ashley Ave., Charleston, 3.C., 7306 Yale Ave., C.P. 

lEn Redd, Charles L., Jr., 6-A Crescent Rd. , Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5661 

OSCS Redd, Rudolph J., 1802 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore 23, GI 27U9J 

OSCS Redder, Charles E., Route 1, Smiley, Texas, 1151 st, FIA Squadron, Arlington, Va. 

2Ed Reddick, Donald H., Route 1, Box U8, Markleysburg, Pa., U701 Ravenswood Rd.. Apt.2U, 

2Ag Redgrave, Michael J.J., Bri^t Helmstone Farm, Clarksburg, Gaith.6U91J2 (Riverdale,DN 19Ul 

IBPA Redman, William J., 58lU Melvem Dr., Bethesda, WI 7U53 

3PE Redmiles, Donald R., U20U 53rd Ave., Bladensburg, UN lli8U 

OSCS Reed, Donald E., Iii37 Highland Dr., Silver Spring, SL 5Uli4 

UBPA Reed, Donald N., U711 14;th St., N.W., 16, D.C., Dorm C 

Gr Reed, Herbert B., Jr. 5lU Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, SL 279U 

OSCS Reed, James W., 803 Forston Dr., Takoma Park 12, SL 78l4ii 

l4En Reed, J. Emory, Hyde, TD 7 

UbPA Reed, John G., U6l W. Belair Ave., Aberdeen, Dorm 

2AS Reed, Lawrence L., U5l5 Seventh St., N.W., 11, D.C., RA 7163 

2En Reed, Ifaric W., 3820 Chesterbrook Rd., Arlington, Va., GL 299ii 

3HE Reeder, Charlotte A., Route 5, Frederick, MBH 

OSCS Rees, John E. (Capt.), 1353 Congress St., S.E., D.C, JO 29000, Ext. 233 

3Ed Reese, E. Victoria 850U U8th Ave., College Paric, TO 5000 

lAS Reese, John C, Owings Mills, TD 7 

Gr Reese, Richard B., Langly Paric Apts., 8126 l|th Ave., Hyattsville 

3Ag Reese, William D., Owings Mills, TD 1 

Gr Reese, William H., Jr., 1058 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, U506 Amherst Rd., C.P.,WA 95Ul 

UAS Heesey, Raymond L., I8l9 Dundalk Ave., Baltimore 22, SZ 

2AS Reeves, Alvin C, 153U Massachusetts Ave., S.E., 3, D.C, TR 6892 

2SCS Reeves, Charles W., 7715 Garrison Rd., Hyattsville, UN 0U58 

UAg Reeves, James B., Forest Hill, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

UPE Reeves, Nancy, 20U Shepherd St., Chevy Chase, AAH 

3AS Reeves, Samuel 3., Chaptico, TD 7 

lEd Reeves, Virginia C, 3017 3rd St., North, Arlington, Va., Dorm 3 

IBPA Refert, Richard C, 201 Bond St., Asbury Park, N.J.,7U07 Columbia Ave., C.P., WA 2l50 

Gr Regan, Esther H. (Mrs.), 3108 Adams St., N.E., 18, D.C, LI 6-36U8 

UaS Regan, James A., I5l8 Holbrook St., Baltimore 2, TD 8 

3BPA Regeimbal, Neil R., 8308 liith Ave., Hyattsville 

OSCS Rehak, Frank, Jr., 3125 Parkway Tterrace Dr., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 983U8 

3AS Reich, Joan, 507 Oneida Place, N.E., 11, D.C, TA 1526 

UBPA Reich, Philip B., 2^0 Broadway, Meyersdale,Pa., 3021 Oakcrest Ave., Baltimore,HA 7366 

3AS Reichel, Richard H., UB Southgate Ave., Annapolis, 7303 Yale Ave., C.P,, UN 9785 

MS Held, John F., 3720 39th St., N.W., 16, D.C, WD 52Ul 

OSCS Reidy, Joseph E., 2800 3l3t St., S.E., D.C. 

3AS Reigner, Wallace I., 35 Walnut St., Pottstown, Pa., U21ii Sheridai St., Hyattsville ,WA U657 

lEn Reiley, Geoi^ge M., Jr., 3112 Douglas St., N.E., 18, D.C, AT liU69 

kkg Reiley, Harold E., Route 1, Frederick, TD k 

IAS Reilly, Donald T., Illinois & Mills Ave., Port Monmouth, N. J., Dorm L 

lEd Reims, Aaron, Darlington, TD 7 

2AS Reinhart, Catharine L., 9918 Sutherland Rd., Silver Spring, SH 5597 

lEd Reinhart, Eileen, 3712 Strathmore Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm 2 

UEd Reiskin, Marilyn, 160U Crittenden St., N.W., 11, D.C, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

UBPA Reiter, Robert W., 5611 Magnolia Ave,, Baltimore 15, FO 7701 

Gr Reith, William A., 7511 Girard St., College Park, UN khSS 

OSCS Reitman, Morton, 8 VTest 3rd St., Frederick, Camp Detrick, Frederick, Fred. 1191 

lAg Rejali, M. Ali M., 30 Alborz, Iteheran, Iran, TD 1 

3En Reraeta, Richard A., Box U39, Herbert Rd., Matawan, N,J., Dorm C 

UAg Remsberg, John H., Jr., Locuale Farms, Middletown, U611 College Ave., C.P. , WA 98U9 

llEn Remson, Ellsworth J,, Jr., 13U3 Clifton St., 9, D.C, AD 6275 

UEn Remson, James, 900li Manchester Rd. , Silver Spring, JU 7-6359 

ffl: Renfroe, Olive, 1672 Montpelier Ave., Macon, Georgia, U3l5 Lehigli Rd.,C.P.,WA 1988 

ItMS ftenfrow, Richard N., Box Ii06, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Dorm L 


lAS Renneberger, Raymond C, 806 iVhittier Pi., N.W., 12, D.C. 

3BPA Renner, William G., Jr., Thurmont, VFll, Apt. A, College Tark 

lAS Reno, Katherine L., 714 Regeeter Ave., Baltimore 12, BiBH 

lAS Repole, Angelo M., 20 Winder Ave., Trenton 9, N. J., Dorm K 

4AS Repp, Norma E., Ill N. Lakewood Ave., Baltimore 24, AAH 

lAS Requard, Claire V., 301 Tuscany Rd., Baltimore 10, MBH 

2AS Resnick, David M., 2 Oakcrest Rd., South Weymouth 90, Mass., Dorm L 

2BPA Resnick, Roland H., 3118 Bancroft Rd., Baltimore 15, FO 3397 

Gr RespesB, Robert C, 201 Montrose Ave., Catonsville, VF8, Apt. A 

2En Rest, Eugene S., 621 Rest Avenue, Catonsville 28, Calvert B 

4En Resta, Raymond F., 2114 Hollins St., Baltimore 23 

3En Resta, Rodney H., Qtrs. 11, West Point, N. Y., TD 3 

4AS Restivo, Salvatore R., 414 Forrest St., Baltimore 2, MU 6458 

Gr Rethorst, Scott C, 4015 Oliver St., Chevy Chase 

2AS Rettberg, Charles C, Jr., 133 S. Symington Ave., Catonsville 28, TD 3 

4AS Rettew, Thomas K., 5604 Pilgrim Rd., Baltimore 14 

2AS Retzker, Doris E., 1725 Bolton St., Baltimore 17, Dorm 3 

4Ed Reuschel, Carl J., 54 Oak St., Cvunberland, SZ 

3AS Reuss, Max L., Jr., 4113 29th St., Mt. Rainier, WA 7714 

OSCS Rex, Norman H., 215 E. Calumet Blvd., Harvey, 111., 134 Mississfppi Ave., S.E., 20, D.C. 

Gr Reynolds, Charles E., Jr., 4505 Prospect Circle, Baltimore 16, LI 8259 

Gr Reynolds, Charles W., Auburn, Ala., 8524 Potomac St., Berwyn 

2Ed Reynolds, E. Ann, 824 Buckingham Rd., Cunberleuid, Dorm 2 

2BPA Reynolds, John R., 10 Edgewood Terrace, Alexandria, Va., 4506 Amherst Rd., C.P.,WA 9541 

Gr Reynolds, Joseph B., Sugar Run, Pa., 308 Livingston Terrace, S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-8616 

4BPA Reynolds, William P., Jr., 457'n. Potomac St., Hagerstown,- Alpha Tau Omega, WA 9849 

Gr Rezneck, Ben, 716 Richmond Ave., Silver Spring, SH 3005 

2AS Rhoads, Kay E., 312 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, Dorm 3 

2BPA Rhoads, Robert H., Jr., 4411 Beechwood Rd., College Heights, UN 1439 

Gr Rhoads, Robert H., 4411 Beechwood Rd., Ifyattsville, UN 1439 

Gr Rhoderick Richard L., 4503 Guilford Rd., College Park 

OSCS Rhodes, Bernard C, Box 307, Boiling A.F.B., 25, D.C, JO 2-9000, Ext. 4224 

Gr Rhodes, Harry C, Poole svi lie 

OSCS Rhodes, Howard D., (Lt.), 2858 S. Abingdon, Arlington, Va., KI 8-6721 (A.A.F.B. 3103 

IBPA Rhodes, Ronald W., 1002 Amarillo St., Abilene, Texas, Dorm (Andrews A.F.B.,25,D.C, 

OSCS Rhodes, Thomas H., Jr., 3359 Garden Ave., Los Angeles 39, Calif., Hq. Sq., AWS/dSS/^C, 

4HE Rhodes, Walter E., Jr., 602 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29, Delta Tau Delta, UN 9780 

3BPA Ribble, Roy R., 615 Monroe St., N.E., 17, D.C, AD 4955 

lAS Ribnitzki, Lynn P., 1634 44th St., N.W., 7, D.C, AAH 

2PE Ricci, Robert 0., 79 Stillwater Ave., Providence 8, R, I., SZ 

4BPA Rice, Bernard M., 4611-A Lawn Park Rd., Baltimore 29 

2BPA Rice, Craig S., 5 Taylor St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 3217 

3BPA Rice, Paul B., 9 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase 15, WI 1007 

4Ag Rice, Richard J., Rt. 5, Hagerstown, Calvert A 

OSCS Rice, Rip G., 4509 34th St., Brentwood, 5703 36th Ave., Hyattsville, ^ 3455 

4AS Rice, William F., IF Parkway St., Greenbelt 

OSCS Rice, William L., Jr., Macon, Mo, 

Gr Rich, Harry L., 7203 16th Ave., Takoma Park, SH 0897 

2HE Rich, Lois L., 4516 Cheltenham Dr., Bethesda, WI 5120 

IHE Rich, M. Anne, 5401 Sargent Rd., Hyattsville, UN. 1920 

lAS Rich, Thomas J., 98 Mulberry St., Springdale, Conn., 7031 Baltimore Blvd., CP., WA 9743 

3En Richard, J. Alan, Henderson, Dorm M 

OSCS Richards, George W., Ill, 5756 Ist St., Temple Hills, 25, D.C, LO 3-7714 

IBPA Richards, Jack P., 4224 Alton Pi., N.W., 16, D.C, EM 6103 

4BPA Richards K. David, Jr., 1124 Seminary Rd., Silver Spring, 4611 College Ave., College Park 

3HE Richards, Margaret A., Luke, Dorm 3 

2BPA Richards, Norman C, 2813 63rd Ave., Cheverly, UN 1506 

lAS Richards, Patricia J., 230 S. Hampton Dr., Silver Spring, SL 8525 

Gr Richards, Thomas W., 46F Crescent Rd. , Greenbelt 

OSCS Richards, Trenton M., 1009 Potomac Ave., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-6462 

IBPA Richards, William F., 230 S. Hampton Dr., Silver Spring, SL 8525 

Gr Richards, William M., 807 Gephart Dr., Cvimberland, Knox Rd., C P. 

2AS Richardson, Alethea W., 5122 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

2BPA Richardson, Carroll T., 107 Walton Ave., Baltimore 25, PR 2324- J 

2AS Richardson, Charles E., 43 May St., Hawthorne, N. J., 7103 Rhode Island Ave., CP., UN 2040 

3AS Richardson, Edward B., 8912 Ridge Ave., Baltimore 14, Dorm F 

lEn Richardson, Edward E., 1001 Alabama Ave., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-3841 

IBPA Richardson, Frederick J., 3811 37th St., Mt. Rainier, UN 1742 

AS Richardson, Joanne A., Wardman Park Hotel, 8, D.C. CO 2000 

4Ed Richardson, John W., 323 Willis St., Cambridge, 4506 Amherst, St,» G,P., WA 4531 



IHE Richardson, Nancy J., (Mrs,), Canary Cottages, Bemyn 

3AS Richardson, William W., 2703 Dowson Ave., Silver Spring 

2BPA Richardson, Winfield W., 1801 N. Quebec St., Arlington, Va., Dorm G 

3BPA Richbourg, Gil H., h700 Nicholson St., Riverdale, ^ 1833 

lEd Richman, Gloria G., $ Munroe Court, Annapolis, AAH 

lEn Richmond, Alvin., 3621 Columbus Drive, Balto. 15 

IAS Richmond, Benjamin S., Ashton, Ashton 1460! 

2BPA Richmond, Jack W., 635 Willis Ave., Williston Park, N.y., Ii607 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9778 

AS Richmond, Paul R., U90U Midwood Ave., Balto. 12 (Va., JE 3-9583 

OSes Richstatter, Joseph E., 607 Walnut 'St., St. i^arys, Kans., IO8I N. Manchester St., Arlington, 

3AS Richter, Betty J., U335 Rowalt Drive, C.P., AP 2305 

I4EPA Richter, Charles B., 3831 Keswick Rd., Balto. 11, Dorm L 

IAS Richter, Henry E., Jr., i^llS Northern Parkway, Balto. 6, Dorm F 

3BPA Ricketts, Clifford M., 5501 Charles St., Bethesda U, Wis. hk^U 

UHE Ricketts, Joan V., 6912 Dartmouth Ave., C.F., WA U901 

3BPA Ricketts, Martel T., 5501 Charles St., Bethesda Vixy WI \Ju3h. 

2Ag Ricketts, Ronald L., lOii S. Adams St., Rockville, Calvert A (AP U210 

MS Ricles, Alvin J., 301 Allston St., Boston I46, Mass., 2731 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, 

.OSes Riddle, Edmund R., Jr., 30I4 Broadway, Birmingham 8, Ala., 26I45 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arl- 

OSCS Riddle, Hasty W., Box 133, Pittsboro, N.C., B0Q#2, Army Lied Center 12,D.C. (ingtcn, Va. 

2BPA Riddle, Robert B., Ii6l3 College Ave., C.P. 

3AS Rider, Bamett W., 192 Main St., New Paltz, N.Y., 3 C Parkway Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6253 

2Ag Ridgely, Charles F., I708 Glenkeith Rd,, Towson h, 

3HE Ridgeway, Helen M., [i301 Wentworth Rd., Balto. 7, ii502 College Ave., C.P., WA 981ili 

UBPA Ridgeway, Robert L., 89II 57th Ave., Berwyn, TO 621^2 

2AS Ridings, Eugene W., Fort Dix, N.J., ij708 Norwich Rd., C,P,, UN 2185 

Ukg Ridout, Folger M., R#2, Annapolis, 7511 Princeton Ave., C,P. 

2Ag Rieck, August W., Preston, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P. 

3Ag Rieck, Victor H., Box 55. Preston, 7511 Princeton Ave,, G.P., ftA 983I 

lEn Riede, Philip J., I8a bmallwood Ave., Bellevilie 9, N.J., Dorm F. 

l4Ed Riefner, Bernard B., 1039 N. St. Paul St., Balto. 3 

OSCS Riegger, W, Joseph, 127 Galveston St., S,W., Apt. 30li, 20, D.C., JO 3-663? 

2SCS Ries, Arthur B., Jr.,/700li Park Heights Ave., Balto. 15, U802 Calvert Rd., C.P., UN 9786 

Or Rifaat, Ibrahim El-Dessowki, Cairo, Egypt, University Hills Apts., 13, C.P. 

2BPA Rigano, Joseph C, I4712 Riverdale Rd., Riverdale, UN 8873 

OSCS Rigau, Jaime L., Short Lane, Va., 937 Virginia Ave., S.W., U, D.C. 

OSCS Rigg, Robert B., 520 N. Kenraore St., Arlington 1, Va. 

3AS Riggin, Edwin C, Jr., 3ii08 Garrison Blvd., Balto. 15, LI 01^56 

hEd Riggins, Eliza. A., 319 Second St., Laurel, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WA 9886 

2En Riggio, Ernest A., 2 South Exeter St., Balto. 2, MU 3192 

lAg Riggs, Barbara A., Gaithersburg, AAH 

Ed Rigolo, Edward J., 221 Park Ave., Paterson, N.J., 9506 Bruce Drive, Silver Spring 

Gr Rigsby, Flossie H., 1U5 35th St., N.S,, 19, D.C. (Arlington Farms, Arlington, Va„ J02-9000 

OSCS Riker, John R., 26 Mesier Ave., Wappingers Falls, N.I,, llijOth S.A. Sq., Alabaira Hall, 

2BPA Riley, Charles R., Jr., 5528 Ashbourne Rd., Halethorpe 27, Arbutus 2015 

3En Riley, Donald L., 5820 Uth St.,N.W., 11, D.C., GE Jiill 

AS Rinaldi, Michael J., 2920 Porter St., N.ii., D.C, OR 8I»27 

OSCS Rinebolt, John A,, 301 Livingston Terrace, S.E., 20, D.C, 

IiPE Rinehardt, William E., 38I Main St., Laurel, Laurel L17M 

Gr Rinehart, Helen R. (Mrs.), RFI^7, Westminster, T^aurel 

3BPA Ring, Morton L., Jr., 60I4 Kennedy St., N.W., D.C, TA 0239 

ISCS Ring, Richard L., 8 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 6516 

OSCS Ringler, Donald H., 651 Baker St., Ciunberland, I368 Meridian Place, N,W., 10, D.C. 

Gr Rio, Eliseo D., Camp Allen, Baquio City, Philippines, U505 Amherst Rd., C.P., UN 1^786 

OSCS Riordan, Daniel W., 2326 Belleview Ave., Cheverily, WA 6078 

2BPA Ripken, James H., 3305 Richmond Ave., Balto. 13, TD 3 

UBPA Ripley, Paul H., 8329 Draper i^e. Silver Spring, SH O87I 

3BPA Rippel, John C, 213 VV. 29th St., Balto. 11 

OSCS Risley, Richard G. (Maj.), Annapolis Junction, H'l 2nd Array, G-1 Sect, Ft. George G. Meade 

3En Ritchie, Rayroond A., Jr., 13h E. Washington St., Hagerstown, Dorm E 

OSCS Rittenour, Marie L. (Mrs.), 3521 35th St., N.W., I6, D.C. WO 5120 

l|Ag Ritter, James W., Jr., U25 Orchard Way, St. Davids, Pa., Ii300 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 9770 

2AS Ritter, Joan C, 9515 Gwyndale Drive, Silver Spring, Dorm 3 

liBPA Ritter, M. Phyllis, 110 Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda lii, ij5l7 Knox Rd., CP., WA 9720 

3B?A Ritter, Virginia J., 110 Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda lii, U5l7 Knox Rd., CP,, WA 9720 

2AS Rivas-Cierra, Carlos, Calle Arce #75, San Salvadore, El Salvador, IjOOU ll4th St., N,W,, 10, D.C 

Gr Rivello, Robert M., Apt. 23, 50U2 38th St., Hyattsville, U. U530 

OSCS Rizer, Edith S. (Mrs.), Box 36I4, Mt. Savage 

OSCS Rizer, Eleanor K., 123 Polk St., C^unberland, Cumberland .l363 M 

lEd Roach, Janis L., 1001 Potomac Ave., Alexandria, Va., AAH 


OSCS Roaoh, Samuel P. (Maj.)» Apt. CI, 1001 Potonao Ave., Alexandria, Va., King 8-6417 

AS Robb, -James W., Jr., 8000 Takoma Ave., Silver Spring, Sh 5179 

2AS Robbins, Charles L., 711 Roland Ave., Bel Air, TD 8 (Va. 

OSCS Robbins, Edwark S. (Maj.), 500 Goodwin Ave., Anniston, Ala., 4611 28th Rd. S., Arlington, 

Gr Robbins, Judith S.(Mrs.), 1408 Merrimack Ave., Hyatt svi lie 

5AS Roberge, Gerald, 41 Main St., Jewett City, Conn., 2829 29th St., N.W., D.C., CO 4782 

OSCS Roberson, Harvey B. (Capt.), Allen, Ckla"., Box 303, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C., JO 29000 

4Ag Roberson, Radoliffe W., VF6, Apt.E., C.F. (Ext.4100 

3AS Roberti, Vinoent, 266 No. 6th St., Newark 7, N.J., Dorm L 

4HE Roberts, Annette C, Landover 

4AS Roberts, Eleanor W. (Mrs. ), 2111 Belvedere Dr., Apt. 1, Silver Spring, JU 7-8352(C0 3848 

OSCS Roberts, Frederiok, 2720 Cruger Ave,, New York 67, N.Y,, 1937 Lament St., N.W., 10, D.C., 

2En Roberts, Gene D., 1800 N. Charles St., Baltimore 1, 4707 Calvert Bd,, C.P., WA 3998 

AS Roberts, Geoffrey P., 404 E. Leland St., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm C 

4BPA Roberts, Grant WcC. 4707 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 3998 

lEn Roberts, Howard, 613 Gallatin St., 17, D.C., U 6-5961 

OSCS Roberts, James L., 1412 N. Market St., Frederiok, Frederick 1911 

2Ed Roberts, JoAnn F., 5018 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Delta 'Delta Delta, WA 9795 

4BE Roberts, John F., Jr., 303 Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, GR 5492 

lEd Roberts, Joyce F., 405 Morgan Rd., Korningside, Hillside 8148 

OSCS Roberts, LLoyd D., 3308 So. Wakefield St., Arlington 6, OV 1559 

Gr Roberts, Lois K.(Mr8.), 3802 So. Capital Sy., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 3-5750 

3BPA Roberts, Norman H., 4216 37th St., N.W., 8, D.C., Dorm E 

3PE RoVierts, Robert E., 4205 Groveland Ave., Baltimore 15 

2Ag Roberts, Roy !■•# ^^*» 4404 Bywood Lane, Bethesda 14, WI 9135 

lEn Roberts, Royoe W., 4842 Kansas Ave., 11, D.C., RA 7415 

3MS Roberts, William G., Sevema Park, Dorm M (D.C, JO 2-5420 

OSCS Roberts, William L., 526 Ww Stephen St., Hartinsburg, W.Va., 3342 Brothers PI., S.E., 

3PE Roberts, William P., 2111 Lyndhurst Ave., Baltimore 16, FO 0S83 

ISCS Robertson, Frances L,, 1909 Otis St., N.E., 18, D.C, HO 3879 

3Ag Robertson, R. S. Bayne, 3211 45th St., N.W., 16, D.C, WO 2281 

4BPA Robertson, Roy H., The Calvert, W. Antietam St., Hagerstown, Lambda Chi Alpha, UN 9864 

2AS Robertson, William G., The Robertson Farm, Waldorf, Sigma Nu 

4HE Robey, E. Joan, Billingsley, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

4AS Robey, Robert D., 4216 Falls Rd., Baltimore II, CH 0642 

2BPA Robin, Douglas G., 6811 Dartmouth Ave., C.P. 

3AS Robins, Perry, Change Bridge Rd., Montville, N.J., Dorm F 

4AS Robinson, Adrian C, Rt. #1, Box 128, Wise, Va., 5503 43rd Ave., Eyattsville, WA 9117 

2En Robinson, Alfred E,, Jr., 5000 Oaklyn Ave., Baltimore 14, TD 3 

4BPA Robinson, Alfred S., 6701 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 2426 

4PE Robinson, Claude N., 303 Marshall St., Salisbury, 4611 College Ave.. C.P., WA 9849 

Gr Robinson, Edna,(Kr6.), 2011 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., D.C, HO 7198 

OSCS Robinson, Henry E., 2901 18th St., N.W., 9, D.C, CO 6343 

OSCS Robinson, Hunter K., 225 Atlantic St., D.C, JO 3-6456 

2re Robinson, James S., 303 Marshall St., Salisbury, 4611 College Ave., C.P., WA 9849 

3Ed Robinson, Joan E., 6003 Euclid Ave., Cheverly, UN 2148 

OSCS Robinson, John H. (MaJ.), 1336 No. Ode St., Arlington, Va. 

lEn Robinson, John N., 6706 Prince Georges Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 6075 

OSCS Robinson, Joseph W. (Capt.), 232 Pecan St., Hot Springs, Ark., 852 So. Frederiok St., 

US Robinson, Katherine I., 5228 8th St., N.W., 11, D.C,gE 4189 (Arlington 4, Va.. CH 7204 

OSCS Robinson, Leo H. (Maj.), Apr. 4, 3154 Parkway Terr. Dr., 20, D.C, J088390(WA 9886 

3Ed Robinson, Mary-Ellen, 724 Colorado Ave., Baltimore 10, 7407 Princeton Ave., C.P., 

OSCS Robinson, Nigel E., 611 Nutwood St., Inglewood, Calif., 77 Forrester St .,S.W.Anaoostia 

Gr Robinson, Roslyn Q, Chooorua, 'ti.U., 4214 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, Wa 4657 

OSCS Robinson, Walter W., 725 Montioello Dr., Falls Church, Va., JE 38622 

4Ed Robinson, William H., Jr., Burton Ave., Lutherville, TD 6 (AFB,* 25, D.C, BAFB Ext. 81203 

OSCS Robinson, William P., Rt. 3, Box 388, Orangeburg, S.C, 1909th A.A.CS. Sq., Andrews 

Gr Robison, Marguerites., Pawnee City, Nebr., 4605 Calvert Rd., C.P., UN 8461 

4En Robl, Louis A., 415 N. Madeira St., Baltimore 31, PE 4010 

IFE Robson, Frank L., 419 Turner St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 2431 

3AS Robson, Nancy L., 419 Turner St., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm 3 

2En Roby, E. Maclin, R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, Ashton 2147 

4AS Roooati, Arnold J., 4603 Cheltenham Dr., Bethesda 14, WI 8650 

2HE Roche, A. Melis, lb20 Kingsway .d., Baltimore 18, Alpha Omioron Pi, WA 9871 (>.P 0142 

3BPA Roche, Cornelius F., 1430 N. Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore 13, 6919 Oakridge Rd, C.P., 

OSCS Rochester, Robert K., 405 E. Marshall St., Falls Church, Va., FA 6014 

4Ed Roohkind, Albert M., 4500 White Oak Ave., Baltimore 15 (16, D.C, WO 9729 

Gr Rooke, Robert M., 430 Bright Waters Blvd., St. Petersburg, Fla., 3415 38th St., N.W., 

2Bpa Rockett, Edwin S., Jr., Apt. 1, 6923 Carleton Terr., CP., WA 8720 

3AS Roous, George R., 154 Forest St., Gallitzin, Pa., 4809 Harvard Rd., C.P., WA 8440 




2AS Rodgers, Allan F., 1 W. Bishop's Road, Baltimore 18, CH 9261 

OSes Rodgers, James, h^32 Blue Plains Road, S.W,,D.C., 1100 Food Serv.Sqdn, Boiling AFB,D.C. 

Gr Rodriguez, Mary C. (Mrs,), 7055 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park 16, SH 850^ 

ISCS Roe, Dudley G., Ill, Sudlersville, CZ 

IHE Roe, Kathryn B., Wye Mills, AAH 

Gr Roebuck, Doyle E., 1010 Cord St., Baltimore 20 

2Ag Roeder, John A., Jr., 11 Arthur Ave., Catonsville 28, Catonsville U80U 

UEn Roehl, Heniy T., 211 E. 25th St., Baltimore 18, HO 36$8 

Gr Roers, James P., 311il l6th Ave,, So., Minneapolis, Minn.,U5ll Beechwood Rd.,C.P.,AP U5ll 

ISCS Roesler, Albert M., 3002 Ken Oak Road, Baltimore 15, Dorm G 

UEn Rogalski, John B., 120 Raspe Ave., Baltimore 6 , 

I4HE Rogan, Betty J., 1026 Poplar Grove St., Baltimore 16, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

UEn Rogers, Alden L,, 625 Emerson St., N.E,, 17, D.C, LA 6-9181 

UbPA Rogers, Charles G., U Royal Oak Ave., Baltimore 7 

3En Rogers, Charles H., Apt. 301, 5620 Chillum Heists Dr., Hjattsville, AP 5108 

OSCS Rogers, Edward C. (Major), 2682 B St., Fort Meade, Post Finance Office, Ft. Meade, Ft. Mde 93U 

OSCS Rogers, Felix M., 2800 .foodley Rd. , D.C, CO 9326 

2Ed Rogers, Geraldine C, 3li22 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, AP 6IO8 

UAS Rogers, Gloria M., 3726 Conn. Ave., Apt. 509, 8, D.C, OR 0230 

Gr Rogers, Paul C, 2 Whitehall Ave., South Portland, Maine, 2708 Kirkwood PI., Hjattsville 

OSCS Rogers, Sara F., Box 105, Milner, Ga., 300 N. Carolina Ave.,S.E., 3, D.C, LI 3-lil72 

ISCS Rogers, William A., Ill, 31 East Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase 15, WI 3531 

2Ed Rogsrs, William C, Jr., 1315 West UOth St., Baltimore 11, Dorm E 

IAS Rogers, William H., Old Landover Rd., Landover, WA 2673 I 

2AS Roh, Richard J., 835 N, Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore 5, TD 3 

IAS Rohm, Barbara L., 211 Ascot Place, N.E., 2, D.C, HO 0777 I 

Ag Rohr, James R., 528 E Street, Sparrows Point 19 j 

2Ed Rohrer, Christine E., Chewsville, Sigma Kappa, WA 9861 ! 

IBPA Rohrer, J. David, Jr., 2U12 Pickwick Rd., Baltimore 7, MO 301'd 

hkS Rois, Marina P., 2205 Mayfield Ave., Baltimore 13, Alpha Omicrou Pi, WA 5593 j 

Gar Rolfe, Robert G., 905 Dcaner Ave., Takoma Park, SL hU27 

IAS Rollins, Richard R., 1110 E. St., S.E., 3, D.C, 9307 Montgomery Ave., N. Chevy Chase 

3En Rolnick, Jercme M. , 13 N. Maryland Ave,, Brunswick, Dorm E 

UEd Rolph, Samuel J., Jr., 3-B Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6111 

a- Rolston, Charles H., 80 N. High St,, Harrisonburg, Va., U210 7th St., N.W., 11, TA 5779 

2AS Rome, Gordon L., 2732 7Uth Ave., Kent Village, Hyattsville 

3Ag Romeka, William S., Hollow Road, Cockeysville, Cockeysville 315J3 

Gr Romoser, George L., 6I8 Denison St., Baltimore 29, U312 Clagett Rd., Univ. Heights, WA 7571 

UAg Rooks, Russell T., 801 S, Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va., TD 3 

2Ag Roop, Roger G., New Windsor, 6215 Baltimore Ave., Riverdale, UN 7272 

UEn Roos, Charles H., 2UlO Girard Place, N.E., 18, D.C, DE 2397 

Gr Root, John G., R.F.D. 2, Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg 722 

UAg Roper, Lloyd R., 5212 13th St., N.W., 11, D.C, TU 3276 

UHE Rosario, Joseph A., 295U Yorkway, Baltimore 22, TO 8 

OSCS Rosati, James G., 5226 8th Road, Arlington, Va. (Arlington, Va., GL UUOO, Ext. 823 

OSCS Roscher, Paul S. (Capt.), 7917 S.Loorais Blvd., Chicago 20, I11.,U306 12th Rd., South, 

Gr Roscoe, John H., 2lU Portland St.,,S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-9889 

Gr Rose, Harry J., Jr., U320 Rowalt Dr., CollBge Parte, UN I6I8 

Gr Rose, Ralph A., IBOI Leadville, Boise, Idaho, UOU Aspen St., N.W., 12, D.C, GE 5953 

OSCS Rose, Ralph F, (Major), 509 Prospect St., Minerva, Ohio, 7011th ASU, Fort ^yer, Va., 

(CH 3000,Ext.22lU 

3AS Roseraan, Byron R., U339 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 15, TD 8 

OSCS Rosen, William, 1130th Special Activities (i-oup. South Post, Ft. Ifyer, Va., OW 9UOO,Ext.252 

Gr Rosenberg, Benjamin, lUlO Parkwood Place, N.W., 10, D.C, W 0205 

Gr Rosenberg, Frank T., 819 Portland St., S.S., D.C, JO 2-021U 

Gr Rosenberg, Jerome D., 1610 Parte Rd. , 10, D.C, NO 3093 

Gr Rosenberg, Philip E., Sylcrest Apts., Baltimore 17, U503 Knox Rd. , CP. 

2Ag Rosenberger, Charles R., Jr., 3911 8th St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-9357 

2AS Rosenblatt, Lenora, 6123 Edmonston Ave., Riverdale, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

UBPA Rosenblura, Louis H., UOO l5th St,, S.E., 3, D.C, FR 8766 

UBPA Rosendorf, Harvey, 5607 16 th St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 26U2 

Gr Rosenfeld, David, 8002 Eastern Drive, Silver Spring 

Gr Rosenfeld, Rita L., lU29 Crittenden St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 5lUl 

3AS Rosenfeld, Ruth, 902 N, Charles St,, Baltimore 2, MBH 

UEn Rosenfeld, Sidney N., 3626 Cottage Ave., Baltimore 15 

2Ag Rosenkrans, Calvin A., 2103 Guilford Rd., Hyattsville 

2Ed Rosenstein, Betty M., 3712 Chatham Rd. , Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

a* Rosenstock, Mai^orie A., 5U Riverside Dr., New Yoric 2U, N.Y., 7201 Princeton Ave.,C.P., 

3PE Rosenthal, Bernard J., 3325 Alto Road, Baltimore I6, FO 677U (WA 6865 

Gr Rosenthal, H. Coleman, 200 19th St., S.E., 3, D.C, Internes' Qtrs.,200 19th St.,S.E,,3,D.C. 

OSCS Rosenthal, Joseph A., Box Ul, Walkersville 


3BPA Rosin, Donald E., 1048 No. Daniel St., Arlington, Va., OX 1584 

2Ed Ross, Betsy T., 2809 Raverford Rd., Ardmore, Fa., 6906 Wake Forest Dr., C.P. 

2En Ross, Frederick S., 1?2 Chesterfield Ave., Colonial Heights, Va., 4600 Norwich Rd., 

2AS Ross, Earry F., Williamsburg, 7407 Columbia Ave., C.P. , WA 2160 (C.P., UN 9807 

OSCS Ross, Hugh N., R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, Ashtcn 5645 (WD 2291 

OSCS Ross, Irving J., 451 B 126th St., Belle Harbor, N.Y., 2922 Upton St., N.W. 8, D.C., 

OSCS Ross, Richard H., 4828 Garfield Ave., So., Minneapolis, Minn., 4613 28th Rd. So., Apt. 1, 

OSCS Rossi, Albert E., 18 Mcl^rray Ct., Bristol, Mass., U.S. Naval Unit, Frederick (Arlington, Va, 

IBPA Rossi, LeRoy A., 1 Parkside Dr., Belleville 9, N.J., 6405 45th PI., Riverdale, UN 2012 

IAS Rossi ter, Richard G., 290 Sherman St., Akron 4, Ohio, 9405 Markham St., Silver Spring 

2MS Rosskopf, James D., 4831 36th St., N.W,, 8, D.C., TD 2 

3BPA Rosso, Victor D., Kingston Rd., Princeton, N.J., 4705 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

2AS Rossomondo, Frank P., Jr., 1944 3rd St., N.E., 2, D.C., HO 2270 

4BPA Rosson, John M. 4105 Crittenden St., Hyattsville, UN 3945 

2FS Rostkowski, Joseph A., 56 Madison St., Annapolis, TD 7 

4Ed Roszel, David W., 1415 Bolton St., Baltimore, 7401 Princeton Rd., C.P., WA 9735 

Gr Roth, Bernard, 615 N. Jefferson St., Allentown, Pa., 2223 E St., N.W., 7, D.C., RE 6226 

Gr Roth, Herbert J., 35 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 2445 

Gr Roth, James F., 2000 Oglethorpe St., W. Hyattsville, AP 5267 

3En Rothenhoefer, Robert J., 104 Upper College Terr., Frederick, Dorm F, WA 9894 

Gr Rothert, John W., 1209 W. 43rd St., Richmond, Va., 2107 S St., N.W., D.C., HU 7771 

OSCS Rothman, Sam, 1243 Holbrook Terr., N.E., 2, D.C., AT 4367 

3En Rottenberg, Mark M., 3403 Glen Ave., Baltimore 15, 7303 Yale Ave., C.p., UN 9785 

3BPA Rottman,- Ellis, 3806 Copley Rd., Baltimore 15, TD S 

OSCS Rotz, Carl R., 1209 22nd Ave., Altoona, Pa., 4206 Wheeler Rd., S.E., D.C, JO 2-3450 

4Ag Rough, Donald K., 2812 White Ave., Baltimore 14 , HA 1236 

Gr Rouleau, James P., 3205 MoKinley St., N.W., D.C, EM 2969 

ISCS Roulston, C. Robert, 3511 Southern Ave., Baltimore 14, TD 7 

Gr Roundy, Willard E., 29 Lone Oak Dr., Pethesda 14, WI 1021 

IAS Rourke, Russell A., 4216 Oneida Ave., New York 70, N.Y., Dorm C 

4BPA Roush, Harold J., 2834 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 24 ,PE 7235 

lAg Roush, Lee E., 2816 Hamilton Ave., Baltimore 14, TD 3 

4AS Rousis, Leonidas G., 2303 N. Monroe St., Baltimore 17 

2BPA Routzahn, Allen R., 35 Rosemont Ave., Frederick, Dorm F, WA 9877 (HU 6000 Ext. 727 

OSCS Roux, Jeannine M.(Mrs.), 14 rue LapeyreVe, Paris, France. Dupont Plaza Hotel, Apt. 72 7, D.C, 

Gr Rovinski, Robert S., 47 So. Landon Ave., Kingston, Pa., Apt. 203, 2525 Southern Ave., 

Gr Rovner, Philip, 1419 Chapin St., K.W., 9, D.C, AD 5689 (20, D.C. 

3BPA Rowan, Edward V., 1803 Hanover St., Baltimore 30, SZ 

OSCS Rowan, Frederick L., 28 Highland PI,, Indian Head 

Am Rowden, J. R., Box 1085, Morenoi, Ariz., VF2, Apt.E., C.P. 

Gr Rowe, Edward H., 1317 Upper Brandon PI., Norfolk, Va., 4513 College Ave., C.P., WA 6533 

Gr Rowe, Peter N., 4303 Woodberry St., Hyattsville, EY 0596 

3Ag Rowe, Phillip Y., Box 302, Indian Bead, VF2, Apt.E., C.P. 

3Ed Rowe, Phyllis B. (Mrs.), 6536 V^ells Parkway, Riverdale 

4HE Rowe, Ruth A.(Mrs.), Box 302, Indian Head, VF 2. Apt. E., C.P. 

Gr Rowe, William J,, 6536 Wells Pkwy., Riverdale 

4AS Rowland, James B,, 2804 63rd Ave., Cheverly, UN 6920 

4En Rowland, R., Wilson, Rt. 1, Box 448, Annandale, Va., 8310 48th Ave., C.P., TO 4842 

3AS Rowland, Virginia A., 2804 63rd Ave,, Cheverly, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

OSCS Rowlands, Thomas W., 1036 Bamaby Terr., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 23256 

Gr Rowzee, Charles A., 2800 K St., Apt. 5, S.E., 19, D.C, AX 6753 

4BPA Rowzee, Edward F., 115 Quackenbos St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 4718 

AS Roxin, Paul L., 2133 Callow Ave., Baltimore 17, 4509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 9513 

OSCS Roy, Dwight M., 802 N. Market St., Frederick 

IBPA Roycroft,. Frank F., Jr., 1511 N. Milton Ave., Baltimore 13 ,EA 3809 

3Ed Rozmarynowski, Stanley A., 3810 9th St., Baltimore 25, TD 2 

2HE Ruark, Dorothy L,, 413 Maude Ave., Baltimore 25, Pi Beta Phi, UN 9885 

2BPA Ruark, Frank W., 532 E. Clement St., Baltimore 30, TD 4 

3BPA Ruark, George R., Jr., 500 Overbrook Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm C (JO 2-1150 

OSCS Rubard, James J., 1112 Dakota Ave., Libby, Mont., Apt. 103, 4305 TNTieeler Rd,, S,E., D.C, 

2AS Rubenstein, Stanley E., 1372 Fort Stevens St., N.W,, 11, D.C, TA 6509 

IBPA Rubin, Lonnie B., 212 Oneida PI., N.E., 11, D.C, TA 4158 

IBPA Rubin, Paul M,, 7723 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park, SH 5839 

2BPA Rubin, Sheldon A., 3710 Bunker Hill Rd,, Brentwood, UN 3139 

OSCS Rubin, Sherwin, 6817 Georgia Ave,, N,W,, 12, D,C, TU 4097 

2AS Rubinstein, Madelyn H., 7808 Crossland Rd., Baltimore 8, Phi Sigma Sigma, WA 9828 

3FE Ruckert, James A., 7 M Research Rd., Greonbelt, Greenbelt 4729 

Gr Rudd, Gordon W., Rt. 3, Winchester, Va., 6514 79th PI., Cabin John, 0L1857 

2En Rudderow, William H., 2032 New Jersey Ave., haddon Eeights, N,J., Theta Chi 

4En Ruddy, Joseph R., 5800 Quintana St., Riverdale, VIA 7515 


I4AS Rudiger, Edward C, 3109 Shannon Drive, Balto. 13 

3En Rudigier, Joseph J., 21^ Franklin Ave., Silver Spring, SH 3096 

3Ed Rudkin, Kenneth E., kojite #1, Box 23, Laurel, Laurel 699W 

IAS Rudo, Arnold L., 3b 19' Holmes Ave., Balto. 17, TD 5 

UkS Rudolph, Gerald L., hi4l2 Parlcmont Ave., Balto. 6 

2En Rudolph, Robert E., Harmans, TD 2 

2SCS Rudow, Maurice G., 3717 Sequoia Ave., Balto. 15, Dickinson Ave., C.P. 

3BPA Ruehl, Wilbur E., Park Heights, Cumberland, Dorm J (WO 6127 

Gr Rugg, Dean S., 829 19th St., Apt. 21, Greeley, Colo., Uii39 Fessenden St., N.W., D.C., 

IAS Rulis, Thomas J., 319 E. Pine St., Mahanoy City, Pa., Dorm C 

OSCS Runes, Eugene, Technical Command, Army Chetaical Center 

3BPA Runyon, Ralph A., Ih Madison Ave., Red Bank, N.J., 5506 39th Ave., Hyattsville, WA 5199 

ISCS Ruoff, Herbert C, 702 Auburn Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 2106 

3En Ruoff, Hollis C, Jr., 702 Auburn Ave., Takoma Park, SH 2106 

ISCS Ruppel, Gilbert L., Jr., l602 Wilkens Ave., Balto. 23, TD 1 

Ug Ruppenthal, Ralph U., 207 N. Green St., Berkeley Springs, 7206 Bowdoin Ave,, C.?., UN 0868 

ISCS Ruppert, John H., 11000 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SL 9193 

En Russ, Donald H., 66 Maywood Ave., Maywood, N.J., Dorm E 

IBPA Russell, Benjamin C, Jr., U8 Coolidge Ave., Caldwell, N.J., Dorm 

Gr Russell, Carl M., 312 Yorktown Rd., Lexington Park 

3Ag Russell, Charles E., 6^03 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

Gr Russell, Donald H., Iij9 Ivanhoe St., S.W'., 20, D.C., JO 3-67l9 

3AS Russell, Edward J., 20S Belmont St., York, Pa., Dorm F 

OSCS Russell, Harold E., 2808 Naylor Rd., S.E., D.C. 

liEn Russell, John A., Jr., 363I Brandywine St., N.W., 8, D.C.., EM 2753 

OSCS Russell, Lloyd G., Manhattan, Mont., 3238 13th St., S.E., 25, D.C, JO 3^916 

OSCS Russell, Lloyd W., 10 Glymont Rd., Potomac Heights, Indian Head 

2BPA Russell, Murray A., 8005 Eastern Ave., Silver Spring, SL 7678 

11^ Russell, Richard S., Sunderland, TD 2 

OSCS Russell, Robert T., 3218 Martha Custis Drive, Alexandria, Va., King 8-9360 

3BPA Russell, Robert V., U821 Osage St., C.P., TO 56I47 

3En Russell, Thomas M., Notley Rd., RFD#1, Silver Spring, SH 2901 

OSCS Russell," Webster F,, 1100 Mississippi Ave., S.E., Apt. 3B, 20, D.C, JO 20361 

lEd Russin, Lois E., 1221 Floral St., 12, D.C, RA 1078 

2AS Rust, John D., 1009 St. Dunstan Rd., Balto. 12, Calvert C 

UEd Ruth, Donald N., 3I1O6 Parkington Ave., Balto. 15, Dorm 

i4En Ruth, John W., 773 Linnard St., Balto. 29, LO 9hh3 

2BPA Rutherford, William H., 7206 Cabot St., 20, D.C, HI I4336 

Gr Ryall, Robert H., U219 Hh St., S.E., Apt. 3, 20, D.C. 

3BPA Ryan, Charles L., 907 Domer Ave., Takoma Park 12, JU 7-7891 

lEd Ryan, Edward J., I83I4 Byrd St., Balto. 30, TD 2 

liEd Ryan, James E., 3301 Ailsa Ave., Balto. lii, Theta Chi 

2BPA Ryan, John P., 33 Pickwick Rd., Marblehead, Mass., 14611 College Ave., C.P., WA 981;9 

IMS Ryan, Kevin T., Jr., Bowie, Bowie 1^256 

IiAS Ryan, Martin J., 2I4 Waiker St., New London, Conn., 7105 Rhode Island Ave., G.P., M. 26o6 

hPE Ryan, Patricia M., 317 E. St., N.E., 2, D.C, 7305 lale Ave., C.P., WA 8331 

2BPA Ryan, Paul A., 33 Pickwick Rd., Marblehead, toss.. Alpha Tau Omega, WA 98I49 

OSCS Ryder, Irvin C, 1501 S. Edgewood St., Arlington, Va., CH 7500 Ext.56U 

2BPA Ryland, Henry J., Hotel Stafford, Balto., Dono N 

3En Rymer, Josepu R., 1625 Franklin St., N.E., 18, D.C, HO 1592 

2BPA Rymland, Richard S., 3506 Denison Rd., Balto. 15, Dorm C 

l4En Ryon, John C, VF 10, Apt D., CP. 

2Ag Rysavy, Moika A., 6621 Winnett Rd., Chevy Chase 15, WI U438 

UBPA Sabin, Arthur C, 715 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring 

2AS Sabin, James T., 715 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring 

3AS Sabin, Joan, Chevy Chase Lake Apts, 3722 Lianor Rd., Chevy Chase, WI 9307 

UBPA Sabin, William C, 7213 Flo/^cr Ave., Takoma Park, SH 3895 

Gr Sacher, Robert E., U8I8 lilst St., N.W., 16, D.C, OR 8587 

2Ed Sachs, Carolyn E., 3819 Fernhill Ave., Balto. 15, MBH 

3BPA Sachs, Marvin L., 830 Brooks Lane, Balto. 17, U509 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

UBPA Sacks, Edward D., 101 Chevy Chase Drive, Chevy Chase 15, WI 2929 

3Ag Sadtler, William C, Ruxton U, Aloha Tau Ometra 

Gr Safadi, Salah A., Shabsog St., Amman, Jordan, 17I48 Q St., N.W., D.C, DU 9350 

Gr Saffitz, Irving M., 9i43 E 29th St., Brooklyn 10, N.Y., 17 Forrester St., S.W., 20, D.C 

2AS Sage, Stanley J., 39 Curtis St., Bloomfield, N.J., SZ (JO 3-1067 

lEd Sagner, Elaine S., 2606 Queen Anne Rd., Balto. 16, AAH 

US Saied, Helen M., U213 37th St., N.W., 8, D.C., EM 8330 

3AS St. Clair, Beverly J., 1805 Alcan Drive, Silver Spring, I4603 Calvert Rd., C.P., UN 9893 

lEn St. George, Karl W., 7207 Dartmouth Ave., C.P., UN 0U6I 

tiEn St. Ours, Lloyd Martin, U139 Eierman Ave., Balto. 6, Calvert C 


2AS Saiontz, Larry H., 2319 -Jf. Garrison Ave., Baltimore 15, Phi Alpha 

Gr Sale, Bdwin E., 1130 Park Blvd., Baton Rouge, La., 7U08 Rhode Islarid Ave., C.P. 

Gr Salerno, James, 291 Sherman Ave., Newark 5, N.J., 2932 Upton St., N.W., D.C., W) 9892 

2Ag Salganik, Donald G., 2210 South Rd., Baltimore 9, UlO Knox Rd., C. P., WA 98i;5 

2Ag Salganik, Donald M., 2308 South Rd., Baltimore 9, Dorm N 

IHE Salganik, Lenore D., 2312 South Rd., Baltimore 9, Dorm 3 (WA 8U0i| 

lAg Salinas, Hector 0., Santo Domingo, Chontales, Nicaragua, 3903 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, 

lEn Salinger, Werner, kSlQ Wakefield Rd., Baltimore l6. Dorm K 

IAS Salins, Edward J., 5710 Blair Rd., N.E., 11, D. C., RA l6la 

BPA Salloumy, Nuhad M., Basrah, Iraq, AAH' 

Gr Salsbury, Dorathy A., 62 Allison St., N.E., D. C., RA 8632 

3En Salter, Joseph L., 3205 Gibbons Ave., Baltimore lU, HA 7718 

Gr Salter, Richard G., 661; Northampton Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7-9563 

UPE Salvanelli, Mario L., 3300 Fourth St., N.W., D. C, TA 5U9li 

ISCS Saraons, Don F., 71lU Marion Lane, Bethesda Ik, OL 73l6 

3 AS Samorodin, Violet S., 255U W. Gold Spring Lane, Baltimore l5, MBH 

2En Samosuk, Wesley R., 33l5 Parkington Ave., Baltimore l5, TD 3 

2PPA Sampson, A. Clarence, Jr., 5U05 Gallatin St., Hyattsville, WA 38U5 

lAg Sanborn, James M., lU07 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, SL UlkS 

UaS Sanborn, Robert L., Ili07 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, SL U7li5 

2Ag Sanchez, P.amiro F., Leon Nicaragua, C. A., 3901 Longellow St., Hyattsville, WA 8Ii0li 

3SCS Sand, A. Rudolph, 58lU 614th Ave., Riverdale, AP 0732 

AS Sandelmann, A. Christiane, 235 Willow Ave., Takoma Park, SL 6377 

UBPA Sander, George F., 3901 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, Dom E (Va., JA 8-U328 

OSCS Sanders, Anna M., 6IO East Colorado Ave., St. Joe, Mo., 1101 N. Kenilwcrth St., Arlington, 

IFE Sanders, Bernard W., 200 7th Ave., Brooklyn Park 25, Brooklyn Park 0903J 

OSCS Sanders, Roger L., 31UI4 Westover Dr., S.E., 20, D. C, LU 18588 

OSCS Sanders, Troy H., 6l5 N. Walnut St., Centralia, 111., Camp Detrick, Frederick 

Gr Sanderson, Albert E., Jr.j Herald Harbor, Crownsville 

3AS Sanderson, Benjamin T., Crownsville 

Ag Sanderson, Donald P., U33 Morris St., Woodbury, N, J., NZ 

UBPA Sandler, Leonard, 2U08 Briarwood Rd., Baltdjaore 9, FO 5810 

IAS Sandler, Ralph, 272ii 12th St., M.E., 13, D, C, LA 6-7900 

IBPA Sandler, Robert E., 2912 38th St., N.W., I6, D.C., WD 0133 

IBPA Sandler, Sheldon, 23l5 Violet Ave., Baltimore l5, TD 1 

Gr Sandoval, Florencio, 1738 Irving St., N.W., D. C, DE 687I4 

Gr Sandoz, George, 117 Joliet St., 20, D. C. 

ISCS Sandoz, Thomas '7., l5 Primrose St., Chevy Chase l5, OL 0015 

liBPA Sandrock, John E., 36l5 Ednor Rd., Baltimore 18, Kappa Alpha, UN 9833 (OW 1^05 

OSCS Sands, Pierre N., 6l5 So. 32nd St., Tacoma, Wash., 5006 Columbia Pike, Arlington,Va. , 

Gr Sandt, Anna B., 5329 Belt Rd. , N.W., l5, D. C, OR 5337 (Greenbelt 8771 

Gr Sanford, Betty L. (Mrs.), 8I6 Fourth St., Wilmette, 111., lOL Parkway, Greenbelt, 

OSCS Sanford, Douglas F., 313 East 8th St., Dallas, Texas 

OSCS Sanger, Edward W., Wilson Ave., Frederick, Frederick 1327M 

Gr Sanger, Raymond F., 532 E. Nelson Ave., Alexandria, Va., OV U529 

OSCS Sanner, Charles S. V., R.F.D. h, Frederick, Frederick 273li 

lEd Sant Angelo, Gloria A., 2U2lt 55th Place, Cheverly, Dom 3 

BPA Sapero, Fred H., I4OI7 Norfolk Ave., Baltimore, TD 6* 

OSCS Sapp, Alma M., c/o Post Forester, Fort Ueade, Ft. Meade 2991 

lAS Sapperstein, Velva, 5120 Cordelia Ave., Baltimore 15, MO 73U6 

liEd Sappington, Herbert L., R.F.D. 5, Box h3, Pasadena 

Gr Sargent, Jack, 2l60 Bolton St., New York 60, N.Y., 210 Newcomb St., S.E., D. C, JO 81i9U 

Gr Sarle, Rodney G., 2 Erchles St., Rumford, Maine, 672li Baltimore Blvd., Univ. Pk.,UN 98U5 

OSCS Sarrasin, Lionel, 506 Jackson Ave., Takoma Park, SH 51^76 

IPE Sarro, Jo Ann L., 6006 U3rd Ave., Hyattsville, AP 6235 

OSCS Sartor, Samuel 0. (Maj.), 5lii7 MacArthui* Blvd., N.W., 16, D. C, WD 5262 

2SCS Sassaman, Gordon M., 606 Congress St., Havre de Grace, Dorm F 

OSCS Sasse, Emil D. (Maj.), l507 hist St., S.E., 20, D. C, AX 2170 

Gr Sasser, Joseph N., R.F.D. 5, Goldsboro, N. C. 

2Ed Saterlie, William M., 6905 Avondale Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm M 

3HE Saull, Harry A., 5333 Gist Ave., Baltimore l5, HO OU66 

IPPA Sauls, Jacqueline L., 10113 Quinby St., Silver Spring 

2BPA Sauls, William C, 23a Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt U66I 

OSCS Saunders, Charles E., lOU Eestmoor Dr., Silver Spring 

AS Saunders, John B., 3206 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., D.C., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

Gr Saunders, Maxine J. (Mrs.), U09 Elm Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH hk99 

2BPA Saunders, Richard G., 2l6 Lorraine Ave., Montclair, N. J., Calvert C 

Gr Saunders, Samuel P., Pox 25, Greensboro, Greensboro 3921 

2Ag Saunders, Walter L., Jr., it08 Fairfax Rd., Bethesda lii, OL 6999 

2PPA Savage, Harold P., II426 21 St., N.W., D. C, DE 9676 


2Ag Savage, James If., Chlncha # 1^0, Callao, Peru, Peru Road, BeniTn, TO 6063 

OSCS Savage, Mary E. (Major), 2722 133rd St., N.W., 9, D.C. 

2BPA Savarese, Joseph V.j Jr., 2U06 Dennis Ave., Silver Spring, SL 978U 

Or Savitt, Jacob, 8606 Garland Ave., Takona Park 12, SL Ul9U 

liEn Sawtelle, Donald W., Jr., 303 Southampton Dr., Silver Spring, SL 1189 

3En Sawtelle, Edward M., 6136 31st St., N.W,, 15, D.C, EM 0582 

3BPA Sawtelle, Roger H., 6136 31st St., N.W., 15, D.C., EM 0582 

OSCS Sawyer, Sara B., Northwest Parte Apts., 331 Southampton Dr., Silver Spring, SL 1272 

Gr Sayers, Alice E. P. (Mrs.), U209 Oglethorpe St., Hyatbsville, UN II423 

OSCS Sayers, Harry E., 609 Summit St., Hagerstown, Hagerst-own 1679R 

13CS Saylor, Charles W., 2Ul2 Loch Raven Rd. , Baltimore 18, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

km, Scales, Mary E. , 3109 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, UN 770U 

IBPA Scali, Robert E. , 29 N. Spring St., Meriden, Conn., Dona H 

2SCS Scarbath, John C, 2919 Montebello Terrace, Baltimore ih, Dorm F 

UAg Scarborough, Edmund R., Jr., Fallston, Dorm C 

3HE Scarborough, John 0., 2909 Onyx Rd. , Baltimore lii, TD 8 

3PE Scarborough, Nancy J., Fallston, AAH 

UEd Schaaf, Williaa G., 3iio8 Vamum St., Brentwood, UN 2263 

2AS Schabb, Marie P., 726 N. Hilton St., Baltimore 29, u8l2 College Ave., C.P.,WA 9628 

Ca- Schach, Milton, 3713 Uth St.,- S.E., 20, O.C, JO 2-7958 

liAS Schaefer, Addie L., 105 Thicket Hd., Baltimore 12, Kappa Alpha Theta, C.P., UN 9329 

iSn Schaefer, Alfred H., 3216 Pelham Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm C (8, D.C, CO 7168 

Gr Schaefer, David H., U731 Grosvenor Ave., New York 63, N.Y., 2708 Cathedi'al Ave., N.W,, 

liEn Schaefer, Edwaid W., 9509 Montgomeiy Dr., Bethesda lii, T?I 229ii 

I4BPA Schaefer, Jerome J., l5lU Frankford Ave., Baltimore I'U, IV 3 

UBPA Schaefer, Richard B., 3021 Shannon Dr.. Baltimore 13j TD 1 

OSCS Schaeffer, Fred C, 13 Glymont St., Indian Head 

UBPA Schaefle, John B., 113 W. 3rd St., Frederick, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

3AS Schafer, David F., Morgatown St., Newburg, SZ 

IAS Schafer, Max S., 6OO8 12th St., Tampa, Fla, h&Ok Bxirlington Rd.,Hyatt3ville,UN 0837 

UEn Schafer, Pd chard L., 1372 Randolph St., N.W., D.C 

Gr Schafer, Shirley B. (Mrs.), Bowie, Bowie 3189 

ISCS Schafer, Walter J., R.F.D., Bowie, Bowie 3189 

Or Schaffer, Heniy L.,58lO 9th St., N.W., 11, D.C, T& h969 

OSCS Schalla, Erich C^ 1021 17th St., South, Arlington, Va. , OT 9U97 

2Ed Schallmo, Jaraes E. , 53U Cambridge Ave., Buffalo 15, N.Y.,7F 12, Apt, F., CP.,UN 988U 

OSCS Schantz, Edward J., II5 West lUth St., Frederidc, Frederick 1533J 

kkS Schap, Joseph, 2853 Monroe St., N.E., 18, D.C, Dorm J. 

2En Schap, Louis R., 2853 Monroe St., N.E., 18, D^C, AD 6b09 (Ext.6225 

OSCS Schapira, Calvin D., U53^ U^th St., Long Island City,N.Y., Andrews AFB, 25, D.C, HI 3100, 

Gr Scharff, Leon, 26 Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 2001 (Ext. 51il* 

OSCS Schamhorst, George R., 5l West 110th St., Chicago, 111, Camp Detrick, Frederick,Fred.ll91, 

OSCS Schaub, Benton H., Box 3U, Gar.b rills. South Shore 5139 

IAS Schaimiburg, Robert M., 8 Greenwood PI., Indian Head, Dorm (TA 17Ul 

UHE Scheffler, Luther E., 609 Franklin St., Gretna, La., UIO6 Illinois Ave.,H.W.,ll,D.C, 

Gr Shegogue, Sara M. (Mrs.), 1*115 5lst St., Bladensburg, UN 8252 

liBPA Schein, Marvin H., 3813 Dolfield Ave., Baltimore 15, Dom K 

2Ed Schelhouse, Iva Ruth R,, Centreville, MBH 

3En Schellhas, Charlotte E., 3lll7 DuPont Ave., Baltimore 15, AAH 

OSCS Schendell, Audrey L. (Mrs.), 63OI l6th St., N.W,, 11, D.C 

lEd Scherr, Betty M., 3U00 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 16, MBH 

3PE Scheyett, lalter E., 6120 U3rd Ave., i^attsville, UN 1552 

2En Schiattareggia, Hugo A., 3960 Alabama Ave., S.E., 20, D.C, TW I696 

2BPA Schiavone, Michael A., 5.^26 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase 15, OL U*32 

lAS Schief, ITilliaa R., 729 Gist Ave., Silver Spring 

2Ag Schifanelli, Richard S,, 13 N. Linden Ave., Annapolis, Dorm C 

Gr Schiff, Irwin, 2706 S. 8th Street, Arlington, Va., JA 8-6379 

2AS Schildroth, William H., 2711; 17th St., N.E., 18, D.C, NO I4763 

OSCS Schimpf, Thomas J., Hq.& Hq. Sq. 1050th MScS Gp., Andrews AFB, 25, D.C, HI 3100, Ext. ii232 

2HE Schindel, M, Ann, 28 E. Washington St., Hagerstown, MBH 

UEn Schindler, I. Morton, 2^01 E. Jefferson St., Baltimore 5, TD 1 

2AS Schindler, Ronald S. , 322 Fayette St., Cumberland, Dorm L 

UBPA Schindler, Wallace T., Jr., 2U Darwin Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 3510 

2En Schlaile, Erich C, Winans Road, Randalls town, VF9,Apt, C, CP. 

Gr Schlain, David, 8203 liith Ave., Hyatt sville 

US Schlein, Janet L., 5016 l6th St., N.W,, 11, D.C, RA 0033 

UEn Schlenger, Harold A., J42UU Seisterstown Rd., Baltimore 15, U607 Knox Rd., CP.,WA 9766 

UEd Schley, Donald G., Greentop Farm, Fr-ederick, Frederick 773J (Va.,JE 38132 

OSCS SchOicher, Noman R., 232 E. State St., Trenton, N.J.,6U99 Glenoarlyn Rd., Falls Church, 

UEd Schlossberg, Myma D., 3710 Strathmore Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm 3 


ISCS Schlossberg, Sheldon 8030 L^th St., N.W., 12, D.G., GE 51i82 

Gr Schlueter, Robert J,, 303 N. Center St., Sullivan, Mo., I;708 Harvard Rd., C,P.,OT 006l 

OSes Schmelz, Richard E. (Capt.), 32 Pearl St., Oyster Bay, N.Y., $17 N. Piedmont St., Arlington, 

3BPA Schraelzer, Robert L., 3721 Livingston St., N.W., 15, D.C., EM 6862 (Va.,GL 6^00 

Gr Schmersahlj George W. , Military Road, Frederick 

Gr Sdamid, Albert E., Jr., 3U-D Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

2En Schmid, Robert W., Apt. A, lli03 Lochner Rd. , Baltimore 12, Dorm E 

3BPA Schmid, Walter, Jr., li;03 Lochner Rd., Baltimore 12, Dorm E 

IHE Schmidt, Betty R.,5605 tTilson Lane, Bethesda lU, Donn 3 

3AS Schmidt, Charles G., 65U2 U6th Place, Riverdale 

ISCS Schmidt, Edward J., 102 West Newell Ave., Rutherford, N.J., TD 5 

OSCS Schmidt, Julius H., Jr. (Capt.), Box U03, Sacramento, Calif., R.F.D. 3, Box l6l, Vienna, Va. 

Gr Schmidt, Robert A., 501 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, Mich. ,3732 Alton P1,,N.W.,16,W0 5918 

lAg Schmidt, Robert P., R.D. 3, Hagerstown, Hagerstown 92670 

IAS Schnidt, Warren H., U309 Marble Hall Rd., Baltimore 18 

ISCS Schmidt, William W., Route 1, Box 156, Laurel, Laurel 35 

Gr Schmiedl, Joseph F., 66U8 Rhode Island Ave., Riverdale, AP 3752 

ISCS Schmulovitz, Philip L., U052 Paik Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 8 

3HE Schnabel, Marguerite K., Ull Rittenhouse St.,N.W., 11, D.C., Gamma Phi Beta, WA 9773 

Gr Schneebaum, Moe I., 67U7 3rd Ave., Brooklyn 20, N.Y., 300 Livingston Terrace, S.E.,20, 

(D.C.,JO 2-733U 

ISCS Schneiberg, Pearl, 3027 Davenport St., 8, D.C., EM 2lU6 

3Ed Schneider, Adele, 1351 Tewkesbury Place, N.W., 11, D.C., TO 92Ul 

OSCS Schneider, Core thy E., 1908 N St., N.W., 6, D.C., ME 6297 

OSCS Sdineider, Heniy J., 80U S. Florida St., Arlington, Va., OL 8227 

2En Schneider, John L., 17U Passaic St., Garfield, N.J., Calvert C 

2Ag Schneider, Joseph T., 927 Curtis Ave., Belmar, N.J., Dorm 

3BPA Schneider, Thomas F., 123 Albemarle St., Westmoreland Hills, Ii605 College Ave.,C.P.,WA 988U 

OSCS Schnell, Gene W., Apt. 1015D, Camp Detrick, Frederick 

UBPA Schnurr, Martin K., 1209 Round Hill Rd., Baltimore, l|J+00 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9833 

lEd Schnydman, Lois, 28l6 Santa Fe Ave., Baltimore 15, MBH 

IAS Schocket, Lee I., li02U Boarman Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 1 

Gr Schoech, Herbert H., Flight Test, NATO, Patuxent River 

UAS Schoff stall, Robert S., 91iil Sligo Creek Parkway, Silver Spring, SL 2792 

OSCS Scholl, George S., 1869 Mintwood Place, N.W., 9, IE 7752 

Gr Schonstedt, Erick 0., 1355 Peabody St., N.W., D.C., TA 1839 

OSCS Schooley, Clarence H., 3lU East Mason Ave., Alexandria, Va., TE 5326 

3Ag Schooley, Lyman 0., 5002 Illinois Ave., N.W., D.C., GE 8372 (UN llOU 

UAS Schou, Andrew J., Box 132, Cliffwood Ave., Mattawan, N.J., 32lU Chillum Rd.,Mt. Rainier, 

IAS Schrader, Eda B., 232 Prospect St., Chevy Chase 15, WI U797 

2Ag Schram, Edward A., U932 Brandywine St., N.W., 16, D.C., OR 1782 

UAS Schraimn, Frederick C, U623 Rosedale Ave., Bethesda ll*, 917 Goodluck Rd., E. Riverdale, 

UbPA Schramm, Vernon G., 107 W. 3rd Ave., Baltimore 25, TD 8 (UN 9770 

3AS Schreiber, Graydon L., UOOl Round Top Rd., Baltimore 18, U621; Harvard Rd.,C.P.,UN U32U 

2Ag Schreiner, Ernest J., Bowie 

Gr Schreiner, Max, Jr., Apt. 3, 5806 Cleveland Ave., Riverdale 

2AS Schreter, Beverly M., 3703 Glen Ave., Baltimore 15, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WA 9701 

IBPA Schroder, Claudia P., 2002 Rittenhouse St., Green Meadows, UN 2703 

lAS Schroeder, Francis J., 3710 Ely Place, S.E., 19, D.C., VI 9178 

lEn Schrufer, John W., 101 South Monastery Ave., Baltimore 29, WI 7867 

2AS Schubert, Charles J., Ila7 N. Scott St., Arlington 9, Va., OL 5723 

OSCS Schubert, David C, Apt. h, U209 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville 

dc Schubert, Leo, 1100 Mississippi Ave., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-35l]| (Va., TE 6900, Ext. 21*0 

OSCS Schubert, Robert K., 167 East Stanton St., Streator, 111., I6l6 Abingdon Dr., Alexandria, 

PE Schuerholz, Wilson J., 1121 Bonapart Ave., Baltimore 18, 1U 8153 

Gr Schuldiner, Sigmund, ^201 Uth St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 3-9357 (Va.,OV 2135 

Gr Schulman, Joseph R., 250 W. lOUth St., New York 25, N.Y., 922 S.Washington St., Alexandria, 

OSCS Schultz, Adrian J. (Capt.), 1207 South 20th St., Arlington, Va., OT 7233 (15, WI 2910 

3BPA Schultz, Bernard E., 319 Water St., Johnsonburg, Pa., 102 E. Ihomapple St., Chevy Chase, 

OSCS Schultz, Frederick W., Boiling AFB, BOQ 60U, 25,D.C.,HQ 1908 AACS Sq. (Pent.), 25, D.C. 

I4MS Schultz, James D., 1*907 Blackfoot Rd., College Park, TO 57U7 

IAS Schultz, Mama C, 27 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Paik 12, SH 7130 

2BPA Schultze, George H., Jr., 67OO Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda lU, WI 0877 

UAg Schulz, Charles M., 3300 Rueckert Ave., Baltimore Hi, TD U 

Gr Schuman, Robert A., 903 Lake Dr., Baltimore 17,6808 Dartmouth Ave., C.P., UN 1523 

3En Schuman, William J., Jr., 2811 Rayner Ave., Baltimore 16, Dorm 

3En Schuneke, Michael F., U218 Massachusetts Ave., Baltimore 29, WI 6389 

3BPA Schurman, Calvin H., 3501 Echodale Ave., Baltimore lU, Dorm F 

UEd Schumann, Robert E., 2003 Fordham St., Apt. 302, Hyattsville 

2AS Schuster, Arthur S., 3631 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore 16, U607 Knox Hd.,C.P.,WA 9766 

lAg Schutte, Thomas H., 512 2nd St., California, Pa., 89OO 57th St., Berwyn Heights 


2AS Sohuyler, John A., 4707 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 3998 

OSCS Sohv/ab, John L., Camp Detrick, Frederick, Frederick 1191, Ext. 527 

4EFA Sotapralier, Wicholes G., Arnold, Derm E 

OAS Schwarting, Wilford R., South Amana, Iowa, 832 Longfellow St., N.W., 11, D.C., RA 6860 

OSCS Sohwartr, Donald, 228 I.'. 6th St., Heading, Pa., Base Weather Sta., Boiling AFE, 25, D.C, 

IAS Schwartt, Franklin D., 431 E. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore 12, TD 4 

IBPA Sohwarts, LeRoy A., 1801 Barford Ave., Baltimore 13, TD 1 

Gr Sohwartr, Karian L., 8712 Caiaeron St., Silver Spring, SL 4191 

2En Schwartt, Robert G,, Rt. 1, Silver .Spring 

4En Sohwartt, Seyniour, 4501 Kathland Ave., Baltimore 1 , VO 7062 

IPE Sohwarts, Shirley A., Royshirl Farms, Woodboro, Rt. 1, jfEH (25, D.C. 

OSCS Schwartt, Stanton C, 228 h'. 6th St., Reading, Pa., Base V.'eather Sta., Boiling AFE, 

OSCS Sohwarttberg, Eenry G., 932 Garden Dr., Apt. 1-B, Essex, Tech. Coinmand Army Cheni. Ctr. 

Gr Schwartzberg, Joseph E., 1712 liostrand Ave., Brooklyn 26, S.Y., 1426 2l8t St., I.'.W., 6, 

4Ed Sohwartaoan, Dolores I., 6010 Wallis Ave., Baltimore 15, 48'12 College (D.C, ¥1 9892 

IZn Schwarz, Charles F., 5411 Brendan Ave., Baltimore 13, FE 6578 (Ave., C.P., WA 9828 

Gr Schwarz, George J., Jr., 1825 K. ¥ilton Ave., Baltimore 13, BR 8343 

Gr Sch»rerzbach, Jerome «., 504 Kidway Dr., Lexington Park, Great yills 7931 

Gr Sohwebel, Abrah^aci, 2402 Darrow St., Silver Spring, SL 1015 

OSCS Sohweittcr, Britt J., 814 Underwood St., 12, D.C, TA 3934 

2SCS Sobweizer, Eacs D., 6207 43rd St., Riverdale, WA 7057 

OSCS Schwlng, Ruth V., Rt. 1, Harrison, Ohio, Delano Eall, Army Med. Ctr., 12, D.C. 

4En Sohymik, Walter S., 215 Orlando Ave., Creland, Pa., Dona 

3PE Soiosoia, Eamey, 107 Eazel Ave., Westfield, N.J., FZ 

Gr Solar, Raohel K., 2132 F St., N.W., 7, D.C, DI 8752 

3AS Scolaro, Dominie C, 224 Fanisworth Ave., Bordentown, N.J., Dorm 

3AS Scopino, John A., R.F.D. 2, Terryville, Conn., 2103 Guilford Rd., Eyattsvllle 

Gr Soorgie, Donald G., 3712 2nd St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-3606 

LAS Soott, Alice K., 5008 47th Ave., Edmonston, WA 1742 

1B?A Scott, Donald F., 557 'Sreen St., Havre Do Gr«oe, Dorm F 

IBE Soott, Elaine B., 4326 Underwood St., University Park, LF!' 07^9 

ISCS Soott, Ellen B.(¥r6.), 8619 Plney Branch Rd., Sliver Spring, SL 3443 

Gr Soott, Ellis E., 546A Beacon Rd., Silver Spring, JU 7-7461 

3En Soott, George W., 6314 Frederick Rd., Baltimore 28, Calvert E 

4Ag Scott, James, 75 Phillips St., Weymouth 88, Kass., Dorm L 

4En Soott, James K., 4315 Wilkens Ave., Apt. E, Baltimore 29 (UH 1248 

3BPA Soott, Joseph E.,Stoney Lane, East Greenwich, R.I., 3640 Bladensburg Rd., Cottage City, 

3AS Soott, Kenneth D., 5157 Viaduot Ave., Baltimore 27 

Gr Soott, Lois C,(Kra.), 3051 Idaho Ave., K.W., 16, D.C, OR 2610 

lEE Soott, Karlita R., 216 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park 

3EPA Soott, P. Allen, 103 Horth Avenue, Eagerstcwn, Dcnn C 

4En Soott, Robert H., 4008 Hamilton St., Byattsville, WA 3547 

2Sn Soott, Thomas H., 3318 17th St., lI.E., 18, D.C, NO 6947 

3BPA Scott, William, 907 Fayette St., Cuir:berland, Tippett Building, CP. 

4AS Scott, WilliaE K., 3318 17th St., N.E., 16, D.C. BO 6947 

4BPA Scotten, Wilmer E., R.F.D. 2, Aberdeen, Dorm 1 

OSCS Sootton, Louise D., Goldsboro, Greensboro 3108 

4l'S Scovell, Rolf S., 736 Longfellow St., IJ.W., 11, D.C, RA 0235 

3En Soribner, Arthur E., 5304 Glencove Pkwy., Westgate, OL 3558 

Gr Soribner, Bourdon ?., 4801 Connecticut Ave., 8, D.C, WO 6217 

IBPA Soroggins, Francis D., 1720 28th Pi., S.E., 20, D.C, VI 4792 

2AS Soruby, Brian C, Eldg. 160 Apt. B-1, Governors Island, K.Y., Dorm I 

OAS Seal, Elmer E,, 1015 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, SE 3380 (AP 0398 

2EE Seal, Lois V., 66 E. Irvin Ave., Eagerstown, 390C Hamilton St., Apt. D104, Byattsrille, 

OSCS Seamons, Vyron I., Apt. 1-36, Eq. AACS, Andrews AFE, 25, D.C, EI 310C Ext. 2130 

ISCS Searcy, Gene E., Spring Eill, 641 isonroe St., N.E., D.C. (Powder Factory Ext. 216 

OSCS Sears, Robert W., R.F.D. Tappingers Falls, N.Y., H. P. F. Hotel, Indian Head, Naval 

OSCS Seawell, Sarah C, Box 399. Union, S.C, 305 Tennessee Ave., Apt. 301, Arlington, Va., 

OSCS Sebastian, Edward, 421 Walters Rd., Solvay, K.Y., 5325 13th St., (LI 56 700, Ext .75689 

Gr Seokler, SaiL, 3112 Bew Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring (ir.Vi., 11, L.C, RA 1198 

Gr Secretan, Lue, 3219 12th St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-3326 

2re Seeders, Robert E., 56 latdison St., Annapolis, Doin G 

IBPA Seek, F. Ann, 6936 eth St., K.W., 12, D.C, AAE (JC 2-5819 

OSCS Seeley, Donald S., 2117 Hone Ave., Eew York 61, N.Y., 1120 Trenton PI., S.E., 20, D.C, 

1A€ Seeley, Rudolph G,, ifaplewood St., ifcLean, Va., Fa 8326 

Gr Seeman, )fathAn, 961 42nd St., Brooklyn, K.Y., 2Bl2 Erie St., S.E., D.C, VI 7330 

2AS Seff, David J., 2422 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 3 

lEd Segall, Bemioe R., 3214 Carlisle Ave., Baltimore 16, MBH 

4Ag Seger, Eugene G., R.F.D. 1, Erandywine, Dorm L' 

Gr Segrave, Earold J. E., Box 151, Eranohville, TC 4818 


UEn Seibert, Charles A., Jr., $2-k Crescent Rd., Qreenbelt 

lEd Seidel, Anita J., 6U00 LuBon Ave., N.W., 12, D.C., QE 7925 

Gr Seidel, Harry E,, Jr. ,126 Maple Ave,, Takoma Park 12, SL 1601 

Gr Seidel, John J., 711+ Stoneleigh Road, Baltimore 12, Toirson 08l8 

IBPA Seidenman, Signund L., 2816 Rockrose Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 1 

lEn Seidler, Theodore D., 210 St. Lawrence Dr., Silver Spring, SL 5918 

3BPA Seidman, Jack S., 2909 Oakley Ave., Baltimore 15, U509 Calvert Rd., C.P.,WA 9513 

2AS Seif, Walter I., 952 Brooks Lane, Baltimore 17, Dorm K 

Qc Seigel, Sheldon J., 950 25th St., N.VT., D.C., DI 1535 

2aS Seller, Robert "R., Manchester, Dorm I 

2BPA Seipel, John J., 3880 Porter St., N.W., D.C. (WA 1*992 

3BPA Seiss, Richard L.,5530 Silver Hill Rd.,S.E., District Hts.,6509 Tfells Parkway, tttverdale, 

2PE Seiter, JoAnne B., 1526 Lockwood Rd., Baltimore 18, Delta Delta Delta, RA 979^ 

OSCS Seitz, "ELlamae, 1625 Almond St., Williansport, Pa., 3li22 Center St.,N.W.,10,D.C. 

2BPA Seitz, Robert L., 2503 ^trathmore Ave., Baltimore 11+, Dorm C 

lAS Seldon, Lyndel E., 1+219 Rainier Ave., Mt. Rainier 

Gr Seliger, Howard H., 5515 Nicholson St., E. Riverdale, WA 1+921 

Gr Sells, Sidney M., 5708 11th St., North, Apt. 6, Arlington 5, Va., (2, 0125 

OSCS Sell, J. Clyde, 9133 Jones Mill Rd., Chevy Chase, WI 6133 

3AS Sellman, Lionel E., Jr., 51+7 Frederick St., Hagerstowi, Dorm N 

lEd Seltzer, J. Paul, 1231+ Pinecrest Circle, Silver Spring, SH 8328 

3En Seltzer, Saul S., 3626 Parte Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 8 

2SCS Semeniuk, Pete, I6l5 Locust St., Baltimore 26, TD 3 (Hm.2l+39,D.C. 

OSCS Sender, Jack A., 1830 Vineyard PI., N.Y. 60, N.Y., Person. Policy Bd. (MOCP), Tenpo.U., 

Gr Senderoff, Seymour, 6609 Hillandale Rd,, Chevy Chase 15, WI 1+670 

Gr Sener, Gettine E. (Mrs.), 1311+ Potomac Ave., Hagerstown 

Gr Senft, Lois B, (Mrs.), 8712 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SH 3713 

Gr Senge, Baitara E., 8320 Potomac Ave., College Parte, TO 5366 

Gr Senger, Marvin E., 1+313 Knox Road, College Parte, UN 7211+ 

2En Sennewald, Perry F., 31i+ 17th St., N.E., 2, D.C, TR 0105 

lAg Senseney, Frederick B., 66 Bond St., Westminster, TD 1 

1+En Senida, Gerhard K., 328 S. Newkirk St., Baltimore 21; 

3AS Sepaugh, Wilfred E., Jr., 1901+ Amherst Rd., Hyattsville, AP 3768 

1+AS Serabian, Charles, 1+1+10 Van Buren St. , University Park, UN 9732 

2En Seraphin, Richard J., 530 Adams Ave., Elizabeth 1+, N.J., Dorm G 

1+BPA Serio, Bernard M., 2552 W. Fairraount Ave., Baltimore 23, Doita F 

1+En Servary, Eugene A., 617 Orpington Rd., Baltimore 29, GA 8362 

lAg Seto, Kunio, 131 Ichome, Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan,ii713 Bemyn Rd,,C.P.,'ro 611+7 

2BPA Settino, Albert J., 1+629 Wells Paricway, Riverdale 

1+Ed Settle, Carol M., Flint Hill, Va., Dorm 2 

Gr Seversmith, Herijert F., 115 2nd St., N.E., Apt. 5, D.C. 

2SCS Seward, James M., 8100 Custer Rd., Bethesda 1I+, WI 3901 

lEd Seward, Robert L., 151+ Caldwell St., Chillicothe, Ohio, 1+7 Manor Circle, Takoma Park 

Or Sewell, Reese L., 6915 Beverly Rd. , Bethesda lU 

OSCS Sexton, Len, 2830 Shipley Terrace, S.E., D.C., TW 0009 

IBPA Seymour, Bryant D., Bcix606, Ingleside, 111., Dorm C 

Or Seymour, Edward F., 7 McMaster St., Auburn, N.Y. ,7511 13th St., N.W., 12, D.C, GE 1322 

3BPA Seymour, Houston S., 1+26 37th Place, S.E., 19, D.C, AX 6778 

IAS Sfreddo, Dino E., 5 S. Ellwood Ave., Baltimore 21+, Dorm 

3AS Shacklett, Howard K., 711 Wayne St., Alexandria, Va., TE 3l60 

1+AS Shackley, Theodore G. , 906 32nd St. , West Palm Beach, Fla. , Box 31+3, College Park,WA 9381+ 

Gr Shadle, Paul W., Route 2, Laurel 

OSCS Shafer, G\^ L., Jr., 1+15 E. Rosemary Lane, Falls Church, Va. 

l+AS Shafer, Hugh M., 1+000 Cathedral Ave., N.W., D.C, WO 8991 

Gr Shafer, Robert, 1+17 Lincoln Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 51+82 

2Ag Shaffer, Harry H., Jr., R.F.D. 2, Havre de arace. Dorm C 

a* Shaffer, J. Lloyd, Jr., Route 5. Box ll+, Baltimore 7, 1+1+13 Beechwood Hd.,!fyattsville 

2En Shaffer, J. Thomas, 819 Allison St.., N.W., 11, D.C, TA 7866 

2Ed Shaffer, Mark G., Jr., 501 Hill St., York, Pa., Apt. 3h, 7702 Colesville Rd., W.Hyattsville 

3AS aiaffer. P. Raymond, 2628 Kirkwood Place, Hyattsville, WA 901+1 

2AS Shaffer, Robert F., 1+19 Fayette St., Cumberland, Dorm N 

3AS Shetffner, Raymond D., 3611 Essex Rd., Baltimore 7 

lAg Shahbazi, Smanpo\ir, Teheran, Iran, TD 8 

OSCS Shahinian, Paul, 3836 S. Capitol St., Apt. 301, D.C 

Gr Shaklee, William E., 5111 51+th Ave., Apt. 3, Rogers Heights, A? 31+78 

1+BPA Shalowit-z, Mannes M., 3812 Gopl^ Rd., Baltimore 15, TD 8 

1+AS Shamer, David H., 3300 W. North Ave., Baltimore 16, Dorm 

Gr Shames, Irving H., 8313 Potomac Ave., College Park, TO 5062 

2BPA Shanahan, John R. 13J+ S. Mount St., Baltimore 23, Dorm G 

Gr Shaner, Alex T., 30l+ N.Centre St., Cumberland, i+50l+ Hopkins Ave., CP. 


Gr Shaner, Martha F., 30U N. Centre St., Cumberland, Cumberland 577 

OSGS Shanholtzer, R. Eugene, 1305 Merrimac Dr., Hyattsville 

3AS Shank, Joseph W., Jr., 738 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Dom C 

UAg Shank, Orlando J., 2703 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa., 2121 Guilford Rd., Ryattsville 

3Ag Shanklin, Donald H., Croom Station, Alpha Tau Cnsega 

Gr Shanks, Daniel, 3960 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., 20, D.C., AX 0858 

UEn Shannon, Herbert H., 2657 Oswego Ave., Baltimore 15, LI 2366 

2AS Shannon, Marvin L., 2657 Oswego Ave., Baltimore 15, LI 2366 

OSCS Shannon, Thomas F., Ii29 N. Centre St., Cximberland 

Gr Shannon, William H., Jessup, Waterloo li85Jl 

OSCS Shantz, Irving, lli50 St. Nicholas Ave., New York, 33, N.T., II4O9 Kennedy St., N.W., D.C 

IAS Shapiro, Alvin A., 621 S. 2Uth St., Arlington, Va., NZ 

I4BPA Shapiro, Edward S., 2li80 l6th St., N.W., Apt. 802, 9, D.C, CO 55U8 

Gr Shapiro, Herbert I., 1108 Merrimac Dr., Hyattsville 

lEd Shapiro, l-:arjory H., 812 Hamilton St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 5998 

AS Shapiro, Maurice, 1108 Merrimack Dr., Hyattsville 

OSCS Shapiro, Morris, 1829B Reece Rd., Ft. Meade 

IAS Shapiro, Morton W. , UOOO 38th St., Brentwood, UN I960 (TO 50la3 

Gr Shapiro, I.'orman M., 125 Prospect Park, W., Brooklyn, N.I., U8lli Deleware St., Berwyn, 

Gr Shapiro, Solomon, Temple Gardens Apts., Baltimore 17, LA 3250 

2AS Sharer, John J., 5U01 38th Ave., Hyattsville, AP 2380 

UbPA Sharer, Robert G., 108 Pennsylvania Ave., Cumberland, TD 3 

2AS Sharp, Armon F., Ii6 K Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7568 

3MS Sharp, Raymond V., 1930 2Uth Ave., N.W., Miami, Fla., Dorm J 

3Ed Sharp, Robert H., Ili20 'ffest St., Annapolis, Annapolis k73h (Ext. 327 

OSCS Sharp, William W., 213 Pine Grove Dr., 20, D.C, NARTU, NAS, Anacostia 20, LU Ii2l400* 

3AS Shatenstein, Kopel M., Mite hell ville. Dorm K 

OEn Shaw, Benjamin A., Jr., 81^05 Ramsey Ave., Silver Spring, JU 7-7579 

UEd Shaw, Eugene E., Landover, WA 62li7 

2HE Shaw,. Helen W., Columbia Park Rd., Landover, WA 62ii7 

OSCS Shaw, Howard K., 508 Knollwood Dr., Falls Church, Va., FA 6619 

OSCS Shaw, Ida M.(Mrs.), 508 Knollwood Dr., Falls Church, Va., FA 6619 

3Ag Shaw, John L., Rt. U, Frederick, TD 2 (D.C., AAFB, Ext. 2119 

OSCS Shaw, Warren (Capt.), Iii5 Ivanhoe St., S.W., 20, D.C, Hq.Sq., Hq. AACS, Andrews AFB, 

2En Shawe, Merrick E., 2737 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 18, Dona 

2AS Shay, Elizabeth A., 31ii Montgomery St., Laurel, Laurel 86j 

lAS Shay, George A., UII6 5l8t St., Bladensburg 

IBPA Shays, Philip R., 312 S. Olden Ave., Trenton, 9, N.J., Dorm 

OSCS Shea, James E., 35l5 28th St., N.E., 18, D.C, MI 6920 

2En Sheaffer, Ralph B., Ii25 Madison St., N.W. , 11, D.C, RA OU35 

UPE Shearer, Joseph B., It605 College Ave., CP., WA 988U 

2BPA Shearer, Joseph J., II8 Goldsboro St., Easton, Calvert D 

2AS Shearer, Lloyd W., 1302 W. Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 9, TD 1 

Gr Shearer, Robert B., 807 Grant Ave., Schenectady, N.Y., ii5l5 Longfellow St., Hyattsville 

IAS Sneckells, H. Patricia, 216 S. Allegany St., Cumberland, Cumberland 19mM 

U3PA Sheehan, Francis B., Lee St., Tewksbury, Mass., VF6, Apt.C, CP. 

OEd Sheehan, L'arian C.(Mrs.), IJ.6 N. George Mason Dr., Arlington, Va., GL 631ii(Ft.Meade,2l62 

OSCS Sheehan, Paul P., 2710 W. Chica-ro St., Detroit 6, iJich., T^^T Opn.Co.,321 Sig.3n.,Ft.ileade, 

OSCS Sheehtel, Herman J., ul Evelyn St., Mattapan, Mass., 1726 21it St.,M.W., D.C, HO 0213 

OSCS Sheen, Ernest T., 975 12th St., Douglas, Ariz., 118 N.Wayne St., Arlington, Va.,JA li-l530 

liAS Sheer, Nbrraan, 3711 Towanda Ave., Baltimore 15 

IAS Shefferman, Ivan J., 2827 l5th St., N.W., 9, D.C, AD 588U 

OSCS Sheffield, Frederick C, Box lOD Woodley Rd., Clinton, CY 9258 

IAS Sheibani, Ali R., Teheran, Iran, 60l;0 Ihth St., N.W., Apt. 123, D.C. 

OSCS Sheldon, Barbara E., 701 Tennessee Ave., Alexandria, Va., Alexandria U0li9 

OSCS Shellard, Jennie B., 206 E. Monroe St., Alexandria, Va., St. Michaels 

Ug Shelley, James A., 1219 E. Federal St., Baltimore 2, 7511 Princeton Ave., CP., WA 9331 

3AS Shelley, R. Jane, Monkton, MBH 

IAS Shelly, John, 65iU Gull Rd., Temple Hills, 20, D.C, Dorm M 

2Ed Shenonsky, Robert P., 137 Main St., Archbald, Pa., NZ 

OSCS Shemwell, Victor B., 2001 N. niiriois St., Arlington 5, Va., JA li-OOlU 

lEn Shen, Kwang Y., 250 103rd St., New York, N.Y., Calvert D 

UPE Shenk, Dawn M., 1215 Periy St., N.E., 17, D.C, LA 6-83811 

IAS Shenker, Eleanor S., U702 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 15, LI 5899 

Gr Shenker, Henry, 11^145 Otis PI., N.W., 10, D.C, TU 3000, Ext. UO7 

Gr Shenton, Glorious L.(Mrs.), Shad}' Side 

2SCS Shenton, Harry >«., 3iil3 Owynna FallB Parkway, Baltijaore 16, TD 1 

3En Shepard, Hugh B., ia32 Westview Rd., Baltimore 

Or Shepard, James A., 615 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 

Gr Shephard, William E., ^002 5th St., N. Arlington, Va., OH 5180 

Gr Shephard, William H., 621 Carroll St., Takoma Park 12, SL d7Ul 

3AS Shepherd, Clayton A., 69 lU Dartmouth Ave., C.P., WA 1|838 

Gr Shepherd, Norma I., 7110 Alpine St., District Heights, JO 8-5029 

3/5 Sheppard, Donald C, 2800 Lancer Drive, West Hyattsville, UN 9331 

3AS Sheppard., Marilyn, Ii709 Colorado Avp., N.W., 11, D.C., Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

OSCS Sheppard, William A., hh33 S 3hth St., Arlington 6, Va. 

UBn Sherfy, Robert B., 6II Fern Place, N.W., 12, D.C. 

IHE Sheridan, Betsy A., 312 Suffolk Rd., Balto. 18, Dorm 2 

UBPA Sheridan, John F., U5l8 Illinois Ave., M.rt., D.C, TA 7735 

Or Sheridan, Nicky, Enterprise Rd., Mitchellville 

3AS Sheridan, Philip M., 11 Division St., Manchester, Conn., U6OO Norwich Rd., C.P., UN 9807 

IjEn Si-ierman, Albert, VF U, Apt G., C.P. 

IAS Sherman, Geraldine, 3012 Spaulding Ave., Balto. 15, MBH 

im Sherman, Jacquelyn, 537 Peabody St., N.W., D.C, AAH 

hkg Sherman, Max C, i452h Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

hAS Sherman, Melvin B., 2820 Boorman Ave., Balto. 15, TD 3 

Gr Sherman, Ruth S., Ramona, S.D., 1|318 Knox Rd., CP. 

3AS Sherman, Stanley N., RrD#2, Rockville, 14312 Knox Rd., CP. 

OSCS Sherwood, Jesse E., Box 672, Cumberland, 37U5 Huntington St., N.KV., 15, D.C, OR OI4O5 

ISGS Sherwood, Thomas S., 6201 20th Place, West Hyattsville, WA 807I4 

Gr Shevitz, Reuben N., U77ii IVoodberry Rd., Riverdale, AP 56l8 

Ag Shield, Clarence S., 310 Hancock Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 6037 

OSCS Shields, Harry H., Jr., RFD#5, Warren, Ohio, Qtrs. 25, Fort Myer, Va., CH 3OOO Ext.32U3 

UB?k Shifflett, Leon R., 105 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, Va., TD 6 

UBPA Shifflett, Vernon E., ii639 wells Parkway, Riverdale 

l4Ag Shigeta, James Y., Beltsville 

UBPA Shiinek, Joseph F., Jr., 317 N. Mlton Ave., Balto. 5, TD 3 

OSCS Shinn, Virginia S. (ilrs.), St. Michaels 

Gr Shiozawa, Sam, U225 2nd Rd., N., Arlington, \c., JA 2-0691 

lAg Shipley, Donald J., 165U Yakona Rd., Towson U, Towson I45U6 

IPE Shipley, Edwin E., Box 87 -B, Hanover 

3AS Shipley, Paul S., Roosevelt Ave., Beltsville, TO 6ii8ij 

En Shi^ey, David C, 9i|5 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstqwn, Dorm E 

3Ed Shirk, Charlotte P., Big Spring, AAH 

OSCS Shirker, Harry A. (Capt.), 2601 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, Va., AL 562U 

?E Shochet, Benjamin, hh29 Pall Mall Rd., Balto. 15, LI 0282 

Gr Shockey, Mark H., 500 Dartmouth Ave., Silver Spring, SL 9228 

3AS Shockley, Billy L., 38OU Eastern Ave., D.C, DU 73UO 

OSCS Shockley, Lola D. (Mrs.), Snow Hill, Snow Hill 2U6w 

3BPA Shoeraake, John H., 3813 Yuma St., N.W., 16, D.C, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

OSCS Shoemaker, Goldie G. (Mrs.), a8l8 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, W-i- I896 

UAS Shoemaker, Margaret B., Odenton, AAH 

IHS Shoemaker, Sara A., Odenton, AAH 

lEn Sholar, ElbeitP., h^lh Edraonston Rd., East Hyattsville, WA U623 

AS Shold, Juanita A., 3U17 Tulane Drive, v«est Hyattsville, AP 5070 

OSCS Shon, -dilton, 205 E. 2nd St., Frederick, Frederick 223-W 

OSCS Shook, Carmel M. (Capt.), 1050th rips Gp., Andrews Air Force Base 

Gr Shook, James F., 5006 Cree Lane, Branchville, WA 3883 

3PE Short, Jane E., I4OOU 31st St., Mt. Rainier, Dorm 2 

OSCS Short, Mary A., Women's Dormitory, Camp Detrick, Frederick, Fred. 1191 Ext. 239 

3AS Shortt, Gilbert E., 3U3 E 27th St., Balto. 18, TD 1 

Gr Shotwell, John W., Box #76, Santa Rita, N.Mex., 55 C Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

BPA Shotwell, Samuel D., 8705 Albemarle Drive, Norfolk, Va., IM D Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

Gr Showacre, Harold G,, 319 N. Linden Ave., Annapolis 

2AS Showers, Gene C, 866 Northampton Drive, Silver Spring, JU 7-9261 

I4AS Shreve, Martha V., 3022 South Dakota Ave., N.E., 18, D.C 

Ug Shriver, Charles M., Jr., Old Court Rd., Pikesville 8, Calvert C 

IAS Shubkagel, Betty L., U27 Cleveland Rd., Linthicum, AAH 

Gr Shuck, Amelia A. (Mrs.), II5OI Gait Ave., Silver Spring, LO 5-2537 

IBPA Shue, Eugene W., 619 Willow Ave., Balto. 12, Calvert D 

3BPA Shue, Lloyd B., 267 S. ir'rospect St., Hagerstown 

IjAg Shulder, Allan, 3803 rtoobine Ave., Balto. 7, Dorm C (LI h3129 

Gr Shuler, Marion P., Jr., .860 Middleton St., N.E., Orangeburg, S.C, 112 C St., S.E., D.C, 

3AS Shulman, Herman, 2653 Aisquith St., Balto. I8, TD 3 

3AS Shulman, Joel, 1232 Hamilton St., N."., 11, L.C., GE 8907 

2Ed Shulman, Judith li., 5U8l 3l3t St., N.W., 15, D.C, WO 1289 

3AS Shulman, Melvin, 1000 Aisquith St., Balto. 2, TD 3 

UMS Shultis, Donald C (Lt.Col.), 1310 N. Kentucky St., Arlington, Va., KE 3-6779 

3Ed Shultz, Jean S., 823 Varnum St., N."., 11, D.C, RA 300U 

IAS Shultz, Robert P., 60U Chancellor Ave., Irvington, N.J., Dorm F 


2En Shuaway, Henry J., 5203 Joan Lane, 20, B.C., U810 Harvard Hd., College Park, WA 983h 

IBPA Shuster, Albert, 562U First Place, N.W., 11, D.C., TO U890 

ISCS Shuttle, Charles B., 5031 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15. OL 5552 

2BPA Sibbald, William F., 3328 Lancer Dr., Hyattsville, UN TUil 

OSCS Sibley, Richard W., 3007 Desoto St., New Orleans, La., 1909th AACS, Andrews AFB,25,D.C. 

IAS Sidle, Uarilynn L., 6603 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 15, AAH 

OSCS Sidney, James W., Bldg.B-l8,Qtr3. 211, Army Med.Cntr., 12, D.C., OB 1000, Ext. 2563 

Or Siebeneichen, Paul 0., 1019 Upshur St., N.E., 17, D.C., LA 6-61i7U 

Qc Siegel, Arthvir, 2k Richmond St., Port-of -Spain, Trinidad, B.W.I.,U310 Knox Rd.,C.P. 

UEn Siegel, Raymond H., Box 309, Severn, Crain 99k 

2PE Siegert, Hany R., 1176 Washington Blvd., Baltimore 30, SZ 

3En Siegrist, ftonald A., 2017 N. '.Volfe St., Baltimore, Calvert C 

liBPA Sieke, Otto, 838 Beechwood Rd. , Havertown, Pa., Dorm 

OSCS Siemon, August F. (Major), 75U S. Greenbrier St., Arlington, Va., OW 37U9 

UbPA Siemens, Jean, 2305 Crestlawn Place, Cheverly, WA 6617 

3AS Siems, Leonard A., Roland Park Apt., Baltimore 10, Kappa Alpha, UN 9833 

OAS Sievert, Henrietta L., Box 153, Beltsville, TO U906 

Gr Siewers, Dean C, 5812 Sonoma Hd., Bethesda Hi, WI 681*2 

OSCS Sieve, Frank W., 112 Rogers Drive, Falls Church, Va., FA 2067 

Gr Sigafoose, William T., 32-K Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5812 

Car Sigal, Esther L. (Mrs. ), 6301 l6th St., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 3l*5l 

UAS Siggins, Gene P., 6129 Ist Place, N.E., 11, D.C., RA 8562 

UEn Sigismondi, William C, 311 S. Exeter St., Baltimore 2, TD 1 

3BPA Sigler, Ralph J., 1627 New York Ave., Brooklyn 10, N.Y., Phi Delta Theta, WA 988U 

2BPA Sigmon, Frederick H., Jr., 29OI4 17th St., N.E., 18, D.C., m 0962 

2AS Sigwald, Sidney F., 55lii Moorland Lane, Bethesda lU, WI 578U 

IAS Sigworth, Herman V., 1212 Hemlock St., 12, D.C.,TA 8Ul7 

UEd Silbenaan, Jerome, 3228 Sequoia Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 1 

UBPA Sileo, Anthony L., 9k W. Main St., Stamford, Conn., Doan G 

UbPA Silesky, Morton 0., 2li21 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 17, li310 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 98U5 

3AS Silhan, Rudolph, Jr., 5917 Shady Spring Rd., Baltimore 6, UiiOO Knox Rd., C.P. 

lAg Silver, Frank, 5916 6th St., N.E., D.C. 

2AS Silver, Stanley L., 2807 Erie St., S.E., 20, D.C, LU 17232 (N.A.S.,Patuxent 

Gr Silverman, Herbert M., 3^ Crawford St., Boston 21, Mass., E.T.Radio Com.N.A.T.C, 

3AS Silverman, Rosalie, 3733 Clarinth Rd. , Baltimore 15, AAH 

IHE Silverman, Shirley R., 52U Oneida Place, N.W., 11, D.C, RA 9162 (HI 3100,Ext.U25l 

OSCS Silverstone, Samuel M., c/o Paul Hohertz, Greenfield, Iowa, k Delaware Dr., Forest Heights, 

OEn Sima, Robert L., ^06 Shadynook Ave., Baltimore, 28 

Or Simeroth, John W,, 1621 T Street, N.W., 9, D.C, DU U200, Ext. 212 

UAS Siraler, James T., 1700 Frai*lin St., Johnstown, Pa., Dorm M 

UEd Simler, Katharine C, 1700 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa., Alpha Omicron Pi, WA 9871 

Us Sinmen, Paul B., 113 Edgewood St., Baltimore 29 

Gr Simmons, Alan J., 2607 Southern Ave., S.E., 20, D.C, LO 3-8069 

UEd Simmons, Ann B. (Mrs.), Ulll GallaUn St., Hyattsville, WA 1923 (Ft.Meade 

OSCS Simmons, Harriman N., Spring Hill Cottage, Croimsville, c/o P.M.0ffice,Hq.2nd Army, 

OSCS Simmons, James E. (Major), 1220 N.Utah St., Arlington, Va.,Ft. McNair, D.C.,Ft.McNair Ext.l6 

2BPA Simmons, Margaret A., 6310 U5th Place, Riverdale, Kappa Alpha Theta 

OSCS Simons, Roy D., Jr.. 323 Hviron Dr., Forest Heights, DD 3781U 

Gr Sim^ions, Victor L., UUI6 Underwood St., University Park, Hyattsville, WA 6311 

OSCS Simmons, VTilliam R., Mt. Solon, Va., 17 Ocean Green, S.W., 20, D.C, JO 3-6056 

2Ed Siranont, Mabel W., 908 Calwell Rd., Baltimore 29, Dorm 2 

2SCS Sinns, Matthew C, U703 27th St., Mt. Rainier, WA U957 

U^PA Simon, Howard D., U707 Gonnacticut Ave., N.W., 8, D.C, WO 3358 

iSCS Simon, Morton, 5l8 N. Collington Ave., Baltimore, TD 1 

OEd Simons, Anna C, 390U 53rd PI., Bladensburg, AP 23U6 

IAS Simons, Barbara E., 7005 Chelton Rd., Bethesda lii, OL 8267 

UBPA Simons, 'Charles W., Touristown, Pulaski Highway, Fullerton,Si©na Chi, UN 9807 

Or Simons, David E., 1520 Chillura fti., Hyattsville, AP $667 

UAS Simons, Donald G., U309 U6th St., N.W., 16, D.C, EM 1306 

2A3 3imons, Edwin F., 729 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, SL 5823 

Gr Simons, Heniy M., Jr., Clemson, S.C, UOO Garland Ave., Takoma Park 

Gr Simons, Jeanne M., P.O.Box 5876, Bethesda, OL 9583 (Center, ACC 6175 

Or Simonson, Bernard E., 11*3 North Ave., Webster, N.Y., Munitions Div., Tech. Com., Army Chem. 

Gr Simonson, Clifford H., U313 Rowalt Dr., College Park, AP 0121 

33PA Sirapkins, Talraage E., 7U06 TLlden St., Larxiover Hills, AP 10U9 

IAS Simpkins, Thoaas 3., R.F.D. 2, Princess Anne, VF U, Apt. B., C.P. 

2HPA Simpson, Albert F., 716 Revolution St., Havre de Grace, Dorm L 

2HE Simpson, Anne T., I3I6 Gallatin St., N.W., 11, D.C, U6O3 College Ave., C.P., WA 986U 

2SCS Simpson, Marguerite E., 200 Williamsburg Dr., Silver Spring, SH 2975 

3Ag Simpson, Marion E., Route 1, Box Ul2, Odenton 

i 161 

2AS Sijnpson, William R., 200 Williamsburg Drive, Silver Spring, SH 2975 

2FE Sims, Donald B., 219 Williamsburg Drive, Silver Spring, SH 6UU5 

3AS Sinar, Henry A., 3620 Wabash Ave., Baltimore 15, li607 Knox Rd., College Park, WA 9766 

3En Sinclair, Jame L., 2600 Hillcrest Ave,, Baltimore Ik, Dorm C 

2Ed Sindler, Frances A., 3509 Fairview Ave., Baltimore l6. Dorm 2 

ISGS Sing, Calvin J., U2l8 l6th. St., N.W., D.C., TA i860 

Us Sing, George J., I42I8 l6th. St., N.W., D.C., TA i860 

lEd Singer, Alma L., 2519 Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 15, AAH 

2AS Singer, Carl S., 820 Newington Ave., Baltimore 17, Calvert E 

IPE Singer, Henry W., UOIO Ridgewood Ave., Baltimore 15 

UAS Singteioh,, Alexander E., 572 Wayne Ave., Waynesboro, Va., TD8 

Or Singleton, Burt N. Jr., 5706 Ager Road, West Hyattsville 

UBPA Singleton, Carey B. Jr., h908 Hollywood Road, Berwyn, TO 5338 

lEd Singleton, Ellen M. (Mrs.)., 5706 ^ger Road, West Hyattsville 

2AS Singleton, Roy L,, U033 22nd. St., N.E., 18 D.C., DE 2913 

liAS Sinnreich, Frank J. Jr., 1509 Madeira St., Baltimore 13 

3BPA Sinsky, Ellwood A., 2U25 Linden Ave., Baltimore 17, TD h (D.C, BAFB 593 

OSes Sipple, Paul K., 26 Church St., Netcong, N.J., U203rd. Photo. Tech. Sq. Boiling AFB, 

2En Siri, Carlos F., h300 13th. Place, N.E., D.C, La 6-9035 

ISCS Sirkin, Harold K.,1112 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 2, TD 5 

2Ed Sirkin, Sonya L., 3ii08 Duvall Ave., Baltimore I6, U8l2 College Ave., College i'ark, WA 9828 

3PE Sisk, Harry T. Jr., 36OI Wisconsin Ave., N,W., D.C, TD 6 

Gr Sisler, Hugh U., Friendsville, 7UOI4 Rhode Island Ave., College Park 

lEd Sites, Alita F., Clear Spring, MBH 

LAS Sixbey, Daniel W., 1355 College St., Conway, Ark., Dorm N 

Gr Sjoborg, William F. Jr., 2911i Collers Point Road, Dundalk, 7U00 Rhode Island Ave., CP. 

Gr Skaife, Robert A., IIO6 Seminary Road, Silver Spring, SH 9111 

IMS Skaife, Stanley T., IIO6 Seminarj' Road, Silver Spring, SH 9111 (Alexandria, Va. 

OSes Skelly, Milton, 191 B 13ii, Belle Harbor, Rockaway, L.I., N.Y., 8 Fort William Drive, 

lEn Skelly, Richard P., U2l5 Potter St., Baltimore 29, TDl 

Gr Skelton, George W., Edinburg, Va., 65l5 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

OSes Skelton, Robert T., l61iO Roxanna Road, D.C, TA 2130 (WA [t378 

3BPA Skidmore, Lee W., 152 Notch Road, Clifton, N.J., I4205 Sheridan St., University Park, 

2BPA Skinner, John P., 22 Shirley St., Worcester 3, Mass., U312 Clagett Rd., University Park, 

OSes Sklar, Mary A., I3OI Fairmont St., N.W., 9 D.C., MI 5070 (WA 7571 

2Ed Slacum, Eleanor L. itOl; Glenburne Ave., Cambridge, 620 W. Lombard St., Baltimore, UN 7211i 

UHE Slade, Barclay E. (Mrs.)., 115 A W. Woodbine St., Chevy Chase, UH Plateau PI., Greenbelt 

IHE Slanker, Marilyn L., JPopiar Ridge, Pasadena, Dorm 2 (Greenbelt 6506 

iiEd Slate, George, III, Apt. 2li, 7700 Colesville Road, W. Hyattsville, AP 6OI9 

2AS Slater, Sheldon H., 7005 Rhode Island Ave., College Park, WA 9U81 

IAS Slater, William M,, ii98U Berming Road, S.E., D.C. 

liAg Slaughter, James M., Idlewild St., Easton, Alpha Tau Omega, WA 98U9 

UAS Slavin, Frances M., 2619 Nickolson St., Hyattsville, Dorm 2 

Gr Slavin, Walter, 2619 Nickolson St., Hyattsville, AP U286 (D.C, HI 3100 

OSes Slayton, Paul C Jr., 6O8 Bland St., Pocahontas, Ark., Hq. Sq. Hq. AACS, Andrews AFB. 25, 

Gr Slepecky, Ralph A., IO6 N. Morris St., St. Clair, Pa., ii505 Calvert Road, College Park 

IBPA Slifer, Lloyd D., Box lU2, Olney 

Gr Slifko, John P., 1 Haines St., Indian Head, Indian Head 1255 Ext. 131 

3BPA Slingluff, William G., Publications Office University of Maryland, NZ 

OSCS Sloan, Paul H., U925 Temrle Hills Road, D.C, LO 3-7993 

OSes Slocumb, Clyde B. Jr., I68I Robert Lane, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-9380 

3AS Slunt, James G., 3ia8 Wilkens Ave., Baltimore 29, Dorm C (HI 3100 Ext. 6226 

OSCS Slusher, Eugene C, 209 Harvey St., Radford, Va., Qtrs. 1-U8, Apt. 2, Andrews AFB, D.C. 

3AS Slye, Joanne I., 6-T Hillside Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt U8I6 

IAS Smalkin, Barry S., UOOO Springdale St., Baltimore 7, TD6 

UPE Sma].l, D. Anita., 2201 31 Place, S.E., 20 D.C, VI 6967 

[|En Small, Francis H., 2021 Frederick Road, Catonsville, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, WA 9707 

2Ag Small, Kenneth D., Route 3, ^ockville, TD2 

UEn Small, Lafayette G., 717 Maple Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 2218 

OSCS Smalley, Justin H., 7602 Cabin Road, Cabin John, l« 8O88 

3MS Smallwood, Eugene F., S3''^h Taylor Road, Riverdale, WA U7l8 

ISCS Smart, John N., 11226 Old Bladensburg Road, Silver Spring 

2SCS Smelkinson, Richard R., 3801 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore l5, U802 Calvert Road, C P. 

3BPA Smelkinson, Robert N., 3hOQ Callaway Ave., Baltimore 

Gr Smiley, Frank H., Midford, Nebr., 9305 Caroline St., Silver Spring, SL 2673( TO 5885 

liEn Smith, Alan L., 962 Wagner Ave., Philadelphia h, is.., Ii713 Berwyn Road, College Park, 

liEn Smith, Albert A. Jr., 32 D Crescent i^oad, Greenbelt 

Gr Smith, Albert E., 127 Joliet St., S.W., 20 D.C, JO 3-5393 

iiPE Smith, Archibald M., 20Ul Huidekoper Place, N.W., 7 D.C, EM 8327 

Gr Smith, Barbara J., 6927 Maple St., N.W., 12 D.C, GE I716 


Smith, Bettye W., 90 Rittenhouse St., N.E., D.C., RA 5Ull 

Smith, Bruce P., 2 Chatsworth Ave., Glyndon, TD 3 (HI 3100 Ext.3256 

Smith, Charles D., 570 Bloorasfield Ave., Montelair, N.J., Hq «x Hq Sq. AACS, 25, D.C, 

Smith, Charles R., 10 Brewer Ave., Annapolis, Alpha Tau Oraega, WA 981^9 

Smith, Chauncey W., 608 SE Second St., Evansville, Ind., 1100 Medical Gp, Boiling AFB, 

Smith, Clagett G., U106 31st St., Mt. RaJnier, WA 7026 (Arlington 1, Va., JA 2)^129 

Smith, Clark B. (Lt.), Star Route #2, %rtle Beach, S.G., Apt. 202, 2331 N. 11th St., 

Smith, Cleveland L., 2108 Kentucky Ave., Balto. 13,H0 7879(Bolling AFB, D.C. 

Smith, Clifford E., 335 Seaside Ave., Bridgeport 5, Conn., 1111th Sp Air Missions Sq., 

Smith, David A., 31 N. Ablngton Ave., Balto. 29 


Smith J 
Smith J 
Smith J 


D. Wayne, Wilson Ave., Frederick, Calvert B 

Dolores T., 6627 Harland Place, N.W., 12, D.C., TA 9iil6 

Don A., Hunts Road & Joyce St., Fairfax Va., RR2 

Donald B., 6711 U5th St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 3h71 

Donald J., 332 Oak St., Indiana, Pa., llliOth S.A.Sq., Rm B 

Donald K., 68OI4 Denton Rd., Rethesda lU, WI 52^1 

Dorothea M., 63II Delaware St., Chevy Chase 15, ii5l7 Knox Rd., C.P 

Dorothy H. (Mrs.), Flintstone, Flintstone 3UU 

Douglas W., 218 Eeckford Ave., Princess Anne, Calvert D 

Drewry M., Jr., 5805 l5th Place, Hyattsville, AP 5580 

(Ft. Myer, Va., 55U93 
12li, Alabama Hall, S.Poet, 

WA 9720 

Edward D., 262 Ridgemede Rd., Balto. 10, Dorm C 

Elizabeth J., 20 Denwood Ave., Takoraa Park, Delta Delta Delta, M 9795 

Elmore G., 113 C St., S.E., 3, D.C., AT 6537 

Ernest L. (Maj.), 1100 Chestnut Ave., Falls Church, Va., FA 39i43 

E. Katherine, I4815 Orville Ave., Balto. 5, ^orm 3 

Ethel M., 127 Joliet St., S.«., 20, D.C., JO 3-U931 

France E., 206 Hazel Ave., Salisbury, Dorm E 

Francis C, lOOii Wakefield Drive, Alexandria, Va.j X5U319 

Frank M., I6l5 Benning Rd., Apt. 1, 2, D.C,, LI 6-3871^ 

Franklyn E. (Capt.), 505 Vista Driven Apt 101, Falls Church, Va,, FA 7099 

Smith, Fred D., 20 Denwood Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 7395 

Smith, Gary W., 103 «. 39th St., Balto. 10, Dorm C (AFB, 25, D.C. 

Smith, Gentry D., 829 North Spring St., ilurfreesboro, Tenn., 1100th Ccmp. Sqdn, Boiling 

Smith, George T., I8 E. State St., Terra Alta, W. Va., ii622 College Ave., C.P. 

Smith, Harold »»., 6528 h6th Place, Riverdale 

Smith, Harry B., 6913 Dartmouth Ave., C.P., WA 529U 

Smith, Harry M. (Maj.), Bldg. 62, Ft. L.J.McNier, 25, D.C., EX 7700 Ext.280 

Smith, Hazel A. (Mrs.), 89OO Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, SL 3767 

Smith, Herschel L., Jr., 11 Greenwood Place, Indian Head, Indian Head U681i 

Smith, Howard D., R#6, Box 20li, Cumberland 

Smith, James C, Jr., h H Southway Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt ]4ii66 roL 2033 

Smith, James W., 223 Poplar St., Wyandotte, Mich., 5302 Glencove Pkwy., N.W., I6, D.C., 

Smith, Jesse L., 1021 S. Kingsley St., Los Angeles 6, Calif., 1100th Med. Gp., Boiling 

Smith, John C, 257 C Rodgers Fordge Rd., Balto. 12, U300 Knox Rd., C.F(AFB, 25, D.C, 

Smith, John C, 3906 Northern Parkway, Balto. 6 (WA 9770 

Smith, John W., 10218 Gardiner Ave., Silver Spring 

Smith, Kenneth M., Jr,, 5-C Parkway Rd., Greenbelt, VF 6 Apt B., C.P. 

Smith, Laurene M., 9115 Providence Ave., Silver Spring, SL I4I1O9 

Smith, Lee D., Box l8i4, 51ii Hammond St., Salisbury, 3906 McKinley St., N.W., D.C. 

Smith, Leslie A.B., Upper Marlboro, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 

Smith, Lewis C, 3723 Jay St., N.E., 19, D.C., LI U0199 

Smith, Lloyd G., Good Luck Rd., Riverdale, WA 5992 

Smith, Margaret E,, Route #1, i'Yederick, l^lh Rhode Island Ave., C.P., UN 9885 

Smith, Margaret J., 12 Sunnyside Rd., Silver Spring, SL 1;621 

Smith, Marilim A., 38l5 Barrington Rd., Bc\lto. 15, Dorm 3 

Smith, Mary L. (Mrs.), I6OO N. Market St., Frederick, Frederick 1220 

Smith, Mason P., Mitchellville, TD 8 

Smith, Nellie B. (Mrs.) 603 McKeill Rd., Silver Spring, SL 9189 

Smith, Nina B.(Mrs.), 86OI Carroll Lane, Silver Spring, SL 1^102 

Smith, Nina C, 822? Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda 

Smith, Peggy A., Box #25, Chllhowie, Va., MBH 

Smith, Ramon W., 3607 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, WA U683 

Smith, Raymond, 36IO Eversley Ave., Balto. 29, NZ 

Smith, Raymond, S^h Second Ave,, Bogaiusa, La., Hq. Co. U.S. Array 7th M.R.U, 

Smith, Richard E., U912 28th St., S, Arlington, Va. 

Smith, Richard G,, 19 Grant St., Edgewood, 63w 

Smith, Robert 0,, U3 E Lincoln Ave., Hagerstown, SZ 

Smith, Robert M., 7302 Flower Ave., Takoraa Park 12, SL 2033 

Smith, Robert N., U31ii Groveland Ave., Balto. 15, Dorm G 

Smith, Robert N., I6OI Darley Ave., Balto. 13, Dorm K 


lEn Smith, R. Reamy, 825 Northern Paricway, Baltiaore 12, TD 3 

IBPA Smith, Rodney C, Box 103, R.D. 2, Mayport, Pa., TD 8 

2A3 aiith, Ronald W., 2208 Colston Dr., Silver Spring, SL 9kk$ 

kkg Smith, R.Lilah B. (Mrs.), VF6, Apt. A., C.P., UN 9752 

IBPA Smith, Russell A., c/o Col.R.0.anith,Cr'3, Dept. of ArnQT, Pentagon, D.C. 

UbPA Smith, Samuel E., 85 N. Harrison St., York, Pa., 720? Dartmouth Ave., C.P., UN OJ46I 

Gr Smith, Samuel iT., Sheffield, HI., U605 Calvert Rd., C.P. 

lEd Smith, Sandre R,, 3705 i&iode Island Ave., Mt, Rainier, lA 1227 

IAS Smith, Shirley E., Parkman Road, EillanJalo, Silver Springy SH 72Ul 

OSCS Smith, Taylor, Star Route, Crozet, Va., Officers Club, Fort l^er. Vs., CH 3000, Ext.2107 

IBPA Smith, Valentine W., Box 2U3 Clifton, Va., TD 1 

2PE Smith, Wallace P., Jr., 1 ffilliam St., Cambridge. TD 3 

2En Smith, Walter E., 3323 I^yndale AVe., Baltimore Ij, BR 5635 

3Ag Smith, Walton A., Jr., 210 N. Maiket St., Frederick, Frederick 122li 

2En Smith, Walton H., 3306 N. Hilton St., Baltimore 16, Calvert E 

Gr Smith, Willard N., Greensboro, 6?2U Baltimore Ave., University Park,Ifyatt3vllle,UN 98U5 

UAS Smith, William E., 3109 Nichols Ave., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 282^1 

lEn Smith, William F., 608 McNeill Rd., Silver Sipring, SL 9189 

liAS Smith, William J., 38-C Crescent Road, Qreehbelt, WA 9707 

OSCS Smith, William K. (Major), 5l5 K. Piedmont St., Arlington, Va., JA 8U6U2 

OSCS Smith, William K., 7209 EJunwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 159 Forrester St., S.W.,D.C., 

3BPA Smith, Wilton L.,39 Wiittier Ave.,Men'ick,N.Y.,U607 Calvert Rd.,C.P. (AN 1*206 

iiBPA Smith, Winfield H., 1;820 Chevy Chase Dr., Apt. 103, Chevy Chase 15, WI 302^ (Ext.30U 

OSCS Staithers, Charles J., Aiken, S.C., Apt. 152, Florida Hall, Arlington Farms, Va,, OW 9U0Q, 

Gr Snoot, John J., 7U08 Rhode Island Ave., C,P. 

Gr Smull, William E., Wilton Jet., Muscatine, Iowa, 2616 Cathedral Ave., N.W., 8,D.C.,AD 6665 

2A3 Smul-witz, Leatrice G., 5716 Naixissus Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm 2 

3En Smyrk, Charles E., Jr., I4IO8 Barrington Rd., flaltruore 7, TD 1 

3AS Sn^rth, George W., U79 Grandview Ave., %-ckoff, N.J., TD k 

Gr Snape, William H., Jr. , 216 Elm St., Chevy caiase 15, WI 203li 

3AS Snedaker, Richard F., 235 David Ave., White Plains, N.Y,, Calvert D 

2En Snellings, Albion K., 1372 G St., 3.E., 3, D.C, LI 3-557U (D.C.,AP U65U 

Gr Snider, Elizabeth C (Mrs.), Apt. 102, 2611 Nicholson St.,Hyattsville,20k:6 G St.,N.W.,6, 

Gr Snider, Milo VT., Route 1, Bonifant Poi., Silver' Spring, AS 3037 

Gr Sniegoski, Paul J., Ii5l8 32nd St., Mt. Rainier, WA 08U3 

2Ed Snovell, Theodore K., Jr., 212C Callow Ave., Baltijnore 17, LA 82li6 

2BPA Snowden, Hugh H., hhlj Underwood St., University Park, Hyattsville, WA 6375 (UN 1523 

Gr Snyder, Donald G., Jr., 3316 Ridgewa^-- St., Laureldale, Pa,, 68O8 Dartmouth Ave., C.P. , 

OSCS Snyder, Donald R., U08 Magruder St., Cumberland, Cumberland 3<^9R 

2AS Snyder, James R., Jr., 9203 Glenville Rd., Silver Spring, Dorm K 

IAS Sryder, James W., 1216 North Market St., Frederick, TD 1 

OSCS Snyder, Jane L., Box 305* Cumberland, Cumberland 2691R 

2En Snyder, John H., 1627 East 32nd St.j Baltimore 18, Dom F 

2BPA Snyder, Max, Ii3 Southgate Ave., Annapolis, 7303 Yale Ave., CP. 

UbPA Snyder, Philip F., 12 j Street, Laurel, La\irel 72UJ 

3BPA Sr^der, Ray L., Jr., 320 E. Maple Road, Linthicum, TD 6 

2En Snyder, Richard E., 913 Litchfield Rd., Baltimore 12, ID 7 

3AS Snyder, S. Sidney, li;l8 N. Milton Ave., Baltimore^ TD 8 

Gr Snyder, Vance B., 32 S 27th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 

2AS Snyder, William A., 1627 East 32nd St., Baltimore 18, Dorm F 

UBPA Snyder, William R., 1502 N. Market St., Frederick, U30U 28th PI., Apt. 5, Mt. Rainier, 

OEd Snyder, Willie A. (Mrs.), 200U Roanoke St., West Hyattsville, UN 0578 (AP 3359 

IBPA Sobel, Ralph J., 6309 Cross Country Blvd., Baltimore 15, Dorm L 

Gr Socher, Eugene, 16 Edmonds Place, Newark 8, N.J., li509 Calvert Rd., C.P. (WRAH Ext.70 

OSCS Soda, Carolyn W., 5 Clinton St., N. Tarrytown, N.Y., 9901st TSU Sqd.AMC, WRAH(WAC) 12, D.C, 

2PE Soderberg, W. Donald, 3903 N. Rogers Ave., Baltimore 7, Dorm J 

UHE Soine, Carl W., 527 Park Ave., Towson U, TD U 

Gr Sokol, George M., 3313 Chillum Rd., Mt. Rainier, AP 1388 

Gr Solem, Anson D., 3li25 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville, AP 2U78 

OSCS Soler, Anton, 602 Easley St., Silver Spring, SH 1369 

Gr Solet, Ira S., 17-G Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 7837 

13CS Sollod, Ronald L., 1500 E. Monument St., Baltimore 5, ID 5 

2AS Solnitzky, Eleanor, 7Ul6 Lynnhurst St., aievy Chase 15, WI U708 

OSCS Solomon, Udwin M., U301 Jheeler Rd., S.E., Apt. 103, 20, D.C, JO 2Qk3h 

Or Solomon, Karl, 3303 Chauncey Place, Mt. Rainier, AP 589U 

UBFA Solomon, Richard J., 9101 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SL 3331 

OSCS Solomon, William G. (Lt.), 223 Orange St., S.E., 25, D.C, JO 2-5UoU 

IAS Soramer, Rita, 5022 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, AAH 

Or Sommerkamp, Frank M., 3616 20th St., N.E., D.C, DU I88I 

UAg Soper, Howard K., 1010 Francis Ave., Relay, Alpha Gamma Rho, WA 9831 


Gr Sorensen, Shirley C.(Mrs.)i 6005 Pontiac St., Berwjm Hghts., TO 5937 

2Ed Sorrell, Anne E., hl02 Quintana St., Hyattsville, WA 2350 

2BPA Sorrell, Milton A., Jr., 360U Mohawk Ave., Baltimore 7, FO 90i;3 

3PE Souder, Marjorie A., U75l Hagan Rd., S.E., 20, AAH 

OSCS Souder, Paul W.R., Jr., 2221 UOth St., M.W. , 7, D.C., OR 2725 

UBPA South, Don A., 9 E. Lincoln Ave., Hagerstown, li300 Knox Rd., C.P.,WA 9770 

lEn Sowell, Ray S., 18 T Ridpe Rd. , Greenbelt, Greenbelt 88U1 

Gr Spachner, Sheldon A., 6kh Briar PI., Chicago, lU, HI., U320 Lawrence St., Brentwood 

ISCS Spackman, Charles T., Hill Farm, Coatesville, Pa., U70li Morwick Rd., C.P., UN 0633 

OSCS Spada, Aldo F., l6ll Tyler Ave., Falls Church, Va. 


AS Spalding, Russell A., Jr., 828 Bronx River Rd., Bronxville, 8, N.Y., 6809 Dartmouth Ave., 

\iv.T) Spamer, Alfred B., 2906 Clifton Ave., Baltimore 16 

liAS Spang, Barbara, 2l5 Philadelphia Ave., Salisbury, 75lli Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

ISCS Spang, Warren A., 88l5 Bradley Blvd., Eethesda li;, OL 7171 

2En Spangenberg, Ronald W., 25U Park Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 8501 

2Ag Sparks, Loring T., Upperco, 7306 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 699U 

l^PA Sparks, Richard J., 5508 McKinley St., Bethesda Ik, TD 5 

IAS Spates, Charles W., Jr., 10006 Greenock Rd., Silver Spring, SL 7899 

2AS Spates, Jane L., ii5ll Avondale St., tethesda. Dorm 3 

liEn Spears, Sinras ]A.(Lt»)y 9h6 Northair^iton Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7-6716 

Gr Speck, Carroll L., 9 D Southway Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt U002 

Gr Speck, 'Jiriam P.(l«lrs.), Rt. 1, Box 107, Springfield, Va. 

2MS Spector, Arthur, i;307 Rowalt Dr., C.P., AP 30?0 

UhE Spector, Rae G., 1135 Hairtilton Blvd., Hagerstown, Dorm 3 

lEPA Spectre, Wyra A., 50lU Pimlico Rd., Baltimore l5, MBH 

3BPA Speed, Christopher M., 200 Tunbridge Rd., Baltimore 12, TU 31iil 

1;BPA Speelnan, Lawrence £., 860 B Northampton Dr., Silver Spring, SL 1023 

2AS Speidel, Frances W., 1.838 l6th St., N.W., 11, D.C., i;6lO College Ave., C.P., WA 9759 

Gr Spencer, Charlotte H., 1368 Euclid St., N.W., 9, D.C., AD 7886 

i4AS Spencer, Donald B., 3617 Ednor Rd., Baltimore 18, Calvert B 

OSCS Spencer, Edward i., U6U0 Nichols Ave., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 2-9311i 

UKE Spencer, Elaine P., 6800 6th St., N.V,'., 12, D.C, Georgia 7216 

I4HE Spencer, Janet E., 6811 Dartmouth Ave., C.P., WA 6Uiil 

OSCS Spero, Leonard, Lee PI., Frederick, Frederick l638j 

OSCS Spicer, Buiord K.(Lt.), Burns, Tenn., Co. B l68th li.P.En., Ft. Meade 

IjEd Spicer, Charles E., Jr., 602 Oidtown Rd., Cumberland, Dorm E 

l^En Spicer, Herbert C, Jr., 216 Buflalo Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 687U 

2Ed Spicer, Thomas F., 602 Oidtown Rd., Cumberland, Dorm E 

OSCS Spiegel, Jeroine, 727 Quincy St., N.W., B.C., TA 6250 

2AS Spielman, Daniel W., 7 S. Market St., Frederick, TD h 

OSCS Spindler, Robert J., Jr., 9U00 Louis Ave., Silver Spring 

IAS Spintman, Devora M., 1332 Jefferson St., N.W., 11, D.C, Dorm 2 (Rm.5E-5l5, Pent., D.C. 

OSCS Spiotto, Anthony, 630 LaBella ^alk. Falls Church, Va. , Army Discharge Review Board, 

OSCS Spitler, Lee Vf., 213 Cottage St., Cadillac, Mich., Hq.USAF, Pentagon, 25, D.C, RE 6700 

lEn Spittle, Chester H., 18 Rosecrest Ave., Alexandria, Va., Dorm M (Ext. 56551 

Gr Spohr, D. Arthiir, 7U2 Pine St., Keadville, Pa., 110 Brandj-wine PI., 20, D.C, JO 3-8905 

Gr Spraggins, Newton F., M.S. Dept., U.S.N. A., Annapolis, Annapolis 8-1361 

I4BPA Sprague, John C, 825 Providence St., V.e"ooter Groves, Mo., 7507 Girard St., CP.,WA 1086 

OSCS Sprecker, Elizabeth B., Box 61, Rt. 1, Upper Marlboro" 

3Ag Springer, Donald P., 3506 Dennlyn Rd., Baltimore 15, 7511 Princeton Ave., CP., WA 9831 

Uas Springston, George B., Jr., 601 Wilson Lane, Bethesda Ik (Silver Spring, JU 7-7259 

OSCS Spruill, Betty A., 3911 Kennison Ave. , BaltijJiore 15, 87O8 Colesville Rd., Apt. 302, 

IPE Spry, Robert Z., Galena, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

Gr SpuTgeon, Charles E., 520 Eeacon Rd., Silver Spring, SI 9U92 

OSCS Spurlock, Doyle, 509 Allen St., Falls Church, Va., JE 39657 

liAg Sp\irrier, Earl C, Rt. 2, Union Bridge, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

liEd Spurrier, Helen C, LeGore, kSH Knox Rd., C.P., V/A 9720 

Gr Squier, F. Lucile, ul5 W St., N.W., D.C. 

2BPA Srnka, Robert D., U315 Neviark Rd., Colmar Manor, WA 3l8ii 

Gr Srour, Kathleen M.(l!rs.), 7lU ?.^ar)le Ave., TaXoma Park, S" 0750 

OSCS Staab, Harold C, 3311 Chillum Rd., Mt. Rainier, AP O67U 

OSCS Stabile, Dorothy E., ii35 S. Ellwood Ave., E^l-timore 2U, BR 2892 

IBPA Stachowski, Raymond J., 813 S. Rose St., Baltimore 2ii 

3En Stack, John Neville, 220 W. i.!adison St., Baltimore 1 

lAS Stackhouse, Donald B., 13 L'.iddle St., Skowhegan, Maine, 33ii Garland Ave., Takoma Park 12 

lEd Stackhouse, V/illiam L., 6OOO 39th PI., Hyattsville 

lEn Stadel, Theodore H., 9018 Old Bladensbxirg Rd., Silver .Spring, SH lii77 

UPE Staf fieri, Daniel T., 211 S. Benezet St., Philadelphia, 18, Pa., Dorm L 

OSCS Stafford, Albert T.(Col.), 90U Gore St., Lawton, Okla., 5l6 Knollwood Dr., Fall? Church, Va. 

lEPA Stafford, Emory J., Jr., lOU Belvedere Ave., Cambridge, TD 7 ^FA 6367 


IAS Stag, Robert J., 3825 Rexmere Rd., Balto. IB, TD 6 

IAS Stagg, Uura M., RfD#2, Sncjw Hill, MBH 

3AS Staggers, Phillit) G., RrD#l, Keyser, W.Va., 1^622 College Ave., C.P. 

iiEd Stabler, Norman 3., 3 A Parkway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5897 (Dickinson Ave,, C.P, 

UAS Stahr, William E., Quarters #2, U.S.N.H., Naval Air Sta., Jacksonville, Fla., lUcS 

OSCS Stakem, William A., R#6, Cumberland, Cumberland 2171R 

Or Stalford, Willis E., 2011^ Oglethorpe St., ftest Hyattsville, AP 52Ul 

3?E Stallings, Irma C, 20h Thomas St., Cumberland, Sigma Kappa 

lEn Stallings, Walter H., 108 S. Poppelton St., Balto. 1 

OSCS Stambach, George L., 22 Cypress Place, Potomac Heights, Indian Head, NTIL X79 

UEd Stanmer, William F., Jr., 21hh Druid Park Drive, Balto. 11, FO 9326 (AFB 22^2 

OSCS Standlee, Buford C, 312 Fort Drive, Alexandria, Va., Hq.Sq,, Eats, Andrews AFB, 2$, D.C., 

ijEd Standlee, Wanda, 3001 3l4th St., N.W., D.C., OR 6875 

Ug Stanfield, Edwin H., FaUing Waters, W.Va. 

3AS Stanford, John W., 6511 Willston Drive, Apt. 102, Falls Church, Va., FA 9688 

IAS Stang, iiary L., S. Rolling Rd & Wilkens Ave.,. Catonsville 28, Dorm 3 

OSCS Stange, Robert A,, Kot>ary Wing Sect., Flight Test Div., MTC, Patuxent River 

liEn Stange, Robert H., 722 Brookwood Rd., Balto. 29, Dorm U 

Gr Stange, rtemei A., b/Rasch, Kl-Brodersby, Schl.-Holstein, Germany, 6807 Balto. Ave,, C.P. 

2BPA Stanhope, Frederick H., 1322 l5th St., N.W., 5, D.C., HO U907 

BPA Stankiewicz, Matthew Chester, 269 Summer St., Plantsville, Conn., Dorm G 

2SCS Stankus, Raymond J., 95Ii7 frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., Dorm G 

iiAg Stanley, Benjamin R., 6200 Kilmer St., Cheverly, WA 66I43 (I6, D.Go 

OSCS Stanley, Gordon L., 206 Berry Rd., Navy Dr., Pensacola, Fla., 3itU5 38th St., N.W., Em 232, 

3AS Stanley, Jack H., 7908 Knollwood Rd., Tows on U, Dorm C 

Gr Stanley, Robert C, 103 East 2nd St., Frederick 

Gr Stanley, Robert E., 5210 58th Ave., East Riverdale, UN 87UO 

IAS Stanley, Sylvia D., 157 Meadowbrook Drive, North Plainfield, N.J., MBH 

3BPA Stansbxiry, Roy L., Shadygrove, Pa., Dorm F 

lAg Stans field, Robert. E,, 9 Helicopter Drive, Baltimore 20 

OSd Stant, Margaret A. (Mrs.), 121 Franklin Ave., Silver Spring, SH 2786 

3Ed Stanton, Earl L., Jr., 366 S. 6th St., Fulton, N.T., 3Uo8 Tulane Drive, West Hyattsville 

Gr Stanton, Virginia K. (Mrs.), hl3 Carroll Ave., Laurel, Laurel' Ul5 

hkg Stapf, Austin M., UOO Irvington Rd., Tyler Park, Falls Church, Va., FA 9573 

3BPA Staples, Roger S., 1+559 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

IjEd Stappler, Beverly R. (Mrs.), 2702 Longwood St., Balto. I6 

IiBPA Stappler, Laurence A., 2702 Longwood St., Balto. I6 

2En Star, Jack, Ull Hamilton St., N.if<., 11, D.C., GE 5086 

Gr Staras, Harold, 61? S. Fillmore St., Arlington, Va., OW 5932 

OSCS Starback, Richard N., U333 Uth St., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 35225 

OSCS Starbuck, Elliott R., 276 College St., Burlington, Vt., Andrews Air Force Base 5l63 

IAS Stark, Edith S., 2907 Chelsea Terrace, Ealto. 16, Dorm 2 

2BPA Stark, Robert M., 3707 Strathmore Ave., Balto. 15, U310 Knox Rd., C.P., WA 98U5 

U&S Starnes, James E., 66 Southgate St., Annapolis, TD 3 

3Ed Starobin, Frieda, 2027 38th St., S.E., 20, L.C., Dorm 3 

IBPA Starobynski, Thomas J., 15 W. 35th St., WiLningtcxi 20l, Del., Calvert E 

OSCS Starrett, John E., 2608 29th St., S.E., 19, D.C., TW 0082 

2AS Startt, William A., 335 East 29th St., Balto. 18 

OSCS Staten, William H., Building $9, Andrews Air Force Base, HI 3100 Ext. 6201 

Gr Stathopoulos , George, 1330 Congress St., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-5586 

Gr Statler, iiaynard W,, R#l, Jreencastle, Pa., 10 F Plateau Place, Greenbelt 

OaCS Statzer, Herbert J., Ihll Boyer St., Richmond, Ind., 1100th Rescue Boat Sq. 

Gr Staub, CyrU S., 2233 UOth Place, N.W., 7, D.C., OR 7090 

Gr Staub, Donald W., 2515 Southern Ave., S.E., 20, D.C., LO 3-7559 

iiHE Staubus, Joyce A. (iirs.). Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

3HE Stauch, George B., Ill S. Strieker St., Balto., 7303 Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

OAS Stauffer, George L., R#l, Silver Spring, SH 3337 

UBPA Stauffer, Harold S., York 6, Pa., 7306 Princeton Ave., C.P. 

3Ed Staup, Thomas P., St. Marys Terrace, Lonaconing, TD 1 

OSCS Staylor, LeRoy W., 1316 Lakeside Ave., Balto. 13, 383U 9th St., N. Arlington 3, Va. 

3BPA Stearman, Stanley H., 5000 Bates Rd., N.E., F.C, RA 6251 

3KE Steam, Adenia N., 1908 Georgia Ave., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 9113 

2SGS Stecher, William T., 3700 Bangor St., S.E., 20, D.C., VI 1391 

OSCS Steck, Donald V. (Lt.), 6I8 Gallatin St., N.W., D.C., Box 292, Boiling AFE, 25, E.G. 

Gr Steckel, John K., 221 N. 30th St., Allentown, Pa., 123 Joliet St., S.W., 20, D.C., 

IAS Steel, Marcia J., h203 Wentworth Rd., Ealto. 7, AAH (JO 365U8 

Gr Steele, Audrey L. (Mrs.), 30 Randolph Ave., Hagerstown, 14317 Rowalt Drive, C.P., UN 8865 

US Steele, Ernest K., 3722 Sheppard St., Brentwood, WA 1322 

lEn Steele, John il., Jr., P.O.Box 32, Seabrook, Bowie 3U91 

IAS Steele, Maria S., 606 Butternut St., N.W., 12, D.C., Dorm 2 


Gr Steele, Martin C, U027 £ St., S. E., 19, D. 0., AX 61i66 

2^S Steele, Thomas H., h}! S. Walnut St., I'ilford, Delaware, 6702 Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

IAS Steely, E. Newton, U213 IVoodberry St., Hyattsville, WA 5751 

liEn Steeman, Cornelius M., Jr., 681iii Pelclare Rd., Baltimore 22, Calvert E 

IVd Stefanacci, Marylou K., E^21, Barry Gardens, Passaic, N. J., Dorm 2 (UN l6l3 

2AS Stefanacci, Richard C-., 25 Marilyn Fl., Clifton, N. J., U320 Rowalt Dr., C. P., 

lEn Steffenhagen, Jack P., 302 Gist Ave., Silver Spring, SL 1385 

liAg Steffens, George L., Bryantown, Dorm •« 

lAg Steffes, Robert J., 110 Gallatin St., N. W., D. C, GE 8559 (D.C., JO 3U937 

OSCS Steffes, Sylvester P. (Lt.), Route 1, St. Cloud, iVisc, 106 Forrester St., S. .Y. , 20, 

UaS Stefun, George P., 1223 Forest Ave., New Kensington, Pa., 65l5 Flander Dr., Hyattsville 

2BPA Steger, Lyall 0., 729 Crittenden St., N.E., D. C, LA 66661 

3AS Stegnan, Donald D., 112 Homeland Ave., Baltimore 12, Bcrm K 

\MS Stein, Charles H., 11 Riggs Rd., N. c., 11, D. C, GE 8360 (D.C., AX 6662 

Gr Stein, Mordecai, 929 Randolph St., N. \H., 11, D. C, 2830 Shipley Terr.-, S. E., 20, 

UAg Steinbach, Rozier L., Jr., Joppa, TD 3 

3Ed Steinberg, Judith E., 5335 32nd St., N. W. , 15, D. C, a: 3976 

2BPA Steinberg, Ramon, 3301 Gwyns Falls Parkway, Baltimore, 1^607 Knox Rd., C. P. 

lAS Steinberg, Samuel J., 136[i Newton St., H. 7/., 10, D. C, TU 3l69 

OSCS Steiner, Rudolph G., 9303 '.Tarren St., Silver Spring, SK 568U 

lEd Steinhardt, Catherine M., 36 West St., Warwick, 1.'. Y., Dorm 3 

Gr Steinhilber, Theodore H., 3563 S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va., TE 1231 

EPA Steinkraus, John G., 1052 Stoll PI., Baltimore 25, CU 5075M 

IPPA Steinlauf, Robert F., Iiil5 Tuckerman St., N.W., 11, D. C, RA 0115 

OSCS Steinle, Werner C, Apt. 102, 2009 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, AP 5273 

hWE Steinmetz, Naomi H., "6ll3 Everall Ave., Baltimore 6, Dorm 2 

2En Steinwedel, Robert E., 26 Holmehurst Ave., Baltimore 28, CA 9390 (WA 9881^ 

3BPA Steliotes, Constantine D., 2 Cornell PI., Pittsburgh l6. Pa., a605 College Ave., C.P., 

OSCS Stell, Jack P., 2719 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, AP 3389 

En Stelmach, Stanley, 320U Elliott St., Baltimore 2ii 

Gr Stemple, Jame E. , Philippi, II. Va., 823 Kenmore St., Arlington, Va., GL 5858 

2EPA Stempler, Gerald L., 3513 Springdale Ave., Baltimore l6, LI U360 

lEPA Stepahin, George, R.D. 2, Evans City, Pa., TD 7 

Gr Stephen, Doris V., Ui05 Sheridan St., University Park, WA 27hh 

lEn Stephens, Robert B., 1335 Kennedy St., N.'.T., 11, D. C, liA 0156 

i;En Stephens, Robert W., V.F.U. 11, Apt. E., C. P. 

Gr Stephenson, Charles M., 706 Hudson Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH 78U3 

OSCS Stephenson, Robert S., U25l 6th St., S.E., D.C., 

h*g Steppe, Andrew J., 720 Sampson Rd., Dahlgren, Va., Dahlgren 123 

IAS Sterling, liuriel D. , 1C03 Noyes Dr., Silver Spring, Donn 3 

2AS Sterling, Randall D., Jr., 3102 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 2li, Calvert A 

IAS Sterling, Ruby M., 1103 Orren St., N.E., 2, D. C, LI 3-U03l 

ISCS Sterman, Allen T., 7703 Eastern Ave., Takoma Park, SH 6821 

Gr Stern, Jesse E., 320 3Uth St., S.E., 19, D. C, VI 6353 (Arlington, Va. 

Gr Stevens, Albert H., 3997 220th St., Queens Village, Nerr York, N.Y., 539 20th St., South, 

3Ag Stevens, Alberta M., 3012 St., 7, D. C, HO 7256 

liEn Stevens, Calvin L., Chade, TD 7 

UEPA Stevens, E. Harrison, 2000 Fordham St., Hyattsville 

IKE Stevens, Jane M., 379 37th PI., S.E., 19, D.C., AAJT 

UAS Stevens, John D., ii7C7 V7est Virginia Ave., Eethesda lli, WI 3098 

lAS Stevens, Julian B., Jr., lUO Spa View Ave., Annapolis, Dorm C 

OSCS Stevenson, Heber J. R., Braddock Heights 

lEd Stevenson, I. Jean, 508 Ethan Allen Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 2885 

2A5 Stevenson, I. Edmund, Jr., Hanover, SZ 

Gr Stevenson, James 0., Bldg. 19, Fort ';7ashington, LD 376i46 

Gr Stevenson, Robert K., Box 191, Mountain Lake Park, U707 Guilford Rd. , C.P., UN 1930 

liPPA Stevenson, Sidney W., Jr., 52 Hamilton St., N. W., D. C, RA U231 (WA 9831 

3Ag Stevenson, "Mllard B., lU Winter Quarters Dr., Pocomoke, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., 

OSCS Steverson, Jaces W., 2208 N.W. lU, Oklahoma City 7, Okla., 1-63 Andrews AFB, 25, D.C. 

Gr Steward, James G., B-7-1;, Paldwin L'anor, Aberdeen 

3PE Stewart, Barbara A., 139 Ellison Ave., Bronxville 8, N.Y., 7501; la±e Ave., C.P.,;i'A U262 

Gr Stewart, Dewey, 1736 Webster St., N.E., 17, L.C., NO 2l6l 

Gr Stewart, Franklin B., Rt.6, Sparta, Tenn., 5321 Colorado Ave., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 2Wli 

IBPA Stewart, James L., Jr., 1221; South Elm St., Casper, 'looming Dorm F 

lA^ Stewart, James L., Ili5 Bedford St., Cumberland 

2AS Stewart, Mildred T., R. F.D.I, Finksburg, Dorm 3 

3AS Stewart, Richard E., 6129 First PI., N.E., 11, D.C, RA 3562 

lEPA Stewart, Richard H., 5617 Ruatan St., Berwyn Heights, TO 5258 

UEPA Stewart, Robert L., 716 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, SL 3330 

Gr Sticht, Ralph J., 83OI l6th St., Silver Spring, SL 78U3 


4En Stiokell, Robert J., 100 Beeohdale Rd., Baltimore 10, Dorm E 

IBn Stiefel, Riohard C, 8412 Old Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, TD 3 

Gr Stier, Patricia W. (lira.). 101 Barron St., Takoma Park 12, SL 8873 

Gr Stiller, Bertram, 3007 Erie St., S.B., 20, D.C, VI 9205 

OSCS Stillie, Edward 0.(Capt.), 4218 TThoeler Rd., S.E,, D.C, JO P-1980 

lAg Stillman, George V. W., 106 Bendernjftre Ave., Interlaken, N.J., Dorm C 

4BPA Stilson, Soott, Jr., 2712 Porter St., N.W., 8, D.C, OR 4516 

ISCS Stine, Edward V,, 5213 Harper St., Dillon Park, HI 6928 

2BPA Stine, James R., 6214 Brook Ave., Baltimore 6, Dorm C 

OSCS Stine, Robert C, Crawford, Nebr., Apt .301,902 Manor Rd.,Aloxandria,Va,,KI 8-6649 

En Stingelin, John, 400 E. 105th St., Now York 29, N,Y., TD 1 

OSCS Stinson, Guren E., Jr., R^P.D» 1, Simi, Calif., 3874 9th St., S.E., 20, D.C^ JO 2-1776 

3BPA Stinson, W. Jewell, Eaaton, Dorm C 

3AS Stinta, Katherine R., 17 E. Mapi 9 Ave., Baltimore 6, MBH 

3AS Stitcher, Joseph E., 532 N, Mechanic St., Cvuoberland, Dorm P 

Gr Stock, Bernard L., 1223 Euclid St., N.?r.,D.C, AD 9690 (BAFB, Ext .4360 

OSCS Stockard, Marvin L., Jr., Box 122, Meridian, Tex., 1005th S. I. U., Boiling A.P.B. ,25,D.C 

4Ag Stockman, Bruce C, Jefferson, Calvert B 

2PE Stockman, James M., 401 Sherman Ave., Frederick, TD 1 

OSCS Stoeber, Leslie R., R.R.1» Huxley, Iowa, 3221 Terrace Dr«, Apt. C, 20, D«C, JO 99374 

OEd Stofko, James A*, 1214 Queen St., Pottstown, Pa., 5415 Roosevelt St., Bethesda 

lEn Stogdale, Thomas S., 4233 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, WA 3799 

ISCS Stogo, Riohard E., 15 Eastmoor Dr., Silver Spring 

ISCS Stokes, Turner V., 213 Edge vale Rd., Baltimore, HO 6637 

IAS Stokes, William H., 213 Edgevale Rd., Baltimore 10, TD 1 

lAg Stoltz, Robert B., 5706 41st Ave., Hyattsville, WA 3677 

2PE Stone, Bertha E., Aocokeek, Brandywine 4612 

3AS Stone, David E., 7306 Princeton Ave., CP., WA 6994 

3AS Stone, Ferdinand E., 332 W. Shore Dr., Marblehead, Mass., 4600 Norwich Rd., CP,, TTN 9807 

4A5 Stone, Lois H., 5806 Mass. Ave., Glen Mar Park 

Gr Stone, Marguerite M., 8027 Eastern Ave., Silver Spring, JTJ 7-7527 

2HE Stone, Marilyn M., 113 Bellemore Rd., Baltimore 10, Alpha Gamma Delta, TTN 9806 

Gr Stone, Martha C. (Mrs.), 5811 Eaatpine Dr., Riverdale, UN 2914 

Gr Stone, Parker W., Denton, Denton 479W 

IAS Stoneham, Paul D.^ Waverly, Va., Dorm C 

3En Stoops, Gordon J., 2729 Nicholson St., W. Hyattsville, AP 3858 

3BPA Stopak, Julius ^., 7528 12th St., N.V/., 12, D.C, TA 8497 

HPA Storseth, Robert P., 1620 Pierce St., Amarillo, Tex., 4307 Sheridan Rd., TTniversity Park 

OSCS Stouffer, R. Raymond, Featherbed Lane, Eager stown, Hagerstown 592J 

IAS Stout, L. Clarke, Jr., 107 Hilltop Rd., Silver Spring, SL 8137 

IBPA Stout, Mary A., 106 W. Montgomery, Ave., Rockville, Dorra 2 

2HPA Stout, Paul D., Jr., 700 Quincy St., N.E,, 17, D.C, LA 67894 

OEd Stow©, David E., 406 Cedar St., N.W., 12, D.C, TA 7779 

2BPA Strachan, John L., 3 Puller PI., Arlington, N.J., Dorm 

Gr Straoke, Walter L., 2102 Dexter Ave., Silver Spring, SL 9136 (KI 8-7842 

2AS Strange, Russell P., 1736 Fifth St., Madison, 111., 4222 S. 32nd St., Arlington, Va., 

2En Stransky, Vincent G., Jr., VF 12, Apt. G., CP., TJN 9884 

3Ed Strasaer, William C, Jr., 608 Aspen St., N,W., 12, D.C, RA 3665 

2PE Stratton, Richard C, 6403 Ridgewood Ave., Chevy Chase 15, 4812 Knox Rd., CP,, UN 9780 

Gr Strauss, Samuel, 4221 13th St., N.E., 17, D.C, LA 6-5055 

OSCS Street, Harry W. L., 117 Maple Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 5431 

lEn Streit, Henry L., Jr., Box 82, Bel camp, TD 7 

2Ag Strickland, Harold T., Great Mills, Dorm (BAFB Ext .4188 

2BPA Strickland, Richard G., 103 Knollwood Rd., Fayettevillo, N.Y., Dorm F (A.F.B., 26, D*C 

OSCS Strickland, Thomas L., Box 95, Eccles,W.Va., 1100th Maint. 4 Sup. Gp.,Box 1120, Boiling 

ISCS Strickler, Dean G., Jr., 8712 Geren Rd., Silver Spring, SL 2568 

4BPA Strickler, Paul T., Jr., 18-2 Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Gr 7176 

Gr Striegel,GTiorgine D., 1630 Diamond St., Phila. 21, Pa. 

2AS Stringer, John G., 2941 28th St., N.W., D.C, TD 5 

Gr Stringer, Kenneth T., 9555 Rhode Island Ave., Berwyn, TO 5508 

3AS Stringer, L. Tipton, 5532 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

3Ag Stringer, Nemrod C, 1348 Talbert Terrace, S.E., 20, D.C, LU 4-5338 

Gr Stripling, Edna H., 1-K Gardenway Rd., Greenbelt, GR 3033 

ISCS Strite, Worthey E., 415 Ethan Allen Ave., Takoma Park 12, SH8 SH 8074 

3Ed Strobel, Betty C, 47 Manor Circle, Takoma Park 12, SH 2865 

OSCS Strobel, Edward M., 448 Argyle Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

IBPA Strobel, Jack R., 1094 Confer Ave., Johnstown, Pa., 7507 Hopkins Rd., CP., UN 0351 

Gr Strohl, George R., Jr., 1026 Boncher Ave., Annapolis, Annapolis 82482 

4AS Strohmaier, Edward, 4020 Parkwood St., Brentwood, WA 2863 

Gr Strom, Arthur D., Cissna Park, 111., 4547 Wells Pkwy, Riverdale 


2Ag Strong, John T., 3435 R St., N.W., 7, D.C., Calvert D 

2BPA Strong, Raymond V., 5218 Illinois Ave., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 0692 

ISCS Strott, James C, 6012 Bellona Avo,, Baltimore 12, Dorm F 

4HE Strott, Leonard E., 9419 Wire Ave,, Silver Spring 

Gr Stroud, Lucile n. fMrs,). 1307 North Ode St., Arlington 9, Va., CH 8906 

US Stroup, Phillip G., 1624 17th PI., S.E., 20, D.C., TD 3 

3Ed Stuart, G. Jeanette, 2809 15th St., N.W., 9, D.C., Gamma Phi Beta 

Gr Stuber, Bernard V., 29 Tanner Ave., Lexington Park, Great Mills 5474 

4En Stubits, Steven F., Box 17, Security, TD 3 

lAg Stubler, Herbert A., Arundel Beaoh Rd., Box #321, Severna Park, Sevenia Park 300 

Gr Studenick, David K., 1001 Highland Dr., Silver Spring 

2BPA Studley, James D., Jr., 604 Somerset Place, N.W., 11, D.C., GE 7003 

4Ag Stull, John M., Apt. 202, 2003 Forham St., University City 

3En Stulti, Donald TV,, Jefferson Blvd., Braddock Heights, TD 1 (WA 9733 

2AS Stults, George W., Jr., Jefferson Blvd., Braddock Heights, 7401 Princeton Ave., C.P., 

Gr stunts. JohnW., 5614 37th Ave., Hyatt svi lie, UN 9023 

2En Stup, Jesse L., Jr., R.F.D. #2, Frederick, TD 4 

3BPA Sturges, Richard W., 7525 Momingside Dr., 12, D.C., GE 7424 

4Ed Sturgis, Margaret E., Martin St., Snow Hill, Alpha Omioron Pi 

3Ag Stutts, Eterbert P., Box 301, Florence, Alabama, 4611 College Ave., C.P,, WA 9849 

US Styron, Harvey R., 1248 D St., N.E., 2, D.C., LI 7-2077 (TO 4996 

En Suanico, Vicente T., Pontevedra, Negros Ooc, Philippines, 8709 Baltimore Blvd., C.P., 

OSCS Suohara, Genevieve J. (f/irs.), 700 So, Arlington Mill Dr., Arlington, Va, 

OSCS Suohara, Thaddeus W., 700 So, Arlington Mill Dr., Arlington, Va, 

OSCS Sudbury, David V., MATS Hq. Andrews AFB, 25, D.C, HI 3100 

Gr Sugar, George R,, 1909 2nd St,, N.E., 2, D.C, DE 2959 

Gr Sullivan, A.,Kannevillette, 3320 Rowland PI,, 8, D.C, EIK 5506 

Ug Sullivan, Charles A., 3911 Ridgewood Ave., Baltimore 15, FO 8030 

2AS Sullivan, Delabarre F,, 92 High St., Greenfield, Mass., NZ 

US Sullivan, George B., 10212 Sutherland Rd., Silver Spring, SH 5464 

HE Sullivan, Helen K., 5909 Calverton Dr,, College Heights Estates, Hyattsville, WA 1405 

IBPA Sullivan, James G., 752 7th St,, Somers Point, N,J., TD 3 

US Sullivan, James R,, Manor Club, Rookville, LO 5-0329 

Ug Sullivan, Mary L., 3725 Cottage Terr,, Cottage City, VEA 6814 

US Sullivan, Michael J,, 3909 Calverton Dr,, Hyattsville, WA 1405 (DU 6000 

2Bn Sullivan, Palmer W., 301 Baltimore St,, Cvunberland, 2120 16th St,, N,W., 9, D.C, 

Gr Sullivan, Paul M,, V?ll, Apt,G., C.P. (Ext, 64511 

OSCS Sullivan, Richard W., Rt. 1, Box 11, Gary, Ind,, Hq, Flight Service, 25, D.C, RE 7400, 

4En Summerfield, Powell N., 10-A Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt, Qreenbelt 4557 

Gr Sumners, Charles A,, Boonsboro 

OSCS Summers, Helen E,, 5229 7th St,, N,W., 11, D.C, GE 1363 

4Ag Summers, Paul F., Jr., Upper Marlboro, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., VTA 9831 

OSCS Sumner, Patsy R., 725 Epworth Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, 9901st TSU SGO WAG Det,, Army 

OSCS Sun, Jack K,, 5350 26th St. N,, Arlington, Va,, OX 0763 (Med, Ctr., 12, D.C 

4En Sunderland, James E., Jr., 919 Woodington Rd., Baltimore 29 

Gr Sunderlin, Wendell S,, 105 Joliet St,, S.W., 20, D.C, JO 3-4189 

OSCS Sundermann, James A., 2108 Dexter Ave., Silver Spring, SH 7700 

Gr Sunier, Emile H., 1437 Spring Rd., N.W., D.C, TA 3679 

Gr Supplee, Elem J., Dickerson, Poolsville. 2010 

Gr Sures, Allan H., 4704 27th St., Mt. Rainier, 7fA 5103 

AS Suria, John R., North Park Gardens Apts., Salisbury, TD 8 (Park 12, SH 3769 

Gr Surie, N.(Mrs,), 6 Ratendone Rd.', New Delhi, India, 1514 Erskine St,, Takoma 

OSCS Surkiewicz, Bernard F., 320 E. Patrick St., Frederick 

3BPA Susini, Harry A., 502 4th St., Laurel, Laurel 633 

Gr Suss, Louis, Jr., 7206 16th Ave,, Takoma Park 12, JU 7-7975 

lEd Susser, Barbara L., 4821 Blagden Ave,, N.W., D.C, TA 4821 

US Sussman, Derby J., 9101 Crosby Rd., Silver Spring, SH 9396 

lEd Sussman, H. Joan, 311 Montgomery St. Laurel, Laurel 609 

lEd Sussman, Selma R., 3507 Fallstaff Rd., Baltimore 15, Dorm 2 

2BPA Suter, George A., Jr., Old Mill Rd., Box #245, Spring Lake, N.J., Calvert C 

3BPA Sutherland, Arlene F., 4419 Underwood St., University Park, UN 9168 

ISCS Sutherland, William B,, 5510 Ellsworth Ave,, Pittsburgh, 32, Pa,, Dorm G 

OSCS Suttie, James, 134 Ida Ave., Donora, Pa., 2810 Shipley Terr., S.E., D.C, AX 6398 

OSCS Sveo, Jerome A., 3600 Fait Ave., Baltimore 24, Eastern 1098 

4En Svrjoek, Benjamin W., 715 N. Port St., Baltimore 5, TD 3 

4Ag Swahn, Frederick H., Rt. #1, Whiteford, TD 3 

US Swan, Gordon G,, 303 Washington St., Cumberland, NZ 

Gr Swann, Henry E., Jr., 5F Gardenway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6127 

2AS Swann, -M. Frances, 4229 46th St., 16, D.C, Alpha ftnicron Pi, WA 9871 

OSCS Swanson, Fred H. (Capt.), 3223 Buena Vista Terr., S.E., 20, D.C, AX 5740 


OAS Swaren, Ruby (Mrs.), R^'D, Brookeville, Ashton hlhS 

ijBPA Swarr, Frank G., 720 North Carolina Ave., S.E., 3, B.C., FR 5192 

2AS Swartz, Frederick, 2523 Park Heights Terrace, Balto. 15, U509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 9513 

3Ed Swartz, Helen I. (Mrs.), 5U15 55th Place, East Riverdale, WA 9U68 

2AS Swayzee, H.Anne., 9U12 Russell Rd,, Silver Spring, Kappa Kappa Gamna 

OSCS Swearingen, Jay C, 1509 iiable St., l-renton, iio., 12 Danbury St., S.A., 20, iJ.G., JO 3UliiO 

3Ed Sweairingen, Joan, 3317 Tennyson St., N.rt., 15, D.C,, Kappa Kappa Ganma 

OSCS Swearingen, Robert (Maj,), Box 350, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C, JO 29000 Ext.5Ui 

i^BPA Sween, William R., 58II4 Kingswood Rd., Bethesda II4, Vrt 188? 

OSCS Sweeney, Edward J., 5135 N, Sydenham St., Philadelphia, Pa., 2700 Wisconsin Ave., 7, D.C. 

Or Sweeney, Stuart T.H., 11 Sherman Ave., Takoma Park, SL 3550 

Gr Swenson, Karl E., 3507 B South Stafford St., Arlington 6, Va., OV 135? (AFB, 25, D.C. JO 29000 

OSCS Swift, James C. (Cpl.), BBSl, Leslie, Mich., 1005th IcG.Special Investigation Unit, Boiling 

Gr Swim, Jasper A., Genoa, Nebr., U315 Tuckerman St., University Park, WA ii90h 

2BPA Swink, Houston H., Jr., 1605 College Ave., C.P., WA 983li 

AS Swinnerton, Gerald A., 2917 Covington Rd., Silver Spring, SH G9U8 

Gr Swint, Edna M.W. (Mrs.), h301 Rcwalt Drive, C.P., UN U679 (Arlington k, Va. 

I4MS Sykes, Edward G., 2217 East 6th St., Vancouver, ffash., 312 S. Arlington Mill Drive, Apt. 9, 

lEn Sykes, George H., 1703 D Street, N.E., 2, D.C, LI 6-3720 

IAS Sykes, Horace F., I47I6 Cortland Rd., Chevy Chase 15, TD 2 

2Ag Sylvanus, James E., 1-18 W. 36th St., Wilmington 20U, Dela., Dorm J£ 

2AS Symons, Walter V., 79 Chestnut St., N. Arlington, N.J., TD 3 

i4BPA Sysak, John, 14319 First St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 3-53X (WA 09ii8 

LiEd Szalwinski, Robert J., 39 ilosefan St., Franklin Square, N.Y., UOOl Kennedy St., Pfyattsville, 

IkS Szojchet, Alvin, 1501 First St., N.W., D.C, HO 9393 

IAS Szuleski, Joseph M., 6l2 Jeffrey St., Balto. 25 

2AS Tabb, Marvin N., 5U20 Kansas Ave., N.^., 11, D.C, TA 2082 

US Tabert, Otto C, 9i;8 Spangler Way, Balto. 5 (St., Riverdale, M. 7825 

Gr Tacderas, Felicitas S., Sevilla,Sta, Cruz, Ilocos Sur, Luzon, Philippines, 14519 Tuckerman 

En Tadjbakhsh, IradJ G., 28 Samimi, Tehran 11, Iran, TD 1 

Gr Taff, Charles A., U905 Blackfoot Rd., CP., TO 1^833 

OSCS Tagert, Hugh B., 3210 Terrace Drive, 20, D.C, HI 70iiO 

3Ed Talbot, George G., Jr., I4OII Derby Manor Drive, Balto. 15, y707 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 3998 

US Talbott, Richard N.-, 2609 Nicholson St., r^ttsville, AP Q3U7 

OSCS Tall, iSax M., 2607 Kirkwood r^lace, Hyattsville, AP UU82 

OSCS Talley, Ted M., 17 Greenwood Place, Potomac Heights, Indian Head 

UPE Talley, ifilliam R., 2ii5 W. Patrick St., Frederick, 88OI U2nd Ave., Berwyn, TO 5536 

OSCS Talmadge, Harvey C, Jr., Apt. 21, 3225 23rd St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-5896 

IAS Tangires, James D., 1^210 Frederick Ave., Balto. 29, WI 6U90 (AFB, 25, D.C. 

OSCS Tanner, Perry A., m535 Hamlin Ave., Midlothian, 111., l;203rd Photo. Tech .Sqdn., Boiling 

Gr Tansey, Richard L., I608 Cedar St., Berkeley, Calif., 913 N. T/ongf«llow St., Arlingtcn, Va. 

21B Tantum, William M., RFi:#l, Box 320, Vienna, Va., Dorm N 

IAS Tapolow, Arlene F., 2i40li Callow Ave., Balto. 17, AAH 

3En Tapper, itelvin, 3705 Barrington Rd., Balto. 15, U802 Calvert Rd., C.P., UN 9786 

Gr Taran, Dorothy L. (Mrs.), 50U2 38th Ave., Hyattsville, AP 0982 

OSCS Tarbox, Henry A., Clark St., RrL^l, Hamburg, N.Y., Apt. 262, California Hall, Arlington 

Ag Tarbutton, William Z., 3803 S St., N.rf., D.C, EM 12li6 (Farms, Arlington 8, Va., OW 9i400 

2EPA Targarona, John M., 6U2 East 37th St., Balto. 18, Dorn N 

Gr Tarjan, Armen C, 5 A Plateau Place, Greenbelt, Greenbelt U8OI 

2BPA Tarwater, Elmer L., Jr., u805 Alton Place, 16, D.C. 

IAS Tascon, Luis A., Calle 10 #1-12, Palmira, Colombia, S.A., U52U Albion Kd., C.P., WA 2I46U 

OSCS Tatge, Fleanor, Ingleside Ave., McLean, Va. 

2AS Taubenfeld, Martin, 3Ul5 Holmes Ave., Balto. 17, LA 9013 

IAS Tavenner, Julian A., 19 H Ridge iiu., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 5327 

Gr Taw, Florence M., I4615 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 373U 

IKE Taylor, Barbara J., 6107 U2nd Place, Hyatts/xile, M 7U78 

lAg Taylor, Carol B., Pinoj Branch Farm, Jlen Mill Rd., R#l, Rockville, Rockville 36I48 

2SCS Taylor, Delmar S., Jr., 9219 Woodland Hd . , Silver Spring, SL li727 

lEn Taylor, Donald, U9U9 Cedar Ave., Relay 27, Elkridce 5-M 

lAg Taylor, Donald K., 2012 Greenberry Rd . , Balto. 9, Dorm 

liEn Taylor, Dudley D., 12 K Parkway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 2071 

2Ag Taylor, Earl C, 3125 Abell Ave., Balto. 18, Dorm F 

2Ag Taylor, Frank C, 60i4 College Ave., Luthei^ille, Dorm E (25, D.C# 

OSCS Taylor, Gardner n., II, 916 Bamaby St., S.E., 20, D.C, 1111th SAM Sqd., Boiling AFB, 

UEn Taylor, George F., Jr., 1738 East 25th St., Balto. 13, Dorm 

OSCS Taylor, >;eorge R., 726 Broadway, Newark I4, N.J., Barracks h27. Boiling AFB, 25, D.C. 

lEn Taylor, Gilbert L., 3602 W. Garrison Ave., Balto. 15, CZ 

lEn Taylor, Jack E, I4OI9 Cranston Ave., Balto. 29, TD 6 

2BPA Taylor, James B.,U913 U St., S.E., Bradbury Hgts., 19, D.C, JO 873UO 

OSCS Taylor, John G., Jr. (Capt.), 113 California Hall, Arlington 8, Va., OW 9lOO Ext.91 


2Ed "Kiylor, Judith B., 755 Donaghe Place, Staxinton, Va., 1£BH 

Gr Taylor, Marion E., lOU N. Edison St., Arlington, Va., OW 727k 

UEd Taylor, Nancy L., 6312 Powatan St., E. Riverdale, U5l7 Knox Rd., College Park,WA 9720 

UBPA Taylor, Norman R., 5307 Silver Hill Road, S.E., Suitland, JO 8-li8UO 

2AS Taylor, Richard A., Box lli3, LaVale, Dorm C 

3Ed Taylor, Ronald L., Galesvlllfi, TD 8 

Ug Taylor, Scott H., 130 S. Franklintown Rd., Baltimore 23, ED 0052 J 

3HE Taylor, Suellen, 5609 Narcissus Ave; Baltimore 15, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

ISCS Taylor, Vernon G., Jr., 9919 Sutherland Rd., Silver Spring, SH 1959 

UbPA Taylor, Walter M., 20 E. Cooimerce St., Brldgeton, N.J. ,6102 U2nd Pl.,Hyattsville,WA 2662 

IBPA Taylor, William B., TKjidy Hill Farm, Thumont, TD 1 

OSCS Taylor, William L., 2608 S. Veitch St., Arlington 6, Va., JA 8-2586 

2AS Tayman, Grafton P., Jr., Groom, Dorm F 

IBPA Tayman, miliam E., 119 S. Fulton Ave., Baltimore 23, ED 1539W 

lEd Taymoorian, Fateraeh, 27 Uolavi St., Tehrsin, Iran, 7U06 ColiLnbia Ave.,G.P. 

ISCS Teagarden, Gloria A., 603 Club Rd., Baltimore 10, MBH 

Ug Teagle, Harold E., 13U3 Monroe St., 10, D.C., TD 1921 

UBPA Teal, Wilson H., Hoffman, N.C., 201 TMrd Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 5992 

2Ag Teale, Robert E., 9109 Woodland Rd., Silver Spring, SH 736U (Va., JE 38912 

OSCS Teasley, Joel H. (Capt.), 2509 Oak St. Rd.,Valdosta, Oa.,l8U2 Linda Lane, Falls Church, 

3AS Teeling, Raymond G., 98 New Hampshire St., Long Beach, N.Y., 6905 Carlton Terrace, C. P., 

Gr Tejler, Anders, li778 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale (AP 1U92 

MS Temple, Walter L., U62li Knox Road, Apt 12, College Park, AP 3636 

Gr Templin, Herman A., 7500 N. Hampshire Ave., Takoma Park 12 

liBPA Tennant, Richard W., 3213 Fairview Rd., Baltimore 7, RO 1332R 

2BPA Tepper, Frederick A., 502ii 9th St., N.W., 11, D.C., TD 8 

IBPA Terrell, Abbie L., 503 Bollitt Ave., S.E,, Roanoke, Va., 1^022 Parkwood St., Cottage City 

IAS Terrell, George A., 7708 Chicago Ave., Silver Spring, SH 6257 

2En Terrell, Robert L., Jr., 7708 Chicago Ave., Silver Spring, SH 6257 

Gr Terris, Alfred, 1627 19th St., N.W., D.C., HO 6767 

OSCS Terry, John H., U32 Belleview Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

2Ag Tertell, Robert T., 652U U6th Pi., Riverdale 

Gr Tesh, Flora H. (Mrs.), U32U Underwood St., Hyattsville, WA U586 

3Ed Testa, Geraldine H., Box 86, North New Portland, Maine, 2627 Nicholson St., Hyattsville 

Gr Testerraan, Lida M., 302 Thcanas Drive, Laurel, Lavurel 256J 

Gr Tetenbaum^ Marvin, 8913 Avenue A, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1719 19th St., N.W., D.C., AD 96l5 

UEn Thalaker, Neil E., Jr.. 3Ul5 Gwynns Falls Paricway, Baltimore 16 

2En Thane, Frederick L., 3U26 l6th St., N.W., 10, D.C. 

l^BPA Ihawley, Richard L., 5508 Haddon Ave., Baltimore 7, LI 8320 

OSCS Ihayer, Phillips R., Route 1, Middletown 

Gr Ihearle, B. June, 3 East Northwind Rd., Glen Arm, U703 Ravenswood Rd., Riverdale, UN 0535 

IBPA Thebo, Hubert A., Jr., 126 Whitmore Terrace, Silver Spring 

2Ag Theofield, Robert E., 313 Waterford Rd., Silver Spring, SL 8250 

Gr Thickstun, William R., Jr., 1101 Euclid St., N.W., 9, D.C, CO 6678 

OAS Ihiele, George H., Ardmore Rd., Landover, HY Ol|B5 

3AS Thielemann, Henry B., 600U Be lair Road, Baltimore 6, Dorm C 

3En Thiess, Robert S., 2UlO Southern Ave., Baltimore Ih, TD 1 

UAg Thill, James B., 756 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, SH U980 

Gr Thomas, Benjamin F., U310 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, WA 785U 

OSCS Thomas, Catherine E., 92 Ormand St., Frostburg, Frostburg 1098W 

OSCS Thomas, Charles, 3U Fenway Circle, Brockton, Mass., Alabama Hall, Arlington Farms, Va,, 

OSCS Thomas, Humphrey J. (Lt. ), 1U12 hist St.,DesMoines,Iowa,l;62U Livingstcn(OW 9UOO,Ext.2ii9 

2En Thomas, James W., I4315 Rowalt Dr., College Paric, AP 3028 (Rd.,S.E.,20,D.C., JO 23279 

IAS Thomas, JoAnn, 3601 Wisconscin Ave., N.W.,7, D.C, OR 5591 

UAS Thomas, John B., Ill, 2828 St. Paul Street, Baltimore 18, BE 3889 

2BPA Thomas, John G., 3622 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., Dorm F 

UAS Thomas, Katharine E., 1000 Mansion Dr., Silver Spring, SL 8351i 

OSCS Thomas, Katharine H. (Mrs.), 5221 Connecticut Ave., N.W., 15, D.C, OR 8775 

lEd Thomas, Lester G., 221 Newcomb St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-8019 

OSCS Thomas, Mary F.J. (Mrs.), 82U N. Mechanic St., Cumberland, Cumberland 2507 

UEn Thomas, Michael T., 5816 63rd Ave., Riverdale, UN 1533 

lAS Thomas, Nancye L., 1000 Mansion Dr., Silver Spring, Dom 2 

2BPA Thomas, Richard C, 5U28 Nevada Ave., 15, D.C, WO 1980 

IBPA Thomas, Robert C, U711i 30th St., N.W., 8, D.C, WO 1303 

2En Thomas, Robert S., 2210 Lyndhurst Ave., Baltimore 16, Calvert A 

2Ed Thomas, William H., 907 Drake Ave., Centerville, Iowa,tiOl5 Newton St., Colmar Manor,WA 8392 

Gr Thomas, William H., 3136 Redwood St., Riverside, Calif., 6U25 Colesville Rd. , Hyattsville, 

Gr Thomas, William J., 139 Fifth St., Sharon, Pa., Apt. 31, 3U22 Tulane Dr., West (WA 6277 

Gr Thomas, William R., Ill, 110 Schuyler Rd., Silver Spring, SL 10li2 (Hyattsville 

Gr Thomas, William W., 8O8 Malvern Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa., 500U U2nd Ave., Hyattsville 


OSCS Thomason, Charles, 7^5 Hancock St., Brooklyn 33, N.T. (Ft. Meade 

OSCS Thomas, George E. (Lt.), Qrs. 1928B Meade Heights, Odenton, Personnel Office, 2101st ASU, 

UpE Thompson, Albert A., Jr., 21^29 Franklin St., N.E., D.C., DU 8095 

UEd Thompson, Alice C, Sherwood Hill, Brewster, N.Y., Alpha IL Delta, WA 9720 

3AS Thompson, Alice J., Morris St Francke Aves., Lutherville, MBH 

UbPA "niompson, Allan C, Severna Park, 7009 Iroquois Rd., Glen Echo 

Ca- Thompson, David G., 3600 22nd St., N.E., 13, D.G., DE 1038 

OSCS Thompson, Esthsr E., 1316 Delafield Place, N.W., D.C., RA I8l6 

3AS Thompson, Evelyn M., 9U08 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, SL 1778 

Gr Thompson, Fred R., 7806 Hanover St., Dallas, Texas, 21-D Ridge Road, Greenbelt 

UAg Thompson, George M., lOOU Flower Ave., Takoma Park, SL 6805 (St., Arlington, Va, I 

OSCS Thon?)son, Harry J. (Capt.), 1100 W. Hawthorne St., Fort rforth U, Texas, 3610 S.Wakefield 

OSCS Thompson, Howard E. (Dr.), Camp Detrick, Frederick 

OSCS Thompson, Jack L., 172 Norfolk Ave., Lynchburg, Va. , 1100 Con?). Sq., D.C. 

2MS Thompson, John F., 1600 Girard St., N.E., 18, D.C, DE 2939 

3Ag Thompson, John L., R.F.D. 1, Mt. Airy, Dorm N 

OSCS Thompson, Lee R., 20S Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., D.C, LI U-3090 

Gr Thompson, Louise F. (Mrs,), 271 W. Patrick St., Frederick (Arlington,. Va., OW 9U00, Ext.2U5 

OSCS Thon^Dson, Martin J. (Sgt.), 331$ Shelburne Rd., Baltimore 8, Alabama Hall, Arlington Farms, 

3Ag Thompson, Mitchell, Hurlock, 6319 Kilmer St., Cheverly, UN 7121 

3AS Thompson, Paul L., 6502 Red Top Road, Chillum Manor, UN 3728 

OSCS Thon^json, Ralph E. (Major), 3Ul2 South Stafford St., Arlington, Va., O 89856 

2BPA Thompson, Roland N., 35U Marydell Road, Baltimore 29, Tau Kappa Epsilon 

UBPA Thcw^json, Thomas S., 211 Gloucester St., Annapolis, Annapolis U786 

3BPA Thompson, \Yarren L., 312U Newton St., N.E., 18, D.C, HO 8778 

UbPA Thomson, Earl J., Jr., 10 Stehle St., Anos^polis, N2 

USd Thomson, Frank K., Jr., Ua7 73rd Ave., Landover Hills, AP 2536 

ISCS '^'horne, Cecil tf., Box 133 R.F.D. 2, Upper Marlboro, TD 3 

lAg Thome, George F., 7711 Fort Foote Rd., 3.E., 20, D.C, LO 3-7039 

OSCS Thome, Virginia H., Claiborne, St. Midiaels 59F12 

UEn Thomhill, Alec F., 67U9 Potomac Dr., 16, D.C, m 2891 

UbPA Thornton, Charles C, 809 2nd St., Pocomoke City, 1|531 College Ave., C.?., AP 3865 

OSCS Thornton, Robert D., 500 Hill St., Pullman, Washington, Hq. AACS (MATS), Andrews AFB,25, 

AS Thorpe, Harold S., 2621 Nicholson St., Hyattsville (D.C, HI 3100,Ext.22li8 

AS Tnorpe, Peter V., Camden Ave, Ext., Salisbury, 6502 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

UEn Thorson, John R., 2022 Lanier Dr., Silver Spring, SL 8672 

Gr Thrasher, Paul M., 8202 Jefferson St., Bethesda, OL 6U79 

UBPA Threadgill, Samuel J., 1912 R St., N.W., 9, D.C, AD 12U8 

UaS Thren, Pat L., 12 Mohican Place, 16, D.C, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

OHE Throckmorton, Dorothy C, Maycnjfb, Oakley, 2300 Woodley Rd., D.C 

Gr Thurston, Edward C, c/o F.B. Mills, Whj.te Oak, Silver Spring, SH 6193 

UEd Thurston, Norma J., 5339 32nd 5z. , N.W., 15, D.C, WO 5701 

3AS Thurston, Warren E., 7 Russell 3t., Portland U, Maine, 7505 Yale Ave., C.P., WA 9520 

2Ag Tlbbets, John W., 3261 Worthington St., N.W., 15, D.C, TD 1 (UN 17UU 

UBPA Tibbetts, Frederick M., Jr., 136 Broadway, Keyport, N.J.,U209 Kennedy St., Hyattsville, 

3AS Tidrick, Dale E., 6813 Riggs Manor Dr., Apt. 302, West Hyattsville, UN 2106 

IHE Tiemey, Deirdre P., 9218 Mintwood St., Silver Spring, SL 05U6 

Gr Tiemey, John A., 21 Thou^Json St., Annapolis, Annapolis U08l 

Gr Tierney, William F., 3Ul6 Tulane Dr., West Hyattsville, AP 62lU 

ISCS Tiffey, Anne F., 3908 Oliver St., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm 2 

UB?A Tilghman, Samuel S., 5l5 Camden Ave., Salisbury, Good Luck Road, E. Riverdale, UN 9770 

2AS Til.Thman, Thomas H., 205 East Isabelle St., Salisbury, NZ 

OSCS Tilley, Douglas C, 513 Maple Ridge Road, Bethesda 12, OL 6270 

Or Tillinghast, Norwood W., 305 Yorktown Rd., Lexington Paric 

Gr Tillman, Reuel Q., 8U65 Livingston Rd,, 3.E., 20, D.C. 

lEd Timlin, Jean C, 9315 Glenville Rd. , Silver Spring, SL 5369 

Gr Timm, Raymond S., 2108 38th St., S.E., 20, D.C, AX 6265 

OSCS Tlramins, Albert R., 8U3 Northampton Dr., Silver Spring, JU 7-59U7 

2En Tinmis, Colin E., R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring ,Ashton 21UU 

OSCS Tlmmons, James C (Capt.), Bldg.l-U9, Apt. 3, Andrews AFB, 25, D.C, HI 3100, Ext.31llt. 

UAS Timmons, John M. , Church St., Snow Hill, Dorm M 

lAS Timmons, William D., Jr., Route 1, Cumberland, Dorm C 

IBPA TLndal, Donald R., 3729 Jocelyn St., N.W., 15, D.C, OR 7356 

IBPA Tingle, S. Murray, 315 Cedar Ave., N.W., Takoma Park 12 

2En Tlnnanoff, Leonard M., 2513 Ellamont St., Baltimore 16, TD 3 

2BPA Tipton, John A., 11 Helicopter Dr., Baltiaore 20, TD 3 

OSCS Titi, Severino R., UU8 Comra.St., Mingo Jet., Ohio, 623 Maryland Ave., 2, D.C, FR 7927 

UAS Tjlteler, Harold G., 128 New York Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 90U8 

Gr Titus, James W. , Buzzard Pt. Boat Yard, U, D.C 

Or To, Kno-chu, Yulin, Shensi, China, 2700 Q St., N.W., D.C 


2HE Tobiassen, Ralph E., 5712 Chill^jn i-Ights. Dr., Apt. 203, Hjattsville, AP 5U29 

2AS Tobin, James L., Jr.j 623 >forth Bend ?.d., Ealtiaore 29, Catonaville 7523 

2SCS Tobin, Jerry C, 170li Corwiji Dr., Silver Spring, 1609 College Ave., C.P., U:i 9851 

OSCS Toczylowski, Walter M., 661C Wilson Blvd., Falls Chiirch, Va., FA 1505 

liEPA Todaro, Frank J., 99 Tfaverly St., Everett. ii9, Mass., Dorm C (costia,D.C., LU U-2iiOO Ext. 31^3 

OSCS Todaro, Inez A., 2119 25th Ave., G'llfport, Miss., Naval Ai-r Reserve Training Unit, ':AS,Ara- 

3Ag Todd, Francis R. , Jr., R.F.D. 10, Baltimore 19, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9831 

2SCS Todd, George W., 79 Granite St., Fitchburg, Mass., Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

2SCS Todd, Hollis H., 7902 liith Ave., Apt. 202, Langlej Park 

OSCS Todd, Ralph R. (Maj.), 6712 Lake St., Falls Churcn, Va., JE 3-60U8 

UEd Todd, Riifus M., Andrews, 5506 39th Ave., Hyattsville, WA 5199 

Gr Toffolo, Dominic S., u503 Ist St., 5.E., 20, D.C., JO 3-6790 

3AS Tolbert, B. Joan, 333li Upland Terrace, N.W., 15, D.C., WO U951i 

2BPA Tolbert, P. Jean, 333u Upland Terrace, N.W. , 15, D.C, WO li95U 

UEn Tolj, Henry C, 16j6 Ralworth Rd., Baltiaore 16, Dcr» E 

iiBPA Tolj, Lawrence W. , Jr., 1606 Ralworth Rd. , Baltimore 18, Dorm C 

lAS Tolj, Mary L., 1606 Ralworth Rd., Baltimore 18, MEH 

3AS Tollin, Maz W., 6908 N. Point Rd., Baltimore 19, 6901 liCth Ave., Berwyn, TO 5509 

IBPA Tolson, Julius W., 2319 High St., S.E., D.C, Calvert B (D.C, JO 2-9000 Ext. 697 

OSCS Tomasek, Frank P., R.F.D. 3, Box 15, Bellaire, Ohio, U203 PhoU.. Tech. Sq., Boiling Field, 

Gr Tc-nczyk, Richard A., Rt. 1, Downes Grove, u6l3 College Ave., CP. 

I;Ed romlinson, Evelyn A., Sykesville, Derm 2 

3BPA iomliriSon, John W. , 6ll5 Winchester Ave., Ventnor 2, N.J., Dorm G 

l+En Tomlinson, Joseph R., 507 71st Pi., Seat Pleasant, Sigma Alpha Spsilon 

Gr Tonpkins, Robert D., 3930 2nd St., S.'.Y., 20, D.C, JO 3-8562 

2EPA Toner, Edward R., 3100 Virginia Ave., Baltinore l5, MO 7860 

lEd Toner, Helen 1!., 8506 Cedar St., Silver Spring, SH 6358 CArmy Ghem. Ctr.,ACC 2191 

OSCS Tonetti, Serge (Capt.), Ih lih 3Cth Ave., Long Island City, !T.T., Industrie! Property Div. 

Gr Tonhazy, Nicholas E., 37 Reeve Pi., Brooklyn 18, N.T., 1902 Cherokee St., CP. 

OSCS Toomey, JohnW., 3203 E. Capital St., 3.E., 19, D.C, RE 7l;00 Ext. 61U9 

Gr Toomire, Philip E., 30 Greenwood PI., Indian Head, Indian Head 2962 

OSCS Toon, Charles M., 2822 61ith Ave., Cheverly, TI 2201 (CH 5816 

OSCS Tootle, Vernon E.(Lt.), Rt. 1, Reidsville-, C-eorgia, 315U H.Qaincy St., Arlington, Va. 

lEd Topping, Peggy J., 56C2 Hamilton Manor Dr., lorattsville, AP 1961 

IAS Torbert, Jo'nn P., 5323 U-St St., 16, D.C, Dorci L 

2AS Toropilo, Joseph H., Cherry Hill Trailer Park, Berwyn 

Us Torpey, Joan M., u6ll Oliver St., Riverdale, la2C Michigan Ave., N.E., D.C, LA 6-6929 

IAS Toipey, Paul L., i;6ll Oliver St., Riverdale, M 7633 

OSCS Tortorete, Patrick F., 1911+ Ghislett St., Pittsb-urgh, Pa., Alabama Hall, Arlington, Va. 

OSCS Toth, George S., Hqs.2nd Army, Office of Army Comptroller, Ft. Meade, Ft. ileade 3li49 

OSCS Toupin, Richard A., 301 Audrey Lane, Apt. 103, 20, D.C 

OSCS Tourin, Jack, 9531 Sligo Creek Parkr/ay, Silver Spring, SL 336U 

Gr Tourin, Jeanne ''Mrs.), 953i+ Sligo Creek parkway. Silver Spring, SL 336ii 

2AS Toussaint, Andre J., 8605 Cedar St., Silver Spririg, SH 3370 

2Ed Towfces, Carol L., lill9 Varntm St., N.V/., D.C, Dorm 2 

2EPA Towell, Joseph P., 5601 Essex Circle, Norfolk, Va., Calvert A 

hAS Tower, Virginia H.(Mr3.1, 110 T. North Ave., Gainesville, Ga., U62ii Harvard Rd., CP.,UN h32h 

2SCS Towne, Samuel A., Jr., 6502 Jusotnut St., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm N 

2EPA Townsend, Joseph 3., Jr., ii713 K. Chelsea Lane, Bethesda lU, 'fiZ 1197 

3AS Townsend, Robert S., i;713 N. Chelsea Lane, Bethesda li^, 1x605 College Ave,, C.P., ^A 9281 

(B.A.F.B. Ext.UOlO 

OSCS Towson, John F., 10i+ Reed Ave., k^nessen. Pa., u203 Photo.Tech.Sq., Boiling A.F.B., 

Gr Tozzi, Louis M., 67 W. 56th St., Bayonne, :;.J., 9103 ii9th Ave., C.P., TC 5619 

OSCS Tracy, Edward E., 2006 C<3snell St., Silver Spring, LO 5-II4IO 

3AS Tracy, Ja.Tes N., i;800 College Ave._3 CP., WA 8I88 

I4MS Tracy, Ollie L.(Capt.), 2660 3. Atington St., Arlington, Va., TE Ul09 

2BPA Trager, Leon, 3505 Livingston St., If.fl., D. C, 590U Arbor St., Tuxedo 

liAS Tragpser, C Angela, 1719 C-orsuch Ave., Baltimore 18, MEH 

2HE Trageser, Lillian F., Cherry Hill Rd., rervryn, TO 5U3U 

OSCS Trahan, John S., llliO Sq.,S.?., Ft. Myer, Arlington, Va. 

OSCS Trainer, knr^ P. (Mrs.), 6650 Hillandale Rd., Chevy Chase 15, WI lhh9 

OSCS Trairior, Thomas J., 1901 Scroggins Rd., Alexandria, Va., TE 7135 

IAS Tralins, Elaine B., 2910 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 15, Dorm 2 

UBPA Tramer, Arthur J., eii5 Pennington St., Elizabeth 2, N.J., Dorm F 

IAS Traub, Gerald S., 5821 Jonq-uil Ave., Baltimore 15, U509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 9513 

OSCS Trautman, Wilbur C, Jr., R.F.D. 1, Warren, Pa., iiOi; -Belle View Blvd., Alexandria, Va. 

Gr Trautvetter, Robert S., 262 Totowa Ave., Paterson 2, N.J., 3959 Nichols Ave.,S.W.,20jD.C» 

OEd Travers, Catherine C, St.ephen3on, Va., 3ltl3 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, A? 1380(JO 2-2368 

2AS Travers, Charles E., 5733 Colorado Ave., Yi.Y.., 11, D.C, ?A U.50 

Gr Travers, Linda L., Stephenson, Va., 3lil3 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, AP 1380 

OSCS Travers, Ruth M., 306 N. Main St., Fsderalsburg | 

173 L 

2BPA Travis, Alan E., 638 Hamilton St., N.W., 11. D.C., GE 5068 

OSCS Trajmor, William L,, Milton, Wisconsin, 112 Briland Gt., Alexandria, Va. 

Gr Trbovioh, Mike, 101 Joliet St., S.W., 20, D.C., JO 3-6573 

4AS Treadway, Bernard E., P. 0. Box #135, Daniels, W.Va,, 4605 College Ave., C.P., WA 9884 

2AS Trebbi, William, 1674 Hamilton Ave, Trenton 9, N.J., 9109 40th PI., C.P., TO 9347 

Gr Trebing, Harry M., 6912 Bellona Ave., Baltimore 12, 4707 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 5998 

2BPA Treiber, Glenn L., 3326 Clarke Lane, Baltimore 15, Tau Epsilon Phi, WA 9766 

OSCS Treitel, Leo M., 4337 Niohols Ave., 20, D.C. 

OSCS Tresselt, Hugh B., 209 W. Fifth St., Frederick 

3BPA Treuohel, Robert H., 2030 W. Lexington St., Baltimore 23 > gi 2168J 

IPE Trexler, C. Clifford, Jr., Llgonier St., New Florence, Pa., CZ 

OSCS Trioe, Ruth A., Denton 

3AS Trigo, Carmen B., 1674 Irving St., N.W., D.C, DU 6783 

En Trigo, Julio (Lt.), 1654 Hobart St., N.W., D.C, Dorm F 

Gr Trimble, Jim P., 3425 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, AP 6166 

4BPA Tripp, F. William, 7604 Dickenson Ave., C.P. 

4En Tripp, Warren J., 5513 Hoover St., Bethesda 14, 4609 College Ave., C.P., UN 9851 

AS Trippe, Fredrika L., 706 W. Joppa Rd,, Towson 4, WBH 

Gr Tritsoh, George L., 250 ^Test 104th St., New York 25,N.Y.,4611 Beechwood Rd., C.P., WA 6817 

2En Tritr, John N., 219 Hanmonds Ferry Rd., Linthioum Heights, TD 6 

4BPA Trivas, Samuel M., 1638 Gwynns Falls Pkwy., Baltimore 17, 4607 Knox Rd., C.P. 

IBPA Trivae, Stanley I., 3409 Woodbrook Ave., Baltimore 17, Harvard Rd., C.P. 

4AS Trivelis, Zencn N., 1505 E. Washington Lane, Philadelphia 38, Pa., 4300 Knox Rd., C.P., 

2AS Troche, Riohard J., 604 Hastings Rd., Towson 4, Dorm G (WA 9770 

Gr Trogdon, Floyd E., 2209 Amherst Rd., Hyattsville, AP 5949 

3Ed Troha, John E., 22J Longfellow Dr., Munhall, Pa., Dorm L 

IBPA Troiano, Michael P., Jr., 426 7th St., S.W., 4, D.C, EX 3924 

Gr Tromba, Francis G., 4305 Rowalt Dr., C.P., AP 3682 

4BPA Trone, Thomas E., 458 Park St., York, Pa,, 7207 Dartmouth Ave., C.P., ON 0461 

4En Trostle, Maxwell L., 4506 Wells Pkwy., Riverdale, UN 3935 

2AS Trott, Allen L., Jr., 51C1 42nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 8746 

IAS Trout, Frank E., 2206 Mt. Royal Terr., Baltimore 17, Dorm 

5Ed Trout, George W., Jr., 410 Elm St., Frederick, TD 1 

2SCS Troutman, Basel, 1110 L St., N.W., D.C, RE 6494 (Hyattsville 

Gr Trower, John F., 500 Ash St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Apt.^1, 3417 Tulane Dr., West 

OSCS Troxell, Riohard M., 102^ East Patrick St., Frederick .Frederick 246Vf 

2AS Troxler, Roney, 117 Normandy Dr., Silver Spring, SH 3145 

Gr True, Virgil, Box 98, Riohview 1, 111., 126 Ivanhoe St., S.W., 20, D.C, JO 2-0850 

IAS Truitt, Charles J., Spring Hill Rd., Salisbury, TD 1 

SEE Truitt, Jacqueline A., Spring Bill Rd., Salisbury, Dorm 2 

OSCS Truitt, Robert G. (Capt.), 2817 So. Columbus St., Arlington, Va. 

5AS Truitt, Virginia H.,. 4601 Beechwood Rd., C.P., HY 5513 

Gr Trujillo, Phillip M., Chimayo, N.Wex., VF8, Apt.B., C.P. 

AS Trupp, Philip I., 4837 Kansas Ave., N.W., D.C, RA 0160 (25, D.C. 

OSCS Trush, John M., 2965 Chatham St., Philadelphia 34, Pa., 1005th (IG) Spec. Inves. Unit, 

Gr Trrcinski, John, 1305 Linden St., Wilmington, Del., 2005 Ingraham St., N.E., Hyattsville 

Gr Tsai, Yu P., House 116, Lane 1C32, Yu Yuen Rd., Shanghai, China, 51C3 Berwyn Rd, C.P., 

Gr Tsohiegg, Carroll E., 9101 Wire Ave., Silver Spring (TO 6486 

C-r Tsintolas, DemetriosE., 9526 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring 

lEn Tucker, Henry A., Jr., 1810 Irving St., N.W., 10, D.C ,N0 0061 

Gr Tucker, James W., 3571 S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va., TE 4756 

OSCS Tucker, John M., 2628 N. Florida St., Arlington 7, Va., OW 8168 

4AS Tucker, John R., 902 Beverly Dr., Alexandria, Va., TD 8 (OR 7437 

OSCS Tucker, Nellie L., 219 Grand St., Grarton, W.Va., 3401 Quebec St., N.W., 16, D.C, 

4AS Tucker, Ray £., 3213 Adams Vill Rd., N.W., 10, D.C, AD 4669 

ISCS Tucker, Ronald B., 9020 50th PI., Branchville 

2PE Tucker, William D., 4704 Harrison St., Chevy Chase 

Gr Tucker, W. Myron, 1260 Talbert St., S.E., 20, D.C, LU 4-3852 

Gr Tuemmler, William B.,, 4206 53rd Ave., Bladensburg, UN 0032 

4Ag Tuley, Charles B., Jr., 3221 Aberfoyle PI., N.W., 15, D.C, OR 5776 

4PE Tull, Jack E., 4803 LaSalle Rd., Avondale, WA 6914 

4PE Tullls, E. Ann, 302 Central Ave., Glyndon, AAH 

4En Tully, Frank A., Jr., 2304 Colston Dr., Silver Spring, TD 2 

lEPA Tung, Yip H., 1748 Kilboume PI., N.W., D.C, TD 6 

Gr Tuono, Joseph G., 176 Spring St., Ossining, N.Y., 4311 Rowalt Dr., C.P., UN 0785 

4BPA Tuozro, Donald A., 313 Montgomery St., Laurel , Laurel 519V/ 

OSCS Turk, Laurel A., 406 Brandywine St., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 3-6455 

OSCS Turk, Wilbert, 2637 S. Walter Reed Dr., Apt. 4, Arlington, Va., AL 1818 

OSCS Turks, Dolores M., IB Grandview Apts., Waukesha, Wis., 1139th WAF Sq., Arlington Farms, 

Gr Turner, Allen E., San Jose, Calif., 4544 V.ells Pkwy, Riverdale, WA 4484 (Arlington, Va. 


OSCS Turner, David M., Jr., P.O.Box 513, Victoria, Va., 1869 L«intwood Plo, Apt. /;!, N.*V. 

3BPA Turner, David W., 2600 36th St., .'I.W. 7, D.C., WO 6095 (D.C., DE 7752 

OFd Turner, E. Ann, 32 C Crescent Rd., Ureenbelt, Greenbelt 7316 

Gr Turner, H. David, 307 Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park 12, Si 2768 

OSCS Turi.or, James E., R^Jj, Box 760, Alexandria, Va., P.O.Box 2610, D.C., Alexandria I5?ij 

Gr Turner, James H., h^ t' Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6838 

ISCS Turner, James N., I608 Bolton St., Balto. 17, 7031 Balto. Blvd., C.P., WA 97143 

2BPA Turner, John 0., I8II Irving St., N.E.^ D.C., Apt. 1 

OSCS Turner, Kathleen S. (Mrs.), St, Michaels 

lEd Turner, Mary E., I42C9 bneridan St., Univexslty Park, Hy 0195 

OSCS Turner, Richard C, Bustleton Pike, Richboro, Pa., hZ Stat .Sus. Unit, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C. 

^r Turner, Theodore L., III4 Melvin Ave., Balto. 26, CA 14653 (^273 or a361 

OSCS Turner, Warren H., idilitary Rd., Frederick 

IAS Turney, Constance M.,, 9523 Bruce Drive, Silver Spring, SL 2280 

3BPA Tumitz, V<illiam, [480 McLean Ave, Yonkers 5, N.Y, 

3Ag Twigg, Bernard A., R#l, Oldtovm, Phi Delta ThetA, fik 988J4 

3AS Twigg, Richard B., 3517 Ames St., N.E., D.C, AX 3i4ij3 

3HF, Twilley, lAary C, Box 1007, Salisbury, Dorm 2 

OSCS Tyler, Amy W, 2li60 l6th St., N.W., 9, D.C, CO 7381 

UBPA Tyler, Davey L., Rhodes Point, NZ 

oEn Tyler, Robert L., 3727 Elmley Ave., Balto. 13 

I4BPA Tyler, Spurgeon S., 3953 Wilsby Ave., Balto. 18, Dorm E 

2Ed Tymoch, Michael, 117 Warhol Ave., lAahwah, N.J., 1(700 Berwyn Rd., CP., TO 5ll6 

OSCS Tyner, St.Elmo, (Lt.Col.), 1913 B Scott Circle, Meade Heights, G-3 Sect, Troop I&E Div., 

OSCS Tyo, Bernice E., R#3, iAassena, N.Y., Delano Hall, Walter Reed Army Hasp., 12, D.C. (Hq 2nd 

IiBPA Tyre, Thomas E., 3711 Hamilton St., Hyattsville (Arny, Fort udeade 

2BPA Tyrie, John R., 5729 Beauregard Ave., Balto. 12, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

UBPA Tyrrell, Thomas A., 32[i5 S, Indiana Ave., Milwaukee 7, Wisc.,.Uorra F 

Gr Udelson, Burton J., I067 Grant Av?,, New York St, N,Y,, 3500 i3th St.,N.»V., 10, D.C, 

Gr Uglow, Kenneth M., Jr., 63il Branch Ave., S.E., '20, D.C, CY 9063 

3BPA Uhl, Howard W., 60I4 N. Potomac St., Balto. 5, TD 5 

2PPA Uhler, Edwin L., I8IO Selma Ave., Balto. 2-5 Arbut s 1192 

OISS Uiberall, Ernest P., 2722 South Troy St., Arlj-n^ton, Va., JA U-OOi46 

3BPA Ullman, Henry, 211 Hazel Ave., Salisbury, 7303 Yale Ave., C.P., UN 9785 

3AS Ullrich, John T., 2101 Dubler Ave,, Balto. 18, Calvert C 

Gr Ulm, Paul D., Butler, Ind,, 7305 Riggs Rd,, Hyattsville 

I4BPA Ulrich, Jacob S., 3l6 (F) Athol Ave., Balto. 29 

IBPA Ulrick, Raymond D., 5o3 E. Clement St., Balto. 30, TD 6 

iiPE Umbarger, Gardner T., Aberdeen, I4605 Colle^re Avp;., M 988I4 j 

l4Ag Umbarger, James T., 8614 Northampton Drive, Silver Spring 

ISCS Umbarger, Lloyd F., R#2, Aberdeen, Calvert E (Ext.53l4ll 

OSCS Urabaugh, Jack E., 3Ulil 10th Place, S.E., D.C, Box 370, Boiling AFB, D.C, LI 56700 

liEn Umberger, Howard J., 3215 Cliftmont Ave., Balto. 13, I4605 College Ave., CP. 

3AS Underwood, George S., R#l, Box 1420, Clinton, 61400 Baltimore Blvd., Riverdale, AP 1819 

2SCS Unterkofler, Jack J., 1712 6lst St., Cheverly, UN 299 14 (JO 29000 Ext .250 

OSCS Upchurch, George H., IQhl W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga., Box 2l6, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C, 

lEn Updegraff, Edward R., Jr., l;6ll Harvard Rd., C.P., WA 3350 

OSCS Urban, Peter L., I8l2 D Patton Drive, ileade Heights, Odenton 51491 (Ext.333 

OSCS Urbine, Anthony W., Apt. 101, Florida Hall, Arlington Farms, Arlington 8, Va., O.V 9I4OO 

y^ Urguhart, James S,, 7l6 E. 36th St,, Balto. I8 

3BPA Uriarte, Angelo, 152 Bayridge Ave., Brooklyn 20, N.Y., TD 7 

2Ag Uribe, Ignacio, 5I4I East 20th St., New York 10, New York, Dorm K 

IAS Urich, Bruce W.H., 5309 Annapolis Rd., Hyattsville, V/A 9372 

2BPA Urmann, James M., 3lil4 South St., Ridpway, Pa., 7507 Hopkins Ave., C.P., UN 0351 

Ug Usher, W. V»arren, ';609 Fordham Rd., C.P., m 0225 

3AS Utermohle, Charles R., 36I8 Eastwood Drive, Balto. 6, TD 3 

3En Utermohle, John R., 36I8 Eastwood Drive, Balto. 6, TD 3 

I4AS Utley, Lathrop P., 26 Elk Ave., Dover, N.J., h3l5 Lehigh St., C.P., WA 1988 

3Ag Utz, Richard J., Ii507 Middleton Lane, Bethesda Ih, Dorm K (AFE 

OSCS Uvaas, Charles M., 122l4i4 Gregory St., Blue Island, 111., Hq«cHq Sqd., 1100th iL'S Gr., Boiling 

IAS Vagionis, '.ieorge N., 60], West l89th St., New York 33, N.Y. 

IjEn Vagnoni, Anthony R., 5603 l6th St., N.W., 11, D.C, TA 5711 

2En Vagnoni, Luigi A., 5603 16th St., N.k/., 11, D.C, TA 5711 

IBPA Valente, Anthony F., 2120 Dexter Ave., Silver Spring, SL 5031 

Gr Valente, Frances J., 109 Fairview Ave., Torrington, Conn., 7201 Princeton Ave., CP. m 6365 . 

2Rn Valenti, Francis, G., 66o5 Queens Chapel Rd., University Park 

ijAS Valenti, Salvatore C, 5615 Hamilton Manor Drive, Apt. #[4, Hyattsville, AP 0318 

liHE Valk, Margaret A., 2903 New Mexico Ave., I6, D.C, OR 2903 

2AS Valt, Ernest, Jr., 3I4OI1 Leverton Ave., Balto. 2i4, Dorm 

jr Valz, Frederick M., Apt. 103, 1228 Blair uiill Rd., Silver Spring, SL 0513 ; 

175 ! 

log Vanaman, John W., Jr., 2 C Parkway Rd., Greenbelt (BO 1285J 

OSCS VanAatwerp, Walter ?.., 255 E. South St., Franklin, Ind., 7S30 Eelair Rd., BaltiiDore 6, 

Gr VanBronkhorst, Alan, 6500 Red Top Rd., lakonia Park, SL 9271 (JE 3-72li2 

OSCS VanB^iskirk, Robert C, 18 W. 52nd St., Kansas City, Mo., 165 Gimory Dr., Falls Church, Va., 

OSCS Vance, Ailliam ii., 83ii Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, JU 7-690U (AP 5769 

Gr VanCourt, Katherine F., 2 N. Adaais St., San Angelo, Tex., k90h RavensTrood Rd., Riverdale, 

2Sn VanDenburgh, Robert S., 20ii S. Cherrj^ Grove Ave., Annapolis, Annapolis 3557 

UHE Vanderschaaf, Betty L., 120 C St., N.E., 2, D.C, Dora 2 

IHE 7anDerwerker, Valerie, 1024 !royes Dr., Silver Spring, AAH 

2AS Vandoren, Edward B., 7 East Irving- St., Chevy Chase l5, WI 5733 

OSCS VanFossen, Donald, Jr., 570 Seward St., Detroit 2, Mich., U701 Hudson ATe.,S.S.,i^t.C,20^D.C'. 

2BPA VanFossen, Willian A., Jr., Il7 S. Washington Ave., Moorestown, N.J., Dorm E 

OSCS Vaiiioesen, Richard W., 820ii iLth Ave., Hyattsville 

OSCS VaiiHom, Fdward J., 861 GeraniuH Ct., N.rf., D.C, TA 9762 (AFE,D.C., JO 2-9000 Ert.U2l5 

OSCS Variiom, Marv L., liilii Mbrth Carolina Ave., N'.E., 2, D.C, 1100 Medical Group, Boiling 

ISCS VanKirk, Ralph W. , Rt. 1, Germantown, Gaithersburg 592Wlt 

ISd 7an?fess, Jacies S., 110 Prospect St., Middletown, Dorm F 

OSCS VanRiper, Wendell J., 760U l5th Ave., Takoma Park, SH 1137 

2AS VanToi, Peter H. E., 233 Audrey Lane, S.E., 20, D.C, LO 3-3ii91 

Gr Van7alkenburg, Ernest S., 2521 Southern Ave., 20, D.C, LO 3-3319 

2AS VanVeen, Thomas ?:., 131 Locust Ave., Bethesda Hi, WI 5520 

ISCS VanVliet, Roger S., 19 Colonial Way, Short Hills, N.J., TE 6 

2Sn VanVranken, Thomas C, Pox 168, Rt. k, Golden, Colorado., Calvert D 

3En VanWagner, Jacies H., it305 Kalle\ Terrace, S.E., 20, D.C, JO 3-3955 

2BPA VanRagner, John P., u706 DeR-jssey Parkway, Chevy Chase 15, WI SlOii 

2BPA VanWicklen, Jo'anF., l6i, Beilaore St., Floral Park, N.Y., TD 2 

3AS VanWie, John P., 501 65th Ave., Maryland Park, HI 5579 

OSCS YanWolfe, Roy, Jr., 1012 K St., S.Z., 3, D.C, FR 6005 

2Ag Yarela, Felipe A., Casilla #1523, Lima, Peru, a505 ^eensbury Rd., Riverdale, Jlk 5U68 

ISCS 7arela, Jaime A., Casilla #1523, Liaa, Peru, 1:505 ^ueensbury Rd. , Riverdale, 14 5U68 

3AS 7arela, James 0., 26 Olenrose St., Kensington, QL 9333 

lEn 7argo, Richard E., 7251 Fort Foote Rd., 20, D.C, LO 3-7372 

i4AS 7argosko, Andrew S., Jr., 71.03 Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

UAS vargosko, Audre P., 7li08 Rhode Island Ave., CP. 

3EPA 7arn, D. Diane, 1212 Seminar:^ Rd. , Silver Spring, Kappa Delta 

3AS 7assei, FYeiio^^n, 3619 St., y.TT., D.C, Done C 

3Ed Vaughan, William S., UIO6 53rd ?!., Bladensburg (HI 3100, Sxt. 82177 

OSCS 7aughn, John E., 4OO9 N. Ufa St., Phoenix, Ariz., 1053 Maint.Sq., Andrews Air Force Hase,D.C 

OSCS Taughn, Robert D.(Lt.), ^15 i^arket St., Smroria, Kansas, Qtrs. 23 3L, Fort ifyer, Va. 

hSd Vaugiin, Robert G., 2716 S. Veitch St., Apt. i, Arlington, 7a., JA li-0582 (CH 3000,2xt.!ai2 

OSCS Vaughn, Ruthe I. (Mrs.), hlS Market St., Sniporia, Kansas, Qts. 23 BL,Ft.Myer,Va.,CH 3000,S3t.lai2 

OSCS Vegna, Gene L'. (3gt.),513 N.iionroe St., Peoria, HI., 1101st iiaint.Sq. ,1100 mS 3p.,3ox 391 

UBPA Vegren, Roy J., 1621 :-:ill3ide Rd., 5.E., 19, D.C, /I 9391 (Boiling AFB, D.C. 

2Ed Vekeoan, Maurice L., 3702 37th St., Mt. Rainier, UN U728 

Gr Velder, Milton, 19ii7 Lauretta Ave., Baltinore 23 

3AS Veltre, Francis A., It301 Maine Ave., Baltiniore 7, TD 1 

2En Vendemia, Ralph J., Jr., 5326 Que St., Coral Hills, 19, D.C, HI 9129 

i;EPA 7ene2iani, Joseph R., 602 3rd St., N.W., D.C, DI 365U 

OSCS Venezkj', David L., Ii719 8tfa St., ?r.W., 11, D.C, P^ u719 

OSCS Yenor, Daniel A., R.F.D., Havre de Grace, TOQ, S. Post, Ft. ilyer, 7a. 

lAS Verdecchia, Frank J., UliOl Walther Blvd., Baltimore Ih, Dom K 

OSCS Verhoeven, John C, 33U6 S. Wakefiel.: St., Arlington, Va., KI 8-8238 

Ed Verkey, Ant.hony J., 3623 Elkader Rd., Baltimore IS , CH 6938 

i^PA Verkouteren, Theodora R., I4.7O6 Langdron Lane, Chevy Chase 15, WI 2ii95 

IHS Vernon, Mary L., 126 Dale Dr., Silver Sprinj-;, SH 3909 

ISn 7ernjn, Raj-mond il., 1205 12th St., li.E., 17, D.C, LA 6-k9Uh 

2En 7errier, Fred G., 6ll5 Bellona Ave., Laltinore 12, TD 3 

Gr Versece, Humbert J., 3102 Wilson Ave., Alexandria, Va., KI 5-7919 

UAiJ Versace, Jonn A., 5621 Georgia Ave., :;.W. , 11, D.C, GS 8lii5 

2AS Vessey, Alice R., Westover, pocomohe 228J2 

OSCS Vestal, Elvin 7., 223 Lawrence Dr., Falls Church, 7a., JS 3-8022 

OSCS Vettese, Joseph J., Seminary P.O., Alexandria, 7a., TE Ii7l5 

Gr Vial, Peter F., U609 25th St., Mt. Rainier, ^"A 6633 

iSn 7ickrey, Luster A., Jr., 2 Swaetser Rd., Linthicum 560J 

IflPA 7iedt, John D., 20ii Granville Dr., Sil'.'er Spring, SH 6637 

2Sn Vieth, William H., 7F9, Apt. G, CP. 

Gr Vignali, John A., 1716 ff St., S.S., 20, D.C, LU 1-0577 

IBPA Villaret, Eu-^ene, 3517 Alton PI., v.W., 8, D.C, Calvert E 

lAg Viluns, iiaija H., 10510 Viheatley St., Kensi-gton, 6911 Baltimore Ave., C.P. 

lAS Vincent, H. Binice, 2605 Urbana Dr., Silver Spring 


Gr Vincent, l^'oriel J., 5507 U3rd Place, Hyattsville, UN' 0126 

2Ag Vincett, Henry T., 3ox 16U, Route 2, Reisterst-own, 7511 Princeton Ave., CP., ilA 9831 

OSCS Vinik, John ?., U519 S.Roc;-ff.-ell St., Crr.ica.:o, 111, u203 Phcto Tech. Sq., Boiling A?3,E.C. 

Gr Viola, Alfred, 3112 Auchen^crcly Terrace, Baltimore 17, MA 7310^ 

lAg Virts, H.Alan, Barstow, TD 5 

Gr Visceglia, John A., 13 K.l.'ew Haven Ave.,Ventnor,N, J.,li3lO Harvard Rd.,C.P. 

IAS Vitelia, Joseph A., 22it S.Clinton Ave., Trenton 9, N.J., TD 1 

OSCS Vito, Frank L., 551 South 20th St., Arlington, Va., OT 93U5 

BPA Vitt, Alan Q., S0l5 Bingham St., Philadelphia 11, Pa., Dorm E 

lAg Vitt, Donald J., 8015 Bin^am 5t,. , Philadelphia 11, Pa., Derm 2 

UBFA Vitt, Herbert C, Jr., 80l5 Binpham St., Philadelphia 11, Pa., Dorm E 

33PA Vitt, Robert G., 30l5 Bingham St., Philadelphia 11, Pa., Dorm E 

IAS Vitulli, Jay M., 3Ui5 90th St., TToodhaven, L.I., N.Y., Dom E 

Gr Vivaldi, J'oan M., 1U67 Girard St., N'.W., 9, D.C., )Kj 1372 

hSn. Vizzini, Salvatore ?., >0U Sta^ifcrd Rd., Baltisicre 29, Calvert C 

2AS Voelkel, Robert E., Jr. ,5509 Rclar.d Ave., Balr-iaore 10, Dora F 

2BPA Vogel, Eugene L., 2u23 Oallovr Ave., Balti::iore 17, u31J Knox Rd., C.P. 

2Sn Vogel, Frederick D., R.F.D. 1, Silver Spring, 10 5-1182 

UaS Vopel, Richard H., R.F.T. 1, Silver Spring, 10 5-1132 

2En Vcgel, Robert L., Broadwater Ft., Chuj-chton, Dorm il 

UEn Vo?el, William A., R.F.D. 1, Silver Spring, LO 5-1132 

liAS Vcgeler, Anne E.,li;33 Bolton St., Baltimore 17, klpY^ "Delza Pi, WA 936u 

UaS Vogtnan, Shirley L., 212 Granville Dr., Silver Spj-ing, u5C2 College Ave., C.P.jWA 93Ui 

2A3 Volchko, Steve J., 3Lli South llain 3^. , Pa., Alpha Tau Omega, WA 931i9 

liSn Volk, TRJ-liam J., 32 E. Hill St., Baltinore 33, rD 7 (JO 2-l6lu 

OSCS Volkert, ^larvin D., General Delivery, VVasta, Iowa, Apt.33,29li6 2nd St.,3.i.,20,D.C. , 

OSCS Vollmer, Charles D., 706 3. Arlingtcr. Itill Road Drive, Arlington, Va. 

liEd Volpe, Eugene J., 3930 Claremont St., Baltimore 2u, Dorm F 

lEd Voltz, Srlrley B., U312 Rowalt Drive, College Park, A? 3^37 

liEn Volz, J. Frederidc, 6911 Baltiriore Ave., College Park 

UAS Volz, Joyce W. (i'rs.), 6911 Baltimore Boulevard, College park 

Gr von Aulcck,"ffilnels H., Ii003 North 5th St., Arlington, Va., JA u-OOOl 

OSCS Von Bretzel, Jaaes, Jr., 3006 Lindell St., Silver Spring, LC 5-2757 

39PA Voneiff, Patricia D. (]irs.), U702 Harvard Rd., College Park, UN 0266 

ISCS von Hagel, Paul L., 510 Lyndhurst St., Baltimore 29, LO 26l6 

2En von Rinteln, Theodore J., Jr., 2209 Kentucky Ave., 3altinoi-e 13, Calvert E 

3AS von Sch\ilz, Pa'jl H, , Li3l£ Edxcnds:n Vve., Baltimore 29, LO 53a3 

Gr Von ".Tald, Vialter k., Jr., 2307 Terrace Rd., S.S., 20, D.C., TW 0959 

UEn Vorsteg, Joseph V., Jr., 6l6 Parkityrth Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm C 

3HE Vosburgh, Nancy L., 153 K. 3th St., S-^-o.-cin, Pa., Kappa Alpha Theta,UN 9829 

OSCS Voss, Robert H. (Capt.), 61il9 S. Richnond St., G'.icago 29, 111., 537 Monticello Dr., Falls 

OSCS Vossen, Tfilliam 1, , 190a V.orrzsn Rd., Oien Burnie ( Church, Va.,JE 39732 

l'5d Voultsides, C-eorge Z., 310 Critterrien St., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 3163 

Gr Vozar, ^al^an J., !il3 Penney St., McKeesport, Pa., 3312 Buchanan St., Mt. Rainier, A? 1329 

A3 Vrahiotes, Peter, 9920 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, SL U9S3 

1A3 Vredenb'irgh, John F., Dariascus, la3u Chapin St., N.W., D. C, CO 3525 

Gr Vranan, Hugh E., 3609 50th Place, College Park, TO 53u5 

2aS Vrotacoe, John J., 1591 Thooaston Ave., New Haven Lu, 3onn.,U506 Dickinson Ave., C.P. 

OSCS Vuicich, Eli R., 1121 13th Ave., Hibbing, Minn., IL4-A N. Court 3t., Frederick, Fred. 2107 

2A3 Vukovan, George J., a22 South Strieker St., Baltimore 23 

Gr Wachs, llelvin 3., 51^ Queensbenr/ Ave., -alti-.oi^ 15 

LAS Ifechs, Sanfcrd, 29W WestwDcd Ave., BaltL nore 16, TD 3 

2AS ^achtel, iierton k., 15 lest 75th St., K.i. 23, N.I., U607 Knox Rd., C.P., KA. 9766 

lAg a'achter, Donald L., KejTaar, Dairy Bams, Un. of Md., C.P., TfA 3300, Bxt. 3U3 

OAg "'lachter, Eugene T., Route 3, Frederick, 75^6 Dickinson Ave., C.?., UK 9861; 

3Sd Wachter, Ralph E., '^5, Apt. B., C.P. 

2En Wade, Ernest G., 2303 3. Glebe Rd., ArUngton, Va., Cfff 7338 

3En Wade, George R., 3312 Hanover St., Baltimore 25, CU 0302 

OSCS TTade, Hugh 3., 302^ 3. Abingdon St., Arlington, Va., CH 661i9 

UBPA Wade, John R., 13-H Hillside Rd., Greenbelt, a-eenbelt 5273 

2BPA 5ade, Tho.oas R., 321 V^estside Ave., Hasierstown, Derm C 

2 AS Tfagpner, Charles E., 2?19 Kirk Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm I 

UEn Wagner, Carl L., Jr., 3752 T^jdor A-ms Ave., Balti-icre 11, ?D 5 

IlAg Wagner, Carl k., Eden, R.F.D. 2, 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 5331 

3?E Wagner, F. Daniel, 6210 Uith Ave., Riverdale, WA 290S 

IBPA Tfagner, Frederick C, 157 N. Kenwood Ave., Balti-^ire 2u, TD u {Tt.'Hyer 76"10,Ext.l31 

OSCS Wagner, Henry W., 2 Hijiiland Blvd., M:/rtle Beach, 3.C., 516 South Post,,Va., 

UEd ?fagner, Ima R., 1622 Knox M., College Park, IT, 1.360 

Gr Wagner, Irvin F., U622 Knox Rd., College Parx, UN u360 

OSCS fagner, Philip C, 2900 Bavemwood Ave., Baltimore la, HA U.59 


2Ag Wagner, Robert W., 1100 Peyton Randolph Drive, Falls Church, Va., FA 1310 

2AS h'a-ner, William J., U537 Shaw Drive, 19, I>.C., 

3En Wagoner, Billy, Jr., 110 Stuart Drive, Falls Church, Va. 

IHK «ainscott, Pegge A., U803 Greenbelt Rd., C.P, , TO 5390 

OSes Wainwright, Charles E., ij002 East Vvest Highway, Chevy Chase 15, Wis. 2[(16 

OSCS Vrfaite, Jean Carol (iJlrs.), IhlS Euclid St., N.»., 9, D.C. 

lEd Wajdenfeld, Amos, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2302 iilst St., N.W., 7, D.C., OR 0821^ (Mich.0388 

OSCS "v\aksberg, Irving, 3225 Olinville Av5>., Ifrcnx 67, N.Y., 2019 Allen Place, N.W., D.C, 

IBPA rtalbridge, James S., 511 Vallamont St., rtilliamsport. Pa., Dorm I 

2En Waldron, Ricjiard C., lil Farragut Ave., Kensington, LO 5-8553 

OSCS V/ales, Robert 0., 2702 Harmon Rd., Silver Spring, LO 5-1882 

Gr Walker, Edward J., 3510 36th St., M.rt., 16, D.C, WO 38514 

lEPA Walker, Gloria w., 8822 Edmonston Ave., Berwyn Heicrhts, TO 6073 

2BPA Walker, Gloria M., 23 Maryland Ave., Gaithersburg,75ol4 Yale Ave., C.P,, WA U262 

Gr Walker, James H., 10110 Georgia Ave., Silver Soring, SL 39OI4 

3PE Walker, John F., hliZl Greenwich Parkway, N.W., 7, D.C, 7U00 Balto. Blvd., CP. 

3AS 1/Valker, John P., Box 26, Andes, N.Y., b56l tiells Parkway, Riverdale 

3Ed Walker, Margaret B., U60I4 Drexel Rd., CP., WA US$9 

3AS walker, Patrick H., 307 Thornhill Rd., Balto. 12, Dorm K 

2En Walker, Richard D., 8 Parks ide Rd., Silver Spring, SL 838I 

Gr Walker, Robert B., 9901^ Cherry Tree Lane, Silver Spring, Sri 5716 

2AS Walker, Robert M., Gaithersburg, Gaithersourg II4O 

33PA Walker, Thomas A., 8I6 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, SH OII46 

OSCS W'alkinshaw, Bland H., 2122 California St., N.ti., 8, D.C., HO U13U 

IHE ««all, Amanaa L., II6 ^u Woodbine St., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm 3 (LU U-2JiOO Ext.lj5S 

OSCS mall, Robert B., 1529 Timber Lane, Falls Church, Va., NARTU, MS, Anacostia, D.C, 

OSCS Wall, Walter R,, Jr., Hollywood, Rotary Wing Sect., x-'light Test., NATC, Patuxent River, 

lAg Wallace, Edwin L., 302 Cumb'-rland St., Cumberland, U800 Knox Rd., CP., (Great Mills 3111 

ISCS Wallace, John A., 212 Thomas Ave., Riverton, N.J,, TD 3 

l-.^PA Wallace, William iV., 1315 Randolph St., 17, N.E,, D.C, LA 6-710i; 

2BPA Waller, Alan M., 823 Beaumont Ave., Balto. 12, TD 1 

2AS Waller, Robert C., 2710 Inglewood Ave., Balto. U, TD h 

lEd Wallerstein, Gloria A., 1^07 Roxanna Rd., N.rt., D.C, RA I4877 

UEd Wallis, Leonard S., 1231 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, h300 Knox Rd., CP., m 9770 

I4BPA Wallis, Wilbert S., 3127 Elmora Ave., Baito. 13, PE 3^51 

3BPA Walls, Bernard E., Jr., 10 Mohican Place, 16, D.C, WI 8307 

lEn Walls, Henry R., Jr., 3U25 Tulane Drive, West Hyattsville 

OSCS Walrasley, John S., Jr., 3919 Yolando Rd., Balto. 18, 6U7th A.C^iW Sq., Ft. Lteade 

OSCS Walrod, Hiram L., RRf(^2, De.Jitt, Iowa, 200 S. Kensington St., Arlington U, Va., JA ia039 

OSCS Walsh, David A., 7I4II Piney Branch Rd., Takoraa Park 12, SL U997 

:^>t., Arlington, 7a., FA 2913 

OSCS Vialsh, David I. (Maj.), c/o A,Cruz, waialua Postoffice, Waialua, Oahu, T.II., 61^09 N. 27th 

IAS ualsh, Edward W., 558 56tl) St., Brooklyn 20, N.Y., TD 5 

2BPA Walsh, William J., 236 Hillside Terrace, New York 8, N.Y., a609 College Ave., CP., UN 9851 

LiAS Walsh, William J., 1313 Quincy 3t., N.E., 17, D.C, LA 6-5612 

2En Waiter, Donald W., 322I4 Dudley Ave., Balto., TD 5 

2Ag Walter, John C, 813 Hamilton St., N.»»., 11, D.C., TA 0655 

2AS Walter, Kathleen K., 5i;03 lUth Place, Hyattsville WA 2017 

2AS Walter, Paul, 2533 Park Heights Terrace, Balto. 15, -orm C 

Gr Walter, Ralph J., 718^ iMaple Ave., Takoma Park 12 

3En Walter, Ronald G., US 3rd' Ave., Bradley Beach, N.J., 7i|22 Balto. Blvd., CP. 

23PA V'ialters Charles S., 13^7 x.lassachusetts Ave., S.E., 3, D.C, LI ii-aohl 

IHF; iialters, Donnie J., 1327 Sheridan St., N.W., 11, D.C, RA Ii329 

OSCS Walters, Elizabeth H. (iwrs.), 72li Virginia Ave., Hagerstown ^ Hagerstown 3725M 

Gr Walters, Elvin W., RFD#?, Lebanon, Pa., 6213 Queens Chapel Ka., nyattsville, UN 7793 

Gr Walters, Francis ti. Ill, 8l4lii Ramsey Ave., Silver Spring, Sh 6637 (Arlington 6, Va., TE 7539 

Gr ^alters, Howard C, Jr., 5829 Virmar Ave., Oakland, Calif., 3513 S. Wakefield Ave., 

3En Walters, Howard H., 3136 DeL-nont Ave., Balto. 16, 14605 College Ave., C.P. 

Gr Walters, LeRoy, 8217 Schrider St., Silver Spring, SL 9528 

2Ag Walters, Neil I., 3811 57th Ave., Hyattsville, UN 9226 

2Ed Walters, Patricia E., 3322 Shelburne Rd., Balto. 8, Dorm 3 

2En Walton, Daniel E., 537 Kentucky Ave., 5.S., D.C, LI 3-6i470 

IAS «alton, Theodore R., 3917 Oliver St., Hyattsville, WA 8555 

Gr Wampler, Frederick F., R#2, Box 155, Fairfax, Va., FA 7119 

3fiPA Wand, Donald K., 6l5 bennin,;ton Lane, Silver Spring, SL 2531 

OSCS Wandt, Sigmund, 10514 Simpson St., Fronx 59, i^.Y., 1100th Med. Gr., Boiling AFB, ?5, DC 

3En Wandzilak, William, 156 Yonkers Ave., Yonkers 2, N.Y., 6001 l43rd Ave., Hyattsville, UN 75143 

U3 wang, Chi, 6 Fu Sliang-Shue Hutung, Peiping, China, 5716 Chillura Hfts Dr., Ant. 103, 

ISCS Wang, Lai-hsing, iiOO A St., S.E., 3, D.C, F'R 3017 (Hyattsville, UN IO69 

Gr Wang, Tso, 2620 Garfield St., N.w., D.C, AD 0859 

Gr ward, Alford L., Box 50, fc'D^l, Rockville, 750I4 Hopkins Ave., CP., WA 9807 



Ward, Barbara A., 4 Woodhaven Blvd., Bethesda 14, 4610 College Ave, 

Ward, David F., 1683 35th St., N.W., 7, D.C., MI 7185 

Ward. Edna L.. (Mrs.). 4206 2nd Rd. N.. Arlington. Va.. OL 129o 

Libertytown, Frederick 230W2 
306 Thomas St., Bel Air, Dorm M 
Gordon K., 4006 Cottage Terr., Cottage City, WA 2269 
Eeman M«, 3800 Arbyla Terr., 10, D.C. 
Ward, Hersohel T., Jr., Granite Falls, N.C., 9106 Falrview Rd. 
Ward, John L., 2008 Avalon PI., Hyatt svi lie, TJN 1568 

Ward, Fred J. 
Wardj Fred Y. 

4EE Ward, Anne R., Jefferson, AAH 




















































Silver Spring, SL 5367 

Ward, John M., 104 W. 7th St., Weston, W.Va., Calvert E 

Ward, Lincoln, Jr., Calvary Rd., Crisfield, 1343 Rittenhouse St., N.W., D.C, RA 1662 

Ward, Maurioe C, Germantown, Gaithersburg 483W1 

Ward, Mervin C, 4006 Cottage Terr., Cottage City, WA 2269 

Ward, Robert R., 61 Galloping Hill Rd., Elizabeth, N.J., 9M Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

Ward, Roland J., 134 S. 9th St., Newark, N.J., 5909 2nd St., N.W., 11, D.C, (SB 5348 

Ward, Thomas A., 4103 Woodhaven Ave., Baltimore 16, Dorm M 

Ward, Weldon W., Jr., 12 4th Ave. S.W,, Glen Bumie 7, TD 3 

Warffemius, Hans, Box 259, Brandywine, Brandywine 4647 

Warfield, Robert W., 215 2nd Ave., Asbury Park, N.J., TD 1 

Warfield, Virginia L., Woodbine, AAH 

Warfle, Elwyn J., 223 Audrey Lane, 20, D.C, LO 3-7845 

Warholic. Margaret B. (Mrs.), 9626 Brunett Ave.. Silver Sprang, SL 4887 

Wameke, Grover C, Jr., 613 Sheridan St., N.W., 11, D.C ge 7298 

Warner, H. Wayne, 612 Market St., Havre de Graoe, 7506 Hopkins Ave., C.P., UN 1989 

Warner, John W., 2928 14th St., N.W., D.C, Dorm C 

Warner, Philip F., 6816 Pineway, Hyatt sville, WA 3321 

Warner, Robert K., 10214 Big Rook Rd., Silver Spring, SH 1004 (REP 7400 Ext.64789 

Warner, William A., 6816 Pineway, Hyattsville, Alpha Tau Omega, WA 9849 

Warren, John E., 17 Hohmann Lane, Pearl River, N.Y., BOQ-VOQ, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C, 

(RE 7400, Ext.64789 
Warren, M. Ruth, 179 Clarendon St., Springfield, Mass., Dorm 3 
Warren, Willis M., 1275 Brentwood Rd., N.E., 18, D.C, AD 6711 
Warrenfeltz, Ruth P., 108 N. Antietam St., Funkstown 

Warrick, Fred A., 124 Edge Hill St., Sherwood Forest, 168 M.P. Bn., Ft. '.feade 
Warrick, Glenn D., 2715 Nicholson St., Apt. 304, ^V. Hyattsville 
Washburn, Robert E., 1019 Wakefield Dr., Alexandria, KI 8-8072 
Washburn, Walter R., Jr., R.F.D., McLean, Va., Elmwood 3286 
Washington, Georgia E., 5327 16th St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 0775 

Washington, John H., Laurens, S.C, 2600 16th St., N.W., 25, D.C, ST 6400 Ext.2418 
Wasserman, Donald R., 4815 N. Capitol St., N.E., D.C, TA 3297 

Waterfield, Jack D., Rook Hall, 4302 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9828 (WO 9789 

Waters, George L., 3615 Waverly St., E. St. Louis, 111., 3415 38th St., N.W., 16, D.C, 

Waters, Howard J., Jr., 11 Belmont Ct., Silver Spring sL 2344 

Waters, John F., II, 13113 Midway Ave., Rockville 

Waters, Richard W., 11 Belmont Ct., Silver Spring, SL 2344 

Waters, William E., Jr., 1310 Merrimack Ave., Apt. 202, Ifyattsville, OR 4040 Ext, 388 

Waterval, Richard A., R.F.D. 2, Box 145, Alexandria, Va.. Delta Sigma Phi, '7A 9770 

Watkins, Joan A., Box 231, R.F.D. 1, Laurel, 4502 College Ave., C. P., WA 9844 

Watkins, Joseph C, 5604 14th St., N.W., 11, D.C, gE 1820 

Watkins, Lincoln A., Ashton, TD 8 

Watkins Robert D., Broad St., Central City^ 
Watkins, Robert "M., Jr., 4502 Beechwood Rd. 
Watkins, Robert S., 116 Ti&yne PI., 20, D.C 
Watkins, Thomas D., Jr., 5516 Madison Ave., 
Watkins, Tscharner D., Jr., Midlothian, Va. 

Ky., 816 E St., N.E., D.C, FR 7200 
, C.P., Dorm 
, Dorm 

Apt. 102, Rlverdale, WA 9344 
, Calvert A 

Watkins, Walter L., R.F.D. ?, Monrovia, Dorm I 

Watkins, William M., 82 Fort Dr., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-6961 

Watson, David A., 4100 Oliver St., Chevy Chase 15, Dorm 

Watson, David D., Glenwood, Alpha Tau Omega, WA 9849 

Watson, David R., 1602 The Terraces, Baltimore 9, 4400 Knox Rd. 

C.P., UN 9833 

Watson, Donald E., 3403 Kenilworth Ave., Hyattsville 

Watson, D. Jeanne, 4805 Harvard Rd., C.P., UN 8651 

Tatson, Mary S. (I.'irs.), 1104 "/atts St., Durham, N.C. Canp Detrick, 

Watson, Thomas 0., Jr., 519 Allendale St., Baltimore 29, Calvert C 

Watson, William H., 1620 Fuller St., N.W., 9, D.C, CO 9318 

Watt, Ralph W., 1206 Parker Ave., Hyattsville, AP 5560 

Watt, Robert L., 3201 Central Ave., N.E., 18, D.C, MI 4917 

Wattay, Leslie J., 2012 Hayden Rd., Avondale , -.-A 3506 

Watterson, Clark C, 518 Newcomb St., S.E., 20, D.C. 

Watterson, Sari D., 8710 Gilbert PI., Takoma Park, JU 77452 



AS Watts, Charles L., 12lU Oliv^ St., Coatesville, Pa., 8U30 Potomac Ave., Berwyn, TO 5272 

lAg Watts, Donald B., Wycombe, Pa., Calvert B 

2BPA Watts, Ernest S., Clarksville, NZ 

OSCS Waxman, Weyer, 3100 Connecticut Ave., 8, D. C, HO 6565 

OSCS Way, J. W., Box 661i, Shawnee, Okla., 223 Orange St., S. E., D. C, JO 2-2592 

OSCS Way, Robert J., U2 E. Irrin Ave., Hagerstown, Hagerstown 3311W 

ISCS Wayne, Robert A., l65o Harvard St., N.W., 9, D. C, HO 536U (ville, WA 7571 

Or Weakley, Charles E., Ill, ii07 Junior Ave., Morgantoum, W. Va., Ii312 Clagett Rd., Hyatts- 

2Ag Weamert, James A., Sabillasville 

3En Weaver, Edifin 0., Rt. 2, Eel Air, Dorm M 

liEn Weaver, Jacob L., 7013 Fordham Ct., College ParK, UN 2559 

Gr Weaver, Lee A., U311 Tuckerman St., Hyattsville, AP 21l6 

OSCS Weaver, Leslie F., Bldg. T-1, Fort McNair, D. C, LI 56700, Ext. 55078 

AS Weaver, Sally, 32U3 Powhatan Ave., Baltimore l6, AAH(Farms, Arlington, Va., OW 9U00 Ext. 210 

OSCS Webb, Arthur P., 66 North Brighton Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., Delaware Hall, Arlington 

OSCS Webb, Hardie G., 5125 Penning Rd., S. E., 19, D. C, Andrews AFB, Andrews AFB 2176 

Gr Webb, Harry V., Rt. 1, Silver Spring, LO 5-2728 

OSCS Webb, James R., Jr. (Capt.)> lii6 Elmira St., S. W., 20, D. C, JO 2-3817 

3BPA Webb, Kenneth D., Upper Marlboro 

ISCS Webb, William H., 6709 Selkiak Dr., Bethesda lli, WI 5661 

2HE Webber, Joan B., 13li Wesley Ave., ELkton, AAH 

3En Weber, Daniel J., I6 N. Tremont Rd., Baltimore 29, WI 505l 

3PE Weber, Fred B., 50 Crestwood Ave., Nutley, N. J., Prince George Apts., C. P. 

Gr Weber, John A., 3623 S. Taylor St., Arlington, Va., OV 250U 

IAS Weber, Patricia N., 185 Duke of Gloucester, Annapolis, Dorm 2 

2En Weber, Robert A., 217 So. Cherry Grove, Annapolis, Annapolis U866 

2En Weber, Walter W., Jr., 69OO George M. Palmer Highway, Apt. 2, Seat Pleasant 

IHE Webster, Margaret E., 766 E. Main St., Bartow, Fla., Dorm 3 

lEd Webster, Walter D., Wenona, 1^300 Knox Rd., C. P., WA 9770 

liBPA Webster, Wilmer P., 2 Aigburth Rd., Towson U, 3U00 Knox Rd., G.P, 

3En Weckesser, Louis B., Jr., VF 1, Apt. E, C. P. 

Gr Wedding, Presley A., U500 N. Chelsea Lane, Bethesda lii, OL 7i4i8 

Gr Wedemeyer, Josephine A., 7liOO Rhode Island Ave., Apt. 5, C. P., WA 8637 

OSCS Wedlan, "Paul A., 1739 lUth St., North, Arlington 9, Va. 

ISCS Weedon, J. Franklin, Jr., Ii805 Central Ave., Capitol Heights, HI 69h9 

liBPA Weeks, George T., Miller Hill, Glens Falls, N.Y., Dorm E 

OSCS Weeks, James E. (yaj.), 101^2 N. Konroe St., Arlington, Va., OW 5892 

2BPA Weeks, Leroy A., 2803 Hampden Ave., Baltimore 11, HO 03li9 (AP 6067 

3AS Wehland, Charles E., I8U6 Sutton Ave., Baltimore 27, 770U Colesville Rd. , W. Hyattsville, 

UAS Wehrle, Gordon W., 708 Edgewaod St., Baltimore, CZ 

IPE Weicker, Georg^e E., Jr., 2lU7 St., N.Vf., Apt. 305, D. C, Donn 

ISCS Weidensaul, Lewis H., Ili33 Center St., Ashland, Pa., Dorm I 

Gr Weidmay, Lucy E., Harcellus, N. Y., Il5 Prince St., Alexandria, Va., TE 8U98 

OSCS Weidner, Ruth R., 211 N. Wayne St., Arlington, Va., JA 2-1705 

Gr Weigand, George R. J., 207 Cedarcroft Rd., Baltimore 12, TU 5388 

2AS Weigand, Walton W., 1701 Park Rd., N.W., 10, D. C, CO 5177 

IAS Weikert, Donald C, 715 Oglethorpe St., N.W., 11, D. C, GE 20ia 

liEn Weikert, Robert M., 216 W. Madison St., Baltimore 1, PL 8359 

3AS Weiksner, Charles F., 2718 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, WA li78l (Va., FA 2003 

OSCS Weil, Melvin S., Jr., I6l5 S. 12th St., Birmingham, Ala., 6509 Culmore Ct., Falls Church, 

liBPA Weil, Ralph, 2801 Roslyn Ave., Baltimore 16, FO 7l455 (WA 9Shh 

3Ed Weiland, Patricia J., 1^00 S. Chester Rd., Swarthmore, Pa., U502 College Ave., C.P., 

2AS Weinbaum, E. Bettye, 8609 Old Bladensburg Rd., Silver Spring, SL i;993 (UN 9786 

2BPA Weinberg, Franklyn J., 7U02 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 8, U802 Calvert Rd., C.P., 

IAS Weinberg, Gordon A., 7li02 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore 8, Dorm N 

IAS Weinberg, Zoe P., 5903 Wilson Lane, Bethesda Ik, OL I867 

3BPA Weinelt, Norman J., 2807 Louisiana Ave., Baltimore 27, Arb. 39M 

IBPA Weiner, Benjamin,. J4327 Uth St., S.E., D. C, JO >387U 

Gr Weiner, Herman, 6121 lljth St., D. C, RA 8831 

IAS Weiner, Herman, 728 Uth St., N.E., 2, D. C, TR 8I49O 

2AS Weiner, Jvme L., Waldorf, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

lEPA Weingarden, Ralph P., 6l05 Gist Ave., Baltimore l5, U802 Calvert Rd. , C.P. 

2KE Weinman, Nan E., 9911 Indian Lane, Silver Spring, Dorm 3 

IAS Weinreb, Thelma B., 2721 Washington Ave., Chevy Chase l5, HU 7637 

3AS Weinroth, Donald M., 6801 Clarendon Rd., Bethesda li^, OL 693U 

UPPA Weinstein, Alvin P., 802 K St., N.E., 2, D. C, LI 3-3028 

IBPA Vfeinstein, Eleanor R., 660O Luzon Ave., N.W., 12, D. C. 

Gr Weinstein, Marvin S., 51i23 55th Place, East Riverdale 

Gr Weinstein, Mildred K.. 1|212 28th St., Kt. Rainier, UN 0675 

AS Weinstock, Helen E., I4I2 Fairground Hill, Westminster, Dorm 2 



2AS Weintraub, Gertrude, I8l5 E. Fairmount Ave., Baltimore 31, U3l5 Woodberry St.,Univ.Paric, 

IAS Weintraub, June S., 910 H Street, N.E., 2, D.C., LI 6-8957 (Hyattaville 

OSCS Weintraub, Stanley, 12? C Street, N.E., Apt. 312, 2, D.C, LI 7-6898 

Gr Weir, Robert J., Jr., 17 Whittier St., N.W., 12, D.C, CE 3568 

2BPA Weir, Thomas J., Jr., 5U0U Allan Rd. , Friendship* 16, D.C, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

2Ed Weisberg, Tanya E., I6l6 Hoxanna Rd. , N.W., 12, D.C, GE 7628 

US Weisenberg, Ira B., 27U1 Woodley PI., N.W., 8, D.C, CO 37U3 

23PA Weisengoff, Micliael R., 513 Old Orchard Rd., Baltimore 29, WI OU55 

2/VS Weisengoff, Paul E., 513 Old ^rchaixi Rd. , Baltimore 29, TD 3 

UEn Weiskittel, Louis A., Jr., 7902 Roseland Ave., Baltimore 6, Calvert C 

2BPA Weisraan, William J., 297 Townsend Ave., Baltimore 21, Dorm C 

Gr Vifeiss, Edward C, 3UlO Tulane Dr., Hyattsville 

OSCS Weiss, Frank, 18U0 V^oming Ave., N.W., D.C, IC 9U-i7 

Gr Weiss, Gloria H. (Mrs.), U632 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale, UN 2812 

IAS Weiss, Leonard S., 38lii Menlo Dr., Baltimore 15, 7008 Eversfield Dr., CP. 

3En Weiss, Richard R., U710 Delaware St., Berwyn, Dorm E (Farms, Arlington, Va., LI ^700,Ext.76lii5 

OSCS Weiss, \Tilliara F. , 155 West Green St., Nanticoke, Pa.,Rm.F206, Nebraska hail, Arlington 

OSCS Weissman, Edwin W., Quarters U5Ul, Ft. I«ieade, Ft. Meade 8U9 

UAg »lfeitzer, David, U709 Langdrum Lane, Chevy Chase 15, WI 8911 

3Ed V/elch, Fred, 19 Earla Road, Indian Head, 3901 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, UN 8365 

2AS Welch, H. Mason, Jr., 1831 Sudbury Lane, 12, D.C, TD 3 

UHE Welch, Margaret A., 6129 33rd Street, 15, D.C, 7U0U Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9886 

Gr Welch, Richsurd N., 3365 Tutwiler Ave., Memphis 12, Tenn, Apt.. 306,1630 Park Rd.,N.W.,D.C 

2AS Welch, Warren C, li60U Reservoir Rd., 7, D.C, 7700 Colesville Rd.,Apt.3li,P^tt3va(C0 2765 

OSCS Welch, William L., 5U03 Loughborough St., St. Loiois, Mo., 820 Hallwood St., Falls Church, 

OSCS Welde, Glenn A., 1508 S. Minnesota Ave., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. ,6716 Glen Ga]T^(Va.,FA 7005 

lEd Welken, Eleanor B., Clarksburg, Kappa Delta, WA 9759 (O*., Falls Church,Va.,FA 3610 

13CS Wellborn, Bruce F., 313 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 0926 

IAS Wellborn, Jennifer M., 313 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 0926 

lAg We Her, C Thomas, Brookville, 3Z 

UEd Weller, J. Alan, Jr., Box 33, Belts^rLlle, VF3, Apt. D, CP. 

23PA Weller, Leo D., 3019 Guilford Ave., Baltimore, CH 0305 

OSCS Weller, Lula M. (Mrs.), Til^timan, Tilghman U5Ul 

OSCS Welling, Morris, ii200 Wheeler Rd., S.E., 20, D.C, RE 7U00, Ext. 62987 

1/lS Wells, Eliot C, 311 Park Road, Alexandria, Va., Phi Delta Theta, WA 9881i 

IBPA Wells, Geoive T., 3320 Northampton St., 15, D.C, WO 39U2 

JiAS Wells, James M., 70 Central Ave., Fredonia, N.Y., 2203 l5th St., N.W., D.C, DE 6719 

2AS Wells, Lila J., 3306 Belleview Ave., Cheverly, HY 556U 

OSCS Welsh, Elizabeth T., Purcellville, Va., 3725 Macomb St., 16, D.C, WO OU76 

Ed Wei ton, Patricia C, Moorefield, W.Va., MBH 

2SCS fVenger, John W., 3212 Milford Ave., Baltimore 7, U302 Knox Rd.,C.P., ON 9828 

UAg Wensel, Walter H., Oakland, 20-F Hillside Road, Qreenbelt, Greenbelt 3618 

3PE Wenzel, Charles E., Jr., 600 W. 3Bth St., Baltlnore 11, Dorm E 

IAS Werber, Morton, liilil Northgate Road, N.W., 12, D.C, GE 2628 

1SC3 Werner, John C, n, 1909 E. 29th Street, Baltimore 13, CH 5121 

lAg Vfemer, John F., 3178 Chatham St., Philadelphia 3U, Pa., U600 Norwich Rd.,CP. 

11{E Werner, Lois M., Ul East Wheelock St., Hanover, N.H., MBH 

3BPA Wemtz, Olga A., 26 Thompson St., Annapolis, Delta Delta Delta, WA 9795 

UEd Wertz, William H., 125 Ruth Ave., Hanover, Pa., 6632 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

OSCS Werve, Matt W., 538 Monticello Drive, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-8371 

2BPA Wescott, Fred N. , R.D.7, Scotia 2, N.I., Dorm F 

OSCS Wessels, Philip S., 3Ul2 Tulane Didve, Apt. 11, West Hyattsville 

OSCS West, Alfred P., Lawyer Road, Route 2, Box 2li2, Vienna, Va., Vienna 198 J 

AS West, Charles V., 213 North Glen Ave., Annapolis, U317 Van Buren St., University Park 

3AS West, Claude R,, VF 1, Aot. C, College Park 

2BPA West, Edmund G., 2800 Quebec St., 7, D.C 

Gr West, Estal D., 2901 Woodstock Ave., Silver Spring 

3BPA West, Gene T., 322 Arundel Rd., Baltimore 25, 7U01 Princeton Ave., C.P., WA 9733 

OSCS West, James P. (Capt.), 30U El Caraino Real, San Mateo, Calif., Apt. A-2,U6UO S.31st M., 

3HE West, Patricia A., Lothian, MBH (Arlington 6, Va.,OV 6923 

ISCS West, Sedgwick 0., 6117 U2nd Ave., Hyattsville, WA 3299 

Gr Westerberg, Sture V., 3^13 Purdue St., Hyattsville, AP 2977 

3En Westerfield, Edwin E., 20I4 Wayne Place, 3.E., 20, D.C, Calvert A 

UEn Westerheid, Robert J., 5507 U2nd Ave., Hyattsville, UN 232U 

OSCS Westfall, Chester C, Jr. (Capt.), Fort Myer, Va., CH 3000, Ext. U258 

Gr Westlake, Philip R., Apt. 5, 8721 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, JU 7-7128 

OSCS Westlake, William R., 205 Oalorrood Ave., Hopewell, Va., Aberdeen Hall, McLean Gardens, N.W., 

2En Wetmore, George B., 3636 Fessenden St. ,N.W.,8,D.C, WO 7732 (D.C.,WD 9855 

3En Wett, John F., Jr., 27U6 Fenwick Ave., Baltimore 13, Dorm F 

3Ed Wetzel, James G., U605 Mainfie.ld Ave., Baltimore lU, TD 1 


Gr Wexler, Bertha, 9^1 Jackson St., Philaclelphia, U8, Pa., 6906 Wake Forrest Dr., C.P. 

OSes Wexler, Daniel D., 6hU2 N. Albany St., Chica~o, 111., Base Wea.Sta., Andrews AFB HI- 

Gr Whalen, Ron.ild T., Jr., Charles Ave., Beltsville, TO 5lU9 (3100, 2xt. 81116 

3BPA miarton, James F., Jr., 311i Murdock Rd., Baltimore 12, TD 3 (Boiling A.F.B.,li22ii 

I4MS Whatley, Robert J., 1327 Edgewood Dr., Columbus, Ga., Pilots Alert Special Air Missions, 

OSCS Whayland, Martha M., 109 Pennsylvania Ave., Salisbury 

UEn Wheatley, C. Frank, Jr., 1033 Wilmingtoa Are . , Baltimore 23 

2BPA 'Vheatley, James E., Clinton, CZ 

IAS Wheatley, John E., 1037 Quantril Way, Baltimore $ 

UAg Wheatley, LeRoy E., 223 Robbins St., Cambridge, VFll, Apt. H, CP. 

(Ext. 2356 

OSCS Wheatley, Melford M., Gypsum, Kansas, 1819C Patton Dr., Meade Kghts., Ft. Meade, OD 3211, 

IBPA Wheeler, Ann M., ^011 Lowell St., B.C., Dorm 3 

2SCS Wheeler, Donald C, 2810 Westfield Ave., Baltmore lU, Dorm F 

liAS Wheelwright, Charles D., U917 Hampden Lane, Bethesda lU, OL 0223 

OEd Wherley, Isabel M., 5U02 iiOth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 0699 (WA 98U9 

2AS Whims, Clarence B., Jr., 5ii01 Ventnor Ave., Ventnor City, N.J., U6II College Ave., C.P., 

Gr Whipp, Clarence L., 2723 Broadway Ave., Pittsburgh 16, Pa., iil3 Boyd Ave., Takoma Park 

OSCS Whipple, John L., U529 Windsor Lane, Bethesda lU, OL lU97 

Gr Whisraer, Richard T., Sharpsburg 

OSCS Whisnant, LLoyd T., Jr., 1|302 28th PI., Mt. Rainier, UN 2936 

OSCS Whistler, William T., 5603 Chillum Hghts. Dr., Hyattsville, AP OO7O 

Gr TThite, Anna L., 9 Willowbrook Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., 5500 1st St., N.W.,- 11, D.C,RA 51i25 

OSCS White, Annie B., c/o W. W. White, Gen. Del., Troup, Texas, lU82 Meridian PI., N.W.,10,D.C., 

2BPA White, David A., Box 656, Silver Spring, SH 7011 (TU 1885 

3Ed vmite, David E., Jr., 6605 ii7th PI., Riverdale 

Gr Vfiiite, David G., 8226 liith Ave., Apt. 302, Hyattsville 

Gr White, Donald R. J., 720 S. 2l3t St., Arlington, Va., OT 7197 

lEn White, Elmer J., Stevensville, 1^602 Harvard Rd., C.P. 

lEd White, Frances A., Uli05 Beechwood Rd., Hyattsville, HY 02Uii 

Gr White, Francis E., 1827 P St., S.E., Apt. G 11, 20, D.C, LU ii-6lli6 

liEn White, Francis W., U.5 Emerson St., N.W., D.C, 1U23 Hillside Rd., Greenbelt, Gr.5711 

hEn vmite, Frank E., 6311 Riverdale Rd., Riverdale, WA 2216 

OSCS White, Fred E., \\xl W. All Saints St., Frederick (University Park, WA 7571 

Gr White, Frederick H., Jr., I8I6 N.Lexington St., Arlington, Va., Ii312s Clagett Rd., 

IAS White, Georgeanne, 2J426 19th St., N.W., D.C. 

2SCS i'/hite, H. Donald, 109 Holly St., Cranford, N.J., CT 6-31U2 

ilAS ^Vhite, Harold F., U932 West Hills Rd., Baltimore 29, WI 5352 

3En White, Herbert E., 6111^ liOth Ave., Hyattsville, WA 6328 

ISCS White, Hodey B., Jr., 813 W.Uith St., Norfolk 8, Va. 

OBPA White, James S., 11^73 Rolling Rd., Baltimore 27, ii301 5i|th PI., Hyattsville 

3BPA White, Joseph C B., 139 W. College Ave., Salisbury, 7206 Bowdoin Ave., C.P. 

2AS White, Larry D., 2515 2nd Rd., North,Arlington, Va. (JE 3-9la7 

OSCS "vVhite, Miller G., Jr., 100 High St., South Paris, Maine, 520 Vista Dr., Falls Church, Va., 

liEPA White, Nathan S., Ill, Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg 186W (UN 1919 

3Ed White, Rita B., 7103 Foote St., Seat Pleasant, iii;03 Underwood St., University Park, 

2En White, W. Jack, 1906 rolson Ave., Dundalk 22, Dorm N 

Gr White, Warren C.,,Rt. 3, New Castle, 3, Pa., 50lU Roanoke PI., C.P., TO 5728 

liEn Whitefield, L'elvin L., Charlestown St., Lonaconing, VF9, Apt. A, CP. 

3AS Whiteford, Edwin W., Whiteford, U6l5 Clemson Rd., CP., WA 7708 

OSCS Whitehead, Charles D., 5113 3rd St., N., Arlington 3, Va., CW 91U6 

UAS Whitehead, Samuel L., Ia31 Harrison St., N.W., D.C, OR 651;7 

2Ed Whitehurst, Joan W. , 6709 Queens Chapel Rd., University Park, UN 79liO 

lAS Whiteleather, James C, Box 386, Beltsville, TO 6268 

OSCS Whiteley, Robert B., IO6I Barnaby Terrace, S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-9308 

Gr Whiteley, Thomas B., U605 Cherokee St., Berwyn, TO 5lU0 

Gr v;hitfield, Ralph, 510 N. Lincoln St., Arlington, Va., JA 8-6I483 

lAg Whitman, Charles B., Ii708 Nonirich Rd., CP., UN 2185 

liAg Whitmer, Orville W., I5l43 N. Falkland Lane, Silver Spring, SL 9182 

OSCS IVhitmire, Carrie E., l509 Polk St., Amarillo, Tex., Camp Detrick, Frederick, Fred. 1191 

UAS Whitmore, Wallace E., 5102 8th St., N.W., 11, D.C, TA 9135 

(Alexandria, Va.,Alex. 61i36 

OSCS Whitney, Carl L.(Maj.), 78I Main St., Fitchburg, Mass., R.F.D. 5, Box hU, Cannon Lane, 

Gr Whitney, Grady E., 1^327 Reno Rd., N.W., D.C, WO 58U5 

Gr V/hitney, James E., Ul5 Butternut St., 12, D.C, RA 550l4 

Gr 'ATiitney, Louise S., 7719 Eastern Ave., Talcoraa Park 12, SI li65l (Takoma Park 

Gr '/."hitney, Patricia R.(Mrs.), Rt. 1, East End Blvd., Wilkes Barre, Pa., 1205 Faii'view Ave., 

Gr Whitney, Paul W., I4IO Linden St., Camden, 2, N.J., 1205 Fairview Ave., Takoma Park 

OSCS Whittall, Ernest A., Apt. 2, Bldg.1-57, Andrews A.F.B., 25, D.C 

l4Ag V/hittington, Noman T., Marion Station, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

UAS Wickard, Shirley C, 7^8 Fayette St., Cumberland, Alpha Xi Delta, WA 9720 

OAS Wickenheiser, Anthony J., Jr., 238 Eloomsbury Ave., Havre de Grace, Calvert D 




OSCS Wiokes, Brian, J., 130 Penn.A-7»., Colllngswood, N.J., Alabama Hall, S. Post, Fort Hey^, 

3AS Wiolcnan, Clifford L., Jr., Shady Side, Dorm E (Va., C.V 940C, 2xt.240 

OSCS motoan, Vernon E., 142 Millbank St., Rochester 11, N.Y., BOQ, Rm. 513, Boiling A.P.B, 

OSCS Widdioombe, Robert K., Jr., 846 S. Froderiok St., Arlington, Va., CH 5592(Pent. Ext.53650 

2HE Wiebe, Marcia A., 104 Denver Rd., Silver Spring, AAH 

Gr Wiebush, Joseph R., 4724 Woodberry Rd., Riverdale 

Gr Wieozorek, George A., 10701 Montgomery Rd., Belteville 

OSCS Wieder, Herman H., 4313 Russell Ave., Mt. Rainier, UN 8850 

Gr Wiederapahn, Willard H., Box 522, Bartlett, Tex., 4836 N.H. Ave., N.W., 11, D.o., TA 2006 

4En Wieland, George E., 2142 E. Oliver St., Baltimore 13, BR 2638 

4Ed Wieland, Riohard J., 506 Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL7756 

OBPA Wieman, F. Joseph, 3305 Bloomingdale Rd., Baltimore 16, FO 1733 

5BPA Wienefeld, Edward L., Beoklyaville Rd., Freeland, Delta Sigma Phi, IfA 9770 

3BPA Wiener, !!elvin E., 1208 Penn St., N.E., D.C., LI 3-2064 (Va.,JE 3-9032 

OSCS '.Wiener, }.furray A. (Capt.), 130 Main St., Bradley Beach, N. J., 836 Allen St. .Falls Chxa'ch, 

lAS Wiese, Patsy A., 4205 Mathew Lane, Kensington, AAH 

4En 'lYiesinger, Carl J., 218 Brilland St.^Apt. 301, Alexandria, Va. (HI 3100, Ext. 3242 

Gr Wiggin, Riohard G., 8-K Parkway Rd., Greenbelt, Gr 3706 (Andrews A.F.3., 25, D.C. 

OSCS vaght, 7/illiam D. (Sgt.), 4815 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago 15, 111., HQ. SQ. H^., A.A.C.S., 

OSCS Wijman, Edward W., 1225 Valley Ave., S.E., 20, D.C, JO 2-8849 

OSCS Wilbem,Jo}m P., 1314 S. George Mason Dr., Arlington, Va., GL 4400, Ext. 1173 

3En ^Yilturn, Gene M., 123 '.V, Leland St., Chevy Chase, OL 2152 

3Ag Wilcox, Merrill, 4100 Farragut St., Hyattsville, WA 3453 

2AS TTildemann, Michael N., Bethlehem, '.^heeling, W.Va., Calvert D 

4Ag Wilder, Cornelius P., 708 Vfalker Ave., Baltimore 12, TD 7 

4AS Wildmann, John J., 6325 Sylvester St., Philaaelphia, Pa., Dorm C 

3BPA Wiley, Arthur L,, Jr., 933 Argonne Dr.,Baltimfir© 18, TD 8 

lEd vniey, William G., 5013 Fox St., Branchville 

lEd "?filfong, Leslie H., Box 192, Franklin, W.Va., 626 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 

4AS Ti'ilford, Charles E., Jr., 1726 Arlington Ave., Relay 27, Elkridge 352^1 

ISCS Wilhelm, Robert, E., 5rd, 4812 Georgia Ave., N.W., 11, D.C, RA 9075 

2En Wilkerson, Anthony W., Bristol, West River 5-228 

3Ag Wilkerson, Hugh W., Bristol, West River 5-111 

4Ed 7/ilkerson, John C, 1515 25th St., S.E., D.C, TD 6 

4BPA Wilkerson,, William H., Jr., 1920 S St., N.W., Apt. 102, 9, D.C 

Gr Tfilkerson, Woodrow W., 6118 4l8t Ave., Hyattsville, llA. 1388 

3BPA Wilkins, Herman F., Parsonsburg, TD 1 

2AS Wilkins, Katherine !•'., 7007 Glendale Rd., Chevy Chase, 7514 Rhode Island Ave., C.P,, TIN 9885 

IAS Wilkins, Mary L., 5429 30th PI., N.W., 15, D.C, OR 1308 

OSCS Wilkins, Paul E., 1618 Juniper St., N.W., 12, D.C 

4Ag Wilkinson, Donald G., 3206 Wisconsin Ave., Apt., 54, D.C 

Gr Wilkinson, Gerald E.G., 2620 Lee Highway, Arlington 1, Va., CH 7124 

lAg Wilkinson, Keith A., Marshall Hall, Indian Head 3096 

4En Wilkinson, Leon I., 1570 East West Highway, Silver Spring, SL 4807 

4BPA Wilkinson, Robert S., Jr., 543 Green St., Cxmberland, V.F. 10, Apt. E, C.P. 

Or Will, Albert S., 541 Trenton Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa., 4109 Tennyson Ave., University Park 

Gr Will, Robert F., 4316 Clagett Rd., Hyattsville, WA 7643 

IAS Willard, Donald E., Jr., 3508 Sllerslie Ave., Baltimore 18, TD 1 

OSCS Willard, Robert L., 123 Jefferson St., Proderick, Frederick 321J 

IAS Willard, William J., 380 Van Nostrand St., Jersey City 5, N.J., TD 5 

2Ag Willcox, Edward C, Jr., 404 Elm St., Chevy Chase, OL 7454 

3AS Willcox, Nancy, Gaithersburg, Alpha Gamma Delta, UN 9806 

Ed Willenbuoher, Shirley A., 7103 Overhill Rd., Bethesda 14, Dorm 2 

OSCS Willetts, David L., 12 Morningside Dr., Alexandria, Va., OV 2482 

OSCS Willey, George L., White Salmon, Wash., 819 S. Florida St., Arlington, Va., JA 4-0910 

OSCS Willey, James H., Bridgeville, Del., HQ 4 EQ SQ, 1100th ABW, Boiling AFB, 25, D.C, BAF3 

OSCS Willey, Richard L., 204 Pine Grove Dr., 20, D.C, HI 3291 (679 or 348 

3AS Willey, Robert E., 1617 E. North Ave., Baltimore 13, TD 6 

OSCS ITilliams, Byron L., 222 ury Ave., Gary, N.C, 1100th Comp. Sqdn., Boiling AFB, 3AFB Ext. 4457 

GSCS Williams, Catherine P., 222 Pope St., ^'onroe. La., 1S05 30th St., F.W., 7, D.C, CO 0484 

4Ag Williams, Charles D., R.D, 1 Grantsville, Calvert D 

lAS Williams, Charles H., Jr., 2031 S4th St., S.E., 20, D.C, VI 4781 

5BPA Williams, David E., Ill, R.F.D. 2, Annapolis, Dorm C 

2PE Williams, David K., R.D. 5, Elkton, TD 6 (LI 5-6700 Ext. 75847 

OSCS Williams, Donald E., 1250 S. 5th St., Vontrose, Colo., 343 Irvington St., Apt. 101, 20, D.C 

4?iS Williams, Donald G., 4227 Silver Kill Rd., Silver Hill, HI 2733 

2BPA Williams, Donald R., 4421 S. Capital St., 20, D.C, JO 3-4820 (Hyattsville, AP 4608 

3AS Williams, Douglass B., Jr., Willow Glen, Y.'heeling, W.Va., 2611 Kirkwood PI., Apt. 4, W. 

Gr Williams, Edna E. E. (Mrs.), VF 1, Apt. A., CP., UN 9752 

IAS Williams, E. Carol, 28 Strauss Ave., Indian Head, MBH 


OSCS "filliams, KLmer I'., 29l5 Woodstock Ave., Silver Spring, SH 08U> 

OSes TTilliams, Ernest J., l609 N. Norfolk St., Tulsa 6, Okla., 1100th Comp. Sq., 25, B. C. 

Gr ^Tillians, Forest L., 262 Spring St., Erlanger, Ky., 6508 U6th Place, Riverdale, AP 5882 

OSCS Williams, Golden L., 5U7 Belleview Dr., Falls Church, Va. 

UAg Williams, Harlan C, Port Deposit, Phi Kappa Sigma, WI 9328 

lAg Williams, H. Wiley III,, 3953 Cloverhill Rd., Baltimore 18, Calvert E(Hospt., 12; B.C. 

OSnS Williams, Irene R.,(Mrs.), 8lU W. Rogers St., Milwaulkee 7 Wise, Delane Hall, W.Reed Army 

OSCS Williams, Jack B., 120U 3rd Ave., I^'est Birmingham, Ala., U622 Livingston Rd., S.E., 20, 

Gr Williams, Jacqueline R., (ifrs.). Pox 211, Edj3ewood, Edgewood 191R(r.C., JO >5307 

2SCS Williams, James H., U9B Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt 6o56 

2Ag Williams, James S., IhOl Canal St., S.W., U, D. C, ST 906l 

IKE Williams, Jane o,, Aberdeen, AAH (JO 2-2ii08 

Gr Williams, John R., 205l5 Moross Rd., Detroit 2U, 'Jich., 139 Irvington St., S.W., 20, B.C., 

2AS Williams, John Z., Ux West Lincoln Ave., Hageratown, Dorm M (Park, UU 7680 

2BPA Williams, Joseph R., 206 West Federal St., Burlington, N.j.^ 6Ia2 Baltimore Ave., Univ. 

Gr Williams, Leonard F., 3311 Lancer Dr., Hyattsville, WA 6o56 

lEn Williams, Llajor A., Jr., 2709 Harmon Rd., Silver Spring, LO 5-1305 

OSCS Williams, L'elvin F., 32 Darrington St., S.W., 20, D. C. 

Gr Williams, Melvin L., 57C Ridge Rd., Greenbelt 

Gr Williams, Michele, 310 E St., N.E., 2, D. C, AT 2119 



Williams, I/organ J., Box 2iiE, Route 1, Berwyn 

Williams, Norman E., U903 7th St., N.W., 11, D. C, GE 37li3 
Willises, P. Lyle, jr., \h W. Lincoln five., Hagerstown, Dorm K 

Williams, Raymond, 6l20 li2nd Ave., H:/attsville, UN 1909 

Williams, Richard H., 1^719 Harford Ave., Baltimore Hi, TD 1 

Williams, Richard T., Green !'oiint Ave., Salisbury, 

Williams, Robert E., Box 621, Marion, Va., Apt.C, 50 Galveston PI 

Williams, Robert T., 6o5 Shriver Ave., Cximberland, TD 6 

Williams, Sager A., 760 E. Catherine St., Chambersburg, Pa.j 
Williams, Stanley R. , 6207 6lst Place, Riverdale, ',7A ll538 

, S.W., 20, B.C. 
(ton, Va., GI 91i^ 
1617 N. Queen St., Arling- 

Gr Williams, Thomas J., 309 Jefferson St., Alexander City, Ala., VFl, Apt. A, C.P. 

OSCS Williams, Trevett, 262 E. Church St., Nanticoke, Pa., Apt. 101, 90U N. Wayne St., 

2Ed Williams, Vera P., Preston, Dorm 3 (Arlington, Va. 

3AS Williams, Vernon L., 1121 S. Bonsai St., Baltimore 2ii, Dorm F 

Gr Williams, iVilliam F., U506 Randolph Rd., Silver Spring 

2BPA Williams, William H., 1507 Otis St., N.E., 17, D. C, MI 55UO 

IAS Williams, Vfilliam ^ff. , 27 Sherman Circle, N. W. , 11, B. C, RA 3747 

lEn Williams, Ti^an L., Box 216, Aiken, S. C, U809 Guilford Rd. , C. P. 

OSCS Williamson, Ralph E., Canp Detrick 

Gr Williamson, Robert G., 3ia9 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, AP 3590 

2Ag Willis, Donald T., 122 Bron?)t<5n Rd. , Garden City, N. Y., 7511 Princeton Ave., C.P., 

OSCS Willis, Floyd, Jr., 9lali Colesville Rd. , Silver Spring, SH 1226 (V/A 9831 

IAS Willis, Gamel C, Jr., 1825 Warwick Ave., Baltimore I6, MA 6o52J 

OSCS Willis, Joseph W., 5705 Jamestown Rd. , Hyattsville, AP 082li 

2Ed Willis, Ralston T., iiC Gardenway, Greenbelt 

IAS Willoner, Ronald A., hl06 70th Ave., Landover Hills, WA 601U 

lAg Wills, George F., IS S. Vfalmit St., Mt. Carmel, Pa., 7206 Bowdoin St., C.P. 

lEn Wills, Robert B., 3308 Walbrook Ave., Baltimore I6, TD 8 

OAg Wills, Virginia F. (Mrs.), I616 Lonf^fellow St., N.W. , 11, D. C. 

IAS Willson, Virgil P., 122 E. Gordon St., Pel Air, Calvert C 

2I'S Wilmer, Joseph A., Faulkner, 3026 Q St., N.W., 7, D. C, NA 5276 

ISCS "yV'ilner, William, 3)i05 Holmes f^ve., Baltimore 17, TD h 

1?M vrilson, Anne E., [ill VJ. L'ontgonery Ave., Rockville, Dorm 3 

lEn Wilson, Anthory J. P., 7303 Hopkins Ave., C. P., U>! Oi+09 

OSCS V/ilson, Benjamin J., Apt. U, Bid. 119, Camp Detrick, Frederick, Camp Detrick U38 

Us Wilson, Bill B., 3706 Quincy St., Brentwood, UN 1021; (Apt. 6, S.E., 20, D.C.,JO 9-9577 

OSCS Wilson, Carl VI. (Capt.), Iia9 7/eigold Ave., Cincinnati 23, Ohio, 3134 Parkway Terrace Dr., 

liAg Wilson, Charles M., Bel Air, Dorm N 

2BPA Wilson, Denzel G., 212 Park Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa., Dorm C 

UaS Wilson, Donald A., 5303 33th Ave., Hyattsville, WA O8IO 

3A5 Wilson, Donald B., Jr., 1833 Otis St., N.E., 13, D. C, CZ 

3En Wilson, Donald E., 8a Southway, Greenbelt, Greenbelt 61U3 

Gr Wilson, Dorothy Y. , 2700 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., 7, D. C, OR 270C' 

2BPA V/ilscn, Edwin L., 936 Longfellow St., 11, D. C, GE 3902 

Gr Wilson, Elinor G., U6OI 25th St., Et, Rainier 

UHE Wilson, Evelyn N., 370U Harrison St., D. C, Kappa Kappa Gamma, UN 9899 

OSCS T^ilson, Harold V., 1205 Pinecrest Dr., Marshall, Texas, Hq. yiq.Sq.^ 1050 Air Ease C^., 

UEd Wilson, Harry W., 508 E St., Sparrows Point 19, Calvert D( Andrews AFB, HI 3100, Ext. 3208 

2BPA Wilson, Howard J., 2313 31 St., S.E., 20, D. C, VI 3313 

Gr Wilson, Isabelle E., lUj09 Fairfield Dr., Bethesda lU, '.?T liCl43 


3BPA Wilson, Janes M., 63 11 Beechwood Drive, Chevy Chas*, WI U532 

Qr Wilson, James W., 721 Monterey Ave., ii/est Annapolis, Annapolis 82371 

2BPA Wilson, Jay F,, h2 Clove Ave., Sussex, N.J., ii302 Knox Rd., C.P. 

IBPA Wilson, Jiin S., 273 Park Ave., Takoma Park, SL 8559 

Gr Wilson, Joseph S., 509 Beall Ave., Rockville, Rockville 368U 

Gr Wilson, Joseph rV., 1216 Floral St., N.lV., 12, D.G., GE 7I9U 

2BPA Wilson, Leonard E., North East R#l, Rising Sun ?3A 

Gr Wilson, Louis, lh93 Shore Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y., 8230 Dath Ave., Hyattsville 

3AS Wilson, Lucy V., 370U Harrison St., N.W., D.C., Pi Beta Phi, UN 9885 

2HE .Vilson, Marguerite I., 63II Beechwood Drive, Chevy Chase i5, WI U532 

(Va., Pent. 52125 

OSCS Wilson, Philip M., 3U33 St. John Ave., Kansas City 1, Mo., 28iil S. Buchanan St., Arlingtwi, 

IAS Wilson, Regina L., 3210 Brighton St., Balto. 16 , LO 678O 

lEn Wilson, Robert C, 1921 Kalorama Rd., N.W., 9, D.C., HU 702ii 

liEn Wilson, Robert L., 1215 C St., N.E., 2, D.C., AT 9629 

Gr Wilson, Roger T., Ii22 Essex Drive, Lexington Park 

2AS kVilson, Rosemary, 111 Ashfield St., Piedmont, W.Va., Sigma Kappa, WA 986I 

Jr Wilson, Roy K., U233 S. 35th St., Arlington, Va., TE O88O 

3AS Wilson, Sair-uel W., 1320 Nicholson St., N.W., 11, D.C., TA 6595 

US Wilson, Suzanna V., 203I4 l6th St., N.W., 9, D.G.. DE 9058 

liAS Wilson, Thad M., ?8l3 31st St., S.E., 20, D.C., VI 3813 

3BPA Wilson, William M., U622 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 78lii 

i4PE Wilson, William T., 5U27 Taussig Rd., Hyattsville, UN I967 

aSCS Wilton, David N., Hq. AACS, Andrews AFB, 25, D.C., 1005 Highview Drive, Capitol Heights 

IAS Wilton, Edward C, Jr., U837 Butterworth Place, D.C., Dorm 

2H?: Winant, Frances L., U309 3Uth St., Brentwood, WA 2868 

UEd Winant, Rose E., I4309 3Uth St., Brentwood, WA 2368 

2Ag Windle, Allan L., Hall, >iarl.2368 

OSes Windsor, Noel F., 1050th Medical Group, Andrews Air Force Base, 25, D.C., Hi 3100 Ext. 5178 

ISCS Winegrad, William k., 2237 N. Pulaski St., Balto. 17, li509 Calvert Rd., C.P., WA 9512 

UBPA Winer, Marvin S., UOO Farragut St., N.W., 11, D.C., TU 2610 

Gr Winfield, Louise G., 67^2 Eastern Ave., N.W., 12, D.C., TA II8U 

UEd Wingate, Elmer, Jr., 6012 Harford Rd., Balto. II4, Dorm N 

Gr Wingate, Francis M., Harwood 

ISCS Winget, Myron H., Iii29 Whitter St., N.W., 12, D.C, QE OI463 

Gr Winkler, Carl T., 8al7 Loch Raven Blva., Tows on li, Arny Chemical Center, Tech. Command 

Gr Winne, Madeline L. (Mrs.), 5622 Moorland Lane, Eethesda, OL 3788 

OSCS Winsheimer, Frank R., R#l, Cumberland 

Gr Winston, Jeorge C, 113 ualveston St., S.W., 20, D.C. 

Gr Winston, Victor H., IOO6 Gerard Ave., New York, If.T, 

US Winter, Eric, U6II Drexel Rd,, C.P., WA 3250 

IAS Winter, Gilbert H., 5603 Vernon Place, Bethesda, 'ffl 538U 

3AS Winter, James L., 505 Lanark Way, Silver Spring, 3H 3085 

IAS Wintergrass, Paul Edward, Jr., 331 Short St., Steelton, Pa., Dorm E 

AS Winterrowd, Ronald B., 10100 Colesville Rd., Silv«?r Spring, SH 1^198 

OSCS Winters, Benjamin F.. 113 Wyoming Ave., Buffalo 15, N.Y., BOQ, Boiling AFB, D.C. 

Ag Winters, John M., 3 Sj Mineral St., Kej^er, W.Va., h702 Guilford Rd., C.P., UN li713 

25PA Wintrode, Glenn L., Delhaven Rd., Belair, [18IO Guilford Ave., C.P. 

lEn Wireman, Michael S., 5112 Connecticut Ave., N.W., 8, D.C, WO 8926 

1H>: Wirth, Elsa H., I^508 Hartwick Rd., C.P., WA 6l05 

:r Wirth, Mary Z.(Mrs.), 10115 Connecticut Ave., Kensington, OL 9058 

Wise, Jack W., 318 Southampton Drive, Silver Spring, SL OI4U7 

JEd Wiseman, Alice S. (Mrs.), I49OI Oglethorpe St., Riverdale 

3BPA Wiser, G. Lavrrence, Branchville, TO 5301 

Gr Wiser, Herbert L., ]460lt 29th St., Mt. Rainier 

3Ed V/ishmyer, John H., P.O.Box 191, Hancock, 311 Second St., N.i^., 2, D.C, AT 6052 

Ug Wishner, Lav,Tence A., 198 Ifyrtle Drive, Great Neck, N.Y., Dorm F 

2BPA Wisner, Albert L., 1012? Markham St., Silver Spring, SH 5122 

OSCS Wiss, James R., jiiOQ l-ii3 Apt 1, Andrews Air Force Base, 20, D.C, HI 3100 Ext .3266 

Gr Witow, Morris I., llOO iviaine Ave., Balto. 7, 2111 Hildarose Drive, Silver Spring, SL 0221 

US Witt, Albert, 1^900 U3rd Place, N.W., I6, D.C, EM 5257 

OSCS Witt, William R., Pox 287, Freeman, W.Va., 527 E Southampton Drive, Silver Spring, SL 09U3 

3AS Witte, Carl C, 36 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, SL 2i450 

OSCS Witten, Rita B.,(Mrs.\ 55 M St., N.W., 1, D.C, Dl 1683 

lEn Witters, Donald M., 2ioo Plymouth St., N.W., 12, D.C, CE'l47i49 

..IS Wittig, Lester J., Jr., I83O woodside Ave., Balto. 27, AR lii06 

3BPA Witzel, William L., 5807 5th St., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 271^9 

OSCS Witzenburger, Edwin J. (Maj.), Box 29A, R#l, McLean, Va. 

2BPA Wlodkowski, Arthur tl., 2200 E. Lombard St., Balto. 31, TD 3 

US Hohl, Gerald, 6823 8th St., N...., 12, D.C, TA 6651 

Gr Wohl, Joseph j,, U206 Russell Ave., Mt. Rainier, UN I4253 


us Wolf, Jaok A., 1434 Somerset PI., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 8232 

IBPA Wolf, J. David, 949 Northampton St., Silver Spring, 8L 7741 

lEn Wolf, Thomas L., 4 S. Catherine St., Baltimore 23, ED 5036-R 

Gr Wolfand, David, 2401 Lee Blvd., Arlington, Va. 

IAS Wolfarth, Eugene F., 3225 Walnut St., N.E., 18, D.C., NO 5772 

3AS Wolfe, Daniel H., 3103 Mondawmin Ave., Baltimore 16, MO 6711 

4PS Wolfe, J, Donald, 13-L Parkway Rd., Greenbelt, Greenbelt" 7617 

2HE Wolfe, Joanne R., 518 Oneida PI., N-W., 11, D.C., GE 5957 

SBd Wolfe, Kathryn W., 700 Chumleigh Rd., Stone leigh, Baltimore 12, MBH 

Gr Wolfe, Martin S., 5016 Nebraska Ave., N.W., 8, D.C., 4400 Lehigh Rd., C.P., WA 9527 

IBPA Wolff, Natalia J., 715 -A Gist Ave., Silver Spring, SH 1062 

lEd Wolff, Saundra, 3210 Barrington Rd., Baltimore 15, AAH 

4En Wolffe, Edirard L., 5422 Nebraska Ave., 15, D.C., WD 2613 

IBn Wolffe, Franklin D., 5422 Nebraska Ave., 15, D.C., WD 2613 

4AS Wolfgang, John W., 265 Newoomb St., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-3363 

lEd Wolfram, Frances J., 4002 Maine Ave., Baltimore 7, MBH 

2AS Wolk, Blanche, 104 Sligo Mill Rd., Takoma Park, SL 2459 

OSCS Wolkeau, Jacob A., 2418 37th St., N.W., D.C., EM 0422 

3AS Wollam, Richard B., Dorm F 

3AS Wolle, Joan M., 207 3rd Ave. S.E., Glen Bumie, AAH 

4AS Wolman, Benjamin R., 2701 Lawina Rd., Baltimore 16, TD 1 

IAS Wolpert, Morton L., 35 Menlo Dr., Baltimore 15, TD 1 

Gr Womeldorph, Stuart E., Jr., Box 96A, R.F.D. 2, Laurel 

3En Wondoloski, Edward V., 4606 Virginia Ave., Baltimore 25, CL 1350-R 

3Ed Wondraok, Walter M., 3811 Benton St., N.W., 7, D.C, OR 8684 

OSCS Wondree, Robert E., Rt, 1, Box 410K, Alexandria, Va. 

IAS Wong, Blanche, 5702 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, Dorm 3 

SEn Wong, Harry W., 5702 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, TD 3 

2En Wong, Hugh B., 5702 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, TD 3 

2Ag Wong, Noble P., 5702 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, TD 3 

ISCS Wood, Delmas P., Jr., Sandy Spring, Ashton 502 

4AS Wood^ Donald 0., 327 E. Maple Rd., Linthioum Heights, Linthicum 103R 

IAS Wood, Eleanor A., 10102 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, SH 3162 

lAg Wood, George D., 1700 S. Taylor Rd., Arlington 4, Va., OW 0956 

OEd Wood, Helen L., 6402 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase 15 

SEd Wood, Hugh R., Jr., 5900 Ehollbrook Dr., Apt. 200, Hyattsville 

Gr 'Vood, Joyce S. (Mrs.), 2813 Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore 15, MO 1902 

Gr Wood, Nancy B., Highland, Clarksville 209-J 

4BPA Wood, R. David, 1826 Division St., Saginaw, Mich., 3413 Purdue St., %att8ville, AP 2977 

3BPA Wood, Robert A., 523 N. Bradford St., Dover, Del., Dorm F 

4Ed Wood, R. Ann, 2345 Ashland Ave., Ginoinati 6, Ohio, 4502 College Ave., C.P., WA 9844 

OSCS Wood, Samuel A., 4031 16th St. So,, Arlington 4, Va., GL 4668 

OSCS Wood, Thomas L., 1102 Westmoreland Rd., Falls Churoh, Va. 

4BPA Wood, Warner D., 27 Boyd Ave., Takoma Park 12, SL 2997 

3AS Wood, William R., 6112 Sefton Ave., Baltimore 14, Donn F 

4Ag Woodall, John B., 235 Quackenbos St., N.W., 11, D.C., GE 2973 

IHE Woodard, Betty H., 3023 14th St., N.W., 9, D.C., HO 0804 Ext.402 

5En Wooden, A. Melvin, 7-C Laurel Hill Rd., Greenbelt 

^d Woodfield, Grace L., G«nnantown, R.F.D. , Dorm 5 

4En Woodford, Clifford R», 3901 Conneotiout Ave., N.W., D.C., TD 4 

OSCS Woodhead, Miriam W. (Mrs.), 207 Maple Ave., Takom Park 12, SL 3477 

SSCS Woodhead, Walter 

lEn Woodin, Elmer A., 3320 Caton Ave., Baltimore 29, Longwood 5781 

3En Woodland, John H., 2901 Woodland Ave., Baltimore 15, SZ (WA 9770 

2Ed Woodman, Stanley A., Maple Ave., Somerton, Philadelphia 16, Pa., Delta Sigma Phi, 

Gr Woodruff, Wilda S. (Mrs.), Fayetteville, Ga., 4410 'iZh Rd. N., Arlington, Va.,0W 3086 

OSCS Woods, Foster J., 116 Irvington St., S.W., 20, D.C. 

OSCS Woods, James R., 5108 7th Rd. So., Arlington 4, Va., OW 5086 (Pent. Ext. 72200 

OSCS Woods, Jesse L., Jr., 927 Cherry St., Graham, Tex., Rt. 1, Box 842-H, Annandale, Va., 

4Ed Woods, Melvin J., 211? Peniston St., New Orleans, La., 6400 Baltimore Blvd., Hyattsville 

lEn Woods, Richard L., R.F.D. #2, Shelburne Falls, Mass., Dorm G 

IBn Woods, Robert A., 3149 Adams Mill Rd., N.W., 10, D.C, CO 0035 

4MS Woods, Roy D., 160 Ames Rd., Silver Spring, SL 0591 

4En Woodside, Grant E., Jr., Apt. 4, 7400 Rhode Island Ave., C.P. 

2HE Woodworth, Betty L., 2011 Osbom Dr., Silver Spring, SL 4096 

4HE 'toodworth, Patricia A., 2011 Osbom Dr., Silver Spring, SL 4096 

4AS Woolf, Charles E., 143 Meade Ave., Hanover, Pa., Calvert B 

OSCS Woolpert, Oram C, Rt. 4, Frederick 

OSCS Woosley, Conley L., 1511 Webster St., N.W., 11, D.C. 

ISCS Wootton, A. Gordon, 204 Fordyoe PI., Bethesda 14, WI 3604 


IBPA Wootton, Richard R., 1628 Columbia Road, N.W., D.C., HO 30U2 

2^ Woppman, George H., 3823 Femhill Ave., Baltimore 15, Dorm C 

ISCS Worch, Carl F., 8U03 Fatuxent Ave., College Park, TO 6l80 

OSCS Word, Nan B. (Mrs.), Apt. 189, 1303 3. Barton St., Arlington U, Va.,CH 7500, Ext. 189 

IiAg V/orlcman, David L., R.R. 2, Brookings, S. Dak., 7702 Colesville Rd., West Hyattsville 

Gr Workman, Mary V., 175 W. Main St., Frostbiirg, Frostburg 289 (Pentagon,D.C.,rfent.75535 

OSCS Workman, Robert L. (3gt.), Nebraska Hall, Rm.20U, Arlington Fa rms,Va., 1908th AACS Hq.Sq., 

UaS Works, Bemhard R., Li6ll Rokeby Road, Baltimore 29, TD 8 

UEd Works, Homer L., Jr., U611 Rokeby Rd., Baltimore 29, SZ 

Gr V/orley, William H., Troy, N.C., 2li West Braddock Road, Alexandria, Va., TE 236U 

OSCS Worme, May W. (Urs.), Preston 

3AS Woronoff, Ritalee P., 3501 Lynchester Rd., Baltimore 15, Ii3l2 College Ave., C.P.,WA 9828 

IiEn Worrell, Jacob S., 103 S. Bellegrove Rd., Baltimore 28 

2Sn Worrell, Robert L., 913 N. Augusta Ave., Baltimore 29, TD 8 

lAS Worrell, Wayne C, 717 Kennebec Ave., Takoma Park, SL lOhh 

Gr Worthington, John T., U318 Knox Rd., College Park 

Gr ITorthley, Elmer G., Owings Mills, VF12, Apt. D., C.P. 

Gr Worthley, Jean R. (Mrs.), Ovrlngs Uills, VF12, Apt. D., C.P. 

lAg Wray, Robert V., Jr., Box 126, Beltsville, TO 6186 

3En Wray, William N., 6312 Brookville Rd. , Chevy Chase 15, WI kh2S 

OSCS Wrenn, Lawrence W., 6 Newton Rd., Haverhill, Mass., 285U S. Abingdon St., Arlington, Va., 

Gr V/renn, T. Randall, 5910 Taylor Rd., Riverdale, UN 2U08 (TE 7313 

2HE Wright, Audrey A. (Mrs.), U7lU 30th St., N.W., D.C., \T0 1303 

Gr Wright, Aiidrey G. (Mrs.), Box 892, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 6U7th AC&W Sqdn. , Ft. Meade 

UAg Wright, Calvert F. , 5000 New Hanpshire Ave., N.W., 11, D.C. 

UbPA Wright, Carl D., 5006 Patterson Ave., Baltimore 15, TD 8 

kXg Wri^t, Charles G., Route 1, Cash Valley, Cumberland, Dorm C 

liEd Wright, Edith H., R.F.D. 5, Westminster, U6l5 Knox Rd., C.P., UN 373U 

3BPA Wright, Frank E., Jr., 911 Haddon Dr., Takoma Park, SH Ul59 

OSCS Wright, Henderson W., 3303 Chillum Rd., Mt. Rainier, AP 0722 

OSCS Wright, Homer A., Apt. 7, Bldg 62-A, Ft. McNair, D.C. (Ft. Meade Ext. 3715 

Gr Wri^t, Howard T. (Major), Box 992,LasCruces, New Mexico, 6U7th A.C.<SJJ.Sqdn.,Ft.Meade, 

OSCS Wright, John W. , Jr., Merrimack, N.H., 517 Vista Drive, Falls Church, Va., FA 6919 

UaS Wright, John W., 3922 Gelston Dr., Baltimore 29, WI 3960 

liAg Wri^t, Kenneth R., Box 366 Belair, Calvert B 

OAS Wri^t, Leonard C, Box 137, Branchville, TO U922 

UBPA Wright, Melvin 0., U7m 30th St., N.W., 8, D.C, WO 1303 

IHE Wright, Myrtle A., 9U11 Woodland Dr., Silver Spring, SH 1197 

2A3 Wri^t, Nelson A., 2735 Baker St., Baltimore 16, Dorra N 

IBPA Wright, Phyllis J., U613 Burlington Rd., Hyattsville 2, WA 1236 

3En Wright, Robert C, 201 Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, Dorm E 

3AS Wri^t, Wesley A., 8617 Piney Branch Road, Silver Spring 

2AS Wright, William V., 1139 Ashburton St., Baltimore 16, TD U 

OEn Wri^t, Zeno R., Jr., 1530 N. Lancaster St., Arlington, Va., KE 3-U9U8 

OSCS Wri^tson, Margaret F. (Mrs.), St. Michaels, St. Michaels 80J 

OSCS Wronski, Amelia T., 706 Tennessee Ave., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-7853 

3BFA Wrublewski, Eugene J., 9 Smith St., Perth Amboy, N.J., Dorm C 

lEn Wu, George, 9 Piailroad Ave., 3. Norwalk, Conn., Dorm L 

UaS Wulfert, Nancy C, 317 Dixie Dr., Tcfwson U, Deli:a --.amma 

lEn Tfurz, William G. , TD 3 

UBPA Wurzbacher, Albert F., Jr., 2903 Bayonne Ave., Baltimore lit. Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

2AS "I'^tt, Dewey Q., Race Road, Box 1021), Hanover, Waterloo 27UWl 

2En \^att, Floyd M. , Box 102D, Race Road, Hanover 

Gr T^ld, Lionel D., 6 V.'est Lawrence St., Albany 5, N.Y,,38lU Newark Rd.,Colmar Manor,WA 7562 

Gr ;"^lde, Ronald J., 7102 23rd Ave., Hyattsville, AP U769 

Gr Wyman, Frederick E., Jr., 2706 30th St., S.E., 20, D.C, AX 73U3 

Gr ^lynne^ Joseph J., 3200 16th St., N.W., 10, D.C, DE 6U00 

3?E ■'I'^mne, Patricia, Brookeville, Alpha Chi Omega, UN 9893 

IiEd Wysong, Richard, High Point Road, Forest Hill, Dorm N 

Gr laffee, PhiUp, I38O Fort Stevens Dr., N.W., 11, D.C, GE 7901 

OSCS Taffy, Maiy E. (Mrs.), 2222 I St., N.W., 7, D.C, RE 2868 

2BPA Yager, Gerald A., 5319 Nebraska Ave., l5, D.C, W 3732 

Gr Yamin-Sraith, Millicent L. (Mrs.), h E. 32nd Street, Baltimore 18, BE 7300 

2PE Tanchulis, Anthony C, Jr., 323 Indiana Ave., Shenandoah, Pa., Dorm E 

Gr Yang, George CC, 19 Nan Na Poo Lane, Chang Nai,Peiping, China, Box 393, C.P. , TO 6U86 

Gr Yaniger, Ernest S., 2611 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 17 

Gr Yao, Michael T.H., 2317 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., D.C 

OSCS Yaplee, Benjamin S., 305 25th Ave., South, Seattle kh, Washington, 1011 L 3t.,N.W.,l,D.C. 

lAS Yates, Barbara A., 712 Newington Ave., Baltimore 17, MBH 

Gr Yates, Richard I., 3925 Glenhunt Rd., Baltimore 29, WI U788 


3AS Yeager, Jackson, 9106 Fairview Sd. , Silver Spring, SL 536? 

ISCS Yeatraan, Rudolph H., Ill, R.F.D. 1, Kemp Mill Rd., Silver Spring, LO 5-1570 

2aS Yea, James M. , 5l8-10th St., N.W., D.C., EX 11+68 

3BPA Yeloushan, Robert V., UO-D Crescent Rd., Greenbelt 

2AS Ylvisaker, Mary B., 302 Dixie Drive, Towson, Kappa Delta 

llEn Yckley, Charles R.,li305 Fessenden St., N.W., 16, D.C., EM 9Sk3 

2Ag Yoramer, Joseph D., Grantsville, Calvert D 

IAS Yorke, Thomas H., U700 Addison Rd., Kenilvrorth 19, UN 872U 

UAS Yospe, Leonard P., 1635 E. Baltimore St., Baltiiaore 31, Dorm C 

2A3 Yospe, Mollie B., 1635 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore 31, MBH 

3AS Yospy, Elaine, 3klk Dolfield Ave., Baltimore 15, AAH 

Gr Yost, Charles F., 7207 Central Ave., Takoma Park, SH 2^03 

IBPA Yost, George F., 115 W. Woodbine St., Chevy Chase 15, WI 10li3 

2En Yost, Harry H,, Ridge, TD 2 

3BPA Young, Andrew F., Jr., 313 Delaware Ave,, Glen Bumie, TD 2 

OSCS Young, Charles E., 3112 Parkway PI., Cheverly 

Gr Yoxing, Charles H., Hollywood 

Gr Young, Clinton V., R.F.D. 2, Falls Church, Va., EL 262 

Gr Young, David C, 9-M Parkway, Greenbelt 

Gr Young, Donald B., Box 295, Glenville, W.Va., 2800 Quebec St., N.W., Apt. 750, D.C.,OR 6900 

IAS Young, Donald G., 8712 Colesville Rd., Apt. 502, Silver Spring (WA Ul8l 

llAS Young, Doris (Mrs.), 1578 Cambridge St., Cambridge, Mass. ,7101 Rhode Island Ave.,C.P., 

2HE Young, Elaine B., 3U5 Rosebank Ave., Baltimore 12, Alpha Chi Omega, UN 9893 

Gr Young, Felix H., IO808 Lorain Ave., Silver Spring, SH 2316 

2SCS Young, Francis C, 32UO Normount Ave., Baltimore l5, WI 9022 

2Ag Yoiing, F.Russell, III, U23 E. Patrick St., Frederick, Dorm E 

3BPA Young, Garlin A., 2633 St. Paul St., Baltimore 18, J+iiOO Knox Rd., C.P., UN 9833 

3BPA Young, Harold M., 635 South Terrace, Huntington, V/.Va., Dorm 

OSCS Young, Hugh E., 3336 Nichols Ave., S.E., 20, D.C., JO 2-0378 

3BPA Young, Lawrence E., 2626 Guilford Ave., Baltimore 18, BE 36U9 

3AS Young, M. Helen, 1-W 11th Ave., Baltimore 25, Dorm 3 (Alexandria, Va., Pent. 56961 

OSCS Young, N. Itorgaret, 506 N. 16th Street, Marshall town, Iowa, 1003 Potomac Ave., Apt. B2, 

Gr Young, Raymond A., I806 S. Pollard St., Arlington U, Va., CH I67I 

IBPA Young, itlchard F., 21 Rock Creek Church Rd., N.^., 11, D.C., RA 1095 

UAS Young, Robert H., 5823 liith St., Apt. 302, N.W., 11, D.C. 

UEn Young, Terry L., National Trailer Court, College Park 

OSCS Young, Theodore R., 5713 Chillum Heights Dr., Plyattsville, TD 3 

lEn Young, Theodore W. , R.F.D. 5, Westminster, Westminster 731W 

IBPA Young, -Jlysses J., 715 S. V/ashington St., Alexandria, Va. , KI 88I3I 

lAg Young, Walter H., Jr., 11 Spinice Ave., Bethesda lii, TD h 

UEd Youngman, Shirley L., Meadowood, R.F.D. 2, Silver Spring, Alpha Delta Pi, WA 986U 

OSCS Younker, Myra, 2307 Ulst St., N.W., 7, D.C, OR 7982 

IAS Younkin, Ailene B., UOIO Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville, AP 0376 (Va., KI 87625 

OSCS Younkin, Leland A., Route 2, iTenatchee, V/ashington, 707 Tennessee Ave., Apt. 303, Alexandria, 

OEd Yowaiski, Lydia W. (Mrs.), 5802 Carlyle St., Cheverly, UN 0021; 

2AS Yslas, Andrew C, Box 1??, Belen, New Mexico, U506 Amhurst Rd., C.P.,WA 95U1 

OAg Yu, Yung A. J., 2110 Leroy Place, N.W., D.C, Apt. 202, 5706 l5th Place, Hyattsville 

IAS Yudkowsky, Elias B., U09 Emerson St., N.W., 11, D.C, TA 3307 

3HE Yue, Vivian, 33 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, CJiina, Dorm 3 

3AS Yunker, Conrad E., 238 Jackson St., liatawan, K.J., 6-H Research Rd., Greenbelt 

2BPA Zaben, Jerome J., U528 Pimlico Road, Baltimore 15, TD k 

2BPA Zabicki, Anthony F., 238 Airy St., Phoenixville, Pa., TD 2 

3AS Zablocki, Charles J., 8715 Reading Rd., Silver Spring, SL 7736 

Gr Zacharias, Stanley J., 3066 32nd St., Long Island City, N.Y., U571 Wells Parkway, Riverdale 

3BPA Zadravec, Martin S., U25 Courtland Ave., Bridgeport, Conn., Dorm E (25,D.C.,JO 2-9000, Ext. U352 

OSCS Zaharevitz, Vfelter, 80 lyier St., Bloomfield, Conn.,Box32U, Officers' Main Rm., Boiling AFB, 

2AS Zajac, Walter C, 12? S. Ann St., Baltimore 31, Dorm 

3AS Zallis, Pearl L., Uil2 Kathland Ave., Baltijnoi^ 7, MO 9195 

Gr Zarbock, Richard, Berryville,Va., Apt. 22, 3UIO Tulane Dr., V/est Hyattsville 

2AS Zardus;, John J., 5007 Nicholson St., Riverdale, UN U521 

3AS Zardus, 'Maurice J., Jr. 500? Nicholson St., Riverdale, UN U521 

2Ag Zarfoss, James R. , 5l08 Springlake Way, Baltimore 12, Dorm G 

2AS Zatz, David I., 8508 i.lilford Ave., Silver Spring, TD 3 

Gr Zechman, Fred W., Jr., I46O6 Hartwick Road, College Park, WA 3675 

a: Zeffert, Bernard M., 2303 Allendale Rd., Baltimore 16, FO 8U3U 

OSCS Zehler, Richard J., U6 Doat St., Buffalo, N.I., li93l; Deal Dr., Apt. 302, 20, D.C (CH 6773 

OSCS Zeigler, Carl E., Jr., 603 Crescent Ave., Ellwood City, Pa., 50li9 S.22nd S t.,Ar ling ton, Va., 

OSCS Zeigler, iiichaxd F., 15 Orchard Ave., Willoughby, Ohio, 335th F tr. -I ntrcp.Sq., Andrews AFb, 

IHE Zeif^ler, Virginia E., I3OO Virginia Ave.,Hager3town, AAH (25,D.C,HI 3100,Ext.52l8 

3AS Zeleny, Nancy J,, U312 Van Buren St., University Park, Hyattsville, WA 3971 


IBPA Zelko, Phyllis D., 28 Munroe Ct., Annapolis, Dorm 2 

hkS Zell, Sarita H., 8702 Sundale Dr., Silver Spring, SL 0502 

3Ecl Zeller, Dorothy N., 2912 Berwick Ave., Baltimore lU, HA 7517 

OSCS Zeller, El.len B.,(Mr3.), 103 iV. Potomac St., Williamsport, A'illiamsport 3661 (TO 96OO 

3AS Zembroski, Chester N., 66 Chestnut Ave., Waterbury, Conn., 9122 Baltimore Blvd., Berwyn, 

Gr Zettle, Emerson N., 7925 Gateway Blvd., 19, D. C, HI 28U8 

IAS Ziegler, Quy G., 52 Monroe St., New Britain, Conn., Calvert C (UN 7893 

Gr Zilkoski, Frank W., 237 W. Green St., W. Hazleton, Pa., U6ia Wells Parkway, Riverdale, 

Gr Zilliacus, H. Christine W. (Mrs.), "Apt. 622D, Park View Apts., Collings Ave. and White 

3PE Zimmer, Calvin H., 1228 H St., N.E., 2, D.C., LI 71677 (Horse Pike, Collingswood, N.J. 

Gr Zimmerman, Benjamin G., 7103 Rhode Island Ave., C. P., UN 20U0 

2BPA Zimmerman, Nancy A., 6708 U6th St., Chevy Chase l5. Dorm 3 

Gr Zimmerman, Robert C, R. D. 2, Silver Spring, AS 638I1 

OSCS Zimmennan, Samuel P., Academy St., Presque Isle, Maine, 2129 P St., N.W., 7, D.C. 

2AS Zinder, Ruth A., 5307 Moorland Lane, Bethesda lU, OL 8705 

IBPA Ziner, Edward H., 3017 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, WA 8299 

lAS Zinzeleta, Raymond F,, 26 Cedarwood Rd., Catonsville 23, U302 Knox Hd., C. P., UN 9828 

HE Zirkle, Peggy B. (Mrs.), 5.205 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, AP l607 

2PE Zirkle, Roy R., 5205 Balt'imore Ave., Hyattsville, AP 1607 

32d Zitza, Harro C, 2700 Bauerwood Ave., Baltimore lU, Delta Sigma Phi, WA 9770 

liPE Zlotowitz, Hyman, 3312 Cottage Ave., Baltimore 15, MO 3521 

OEn Zoellner, James H., U5)43 'Tells Parkway, Riverdale 

ii^g Zollickoffer, Janes ',7., R.F.D. 1, Union Bridge, TDl 

liAg Zollinhofer, Gordon W., Box 91, Whitfieldi Chapel Rd., Lanham, WA 8UII1 

OSCS Zomber, Gerald L., 1;01 Belle View Blvd., Alexandria, Va., KI 3-3225 

lAg Zouck, Shirley E., 3720 Hillsdale Road, Baltimore 7, AAH 

OSCS Zuckerman, Irving H., Ili99 £ 10th St., Brooklyn 30, N. Y., RA 7157 

IBPA Zuckerman, Seymour, 68OI 21 Ave., Brooklyn h, N. Y., Dorm 

liBPA Zuk, Myron, 6213 Ridgeview Ave., Baltimore 6, Calvert C 

2AS Zuras, Peter C, 507 Deerfield Ave., Silver Spring, SH 8777 

2Ag Zumtublen, Francis p., 197 Clinton Ave., Staten Island, N.Y., 7008 Eversfield Dr., Hyatts- 

2Ed Zuskin, John D., 36OO Longfellow St., Hyattsville, WA 5699 (ville, WA 8373 

2HE Zverina, Erailie M., Indian Head, MBH 

Gr Zvirblis, Peter, Box U39, Edgewood, Edgewood 128M 

Gr Zweig, Gunter, 2629 Nicholson St., HyattsviUe, AP U070 

liEn Zyoloski, Albert J., Jr., 5203 U2nd Ave , Hyattsville, WA I626 





VF-I3B -VF-ia 


r-^^ p-Hoft. BIdfl.CF) Bij ^^p) 


Parking Lot 

"iorf too" Jo3 40^ «oo' 

[CC ■ Chem Labs KAA I [ ■Ik 

Husbandry ^^^^ 
Slorofl* , , ,/ 


I960 - 1951 


A Arts and Sciences 

AA Chemistry Labs. 

Ar Armory 

B Music 

BB Chemistry Annex 

IB Administration 

C Chemistry (new) 

Col Coliseum 

D Dairy 

DD Psychology 

DW Dean of Women 

E Agronomy, Botany, 


EE Zoology 

/ F Horticulture 

FF Mathematics 

G Gymnasium 

GG Mathematics 

H Home Economics 

HH Seminar 

I Agric. Eng. and 

Industrial Education 

J Engr, Classroom Bldg. 

K Chemistry (old) 

L Library 

M Morrill Hall 

N Geography 

Symons Hall -Agric 

P Poultry 

Q Business and Public 

Gr..nho«M. p Classroom Building 

S Engr. Lab. Building 

T Education 

U Chemicil Engineering 

V Wind Tunnel 

W Women's Field House 

X Animal Husbandry 

Y- Chapel Pavilion 

Tannis Courts , 

Historic Rossborough Inn